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An eye on the alluring leaders, emerging sectors, leading companies, and rising trends shaping the future of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

KURDISTAN REVIEW Opportunities Unlimited

Special Edition

Diplomacy & Politics Economy Finance Human Capital Energy Construction Telecom Agriculture & Water Transport Health Education Tourism How to Start-up


2 — Kurdistan Review

Invest in Group — 3

Falcon Group is a wholly owned and operated Iraqi corporation focused on the reconstruction of the Kurdistan region and maintenance of critical infrastructures. Falcon Group is comprised of several companies, including: • • • • • •

Falcon Security Falcon Construction Falcon Agriculture Falcon Oil & Gas Falcon Batch Plant Falcon Demining

• • • • • • +964 (0) 258 6008

Falcon German Trading Falcon Transportation Falcon Logistics Full Service Brayati Construction Quesco Turbo Machinery Services +964 (0) 258 6009


Diplomacy & Politics 13 20 24 28 30 32 34 35 36 37 38 39

Overview: Commitment to Democracy & Rule of Law Farsighted Leadership — President Masoud Barzani Shaping the Future of the Kurdistan Region — Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani Establishing Stability — Dr. Fuad Hussein Securing a Rapidly Developing Society — Karim Sinjari Open Door Diplomacy — Falah Mustafa Bakir Insight: Expanding Trade Ties — Nick Baird Strong Relations — Hugh Evans The Partner of Choice — Alistair Burt Insight: Looking Ahead Kurdistan in the UK — Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman Developing European Partnerships — Delavar Ajgeiy

Economy 41 46 47 48 50

52 54 56 57 58 60 62 64


Overview: Determined to Grow Broadening the Marketplace — Sinan Çelebi Planned Expansion — Nawzad Hadi Willingness to Overcome — Herish Muharam Invest in Kurdistan Chamber of Commerce: Forging Connections Erbil — Dara Jalil Al-Khayat Slemani — Serwan M. Mahmood Duhok — Ayad H. Abdulhalim Board of Investment: Simplifying Investment Hub for Industry — Farman Gharib Sa’eed An Open Door for Business — Bakhtiyar Ameen Thinking Ahead — Hawre Daro Noori Focus: UB Holding Expansion through Experience — Bayad Jamal Ali Success Story: Asia Insurance Analysis: Common Vision for the Future Security and Integrity — Harry Bucknall At the Forefront — Ayad Mirza

Finance 67 71 72 74 75


Overview: Reform & Investment Modernity on the Horizon — Bayiz Talabani Tradition Builds Confidence — Bustam Al-Janabi A Wealth of Experience — Gavin Wishart Strong Credentials — Jean Abboud


20 President Massoud Barzani “We warmly welcome the members of the global investment community, and want them to know that the future of the Kurdistan Region is bright and open to their involvement.”

Nechirvan Barzani “We have taken bold and creative steps in the area of energy development and foreign investment to ensure that international companies, including bluechips, establish a presence here and help us to develop our energy resources.”


Invest in Group — 9



Human Capital 77 82 84 86 87

Overview: Investing in the Future Developing Experience — Nisar Talabany Training the Future — Haller Dleir Miran Focus: Kurdistan Works Expanding Human Capital — Yonghyon Kim

Energy 89 98 100 102 104 106 108 110 111 112 113 114

Overview: Reshaping Kurdistan's Regional and Global Footprint Developing the Structure — Dr. Ashti Hawrami Powering Growth — Yasin Sheikh Abu Bakir Muhammad Mawati An Ideal Destination — Donnie MacDonald Broadening the Horizon — Baz Karim Step-By-Step Innovation — Shakir Wajid Shakir Success Story: Gulf Keystone Petroleum High-level of Expertise — Dr. Adel Chaouch Analysis: Turkish Policies Empower the KRG's Independent Hydrocarbon Exports — Shwan Zulal Planning for the Future — Bill Jack Focus: MITAS Energy Analysis: Bold Results — Brad Camp

Construction 117 124 126 128 129

136 137 138


Overview: Heads Up Success Story: Falcon Group Changing the Landscape — Seerwan H. Samad, Akif İlci Turkish Expertise — Sabri Özel Structured Development — Faxir Maraan

Telecom 131 135



Overview: Plugging In Expanding Access & Promoting Regulation — Jonson S. Ayo Market Share Mine — Ghada Gebara Growing Rapidly — Wael Ghanayem Competitiveness through Innovation — Amer Al Sunna

10 — Kurdistan Review

98 Dr. Ashti Hawrami “Our current expectation is that, by 2019, the Region could be exporting around 2 million barrels per day, with an additional one million bpd going into the northern pipelines from fields in other areas in the northern part of Iraq.”


Transport 141 145 146 148 150

Overview: Taking the Right Route Strategic Growth — Kamaran Ahmed Abdullah Focus: Erbil International Airport Focus: Slemani International Airport Inside Aviation — Dori F. Abouzeid

Agriculture & Water 153 158 160 163



Overview: Restoring the Bread Basket Present Indicators — Prof. Serwan Baban Erbil Going Green — Dosty Mohamad Improving Local Production — Dr. Salah Bakir

Kamaran Ahmed Abdullah


Higher Education

PAGE 167

Education 165 169 170 172 174 175


Overview: Knowledge is Power Bright Future — Dr. Asmat Muhamad Khalid Open Minds — Dr. Ali Saeed Leading Thought and Discourse — Dr. Dawn Dekle Raising the Quality — Dr. Sherzad Najar Education and Civil Service Reform — Dr. Heja Sindi

Dr. Ali Saeed


Invest in Group — 11


Health 177 181 182


Overview: On Track for Expansion Strategy and Progress — Dr. Rekawt H. Rashid Reinventing Iraqi Pharmaceuticals — Dr. Bahram Resul


Tourism 185 190 192 193 194

Overview: Opening Up to the World Follow Us — Mawlawy Jabbar Wahab Renovating Erbil — Nihad Latif Qoja Pioneering Hospitality — Thomas Touma A Home Away from Home — Gökhan S. Aykan


Dr. Rekawt H. Rashid



Doing Business in the Kurdistan Region

SUPPLEMENTS “The Guide: Kurdistan” helps you to experience the social and cultural life in the Kurdistan Region in order to better realize its dynamics. It details the premium hotels, restaurants, health clubs, luxury brands, and shopping centers of the Kurdistan Region.

12 — Kurdistan Review

“The Kurdistan Region Facts & Figures 2013” presents the most accurate and recently updated information on a number of critical sectors. The figures contained therein demonstrate the success of and growing interest in Kurdistan.

Kurdistan Review Special Edition - Preview  

Kurdistan Review has a particularly strong focus on key leaders, companies, sectors, and trends shaping the future of the Kurdistan Region.

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