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Coaching for Results!! Thursday 22nd December | Marriot Hotel Karachi | Timing 9 a.m-5:30p.m

“Coaching makes a 17% difference in achieving your sales targets”. Sales Executive Council* Research by Sales Executive Council has shown there is an “unequivocal link between coaching and commercial results”. On average sales teams who report receiving more than 3 hours coaching per month exceed their goals by 7% i.e. achieving 107%” whilst “teams not receiving coaching underperform by a significant margin achieving only around 90%”. This one day Coaching and Counselling workshop takes its participants through a Step by Step, Structured and Hands On Training Experience which will not only enable and refine talented leaders in the art of Growing their Business by unleashing the untapped potential of every member of the organization, but also help Retain their employees by creating a more positive, productive and vibrant environment through Effective Coaching & Counseling.

At the end of the workshop you will be able to: Maximize your profits through Maximizing your team-member’s performance. Retain Talent by avoiding the “Criticism Trap”. Motivate others to actively seek out opportunities to contribute more to the organization. Dissolve Differences, Tackle team members Confrontational Behaviors. Deal with Excuses in a constructive manner. Build Positive Relationships with team members. Conduct successful Coaching & Counseling sessions on your own. Use a flexible process that will guide them you all types of coaching conversations.

Dr. Ali Jarrar

Work Shop Contents: How Coaching PAYS OFF. Coaching and Counseling-Understanding the Difference. Avoiding the Criticism Trap. Motivating your Folks- Neuro Linguistic Programming in Play. Identification of your Own Natural Coaching & Counseling Style. Your 7 Step Coaching Map for conducting the Ideal Coaching & Counseling Session!! Creating the Right Dialogue for each Coaching Step. Essential Listening Skills every Coach must Know. Ten common Body Gestures that we overlook.


Who Should Attend?

With a Training and Development career spread over a decade spanning from Pfizer Laboratories, Sante (Pvt. Ltd) to Bayer Pakistan, Dr. Ali had the opportunity to provide “Hands on Coaching & Counseling” to hundreds of individuals from all cadres and levels of organizational hierarchy, including not only entire Sales and Marketing Leadership but also to Departmental Heads of IT, Finance, Procurement and Factory Leadership, leading to tangible efficiency gains for their organizations. Having served as Manager Training and Development for Bayer Health Care Pakistan Dr. Ali Jarrar comes with a rich training background which not only covers the dynamics of Pharmaceutical Management and Selling but also encompasses other spheres of Human Resource Development such as Discovering and Unleashing One’s Complete Potential, Strategic Life Management, Leading from the Front, Work Life Balance and Corporate Stress Management.


Dr. Ali also authored Bayer Pakistan’s First Comprehensive module on dynamic selling entitled “Selling with Excellence”.

Coaches and Counselors

Sales & Marketing Leaders Departmental Heads Team Leaders Human Resource Professionals NGO Professionals in Charge of Team

Video recordings & playbacks of participants during various stages of the session will guide them through the journey of Developing their Skills as a Coach, at the Start, During and at the End of the Workshop. End to End Solutions: Post Workshop Follow Ups include: 1) A two hour one to one Coaching Session of each participant with Dr. Ali Jarrar ,for any queries or hindrances that participant may face while interacting with his team or peers as a Coach. 2) A DVD of Participants Coaching Sessions will be given to them at the end to the program as an aid for their post workshop development. For a Customized In-House Workshop designed specifically to suit your organizational needs, please contact Dr. Ali Jarrar at-0301-8231574, 0300-9257237 or Email: Work Shop Investment: Rs.13, 500 Only Per Participant For three participant nominations from one organization the fourth one can attend at zero charge. Seat Reservation and Payment Process: To reserve and confirm your seat please Email your name, designation, organization and mobile number to: *Sales Executive Council:

Coaching for Results  

Coaching makes a 17% difference in achieving your sales targets

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