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Guanacaste National Park

Philadelphia University’s College of Architecture and the Built Environment Design X Research studio has collaborated with the Area de Conservacion de Guanacaste and the Kanbar College of Design Engineering and Commerce in order to explore design alternatives for the Guanacaste region.

A design charrette was conducted in which students focused on small architectural intervention proposals, which were in line with conservation goals. Upon completion of the charrette, a site was selected on campus for the build portion of the project.

The final design is 64 square feet, 12 feet tall and is composed of 3 platforms. The foundation consists of nine concrete footings with four metal tubes anchored to a metal plate in the foundation. All structural connections are made using threaded rods, bolts and fasteners, with Paracord used to lash together the floors and ladders.

Both tourists visiting the ACG as well as employees of the park will utilize the observation tower. Employees will use the observation tower as a lookout point for potential fires. Currently employees on fire watch have no protection from the elements. The proposed tower will offer better visibility as well as protection.

Philadelphia University College of Architecture & the Built Environment Design X Studio - Spring 2014

Special Thanks Chester County Bamboo Cape May Bamboo Daniel J Keating

C.R.O.P. : a design alternative for the Guanacaste National Park in Costa Rica.

Design X 2014 Team 1 Project Brochure  

Philadelphia University "Costa Rica Observation Point" Project. Design 10, Philadelphia University, College of Architecture and the Built En...

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