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==== ==== How to slim down from size 30 to size 10 in 2012 : check this out ==== ====

Try using a butter spray. Using a butter spray can help you cut the fat in your diet, but you must remember the sprays on the market still have fat in them. For instance, Butter Flavor Pam says it has 7 calories per 1 second spray, and less than a gram of fat. But they don't tell you exactly how much fat. 1 gram of fat equals 9 calories. If you look on a tub of butter, calorie content is say 100 calories a tablespoon with 100 calories of fat. I would assume a 1 second spray of Pam has 7 calories of fat in it. They can't say 1 gram of fat because then the Pam would have more fat calories than calories. My point is, when using sprays you still have to be careful. How many seconds do you use? Switch to egg whites or Egg Beaters. I got hooked on egg whites years ago. There's nothing like an egg white omelet, with mushrooms, onions, and peppers in it, cooked well done, of course. Egg whites have 16 calories per egg white, and no fat calories. No need to crack an egg and separate it: you can buy a carton of egg whites and pour into the pan, for those of us who are lazy. You can use Egg Beaters as well, which I understand are food colored egg whites. I never cared for the beaters, however. Sometimes you feel like a nut. While nuts aren't low in fat, they are full of the good fat that your body needs, and some nuts have a lot of Omega 3 fatty acids. As well, they are filling and are perfect for when you are desperately hungry. Nuts are high protein and full of antioxidants. Eat nuts instead of potato chips. Just don't go overboard. Try eating a handful - but not necessarily a full serving. Lose the full fat milk. If you are a full fat whole milk drinker, try switching to 2% milk. Eventually cut down to the 1% milk. Chocolate milk has a lot of sugar, but it is low fat - I believe it is 2%, and might be an alternative if you can't handle the 2% white milk. When I was switching to low fat milk, I used milk acidophilus (I can't remember the brand) which was sweeter, tasted good, and was lower in fat and made my transition much easier. Not only that, but milk with acidophilus in it contains probiotics, which are also good for you. Cook with broth. Depending on my oil intake for the day, I'll use vegetable, chicken, or beef broth to sauté foods. And I never sauté vegetables for soup with oil: I'll always use bouillon or broth to cut the fat in soup even further. Rarely do I make soup that is loaded with fat. Just because you're trying to cut some fat from your diet shouldn't mean that you must cut out the taste. You can still satisfy your taste buds with making a few small changes that your family won't even be aware of.

Elizabeth Ramer has followed many weight loss diets since 2nd grade, and is currently on the You on a Diet weight management program. Stop by and read my blog,and subscribe to my feed [].

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==== ==== How to slim down from size 30 to size 10 in 2012 : check this out ==== ====

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