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On average, 84% of children under 13 sleep through ‘standard’ smoke alarms

For a safe and happy home


(Bruck et al., 1999/2000/2011) (Daeid, 2013)

In the USA Over 300 Children under 14 are killed in home fires each year (U.S. Fire Administration, 2014)

Fewer than 1/3 of children who wake to fire alarms leave within 3 mins (Bruck and Thomas, 2011)

Button customisable to child’s name customisable design to suit any child’s room

e: c i o V s ’ r e h t o st name! “SIRENn”aM e! Fir t of bed! m t s r i F “ et ou Wakeeu’sp!aGfire, leave the Ther oom!” “SIREN” r

A loud (85dB) and sharp sound envelope with broadband frequencies is used to wake the child. i.e. quickly changing between a custom low-frequency voice and a highfrequency alarm. Due to maternal instinct, Customising the alarm to the mother’s voice wakes a child easiliy . (Moore, 2013)

Press once to test alarm, long press to record parent’s voice Illuminated for use as a nightlight

At least 2x as effective at getting children to evacuate, compared to a ‘standard’ smoke alarm (Smith et al., 2006)

Market Size Estimate: $270m/yr (based on number of newborns in USA & Europe with an RRP of $30 USD) (UCS , 2012) (CDC, 2016)


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Michael Hofmann Portfolio  

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