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Investment 2018/2019 Guide Invest in the Drecht Cities




A16 Hoogendijk


Nieuwland Parc


De Driehoek


d or No

Antoniapolder Plus

De Sandeling

Baanhoek-West Baanhoek




Park Langesteijn

De Gors



Land van Matena

Oosteind Slobbengors

Bakestein Molenvliet Develpoort


Ter Steeghe





De Geer



19e Eeuwse Schil

Oude M


Groote Lindt

Kerkerak ‘t Plaatje



Zwijndrecht Innovation Park




Zeehaven Dordrecht


Dordrecht Louterbloemen

Dordtse Kil I Dordtse Kil II

N217 erw ed


Dordtse Kil III


Nie u

Dordtse Kil IV

we M

Businesspark Amstelwijck

e Kil



The Biesbosch National Park


ds Die


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Stationspark Noordoost Kwadrant

A15 (Toekomstig) ‘t Oog


Nieuweweg Langeveer


Beneden Merwede

De Peulen De Blauwe Zoom Boven-Hardinxveld


Merw ede


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Index Investment Guide

Preface - Mayor of the City of Dordrecht


The annual Investment Guide provides information for all parties interested in investments in the Drecht Cities region. The guide contains information on the municipalities, industry parks, investment opportunities and service providers. It includes topics from the neighbouring city of Rotterdam.

Word from the Councillors


This colourful magazine is presented to you by Deal Drecht Cities, the central promotion and acquisition agency of the region. It is made possible by publisher QUEM Identiteit Makers, the private sector and the institutions from the region.

We are Drecht Cities


Deal Drecht Cities


Economic Development Board


Did you know that?


Alblasserdam 26 Dordrecht 38 Port of Rotterdam - Dordrecht Inland Seaport


Deal Drecht Cities T. +31 (0)78 - 303 20 32 E. info@dealdrechtcities.nl

Hardinxveld-Giessendam 86

Š Copyright: Deal Drecht Cities

Sliedrecht 100

Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht 92

Papendrecht 112 Zwijndrecht 118 ROM-D 130 Company index and credits





When you think of the Drecht Cities region, you think of water Situated between the major port of Antwerp in Belgium, the world port of Rotterdam, and the industrial ‘Ruhr Area’ of Germany lies our Drechtsteden region, also known as the Drecht Cities region. Our region is the economic heart of the Province of Zuid-Holland in the Netherlands, favourably positioned in the north-west of Europe, next to the open sea. The innovative maritime construction industry is a characteristic feature of our region. Enormous complex specials, such as super yachts, dredging equipment and high-tech offshore are being built here, only a stone’s throw away from Rotterdam, the maritime capital of Europe. Our companies created the Palm Islands in Dubai and our government helped Venice and New Orleans dealing with floods. The old city of Dordrecht, the historical centre of our region, has a history that goes back to the Middle Ages, 1120-1220. The historical city centre, full of magnificent, opulent houses, churches, and canals, is reminiscent of old Amsterdam. Close by are the 19 windmills of Kinderdijk, which are now listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In recent times, Dordrecht and the surrounding towns have joined together to form the Drecht Cities region. United by the water, we form a unique metropolis, which in terms of population size is the fifth largest urban district in the Netherlands, after Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht. We want to encourage economic growth; our region wants to grow to become a region with more than 300,000 inhabitants and 30,000 new jobs. Our region offers a wide diversity of commercial locations, such as the Westelijke Dordtse Oever (including room for logistics), Ambachtsezoom, and dockside locations with lots of maritime and water-access industrial estates. On the Dordrecht Knowledge Park Campus, a rapidly expanding and vibrant area, they are developing innovative and sustainable forms of integrated living, working, and learning. All sorts of educational institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises, organisations, and agencies are not working here separately, but precisely together, on a sustainable future. Our highly-qualified and skilled workforce really makes the difference. We are proud of the enormous dedication and commitment that the people here have for their work, and their energy and passion for our Maritime Delta. The Drecht Cities Executive Board would like to welcome you to our region. We look forward to working together with you on the development of your company, career, and future, because your future is our future. Visit us soon because you are always welcome in the Drecht Cities! Mr. A.W. Kolff Mayor of the City of Dordrecht Chairman of the Drecht Cities Executive Board


“Hardinxveld-Giessendam, where your company can grow!” HARDINXVELD GIESSENDAM - BENHARD VAN HOUWELINGEN Hardinxveld-Giessendam is a town with a lot of activity and an excellent infrastructure. The work ethic is great. As a municipality we conduct an economic policy, while making room for companies to grow.

“Dordrecht, An ambitious and sustainable city ready for investment” DORDRECHT - JASPER MOS Dordrecht, oldest city of Holland has been for centuries an entrepreneurial city. A city with a long breath but also ambitious and sustainable. A city with many possibilities to invest.

“Zwijndrecht, Your dreamlocation near Rotterdam” ZWIJNDRECHT - ROBERT KREUKNIET Unique because of the accessibility by road, water and rail. Main logistics hotspot of the Netherlands. Innovation, inland schipping, manufacturing and a fantastic work mentality. Visit Zwijndrecht.

“Invest in the Drecht Cities where co-operation is not a verb but a feature!” HENDRIK-IDO-AMBACHT - ANDRÉ FLACH Invest in the Drecht Cities where co-operation is not a verb but a feature! Innovative and high-quality business locations in each of the seven municipalities in one Deal!

“Papendrecht is the maritime hotspot in the Drecht Cities” PAPENDRECHT - ANOUK VAN EEKELEN The accessibility of Papendrecht is excellent. We are the hometown of many international companies. We support regional co-operation and sustainable innovations in order to create jobs and attract and retain talent.

“We have perfected dredging since 1421” SLIEDRECHT - HANS TANIS Water management is in the genes of the Sliedrecht society. I warmly welcome interested companies to have a look at the interesting opportunities that we have to offer.

“We are a dynamic community, dedicated to maintaining good contact” ALBLASSERDAM - PETER VERHEIJ Our commitment to entrepreneurs is strong. We take great pride in the dynamics of Alblasserdam as part of the Drecht Cities, the leading innovative maritime region in The Netherlands.’

“Now is the time to invest in the Drecht Cities” DEAL DRECHT CITIES - MARTIN BLOEM


Councillors of the Drecht Cities



From left to right: André Flach (Councillor Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht), Anouk van Eekelen (Vice Mayor of the Drecht Cities & Councillor Papendrecht), Benhard van Houwlingen (Councillor Hardinxveld-Giessendam), Robert Kreukniet (Councillor Zwijndrecht), Jasper Mos (Councillor Dordrecht), Hans Tanis (Councillor Sliedrecht), Peter Verheij (Councillor Alblasserdam) and Martin Bloem (Director Deal Drecht Cities)




We are Drecht Cities Drecht Cities Maritime Delta A tradition of craftsmanship spanning more than six centuries. A close-knit community built on loyalty, trust and hard work. And a culture based on pragmatism and co-operation. We are the Drecht Cities: a world-class cluster of maritime masters in the heart of the Dutch delta, on the edge of the North Sea. What we build, helps the world to prosper, grow and stay safe for generations to come.



The Drecht Cities are home to almost 1,000 companies in maritime construction, shipbuilding, manufacturing, and sea river shipping. This includes global leaders like Boskalis, Royal IHC, Heerema Fabrication Group, Damen Shipyards Group, Oceanco, and Fokker Technologies. Our clients trust us to deliver on our promises, because we combine practical innovation with superb execution and never compromise on quality. And because we are at our best when the stakes are high and the only way forward is to build something that was never built before. That is why we have created the Palm Islands and helped New Orleans and Venice deal with floods. Why we have broadened the Suez Canal and built new locks in Panama. And why we have given Europe its modern inland shipping fleet and build some of the world’s finest complex specials and luxury yachts. Our work is of tremendous value to our clients. And it is our contribution to global challenges such as climate change, population growth, and the search for sustainable energy. We believe deeply in the power of unity. We work closely with our clients and cocreate with hundreds of local suppliers. They install the IT, electronics and piping systems that power our maritime solutions, build equipment like winches and decks, and ensure timely delivery and global transport of large objects. These suppliers are involved from day one, resulting in faster build times and reliable solutions. And because their histories and fortunes are inseparable from ours, we are connected by loyalty and trust. History taught us this lesson. The Elizabeth Flood of 1421 destroyed property and lives across the region and paved the way for the development of the Drecht Cities. Because we mastered water and turned adversity into opportunity. We developed technologies and solutions that never existed before, such as better dikes and dredging barges, and everyone worked together to secure the safety of future generations. These experiences have been at the heart of our community and our way of working with clients ever since. Today, our people work and live within the same community, giving us close ties and a sense of belonging. We know and trust each other, and help one another when times are tough. We feel blessed with the beauty of our surroundings, the strength of our traditions, our recreational opportunities and cultural gems like the windmills of Kinderdijk and the historic city of Dordrecht. And we enjoy a healthy pace of life, affordable housing and space for families. The Drecht Cities comprise Alblasserdam, Dordrecht, Hardinxveld-Giessendam, Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, Papendrecht, Sliedrecht and Zwijndrecht. We are located on the delta of three rivers and are close to the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. We are superbly connected to the rest of the world through an intricate network of rail, road, sea and air connections. It is attractive for businesses to invest in this area, because there is space to grow, it is easy to get things done, we are down to earth and entrepreneurship is encouraged. And because they feel responsible and loyal, our workers are highly motivated and productive. The Drecht Cities have been home to maritime masters for hundreds of years. Our unparalleled experience and our strong network are strengthened by our values and beliefs. Together with our clients, suppliers and communities, we form a unified force in the maritime world. We are ready to build whatever the future demands of us.



“Our goal is to support you, accelerate the process and assist you in investigation all possibilities to achieve your goal within the region.�

Welcome to Deal Deal Drecht Cities are the experts on doing business in the Drecht Cities region, the high tech region just outside Rotterdam. We help business to set up, expand and invest in the region. Our team can advise you on every aspect of how to do business. We guide your company actively to the desired location. Our services are funded by public partners and free of charge.




Deal Drecht Cities office, Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht

Joost Weeda Investment M. +31 (0)6 468 815 94 E. joost@dealdrechtcities.nl René Beute Maritime M. +31 (0)6 - 155 879 36 E. rene@dealdrechtcities.nl Menno Bijnagte Logistics M. +31 (0)6 - 506 745 66 E. menno@dealdrechtcities.nl Deal Drecht Cities Noordeinde 109b 3341 LW Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht T. +31 (0)78 - 303 20 32 E. info@dealdrechtcities.nl www.dealdrechtcities.nl

Our independent, discrete and professional services are highly appreciated by companies that invest in a new location near Rotterdam. The advantage of our services are the personal approach and guidance during the process. There are no strings attached. The goal is to support you, accelerate the process and assist you in investigation all possibilities to achieve your goal within the region. Deal is a young organisation, established in 2014. The organisation consists of two teams. The marketing team has recently launched the international campaign ‘Drecht Cities Maritime Delta’. Our investment team guides companies to the best location for production or logistics within the Drecht Cities. Our focus is primarily on the sectors maritime, manufacturing and logistics. The maritime manufacturing industries probably are the most distinctive business in the region. Within this part of the Netherlands, world leaders are active in dredging, shipbuilding, mega yacht building, offshore construction and maritime supply. The presence of these multinationals has led to explosive growth of complex hardware and system integration. Such a dense cluster of maritime knowledge exists nowhere else in Europe. The logistics sector benefits from the favourable geographical location of the Drecht Cities. The transit routes between Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Antwerp and Germany come together here. Investments in infrastructures and new business parks help logistic services to flourish. How does Deal work in practice? As an entrepreneur you want to expand, start or move your business and make it fit for the future. Our investment team treats your request confidentially and assess your wishes in a personal interview. In close co-operation with the municipalities we select your best possible locations. When your decision is made, Deal will always be available for questions and support. Deal is supported by the municipalities of Alblasserdam, Dordrecht, HardinxveldGiessendam, Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, Papendrecht, Sliedrecht and Zwijndrecht. Port of Rotterdam and the Regional Development Company ROM-D. We would like to welcome you to our office at the river ‘de Noord’ in Hendrik-IdoAmbacht, and explain your possibilities in the Drecht Cities. Or we will gladly visit you. Let’s start your new journey together. Martin Bloem Director Deal Drecht Cities




Economic Development Board ‘Entrepreneurs occupy center stage’ In 2017 a team from the Triple Helix was formed: business, education and government. The Economic Development Board started the dialoque with more than 100 entrepreneurs and developed a concrete approach. The vision is embedded in a program towards 2030 (#DC2030). The themes Live, Work, Experience and Innovate take a central position. The Board aims to build a Centre of Excellence for Inland Shipping, to bring together young professionals in smart industries, to form an ecosystem of health, technology and higher education and to enrich the living climate. • Unite the forces of business, education and government • Realise an economically strong region • Turn employment and innovation into key factors

Live - Work - Experience - Innovate



“Our vision and approach are established in co-operation with participating firms. The foundation has been laid and results become visible.”



“Together we build a region where it is inspiring to work and enjoyable to live.”



Drecht Cities 2030: a cluster of excellent manufacturing and service companies The Drecht Cities have a lot to offer to investors. This Investment Guide is full of robust manufacturing and service companies that make the difference in this region. We are well-known worldwide for our quality, knowledge and solutions for complex issues in, inter alia, aquaculture, maritime manufacturing industry, yacht construction and inland navigation. Nevertheless there are also challenges where the Economic Development Board (EDB) from the Drecht Cities is working on. The Economic Development Board unites the forces of entrepreneurs, education and the government (the so-called ‘Triple Helix’) to realize an economically strong region called ‘The Drecht Cities’. Employment and innovation are the key factors in this process. The Economic Development Board is a platform that, in addition to existing partnerships, develops a long-term strategy. Moreover, it carries out the implementation of this strategy by itself. The platform can set the agenda, bundle, initiate, scale and lobby. The ‘Growth agenda 2030’ from the Drecht Cities applies as a directive. This agenda includes the ambition of a strong region, economic and social, with a dedication to achieve 25,000 new homes, 30,000 new jobs and a growth to more than 300,000 inhabitants. The Drecht Cities attempt to achieve a high living standard by providing good accessibility, living opportunities and sufficient jobs. The Economic Development Board uses an integrated approach to gain economical structural reinforcement. The Board connects, strengthens, organizes and facilitates. This has already led to concrete results in 2017, the first year of the Board’s existence. To begin with the Centre of Excellence for inland waterways. The first steps have been taken to build a centre which bundles the know-how from entrepreneurs in this sector. Furthermore the Board has set up a network of young professionals from different companies in the region who pertaining challenges with impact together. Also, the Board is committed to region profiling and contributes to a more attractive business climate, visibility and employment growth. The Economic Development Board explicitly asks the regional business community to co-feed the Board with ideas. For example by actively contributing to one of the task groups. Do you develop with us? Marit van Heugten Projectmanager T. +31 78 30 32 039 M. +31 651 088 177 E. heugten@edbdrechtcities.nl Noordeinde 109b 3341 LW Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht


Centre of Excellence Inland Shipping “Heading towards a central role of the Drecht Cities for inland shipping, with the entrepreneur and his ship in a central position.�

A centre run and managed by entrepreneurs. Where they can meet, share, collaborate and innovate. An intelligent network, consisting of different projects where expertise is brought together.



Smart Industries: Joint Academy & Incubation Centre Young Professionals from leading firms taking on impactful challenges in interdisciplinary teams. Challenges with the focus on innovative solutions. Relevant for all participating firms. The Economic Development Board has commenced this collaboration with four companies. However, more companies are invited to join in the next phase! “Innovate business processes, involvement of young professionals and organizing cross-sectoral collaboration.”


1 Challenge


8 Young Professionals


4 Leading firms


1 Team


3 Months


10 Working Days


1 Coach


1 Presentation


1 Business Owner

“Our goal is to attract and retain talent for the Drecht Cities region. The challenges lead to intensive exchange of knowledge, expertise and ultimately cross-sectoral innovation.”



The Campus where the Sustainability Factory is located. In the background you can see the Albert Schweitzer Medical Centre.

“We bundle and stimulate initiatives on our campus that contribute to a higher level of education and a lifetime of innovation.”

Ecosystem: Health, Technic and Higher Education • We facilitate the matchmaking between companies and education. • We stimulate open innovation. This is evidenced by the Sustainability Factory. The Sustainability Factory facilitates the business community in structuring lifelong learning and is the focal point of the network of innovative centres of leading regional firms, such as IHC, Krohne, 10XL and Scheepswerf Slob.


The Sustainable Factory: Smart Industry Fieldlab



Living Climate: Reside, Work, Live “In collaboration with different artists we create iconic structures throughout the region.”

We take new initiatives for a colourful, sustainable and future-proof region towards 2030 and we examine the use of our existing fiberglass-network, which will be available for all companies, educational- and government institutions in the Drecht Cities. You can see, feel and experience the water everywhere you go in the Drecht Cities region. To make the water even more attractive, we want to develop different icons that strengthen the power of the water.


Icon: illuminated Zwijndrecht Bridge by night


Icon: a fountain connecting the Drecht Cities


Icon: hotel ‘Bridge over the Noord’


Wijnhaven, Dordrecht




Biesbosch: example of a drecht

Did you know that? In many Dutch city names the words dam, drecht or dijk appear. With reason, these extensions refer to historical water management key points. What is the difference and why are these places full of business opportunities. Where the water was controlled it was known to be safe, a great place to live with fertile soil and many possibilities for trade. ƒƒ

Kinderdijk: example of a dam

Drecht: Papendrecht, Sliedrecht, Dordrecht, Zwijndrecht A Drecht is a place where it is possible to ford the river. In the past people needed to cross the river to trade and these rivers became an important intersection. Here the cities we know now were built, the Drecht Cities.

Dam: Alblasserdam, HardinxveldGiessendam, Rotterdam, Amsterdam A wall built across a river that stops the river’s flow, collects the water for reservoirs or to protect urban areas from flooding (like the Maeslandkering in Rotterdam).

Dijk / Dike: Kinderdijk, Moerdijk, Oud-Dijk, Nieuw-Dijk


The Afsluitdijk: example of a dijk (dike)

A massive wall used to hold back water. In Holland used to reclaim farmland and protect land from water. The most famous one is the Afsluitdijk which created the IJsselmeer. A closed inland bay which was created by diking of the sea.



Diederik Samsom figurehead of the energy transition in the Drecht Cities Region Former political leader Diederik Samsom has been appointed chairman of the program council of the Energy Strategy Drecht Cities. He will help the partnership to take important steps towards an energy neutral region in the year 2050. “It is a huge operation and we will need to work together to seize our opportunities. Only then we can achieve our goals.” Bringing in to our region a former politician, with a broad network in The Hague and great knowledge about energy is a wonderful deal for the Drecht Cities region. Why did mister Samsom decide to choose our region? “With the right policy, the Dutch economy will make the transition to using only clean energy in 2050, instead of still relying on polluting fuels. But we do not get this future while waiting for it to come. It requires a willingness to work together and to stick to a long-term route to create certainty and stimulate innovation and investment. That is exactly what I see happening in the Drecht Cities. More than 30 organizations are working together here and the network is still growing. That is why I strongly support the Energy Strategy of the Drecht Cities.”

What chances do you see for this region? “I see several opportunities, particularly in the realization of the sustainable heating network. The heat released from the incineration of waste is used for heating houses and buildings. And with the potential to connect more sustainable energy resources in the near future, like geothermal energy. The city of Dordrecht has already started and other municipalities in the region will follow soon. This heating network is an important asset.”

What is your advice for this region? “I advise all participating organizations to not only think in terms of tasks, but also in terms of opportunities.” Investing in a sustainable economy brings so much more: a clean future and new employment at all levels. “There are enormous opportunities for companies which connect to innovative solutions in the field of sustainable energy, electrical transport, solar panels and offshore energy generation.”

What is the Energy Strategy Drecht cities? The Energy strategy Drecht cities is a joint approach of more than thirty companies, organizations, housing associations and municipalities in the region. Inspired by the Paris climate agreement, all parties are committed to a phased transition to new, clean energy. Their common goal: having an energy neutral region in the year 2050. This means that we will no longer use natural gas and other fossil fuels, that the energy requirement has been significantly reduced and that the energy that is still needed is generated sustainably. The energy transition also makes an important contribution to the quality of life in the region: cleaner air, fewer traffic (jams), more employment opportunities and better housing. MORE INFORMATION: ƒƒ

Diederik Samsom




Alblasserdam Traditionally a home port for entrepreneurs


The industrial estates cover about 50% of urban territory in Alblasserdam

For centuries, Alblasserdam and entrepreneurship have had strong connections. The maritime industry and logistics sector have played a crucial role in the development and culture of this small city located on a dike at the river Noord. It is for a reason that industrial estates cover approximately half of the urbanized area. We are a dynamic community. ƒƒ

Peter Verheij, Councillor Alblasserdam



Alblasserdam with its open connections to the North Sea and situated next to the A15 motorway has always been an attractive business community. This small city in the province of South Holland has 150 hectares of industrial space and a total of 1.455 enterprises accounting for 8.690 jobs. A small city where the labour force actually surpasses its working population. With three highly operational industrial estates, Alblasserdam boasts four quays and a container transfer depot served by inland shipping lines to and from the Port of Rotterdam.

Small city character With a population of only 20,000 inhabitants, the character of the small town is reflected in the close cooperation and short lines of communication with local government. “We are a dynamic community and appreciate the importance of maintaining good relations with entrepreneurs. This suits our role in governance and the community agendas, created in cooperation with residents, entrepreneurs and educational institutions”, says Peter Verheij, councillor for economy and employment. Also the quarterly consultations with local business representatives, company visits and the presence at networking events held by entrepreneurial associations fits in this way of governing.

Connecting Alblasserdam also has two company contact officers: Floor Dil and Ellen Knijf. They are the first point of contact with the local council. “We facilitate and support entrepreneurs who can approach us with a variety of questions and ideas or complaints. We familiarize them with local government matters and actively inform them on developments”, says Floor Dil. Ellen Knijf: “Additionally, we connect entrepreneurs with each other. We visit numerous companies, which helps us finding opportunities for collaboration and sharing our contacts.”

Entrepreneurial Fund The creation of an Entrepreneurial Fund in 2016 marks a new phase in collaboration. The initiative of the Entrepreneurial Association De Noord and Entrepreneurial Circle Alblasserdam (OKA) has been further developed in collaboration with the municipality. The introduction of a small surcharge in municipal tax allows entrepreneurs to collaboratively finance such plans as collective security measures in industrial areas, atmospheric street lighting in shopping areas and the further improvement of connections between educational institutes and the labour market. All organisations participate, including non-profit organisations such as educational institutions, health care organisations and the municipality itself. Floor Dil: “This fund is a way to strengthen the organisational power of entrepreneurs and to collaborate to further boost both the business climate and economic development of Alblasserdam.” Substantial investments have been made by the affiliation of the seven cities that form the region Drecht Cities, to create connections between educational institutions and the labour market. Alblasserdam’s successful company ‘technology route’, invites even the youngest pupils to get acquainted with career opportunities in the innovative local manufacturing industry.

World League

“We are a dynamic community, dedicated to maintaining good contact with entrepreneurs.”

Both the mayor and contact officers are actively involved with social media and share any economic developments in Alblasserdam, whenever it is possible. Verheij: “Our commitment to entrepreneurs is strong. We take great pride in the dynamics of Alblasserdam as part of the Drecht Cities, the leading innovative maritime region in the Netherlands.” He points out yacht building at Oceanco and welding robots at Valk Welding: featuring in the world’s group of leading companies. Just ‘around the corner’ in Kinderdijk, IHC builds vessels and parts for the dredging and offshore industries. Steel producer FN Steel is located on the other side of the A15 motorway. Alblasserdam has an extensive logistics sector with international transporters like Maat, De Haan, Mondial Movers and Staay Food Group. Additionally, Alblasserdam is home to many suppliers in the maritime industry. From coating firms to naval architects, engineering consultants, pipeline companies, marine electrical and other technical specialists. These firms focus on sustainability, lower energy consumption, reduced emissions and a so-called circular economy. Furthermore, the small city has lots of people who don’t mind rolling up their sleeves. “This also belongs to the tradition of Alblasserdam: a powerful work ethic.”


Alblasserdam industrial estates on the river Noord: room for entrepreneurs Alblasserdam offers three high-quality industrial estates on the North bank of the river Noord, an extension of the river Maas. The three industrial areas are: Hoogendijk, Vinkenwaard and Nieuwland Parc (including Paardenwei). Industry and government closely work together here to maintain and improve the areas. Their common interest is a healthy economic climate for all stakeholders. “We make an effort of industrial estates to be safe, tidy and easily accessible,” says Edwin Struis, chairman of Entrepreneurial Association De Noord.


Industrial estate Nieuwland Parc with the BCTN Container Transferium in the foreground

Industrial estate Hoogendijk Industrial estate Hoogendijk covers 21 hectares and is located on the south side of Alblasserdam. The 70 companies located here, are mainly active in metal industry. The newest part of the area however consists of mixed companies. At Hoogendijk contractors, small production companies and trading companies are located. The industrial area is situated along the A15 highway, easily accessible and highly visible.

Industrial estate Vinkenwaard Vinkenwaard consists of two parts: Vinkenwaard-Noord and Vinkenwaard-Zuid. A large part of Vinkenwaard-Noord is used by a large moving and transport company. Vinkenwaard-Zuid is a more recent issued industrial estate along the A15. Many car dealers are located here. In total, industrial estate Vinkenwaard covers about 37 hectares. Vinkenwaard-Noord is Alblasserdams oldest industrial estate. Recently it has been refurbished, and the pavement, sewerage and lighting have been renewed. Vinkenwaard-Zuid is eyed for renewal in the near future.

Industrial estate Nieuwland Parc


Edwin Struis, chairman of Entrepreneurial Association De Noord.

The latest and largest industrial estate in Alblasserdam is Nieuwland Parc. The site on the border of Alblasserdam and Papendrecht offers 50 hectares. Approximately 55 companies are located here. The location, directly on the waterway of de Noord and close to the A15 motorway is strategic. With the BCTN Container Transferium Alblasserdam as a neighbor, a daily connection over water with the port of Rotterdam is guaranteed. Nieuwland Parc is spacious and accommodates larger trading companies and companies active in the field of storage, distribution and services.



New opportunities on the site of a former steel factory


Association De Noord The Industry Association De Noord is an important intermediary between the companies and the municipalities of Alblasserdam and Papendrecht (Nieuwland Parc is partly located on Papendrecht’s territory - red). 100 companies are connected to the association. It provides a link between the companies and the Entrepreneurial Fund, established in 2016. This fund for and by entrepreneurs is fed by a small surcharge on the municipal tax that the entrepreneurs pay. They can finance joint plans with money from the fund. “Entrepreneurial Association De Noord handles these plans, checks whether there is sufficient support and contributes to the execution of the projects”, explains Edwin Struis.

Security In 2017, the industrial estates Nieuwland Parc and Hoogendijk were provided with camera surveillance from the fund. “We hope that Vinkenwaard will follow in 2018, the first research has taken place already”, says Edwin Struis. The fund also made possible an investigation into fire safety of the industrial estates. “With grants from the province, the possibility of an optical fiber network will be investigated, we will improve the accessibility by public transport and we can continue park management,” he continues.

Site of former steel mill Nedstaal

The Drecht Cities region will have potentially 15 to 20 hectares of new industrial estate available. This area will be released on the site of the former steel mill Nedstaal in Alblasserdam. The favorable location is accessible both by road and by water. In order to optimize the latter option, a refurbishment of the quays is planned. The site offers opportunities for very different business activities. The municipality aims to make the business location cleaner and has a preference for companies that cause little disruption to the environment. It is being investigated whether it is possible to link education to the former Nedstaal site.

INDUSTRIAL ESTATES Hoogendijk: 16 hectares Parc Nieuwland: 47 hectares ƒƒ Vinkenwaard: 43 hectares ƒƒ

Park management Association De Noord has appointed a park manager who is present at the industrial estates one day a week. She checks whether everything goes well at the industrial estates and is a helping hand for entrepreneurs who have questions or comments. Struis: “Thanks to the park manager, we have a good idea of what is going on with our members.” The chairman praises the cooperation with the municipality of Alblasserdam. “We often have consultation and the dialogue is very open. The municipality has an eye for entrepreneurs.”


COMPANY CONTACT OFFICERS Floor Dil T. +31 (0)78 - 770 61 01 M. +31 (0)6 - 131 356 71 E. f.dil@alblasserdam.nl

Ellen Knijf T. +31 (0)78 - 770 61 43 M. +31 (0)6 - 533 593 52 E. e.knijf@alblasserdam.nl




Economic Development; it is all about innovation through collaboration and the development of people



The area of the Drecht Cities and the banks of the rivers leading to the sea, have for centuries been known for their shipbuilding and maritime support industries. In the past, nearly every square meter alongside the river was occupied by shipyards, machine shops and other supporting industries in the maritime sector. The area has played a major role in the development of dredging equipment, tugs, inland shipping over the centuries. Over the years the number of companies active in maritime industry has however reduced significantly, although there still is a strong cluster focusing on niche markets such as dredging, offshore, support vessels and yacht building. Product and manufacturing innovation have always been, and still are, of major importance in keeping our industry competitive and a must have for the economic development of the Drecht Cities.


Oceanco Jubilee


In the past innovation has always been strongly internally driven, by own employees and dedicated departments within the companies with a strong focus on protecting and guarding intellectual property. But the world is changing at an ever faster pace:

To mitigate the risks and maximize the opportunities from today’s changing world, we need to collaborate to create a business environment to stimulate and drive innovation. Companies should provide leadership and guidance by setting and stimulating an innovation agenda through collaboration and the development of people:

• Nowadays technology is complex and easily supersedes company borders.

Collaboration on all levels:

• Due to internet, social media and other digital developments there is very fast spread of ideas making it far more difficult to protect intellectual property. • Compared to the past, people are changing jobs (company) much faster than before, eroding the internal innovative power of companies. • Younger generations are less interested in following technical career paths leading to lack of young professionals, desperately needed to drive and boost innovation. • Labor intensive work is shifting to lower labor cost countries and we therefore now need to compete on knowledge, expertise and efficiency in production. • Environmental and climate concerns are driving changes in how energy is applied and distributed in our industries and products.

a. Partners (co-maker, subcontractors and suppliers): Use the knowledge (expertise) of your partners and focus on integrating the ideas of different partners in your product. The Drecht Cities, with its rich history in the maritime industry and currently with over 800 maritime companies relatively close to each other, is the ideal place to partner and boost innovation together. b. Startups: Startups, due to their size and focus, are normally much faster in developing innovations than larger established companies. The Drecht Cities should create an inviting and supportive start up climate. The ‘Duurzaamheidsfabriek’ is a promising initiative in this respect. c. Other industry peers: The world is simply too big and complex to research all opportunities out there on one’s own. Industry initiatives to scout and developed new ideas and startups should be encouraged and supported. d. Looking to other industries: Sometimes an innovation in one industry is common in others. By working together with companies in other industries in the Drecht Cities can help us learn from each other’s ideas and processes, avoid that we invent the wheel again and again. e. Municipalities and governmental bodies in helping to create the infrastructure and incentives necessary to encourage an innovative atmosphere and attractive living environment focused on high level education for young persons (from all over the world). f. Investment is needed by both the private and corporate sector both financially but also equally as importantly in reduced or streamlining regulations and other similar barriers to entry that restrict the movement, development and training of people.

Development of people Innovation can only be driven by passionate and well educated people. This starts with attracting young people to our businesses and the technical world and by providing proper technical education on different levels. Furthermore, we need to provide a good education, with a focus on the needs of the industry, that attracts young talented people allowing them to grow in their ambitions. Education content should focus on the needs of the industry and the personal development of people. The current initiative to start several technical courses/studies in the area to support MBO-ers to grow to HBO level is a good starter.


Oceanco Jubilee






Oceanco Jubilee

Oceanco Jubilee

Oceanco Black Pearl

It is still important to protect intellectual property, but we have to realize that in today’s world an idea is very easily spread and difficult to protect. Instead of spending time and money on defending our ideas we would better spend time in bringing our ideas together and to the market, resulting in the experience and expertise necessary to develop even further and stay ahead of the game, always being first. It is all about collaboration. Collaboration is not easy. It starts with the willingness to share and to see the bigger global picture and benefit. A lot of the initiatives, taken for instance by Deal, the Economic Development Board, Maritime Delta, industry partners and other businesses in the area, provide a platform that helps inspire companies to join forces in the development of industry in the Drecht Cities. This will lead to the attractive innovative environment necessary for companies, young people and experienced professionals, to maintain and increase the innovative power of the Drecht Cities. It is important for our collective futures. It is also not only the task of governmental bodies and large companies, but the task of everyone in the Drecht Cities to contribute to an innovative environment. Arie van Andel Chief Operations Officer Oceanco


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Raaak Personeel Our customers feel that Raaak Personeel is an extension of their company, and for good reason. Our business successfully connects both employers and employees with a mutually beneficial partnership. We know the regional labour market like the back of our hand. We thoroughly interview our workers in order to place them into a job that suits them. As a result, there is less staff turnover and the employees are both happier and more knowledgeable.


Team Papendrecht

Roadmap to Success Glenn

Local Presence Maintaining a local presence will always be an important pillar of our success. Where other employment agencies choose to move their offices to the bigger cities, we do the exact opposite. We want to be close to our candidates, as well as the companies we recruit for. With this practice, we can build better relationships with everyone involved. We meet the needs of the community around us instead of hiring and interviewing from hundreds of kilometres away.

Online Presence Tamara


We focus on a strong online presence because we believe it contributes to growth. It enables us to communicate with our target audience 24/7. We want to be easily reachable at all times. In practical terms, that means that people can always reach us online through Facebook, e-mail, video chat and WhatsApp. With these tools, we can quickly and reliably respond to a person or company who finds themselves overwhelmed during business hours. As important as online communication is, we will always meet applicants face to face. We find it’s very important to give personal attention to our applicants in order to fully understand their strengths and needs.

Professionalism In order to ensure the quality of our service, Raaak Personeel invests in its staff. Raaak maintains a strict training program to make sure we can accurately assess any situation that arrives and navigate it accordingly. We demand a high standard of skill, good judgement and polite behaviour. Our employees also cultivate an active interest in labour market trends and global development. In addition, every staff member is required to be wellversed in labour laws and regulations. If there is ever a problem, Raaak boasts a highly-developed Support Department which provides full-service to customers. Any concerns will be solved quickly and efficiently.



Flexibility as an Opportunity Globalisation, an ageing population, and digitalisation; these are trends we are facing today. Trends which make people feel insecure about the future. We are here to help quell these fears and connect people with solutions. Currently, the economy is thriving, and because of this growth we see labour shortages in several sectors. A fast-changing world asks for flexibility. Flexible businesses are the ones that are the most successful. Flexibility allows a company to meet their budget, gain access to key strategic skills and have the time necessary to recognize talent. A flexible workforce is also a valuable instrument to everyone. Employees will gain practical work experience, learn new skills and network. We know that Raaak Personeel can be a valuable asset to both companies and workers who see flexibility as a chance to grow.



About Raaak Raaak Personeel was founded in 2009, during the height of the recession. The economic decline did not stop founders Marjan de Groot and Mark van Oosterhout. On the contrary, they helped build the market back up. In almost 10 years’ time, Raaak Personeel has grown into a company with more than 50 employees and 7 establishments. Our locations include: Alblasserdam, Papendrecht, Gorinchem, Capelle aan den Ijssel, Waalwijk, Tilburg and Oosterhout.


Founders Mark van Oosterhout and Marjan de Groot

OUR OFFICES IN ZUID-HOLLAND AND THE DRECHT CITIES: Raaak Alblasserdam Edisonweg 12c 2952 AD Alblasserdam +31 (0)78 - 693 37 27 info@raaakpersoneel.nl

Raaak Papendrecht Achterom 12 3351 PC Papendrecht +31 (0)78 - 303 03 07 papendrecht@raaakpersoneel.nl

Raaak Capelle aan den IJssel De Linie 1 2905 AX Capelle aan den IJssel +31 (0)10 - 303 19 21 capelle@raaakpersoneel.nl

Raaak Gorinchem Kruisstraat 16 4201 GE Gorinchem +31 (0)183 - 630 022 gorinchem@raaakpersoneel.nl



Where the past inspires the future





Meetings in a historical setting


Urban events in a vibrant city

The Oldest City of Holland In the year of 1220 Dordrecht became the first city of Holland. Thanks to its favorable location at the intersection of trade routes, mostly over water, for a long time it was also the most powerful mercantile city of Holland. In 1572, the first assembly of the Free States, held in Dordrecht, marked the beginning of the independent state of The Netherlands as we know it today. Enchanting canals - which are actually not canals, but former harbours - form the backbone of the old city. Here, history is still tangible in 1600 extraordinary facades, residences, churches and monuments. Major investments in cultural infrastructure have boosted tourism and make the city an attractive location for meetings and conferences in an historical setting. Moreover, Dordrecht offers beautiful parks and gardens, with ancient trees, ponds and borders. The Biesbosch National Park with its unique, extensive freshwater tidal area, offers many recreational facilities.


Gateway to Europe Water is, and always has been, the driving force in Dordrecht’s development and in its history of transport and trade. Within the Dutch maritime delta, Dordrecht has a strategic position on the axis Rotterdam-Antwerp. The city is part of the Rotterdam ports and industrial complex. Dordrecht inland seaport and other industrial areas are home to a great variety of businesses. Maritime industries and value added logistics form the core of the regional economy. A true gateway to Europe it is, with excellent water, road and rail connections, such as the Betuwe double track freight railway from Rotterdam to Germany. They reach out to inland areas of the Netherlands and far beyond. The Port of Rotterdam is only 15 minutes away. Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam and Antwerp can be reached within an hour.

Access to global networks, facilities and (start-up) capital Dordrecht is home to a remarkable number of companies in maritime manufacturing and engineering, some of which are world leaders in their specific areas. Companies from Dordrecht bring innovative solutions to delta areas around the globe, and are highly innovative in smart (sensor) technology, system integration and the cross sectoral use of open data. The city builds on strong work ethics, a rich tradition of cooperation and flexibility towards new businesses. Public and private partners provide (start-up) capital and facilities to encourage innovation. This combination of characteristics makes the city highly accessible to investors and entrepreneurs.





Business Area Amstelwijck


Successful ‘mixed use’ redevelopment projects


Fieldlab Smart Industry (Duurzaamheidsfabriek)

General Manager André Boer of KROHNE

KROHNE KROHNE is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of integrated measurement solutions for industrial process instrumentation. It has been rooted in the region for more than half a century. KROHNE is heavily investing in innovation and product development. Take the Xcaliber flowloop installed by KROHNE and its partners in the Sustainability Factory. It was designed on the basis of the Euroloop in Rotterdam, the world’s largest and most accurate calibration facility for the oil and gas industries. It is just one example of how companies from the regional maritime cluster use KROHNE’s expertise. General manager André Boer of KROHNE: “Together with Dordrecht, we are making sure that both SMEs and education benefit from our technology, and the entire region as well. This strengthens connections between business and education. The partnership works both ways: we introduce pupils and students to the latest sustainable technologies, and the market gets professionally trained professionals in return.”

A tradition of innovation In Dordrecht, traditions and craftsmanship are highly valued, and enriched with 21st century insights. Examples include the delta technology valorisation programme, with the Island of Dordrecht acting as a living lab, Building with Nature (Ecoshape) and the ‘Sustainability Factory’ Field Lab Smart Industry. This unique ‘innovation hub’ is part of a broader campus development, where education and business meet. All phases of innovation - from initial concept to prototyping and production - are accommodated and facilitated here. The Sustainability Factory is also an incubator for human capital. Future professionals are educated in hybrid learning environments, with ‘real life’ challenges from regional companies. The ‘factory’ also offers lifelong learning and employability programs. In addition to all this, Dordrecht has an excellent knowledge infrastructure. TU Delft, Erasmus University Rotterdam and STC offer state-of-the-art education in various fields, including engineering, delta management, shipping, logistics and transport.



Dordrecht A city of water, history and culture The city embraces its rich history as it has known prosperity over the centuries as a prominent trading centre and hosted the first meeting of the States of Holland in 1572, which resulted in the foundation of The Netherlands. Nowadays history is still present and visible via the countless number of monuments in Dordrecht. Next to its history, water has also formed the city of Dordrecht. The battle with water that Dordrecht has always fought, has given the city its character, picturesque inner harbours, but also the unique Biesbosch National Park. Discover the oldest city of Holland and feel the atmosphere of a city that continues to write history.




Dordrecht centre, Marina Maartensgat


Cradle of the Dutch Golden Age Dordrecht is an old Dutch town with a rich and tangible history. The city rose to prominence in the Middle Ages, developing into the center of trade and government of the Holland region. Having the oldest city rights, it was known as ‘Holland’s First’. Its ‘golden age’ started as early as the 14th century - sooner than that of the rest of the Netherlands. The city bore witness to the birth of the Netherlands in its modern form. During ‘The First Assembly of the Free States’ in 1572, that was held in ‘Het Hof van Nederland’ (‘the Court of the Netherlands’), a former Augustinian monastery. This important event marked the start of the independent Republic of the Netherlands, the predecessor to the Netherlands as we know it today. As it turned out, the Assembly also laid the foundation for and making it the birthplace of the Dutch Golden Age and the growth and prosperity of the Netherlands. For Dordrecht, however, this marked the end of the city’s own golden age, as other cities began to surpass Dordrecht in size and significance. Today, ‘Het Hof van Nederland’ houses an interactive museum where visitors can experience this historic event and see for themselves how Dordrecht influenced the Dutch Golden Age and the current Dutch way of living.


Shopping in Dordrechts historical centre




Dordrechts Museum

Arts & Museums The Dordrecht Museum, founded in 1842, is the most important museum for Dordrecht and one of the oldest museums in The Netherlands. The museum owns an impressive collection of paintings from national as well as international artists with, for example, great works from Ary Scheffer, Ferdinand Bol and Aert Schouman. Dordrecht was the birthplace of many Dutch Masters and Rembrandt pupils like Aelbert Cuyp, Nicolaes Maes, Aert de Gelder, Samuel van Hoogstraten and Ferdinand Bol. Many of their works are present in the Dordrechts Museum’s collection. The countless number of monuments in the city centre of Dordrecht showcase the city’s rich history. Architecture styles vary from Gothic to Jugendstil and Neoclassicism. Remarkable buildings worth a visit are the City Hall and properties like ’t Zeepaert and Stokholm.


Dordrecht centre, bakery Nobel’s Brood

Shopping for art & antiques The city centre of Dordrecht is the perfect place for a shopping day out. Over the years the city centre has been renewed and its shopping facilities have improved with a wide and attractive offer of shops. Besides the well known brands Dordrecht also has many remarkable art shops and antiquarians. There is a varied range of shops, from second-hand bookshops to small antiquarians and stylish art galleries.

Culinary delights The Scheffersplein, Statenplein and the Groothoofd are good places to enjoy lunch, dinner or drinks with a beautifull view. The eating places at the Groothoofd offer a unique view during lunch or dinner with three waterways that come together here. The inner harbours and several smaller streets also offer unique restaurants, secret lunch spots and terraces to enjoy a day or night out in Dordrecht.


Biesbosch National Park



Our green backyard: Biesbosch National Park Within its borders the city of Dordrecht has a beautiful nature reserve and wildlife area; the Biesbosch National Park. The park is situated only five kilometres from the city centre of Dordrecht and is the perfect getaway for adventurers and nature lovers. Explore this wetland area and its indispensable water on foot, by boat or kayak, discover its wildlife and maybe spot some wildlife!

More information? Intree Dordrecht is the starting point for a visit to Dordrecht. The official Tourist Information Office (VVV) is part of intree Dordrecht and offers all information about events, culture, nature, leisure activities and walking tours.

Intree Dordrecht | VVV Spuiboulevard 99 3311 GN Dordrecht T. +31 (0)78 - 63 22 440 www.visitdordrecht.nl








Some ‘smart projects’ already started;

Smart City Dordrecht Innovation Fund Do you have an innovative revolutionary idea or a product for Dordrecht and do you need a financial impulse to realize your idea?

HomeCooked More than 10,000 home cooks in the Netherlands cook delicious meals daily for people who are not able to do this themselves. These meals can be ordered on the internet. The financial support by the Innovation Fund will now set up this experiment in Dordrecht and making the platform accessible to people who are not digitally skilled.

Visit our website www.smartcitydordrecht.nl for more information about Smart City Dordrecht, the innovation fund of Smart City Dordrecht and the possibilities for subsidy to realize innovative ideas. We especially focus on ideas that help the inhabitants of Dordrecht to be assisted by smart technology. For example; offering tablets with special software to the elderly so they can remain independent longer. In this way, smart city will make an active contribution to the liveability in Dordrecht. On the website you can apply directly for a subsidy or a money loan from the Smart City Innovation Fund. You have the whole year 2018 to apply.

The WasteShark In 2018, a drone will take out waste from the water/ rivers. The drone has zero CO2 and CH4 emissions. The WasteShark is not only durable, but also provides sensor data on water and soil quality, making it easier to manage the water quality using the data obtained.

CONTACT Do you have questions about Smart City Dordrecht or doubts as to whether your idea qualifies for subsidy? Contact us for a consult, mail to smartcity@dordrecht.nl


Dordrecht Inland Seaport. Gets you closer. Are you looking for a place in one of the world’s most important maritime clusters, close to the port of Rotterdam, to establish your business? A spot where you can benefit from excellent multimodal connections via inland and ocean-going shipping, road and rail, at the intersection between the areas close to the coast and the hinterland? Are you searching for a unique location where there is room for growth, innovation and sustainable development?




Ongoing development The Port of Rotterdam Authority has borne responsibility for the operation and development of Dordrecht’s port area since 2013. Over the past few years, Dordrecht Inland Seaport has developed into a strong maritime and bulk cluster and logistics hub within the Maritime Delta. The port’s redevelopment will be scaled up further in the period ahead. The Port of Rotterdam Authority is intending to invest substantially in public spaces so that green areas, parking facilities and traffic infrastructure will be further improved in the coming years. The Port Authority and the private sector also plan to determine the feasibility of a new ‘Clean Energy Hub’ on Duivelseiland.

Smarty located Dordrecht Inland Seaport is the most inland seaport in the Netherlands and is quite unique as regards its location and accessibility. The port area is situated at the intersection between the areas close to the transport hub of Rotterdam and the hinterland. Thanks to a depth of 10 metres, Dordrecht Inland Seaport is accessible to both inland and ocean-going vessels with a draught of up to 9.45 metres. Inland and ocean-going vessels can sail from the North Sea and the terminals on the Rotterdam Maasvlakte to Dordrecht in approximately three hours. Including port basins, the port occupies an area of 290 hectares. Approximately 3 hectares of this land (with or without quayside) is available immediately for leasing under long-term leases. There are, furthermore, various business premises and warehouses for rent and for sale and other locations may be released for port businesses in the future.



“Dordrecht Inland Seaport is the most inland seaport in the Netherlands and is quite unique as regards its location and accessibility.”



Multimodal intersection The port of Dordrecht is an intersection between inland and ocean-going shipping, road and rail. The A16 motorway, which connects Rotterdam to Antwerp, runs directly alongside the port, which is also favourably located with regard to the N3 (the connecting road between the A16 and the A15). Containers and bulk cargo can also be transported to and from the port by rail as a result of a siding running through the port area.

Cluster for maritime, bulk and logistics


Lankhorst Ropes



For manufacturers of maritime parts or suppliers of maritime products, establishing a business in the port of Dordrecht is a smart choice. Many prominent maritime manufacturing companies, such as Boskalis, Royal IHC, Damen Shipyards and Oceanco, are located in the immediate vicinity of the port. Because of its strategic location and available lots with deep water access, Dordrecht offers good possibilities for the transhipment of wet bulk, dry bulk and break bulk cargo. The port is located between the chemical and petrochemical clusters of the ports of Rotterdam and Moerdijk, making it an attractive location for the storage and transhipment of oil products and chemicals. The proximity of, among other things, shipyards, recycling companies, steel manufacturing and processing companies provides all the required cargo streams for dry and break bulk transhipment. Its excellent multimodal possibilities mean that Dordrecht Inland Seaport is ideal for logistics providers. The port is located on the Rotterdam-Breda-TilburgEindhoven-Venlo logistics axis and, as a result of its inland location, maritime cargo can bypass the A15, a motorway which is prone to traffic hold-ups. Would you like to know more about Dordrecht Inland Seaport? portofrotterdam.com/dordrecht


Clean Energy Hub. Dordrecht Inland Seaport. Join us as a developer and think along! The Port of Rotterdam Authority has borne responsibility for the operation and development of Dordrecht’s port area since 2013. Dordrecht Inland Seaport is the most inland sea port in the Netherlands. situated at the intersection between the areas close to the transport hub of Rotterdam and the hinterland. Thanks to this unique location and a local water depth of 9.45 metres, the port is easy to access for both ocean-going and inland vessels. Over the past few years, Dordrecht Inland Seaport has developed into a strong maritime cluster and logistics hub within the Maritime Delta. The port’s redevelopment will be scaled up further in the period ahead. For example, the Port Authority and the private sector plan to determine the feasibility of a new ‘Clean Energy Hub’ on Duivelseiland.

Strong alternative energy cluster The Port of Rotterdam Authority and the private sector intend to jointly develop Duivelseiland into a strong alternative energy cluster. This cluster will accommodate the storage, distribution, production/generation and bunkering/refuelling of clean energy. The development of a ‘Clean Energy Hub’ on Duivelseiland is in line with the Port Authority’s policy - as manager of Europe’s largest port - to play a pioneering role in the European energy transition. In addition, the cluster will help companies in the logistics chain to raise the overall sustainability of their supply chain.

First step The letter of intent signed by the Port of Rotterdam Authority and PitPoint. LNG forms the first step in the development of a strong alternative energy cluster in Dordrecht’s port area. The two partners will be jointly studying their options to realise a multi-fuel bunker station - which allows vessels to bunker LNG and other cleaner fuels - at the head of Duivelseiland.

Join us and think along The Port of Rotterdam Authority invites companies active in the chain of the clean energy sector (generation, conversion, storage, bunkering, maintenance and distribution) to offer their input on the ‘Clean Energy Hub’ concept. Are you interested in this development, would you like to share your ideas or are you considering setting up on Duivelseiland?

Feel free to contact Rik Dalmeijer Dordrecht Inland Seaport Area Manager T. +31 (0)10 - 252 11 53 E. ra.dalmeijer@portofrotterdam.com Niek Ooijevaar Business Manager Breakbulk/Warehousing Port of Rotterdam Authority T. +31 (0)10 - 252 14 60 E. n.ooijevaar@portofrotterdam.com



About Duivelseiland - research site Location: in the delta of Oude Maas, Dordtse Kil and Beneden Merwede Surface area: approximately 9 ha ƒƒ Water depth at Duivelseiland: 4 to 6 metres (-NAP) ƒƒ Accessible water: over 500 metres ƒƒ ƒƒ

Would you like to know more about Clean Energy Hub? portofrotterdam.com/dordrecht



Dordrecht River Bank Sustainable maritime and logistics area for outstanding entrepreneurs

750 companies covering 700 hectares. More than 14,000 jobs. Welcome to Dordrecht River Bank, the largest business park of Dordrecht and the Drecht Cities. The area is a vast business landscape alongside the A16 motorway, with various unique areas each serving their own segments and targets. It is home to a seaport, a sophisticated business community and big ambitions for developments of the future.



The Municipality of Dordrecht, Province of South Holland, Dutch central government, and Port of Rotterdam are investing over â‚Ź 150 million in this area. The investments are aimed at revitalizing existing areas, developing the new business park Dordtse Kil IV area and modifying key infrastructure. Connecting Rotterdam to the hinterland Dordrecht River Bank is an agglomeration of different types of business parks and industrial areas, including Dordrecht Inland Seaport. A suitable site can be found for businesses in every segment. Distinctive profiles of sub-areas have led to clustering of business segments. The new Dordtse Kil IV business park will be strongly orientated towards logistics, while Dordtse Kil III houses many companies in the maritime manufacturing industry. The automotive sector is strongly represented in Dordtse Kil I and II, along with many SMEs. Different types of property are currently available in the area. An important asset of the available sites is the range of environmental categories. Established companies range from large iconic companies to small, specialist suppliers. Everything is done to ease the relocation and expansion of existing companies, and recently various expansions were accommodated by the Municipality of Dordrecht and Port of Rotterdam. Finally, the potential for employment in the maritime manufacturing industry and logistics is above average in Dordrecht, because of the presence of secondary vocational education in the city. In addition, there is a sufficiently large highly-educated workforce thanks to various universities in the province, such as TU Delft. The proximity to the attractive historical center of Dordrecht is an additional bonus for the area.

Investing in new infrastructure for the future

The current infrastructure of road, water and rail serves its purpose in the current situation. However, with the development of the Dordtse Kil IV logistics park, changes to road access will be necessary. Consequently, new investments in infrastructure are foreseen over the next few years. Traffic flow on the A16 / N3 junction will be smoothed by the construction of a new partial cloverleaf junction and a parallel road along the highway. The dike reinforcement along the river will be constructed together with a road connecting Dordrecht Inland Seaport to Dordtse Kil I, II, III and IV areas. This will benefit business on the existing sites and facilitates cooperation between the local business parks.

Dordrecht Inland Seaport Since 2013, Dordrecht Inland Seaport has been part of the Port of Rotterdam. Port of Rotterdam will be investing in revitalizing Dordrecht Inland Seaport during the coming years. The appearances of the port will be enhanced, and more port-related activities will be attracted. The area is ideal for handling maritime cargo. There are quays with sufficient depth, up to 9.45 meters below NAP, for dry bulk goods. There is plenty of quay length and room for barges. The area also is ideal for the maritime manufacturing industry, with many customers in the Drecht Cities region. The area is suitable for heavy environmental categories, and there is sufficient manpower in the region to service these sectors. The multimodal access provided by road, rail and water means that logistics activities are also supported, while Port of Rotterdam is raising the levels of quality and service provision in the area to a very high level as well. Plots are still available in the area.

Dordtse Kil I, Dordtse Kil II and Amstelwijck-West Dordtse Kil I and II are mixed business parks and cover an area of 107 hectares. The main business activities are focused on industry, construction, and trade, with 277 companies employing 5,847 staff operating in the area. In the 35-hectare Amstelwijck West, 1,772 employees work for 59 different companies. Real estate is available in both areas. In these areas, cooperation between companies is highly valued, with security arranged jointly, for example.



Dordtse Kil III Dordtse Kil III was developed in the 1990s according to the most ambitious guidelines in terms of sustainability at the time. That resulted in lots of open water, greenery, and development incorporated into the into the existing landscape where possible. The area is managed in accordance with professional park management. Business owners jointly ensure that the area is kept clean and safe. The business park has attractive green facilities that enhance the experiences of those working there. In terms of architecture, the area houses modern buildings, with an accent on industrial design. The choice of materials supports the architectural objectives, and consists of honest materials such as wood, brick, concrete, steel, glass and stone. The architectural aim also was to create a pleasant atmosphere and healthy working conditions. Finally, all plots have fiber-optic connections. There are about 20 plots available in various sizes.

Dordtse Kil IV The projected new logistic park Dordtse Kil IV, with 67 hectares of net area for sale, is the showpiece of Dordrecht River Bank. With 67 hectares of newly-developed land, Dordrecht is responding to the demand for business sites in the Port of Rotterdam and the Drecht Cities. The plots, with various sizes from between 1.5 and 5 hectares, will be allocated from Q4 2019. The profile of the site will mainly focus on the logistics sector. The logistic park will be highly sustainable, and this masterplan is ensured by BREEAM certification level ‘excellent’. The basic energy infrastructure consists of an electricity network (no natural gas is offered) which can realistically become 100% energy neutral. The area will contain a hydrogen facility point, four wind turbines and a solar power plant for generating renewable energy.

MORE INFORMATION: Nico van Klinken Programme manager T. +31 (0)78 - 770 4271 E. nj.van.kllinken@dordrecht.nl COLOPHON: Municipality of Dordrecht Urban Development PO Box 8, 3300 AA Dordrecht www.investerenindordrecht.nl www.westelijkedordtseoever.nl



Hercuton: “Central location, excellent access

and availability of sufficient labour capacity”

Hercuton b.v. Touwslager 2, 5253 RK Nieuwkuijk P.O. Box 67, 5250 AB Vlijmen The Netherlands T. +31 (0)88 - 205 34 00 E. info@hercuton.jajo.com www.hercuton.nl



“Dordrecht is an excellent establishment location for any business. It is centrally located, there is sufficient labour capacity available and access is good,” explained Ivo van der Mark, Managing Director of Hercuton.

Prestigious pilot project Hercuton recently completed the prestigious pilot project ‘DC Dordtse Kil’, in Dordrecht. This new building served as a pilot for the soon-to-be-introduced Building Quality Assurance Act (Wet Kwaliteitsborging voor het Bouwen Wkb) in Consequence class 2. Van der Mark continued, “Hercuton are specialists in the concept-based design and construction of commercial real estate in prefab concrete. We believe in concept-based building, call it LEGOlisation. We do not see the logic of reinventing the wheel for every project. In advance of the new Act, we have now built a 32,000 m2 distribution centre at the Dordtse Kil III commercial estate.” When asked whether becoming a frontrunner in the Netherlands was a deliberate choice, Van der Mark replied, “We saw this as an opportunity to integrate the Wkb in our day-to-day business operations and thereby offer our customers even better quality. This means we more than satisfy the needs of investors in terms of certainty about the quality supplied.” The most important aim of this pilot was to gain new insights: into the results of the new working method, the consequences for processes, the distribution of roles and the cooperation between quality assurance, builders and municipal authorities, as well as insight into the costs and benefits, and of course learning opportunities for the further elaboration of legislation and regulations.

Good investment projects The success of this project is partly due to collaboration with the Municipality of Dordrecht, the Regional Development Cooperation Drechtsteden (ROM-D), Deal Drecht Cities, the workforce and other stakeholders. The results have been extremely positive. In our experience, the Wkb delivers better quality and a more effective, smarter and more efficient building process, with higher customer satisfaction scores. These then are good investment projects. It is clearly not without reason that Hercuton has already completed another 3 Wkbcompliant projects.”

Concrete solutions As an innovative, full-service organisation, Hercuton is responsible for the entire construction process, from choice of location and initial sketch right through to turnkey handover and aftercare. “On the one hand, our strength lies in our unique concrete building concept and on the other in our ability to fully relieve our clients of all their concerns. We also stand out in our ability to offer budget guarantees at an early stage. The business premises we build help our clients stay permanently ahead in terms of sustainability, cost savings, efficiency, maintenance, image and value retention. We are proud that our customers award Hercuton a score of 8.2 for customer satisfaction.” Van der Mark concluded by saying, “We often build in the Dordrecht / Rotterdam region. Right now we are building the largest truck wash facility in the Netherlands, in Rotterdam, on behalf of HB Truckwash Maasvlakte!”


Van der Wees

Your specialist in integrated transport concepts Founded in 1907, the Royal Van der Wees Group has evolved to a company with an enormous reputation in transportation. Three divisions that work together very hard, every day, to meet your transportation and storage demands. By thoughtfully investing, the Royal Van der Wees Group has built an integrated transport concept and offers tailor-made solutions for transit warehousing, value added services and specialized transport over water and land. All in one company, let us introduce the Van der Wees group to you:

Van der Wees Water Transport Capable of meeting your every transport need As the oldest division within the Royal Van der Wees Group, the history of Van der Wees Water Transport goes back a long way and their experience with special transport over water is evenly impressive. Furthermore, Van der Wees Water Transport is specialized in tug boat services and off-shore services. The experienced and dedicated Van der Wees team is ready to take care of your project, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This also applies to the Van der Wees fleet, which consists of 20 well equipped (partly seagoing) pontoons, 6 tugboats and 2 seagoing tugs. Using this sizable fleet, Van der Wees Water Transport is able to meet your every transport requirement.

Specialties Since the 1970’s, loads have increasingly become oversized and overweight for transport by road. To cope with this, Van der Wees developed the roll on/rolloff concept: heavy cargo is driven onto pontoons. Using designated software for engineering and roro-pontoons, load-outs may nowadays be carried out for cargo up to 1.200 tons. Van der Wees Water Transport focuses on transporting dock cranes, petrochemical industry parts, power plant machinery and parts for offshore, ship building and wind turbines. Towing yachts, ships, dredging vessels and pontoons is another activity. Furthermore, Van der Wees carries out beach landings, the launching of ships (using a submersible pontoon) as well as the installation and removal of bridges.

Engineering for an optimal execution Van der Wees Water Transport offers in-house engineering and project managers. Using CAD-software and software for calculating stability during roll-on/roll-off load-outs in combination with information of various water ways and tidal data, the team provide a complete outline and Method Statement for the transport of project cargo, thus offering optimal transport solutions.



Van der Wees Road Transport

Van der Wees Logistics

Special transport skill and experience and an extensive fleet guarantee a fitting solution for every transport need. Experienced with specialized transport over land since 1907, the Van der Wees Road Transport team knows what it takes to execute your transport the best way possible. Van der Wees Road Transport has extensive knowledge of transport regulations and has adapted the Van der Wees fleet accordingly. With 18 trucks, rigid trailers with crane and forklift and over 20 other trailers (crane, city and low-bed semi), Van der Wees Transport is capable of handling all cargo up to 55 meters long and a weight up to 45 ton indivisible (heavier possible on request). Furthermore, several rigid trailers are set up for the transport of highrisk substances.

Van der Wees Logistics is specialized in the storage and transshipment of general cargo, steel tubes, sheet piles and the stripping and stuffing of containers. To facilitate your logistic requirements needs the best way possible, Van der Wees Logistics focuses on well-trained workers and the highest quality of services. Therefore, Van der Wees Logistics has acquired the skills needed for a process orientated approach of their activities. Since 1993, Van der Wees Logistics is ISO9001 certified. Partnering with Van der Wees Logistics leads to an optimal flow in your transport chain and an excellent treatment of your cargo at competitive rates. Van der Wees Logistics is fully equipped to further produce your steel products for swift processing on your construction or project site. Using Holland’s biggest band saw machine, no sawing job is too big and process times are minimal!

Reliability throughout Europe The Van der Wees ground rules for cooperation are simple: Van der Wees Road Transport is flexible, has competitive rates and promises are kept! The experienced Van der Wees project managers and drivers strive for a perfect execution of your project, from start to finish. Van der Wees Transport works all over Europe and is specialized in transports in the Benelux, Germany and France. For these countries, Van der Wees Road Transport has long-term permits. With their extensive fleet and international know-how, Van der Wees Road Transport is at your service.

The focus is on your business! The Van der Wees Logistics services aim to make your business processes work as fluently as possible, with the highest quality. With an (online) storage management system, information about your order status, stock levels and stock changes is available when desired. The excellent railway, road and water connections and the Van der Wees professionals guarantee a fast distribution of your cargo, to make sure that your business never stops.

Van der Wees Transporten BV ‘s-Gravendeelsedijk 100 3316 AZ Dordrecht, NL Postal address P.O. Box 629 3300 AP Dordrecht, NL Shipping address Mallegat-Oost aan de Oude Maas Havennummer 744 Dordrecht, NL


Business location Van der Wees at Dordrecht Inland Seaport

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Maritime Holland






RDrone. Helps you to gain a new perspective

RDrone is your business partner for drone videos.

Situated in Dordrecht, RDrone has experience in creating drone videos for maritime, logistic, real-estate, project-development businesses and many more. Drone videos are a great tool for drawing the attention of your partners and clients. Open the way to a new perspective on the focus of your business.   Dordrecht Inland Seaport, Zwijndrecht Lindtsedijk, Waterschap Hollandse Delta, Welko in Dordrecht, are a few examples of projects where the drone videos of RDrone* were used.   * Certified drone-operator, registered drones.

E. info@rdrone.nl - www.rdrone.nl



Students working on a project at the ‘Duurzaamheidsfabriek’ (Sustainability Factory)

ICE is hot For companies that want to deepen and broaden their expertise in measurement and control technology, there is good news. As of September 2018, HBO Drechtsteden will provide a course in Instrumentation and Control Engineering (ICE) at the higher professional education level.



Theory & practice | study & work ICE is a two-year program, meant for working people who have a mbo 4 qualification and want to move on to higher professional education (level 5). On a weekly basis, the students follow an afternoon of theory and a consecutive evening of practical lessons at the Leerpark in Dordrecht. Practical assignments are carried out on the modern ‘Measuring and Control Square’ in the Duurzaamheidsfabriek. The theory and assignments have a relation with the professional practice of the student.

Close collaboration ICE is the result of close collaboration between educational institutions HBO Drechtsteden, Da Vinci College, the process industry and the maritime industry. Various companies from the region are participating in the curriculum development and will, next to the teachers of HBO Drechtsteden, also provide lessons. Through the employment of these so-called hybrid teachers, the training perfectly corresponds to daily practice. As a result, the students are always up to date with the latest developments.

Transfer of knowledge André de Lijser, manager engineering IHC Systems B.V. provided input for the maritime component of the program. He says: “IHC Systems applauds the implementation of a tailor-made course that addresses the need to collect and to share knowledge related to the maritime measurement and control technology. A lot of expertise is only in the heads of our professionals. Writing it down enables us to capture this valuable knowledge and to transfer it to young professionals. IHC is pleased to contribute to ICE by co-developing the curriculum. And of course, we already registered students!”. André Boer, general manager KROHNE, is also a firm supporter of ICE: “Instrumentation and Control Engineering is in our DNA. We foresee shortages in highly educated people that are abreast of the latest developments. We therefore are happy to share our knowledge and to assist in the development of the course. KROHNE also will be pleased to provide instruments, guest lecturers and to accommodate visits on site”.

“IHC is pleased to contribute to ICE by co-developing the curriculum. And of course, we already registered students!”


“KROHNE also will be pleased to provide instruments, guest lecturers and to accommodate visits on site”

Supported by Economic Development Board and regional government The Economic Development Board and the regional government support the development of ICE. The Drechtsteden make every effort to strengthen higher education in the region and supports ICE with a one-time subsidy. HBO Drechtsteden is eager to implement ICE successfully and to contribute to the successful growth and development of individuals and organisations. HBO Drechtsteden does so by means of transferring knowledge, professional skills, and social skills. As HBO Drechtsteden’s managing director Han van Gorkom says: “The value of the learning lies in being able to recognise what is learned and to apply it in one’s own practice”. ICE is an example of good cooperation between government, educational institutions, and entrepreneurs. The course addresses the specific needs of the regional industry and that is why they are enthusiastic - ICE is hot!



Karin Struijk E. kstruijk@hbodrechtsteden.nl www.hbodrechtsteden.nl/instrumentation-and-control-engineering



Annely, Eric, Mohamed, Ryan and Tom are building a Euro sloop in the Maakhal in cooperation with Slob Shipyard




Annely: “We are building a real usable boat at our own school, which is super interesting!”

Innovative education

Hybrid learning at ROC Da Vinci College Secondary vocational education and the business community face a continuous challenge to realise a smooth connection to the employment market and to offer opportunities for life-long development. Research shows that hybrid education is the future. ROC Da Vinci College of Dordrecht in The Netherlands has been a front-runner in this type of education from the very beginning. Proven by the Innovative Vocational Education Award received by Da Vinci at the end of 2017. Winning this award at a pan-European level for its innovative education method, the institute feels strengthened in its ambitions to professionalise the Da Vinci educational concept in a hybrid-learning environment. Da Vinci College considers its mission to be: “educating and training the employees of the future”.


Progress through cooperation Cooperation is key in order to get the best educational results. When business communities, regional government and schools meet and work together, interesting and successful learning moments are created. This goes beyond internships and training companies. It involves actual integration of learning and working. It is about performing educational and realistic assignments from real businesses at school. It is about exchanging knowledge and skills of professionals. And it involves the willingness to invest in resources and facilities. Da Vinci students in Dordrecht study and work in the Duurzaamheidsfabriek (Sustainability Factory), in a realistic practical environment with modern machinery, facilities and up-to-date robotics.

Sustainability Factory as Field Lab Smart Industry At the Leerpark (Education Park) in Dordrecht, the Sustainability Factory is a real eye-catcher. In this special building, which is a Field Lab Smart Industry, education for a lifetime is possible. Partnerships between entrepreneurs, education and government are stimulated and facilitated here. From technical education to additional training, retraining and refresher courses during the entire career. The Sustainability Factory is the engine behind the regional innovative knowledge economy. Maritime Technology and Energy transition are the key themes within the Sustainability Factory, in which companies like Siemens, Krohne, Priva, HVC, Verkerk Groep, Sublean, Valk Welding, VIV and IWZH participate.

Illustrating the hybrid approach: building a boat In Dordrecht, Da Vinci Technology students are building a Euro sloop 660, in cooperation with Slob Shipyard. This project is a magnificent practical example illustrating the hybrid approach. Thanks to this project, students learn about the entire shipbuilding process. Teachers and an instructor from the shipyard itself train and guide the students. In the school years to come, more sloops will follow. Continuing this hybrid learning project will enable Da Vinci College to intensify its education programme and to develop knowledge of shipbuilding, which will be of benefit to the maritime companies in the region. ƒƒ

For more information on the vocational education of ROC Da Vinci College, contact www.davinci.nl.


For questions and services relating to the Education Park in Dordrecht and the facilities of the Sustainability Factory, go to www.duurzaamheidsfabriek.nl.


Hybrid education: shipyard instructor guides students during their classes



“Da Vinci shows an integrated approach to educational and technological renewal.”

Innovative education

Maritime Tech Platform

According to the judges of the Innovative VET Award, ROC Da Vinci College is a perfect example of innovative education. The innovative efforts of the college show an integrated approach to educational and technological renewal, with the following strengths:

Rotterdam and the Drechtsteden (cities along the river Merwede) are the maritime hub of The Netherlands. Maritime Technology training and education therefore is essential within this region. In order to adapt educational programmes to the needs and wishes of the maritime sector and manufacturing industry, Da Vinci College cooperates closely with the STC-group (Naval and Maritime College) in the Maritime Tech Platform. This platform focuses on training a new generation of highly qualified professionals for the maritime industry.

• The integration of learning at school and being an employee as a result of strong regional cooperation and investment by the business community • Co-creation by students and teachers with the business community is done on a daily basis • Continuous learning tracks from pre-vocational secondary education to higher vocational education

Services offered by the Maritime Tech Platform: • central point of contact for regional parties, companies and training courses • recruiting for and supporting maritime projects and events

• The Sustainability Factory is an innovative environment where a new generation of professionals is educated

• centre of excellence for innovative projects and educational development (ICT and Ship Life Cycle)

In its advice on vocational education in The Netherlands, the Social Economic Council mentions this concept as an example for the future of vocational education in The Netherlands.

• facilitating workshops and courses in the context of Life-long Education

• executing business assignments: such as research and development, testing and production

Check our website for further details: www.maritiemtechplatform.nl



Beautiful event venues in the historical centre of Dordrecht

Kunstmin Theatre takes care of your event Kunstmin Theatre is a modern theatre company, situated in two monumental buildings in the beautiful, historical centre of Dordrecht. It is one of the main cultural venues in the Drechtsteden region. Each year more than 250 performances are presented here in almost every category: stand-up comedy, children’s theatre, classical music, pop, shows, musicals, drama and comedies. The grand and rich Kunstmin Theatre and the closely situated monumental Energiehuis are beautiful, up-to-date and fully equipped event locations and have their own unique identity, centrally located in the Netherlands. Both venues are ideally suited for congresses, (business) meetings and receptions. For each event we offer an appropriate ambiance and customization. Please contact us for more information and possibilities for your event at Kunstmin.

Kunstmin Theatre T. +31 (0)78 - 204 01 99 E. events@kunstmin.nl www.kunstmin.nl/events



074 DORDT IN STOOM - 25, 26, 27 MAY 2108

Dordt in Stoom The biggest Steam event in Europe! 25, 26, 27 May 2018

Why is ‘Dordt in Stoom’ unique? Simply because nowhere in the world you can find a bigger steam festival where, steam on the water, steam on the road, steam on the rail track and steam in miniature come together in one event. Moreover, the event is not held somewhere in a field, but in its original setting, the historic harbours of Dordrecht. At a location where the largest steam tugboat harbour was situated at the beginning of the previous century. The steamtugs have now returned, surrounded by many steam engines on the quays. From steam fire engines to huge Showmans engines.



250,000 visitors experience the time machine The event attracts about 250,000 visitors, both national as international, young and old. Local residents know the event and come to have a good time, to experience the historical ambience and to enjoy the shanty choirs. The visitors from elsewhere often use the ‘Stoomrondje (steamtour) Dordt’ and experience this as a true time machine.

‘Stoomrondje Dordt’: Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 May The ‘Stoomrondje Dordt’ is a day pass, giving access to all historic transport. A ride with the steam train, for fans even a piece without overhead line, visit to the modelling show, (steam)transport on water, tour of several steamboats and a cruise with a steam tug. In combination with a visit to the steam engines along the harbours, this steam trip is a daytrip that you will not quickly forget. The historic busses can be used to get back to the Central Station, and this brings us back full circle. The tour can be made either way.

Open air steam exposition Along the Merwekade, the Kuipershaven and the Wolwevershaven, many dozens of (operating) steam engines are exhibited. From the heavy steam rollers to the scale models... they are surrounded by enthusiastic owners, who like to express their passion. Almost every engine has a story about the use in the past, the restoration and function in the present. A beautiful spectacle that arouses the interest in technology. The Wolwevershaven is taken back in time and is the basis for the Saturday night program ‘Stoom & Licht’ (Steam & Light).

The use of steam Steam is not a thing of the past. We still use steam a lot. For example, steam meals, steam irons, steam cleaners but also the generation of electricity, the supply of residual heat for district heating with steam pipes. All modern applications, which fit within a time where there are a lot of discussions going on about new energy options. During this event this energy transition will become visible.

Parade of Steam: from steam to gas turbine On Friday night the event officially starts with the Parade of Steam. a great show on the three-river crossing at the Groothoofd. Besides the steamers, the ships from the Drechtsteden region are also on display. They sail under the flag of a regional shipowner or have been built at one of the many yards. Dordt in Stoom is therefore also a showcase of this shipping region. Tens of thousands follow the fleet display from the banks, but sponsors use the Parade of Steam to welcome their relations on nostalgic (steam)ships to view the parade of boats from the water while networking.

Steam weekend in Holland’s oldest city The full program of ‘Dordt In Stoom’ runs on Saturday and Sunday. On Friday the event starts with the Parade of Steam, but many enthusiasts are enjoying themselves all day with the arrival of the ships, the unloading and firing-up of the engines. Secretly this is for many the real ‘Dordt in Stoom’... The hotels in the Drechtsteden are already almost fully booked. Visit www.dordtinstoom.nl/english for more information.


Kinepolis Dordrecht Where business meets pleasure “You are the star”

Whether your business is brand new or long established in the Drecht Cities, you’ve got a story to tell. To your colleagues, your employees and your business partners. Kinepolis Dordrecht is the place along the Wantij where stories become unforgettable. Want me to tell you why? When you hear Kinepolis, you think ‘movies’. But our state-of-the-art cinema in Dordrecht has a lot more to offer. As a specialist in creating experiences, it’s the ideal partner for business events and presentations, but also for brand communication and promotional gifts.



Clear message A strong presentation? It combines a sharp image, high-quality audio and of course an intelligible and enthusiastic presenter. Add to that an impressive screen and you’ve got the ideal recipe for a successful and memorable presentation. Kinepolis uses the latest in digital projection and its audio also blows you away with newest technology such as Dolby Surround and Dolby Atmos.

“Your partners will be impressed by your chosen location”

The Kinepolis spaces are perfectly suited for conferences, workshops, training days, product launches, partner meetings, and private viewings, of course. Together with your partners or employees, you can be the first to preview the latest blockbuster! Or pick a movie with a (business) message and tailor your event to it with key note speakers, presentations, and the most diverse catering options!

Unique location along the water In addition, Kinepolis Dordrecht is uniquely located along the Wantij (a branch of the Oude Maas/Merwede river) and has a large terrace cafe with amazing views. Perfectly suited for a summer BBQ, an evening party with a DJ or a festive Christmas market. A few advantages of Kinepolis Dordrecht: ƒƒ Accessibly located on the outskirts of the old town centre.  ƒƒ Parking garage besides the cinema (with reduced rates for B2B customers)  ƒƒ 6 Theatre Halls with 1.200 seats in total ƒƒ Accessible with elevators  ƒƒ Terrace cafe with views over the water of the Wantij (up to 550 people)  ƒƒ Cafe (up to 150 people)  ƒƒ Foyer (up to 400 people)  ƒƒ Entrance hall (up to 400 people)

Kinepolis Group was formed in 1997 as a merger of two family cinema groups and has been listed since 1998. Kinepolis operates various multiplexes in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, and Canada. In addition to its cinema operations, the Group is also active in film distribution, event organization, screen advertising and property management. In recent years, Kinepolis has expanded strongly, through acquisitions and new-build projects. Kinepolis pursues top technical and logistical quality to create a unique cinema experience.  All pillars are focused on creating the ultimate movie experience, a cinema concept that revolves around the total experience of the visitor. Kinepolis’ efforts were rewarded with a Global Achievement in Exhibition Award in 2015 as the world’s best cinema operator.

Original business gift Treat your employees or business partners to an unforgettable cinema experience with the Kinepolis movie vouchers in a cool film canister. These are also great sales boosters for a savings campaign or loyalty promotion for your customers!

Effective brand communication The cinema is also the ideal venue for companies that wish to raise their profile through targeted advertising campaigns. Screen advertising, sampling, product placement, advertising panels and digital screens in the foyers also play their part in that.

SHALL WE MEET @ KINEPOLIS DORDRECHT? Michel van Keulen T. +31 (0)6 - 239 980 36 E. mvankeulen@kinepolis.com



Press Affairs: when you need help in the media Not every company needs a full-time press officer. But sometimes you could use one. Because you have good news you want to share. Or something bad has happened and you need a spokesman. Press Affairs can help you out. Cees den Bakker is a well-known consultant in the Drecht Cities, but he works also on a national level for big companies and branch organizations. You want to get in or stay out the media? Call or e-mail Press Affairs! T. +31 (0)6 - 50 263 255 E. cdenbakker@pressaffairs.nl www.pressaffairs.nl



Hét netwerkevenement van Midden-Nederland!

10, 11 en 12 april 2018 Evenementenhal Gorinchem

Info: 0183 - 820 230 • www.fenexpo.nl








View on Zwijndrecht at the ‘Oude Maas’

Imbarcazione Barone Since 2012 we offer you splendid boat trips, fast watertaxi services and delicious arrangements in Dordrecht, the Drecht Cities and Rotterdam. If you visit the Drecht Cities in spring, summer or autumn, feel free to contact us for your request. We hope to welcome you on board to show you the beauty of Dordrecht, the oldest city of Holland!

Imbarcazione Barone T. +31 (0)6 - 484 676 40 E. info@ibarone.nl www.ibarone.nl



Brut on Wheels Who are we and what do we offer? Brut’s mission as an overarching organization is to exceed the expectations of the guest. We guarantee a reflection/representation of our core values at all times, namely; service, quality, atmosphere & hospitality. Values which the Winebar and Burger & Steaks have been widely reknown for, for several years now. The idea for ‘Brut on Wheels’ came to be from an increasing demand for participation in events and catering on location. We strive to apply the same core values, in order to continue to exceed the wishes of our guests and customers.

Next to the high season events we will appear at, we also offer catering on location. A Fish & Chips company lunch or tailored catering? Our various options provide a tasty solution for everyone.




Drinks & two bites

Walking dinner

Tailored catering

In order to make our catering service accessible, we offer a highly simplified version of the concept. The Bronze arrangement consists of the possible serving of drinks, as well as two rounds of tasty bites.

After five years of experience with the concept of ‘walking dinner’, practiced at our winebar in Dordrecht, we bring the succesful formula to you. Upon arrival, various small bites are already awaiting you at the table. When the group is complete, we will start off with bread and freshly cut meat, presented on wooden plates. Next, each guest will be treated to vitello tonato, after which a second course will be prepared and served. The main course consists of our signature dish, Fish & Chips, which can be changed into Chick & Chips if fish is not the desired option. We finish with either some tasty popsicles or plates with various sweet dessert items.

If you are interested in this arrangement, we suggest you contact us to schedule a meeting discussing your precise wishes and demands. Anything is possible, and we aim to please!

High Wine Up for a little tasting menu? We offer just that. The High Wine arrangement introduces you to our products over a 4-course menu, with which matching wines will be served. Our talented Brut crew will disclose what’s on the table, and provide interesting information about the dishes and wines.



Fish & Chips, our signature dish We will offer this product during the entire year at various local and national festivals and events. Freshly caught pollak from Zeeland is combined with delicious home-made fries, and topped off with our famous Brut mayo, a winners recipe.

For info and reservations: Colin Teeuw T. +31 (0)6 - 206 479 55 E. info@brutopwielen.nl www.brutopwielen.nl


Alexander Roodfeld Totally Dressed


Alexander Roodfeld Mens Fashion is an established name in Dordrecht, South Holland, with more than 90 years of experience our leading store is representing the most beautiful men’s fashion brands! Jacob Cohen, Eton, Mason’s, Artu Napoli, Lacoste and Paul & Shark to name a few. Every season is a challenge to keep up to date, however visiting global trade shows helps us create distinctive collections. So visit our webshop www.roodfeld.nl you get a better impression of what we offer.



Tailor-made suit, shirt or jacket Are you, just like us and of the opinion that your commercial employees are the business card of your company? With our extensive custom program we can offer every type of man a fantastic tailor-made suit, shirt or jacket. We can choose together the fabric, buttons and lining that best suits your company image or event. Feel free to contact Ties Roodfeld for all possibilities and prices.

Alexander Roodfeld Herenmode Visstraat 13-15, 3311 KX Dordrecht T. +31 (0)78 - 614 70 88 E. alexander@roodfeld.nl www.roodfeld.nl

Your media & business communicationplatform




Connect with local entrepeneurs! 16 Magazines Readership 35.000+

Magazine Our partners have the opportunity to publish content in either Drechtsteden BUSINESS, Rijnmond BUSINESS or in both. These business magazines cover a wide audience within and around Rotterdam and Dordrecht. The publications in these magazines can vary from editorials to columns and advertisements. A publication in both of the magazines yields extra discount as well as a broader target range. Our readers include entrepreneurs, directors and business managers. The magazines are also read in institutions and government institutions.



Online News

BUSINESS. A message or banner in our weekly newsletter that appears on Friday is also an option.

Sessions 41.000+

Our online platform offers the opportunity to publish banners or leaderboards on the website of Port of

Network Take advantage of the many possibilities we have to offer with the network at Port of Business. For

24 Network events Visitors 150+

HJ Media Producties B.V. Voorzand 24 2984 BH Ridderkerk T 0180 - 33 16 05 E info@portofbusiness.nl I


example, you can opt for a partnership during a congress, a pitch during a magazine presentation or participation at a network platform.





The gateway to West Holland Hardinxveld-Giessendam, part of the Drecht Cities, is the ideal location for investors and companies. Situated along the river the Merwede, the A15 motorway and the railway, it is the gateway to West Holland, Rotterdam and Antwerp. The village has a hard-working community, active in maritime, technical and agricultural sectors. The maritime and technical activities are mainly concentrated along the river. The rural areas are mostly used by the agricultural sector. Transport and logistics are strongly represented, partly because of the perfect location along highway and deep water. In total there are six modern business parks in Hardinxveld-Giessendam. Various plots are available on the five existing sites. The new business park called ‘t Oog, which is currently being developed, completes the picture.



“Hardinxveld-Giessendam gives companies the space to run their business. Together with companies we work on a competitive establishment environment in the municipality and the region.”

“Hardinxveld-Giessendam gives companies the space to run their business. Together with companies we work on a competitive establishment environment in the municipality and the region”, says councillor Benhard van Houwelingen. “So every company feels right at home in HardinxveldGiessendam. Both international maritime companies like Neptune Shipyards BV, Damen Shipyards, Holland Shipyards, Den Breejen Shipyard and the smaller local entrepreneurs”.


Councillor Benhard van Houwelingen

Development and room for growth Hardinxveld-Giessendam consist of two quarters which together form the village. It is one of the oldest villages in the region and has almost 18,000 citizens. Everyone is working hard to create a new future. Currently there are two business parks and housing projects that offer room to new residents and companies. The 10 hectares area ‘t Oog is located between the Betuwerailway and the Merwede-Linge line. This area is classified as a transformation area, destined for businesses operations and housing. The West part of ‘t Oog offers opportunities for a phased development, followed by East bound development. The housing program in ‘t Oog fits in the Regional Housing Vision.


‘Oude Kerk’ Hardinxveld-Giessendam


Damen Shipyards

Like ‘t Oog, the Blauwe Zoom area also combines functionalities. There is plenty capacity for staff and families in the residential part. This way the municipality anticipates the growth of companies and citizens and offers room to reside, work and live in one of the most beautiful municipalities in the Drecht cities.

Multi-modal connection with Drecht cities Hardinxveld-Giessendam is perfectly accessible per car, train, water bus and across the water. The A15 motorway provides quick access to the region. Three railway stations ensure a good connection for commuters and students. The adjacent river Merwede is a unique spot for leisure boating as well as for commercial shipping.


Ambitions for the future


Business parks Hardinxveld-Giessendam

Hardinxveld-Giessendam’s vision on the future is to create an attractive business location for companies and residents, where business development and social involvement go hand in hand. A close connection with the Drecht cities is brought in practise. An optimal physical infrastructure, and education possibilities that fit the (maritime) education with business needs. The can-do approach binds business to the community and attracts new residents and companies. Therefore, the target is to properly maintain or optimise the working and living environment also for recreational purposes. The so-called Green Heart and National Park the Biesbosch are in the back yard. The characteristic centre of Hardinxveld-Giessendam offers residents a nice environment for living, within the verdant setting of the countryside.

BLAUWE ZOOM • Modern mixture • Net surface 2.4 hectares • KVO certified

Great access for business parks

DE PEULEN • Modern mixture • Net surface 14.0 hectares • KVO certified

Good access to the premises for staff and suppliers is important to companies. There are many options to quickly move from, to and within the municipality. Optimising public transport like railway, bus and water bus, contributes to the regional traffic flow.

How to attract and retain talent for the region There are several ways to attract and retain talent for the region. Retaining young talent in Hardinxveld-Giessendam and the region is therefore important to the Drecht cities, the municipality and local and regional maritime companies. Education demands that innovations and knowledge are being exchanged. The companies in the Drecht cities are continuously developing and thus remain at the world top. Specific tailor-made education, that is the future. Councillor Van Houwelingen; ‘We are part of one maritime top-region. We develop excellent education for the young ones. This way we retain and develop talent. We work with local companies and renown experts in the field of education in order to achieve concrete results.’

BOVEN HARDINXVELD • Water-bound • Net surface 14.0 hectares • KVO certified

LANGE VEER-MERWEDE • Water-bound • Net surface 21.0 hectares • KVO certified NIEUWEWEG • Modern mixture • Net surface 20.6 hectares • KVO certified ’T OOG In development since 2018 • Modern mixture • Surface 10 hectares



One contact for companies The municipality has a single point of contact for companies. Account manager Mrs. Xanthine Jut will actively support your company in all possible aspects. She is here to support new and established entrepreneurs. If you have any questions on investing in Hardinxveld-Giessendam, Xanthine is there for you.



Maritime industry in Hardinxveld-Giessendam

Mrs. Xanthine Jut T. +31 (0)184 - 674 444 M. +31 (0)6 - 243 679 83 E. xo.jut@hardinxveld-giessendam.nl


Damen Shipyards Group Damen Shipyards Group has been at the forefront of innovation in the global ship building and repair sector since it was founded in the Netherlands 90 years ago. Since then it has been a pioneer both in ship design and in shipbuilding practices and techniques. Today, with more than 9,000 employees, operating over 30 shipbuilding and repair yards, the Damen Shipyards Group has earned a leading position in the shipbuilding world. We are an international company that is, at heart, still a family business with family values and a deep respect for our maritime heritage. Our aim is to become a global market leader in the niche markets of shipbuilding, ship repair & conversion and services.

Newbuild Damen has delivered more than 6,000 vessels in 100 countries and delivers some 180 vessels annually to customers worldwide. Damen’s focus on standardisation, modular construction and keeping vessels on stock leads to short delivery times, low total cost of ownership and reliable performance. We offer a wide range of products including tugs, naval and patrol vessels, high speed craft, ferries, dredging, offshore vessels and superyachts (Amels).

Shiprepair & Conversion Damen Shiprepair & Conversion (DSC) has a worldwide network of 16 repair and conversion yards with drydocks ranging up to 420 x 90 metres. DSC yards have extensive experience completing more than 1,500 projects every year, from normal drydockings for scheduled maintenance to damage repair, right up to extensive refit and conversion projects.

Services Being active in the maritime industry demands continuous vessel reliability. For nearly all vessel types Damen offers a broad range of services, including maintenance, spare parts delivery, training and the transfer of shipbuilding know-how.





Damen is also specialised in the design and production of various marine components including propeller nozzles, rudders, special towing winches, anchors, anchor chains and steel works.

Research and development has been central to Damen’s success from its earliest days. That focus continues today with R&D underpinning a culture of innovation through continuous improvement. By applying the latest technologies to its products Damen is able to offer new and innovative propositions across all its markets to its current and prospective customers. In its research Damen focuses on a wide spectrum of topics ranging from hydrodynamics and material sciences to emerging themes including the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. This takes place not only at Damen’s HQ in Gorinchem, the Netherlands, but also in several separate R&D units across the world. In an increasingly complex world the group also looks outwards and cooperates with other centres of knowledge and expertise including universities, specialist research institutes and industry partners.

Always looking for talent At Damen we are always looking for professionals, starters and students with a passion for ships. We offer challenging jobs, internships, premium placements or graduation projects both locally and globally, in various job areas.

CONTACT Damen Shipyards Group Avelingen-West 20 4202 MS Gorinchem T. +31 (0)183 - 639 911 E. info@damen.com www.damen.com

This collaborative approach allows Damen to access and contribute to a deep pool of expertise and experience, and so enables it to innovate faster and more efficiently. The results of this approach in recent years have included the introduction of the Damen ASD 2810 Hybrid tug, innovative modular building techniques for complex frigates, and the InvaSave; Damen’s chemical-free ballast water treatment system. Currently in the development pipeline are air lubrication for hulls, Damen Digital and the introduction of additive manufacturing to the shipbuilding industry.



Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht built by the skilled

Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht is centrally located in the heart of the Drecht Cities, close to Rotterdam and Antwerp. The village is known for the green village character amidst an urbanized area and has a close-knit community with hardworking spirit and diverse skills. To the strenghten the community even more and ensuring enough housing in the future, the village is expanding with suburb development ‘The Volgerlanden’. Safe, green and modern housing project in the Drecht Cities, surrounded by the river Noord, near the sea and recreational area the Biesbosch. Connected to the highways A16 and A15, it is the ideal location for entrepreneurs exploring logistics and maritime business activities. In the next few years, existing and new business industrial parks will be developed increasingly, without changing the historic character of Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht. For business owners these developments create innovative and sustainable opportunities. To make it a great place for growing business, it’s a great place to live!





Industrial business parks Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht

Five business parks that will shape the future The municipality has five business industrial parks, with space for maritime and logistics businesses. Two these parks will undergo a big metamorphosis in the next couple of years, and will emerge as a global maritime and logistics hub, offering existing and expanding businesses to develop breakthrough technologies that will help to shape the future.

Business park Antoniapolder Business park Antoniapolder is situated next to the Noord river and close to the A15 and A16. These highways provide excellent connectivity to Europoort, Germany and Belgium. Locally, the fast ferry ‘Waterbus’ connects the park directly with other Drecht Cities and Rotterdam, providing a great green way of transport for employees and residents. Antoniapolder is the key location and therefore the local government is actively engaged in developing, transforming and upgrading of the park and surrounding areas. Working closely with entrepreneurs to ensure attainability, possibilities for new initiatives and promising chances. This ensures Antoniapolder is prepared for the future. The ‘revitalization’ of the Antoniapolder will lead to more employment in Hendrik-IdoAmbacht and other Drecht Cities. A number of existing companies are expanding their business activities which will bring a lot of new opportunities for other companies to settle in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht. The development of ‘Waterbusplein’, a square directly near the river and the station for the waterbus. A unique and lively location with a boulevard experience, where business, restaurants and leisure will mix together. So join our community of maritime masters in the heart of the Drecht Cities. Come and visit our excellent business locations and experience the possibilities for yourself.


Councillor André Flach





“Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht cooperates with many other stakeholders, thereby increasing the accessibility, economic attractiveness and employment of the Drecht Cities in general and Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht in particular.”

For more information about business opportunities in the heart of the Drecht Cities contact our Account manager business Mrs. Anouk van den Heuvel T. +31 (0)78 - 770 26 34 E. a.vandenheuvel@h-i-ambacht.nl Twitter: @hiaonderneemt



“The opening of the Experience & Innovation Centre is planned for Q1 2019”

Bolidt Experience the chemistry in the Bolidt Experience & Innovation Center On the banks of the Noord river in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, the new Campus of Bolidt is rising. Bolidt specialises in the development, production, marketing and application of thermosetting synthetics, including flooring, marine decking and surface courses. This expertise takes Bolidt all around the world. Among the most remarkable projects are the design floor in the Olympic swimming pool in Beijing and the flooring in the largest bike parking facility in the world under Hoog Catharijne in Utrecht. But also closer to home, in Rotterdam: the road surface on the Erasmus Bridge and the floor finishes in the new Erasmus MC. These are just a few examples of the many hundreds of projects Bolidt has completed over the years. Bolidt synthetics are developed and produced in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht and from there the application specialists travel across the world to install the synthetic applications. What started in 1964 as a 2-man operation has grown into an international company with 250 people in permanent employment.

The origins of the Bolidt Campus began with the need for an expansion of storage facilities. For quite some time, the company also wanted to involve customers in the innovation process and allow them to experience the firm’s versatility. In the end, a lot of things came together and so it became not only a new logistics centre, but also a hospitable Experience & Innovation Centre with a living lab. When completed, this innovative centre will enable its future visitors to see and experience the endless possibilities of synthetics With the Experience & Innovation Centre, Bolidt, the local government, education and business community are creating a place where knowledge will be shared and where the emphasis is on forming collaborations to generate innovations or to join forces in rolling out commercial activities internationally. Bolidt is committed to a future, in which co-creation, innovation and experience have a central role. Opposite the centre is the new production facility for composite decking for the superyacht industry, high-end residential sector, hotels & resorts and more. Combining the existing buildings with the new build, Bolidt has built its own campus. The flowing forms of the new build fit in seamlessly with the situation in terms of traffic and urban planning. Lüchinger Architects are responsible for Bolidt’s master plan, the architectural design and supervising the further development in association with Kossmann.dejong exhibition architects and a team of specialists.




About the Bolidt Group

The Bolidt Campus is situated in the heart of the Drechtsteden towns where the maritime sector plays a prominent role. Lüchinger Architects are closely involved in the process in order to make the Noordkade quay a success: the new gate to Hendrik- Ido-Ambacht and Bolidt. As a result of the extension, the entrance to the Campus now faces the river, close to the new water bus stop. Approaching the campus by water was a key element in the development of the entire plan.

Bolidt, a Dutch family business, is a specialist in the field of thermosetting synthetics and has been developing, producing, selling and installing synthetic applications since it was founded in 1964. At the beginning of the seventies and eighties, Bolidt was mainly known for industrial bonding applications, for instance, in Rotterdam’s Euromast, and for concrete repairs on Dutch lighthouses. Despite being best known in the Dutch market for its high-quality cast flooring, Bolidt has been working around the world on international projects for over 50 years. Examples include the London Science Museum where a special design floor was created in cooperation with Zaha Hadid Architects, the Ferrari racetrack aboard a cruise ship where a non-skid surface course was installed, the Olympic swimming pool in Beijing, the European Parliament in Brussels and the Harmony of the Seas, the world’s largest cruise ship featuring 20,000 m2 of Bolidt decking, which is walked on by millions of feet every year. Under the motto ‘everything under one roof’, the development and production of the synthetic systems always take place in-house, at Bolidt’s headquarters in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht.

Connected by water Many visitors will arrive by water, after which they will be immersed in the world of Bolidt. The journey across the Maas river from Rotterdam to the campus offers a view of a number of large projects undertaken by Bolidt and is moreover scattered with structures such as Hotel New York, the Erasmus Bridge and the mills of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Kinderdijk. At the same time, visitors will gain a good impression of the typically Dutch manufacturing industry situated by the water.

“Ever since Bolidt was founded, we have invested in innovation”

Innovation and chemistry as leitmotif Upon arrival, there can be no doubt about what the centre of the campus is: the Experience & Innovation Center. And that is no coincidence because innovation is at the heart of Bolidt. The Experience & Innovation Center is a kind of living lab, where everything centres on chemistry: business units, customers, enterprise, disciplines and raw material react to form something new. “Ever since Bolidt was founded, we have invested in innovation”, says Rientz Willem Bol, CEO of Bolidt. “If you don’t think about the future, you will not have one. 53 years ago, this thought, to provide innovative applications in synthetics that did not exist before, was one of the most important motives for starting Bolidt and still drives our work today. At Bolidt, our 250 dedicated employees continually work on shaping the future, with synthetics as the main ingredient. In the Experience & Innovation Centre, we will focus more specifically on open source innovation and collaboration. Only by dreaming, thinking and working together, and letting people experience everything that is possible with synthetics, will we achieve innovation that has the potential to conquer the world. That is what we want to achieve here, together with all of our partners.”

Feel the chemistry In addition, a lot of energy was devoted to incorporating triggers for interesting conversations. The building is bursting with moments and places where the visitor becomes part of the chemistry: in the labs you can put together your own samples or conduct experiments in the Bolidt room under the supervision of specialists. This gives visitors a live experience of all the possible uses for Bolidt’s know-how and materials. Visitors also gain a sense of how the various disciplines are intertwined and reinforce one another - that is also chemistry! - to continue to innovate and come up with optimal solutions for the most divergent segments.

The Bolidt Group consists of three companies: Bolidt replaces traditional materials with high-quality synthetic systems. Bolidt has a long history when it comes to generating innovations. Think, for example, of the replacement of traditional gravel athletics tracks with synthetic athletics tracks, the replacement of asphalt on bridges with synthetic surface courses, the replacement of wood on cruise ships with synthetic decking, the preservation of steel and the repair of concrete. Ode aan de Vloer was founded in 2004 in response to the rise in consumer demand for industrial flooring in residential properties. Esthec’s products include high-quality prefab decking for superyachts and terrace material for luxury resorts and villas. The Bolidt Group employs over 250 highly skilled staff including mechanical engineers, chemical engineers and industrial designers. The company is characterised by its close working relationships with architects, installation specialists and consulting engineers. More information is available on www.area78.info.







088 - 440 10 00





BRiQ Real Estate briq.nl info@briq.nl +31 (0)10 511 99 55






Westersingel 94

Den Haag

Sweelinckplein 1


The Power of Sliedrecht Ever since the great floodings of 1421 (Saint Elisabeth Flood), Sliedrecht emerged as the center of the global dredging industry. For centuries the people of Sliedrecht have been working on their dikes, the deepening of fairways, creation of ports and land reclamation. The continuous fight with water triggered unique innovations, creativity and co-operation. Many internationally operating technology and dredging companies have their roots in Sliedrecht. Think Royal IHC, Bakker Sliedrecht, Van Beest Group, Van Den Herik, Nidec, and Iv-Infra. Their Delta engineering expertise is nowadays used throughout the world.



Why settle in Sliedrecht? The strategic location makes Sliedrecht the ideal base for maritime and logistic companies. It is located at the busiest river hub of Europe, is close to the port of Rotterdam, and has a unique connection to the A15 highway and railways. The region is buzzing with entrepreneurship and hosts all kinds of water bound activities like shipbuilding, technology suppliers and logistics.


Attractive land and rental prices


Strategic location on the hinterland junction A15


Close to main ports Rotterdam Port (50km) and Rotterdam-The Hague Airport (35km)


Container terminal BCTN (10KM)


Two Railway stations (a train leaves every 15 minutes)


Excellent public transport and Waterbus connection


High quality Business Parks


Multifunctional- small scale (maritime) logistics to high-quality offices


Highly motivated workforce in various disciplines


A warm community with no-nonsense mentality


Rustic natural village environment


International network with the maritime Delta and Drecht Cities


Support and growth The unique feature of Sliedrecht is the support your company receives from government. The municipality’s account managers support you from the beginning to the end of your investment dream. This applies for new entrepreneurs settling in the region, but for established entrepreneurs as well. A recent sample is De Jong DUKE, a company established since 1897 in Sliedrecht. This company was looking for a new business location fitting their growth. The international company in coffee machines and metal working joint forces with the municipality to examine possibilities all locations. As a result the company stays in Sliedrecht.


Sliedrecht recreation harbour

Councillor Hans Tanis: “We are very happy that a wonderful family business like De Jong DUKE has decided to stay in Sliedrecht. Nice to see that we have worked intensively with the company both officially and administratively. We are committed to jobs in Sliedrecht.” De Jong Duke director Rob Bastinck: “Coffee machines and metalworking are the two pillars underneath the Sliedrecht family owned company de Jong BEHEER. Sliedrecht is an excellent location for our growth, thanks to its good accessibility to various road and railway connections. Many of our employees find Sliedrecht an excellent place to live. The municipality of Sliedrecht is very active and helps us to achieve our ambitious goals.”

“ Water management is in the genes of the Sliedrecht society.” ƒƒ

Sliedrecht train station

Entrepreneurs feel at home Entrepreneurs are full of praise for Sliedrecht. They feel at home and business opportunities are there. The partnership with the Drecht Cities region makes networking easy and fast. Companies are cooperating on innovation, cross-overs, education, and transport in the field of multimodal possibilities. The waterbus is a unique way of public transport. Residents use it to go to work, but also for leisure to visit Rotterdam.


Nidec director Arjan Bakker: “For Nidec, Sliedrecht is the best place to do business. For more than 28 years we are a part of and surrounded by high technology companies in marine, dredging and industry. A pleasant (net)work environment to increase business on a short distance of Dutch key companies.”

Van den Herik

Van den Herik director Mrs. Isolde Struijk: “The history as the cradle of the dredging industry, the location along one of the main streams in the Rhine Delta, the presence of a maritime cluster in the Drecht Cities and the hard-working mentality of the inhabitants of the Alblasserwaard make Sliedrecht a suitable location for us.” Iv-Infra director Rob van Bodegraven: “In the years to come we are preparing for major challenges in terms of mobility, sustainability and innovation together with the municipalities of the Drecht Cities.”


Councillor Hans Tanis

Councillor Hans Tanis: “Water management is in the genes of the Sliedrecht society. The small town of Sliedrecht has a great history in water management. Ever since the Saint Elizabeth flood in 1421 we learned how to deal with water and how to be resilient. It’s in our genes! Here you’ll find the centre of the Dutch Dredging industry. Thanks to our favorable situation with perfect rail, road and waterlinks, we offer very good business locations for all kinds of businesses, especially for maritime industry. I warmly welcome interested companies to have a look at the interesting opportunities that we have to offer.”



Housing and living Environment Sliedrecht is located along the river, providing high quality conditions for living, work and recreation. The municipality stimulates inhabitants to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Public transport is excellent here. We cherish the natural environment and the ‘green’ quality of Sliedrecht. Our ambition is to become a climate-resistant and energy neutral town. Sliedrecht has the only dredging museum and dredging festival in the world. Both unique in their kind and worth a visit.

Business parks Sliedrecht


Sliedrecht has five attractive business parks: Nijverwaard, Baanhoek-West, De Driehoek, Stationspark 2 and Stationspark 3 (in development). For Stationspark 3 the municipality has made a design with a vision for the future. This design embraces the future business areas with nature and creates a ‘green’ working and living environment for activity and fits well with Sliedrecht and its entrepreneurs.

• 2 lots available, total 3,2 hectares available (approx. 2 hectares and approx. 1,2 hectares) • Maximum lot size: 2 hectares • View location on the A15 • KVO-certified • Destination: (partly) large-scale retail trade and (partly) companies

Baanhoek-West • • • • •

Total 2,5 hectares available Maximum lot size: 1 hectare View location on the A15 and near the train station KVO-certified Destination: Companies

Stationpark 2



• • • • •

At least 3 lots available, total of 0,9 hectares Maximum lot size: 0,3 acres View Location at the A15 and near train station KVO-certified Destination: Offices

Stationspark 3 (Under development) • • • •

Soon 7 hectares available Connection to Rotterdam’s Ports & Eastern Europe KVO-certified Destination: Small-scale logistics and production companies.

De Driehoek ƒƒ


• • • •

Soon 6,6 hectares available (from 2021) Excellent access via A15 KVO-certified Destination: Small-scale logistics and industry

Mrs. drs. Esther Smit Account manager companies in the municipality of Sliedrecht Industrieweg 11 3361 HJ Sliedrecht M. +31 (0)6 - 123 915 68 E. e.smit@Sliedrecht.nl ƒƒ

North-East ‘Noord-Oost’ quadrant



Royal IHC Royal IHC enables its customers to execute complex projects - from sea level to ocean floor - in the most challenging of maritime environments. We are a reliable supplier of innovative and efficient equipment, vessels and services for the offshore, dredging and wet mining markets.

With a history rooted in the Dutch shipbuilding industry since the mid-17th century, we have in-depth expertise in the engineering and manufacture of high-performance integrated vessels and equipment, as well as the provision of sustainable services. With our commitment to technological innovation we strive to continuously meet the specific needs of each customer in a rapidly evolving world. Although holding a leading position in the manufacture of specialist vessels, IHC has been motivated to reinvent itself following the global crisis in the oil, gas, mining and dredging markets. The company has switched its primary focus to design, engineering and servicing, while still retaining a traditional focus on manufacturing. In close cooperation with its customers, IHC is now shaping the maritime equipment of the future. This strategic repositioning of IHC brings with it major innovation and sustainability opportunities. Feedback from local markets can be combined with global intelligence to optimise equipment and vessels, based on the most important trends and shifts in customer demand. A primary example has been the production of the world’s first dredging vessels with a dual-fuel capability. With these ships, IHC moved into an uncharted business terrain where regulations are scarce.


Royal IHC at Kinderdijk




Sea Trails Arzana - Royal IHC

This project also required a more open attitude toward sharing specific knowledge between companies, for example the gas installations required for large ship engines. Other innovations focused on hull design and fuel efficient diesel electric engines, with the aim of reducing the impact of vessels and equipment on the wider environment. Sediment management is another area of research. As it is regularly contaminated, it is frequently moved from harbours and dumped elsewhere. IHC took on the challenge to study this practice in order to find alternatives to dumping, which resulted in a method to use the slurry as a raw material for building. A similar innovation with a positive bearing on the environment is the conversion of sand to rock. This is very advantageous where rocks are needed to protect newly acquired land against flooding but the necessary resources can only be obtained hundreds of kilometres away from the shore. Besides the physical effort required to transport the rock over such distances, there is also the high environmental impact to be considered. IHC has now developed a technique to convert sand into rock in situ, thereby solving a number of challenges and reducing the negative consequences for the environment.

Other recent innovations include the award-winning Hi-Traq trencher, which features a unique self-levelling suspension system for the installation and burial of power cables. It is able to endure the harsh environments typically found at offshore wind farm locations. In addition, IHC has developed an innovative electric motor. This is a permanent magnet (PM) motor, which is open to the surrounding environment and filled with seawater. It is 100% oil-free, which makes it environmentally friendly at extreme water depths and unique in the market. IHC strongly believes that matching expectations is a constant and evolving challenge. As a result, it continues to focus on innovation and broadening technological knowledge. Currently, 3% of the company’s turnover is spent on research and development (R&D) activities, involving 200 employees and a specialist in-house R&D institute - IHC MTI. To stay at the forefront, we also work closely with technical universities, businesses in our supply chain, technical research institutes, engineering consultants, governments and start-ups. Their expertise and creativity is indispensable in giving shape to new ideas. For example, IHC has been working together with the Port of Rotterdam to develop the 3D printing of marine spare parts.

The European Containerline

Barge services

Rail services

Truck services www.dansergroup.com



Danser Group: rivers are free of traffic jams Truck traffic on overcrowded roads are a threat to the environment. Water transport on the other hand offers ever more opportunities. That is the firm conviction of Ben Maelissa, director of the Danser Group in Sliedrecht. “The Drecht Cities are the busiest water hub in Europe. The region is a link in multimodal freight transport. Our company also transports containers by road and rail. But we especially see great new opportunities for inland water transport. No traffic jams, that’s for sure. There is enough space on the water. And inland navigation is also a clean and innovative way of transport.”

The rivers of the Drecht Cities include Oude Maas, Noord, Beneden Merwede and Wantij, all branches of the Rhine and Meuse rivers. They connect Europe’s most important fabrication and consumers areas with the port of Rotterdam, Antwerp, Moerdijk and the Dordrecht Inland Seaport. “It is geographically determined that the junction is located here. But we should use this gift from nature even better than we do now. The opportunities are there, especially now the economy is thriving and pressure on roads is peaking,” says Maelissa. The 7,000 inland vessels of The Netherlands use the national waterway network of 4,400 kilometers in total. The European hinterland offers another 51,700 kilometers of navigable waters. “As a transporter, we see that transport over water per ton-kilometer is the most economical way and CO2 emissions are considerably less.” And the latter is extremely important. “The government sets the companies high goals when it comes to a cleaner environment. Entrepreneurs and employees in the shipping industry are making an important contribution to cope with this.” Maelissa also sees great opportunities for innovation in the field of emissionfree and clean sailing. “I see that this is undergoing a rapid development in the shipping and inland shipping sector. Innovation is in the DNA of the Dutch. If something you need it is not there, we will make it. The government is encouraging us to do so, and we support it. Nothing will be achieved without ambitions.”

Center of Excellence Inland Shipping As a member of the Economic Development Board, Ben Maelissa contributed to the formation of a new network of entrepreneurs. They are all active in inland navigation and willing to share knowledge. They discuss new challenges together, in order to jointly find new solutions not directly available to the individual. Through cooperation economies of scale can be reached, even in innovative solutions of single owners. “The idea here is to form a network of sailing entrepreneurs, motor suppliers, shipyards, repair companies etc. that are linked to inland shipping issues. Individuals have a lot of knowledge, but by sharing knowledge you reinforce each other. The best ideas and solutions often arise from these discussions. Companies and innovation are always on the move, just like the river, so we work every day on the clean future!” Maelissa concludes.

Danser is based in Sliedrecht and is anchored in the region as a company. “The mentality of the people work hard modestly, you will not find this mentality anywhere else”, says director Maelissa. “At the moment the economy is running at full speed, there is a lot of work in the sector,” says Maelissa. “After the crisis we see double digit growth figures, with approx. 11% more containers are handled in Rotterdam in 2017. It shows that inland navigation is indispensable in the mobility mix. Our knowledge can also be brought forward internationally. For example, we travel to countries where water transport has not or hardly been developed, together with the Port of Rotterdam and specialized companies, to promote our skills and organizational talents. Government and companies in these countries show al lot of interest in this.”

Ben Maelissa Director Danser Group

Nidec is world leader in the production of motors, alternators and drives. Yearly more than 6 billion electrical motors from 3 Watt to 75 Megawatt are manufactured for a number of applications. From disc drives, car mirrors and laundry machines to Megawatt motors used in the steel industry, oil and gas and hybrid propulsion on ships. Today we have operations in over 40 countries through approximately 300 companies, employing more than 110.000 people. Nidec offers innovative products, services and industrial solutions from our office in Sliedrecht where we have been located for more than 28 years. Visit our website for al your motor & drives solutions:

www.nidecindustrialautomation.nl or contact us

Control Techniques B.V. I Leroy-Somer B.V. I Kubus 155 | 3364 DG | Sliedrecht | Tel: +31 (0) 184-420555 | info.nl@mail.nidec.com I www.nidecindustrialautomation.nl

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. BUT ONLY IF YOU CAN HARNESS IT. Many maritime businesses are successfully gathering practical knowledge, but still need to formulate effective ways to share it across the workforce. Augmented reality and wearables can help, and competitive advantage will go to businesses that harness such technologies to make knowledge easily available. Download our free eBook to explore what’s next and the approaches that will help you capture and share knowledge. What’s next for your business? TO DOWNLOAD THE EBOOK VISIT ifs.world/expert-og-2




Capturing the Essence; More than a Century of Image & Identity Established in 1912, Sliedrecht-based Van der Kloet Foto & Videoproducties specialises in technical and promotional industrial and maritime photography. The company’s video division was established in 1988 and forms, together with its photography services, a complete image processing and production company. Global Specialised in digital full colour photography and videography, Van der Kloet has gained a solid reputation with its customers over the years; some of whom have been customers for more than 70 years. “We operate worldwide; from our studio in Sliedrecht, the Netherlands, to the Hong Kong skyline. At present we serve more than 500 companies based in more than 80 countries around the world. We are fully geared for digital artwork and have in-house editing suites available. All jobs are executed and processed under our own management enabling us to work faster and very cost effectively.”

Marine & Offshore In the Netherlands, the Sliedrecht area is well known for its dredging and shipbuilding industries. Van der Kloet has had its offices there since 1937, serving its purposeful clients all over the world. When it comes to a general presentation or to specific details of certain works they are flown in, giving their clients what they require. “Especially when it comes to shipbuilding, ship repair, offshore, dredging or yacht building, we know how to present a company’s image and its products or services,” stresses René van der Kloet.

“Being able to adapt yourself to any environment is not just a quality, it’s a unique quality,” emphasises René van der Kloet. “Our company, together with the dedicated services we provide, feature that flexibility; every production, every video, every image comes with a guarantee of quality. This is reflected exactly in our company motto ‘Our Image, Your Identity’.”

For representative presentations of images, Van der Kloet has created a recognisable house-style archive. Today more than 50 companies subscribe to that dedicated archiving service. “When a certain image is needed, the I.D. number of the photo is all we need to deliver the image swiftly while conforming to the client’s specifications,” comments René van der Kloet. “Our work doesn’t stop with making a perfect shot,” he concludes with a bright smile.

Safety First Van der Kloet has a vast experience of more than 25 years of photography and videography in the harsh environment of the offshore industry. In order to optimally serve clients active in the offshore industry, the company has followed several training courses and has been awarded the Basic Offshore Safety Introduction and Emergency Response Training (BOSIET) and the Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) and Emergency Breathing certificates. Even Working at Heights. These certificates are demanded by authoritive bodies like NOGEPA and OPITO and are upgraded for the Norwegian Oil and Gas industry.

Royal Award “Last but not least, we have been awarded with a Royal Warrant since 2012. This means not only that our company is more than 106 years young over 4 generations, but also that it has an excellent and sound reputation. Companies that have been granted a Royal Warrant called in Dutch ‘Hofleverancier’ and in English ‘By Appointment by the Court’ are recognised for their reliability, responsibility and craftsmanship,” René van der Kloet proudly underlines. The Royal Warrant was introduced in 1815 by King Willem I and in combination with the designation ‘Koninklijk’, or Royal, (1816) is one of the oldest Royal awards in the Netherlands. The team of van der Kloet is very proud of this and willing to inform you about any requests when you are interested about making images or video for you. Hereby we show you a small selection of images they made lately.

van der Kloet Foto & Videoproductions Lelystraat 93 O 3364 AH Sliedrecht (The Netherlands) E. info@kloet-foto.nl www.kloet-foto.nl



Papendrecht Maritime hotspot in the Drecht Cities Papendrecht is a green and dynamic municipality located on the banks of Europe’s busiest inland waterway. The small city located on the dike has 32,000 inhabitants and globally-operating companies such as Fokker, Boskalis and Iv-Groep. The municipality is situated on the border between an urban area and the Alblasserwaard nature reserve and is part of the Drecht Cities, which consists of several bordering cities in the delta area of the rivers Oude Maas, Noord and Beneden-Merwede in the Province of South Holland. Papendrecht was established 900 years ago and owes much of its growth to its strategic location along the river. Residents of Papendrecht, locally known as ‘Ertepellers’ (‘pea shellers’), used to trade in peas. Peas and other vegetables grown in Papendrecht were taken to Dordrecht by dairy farmers to be sold.



Industrial area Oosteind


“Papendrecht is a regional maritime hotspot: the Oosteind industrial park is home to several top companies in the international maritime sector. The most famous is Royal Boskalis Westminster NV.”


Industrial area Oosteind

Boskalis, Fokker and Iv-Groep This entrepreneurial spirit still defines the Papendrecht region. It therefore comes as no surprise that the maritime hotspot in the top maritime region of Drecht Cities is home to so many international companies. Papendrecht is home to the corporate headquarters for major global players like Royal Boskalis Westminster NV, one of the largest dredging companies in the world, aircraft manufacturer Fokker Aerostructures, and Iv-Groep, a consultancy and engineering company that designed the famous gates to the Panama Canal. Each of these companies praises Papendrecht’s positive and favourable entrepreneurial business climate. The municipality is easily accessible thanks to the convenient location of roads and waterways and the quality of the workforce is extremely high. Companies in this region have excellent mutual contact and short lines of communication with municipal account managers, who facilitate entrepreneurial endeavours as much as possible.

“Papendrecht is the corporate headquarters of internationally acclaimed aircraft manufacturer Fokker.”


Fokker Aerostructures




Industrial area Oosteind

Oosteind industrial park

Bicycle, bus, car and ferry

One of the municipality’s crowning achievements is the Oosteind industrial park, located near the A15 motorway and the BenedenMerwede river. This extremely popular area covers 70 hectares and houses 130 companies predominantly from the maritime metal and electrical sector and the food industry. Major international players in the water industry include Royal Boskalis Westminster and Veth Propulsion. Royal Boskalis Westminster is a leading global services provider operating in the field of dredging, inland infrastructure and offshore energy. The company is active in approximately 75 countries and employs more than 11,000 people worldwide. Veth Propulsion is an international manufacturer of auxiliary propulsions and propulsion machinery for ships and has been manufacturing shipping instruments since 1951. Director Erik Veth is pleased with his company’s location: ”The location is extremely convenient. We are situated close to the motorways, which improves our road access, and we have excellent access to the waterways as well. We have close ties to and excellent communication with the municipality, that is extremely involved in our business pursuits. Finally, many maritime companies can be found in this industrial park, both from suppliers’ and customers’ side. We are at the centre of the axis, so to speak.”

The industrial park employs 3,000 people, which is a significant number for a municipality with 32,000 residents. Of these 3,000 employees, 25% comes from the municipality itself and the rest comes from elsewhere in the region. Oosteind is easily accessible by bicycle, bus, car and ferry. The Waterbus provides quick ferry rides between the cities in the Drecht Cities and Rotterdam. It has its very own stop on Oosteind.

Other major players at the Oosteind industrial park include: Van de Grijp International Gear Suppliers, leader in pipes and parts; Pon Power Nederland, the official dealer of Caterpillar machines, engines and generators in the Netherlands; Visser & Smit Hanab, which develops, builds and maintains technologically sophisticated and sustainable links, networks and systems for water, energy, chemical and petrochemical production; Scheepswerf Slob, builder of luxury yachts; VSR Rice and Sonneveld Bakery Solutions are major players in the food industry. Many of the companies located on Oosteind work in close collaboration with each other.

The entrepreneurs are proud of Papendrecht in general and Oosteind in particular. “I often get stuck in traffic at other industrial parks, but that is rarely the case here. The accessibility is excellent”, says Theo Scheurwater facility managers at Royal Boskalis Westminster. “We also have direct access to the municipality, which regularly gives us practical tips. The municipality encourages us to brainstorm with them and takes our recommendations to heart. You know where you stand, which is nice.”

PAPENDRECHT Mrs. Ninetta Lorenc T. +31 (0)78 - 770 63 15 M. +31 (0)6 - 406 294 72 E. am.lorenc-balistreri@papendrecht.nl



Reuse of materials flows offers business opportunities for business parks in the Drecht Cities The Netherlands are committed to a circular economy, an economy in which material flows, energy and water (flows of substances) always find their way back into the cycle. Opportunities for a future-proof, innovative and sustainable economic climate! Not surprisingly endorsed in the ‘National Sustainable Resources Agreement’ with ambition to be 100% circular in 2050. The Drecht Cities are also responding positively to this!



“The approach to this process certainly serves as an example for other business parks in the Netherlands!”

From small to large One time it is economically and ecologically profitable to close a cycle at a local level, another time you have to operate (inter)nationally. However, a circular economy on a local and regional scale is pre-eminently manifested on a business park. This is the scale level where the company Cirkellab - located in the Drecht Cities - specializes in. As far as they are concerned, the scale level of a business park is the accessible, first step for companies towards circular business. It is easier to start one cycle in your own organization or in proximity than to enter into a complicated, large-scale (cross-sectoral) chain collaboration with different flows of substances. The Drecht Cities are also very promising for a circular economy because of the presence of the maritime (manufacturing) industry. “For example, two large maritime players - from a customer-suppliers perspective - have developed a joint business proposition for modular installations on a ship. They discovered that a business model aimed at delivering services (according to the so-called ‘performance model’, think of light hours instead of lamps), leads to more innovation, greater efficiency, higher quality and a long-term customer relationship.”, says Thirza Monster - one of the associates of Cirkellab.

Look beyond the exchange of residual flows alone Often, when you think of a circular business park, one thinks primarily of the exchange of flows of substances or the sharing of, for example, machines, tools and means of transportation between companies on the site. But there’s more! Think of interventions within the company with a eye on circular design and business model, chain collaboration (in the region), circular area development and eco-industrial clusters. In addition, there are a number of important conditions for a circular business park. Collaboration is at the top of the list, where the organizational level of a site is important and the relationship with the local government. Subsequently, we can look at the industries present and whether there have promising flows of substances. An anchor tenant is indispensable! Finally, physical space is important to attract ‘missing links’ to close loops or develop new circular activities as a material hub or biorefinery.


City Councillor Anouk van Eekelen from the municipality Papendrecht reveals an artwork with an impression of the results of the project


At the ‘innovation table’ participants brainstorm, discuss and concretize joint circular opportunities

Circular projects provide inspiration for upscaling! The potential of a circular business park has been experienced by Cirkellab in a project at the Oosteind business park in Papendrecht, carried out in close collaboration with the municipality of Papendrecht and Environmental Service South-Holland South. During various ‘innovation tables’, companies such as Boskalis, VandeGrijp and Visser Smit & Hanab, worked on circular business cases. For example, several companies have started working on the joint purchase of solar panels that offers various advantages in terms of purchasing power. The companies Topec and Gebr. De Koning have found each other in sharing a workshop and equipment if there is a peak in work at one company and capacity over in the other. Joris Ijzermans (Topec): “I see this as the first practical step working towards a shared facility where several companies from the Drecht Cities cooperate.” The participants also look at the implementation of a B2B online ‘market place’ for easy matching between supply and demand. And Jean-Paul from Rivierendriesprong adds: “Through this process we came up with the idea of a biodigester. As a building materials trading company, all sorts of organic streams enter our plant, such as wood waste. We can do something useful with that by generating energy with it. To make things profitable you have to scale up and utilize flows from other companies!” The process has generated even more ideas and next steps for circular cooperation, both at Oosteind and at other business parks in the region. Such as a smart grid and energy storage, a joint storage and physical ‘market place’ for unused office furniture and the reuse of rainwater for production processes. Aleida van den Akker (Province of South Holland): “The approach to this process certainly serves as an example for other business parks in the Netherlands!”

MORE INFORMATION: www.cirkellab.nl and info@cirkellab.nl



Zwijndrecht Reaching goals together The maritime manufacturing industry and inland shipping industry are strongly represented in Zwijndrecht. The town is home to a relatively large number of family businesses, and some have been around for over a century. “That typifies the character of Zwijndrecht”, says councillor Robert Kreukniet. “That is also how we treat new companies: as if they were new in-laws.”

The maritime manufacturing industry is a point of attention in Zwijndrecht. Kreukniet comments: “It’s a broad concept. Electrical engineering for the maritime industry and for petrochemical sector, for example, don’t differ that much. However, if you focus on such an industry and facilitate it, the economic spinoff is impressive. If you don’t focus, you might as well not bother at all. Zwijndrecht has much more to offer, of course, especially in collaboration with the other Drecht Cities. That’s something we maintain and improve, but our focus is on the maritime manufacturing industry.”

Gemeente Zwijndrecht Raadhuisplein 3, 3331 BT Zwijndrecht P.O. Box 15, 3330 AA Zwijndrecht www.zwijndrecht.nl



Staying alert With Groote Lindt which is accessible via water, rail and road, Zwijndrecht has 140 hectares of business parks and port area at its disposal. The municipality acts upon any questions and opportunities that arise, actively and proactively, according to the councillor. “There may be a company at a waterside location which isn’t actually involved in water-related activities, or has ceased these activities. Such a company can benefit from moving to another location, and vacating a waterside location that might be interesting for a newcomer. You have to be alert to this kind of situation.” It was exactly such a situation which led to the arrival of Jiffy.

Public quay

The norwegian company was looking for a single plot covering at least six hectares, with the possibility of direct shipments from the sea. Next to that, the location had to be near Rotterdam and the A15 and A16 arterial motorways. “That is how Groote Lindt in Zwijndrecht came in the picture.” The Spatial Intake team, with various administrative and external specialists if required, was specially set up for newcomers. “From the start, this team thinks along about what a company might need, for example dredging the harbour for Jiffy”, says Kreukniet. “We involve applicants right from the very beginning of the licencing process, by explaining and clarifying all issues. Together, we look carefully at any bottlenecks, and start procedures simultaneously rather than one after the other. That saves a lot of time, and it’s not necessary to retrace steps during the entire process because something isn’t right. That is part of the red carpet that we like to roll out for newcomers: a single point of contact will assist them through procedures and take away administrative hurdles they may encounter.”

In 2014, Uilenkade was built, a 200-metre public quay with a load of 60 kN/m2 and a draught of 5.50 metres below NAP. Uilenkade is suitable for the inland shipping industry, and occasionally river cruise vessels moore here with tourists on a cultural tour of the Drecht Cities: the windmills in Kinderdijk, National Park The Biesbosch a unique nature area and the historic centre of Dordrecht.

Bakestein business park

Heerema Field lab

Involving the business community

One of the diamonds of Zwijndrecht is offshore company Heerema Fabrication Group. This global player recently opened a state-of-the-art innovation centre, with the goal to develop new technologies, such as the recent welding robot on the one hand. On the other hand, Heerema innovation centre also is an attractive employer for young people. Local businesses, universities and other educational institutions work together with Heerema in the centre.

Together with companies, the municipality developed an Economic Action Programme. “It is possible to try to invent everything from the position of local government, but it is better to involve the business community. However, it’s not the case that anything is possible. By working together, goals are reached easier and everyone benefits. This requires a lot of effort internally, because we think along and shift thoughts together, instead of thinking up problems.”

Kijfhoek The oldest and most modern shunting yard in Europe, Kijfhoek, makes Zwijndrecht an important logistics hub in the Netherlands. Transshipment is interchanged with the manufacturing industry and trade.

Bakestein business park, which covers 16.5 hectares, is right next to the A16. Almost 50,000 square metres of land is still available. This area with park management is subject to high aesthetic demands regarding the quality of its buildings and surroundings. “Only a certain type of entrepreneur opts for a business park of this nature, often the director or owners of medium-sized companies with great commitment to their environment. This fits perfectly within the family atmosphere that I outlined earlier.”

Inland shipping is also an important factor in Zwijndrecht; for example, the municipality organised the annual conference of the Dutch Association of Inland Ports in 2014, and inland shipping industry association Koninklijke BLN-Schuttevaer also recently moved from Rotterdam to Dordrecht. “We are the home port of inland shipping, and the perfect location for supplying sectors.”

Gerard Keuzenkamp Account manager T. +31 (0)78 - 770 35 78 M. +31 (0)6 - 183 013 12

Caroline Oster Account manager T. +31 (0)78 - 770 35 90 M. +31 (0)6 - 360 985 69


Zwijndrecht Innovation Park Uilenhaven (harbour) +/- 200 m quay ƒƒ 18 m slope ƒƒ depth 5.5 m over a width of 25 m ƒƒ a part of the quay will be public for the next five years (because of subsidies) ƒƒ

Available location Terrain: 75.813 m2 Water: 16.710 m2, offered in two harbours

Zwijndrecht Innovation Park Your dream location near Rotterdam In the heart of the Rotterdam maritime delta you can find Zwijndrecht Innovation Park. This unique plot covers more than 7.5 hectares along the river, designated for new maritime and industrial activity. A site, directly linked to the port of Rotterdam and the hinterland. With an open connection to the sea, multimodal accessibility and a variety of investment options.

Schokhaven (harbour) ƒƒ 140 m quay ƒƒ 85 m slope ƒƒ approx. 50 m width ƒƒ current depth approx. 2.5 m ƒƒ dredging is an option

This is the place where your company can invest and innovate for the future. Zwijndrecht Innovation Park is situated alongside a branch of the river ‘Oude Maas’ on the industrial park Groote Lindt. Tankers, top sides of drilling platforms, special cargo, containerships and short sea vessels set the maritime stage. The shipping cluster is inseparably connected to the economic activities ashore. Europe’s largest and most modern marshalling yard, Kijfhoek, forms the logistics pivot point in The Netherlands. Loading and unloading operations are combined with manufacturing and trade. This is part of a centuries-old tradition. Key leaders like Jiffy, Van Leeuwen Tubes, Tata Steel, Heerema Fabrication Group and Sime Darby are situated here. Within a range of a couple of kilometers you will find Royal Boskalis and Fokker Technologies. In combination with an extended regional supply chain, they provide jobs for thousands of motivated people. The ‘hands on’ attitude is characteristic for the people of Zwijndrecht. Looking for personnel with the necessary qualifications you are at the right place at this business location. The people here are reliable, dedicated and were brought up in a tradition of good workmanship. After work however, they find each other in a safe, green living area with a rich cultural life next door in Rotterdam and Dordrecht. In this competitive, ambitious surroundings a new maritime-industrial complex is taking shape. It is here where new technologies will find their way. The municipality is proud to preserve the maritime nature of this unique location. Preferably, the area will be contracted to a single user in high tech development who needs a water bound location and will create a spin off to the region as a whole. Complex constructions, sustainable technology and maritime daredevils are the ideal candidates.



René Beute T. +31 (0)78 - 303 20 36 M. +31 (0)6 - 155 879 36 E. rene@dealdrechtcities.nl

Mrs. Miriam Bode (Project manager) T. +31 (0)78 - 770 35 82 M. +31 (0)6 - 230 547 32 E. m.bode@zwijndrecht.nl


Are you looking for a location with perfect accessibility to road and freight rail connections, close to Rotterdam? A place connected to the most inland seaport in the Netherlands? Then you are at the right place. Your innovative company is welcome. The red carpet will be rolled out for you, and of course you will get a single point of contact at the city of Zwijndrecht. The account manager will gladly lead you through procedures and will take away administrative hurdles you might encounter. It is that simple in innovative Zwijndrecht.



Bakestein The perfect business location for you? Are you looking for a new business location for your company? The council of Zwijndrecht offers you the opportunity to buy a plot of land on the centrally located business park Bakestein. A business location very well situated along the A16. There is still almost 50.000 square metres available.



Luxury business park The construction of Bakestein is based on a high level of quality. The buildings and the lay-out of the outdoor areas have a high-quality appearance. Park management is available.

Accessibility The business location is very well accessible as it is situated along the A16, between Dordrecht and Rotterdam. In addition, the A15 and A29 are within a radius of several kilometres. There is good local access to the nearby business parks in Zwijndrecht and Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht.

Good investment The site is 16 hectares with a sustainable, spacious setup. Currently additional parking places are being built. The plot size is standard between 1,500 and 7,000 and cost between € 210.- to € 260.- per m². Your plot and building have a fixed valuation due to the convenient location. The business park is mainly suitable for the establishment of small companies in the production and/or trade sector. In connection with the zoning policy, offices are only permitted as a subordinate part of other business activities.

Already established entrepreneurs


5 8 6

9 7 1 11



Various companies are established on business park Bakestein. For example, car companies, building contractors, roofers, logistics companies, warehouses for the storage and transhipment of products and stock, production companies in the construction and metal and meatprocessing industry.

More information? Available

Not available





On www.zwijndrecht.nl/ondernemers/Bedrijven/Bedrijventerreinen/ Bakestein and on www.rom-d.nl/vestigingslocaties/bakestein you can find additional information.

Bakestein Zwijndrecht

You can also contact Anton Mureau, project manager Bakestein, via +31 (0)6 - 286 216 70 or ajc.mureau@zwijndrecht.nl or Gerard Keuzenkamp, account manager, via +31 (0)6 - 183 013 12 or g.keuzenkamp@zwijndrecht.nl


Heerema Heerema Fabrication Group (HFG) specializes in the engineering and fabrication of large and complex structures for the offshore oil & gas and energy-related industries. HFG offers a comprehensive range of services, including initial conception, front-end engineering, detailed fabrication design, procurement, construction and commissioning.

The three fabrication locations of HFG are equipped with large (pre)fabrication and assembly halls for indoor construction. These halls are among Europe’s largest and are equipped to handle several large projects simultaneously. The fabrication sites are located in the Netherlands (Zwijndrecht and Vlissingen) and in the United Kingdom (Hartlepool). In Poland, a workshop facility services smaller fabrication projects and provides HFG’s fabrication locations with qualified staff for construction work. Together with its Innovation Center, HFG aims to serve its clients with innovative, cost-effective and high-quality engineering and fabrication solutions, with strong EPC(I) management capabilities. Innovation is one of the three spearheads in HFG’s strategy: “Only by offering added value to our clients can we continue to be competitive and profitable,” says Koos-Jan van Brouwershaven, CEO of HFG. In addition, HFG wants to use innovation to bind young specialist employees to the company. “That will help us to safeguard our future.” Next to innovation, the Center will play a role in sharing knowledge by establishing and maintaining links with institutes of technology and universities of applied sciences.


Koos-Jan van Brouwershaven, CEO Heerema Fabrication Group



Heerema Fabrication Group Noordweg 8, 3336 LH Zwijndrecht T. +31 (0)78 - 625 04 25 E. info@hfg-heerema.com www.heerema.com




Delivered in 2017 / Houtland / Dry cargo

“RensenDriessen achieves success through excellence and innovation, with a sharp focus on customer demand. We understand your business situation holistically and anticipate your needs.”



RensenDriessen Together we make the difference Founded in 1980 in Zwijndrecht - within a stone’s throw of Rotterdam and still our home base we’ve been building ships for over three decades now. We’ve been through the ups and downs in this market and we can safely say with 675 ships built to date, we know how to anticipate everchanging market conditions and customer demands. A lot is happening in our inland shipping industry. Some of the markets we serve are experiencing setbacks, while others have seen the worst and are sailing towards brighter horizons. In these challenging market conditions we are very clear on our role in this world. We enable inland ship owners to use the ships they need to deliver their long-term business goals. We bring a commitment of exceptional customer focus to everything we do - from our smart engineering to post-delivery support, every step along the way. We do this through our partnership approach and offering tailor-made shipbuilding solutions where you need them. And with every ship completed, we see our way of working resonating. Based on our performance over the years, RensenDriessen ships have come to stand for quality, trust and efficiency. And we will continue to meet and surpass this standard every day. We’re not afraid to set big goals - we aim to be the European industry benchmark for quality and value creation in the niche markets of inland ship design, building and brokerage. Anchored in values and strong ethics, RensenDriessen achieves success through excellence and innovation, with a sharp focus on customer demand. We understand your business situation holistically and anticipate your needs.



Delivered in 2017 / Izar / Tanker (MoneyMaker)


Ship Design

Once we’ve all agreed on the construction drawing and the design has been approved, we select the shipyard together. As a shipyardindependent company, we maintain close partnerships with several shipyards at home and abroad. This enables us to find the best fit for your specific ship design and needs, while guaranteeing RensenDriessen quality.

At RensenDriessen, it’s all about you. The science of ship design starts with the art of the conversation. Here’s what we do: listening closely, talking, and interpreting your exact needs, helping you imagine what an excellent ship would look like for your particular business. We’re here to meet and exceed your expectations on quality, delivery times, design, maintenance cost, and resale value.

Our building surveyors will fully manage the operation on your behalf, from start to finish. This ensures project progress and timely supply deliveries and inspections. After the hull build is completed and inspected, the hull will be transported to The Netherlands. Optionally, we offer you our turn-key delivery. Together with you, we select one of our reputable completionbuild yards.

Our in-house design team, including close collaborations with our reputable partners Rommerts Ship Design B.V. and MK Marine, has the extensive skills, expertise, and experience to translate your design requirements into a tailor-made vessel design, up until the very last detail. And if an existing design fits your purpose, we’re your partner too. The spirit of innovation drives every action at RensenDriessen. A continuous effort at developing cutting-edge technologies and design solutions allows us to create a positive customer experience and improve efficiencies. And that ultimately leads to value creation.

We are here to meet and exceed your needs. We call it our RensenDriessen Standard. In short, this means you can leave any worrying up to us. So lean on us. We guarantee you the quality and lead time of your vessel. No matter what. No matter when.

The Y-Shape hull construction in our inland tanker designs is one of those innovations. This structure is used to better sustain a hit. It’s the new way of building structures that rely on an optimal impact resistance. Transporting and fuelling your ship with LNG is simply safer, thus allowing Y-Shape hull tankers to carry more tanks than other ships.




RensenDriessen office, Zwijndrecht

Innovations Our spirit of innovation, combined with enough manpower to anticipate quickly have proven a powerful force in getting new designs off the ground. From first ideas to drawing table to actual implementation, we’re raising the bar on quality and value creation for our clients - continuously. Safety is always our top priority. We don’t just adhere to regulations and the classification societies, we go above and beyond. From early in the design phase, we seek to cooperate with the classification societies, joining forces to realize safer and better boats. Our excellent relationships with the societies also results in quick and efficient progress of all activities, as well as a quick response to new developments.

Ship Brokerage RensenDriessen Ship Brokers is the first entity to contact about brokerage, purchase, valuations, sale, and financing of existing vessels in the inland shipping industry. Our portfolio is comprised of dry-load vessels, tankers, passenger ships, and pontoons and our network spans across Europe, including all ten Danube countries. It’s not just our extensive network, experience, and expertise that you can build on. We’re here for you. We take pride in offering you the best solution. Together, we’ll find the right ship and the right financing scheme. What’s truly unique about how we work is our trading-in system, which takes the guesswork out of your transaction, offering you peace of mind, so you can invest all your time and attention on your business. George Rensen (sworn shipbroker), Wim Driessen, Edwin Diepeveen, and Twan de Goeij (EMCI-certified shipbrokers) have been operating in the European market of existing vessels for quite some time now. Our network includes most branches of the inland shipping industry. One of these branches is the passenger vessel branch, with its own unique requirements and specifics. Edwin Diepeveen is a specialized cruise ship broker with a deep understanding of the markets whom spearheads our passenger vessel division.

Rensen-Driessen Shipbuilding B.V. Office building “Westgate 1” Scheepmakerij 150 3331 MA Zwijndrecht, The Netherlands T. +31 (0)78 - 619 12 33 E. info@rensendriessen.com www.rensendriessen.com

Your points of contact for Drecht Cities’ seven municipalities In case your company has any questions regarding business in the municipalities of the Drecht Cities, the account managers are there to help you. They can assist you on issues like permits, housing, policies, projects, zoning and business parks. They know the procedures, have the right contacts, and guide you to the right information. Custom-made advice, that is exactly what the account managers offer to entrepreneurs.





Floor Dil f.dil@alblasserdam.nl +31 (0)78 - 7706101 +31 (0)6 - 13135671

Bert ten Veen ec.ten.veen@dordrecht.nl +31 (0)78 - 7704943 +31 (0)6 - 20092893

Anouk van den Heuvel a.vandenheuvel@h-i-ambacht.nl +31 (0)78 - 7702634 +31 (0)6 - 57559238

Esther Smit e.smit@sliedrecht.nl +31 (0)6 - 12391568

Ellen Knijf e.knijf@alblasserdam.nl +31 (0)78 - 7706143 +31 (0)6 - 53359352

Boukje van de Ven b.vande.ven@dordrecht.nl +31 (0)78 - 7704949 +31 (0)6 - 22409076


Reineke de Vries reaj.de.vries@dordrecht.nl +31 (0)78 - 7704888 +31 (0)6 - 42232313

Xanthine Jut xo.jut@hardinxveld-giessendam.nl +31 (0)184 - 674444 +31 (0)6 - 24367983

Papendrecht Ninetta Lorenc n.lorenc@papendrecht.nl +31 (0)78 - 7706315 +31 (0)6 - 40629472

Zwijndrecht Gerard Keuzenkamp g.keuzenkamp@zwijndrecht.nl +31 (0)78 - 7703578 +31 (0)6 - 18301312 Caroline Oster c.oster@zwijndrecht.nl +31 (0)78 - 7703590 +31 (0)6 - 36098569

Marijn Wegman gjm.wegman@dordrecht.nl +31 (0)78 - 7704945





Innovation; the wave of the future Innovation, it sounds like an exciting invention by a professor in a laboratory. An invention that will change the future of people. Innovation is anything but that!


Mike Spek (L), Jelle Bezemer (R) and the prototype.


Coil with hinges and wood foam


The test of the prototype

We are Mike Spek and Jelle Bezemer and this is our ‘innovation’ story. At school (during the final year of sixth form) we had to create a profile assignment for an exam. We are both technical-oriented and quickly decided on a technical and innovative assignment. At our school ‘De Lage Waard’ sustainability was paramount, so we decided that sustainability had to be an important factor. We started working with this theme, and came up with the idea to build a model that can generate energy from the wave movement of water. The model could be installed along the coast to use waves as energy source. But the wave movement created by passing (inland) ships is already sufficient for generating energy. At that time, our idea was still only theory. With which we can make a contribution to a technical and sustainable solution for the increasingly growing demand for electric energy. We converted the model into a scaled model (see picture). This prototype includes two uprights placed at some distance from each other and the uprights contain magnets. Rails are fixed on the side of the uprights facing each other. Over these rails a coil can move between the uprights. This coil follows the movement of the water (the waves). Through the movement of the coil along the magnets, induction current is generated. By placing wood foam plates on both sides of the coil, in the longitudinal direction of the waves, the buoyancy of the coil is increased. In addition, the coil moves with the plates and as a result there is greater movement with a small fluctuation of the water level. These wood foam plates are fixed to the coil with hinges (see picture). This increases the force that pulls the coil up and down. We have produced the prototype with school materials. After the construction was ready, we have tested the model in a flow duct of TU Delft. Waves are simulated in this flow duct, so we could test our prototype. After conducting various tests with wave lengths and wave heights, it appeared that the prototype could actually generate energy. And this from the movement of relatively small waves. The most surprising result of the tests in the flow duct, was that the prototype generated twice as much energy when the wave height was doubled. This offers a lot of perspective for the future and more research. Conclusion: We believe that there are great possibilities to generate energy from waves. In future we like to further focus on this topic. The prototype could be further developed into a prototype with realistic dimensions, to conduct realistic tests at sea or on a river. In the future, ‘wave energy’ could probably compete with wind or solar energy, and therefore contribute to increasing sustainability in the future in various sectors, such as shipping and inland navigation. But with plenty of water, as in Netherlands, the possibilities might be endless.



ROM-D 131


ROM-D Your investment dream comes true The demand for waterfront locations is growing year by year. The popularity of these business sites asks for a smooth process of supply and demand. Enterprises from The Netherlands and abroad want to act swiftly when a new investment is being considered. Deal Drecht Cities and ROM-D are working closely together to accommodate the process. Core business of ROM-D is land development for business parks and industry parks. “Whether it is the development of new areas or the redevelopment of old industrial sites, ROM-D is there for you. Especially in waterfront locations�, says chief executive Paul Vismans.

132 ROM-D


Construction of a quay wall at ‘t Plaatje


Estec Bolidt ‘Under construction’

Relocate to optimize “We can set up or take over the contact and negotiations with the current owner. Often this entrepreneur does not have water-connected business. He is located there because of historical reasons, sometimes from an old family perspective. So, he might as well operate from another location. And sell his valuable assets to a company that really needs access to water. In a typical case like this, ROM-D will help the owner relocate to a more suitable dry location on one of our business parks available. Relocate to optimize. That is our favorite, but very serious game.” Vismans continues. ƒƒ

Paul Vismans (ROM-D), André Flach (municipality of Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht), Jeroen Plaisier and Mariëlle van Vliet (Waterbusplein BV) signing the cooperation agreement.

ROM-D 133



‘Eerste paal‘ Firts pile Area78

Your business is our business

Capital for business

ROM-D actively scouts for opportunities in area development and intervenes when hick ups appear in the process. The organization takes leadership in the realization of high-potential projects. As a business partner, ROM-D sets up business cases, negotiates with authorities, applies for subsidies, and takes initiative in execution of projects. The organization works within a regional framework and executive programs for the development and redevelopment of industrial areas. Where possible, a contribution to regional energy transition is being pursued.

For the execution of the business cases ROM-D can financially draw upon ROM-D Capital. This entity, owned by the Drecht Cities and the Province of South Holland, provides capital and loans. Goal is to support the acquisition and (re)development process. In fact, this entity takes the risks of the whole project to develop the location, ready to use. Thanks to the shareholders’ relationship with the Province of South Holland, ROM-D features several regional, provincial, national, and European subsidy possibilities, mainly to support the excessive development and/ or soil ‘remediation’ costs in case of the refurbishment of old industrial sites.

A true networking partner “Networking is also part of our core business”, says Vismans. “We have close connections with councillors and civil servants of the Drecht Cities. We can accelerate the acquisition and development process. All involved staff in the Drecht Cities is aware of the importance of the services we provide to existing enterprises and newcomers to the region.” In fact, the shareholders of ROM-D are public partners. The Drecht Cities take part as well as the Province of South Holland.

134 ROM-D


ROM-D: a sneak peek The Investment Guide is curious what is going on behind the scenes at ROM-D. Which projects are in the books, and what developments are underway? Join us for a sneak peek at this dynamic organization.

ROM-D 135

136 ROM-D

Alblasserdam A16 A15



Sliedrecht Zwijndrecht






ROM-D development area

ROM-D 137


Ready to use: Dordtse Kil III (Dordrecht) With 60 hectares of exclusive plots, Dordtse Kil III is one of the largest industrial areas of the region. There are still some plots available for newcomers. This industrial area is a ‘dry’ modern and sustainable business park. It is suitable for several environmental categories. The park is located close to the Inland Seaport of Dordrecht and easily accessible by the A16 highway connecting Rotterdam to Antwerp.

Genie- and Citadel in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht A15


The sites ‘Genie’ and ‘Citadel’ are redevelopments of formal military defence areas. Conveniently located between motorway A15 (Rotterdam - Germany) as well as the A16 (Rotterdam - Antwerp), this area hosts many new investments. One of them is a brand-new waterfront development related to the water taxi station ‘Waterbusplein’. Large investments are being done for EMHA Group (realized), Bolidt (underway, including a new urban entertainment centre), and Koedood Marine Services (under construction) and Holland Marine Lifts (building to commence shortly).

‘t Plaatje Sliedrecht ROM-D also created a complex waterfront development in another Drecht City: Sliedrecht. This project will soon be finalized and handed over to the three companies that will settle at this location. This project is an excellent example of a complete new maritime location which has been set up for the maintenance of inland vessels by several service providers at the same time. The project includes an intensive soil remediation and a tailor-made quay and is supported by the municipality and the Province of South Holland. A27

Redevelopment of the site Veerweg Another example is the intended redevelopment of waterfront locations in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht. With the help of the Province of South Holland and the city of Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, unused locations can be redeveloped into a modern innovative maritime waterfront industry locations.

FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US For more information please contact ROM-D office manager Mrs. Jenny Aardoom. Jenny has been with ROM-D since its foundation in 1999 and will guide you to the right person within the team.


Cevetech ‘Under construction’

Jenny is available at +31 (0)78 - 770 29 01 or jaardoom@rom-d.nl.


Werkgevers Drechtsteden Regional Employer’s association, WD, focuses on connections and results The regional employer’s association Werkgevers Drechtsteden, has been existing for more than 70 years. It was created after the Second World War from the metal-electro industry. The number of associated companies is 210, which vary both in size as in sector. In principle the association focus on the larger companies with more than 50 employees. As advocate and network organisation the WD is characterised by a contemporary approach and active action.



A lot has changed in the past 70 years. The association has always kept up with the times and has ‘reinvented itself’ several times. Compared to previous years, more and more network moments have occurred. Information provision and sharing knowledge and news is quicker than ever before through social media. To actually achieve business results, we focus on personal contact during networking: recognising opportunities and seizing them together. This also shifts the role of the WD. There is a lot of information and knowledge available, but how can this be translated into concrete business opportunities and projects? This requires bringing parties together, guidance during the first stage, steering, coordination, searching and finding relevant partners, awarding, connections with (higher) education, test facilities, pilot processes and in case of success upscaling and expanding. The WD is a relevant discussion partner for almost all economic topics with regional relevance. The Drechtsteden councils, as stakeholders, take part in association activities. This way, we can play a connecting role as association where parties can find each other directly and therefore achieve results with short(er) lines. Beside important tasks such as (beyond) regional lobbying, advocacy and connecting parties and organisations, the WD has explicitly made space in its future vision for the promotion of substantive projects and new initiatives with a clear added value for its members. New initiatives are crucial for the regional economic development. Werkgevers Drechtsteden is actively committed to pursue new initiatives and to translate these into tangible economic results. Director tables and innovation tables function within the association. During these meetings ideas for new products, services or projects are regularly created. In addition, a secretary network is active and there are theme meetings such as the Lunches IT, Lunches eHealth, Lunches HR, etc. During the annual conference information is exchanged with respect to a current entrepreneurial theme and extensive networking by approximately 300 guests. The membership is not free and requires time and attention. This only makes sense if the balance is on the right side: a membership must yield more than it costs on all fronts. As entrepreneur and employer, you must divide your time: reducing what does not yield and expanding what yields. As association WD wants to play an active role in this. Actively connecting parties that can do business together. If you have become enthusiastic about the aforementioned, you can come and enjoy the atmosphere within our association for three months, and subsequently you can decide if you want to be part of Werkgevers Drechtsteden. Check out the website www.werkgeversdrechtsteden.nl or send an e-mail to wd@werkgeversdrechtsteden.nl. The WD is the party for economic development in the Drechtsteden region.


“Rabobank welcomes discussions with committed entrepreneurs and start-ups. Bring on your plans!”

Helping entrepreneurs grow                                  

The world is constantly changing: in many sectors new business models are arising and new technological developments follow each another at a rapid pace. Serious tests are being done with developments like blockchain, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. It is impossible to predict how the world will look in five years, but in any case, it will look different to today. In recent years, Rabobank has become increasingly focused on providing optimum service to its customers. The result is an organization that is ready for a changing world and society. And our organization continues to develop as well; the changes that we still face are guided by the customer and Rabobank’s social mission. For us this means doing everything we can each day to help entrepreneurs do business. The new key proposition of Rabobank’s corporate division, ‘helping entrepreneurs grow’, communicates this directly and, with our advice, sector expertise and knowledge of the local economy and market players, offers numerous opportunities to make a difference for our customers. The Netherlands, and particularly the region in which we operate, has an excellent business climate for start-ups and innovative companies, but in European terms it lags behind when it comes to capitalizing on scientific knowledge and technology. An important reason for this is lack of capital. This is where we are making a difference. With our previously stated proposition, Rabobank gives entrepreneurs access to a professional network (also through other customers), knowledge, advice and funding opportunities throughout their entire life cycle. As a result, we strengthen the earning capacity in the whole of the Netherlands and particularly in this region.  

For some time, innovation has no longer been something extra in which a company invests energy, but an essential element in guaranteeing the future of your business model. Contributing to a sustainable, circular economy is something entrepreneurs deal with every day. In mid-2017, the Growth Agenda 2030 was presented. In the coming years, the region will be firmly committed to good, sustainable living, good access and good employment in order to achieve strong economic growth. If we can accomplish this together then the following goals will have been reached: • To strengthen the economic position of the region and its inhabitants through new, high-value business activity; • To attract entrepreneurs and start-ups; • To stimulate the growth and innovative capacity of existing business activities.




Gerard Zwartkruis Managing director Rabobank Rotterdam +31 (0)10 - 400 36 66

René Kerstens Managing director Rabobank Drechtsteden +31 (0)78 - 653 12 50

Drecht Cities, view from Dordrecht on Zwijndrecht



Rabobank Drecht Cities - Dordrecht, in co-operation with Ben Kraan Architecten




Brokx project design and office furnishing

Brokx offer a complete solution for the furnishing of hospitals, schools, government buildings and offices. Our core team focuses on design, flooring, window coverings, office-and project furniture. While we co-operate with flexible, carfully selected partners for project management and construction. We offer a tried and tested concept and can, with our own team or with our partners, take complete care of the resstyling, relocation or renovation of your project.




2 euro concept: Perspective + 3D images

Design The design takes place in our own studio with experienced business-to-business interior architects. We translate your desires and requirements into a creative, inspiring and functional design. A design that focuses on the organisation and people. The available space is carefully analysed and designed to create an atmosphere that inspires, surprises, connects and motivates people.

Our 1, 2, 3-euro concept To keep the design costs transparent, we have a simple 1, 2, 3-euro concept. You pay 1, 2 or 3 euro per m2 for a professional design and, without any obligation, you own the plan. Based on the design, Brokx can draw up a budget for the total project. ƒƒ

1 euro concept: 2D top view


2 euro concept: Perspective + 3D images


3 euro concept: 3D Experience (360o)


1 euro concept: 2D top view




3 euro concept: 3D Experience (360o)



Rabobank Drecht Cities - Dordrecht, in co-operation with Ben Kraan Architecten

Projects Drecht Cities Cordeel Nederland - Zwijndrecht Danpoort International Abrasives - Zwijndrecht ƒƒ National Academic Verekeringen - Dordrecht ƒƒ Rabobank Drechtsteden - Dordrecht ƒƒ Storax - Zwijndrecht ƒƒ ƒƒ

Other projects ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ

BNN-VARA Hilversum Essent Nederland - Den Bosch Grizzly New Marketing - Breda NTR - Hilversum Rabobank Altena - Almkerk Rabobank Amerstreek - Oosterhout Scandia Stores - Spijkernisse Stichting Kerkelijk Geldbeheer - Gouda Tilburg University WTC Den Haag (The Haque)

Visit our website www.brokx.com for more projects.




Showroom Over 2,000 m2 of inspiration, centrally located on the A59. Discover novelties in the field of sit-stand workstations, test office chairs in our ChairLabÂŽ and experience the benefits of our presentation and meeting tables. Appreciate the convenience of attachable and stackable chairs or let us advise you on window coverings, floor finishings and the expected maintenance. Experience the atmosphere, discover the details, listen to our acoustic solutions. Are you interested in what we offer in the field of interior office design and do you want personal advice? Drop by or contact us for an appointment!

Brokx projectinrichting Innovatiepark 4 4906 AA Oosterhout T. +31 (0)162 - 453 615 www.brokx.com






Rotterdam: Maritime Capital of Europe Rotterdam, city on the Maas. The most modern city of the Netherlands. Atypical in its own country, internationally renowned for its passion for innovation and its unpolished charms. With a port that is regarded as the smartest in the world and with the typical “make it happen” mentality of its residents, representing more than 170 nationalities. Rotterdam is a city with a pronounced character, energetic and always dynamic, as is its port. So much is possible in the maritime capital of Europe.


Rotterdam skyline: Erasmusbrug (bridge) at the river Maas.


World business in one place The port and the maritime & offshore activities are of course among the main and best known features of Rotterdam. The Rotterdam port is the largest in Europe and one of the smartest in the world. It acts as the hub of Europe’s maritime cluster and of activity in traditional sectors such as logistics, energy, life science & health and agri-food. Here, ambitions are realised and direct and indirect added value of around 20 billion euro is achieved on an annual basis. This is possible thanks to the cooperation of 175,000 experienced professionals in the port, logistics, industry, business services, government, education and knowledge institutions. And it is based on the best port infrastructure and high-speed digital connections in the world. In the Rotterdam port and maritime & offshore sectors, pioneers, innovators and corporate industry leaders work together to create tomorrow’s world today.




Home to international companies and knowledge institutes The maritime & offshore cluster in the Rotterdam region is traditionally very strong and internationally oriented, with many international maritime & offshore companies and institutes present in the Rotterdam region, making for a varied cluster. An indication of companies per sector:

“Erasmus University Rotterdam and Delft University of Technology are both ranked among the top 25 most innovative European universities by Thomson Reuters.”

• MARITIME PROFESSIONAL SERVICE COMPANIES: Clarksons Platou, Lloyd’s Register, Navigators, RaetsMarine, AON, Marsh, Allianz, ABN-Amro, ING, Rabobank, Crawford, ClassNL, Korean Register, CCS • SHIPPING COMPANIES: Maersk, MOL, K Line, NYK Line, Cosco Shipping, CMA CGM, OOCL, Hamburg Süd, YangMin, Evergreen, MSC, Hyundai Merchant Marine • SHIP BUILDING AND REPAIR: Damen Shipyards Group, Royal IHC, Damen (previously Keppel Verolme), Rotterdam Offshore Group, Oceanco • MARITIME SUPPLY INDUSTRIES: Alewijnse, RH Marine Group, Bakker, Wärtsilä, Croon, Ampelmann, Barge Master • HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING: Van Oord, Boskalis, Arcadis, Fugro, Grontmij, Royal HaskoningDHV, Witteveen+Bos • PORT & LOGISTICS: ECT, APM Terminals, RWG, Nippon Express, Geodis, Wilhelmsen, Wrist, Kuehne + Nagel, DB Schenker • OFFSHORE: Allseas, Van Oord, Boskalis, Seaway Heavy Lifting, Heerema, Royal IHC, Fugro, GustoMSC, Hollandia, Huisman

Besides a broad range of international companies, the Rotterdam region also has several important maritime knowledge institutes and networks, including Erasmus University Rotterdam, Delft University of Technology (both ranked among the top 25 most innovative European universities by Thomson Reuters), TNO (Institute for Applied Scientific Research), Deltares, NML (Maritime by Holland), the STC-Group, RDM Rotterdam, Deltalinqs, Dinalog (Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics) and Erasmus Smart Port. National branch-organizations NMT (marine equipment & shipyards), IRO (offshore oil, gas & wind) as well as the KVNR (Royal Dutch Shipping Register) are also based in Rotterdam.


Buzzing Rotterdam - Kop van Zuid / Kade FFF


Reasons for success The success and allure of Rotterdam as maritime capital of Europe is solidly based on a number of key factors. Rotterdam has the ideal geographic location, close to the North Sea, directly on a main waterway (the river Maas) and with perfect connectivity to mainland Europe via inland waterways, rail and road. Besides its location and infrastructure (both physical and digital), there are more reasons why Rotterdam is the maritime capital of Europe. The shipbuilding and offshore industries are very well represented in the Rotterdam area, there is proven excellence in commodity trade, a large concentration of maritime business services in the city and dedicated maritime jurisdiction for maritime cases. Besides all this, Rotterdam has a very strong business climate and a great quality of life. The growing international appeal of Rotterdam has resulted in recent accolades by leading platforms and publications like The New York Times, Rough Guides, Lonely Planet and the BBC.


City and port of innovation

Rotterdam: Gateway to Europe

One of the key success factors of Rotterdam is its innovative strength. ‘Rotterdammers’ apply innovation to transform new developments into new opportunities and both the city and its port offer unparalleled room for innovation and entrepreneurship. In and around Rotterdam, residents, entrepreneurs and students with their initiatives and sustainable solutions shape and influence the new economy, making Rotterdam. Top knowledge institutes including Erasmus University Rotterdam and the Netherlands Maritime University offer more than 50 maritime and logistics courses.

ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ

Here, innovation is more than just a catchphrase. It’s part of daily life and visible in many ways and examples. Some well-known like Maasvlakte II and its ultramodern terminals and facilities. Some maybe more hidden, but by no means less relevant. Like the largest innovation workshop of Europe: Rotterdam Innovation District. Old docklands areas that were falling into disuse -connected by the river that has brought such prosperity to Rotterdam - being transformed into an innovation ecosystem. Progressive institutions and companies come together in this place and join up with start-ups, business incubators and business accelerators. This is where you can see and feel the Next Economy (sustainable, circular economy, digitization, creative industry) for city and port taking shape.


ECT - Rotterdam harbour

ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ

Access to over 150 million of consumers in a 500km radius Great connectivity Two airports within 25 minutes from city centre Schiphol: 300+ international connections Rotterdam The Hague: 40+ European connections Easily accessible via water (incl. inland shipping), road, rail OBOR: One Belt One Road connection to China by rail Excellent IT infrastructure (including IoT) Port of Rotterdam #1 port in Europe, #9 port on the world Total port area over 12,600 acres Depth 24 meters (75 feet): accessible for largest sea-going vessels Over 460 million tonnes (12 million TUI) per year Total addded value of the port is € 12.6 billion Directly employing over 94,000 people



Gateway to Europe

Rotterdam Partners Rotterdam Partners is proud of Rotterdam and is dedicated to moving the city forward. We focus on Rotterdam’s image and promote the Rotterdam region nationally and internationally. We open Rotterdam’s doors to future visitors, companies, residents and students and show them around our city. We enthuse and inspire them. We also convince them to visit, do business, locate their companies and hold their congresses in Rotterdam. And we encourage them to come here to live or study. Rotterdam Partners is consequently responsible for city marketing, acquisition marketing and works to developing a better business climate. This is how we strengthen the Rotterdam economy in the broadest sense of the term.

Contact For more information about Rotterdam as Maritime Capital of Europe, please visit the website www.rotterdammaritimecapital.com. Contact via maritime@rotterdam.nl or +31 (0)6 22 03 35 65. For questions and services relating to setting up or expanding your business in or around Rotterdam, please contact Jorn Douwstra and Claudia Stolk at Rotterdam Partners: E. j.douwstra@rotterdampartners.nl E. c.stolk@rotterdampartners.nl T. +31 (0)10 - 790 05 70 www.rotterdampartners.nl


RPCC A dedicated community of port companies in Rotterdam

The Rotterdam Port Promotion Council (RPPC) is a network of port businesses and other stakeholders with an interest in the enormous cargo flows going through Europe’s largest port. As an organisation the RPPC works to enhance the visibility of its 150-plus members both in the Netherlands and further afield, while also supporting their commercial objectives and those of the wider Rotterdam port area.



Meet the RPPC The RPPC connects its members with stakeholders in the global cargo industry by means of promotional trips, exhibitions and networking events. General events, field trips and knowledge meetings aimed at specific market segments and industries are also organised. Dedicated programmes are developed for separate business communities like the recently established Offshore Community and the Breakbulk Community.

European leader As the largest seaport in Europe, Rotterdam owes its leading position to its excellent accessibility by sea and intermodal hinterland connections. The port and industrial area employs over 180,000 people and the RPPC plays a pivotal role as it works with supply chain partners to make logistics as smart, efficient and sustainable as possible. The business community in the seaports of Rotterdam, Schiedam, Moerdijk and Dordrecht, and their immediate hinterland, represent an outstanding logistics network, and their interconnectedness allows for an unbeatable logistics proposition. RPPC members jointly develop logistical concepts that enhance the success of their international customers, recognising that successful supply chains depend entirely on good teamwork.

There are lots of opportunities to meet the Rotterdam Port Community in 2018, including international networking events in Munich, Mannheim, Duisburg, Manchester, Liverpool, Lille, Basel, Venlo and Oss. The RPPC will also be taking part in the following trade shows: European Commodities Exchange, Breakbulk Europe, Breakbulk America, OTC Houston, WindEnergy Hamburg, Offshore Energy Amsterdam and Coaltrans Barcelona (in the Rotterdam Business Lounge).

Planning a move to the Rotterdam port area? The RPPC has a diverse and inspiring events schedule throughout the year. New members are welcome to become part of the port community, expanding their network and meeting the many partners involved in international logistics. Membership will increase your visibility, help you meet potential customers, enhance your expertise and facilitate participation in trade shows and exhibitions. RPPC can be contacted via rppc@rppc.nl or directly via straatman@rppc.nl. For more information and a complete list of RPPC members, promotional tours, exhibitions and networking events, see www.rppc.nl.

“Rotterdam has been Europe’s largest port for a very long time,” says RPPC managing director Albert Straatman. “As our members represent all segments within the port, you are sure to find the right terminal or party to transport your goods. As a collective we are always open to exploring new opportunities to work with the Rotterdam port companies and set up supply chains in a more efficient way.”

Rotterdam Port Promotion Council P.O. Box 54200, 3008 JE ROTTERDAM Visitor address: Waalhaven z.z. 19, 3089 JH ROTTERDAM Port number 2235 T. +31 (0)10 - 303 32 60 E. rppc@rppc.nl www.rppc.nl


Top level lighting solutions Designing lighting is a profession. Licht NL has a wealth of experience in developing lighting. Â Whether it is an airport terminal, a railway station, an office or car park, every project needs its own lighting design. And every design requires its own solutions and fittings.

Licht NL - Masters in Lighting For optimum results, Licht NL combines expertise and quality products with a customer-focussed way of thinking. Our staff is passionate about delivering the best lighting solutions to our clients. We have worked successfully in a variety of sectors, private and public, often collaborating on complex and time-critical projects.




Rotterdam The Hague Airport Rotterdam The Hague Airport (RTHA) asked us for an innovative, energyefficient, and intelligent lighting design that would respect the natural environment. The challenge was to develop a system that would cause as less night-time light pollution as possible and offer at the same time maximum security and safety. Like the Old Masters in Dutch painting, we looked for the best balance between light and night. We are proud of the result: another unique project, another satisfied client.

Licht NL B.V. Zweth 30, 2991 LH Barendrecht T. +31 (0)85 - 489 12 80 E. info@lichtnl.nl www.lichtnl.nl


Working for industries that are of the hardy kind. We love it. Logistics, maritime, (petro) chemical, real estate, water, civil engineering, supply chain optimisation. We thrive on building brands and telling stories about clients that are not only substantial in scale but also in complexity. Always keeping both feet on the ground, focussing on getting the best results.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority asked us to develop a repositioning plan and an area branding campaign for the harbour of Dordrecht. Two years later Dordrecht Inland Seaport has not only become a dynamic and commercial attractive zone, but also a strong brand that distinguishes itself clearly from the port of Rotterdam, and also connects the different areas and companies in the Maritime Delta.

NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND After 15 years in this field we do have quite a lot of expertise. If we don’t know something, we find it out and understand it. We fully immerse ourselves in your business, so we can collaborate closely. With our in-depth knowledge we facilitate cross industry partnerships, which saves you work, whilst also building your brand. Creativity comes after a well-considered strategy, not the other way around.

IMAGINATIVE AND ADVENTUROUS With every assignment we explore the boundaries of innovation and imagination. To stay ahead, we believe that investing in innovation and adopting new technologies is key. Only then it is possible to surprise clients and their target group(s) with purposeful narratives, whether it is through appealing content, fascinating 3D animation, an attractive video, a compelling 360° virtual reality film or spot-on visuals and info graphics.

WANT TO BE INSPIRED? Explore our showcases on marketing, branding, (re)positioning, sharing knowledge, etc. on metinspiratie.nl and feel free to contact Alex Schreuders - alex@metinspiratie.nl +31 6 44 99 14 66. We look forward to working with you!


Creative & marketing agency for innovative, industrial and technically oriented brands.

Waterschap Hollandse Delta shares knowledge about their innovative approach of dike reinforcement via a unique and intriguing 360° VR-video Experience.

Marstrat is a strategic consultancy firm based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. We provide a unique combination of business, financial, and operational expertise to the maritime sector. Marstrat simplifies, organises, and supports in order to solve your cross-disciplinary maritime challenges. We speak the language of the sector and understand the international markets. We have extensive experience, and an undisputed track record in the maritime sector.

Boardroom consulting At Marstrat we can respond swiftly and provide support on corporate strategy, turnarounds and cost cutting exercises. We have experience in complex legal matters such as contract and claim management. Our people fulfil interim management as well as supervisory board functions.

Market intelligence Successful international business starts with excellent market insights. Marstrat offers in-depth market research, country reports and feasibility studies. Through our high-level network in the Dutch and international maritime community as well as with policy makers we improve your public performance or find the right partner.

Operational management

Financial solutions Our team offers advice on shipping finance and loan restructurings and provide support with bank negotiations. Marstrat has a network in the financial world to find funding for new pro- jects or asset acquisitions, through traditional or alternative sources of capital. The team has a strong track record in maritime investment management.

Our company’s services in this area are focused on helping clients with improving their production processes in shipbuilding, and the implementation of change programs in maritime and offshore-related production companies. Services range from ICT and automation processes to big-data management.

Call us for a solution to improve your maritime business! We have successfully advised management of shipyards, shipping companies and government on maritime topics. With a highly flexible and small team of professionals with on average 20 years of industry experience we will be looking forward to engaging with you to improve your maritime business!


Marstrat BV




(+31) 10 310 30 80



Data: the key to the future Marstrat is a strategic consultancy firm that provides expertise to help companies solve their maritime challenges. One of Marstrat’s clients is Royal IHC, a developer and supplier of vessels, equipment and services for the dredging, offshore and mining industries. For IHC, continuously optimising its business process is important. With a solid background in maritime technology and management, Ubald Nienhuis, partner and consultant at Marstrat, has been leading the One IHC Program since 2012. Uniformity Five years ago, IHC decided to make its entire business process and all related data and applications uniform. No matter the stage in the process of sales, engineering, procurement, manufacturing or services, it is all done in a uniform way, and all IHC employees use the same state-of-the-art software and equipment. As a result, employees are more agile to move between IHC’s operating companies, and data and experiences are collectively shared. And Royal IHC gains in competitive edge vis-à-vis its global competitors.

Benefits for all Eight of the twenty operating companies of IHC have partly or fully gone live with this new solution. The implementation will be finalised late 2019. Even though IHC is still in the middle of this big ‘change’ project, the company anticipates that the One IHC Program will increase efficiency for IHC and its partners and, just as important, lead to better solutions for the client. Where in the past every business unit responsible for an individual vessel part worked with its own information model and tools, the IHC employees now have access to all information within the same tools - of course only to what they are entitled to see. Business units can better put their own work in the overall product and project context, which enables them to perform better. Another benefit of having one information system is that it becomes easier to re-use what was developed in the past, which leads to more efficiency, less risk (the same mistakes will not be made again) and a shorter time-to-market. For clients, this new solution leads to better performing products that are also more recognisable to crew and staff. This limits training efforts and supports customer’s crew rotation schemes, a huge advantage as vessels get more and more complex. Last but not least, having a fully integrated information model of a vessel is a boon for lifecycle support.

The future The program can be an inspiration for other companies in the Drecht Cities. IHC built a highly advanced business process, supported by an innovative data model and software platform. According to Nienhuis, this platform could be interesting for partners and even clients for optimal collaboration and information exchange. Big players in the Drecht Cities using the same data platform could stimulate research and product development. It could also provide a starting point for a joint education platform to train young people in the new ways of working and to introduce them to potential future employers. According to Nienhuis, innovation and automation are inevitable, also for the Drecht Cities. Automation will cost jobs but also create new ones. “In order to survive competition, we all take part in this social experiment where systems and robots are taking over the manual and lowerskilled labour. My advice to the Drecht Cities is to be the first mover. If we embrace automation and information technology, we will create many higher-skilled jobs while safeguarding as many lower-skilled jobs as possible. If we take the lead, for example by creating a joint, truly state-of-theart learning environment, we can help young people find a well-paid job in the future and stimulate career changes for people who wish to develop themselves in other directions.”


Ubald Nienhuis


RIMS BV Robotica in maintenance strategies

The mission of RIMS: step away from the traditional maintenance strategies as much as possible and use the Industrial Revolution 4.0 technologies to make maintenance safer, cheaper and less time consuming.

History In 2015 RIMS BV (Robotica In Maintenance Strategies) was founded by David Knukkel, Sr. Maintenance Consultant in the Maritime Industry. “Maintenance strategies contain tasks which are risky or resource intensive. At a Technology conference in Houston, while giving a presentation about Maintenance and Leadership, I saw so much new equipment, but all working in a different domain. This was the trigger to bring it to the domain of Maritime and Maintenance”. First target of RIMS: find a solution for the inspections of Enclosed Spaces. After scouting technology on different Technical Universities a good solution was found during a presentation at the University of Lausanne: a drone with a cage. This was the start of the drone service offered now.

Actual services RIMS is offering the market the following: a. Consultancy/project development regarding new applications/technology b. Inspection of enclosed spaces with a drone David Knukkel: ”Innovation is a process and not a product. Define the business case, scout the right technology and partners, develop a proof of concept, but also managing the discussions of training, change management and exploitation is crucial for a successful implementation of new technology”. Our drone service is a good example of how to deal with the exploitation. Topics like flight skills, inspection skills, knowledge of Rules and Regulations and maintenance and repairs of equipment are not core business of companies which are only interested in the output. Advantages of the drone inspections offered are: ƒƒ

Safer working practices


High cost efficiency


Data is captured and can be reviewed and evaluated during and after the inspection

We inspect assets in the Maritime Industry (ship’s hull constructions, mobile offshore units), but also in the Oil and Gas (like storage tanks, chimneys, warehouses). We are the first company in the world which is approved by the major Classification Societies as Recognized External Specialist to use Remote Inspection Technology (BV, Lloyds Register, ABS, RINA, KRS).

RIMS 165


Future developments With all the operational experience RIMS is gaining from the services, and a lot of effort is put in future improvement of the technology like: ƒƒ

Increase of flight time


Automation of flights


Thickness measurements




Automation of reporting

”Innovation is a process and not a product. Define the business case, scout the right technology and partners, develop a proof of concept, but also managing the discussions of training, change management and exploitation is crucial for a successful implementation of new technology”

RIMS has a large network with Technical Universities in Holland (Delft, Twente, Eindhoven), Switzerland (EPFL, SUPSI, ETH) and United States. There is always someone in the community who might know the or part of the solution or know someone who might have. David: “It is an amazing world we are living in at this moment. Innovation and development is a voyage which never ends. There are endless opportunities technology of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 has to offer. RIMS hopes to play an important role in making the world a better place for the present and next generation.“ Further information can be found by visiting: www.rims-bv.com

CLIENT CONTACT: David Knukkel CEO - RIMS BV T. +31 (0)6 - 290 224 39 E. dknukkel@rims-bv.com



Stuff Dutch People Like On my initial trip to the Netherlands in 2004, the first two things that caught my attention were the endless hordes of bicycles and the towering height of the Dutch. After spending a little over a week in the country, so many unanswered questions circled in my mind: How was I ever going to avoid getting run over by a Dutch cyclist? And, would I forevermore need a stepladder to reach all cupboards in a Dutch apartment? A decade or so later, I’m happy to report that most of my questions have been answered, but the Dutch and their unique cultural quirks continue to fascinate. You may have noticed more than a few wheeled contraptions whizzing by you in the Netherlands. In fact, it sometimes seems impossible to separate where the Dutch begin and their bicycles end. Rain (or rain or rain) or shine, the Dutch can be found criss-crossing this bridged city on their trusty (and rusty) two-wheeled friends. Everyday cycling in itself is not such a special feat, but the Dutch bring their own distinct flare to the sport. Don’t expect to see any fancy, sophisticated, titanium-suspension-rigged bicycles in the Netherlands. Nope, the Dutch prefer their gearless, rusted, chain-just-barely-hanging-on variety. Why, you ask? Well, practicality and frugality run through every Dutchie’s blood. Why spend more for fancy features when your thighs and lungs can make up for the rest? Don’t be surprised by the Dutch’s uncanny ability to ride a gearless bicycle while talking on a mobile phone, carrying 2 children, 6 bags of groceries, a television set, and a mattress. Having grown up on wheels, the Dutch conduct daily superhuman acts with laid-back casualty. Isn’t it ironic that the nickname for the Netherlands is the lowlands. Quite frankly, a more descriptive term would be the highlands or at least the high-people-lands. If you haven’t noticed, Dutch people are tall. Really tall. Tall enough to make a person like me feel miserably short. The odd thing is that the Dutch haven’t always been tall. Ever been inside one of Amsterdam’s 16th century canal houses? Those tiny doors and quaint low ceilings were indeed built for much smaller people. In only a century’s time, the Dutch went from being amongst the shortest nations to - literally - the tallest people on the planet! A recent study linked the number of cows per capita to the height of a country’s people. We all know the Dutch have no shortage of cattle, so perhaps the copious consumption of dairy can be blamed. Whatever the cause, there is a bicycle (and a pair of pants) for even the tallest of chaps in this country. So, what do ubiquitous bicycles and Dutch giants have in common? Well, they are simply two charmingly unique elements that make up the endearing nature of the Netherlands, a country that will capture your heart and imagination at every turn. It certainly has mine. You can find out much more about the wonderful and weird Dutch habits and traditions in our books which celebrate, question and poke a little fun at all things Dutch. Aside from our beginner’s guide, “Stuff Dutch People Like”, I’ve written about their language in “Stuff Dutch People Say”, motherhood in the Netherlands in “Stuff Dutch Moms Like”, and in my latest book “You Know You’re Dutch When” you can check how Dutch you are or have become. ƒƒ

Colleen Geske is the author of the bestselling Stuff Dutch People Like books. If you want to read more, visit her blog www.stuffdutchpeoplelike.com or find them on Facebook.

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“As a steady growing network we look forward to welcoming new members every year!”

WISTA harbours in its network Future-Proof Maritime Women and their solutions WISTA, short for Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association, is an international networking organization for women at a management level in the maritime industry. Once founded to share experiences in a masculine world, WISTA nowadays is a global, strong and professional networking organization.

Next to sharing experiences and knowledge, connecting about mentoring, building networks and business relationships, WISTA has grown to be the source of Future-Proof Maritime Solutions. In the WISTA network many themes, having their origin and shaped in the mind of successful women and businesses, are being discussed like “What are the characteristics of Millennials and how to promote the shipping industry to them?” (by Birgit Liodden) and “Connecting ships, ports & people” (by Dr. Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry). By attracting highly qualified people and keeping focussed on improving levels of competency in the shipping industry, WISTA keeps a professional, dynamic, committed and open-minded network with great results. Not only does WISTA offer WISTA / ICS scholarships to 10 young WISTA members, WISTA has also won the 2017 SAFETY4SEA Sustainability Award for WISTA’s contribution to highlight the important role that women play in the industry and encourage their participation and engagement. WISTA International consists of worldwide 40 NWA’s - National WISTA Associations - together uniting over 3000 members, representing well known sectors such as shipping companies, yards, suppliers, brokers, banks, insurance companies, legal experts, education centres, research institutes etc. National and international companies amongst which Damen, Multraship, MF Shipping Group, Wagenborg Shipping, Tototheo, Kotug, Svitzer, Otto Candies, Boskalis, Van Oord and many more, share their insights, knowledge and expertise by having members on board of WISTA. WISTA members are known for their professionalism, dynamic and proactive approach to business on a global scale, their strength of character, opening doors and creating opportunities resulting in Future-Proof Maritime Solutions. October 2017, the board of Wista the Netherlands organized the 37th International WISTA Conference in the beautiful city of Rotterdam, uniting almost 300 members from over 30 countries. The conference has been applauded to be not only very successful, but also of a tremendous value thanks to its content, the speakers, the choice of location: the city of Rotterdam and the visit to the Port of Rotterdam.

For more information about WISTA visit www.wista.net or send an inquiring e-mail to: wista@anker.nl.

WISTA the Netherlands counts more than 140 strong and ambitious members that are given the opportunity to share knowledge and broaden their network on a monthly basis by attending organized events such as company visits, presentations by renowned people in shipping and related industries, networking and social events, personal development training opportunities and of course the yearly international conference - which will be held in 2018 in Tromsø, Norway. High on the agenda of WISTA the Netherlands and its members are topics as sustainability, new technologies, smart ports, big data, safety and health, cyber safety, blockchain, developing cultural sensitivity and last but not least clean oceans.



Silverside Setting the PACE According to a study by Philippa Lally, psychology researcher at the University of London, it takes 18 days to 254 days for people to form a new habit. The exact time needed depends on the behavior, the person, the circumstances and the methodology. Now think about using innovative tools like Microsoft SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive and Skype for Business; Wouldn’t that be closer to 254 days? With our PACE methodology we help Office 365 professionals to make the change easier to become a more collaborative organization.



PACE: To make change easier for the Office 365 professional Plan The aim of the Plan phase is to understand the organization, define the opportunity for becoming a collaborative business and create a plan. Specifically, our consultants work with your key stakeholders, using assessments, interviews, workshops, company-wide surveys and illustrative productivity scenarios to define the vision. We design a well-balanced 3-year goal/3-month plan for achieving the vision.

Acquire During the Acquire phase, the necessary gear, resources and business framework for becoming a collaborative business will be assembled. The new gear usually entails new technology to support collaborative working strategies. This enables the organization to acquire and deploy the correct equipment and to develop an adoption strategy for implementing Office 365.

Change The Change phase transforms how your people and organization work by applying the user adoption strategy. It is based on core principles of managing change and successful strategies for user adoption. We execute the adoption strategy to inspire, equip and motivate your people to embrace the transformation journey in their sphere of work. Our approach is based on a mix of successful international concepts and methodologies, combined to drive sustained transformation of how people work together in the newly emerging collaborative business.

Enhance In the Enhance stage the journey is proactively managed to optimize the value gained by becoming a collaborative business. This provides a mechanism to make adjustments, considering changes in the market, technology and your organization. We also ensure ongoing alignment with the required business outcomes as conditions change along the journey. Visit www.onpace.online and try the Collaborative Culture Assessment for free

About Silverside Silverside is established in 1998 in The Netherlands with the ambition to increase the productivity of employees with the use of smart tools. ‘Change,’ however, is never easy, but manageable with the right approach. We nowadays help Microsoft partners & highly trained professionals to increase the adoption rate of Office 365 by providing our PACE change methodology Online and Onsite. Our methodology consists of a collaborative culture assessment & survey, change strategy workshops, change management templates, Office 365 productivity scenario’s and a knowledgebase all available on subscription basis.

Workshop PACE Experience for the Office 365 professional • • • •

Who: Office 365 professional When: twice a year in Rotterdam How long: 3-days accreditation Price: EUR 3.995,-

In our PACE Experience workshop our aim is to help Office 365 professionals to increase their impact and influence while using our PACE methodology. The key competences to learn are as follows: 1. A culture assessment to be able to evaluate the best user adoption strategy. 2. Faster learning by using our Collaboration framework - meta learning. 3. The best user adoption strategies for Office 365. 4. The 8 most common productivity scenario’s with Office 365. 5. Helping you to decide when to use which Office 365 app.

Silverside Rivium Quadrant 75-5 2909 LC Capelle a/d IJssel T. +31 (0)10 - 266 11 00 E. info@silverside.com



LeadBuzzer The world of Sales and Lead Generation is ready for change and the time of Social Sellers has arrived. An organization is more connected than you often think and extends beyond the sales department. If you have more than 100 colleagues, it is almost impossible to speak to everybody on a regular base, stay up today and receive valuable information about interesting prospects. LeadBuzzer gives you the opportunity to challenge your community by asking a direct question. The community can help you by sharing valuable information. Think of rumors and contact info. By ranking a question (hot, cold or trusted), the community gives feedback and in response you will receive good intel from your trusted network.

Create your own online community at register.leadbuzzer.com iOs and Android App available in the App Store and Google Play.

You are a progressive Account manager As an account manager you have several confidants in the field who want to do something for you. They trust you and your proposition. These so-called experts have frequent contact with your customer and know what’s trending. Manage how you want to reward them and get the best leads from people you trust. A small sales team, but very committed colleagues and a strong network. Recognizable? You are looking for a way to get even closer to your real network. Ask smart questions to your network, share leads and receive. Your network can ask questions and help each other with the warm introduction. Giving and receiving is the motto.

You are responsible for Sales


Your sales team is strong, but not big enough to generate multiple warm introductions to your prospects. Everyone in the organization may potentially provide a warm introduction. It are the non-sales colleagues who can make a difference. Share your CRM info with the rest of the organization and enrich your accounts with feedback from your colleagues.

Read our Blogs (in Dutch) and learn from experienced account managers and marketeers about B2B referral marketing, social selling and team efforts. Visit our website.

• Share your top 100 prospects with your internal network • Let colleagues ‘match’ with their relationships • Challenge, reward and get more warm introductions

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You are responsible for Marketing The marketing team is creative, engaged and committed. A large part of the employees, partners and customers are true ambassadors of your brand. They are able to increase brand awareness and generate leads. Start a community for your ambassadors!

LeadBuzzer by Lead Innovation B.V. Rivium Quadrant 75-5 2909 LC Capelle aan den IJssel T. +31 (0)10 - 790 07 60 ‘No More Cold Calling!’ E. info@leadbuzzer.com www.leadbuzzer.com | www.leadbuzzer.nl

• First: invite your ambassadors • Place Challenges and activate your community • Reward and receive leads from your ambassadors Do you recognize yourself in any of the scenarios? Subscribe to our Blog or follow us on Twitter and receive interesting updates about Sales 2.0 and lead generation. We believe that things can be different… and we would like to share this with the world!



- Appendix This article on the new legislation on AVG/GDPR is written in Dutch.


dit moet u weten over de nieuwe privacywet Powered by YourSafetynet

Iedereen heeft iets te verbergen Vanaf 25 mei 2018 is het zover: die dag gaat de nieuwe Europese privacywetgeving (GDPR) van kracht. Dat brengt enorm veel verplichtingen met zich mee. Organisaties moeten zich grondig voorbereiden. Hoe en waarom lees je hier.

We leven in een tijd waarin social media, het internet en digitale connectiviteit het begrip ‘privacy’ een nieuwe lading hebben gegeven. We delen meer over onszelf en ons leven dan ooit tevoren. Facebook kent ons beter dan onze beste vrienden. Alles is met een paar muisklikken vindbaar. En toch: privacy is zeker in deze tijd misschien wel belangrijker dan ooit. Dat ligt niet voor iedereen voor de hand. “Ik heb toch niets te verbergen?” is een veelgehoorde uitspraak. Totdat kwaadwillenden allerlei details over hun persoonlijke leven misbruiken voor hun eigen doelen. Of hun volledige medisch dossier op straat terechtkomt. We verwerken met zijn allen meer persoonsgegevens dan ooit. Dat vereist inspanning. Niet alleen individuen, maar ook organisaties dragen hierin een grote verantwoordelijkheid. Wie daar niet zorgvuldig mee omspringt, wordt een headliner in de media. De bijna dagelijkse berichten over datalekken zijn daarvan het bewijs. Privacy is niet alleen een recht, maar ook een werkwoord. De overheid neemt privacy serieus. Ze legt terecht wetten en regels op om verwerking in goede banen te leiden en datalekken te voorkomen. Organisaties moeten daar wat mee. Niet alleen om boetes te vermijden, maar ook uit plichtsbesef. Wie de privacy van cliënten, klanten, partners, toeleveranciers, leerlingen of medewerkers niet serieus neemt, komt vroeg of laat in de problemen. Andersom is ook waar: wie zich wel inspant, heeft daar op langere termijn baat bij. Deze bijlage is niet bedoeld als wijzend vingertje. We willen inspireren en informeren over privacyproblematiek. En bovendien een oplossing aanbieden. Zowel jouw organisatie als alle betrokkenen verdienen niet anders.



Nieuwe privacywetgeving noopt tot maatregelen

Wat houdt de GDPR precies in? De naderende Europese privacywet stelt veel organisaties voor de nodige hoofdbrekens. Slechts een fractie is goed voorbereid. Vanaf mei 2018 treedt in de EU een nieuw tijdperk in: die van de General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). De huidige lokale privacywetgevingen in de EU komen vanaf dat moment zonder uitzondering te vervallen. Deze worden vervangen door een Europese wetgeving, die als bindende leidraad geldt voor alle lokale wetgeving. De GDPR heeft dan ook grote gevolgen voor vrijwel alle organisaties. Zij moeten beschikken over een compliant privacy- en ICT-gebruiksbeleid dat bovendien strenger is geworden dan in de oude situatie. Het vergt het nemen van allerlei technische, organisatorische en preventieve maatregelen, en vereist de nodige bewustwording van het personeel.

Technische en organisatorische maatregelen Vrijwel alle organisaties zullen met het oog op de komst van de GDPR maatregelen moeten nemen. Maatregelen zijn grofweg te verdelen in drie categorieën: technische maatregelen, organisatorische maatregelen en preventieve maatregelen. Technische maatregelen zijn bijvoorbeeld de ingebruikname van een adequate antimalwarevoorziening, een UTMappliance en encryptie van gevoelige data. Technische maatregelen voorkomen met name datalekken en diefstal door externe factoren zoals hackers en malware. Naast technische zijn ook organisatorische maatregelen noodzakelijk. De te nemen organisatorische maatregelen zijn nog veel explicieter omschreven dan de technische maatregelen, en bovendien verschilt de wetgeving op dit punt meer dan met de voorgaande privacywetgevingen. Enkele verplichte organisatorische maatregelen zijn bijvoorbeeld: 1. Data Protection Impact Assessment Met een Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) brengt een organisatie de risico’s van de opslag en verwerking van privacygevoelige informatie in kaart. Het onderzoekt voorafgaand aan bijvoorbeeld nieuwe projecten welke impact de verwerking heeft op de privacy van de betrokkenen 2. Register verwerking persoonsgegevens De verantwoordelijke, en indien indien van toepassing, de vertegenwoordiger van de verantwoordelijke, moet een overzicht vastleggen een register bijhouden van de verwerkingsactiviteiten die onder zijn verantwoordelijkheid plaatsvinden. In dat register staat exact vermeld welke persoonsgegevens van wie verwerkt worden, en hoe die verwerking plaatsvindt. 3. Het aanstellen van een FG Een FG (Functionaris Gegevensbescherming) is een natuurlijk persoon die door de verantwoordelijke is aangesteld voor de uitvoering van en het toezicht op de privacywetgeving binnen de organisatie. Een FG is in sommige gevallen verplicht. 4. Evaluatie bestaande verwerkersovereenkomsten Volgens de GDPR zijn zowel de verantwoordelijke als de verwerker verantwoordelijk voor een correcte verwerking van de persoonsgegevens. De contracten met afnemers en verwerkers moeten dan ook goed tegen het licht gehouden worden. 5. Wenselijk: preventieve maatregelen Naast verplichte technische en organisatorische maatregelen zijn preventieve maatregelen zeer wenselijk. Deze maatregelen bevinden zich met name op het vlak van voorlichting en training van medewerkers. Zij moeten goed op de hoogte zijn van het beleid, de risico’s en de spelregels rondom de privacywetgeving en verwerking van persoonsgegevens. Een bewustwordingsprogramma kan zeer wenselijk zijn, wil de organisatie het risico op datalekken minimaliseren. De meeste lekken ontstaan namelijk door fouten van medewerkers, niet zozeer door security-incidenten.

Forse boetes Handhaving van de GDPR gebeurt met serieuze middelen. Op dit moment is de maximale boete bij een datalek als gevolg van grote nalatigheid op het gebied van de privacywetgeving 825.000 euro. Met de komst van de GDPR zal dat bedrag toenemen tot 20 miljoen euro of 4 procent van de wereldwijde omzet. Overigens zijn deze kosten nog exclusief de kosten die een organisatie moet maken voor bijvoorbeeld herstel van de dataomgeving, of het eventuele verhaal van de kosten van forensisch onderzoek.

Vertrouwen Die boetes dienen als afschrikmiddel, maar ondertussen speelt een wellicht nog veel groter gevaar. Klanten kunnen bij een ernstig lek van hun gegevens het vertrouwen in de organisatie verliezen. Verlies van klantvertrouwen en een negatief imago kan de doodsteek zijn voor een bedrijf.

“De GDPR heeft grote gevolgen voor vrijwel alle organisaties.”


Compliance zonder zorgen

Zo maakt YourSafetynet het verschil Het is voor veel organisaties een hele uitdaging om te voldoen aan de privacywetgeving. Zeker met de naderende GDPR in het achterhoofd. De softwareappliance van YourSafetynet biedt een relatief eenvoudige en betaalbare oplossing die zowel bestuurders als IT-managers hiermee ontzorgt. Compliance hoeft helemaal niet ingewikkeld te zijn. YourSafetynet is een uniek softwareprogramma. Hiermee krijgen bedrijven en overheden weer grip op het gebruik van hun netwerk en de verwerking van privacygevoelige gegevens. En bovendien maakt het hen compliant met de privacywetgeving. Een aantal unieke features op een rij: 1. Stap-voor-stap compliance-wizard, inclusief alle procedures en documenten De privacywetgeving schrijft allerlei maatregelen en procedures voor. YourSafetynet heeft al die stappen ‘gevangen’ in een eenvoudige wizard. Deze leidt je stap-voorstap door alle verplichte en aanbevolen procedures en handelingen. Ook voorziet de oplossing in alle benodigde (voorbeeld) documenten en sjablonen voor het uitrollen van een compliant privacy- en ICT-gebruiksbeleid. Het gaat daarbij niet alleen om ‘officiële’ documenten als een verwerkersovereenkomst en een vrijwaringsovereenkomst, maar ook aan informatievoorziening richting klanten, burgers, medewerkers en bestuursorganen. Verandert de wet, of gaat de GDPR van kracht? Dankzij updates blijft jouw beleid altijd compliant. 2. Bewustzijnsprogramma voor medewerkers De privacyketting is zo sterk als de zwakste schakel. In veel gevallen vormen de medewerkers die zwakke schakel. Veel datalekken zijn een rechtstreeks gevolg van onzorgvuldig handelen. YourSafetynet bevat documentatie die de veiligheidsfunctionaris helpt met het opstellen en uitvoeren van een bewustzijnsprogramma. Zo bespaart de oplossing op vaak kostbare trainingen en sessies van externe bureaus. 3. Krachtige contentfilters voor effectief ICT-gebruiksbeleid De privacywetgeving vraagt om een verantwoord gebruik van de beschikbare ICTmiddelen door medewerkers. YourSafetynet bevat alle middelen voor het opstellen, monitoren en handhaven van een verantwoordelijk ICT-gebruiksbeleid dat bovendien voldoet aan de privacywetgeving. Denk aan krachtige content- en applicatiefilters en alle benodigde contracten en informatievoorziening richting alle betrokkenen. Op die manier gaat YourSafetynet misbruik van ICT-middelen tegen, zonder alles ‘op slot’ te zetten. De software voorkomt zo ICT-misbruik, tijdverspilling en afleiding op de werkvloer. 4. Uitgebreide dashboards en logs Overzichtelijke en gebruiksvriendelijke dashboards tonen precies wat er op het netwerk gebeurt. Zo blijft de organisatie ‘in control’ en voorkomt de oplossing compliance-issues, datalekken en onnodig productiviteitsverlies. Organisaties met meerdere vestigingen profiteren van een groot ‘top-down’-inzicht in de status van de verschillende bedrijfsonderdelen.

YourSafetynet: de USP’s • Turn-key softwareoplossing ontzorgt directie, IT-managers en privacy/ veiligheidsfunctionaris • Stap-voor-stap wizard maakt compliance met privacywetgeving eenvoudig • Inclusief rechtsgeldige sjablonen en (voorbeeld)documenten, opgesteld door gespecialiseerde juristen • Krachtige filteringopties voor tegengaan ICT-misbruik en verhogen productiviteit • Uitgebreide monitoring- en loggingfuncties via overzichtelijke dashboards • Inclusief module voor bewustzijnsprogramma • Dankzij updates altijd compliant, ook bij wetswijzigingen en naderende GDPR

ROI Calculator Wil je weten hoe snel je YourSafetynet heeft terugverdiend? Gebruik dan onze ROI Calculator: www.yoursafetynet.com/roi

“YourSafetynet heeft alle noodzakelijke stappen voor compliance ‘gevangen’ in een eenvoudige wizard.”



In gesprek met YourSafetynet-directeur Cor van Gils

“Laat de GDPR niet het einde betekenen van je organisatie” De belofte van YourSafetynet is groot: het maakt korte metten met de privacyproblematiek en compliancevraagstukken rondom dit onderwerp. Niet met vage adviezen of dure consultancyuren, maar met een kant-en-klare turn-key oplossing. Tegelijkertijd stimuleert het de productiviteit en verantwoord ICT-gebruik. We spraken met Cor van Gils, sinds 2006 bij YourSafetynet betrokken. Hoe zijn jullie betrokken geraakt in de privacywetgeving? “Webfilteren, reguleren, controleren en rapporteren van internet- en computergebruik op scholen en bedrijven, dat is waar we met onze software al jarenlang in uitblinken. Maar het monitoren en verwerken van ICTgebruik is niet toegestaan zonder expliciete toestemming van de betrokkenen. We willen onze opdrachtgevers uiteraard vrijwaren van juridische problemen. Onze appliance had dus altijd al een module om de juiste reglementen en procedures hiervoor op te stellen en in te regelen. Het was een logische stap om onze software verder uit te breiden, zeker toen in 2016 de Meldplicht Datalekken van kracht ging. Het was en is daarbij een voordeel dat we intensief samenwerken met gerenommeerde advocatenkantoren.

Voor mij persoonlijk was deze stap niet groot. In mijn vorige arbeidsverleden was ik als verantwoordelijke betrokken bij wereldwijde explosiebeveiliging van onder andere raffinaderijen, chemische fabrieken en booreilanden. Ook hier zijn intensieve technische- en organisatorische maatregelen verplicht. Daarbij zijn preventie en bewustwording in mijn belevingswereld eigenlijk belangrijker. Die filosofie heb ik in YourSafetynet doorgetrokken.”

Waarom zijn datalekken zo’n ‘hot topic’ tegenwoordig? “Allereerst is privacy een groot goed. Onze overheden beginnen dat ook in te zien en scherpen de wetgeving hieromtrent steeds verder aan. Op zich is dat een goede zaak. Datalekken kunnen destructieve gevolgen hebben voor betrokkenen. Denk aan

aantasting van de persoonlijke levenssfeer, maar bijvoorbeeld ook aan hackers die identiteitsdiefstal plegen en vervolgens misdaden plegen onder iemand anders zijn identiteit. Dat kan desastreuze gevolgen hebben voor iemands leven. Ik juich een strenge privacywetgeving dan ook toe. Organisaties moeten uiterst voorzichtig omspringen met gegevens van mensen. Dat stelt organisaties voor uitdagingen. De privacywetgeving is complex en vereist allerlei handelingen en procedures die niet altijd voor zich spreken. Daarbij komt dat de Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens bij een datalek torenhoge boetes kan uitdelen. Onder de GDPR kan dat zelfs oplopen tot vele miljoenen euro’s. Dan zwijg ik nog over de herstelkosten, de imagoschade en omzetverliezen die een datalek vrijwel onvermijdelijk met zich meebrengt.”


Als ik op Google zoek op ‘Privacy’ en ‘consultancy’ lijkt er geen einde lijkt te komen aan het aantal aanbieders. Hoe komt dat?

met de privacywetgeving, dan keert ook de verzekeraar bij schade niets uit. Dat kan de verantwoordelijke uiteindelijke veel geld kosten.

“Privacy is een serieuze zaak waar veel bedrijven mee worstelen. Zeker sinds de aankondiging van de GDPR. Consultancybureaus ruiken business. Het probleem: veel van die bureaus zijn duur en verkopen enkel advies. Vaak blijft voor de opdrachtgever (de verantwoordelijke) een rookgordijn als resultaat over omdat ze door de ‘bomen het bos niet meer zien’. Voor compliance moet je alsnog in de buidel tasten of aan de slag.”

Is het toepassen van encryptie niet voldoende?

Waarin maken jullie het verschil ten opzichte van die consultancybureaus? “YourSafetynet is fundamenteel anders dan die bureaus. Wij verkopen geen advies, maar een echte end-to-end turn-key oplossing. Onze software bevat een wizard die je stap-voor-stap door alle verplichte procedures leidt. Ook bevat het alle benodigde standaarddocumenten en -reglementen. Met behulp van een overzichtelijk dashboard kun je bovendien het ICT-gebruik bewaken en risicovol gebruik tegengaan. Wie alle stappen doorloopt, is compliant.”

Een verwerkersovereenkomst en encryptie zijn toch voldoende? “Was het maar zo eenvoudig. Compliance is een complexe zaak. Ga maar na: de GDPR bestaat uit maar liefst 99 artikelen. Een verwerkersovereenkomst is inderdaad verplicht, maar zo zijn er nog veel meer verplichte documenten en procedures, die bovendien aan allerlei ingewikkelde spelregels moeten voldoen. Vaak worden kant-en-klare verwerkersovereenkomsten van internet geplukt en door de verwerker aangeboden aan de verantwoordelijke. Dat is natuurlijk precies de omgekeerde wereld: een verantwoordelijke moet dit aanbieden aan de verwerker, niet andersom. Ook komen we veel incomplete convenantovereenkomsten tegen. Belangrijke onderwerpen ontbreken vaak, bijvoorbeeld of de verwerker zelf wel aan de GDPR voldoet. Ook is het vaak niet duidelijk hoe de aansprakelijkheid geregeld is wanneer schade ontstaat bij nalatigheid door de verwerker. Is een verwerker niet compliant

“Rondom encryptie bestaan veel misverstanden. Het is allereerst slechts een van de mogelijke technische beveiligingsmaatregelen, maar lang niet de enige. En bedenk dat versleuteling zelf ook een datalek kan zijn. Het gaat immers om een verwerking van persoonsgegevens. Zijn deze gegevens verzameld met instemming van de betrokkenen? Wie voert die versleuteling uit? Is diegene wel daartoe gerechtigd? Hoe en waar worden persoonsgegevens verwerkt en opgeslagen? Als je daar geen goede afspraken over maakt, levert versleuteling meer problemen op dan het oplost.”

Zijn er nog meer aandachtsgebieden voordat de verantwoordelijke ‘in control’ is? “Jazeker. Zoals ik al zei: privacywetgeving is complexe materie. Zo schrijft de GDPR voor dat je als organisatie passende organisatorische en technische maatregelen moet treffen ter voorkoming van het lekken (of misbruiken) van persoonsgevoelige informatie wanneer dat nadelige gevolgen kan hebben voor de betrokkene(n). Bij organisatorische maatregelen moet je naast de verwerkersovereenkomst onder andere denken aan een privacyreglement, een medewerkersovereenkomst, een Data Protection Impact Assessment, protocol melding datalekken, vrijwaringsovereenkomst, et cetera. Organisaties met meer dan 250 medewerkers moeten onder de GDPR verplicht een Functionaris Gegevensbescherming aanstellen. Aandachtsgebieden genoeg dus.”

Waar ligt de grootste uitdaging? “Uit onderzoek van KPMG blijkt dat 79% van de datalekken wordt veroorzaakt doordat organisatorische maatregelen niet op orde zijn. Daar ligt dus de grootste uitdaging. Dat is ook een van de redenen waarom we YourSafetynet hebben ontwikkeld. Het is voor de gemiddelde organisatie nauwelijks te overzien. Dat terwijl een organisatie zich wil focussen op de core business. De privacywetgeving zien ze vaak als ballast. Toch is een goede omgang met de privacy ook voor de organisatie en zijn relaties

en medewerkers belangrijk. Bedrijven kunnen respect voor de privacy van hun klanten zelfs ombuigen naar een concurrentievoordeel. Klantvertrouwen en een goed imago zijn goud waard.”

Hoe blijven de reglementen, overeenkomsten, procedures etc. up-to-date? “We werken intensief samen met diverse advocatenkantoren. Zij zorgen samen dat alle documenten 100% compliant zijn. Daarbij laten we niets van het toeval afhangen. Ze controleren elkaars werk, en het eindresultaat laten we nog eens beoordelen door een advocatenbureau dat een echte autoriteit is op het gebied van de privacywetgeving. Veranderen de spelregels, dan voeren we de wetswijziging direct in de documenten door. De veiligheidsfunctionaris krijgt automatisch een pop-up-melding van de wijziging. Zo houden we onze klanten ‘in control’ in deze snel veranderende wereld.”

Welke rol spelen medewerkers als het gaat om het voorkomen van datalekken? “Een deugdelijk privacybeleid is als een soort ketting: het is zo sterk als de zwakste schakel. Medewerkers spelen een grote rol, want zonder goede voorlichting en bewust gedrag vormen zij die zwakste schakel. Ik vergelijk het altijd met fysieke beveiliging. Je kunt het allerbeste hang- en sluitwerk volgens politiekeurmerk hebben, in combinatie met high-tech inbraakbeveiliging. Maar als er geen afspraken worden gemaakt wie het alarm inschakelt en vervolgens de voordeur op slot draait, dan wens ik je na een inbraak veel succes bij de verzekeringsmaatschappij. Dit geldt uiteraard ook voor de aansprakelijkheids- of cybercrimeverzekering. Een organisatie is pas tegen schade gedekt wanneer die aantoonbaar aan de dekkingscriteria voldoet. Ook kennis en bewustwording speelt een grote rol. Onbedachtzaam klikken op links in verdachte e-mails kan zomaar een datalek veroorzaken. We besteden in YourSafetynet dan ook uitgebreid aandacht aan bewustwording onder medewerkers. De oplossing voorziet in een reeks preventieve maatregelen en stelt een bewustwordingsprogramma beschikbaar dat de veiligheidsfunctionaris kan gebruiken om zijn collega’s te trainen.”



Wat doet YourSafetynet nog meer dan het aanpakken van privacyproblematiek? “De software bevat alle benodigdheden voor het opstellen en handhaven van een ICT-gebruiksbeleid. Dat is geen overbodige luxe, want veel organisaties worstelen met bijvoorbeeld het privégebruik van de ICTmiddelen door medewerkers. Websites als Facebook en Marktplaats leveren niet alleen privacyrisico’s, maar zorgen ook voor veel productiviteitsverlies. Tegelijkertijd past een rigoureuze aanpak waarin de organisatie alles op slot zet niet meer bij deze tijd. Met YourSafetynet kun je het gebruik reguleren en eventueel monitoring op individueel niveau op een rechtsgeldige manier afdwingen. Dat maakt medewerkers productiever, de organisatie veiliger en bovendien verdienen organisaties door de productiviteitstoename hun investering in YourSafetynet terug.”


Dashboard: USB/SD Storage


Filters en daglimieten


Procedures ‘Wizard uitvoering privacybeleid’

Heb je nog een laatste tip voor organisaties? “Neem een deugdelijk privacybeleid serieus. Eigenlijk zou iedere organisatie zich drie vragen moeten stellen: 1. Willen we een privacy- en ICT-gebruiksbeleid? 2. Willen we dat dit beleid aan de wetgeving voldoet? 3. Voldoet ons huidige beleid, voor zover dat er is, aan de privacywetgeving? Helaas is het antwoord op de derde vraag nog vaak ontkennend, of weten ze simpelweg het antwoord niet. Ik heb dan ook al diverse organisaties zich zien verslikken in de materie. Zij kwamen door een datalek in grote problemen. Dat wens je zowel de organisatie als de betrokkenen niet toe. Laat een ondeugdelijk beleid niet het einde van je organisatie betekenen en kom zo snel mogelijk in actie.”

YourSafetynet is met het rapportcijfer 9.4 en een ‘Editor’s Choice’-award rijkelijk beloond door het zakelijke IT-magazine WINMAG Pro.

Zelf ervaren wat YourSafetynet voor jouw organisatie kan betekenen? Ga naar de website voor meer informatie of probeer geheel vrijblijvend de demo. www.yoursafetynet.com



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The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming (may 2018), bringing along a number of new obligations for data processors. It is important to bear in mind that GDPR affects absolutely every company that is dealing with processing of personal data in its every day business - be it the clients’ data or even the data of its own employees. It is also crucial to note that GDPR does not merely concern the companies established in the European Union, but also those that process data in the European Union.

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Investment Guide 2018-2019  

The annual Investment Guide provides information for all parties interested in investments in the Drecht Cities region. The guide contains i...

Investment Guide 2018-2019  

The annual Investment Guide provides information for all parties interested in investments in the Drecht Cities region. The guide contains i...