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Crystal Alexander

Chapter 1 Golden Key Quest Rosa stared through the bars. She and her tribe were all locked up in small cages. Carved into the stone were pictures of war, blood, death. Every member of the tribe had been forced to wear tops with MTT written on them – ‘MTT‛ stood for Magic Toad tribe – for they were the foes of the Webber Tribe – Rosa‛s Tribe, and had hidden the key to the door far away, where no one would ever find it. This was the reason the tribe leader, Thowra, spoke to Rosa one day. “Rosa, come here”, she said solemnly in a serious, deep tone of voice. “We have been trapped in here for many days, and we must escape. I need you to slip between the bars. Deep inside the mountain you will find a scroll. But be warned ……….”

“Our foes will not have made it easy. You must be prepared to face your worst fears, and to relive your darkest moments. Will you do it? Will you do it for us?” Rosa nodded – incapable of speech. She was petrified. She knew she had to go through with her quest but, she wished that she didn‛t have to. “Now go my child, while the coast is clear. You have not a moment to lose”. Rosa slipped through the bars and ran. She was oblivious to where she was going. He just ran and ran, until she could scarcely draw breath. She eventually reached a huge grey mountain. There was a winding path leading up to it. Rosa followed the path until she found herself standing in front of four caves: one red; one blue; one green and one yellow.

In front of the caves was a pole with a note taped to it. Rosa ripped the tape off and read it. It said …… IN FRONT OF YOU ARE FOUR CAVES. EACH CAVE CONTAINS A DRAGON. YOU MUST PICK A CAVE AND ENTER IT. GOOD LUCK

Rosa stared carefully at each of the caves. They all looked the same – except they were all different colours. Rosa did the only thing she felt she could – she chose the cave nearest the pole. Did she choose, the ……… Red Cave

Blue Cave

Green Cave

Yellow Cave

Chapter 2 The Red Cave Rosa crept into the red cave. A first there appeared to be nothing there. Rosa relaxed a little and walked further into the cave. Suddenly, a pair of beastly red eyes stared into her own. Rosa backed away, and she saw a huge scarlet dragon. He looked hungry and ready to kill. Luckily for Rosa he was on a chain and could not reach her. He roared ferociously, smoke streaming from his nostrils. Rosa stared around looking for something, anything, that would help her. She spotted a gong on the other side of the room. She considered it. It was either try and reach the gong, or be eaten alive by the hungry dragon. She decided to attempt to reach the gong.

Rosa crept across the room, sticking to the wall as much as possible. There was one frightening moment where the dragon charged at poor, scared Rosa, and very nearly broke free of its chain. When the fiery monster realised he was not going to break the chain, he roared again louder and more intimidating than ever. He stamped his feet angrily, not too far away from trampling on Rosa. It took the dragon many minutes to calm down with Rosa, cowering on the floor. The second he stopped stamping around, Rosa scurried over to the gong. She picked up the heavy stick and hit the gong. The mighty beast began to sway, and collapsed on the ground with a very load THUD!. Rosa hurried on passed the dragon and came to a large room.

It was lavishly furnished, although it looked as though it had been deserted for many years. On the table in the middle of the room were four cakes: one sponge; one chocolate; one fruit cake and one lemon. They looked to tasty, and Rosa loved cake, so she couldn‛t resist the temptation to eat one. But the problem was – which should she choose. She decided to eat the one furthest away from her.

Did she choose …….. Sponge Fruit

Chocolate Lemon

Chapter 3 Lemon Cake Rosa popped the last bite of the lemon cake into her mouth. It had tasted gorgeous, and it made her feel as if she was floating. She closed her eyes for a minute, trying to shake off the sensation, but when see opened her eyes she was standing in a huge garden. In the garden, there was what looked like a maze. She immediately knew she had to find her way through the maze to find the scroll. Rosa wandered in (feeling more anxious by the minute), and saw twisting pathways going in every direction imaginable. She went straight forward, then left, then right, left, right, left, left‌‌ Time after time, she hit dead-ends, and it occurred to her that she might never find her way out.

That dark thought pushed he courage to the limit, but she was determined to carry on. Her long search was not in vain, because eventually, she came to the centre of the maze. Stood on a podium, highlighted by a spotlight, was the scroll. Rosa was so tired she would have fallen asleep on the ground if she had the chance, but she gave a little scream of delight, and dashed to the podium. She grabbed the scroll and opened it. As Thowra had said, on it was a map. The map confused Rosa because, although it showed the maze, it also showed four doors leading out of it. Rosa was sure she had not seen a single door ‌‌..

She glanced up and, to her great surprise, four doors had replaced the pathways. One door was made of stone, one of wood, one of metal and one of plastic. Rosa looked at the map, but it didn‛t tell her which door to go through, so she closed he eyes, stuck out her arm, and turned round a few times. When she opened her eyes she went through the door her arm was pointing at ……..

Did she choose ……. Stone door Metal door

Wooden door Plastic door

Chapter 4 Metal Door Rosa pushed open the heavy silver door. She looked around and decided she was on a little island in the middle of the sea. Surrounding her were green palm trees, golden sand, turquoise water. Rosa was heavily tempted to desert her quest, and just relax. A voice in her head (or was it in her head?) told her to give in to her temptation. She knew she must be strong – but it looked so lovely – no, she couldn‛t give up when she had come so far. She moved across the island, crawling through bushes, wading through rivers, and fighting off creatures that were determined to keep her away from the place she needed to be. She came across lions, snakes, piranhas, wolves. She fought off the lions with cunning; the snake

with skill; the piranhas with speed and the wolves with sheer luck. She was hungry, exhausted and severely dehydrated. She cupped her hands, picked up some water from the river, and drank that. She found some berries, and after assuring herself that they were not poisonous, ate them. She became so tired that she collapsed, and she could not help sleeping peacefully for a few hours. When Rosa awoke, she felt refreshed and happy. She was able to continue with her quest, going quickly now that she had rested for a while. She walked and walked and walked until she reached a huge volcano. It looked like an active volcano, so it was with great caution that she moved up to it. She reached the top, and carefully looked into the big hole. There was no sign of lava or smoke, so Rosa jumped. She was falling, falling, falling‌‌

She hit the ground. She scrambled up, luckily unhurt. She looked around, and saw four tunnels leading out of the main part of the volcano. They went North, South, East and West. Rosa thought about it and chose the one with the smallest entrance.

Did she choose ………





Chapter 5 East Rosa walked through the east entrance. She seemed to be in some kind of freaky forest. Gnarled trees were all around her. The bark made them appear to have evil faces, and the branches were like leafy arms. Rosa told herself that she was being silly – what harm could a tree possibly do to her? Yet she felt as if she was being watched. Once or twice she would have been willing to pace a bet on the fact that something was moving behind her. She turned around – but all was still. Rosa ran, more than a little bit scared of the weird trees. She came to a stadium and promptly entered it. No one occupied the seats around the stadium. The only thing there was a horse, wearing full armour. Next to it was a jousting stick. Rosa smiled.

She guessed that she would have to joust. She loved horses and had been brought up to ride and joust. She jumped up onto the horses back and prepared for battle. Suddenly, her opponent came through a door on the other side of the stadium. He was a knight, in shining silver armour from head to toe. He lowered his stick and charged. “Attack!� shrieked Rosa, and made her horse charge. The battle began, and it was very close, Rosa relying on her skill, while the knight had the strength advantage. Eventually, the better rider won. Rosa hopped back off her horse, and jumped over the knight who was lying crumpled on the hard, sandy ground. She jogged through the door that the knight had come through. Rosa was in a dark, damp cave. It looked quite normal but Rosa knew better than to assume that all was as it seemed.

Her keen eyes spotted strings, small circles and footprints as well as other things. Her instincts told her that the cave was rigged with traps. She cautiously took a few steps forward, then went straight back. A cage dropped from the ceiling exactly where Rosa had been a second ago. She carried on like this, a few steps forward a few back, evading many traps. She finally reached a room with ‘Hall of Puzzles‛ written on the wall. There was a strange puzzle in the middle – Rosa solved it and it opened a door to the next puzzle, and that opened the next door, and so on. After around ten puzzles Rosa found a room. Inside was a box- inside the box as the key. Rosa opened the box and grabbed the key – she sighed – it was going to be a very long journey home ……………..

This typed version was created from the original handwritten book without any amendment to words, phrases, style or punctuation.

June 2012

My Quest Story  
My Quest Story  

The first book from CRYSTAL ALEXANDER