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Walloon Business & Competitiveness Clusters,

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Cluster TIC

Walloon Business and Competitiveness Clusters gather : • 14 Industry and Business Networks • Universities & Research Centres • Training Centres • Regional Public Authorities

The Walloon Clustering Policy The Walloon clustering policy is organised in two structures: the Business Clusters and the Competitiveness Clusters, which are complementary tools fitting in the same logic of the Government’s policy consisting in the willingness to create the conditions needed to build clusters in the Walloon Region. The first Business Clusters were created in 2000, following the Government’s decision to support the emergence of networks of enterprises, in order to promote cooperation and partnerships between Walloon enterprises, both SMEs and large companies. After a successful experimental stage, the Walloon Region has perpetuated this policy by the Decree of 18 January 2007. The Competitiveness Clusters were created in 2005. New market trends consider research and innovation as a new tool for strengthening competitiveness and, hence, growth. Wallonia reasserts as a worldwide competitive industrial area. To boost this policy, Wallonia selected 5 priority areas on the basis of a survey conducted by Prof. Henri Capron (ULB), to which is added a sixth one in December 2010. These areas correspond to a growing business in the world and in which Wallonia can offer performing enterprises and research centres. Where Business Clusters are funded to develop an economic drive, the Competitiveness Clusters are mainly supported within the framework of the Marshall plan to carry out investment, R&D or training projects, in line with the strategy of competitive positioning they have themselves defined. Both are intended to promote innovating partnerships, whether industrial, commercial or technological.

Public Service of Wallonia

Directorate General operational for Economy, Employment and Research Competitiveness and Innovation Deparment Network of Enterprises Direction Place de la Wallonie, 1 B-5100 JAMBES Phone: +32 81 33 39 39 Fax: +32 81 33 37 77

BIOWIN, BIOtechnologies Wallonie INnovation, is the health competitiveness cluster of Wallonia. Its ambition is to federate all stakeholders from Wallonia participating in innovation and training in the field of health biotechnology and medical technologies.

ITS OBJECTIVES ARE : • Supporting the emergence of innovative R&D projects and ensuring the promotion of the technologies deriving from these project ; • Implementing and providing training programmes to develop talents and expertise in the bioindustry ; • Supporting collective infrastructures and technological platforms ; • Promoting the strengths of Wallonia Health sector worldwide and fostering technological partnerships between Walloon and foreign companies. THE 8 R&D THEMES Biomarkers + in vitro & in vivo diagnostic, Innovative tools and instrumentation, Drug delivery systems, Novel therapies, Information technologies applied to human health, Innovative processes and organisational innovations, Medical devices, Drug discovery. BIOWIN MEMBERS BIOWIN consists of more than 500 members, among which : • 116 comapnies. • 400 research units and R&D centres from the 5 major universities (UCL, ULB, ULg, UMons, Université de Namur). BioWin members are active in the main health biotechnology and medical technology sectors, namely: biopharmacy; in vitro and in vivo diagnostic; radiopharmacy; regenerative medicine; biotech products and services; and medical device. All of these cutting-edge technological areas are innovation driven, from Research & Development to the production stage.



Point Centre, Avenue Georges Lemaître, 19 6041 Gosselies (Belgium) +32 71 37 63 86 (website) l (blog) TVA : BE0882768591

Mrs. France Fannes Managing Director

The CAP2020 cluster is dedicated to the building industry, bringing together Contractors, Architects, Manufacturers and suppliers of materials and services that are committed to promoting and developing sustainable building in Wallonia.

MarKETS AND MARKET niches CAP2020 aims at promoting the design and implementation of high-quality projects anticipating changes in environmental standards and requirements and/or meeting the criteria of sustainable building. These cover, among others, the overall energy performance of buildings, the controlled use of natural resources, the water cycle management, waste recycling, comfort, health and safety of users of buildings and infrastructures.

MembeRs OF CAP2020 Cap2020 has 151 members and subscribers : • • • •

135 enterprises ; 11 professional associations ; 3 research units ; 2 public training partners.

Figures for the sector in Wallonia (estimate) • •

Turnover of the sector : € 7.5 billion Employment figures : 20,000 FTE



Parc Créalys - Rue Saucin 66 5032 Les Isnes (Belgium) +32 484 43 47 08 TVA : BE0898.102.412

Mr Bertrand Wart Director Mob. +32 477 30 62 58

The Green Building Cluster brings together enterprises, architects, study centres and all professionals who incorporate the principles of green building in their activity.

Markets and market niches The Green Building Cluster aims at promoting green building / green-renovation. This concept consists in building/renovating while respecting the environment and providing occupants with a maximum of comfort. Through it, it encourages its members to, at least : •

use green-called materials, not very harmful to humans and their environment, renewable and that consume little energy during the manufacturing process, transport, implementation and destruction or recycling ;

use building techniques that need rather labour than large quantities of energy ;

promote smart architectural choices : integrating bioclimatic principles, ensuring a good thermal insulation of the entire building envelope, ensuring good ventilation and the thermal inertia of buildings,…

promote smart energy choices : low-polluting fuels, resort to renewable energies,…

promote the choice of smart equipment : low-energy lighting and household appliances, efficient heating and correctly sized, rational use and treatment of water,…

Members of the green building cluster The Business Cluster has 186 members (actual and candidates) including architects, research centres, contractors and enterprises active in the green building and renovation sector, manufacturers, green materials suppliers, green electricians, design offices and enterprises active in renewable energies, experts in infrared thermography and electromagnetic pollution, project proponents, contractors specialized in the water sector, information and promotion organizations, high schools and universities. Each member undertakes to comply with the green building charter.

INFOS & CONTACT: ASBL Cluster Eco-construction


rue Henri Lecocq 47/7 5000 Namur (Belgium) +32 81 71 41 00 TVA : BE 881.039.716

Mr Hervé-Jacques Poskin Coordinator

GreenWin is the Competitiveness cluster in green chemistry, sustainable building and durable materials (including their applications in lowenergy buildings).

Its projects follow three main strategic lines: • • •

Design of new products based on renewable (bio-sourced) or recycled raw materials; Design of new products and systems applied to energy management (energy storage, eco-building…); Design of new techniques for effluent treatment, re-use or recycling of end of life products and systems, as well as the use of landfills as a new source for raw materials.

Markets and market niches GreenWin intends to promote all companies having local activities that deal with materials, either their production or their application, and that share a concern about their environmental impact. All projects are evaluated on their market potential as well as the impact of the environmental costs and benefits on the life cycle of their finished products. greenwin Members The Competitiveness Cluster has 125 members, among which : • • •

90 enterprises including several world leaders. Its members account for 40% of the jobs in the sectors covered by the Competitiveness cluster and 20% of the enterprises of these sectors. Many university departments and 15 industrial research centres. Universities and high schools, as well as 6 vocational training operators. They have 31 specific initial training pathways and a hundred specific continuing training programmes.

INFOS & CONTACT: Pôle GreenWin asbl


Maison de l’Industrie, Rue Auguste Piccard 20 6041 Gosselies (Belgium) +32 71 91 92 84 TVA : BE0834.156.547

Mr Alain Lesage General Manager Mob. +32 496 40 51 03

Cluster TIC

The INFOPOLE Cluster TIC is the business cluster that brings together and unites professionals from Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in order to promote business and innovation through partnership.

Market and market niches Our ambition is to contribute to the implementation of a specific and original response to strengthen synergies and allow operators to better position themselves on the market. Proposed activities and services can be distributed into three categories : • Visibility and linking (Getting to know and be known) ; • Dissemination of projects or business opportunities (Doing more business) ; • Support to partnership & innovation (Doing more business together). Several application areas are the foundation of our actions : health (eHealth), intelligent transports (Intelligent Transport Systems), green technologies (ICT for Green), the public sector (eGov) but also the fields of activity that are rapidly changing such as the Internet of Things (IoT), the Serious Game, … Members of INFOPOLE Cluster TIC The INFOPOLE Cluster TIC has 186 members : • 141 SMEs ; • 22 large companies ; • 12 universities and training centres ; • 7 research centres and companies ; • 4 public partners. some membeRs BEP - OCé Software Laboratories -Uniwan - Fedisa Belgium - ComputerLand - Real Dolmen Wallonie - Technofutur - Adehis - Systemat - Win - Alcatel figures for the sector in Wallonia (estimate) 1. Turnover of the sector : €1.38 billion 2. Employment figures : an average of 50 employees



Rue du Séminaire 22 5000 Namur (Belgium) +32 81 72 51 63 TVA : BE0472.869.753

Mr Frédéric Jourdain Director Mob. +32 498 90 88 11

Logistics in Wallonia is the business cluster and the competitiveness cluster for the transport and logistics sector in Wallonia.

scope Transport and logistics activities are present on a transversally basis in a countless number of enterprises. Logistics in Wallonia therefore focuses on the major transport and logistics enterprises, on industrial shippers transporting volumes and the major regional or European distribution centres. The indirect scope is composed of the sector suppliers and the training and research bodies that are active in the sector. Market and market niches Logistics in Wallonia is primarily intended to transport and logistics operators whatever the mode of transport : road, rail, waterway or air. Its members are active in one or several of these transport modes. In addition, the cluster focuses also on industrial shippers from sectors such as food, healthcare, retail… Members of Logistics in Wallonia The cluster has some 250 members. • Transport and logistics enterprises, all transport modes : TNT, Vincent Logistics, Jost Group, Groupe Portier, Gilleman Logistics, Sedis Logistics… • Industrial shippers of different sectors : Total, Johnson & Johnson, Baxter, ArcelorMittal, AGC Flat Glass, Prayon… • Infrastructure managers : Liege Airport, the Walloon autonomous ports, Idea, the SPI… • Suppliers and component manufacturers : Alstom Transport, Meuse & Sambre, Zetes, Etilux, Ingrif, Thales Communications Belgium • Training operators : High Schools, Forem Logistique, Randstad, Manpower • Research operators : Universities, Multitel, the CETIC, the Road Research Centre… Actions The cluster aims at boosting innovation in the sector, stimulating networking and support to enterprises and promoting Wallonia abroad to attract new investors and new activities.

INFOS & CONTACT: ASBL Logistics in Wallonia


Liege Airport - Building 52 4460 Grâce-Hollogne (Belgium) +32 4 225 50 60 TVA : BE0871.798.881

Mr Bernard Piette Manager Mob. +32 495 29 94 46

MecaTech is the competitiveness cluster for mechanical engineering.

It aims to be a driving force for the sector by developing activities and employment by networking companies (large companies and SMEs), university research units, approved research centres and competence centres. The Cluster calls upon an increasingly broad spectrum of scientific and technological knowledge and know-how. scope Mechanical Engineering provides customers with innovative functional systems (machines, industrial or consumer equipments, as well as processes). It calls upon a large range of technologies among which 4 strategic axes are prevailing : • • • •

Materials and surfaces of the future: integration of new properties/features into materials (new materials and surface treatment) ; Comprehensive technologies : fast, complex and thrifty shaping of materials ; Microtechnologies and mechatronics: integration of smart features into systems ; Intelligent maintenance and Manufacturing : integration of new technologies in support of production and maintenance (sensors, measurements, expert systems,…).

MECATECH Members This hybridation of technologies (from pure mechanics to mechatronics, chemistry, nanomaterials, organic matter, biomimetics, …) and cross-applications make the networking of operators essential. Our projects implement strong technological, scientific and industrial skills in Wallonia as regards full-line suppliers/integrators, technological enterprises and research stakeholders (universities, high schools and research centres). MECATECH has 213 members among which : • 121 enterprises among which 83 SMEs and 38 large companies ; • 60 academic labs and 15 approved research centres ; • 3 training centres ; • 5 high schools.



Route de Hannut 40 5004 Bouge (Belgium) +32 81 20 68 50 TVA : BE0885.357.701

Mr Jacques Germay General Manager Mob: +32 475 76 76 17

The business cluster brings together innovative enterprises and research centres in the area of PHOTONICS, one of the 5 key-technologies defined by the European Commission. Photonics is the science that deals with photons, the components of the LIGHT.

Technologies The main segments of the area are : • • • • • •

lasers and laser applications (welding, cutting, traceability, deposits of thin layers, medical area,…) ; optical measuring and control instruments ; industrial vision (quality control) and imaging ; optical components ; light technologies (LED’s) ; photovoltaics.

Market and market niches Cross technology above all else, it addresses most of the industrial sectors : aerospace, automotive, medical and pharmaceutical, glass, food, micro technologies, energies,... Members of Cluster Photonique The Cluster has 55 members all with a capacity of R&D : • • •

40 enterprises ; 13 public and private research centres ; 2 training bodies.

INFOS & CONTACT: ASBL Cluster Photonique


c/o CSL, Avenue du Pré Aily 4031 Liège-Angleur (Belgium) +32 4 382 46 99 TVA : BE0896.711.352

Mr Guy-Michel Hustinx Director Mob. +32 475 98 47 00

Plastiwin is the Walloon plastics industry business cluster. It brings together all the operators in the value chain of this sector. direct scope : • Producers of raw materials, masterbatches, dyes and various additives ; • Design : toolmakers, moulders, designers and design offices, R&D centres, training centres and professional associations ; • Processors : producers of finished or semi-finished products, plastic parts (by injection, extrusion, blow molding, thermoforming...). indirect scope : Integrators : producers for whom plastics processing is not the core business but that integrate a plastic component in their products Market and market niches The companies from the sector are present in a variety of fields : medical, automotive, aerospace, building, packaging, houseware, leisure, sport, recycling,... Plastiwin responds to this diversity by seeking to position its members on products with high added value in these fields of application. To achieve this, activities are broken down in two ways : • horizontal: technical workshops, briefings and awareness meetings, plenary meetings • vertical: the working groups : Medical Devices, Single Parts & Small Series, Packaging, Technical Parts, Recycling, Bioplastics, Composites Plastiwin Members Plastiwin has some 60 members among which : • Large companies : BASF, Total, Clariant, Ampacet, Kabelwerk Eupen, Sabert, MACtac Bemis • SMEs : Nanocyl, Serviplast, Ecomi, Lazer, Simonis Plastic, Precical, ... • R&D Centres : Centexbel, Certech, Materia Nova, Sirris • Training centres : Cefochim, Technofutur • Professional Associations : Agoria, Essenscia, scope The direct scope of the sector in Wallonia is estimated at a little more than 424 enterprises, with a turnover estimated at EUR 11.8 billion and some 33,000 jobs.

INFOS & CONTACT: ASBL Cluster Plastiwin


Bd de Colonster, 4, P 56 4000 Liège (Belgium) +32 4 361 59 09 TVA : BE0810.229.815

Mrs. Francine Turck Director Mob. +32 494 88 58 75

Skywin Wallonia is the Aerospace Competitiveness Cluster of Wallonia.

Market and market niches Since March 2013, the priorities and strategies of the Skywin Pole are defined as follows : • Composite materials and industrial processes : the Walloon aerospace industry positions on these materials of the future, both in design and manufacturing ; • Metallic materials and industrial processes : a significant know-how already exists in Wallonia related to tooling and the design of metal ; • Embedded systems : the « all electric » aircraft has become a real strategic challenge for tomorrow’s aircraft; • Airport services : the number of airports will grow strongly, with opportunities for assistance in the management of these infrastructures ; • Space applications and systems : the world market for nano and micro satellites will grow by 20% per year between 2011 and 2020 ; • Modelling and simulation : the Walloon base is composed of some Walloon SMEs that are leader on their market and wider than the aerospace market. The strategic choices of Skywin for the international aeronautics and space sectors are : • supporting the development of « high-tech »products meeting the demand of market principals in specific topics; • improving the competitiveness of enterprises with respect to major principals by segmenting niches and through technological innovation; • creating/attracting new activities in Wallonia; • increasing the competitiveness of the existing industrial base. Members of Skywin Skywin has 121 members among which : • Enterprises : SMEs (75) and large companies (21) ; • 19 Research operators ; • 3 Training centres; • 3 Other bodies (agency, association,...). figures for the sector in Wallonia (estimate) Turnover of the sector : €1 billion - Employment figures : 6,400 direct jobs INFOS & CONTACT: ASBL Skywin Wallonie


Chemin du Stocquoy 3 1300 Wavre (Belgium) +32 10 47 19 44 TVA : BE0887.760.430

Mr Etienne Pourbaix Director Mob. +32 496 26 12 26

The Cluster TWEED (Technology of Wallonia Energy - Environment and Sustainable Development) is a Walloon organization including one hundred enterprises active in the sector of sustainable energy. The Business Cluster plays a major role in business development in the «sustainable energy» areas. Sustainable energy stands for : • renewable energy sources • the implementation of processes allowing to achieve energy savings, energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction including CO 2 , in industry and in the tertiary sector • the development of products for the same effects, for industry, the tertiary sector or individuals (« green » products and services) To promote investments in the production and exploitation of sustainable energy, the Cluster TWEED is organized according to the main following axes : • • • • • •

The networking of stakeholders through the organization of conferences, networking events, visits to companies... The technical support to the drawing up of investment / R&D projects in the sector The promotion of the skills of the cluster members, especially during missions/trade fairs abroad The implementation of a technology watch The organization of « project groups » comprising enterprises with complementary skills in order to meet regional or European calls for tenders and provide comprehensive solutions to customers in industrial-scale projects The drawing up of market studies and economic and technological analyses on sustainable energy

TWEED Members TWEED has more than 100 members, including 80% of enterprises. The members of TWEED are enterprises with a registered office and/or an operating site in the Walloon Region (or in the Brussels Region) active in the «sustainable energy » area, in all sectors. There are enterprises such as equipment assemblers, components manufacturers, energy producers but also services enterprises, design offices, CO2 certificates traders or training centres, research centres, university services and other public partners.



Rue Natalis 2 4020 Liège (Belgium) +32 4 242 47 60 TVA : BE0896.051.752

Mr Cédric Brüll Director

TWIST is the business Cluster Cinema & Digital Media in Wallonia. It is the main Belgian business cluster active in the sector of digital audiovisual and multimedia technologies. TWIST markets TWIST is mainly active on three markets : • • •

Cinema & Animation ; Broadcast (development of technologies and facilities) ; Transmedia & Multimedia (communication, gaming, mobile applications, business intelligence, etc.).

twist specific market Niches • • • • • •

Stereoscopic 3D ; Motion Capture ; Serious Game ; Digital Media ; Digitisation & Digital Storage ; Digital Content.

twist Members TWIST has over 100 members including : • • • •

80% SMEs (EVS, IRIS, DCinex, etc.) ; 5 TV Channels (including RTBF, RTL Belgium, Be TV) ; 5 Universities & Research Centres ; 2 investment funds.

figures for the sector in Wallonia (estimate) • •

Turnover of the sector : € 1 billion Number of jobs: 5,000 direct jobs and 2,000 indirect jobs



Rue de Mulhouse 36 4020 Liège (Belgium) +32 4 349 12 49 TVA : BE 890.814.049

Mr Pierre Collin Executive Manager Mob. +32 475 663 880

(VAL)+ is the Walloon business cluster dedicated to solid waste valorization in a sustainable development perspective (prevention, reuse, recycling, recovery of materials, energy recovery and ultimate waste) disposal. (VAL)+ includes entities specialized in the valorization of any kind of waste streams (domestic waste, standard and hazardous industrial waste, construction waste, green waste, hospital waste, asbestos, sludges, contaminated soil and groundwater, electric & electronic wastes…). (VAL)+ considers that solid wastes constitute a reservoir of materials with an economic added value and whose treatment in a perspective of sustainable development is generating stable jobs while protecting natural resources. Market and market niches (VAL)+ is mainly active in 3 sectors : • • •

Rehabilitation of polluted industrial sites, soils and landfills ; Recycling of wastes and recovery of materials, including sludges ; Sustainable development strategies.

Target countries : Belgium, France, Eastern Europe (VAL)+ Members (VAL)+ has 60 members including : • •

53 Enterprises, mainly SMEs and very small enterprises ; 7 Universities and research centres.

figures for the sector in Wallonia (estimate) • •

Turnover of the sector : more than € 2 billion Employment figures: more than 10,000 direct jobs



Rue de Dampremy 77 6000 Charleroi (Belgium) +32 496 165 360 N° Entr. : BE0862.262.692

Mr Renaud De Rijdt Executive Director

WagrAlim is the competitiveness cluster for agro-industry in Wallonia. Market and market niches WagrALIM brings together industries, training institutes and public and private research centres into competitive projects. The strategic axes of the competitiveness cluster are : • Axes 1 - « Health » Food/Nutritional quality – relates to the design, development and assessment of products or ingredients with proven health benefits and/or responding to an improved nutritional quality. •

Axes 2 – Industrial efficiency – aims to improve manufacturing processes and methods of food preservation, particularly through organizational innovation by working on the methods of industrial management (production, quality, safety, skills).

Axes 3 - Packaging - prepares tomorrow’s packaging (active and smart packaging, design and marketing), notably on the basis of renewable raw materials responding to food and environmental constraints.

Axes 4 – Development of sustainable agro-industry networks – aims to optimize the production process and the by-products, in order to increase the added value, reduce the costs or enhance the sustainable and responsible nature of an activity.

WagrAlim Members WagrAlim has 258 members among which : • • •

100 Enterprises, among which 70% are SMEs ; 145 Research units and centres ; 8 Training centres.

figures for the sector in Wallonia (estimate) Turnover of the sector : € 6.5 billion INFOS & CONTACT: ASBL WagrAlim


Créalys Science Park , Rue Phocas Lejeune 25 5032 Les Isnes (Belgium) +32 81 728 540 TVA : BE0885.635.635

Mr François Héroufosse Director

Focus on Projects & Successes ! Lionel, MecaTech The LIONEL project aimed at developing an innovative process for manufacturing flexible intraocular lenses from a nano-composite material. This project has allowed to launch on the market 3 new types of intraocular lenses and an optical metrology equipment for intraocular applications. Besides these products, 3 patents have been filed. The project brought together 4 companies, a research centre, a centre of competence and 3 academic units.

Translogistics, Logistics in Wallonia Translogistics goal was to make a contribution of the ICT area to the development of a complete combined transport, including road, rail and river transport in Wallonia. Achievements are : • a new system of rail monitoring more suited to freight transport; • an innovative ‘tracking & tracing’ solution allowing to locate goods in a shipping container and its content regardless of the mode of transport; • an internet portal available to carriers and principals and using new services such as the optimization of roads, floating inventories or fleet management. The project has encompassed a large consortium of 15 partners : 4 large enterprises, 6 SMEs or spin-off companies, most of the French-speaking universities and an approved research centre.

CIMEDE, MINERVE, GreenWin CIMEDE : Born initially by the Cluster CAP 2020, this project called « Industrial Construction of Sustainable and Economic Evolutionary Homes” (CIMEDE from its French short name) focuses on developing a new concept of construction based on factory prefabricated panels of wood and on a widely industrialized constructive system that does not currently exist in Wallonia. It allows for producing at low cost a sustainable and low energy singlefamily home. The finished product can be assembled, disassembled and reassembled. Living spaces can thus be reorganized or resized according to a family’s changing needs. Buildings can be totally dismantled, allowing for a complete refurbishment with an easy change of techniques or insulation material and, in the long run, for the recycling of all basic elements of the building. The project addresses major technological challenges and benefits a significant potential for patenting. CIMEDE has already allowed the creation of 15 jobs and it shows high future prospects with a complete order book for 2013. One should note as well the support brought by this project to the employment of staff with a hearing handicap. MINERVE : This project is a strategic response to the growing shortage of many raw materials, by using waste landfills as potential new sources of energy and materials. MINERVE brings an innovative solution with 3 goals set along the life cycle of a landfill: its characterization (4-D imaging), its mineralization (production of biogas), the landfill mining (recycling of materials or energy) and at the very end of the cycle, the recovery of ground = > concept of waste-to-energy and waste-to-materials. A so advanced and complete solution including the characterization, the mineralization and the landfill mining is totally new. The Consortium consists of 3 universities, 1 research centre and 3 companies.

CM Experts, Skywin CM Experts aimed to develop a regional competence in the field of the design of trapped molds used for manufacturing, by resin injection moulding, composite parts (RTM). Among the manufacturing techniques that are very efficient from a mechanical and economic point of view for producing composite parts, trapped manufacturing is experiencing a growing acceptance and still has a great potential for improvement. The maturity of the know how developed through this project has allowed the complete development of a production mold which will be tested by the Sonaca, which proves the real success of the project. All the molds, from design to the final surface treatment passing through machining was done in Wallonia. Coexpair is now a recognized operator in the manufacture of RTM and SQRTM moulds. A regular selling activity of RTM molds has been developed with customers in Belgium but also abroad, including outside the EU. This project brought together 2 companies (1 large enterprise and 1 SME) and 1 academic unit.

Keymarker, MaSTherCell, Biocel, BioWin Keymarker : its goal is to identify new types of biomarkers and tracers for in vivo molecular imaging of pancreatic beta cells. Within the framework of the research carried out by the consortium, Trasis has developed the first GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) universal radiosynthesis unit, the AllinOne, that is compatible with the constraints in terms of place and cost faced by hospitals and radiopharmacies. This instrument is designed for the automated production of an extensive variety of short lived radiotracers used in nuclear medical imaging. The AllinOne aims to address the full range of challenges from the early-on R&D to the GMP routine production through clinical trials. This is a growing worldwide market, and around ten sales have already been completed in Europe and America. The consortium is made up of IBA, Eurogentec and Trasis, who have joined forces with four University laboratories. Key figures: 3 patent applications submitted; 2 products developed; 2 distribution agreements signed in Asia and North America for the GMP radiosynthesis unit; 9 direct and indirect jobs; 1 international partnership between the ULB and the St Vincent Institute of Medical Research (Australia). MaSTherCell is a technological platform for the clinical and commercial production of cell therapy products for third parties. It is currently working on two technology transfer projects on behalf of two European clients who are keen to optimise the results of their research on the market. It has also submitted applications for approval to the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products on behalf of third parties, which should be finalised during the third quarter of 2013. MaSTherCell’s goal is to establish a bigger international role, particularly in the United States. The very positive results demonstrate exciting prospects for the future in a market that enjoys annual growth of 25%. Biocel : Companies specialising in cell therapy, and in cell culture more generally, have been developing their R&D and/or industrial activities at a steady pace. However, they are finding it difficult to find the qualified staff they need to sustain their development in good time. Aware of this issue, BioPark Formation has introduced a training pathway dedicated to cellular biology to support growth and competition in the sector. Some figures from 2011 (1st year of activity): Rate of integration in the workforce after training: over 80%; 21 people found a job immediately after their training; Over 15,000 hours of training organised; In 2012, organisation of the first Summer School aimed at college students.

Skills Mapping, TWEED The Cluster TWEED has mapped the Walloon operators (companies, R&D centres, training operators,...) with expertise that can be integrated into the value and supply chains of wind energy : about 80 operators have been identified. The study that has been conducted highlights different sectors where we have developed an expertise recognized for many years such as aeronautics and composite materials, logistics, design/computeraided simulation, network connection and power electronics, maintenance or the iron and steel industry and precision engineering. The mapping (available addressing also shows many R&D skills, within the different universities and research centres, which are transferable to the wind industry. The innovation capacity of the Walloon operators can be a force to be exploited in order to spread across the market. The cluster has extended this mapping work in other leading sectors : solar PV, Biomass,…

PIB, Infopole Cluster TIC The Portal PIB,, is an Information and Business Portal developed within the framework of the INTERREG ETOILE+ project, with a view to promoting the bringing together of the border regions of Wallonia and Nord-Pas-de-Calais and providing ICT enterprises with invitations to tender of the public contract. The portal lists announcements of official sources, filters the invitations to tender exclusively dedicated to the ICT sector and provides its members with functionalities to meet collaborative projects. Through the online provider directory, PIB is putting forward dynamic companies that wish to get in touch, in a friendly manner and on a confidential basis, with others to establish lasting collaborations and thus better meet the procurement requirements. PIB, more than just a portal – a strategy : • PIB is generating business by selecting tenders in public procurements for the ICT sector : no waste of time with all the other markets. • PiB allows to reach transborder business and to operate a linking through its cross-border directory of skills. • PIB supports the growth of the sector by allowing collaboration between partners with recognized expertise and complementarity. At this stage, dozens of companies have embarked on active collaboration through PIB.

Walnut20, BHIG, WagrALIM Walnut20 : This core project aimed at developing scientific and technological tools, as part of the validation of ingredients in a context of health claims and public health issues like the metabolic syndrome and obesity. The project has contributed to • the development of a polyphenoc compound of pomegranate, presently marketed, and a partnership with a chocolate maker to produce a chocolate with pomegranate extracts; • the development of the Equilibrium menu, marketed in Belgian supermarkets, and partnerships with the Middle East; • maintaining the activity of the slaughterhouse of Charleroi through the Colombus pork and initiatives with retailers; • the development of a functional beverage, through a formulation based on fibers; • a distribution partnership with an American nutrition-health leading company, which funds additional clinical studies in the United States; • the strengthening of knowledge of existing products or products under development. This project brought together 9 companies (6 large enterprises and 3 SMEs) and 7 academic units and 2 high schools. BHIG : To face the challenges of tomorrow regarding wellbeing and nutrition, Belgian companies active in health ingredients decided to join forces. In 2012, they created the Belgian Health Ingredients Group (BHIG It covers several areas of expertise and therefore offers a wide range of solutions responding to specific health challenges in nutrition. All of the ingredients are from natural origin and are designed to meet strict requirements. The BHIG is intended to propose a complete but customized solution to the health nutrition market. It goes even one step further to establish itself as a key player on the market. To do so, the Group is developing a quality seal with the contribution of a scientific committee.

Raptor, Plastiwin The project (Rapid Advanced ProTOtyping pRomotion) run in partnership with the french pole MAUD (Materials and applications for sustainable use) has been focusing on the use of additive technologies also called rapid prototyping in the past. About sixty industrial actors from both countries were involved in the implemented activities targeting business and R&D projects. The competences of our Region in this field were as such presented to major actors like Décathlon, Arc International or Vesuvius.

ECOFFICE, CAP 2020 Ecoffice ( is a building which aims at designing and developing a pilot project consisting in a 4.000m² passive office building for building costs comparable to a standard office building. The project’s goal is to produce new technical knowledge on the behavior of materials, the definition of optimum building methods as regards performance and impact on the environment while controlling the costs of building and use, ensuring users a high level of comfort. The concept is reproducible, flexible and multipurpose and allows to set « passive » building standards optimized for the public and private tertiary sector. The work was completed in early 2013. The building method will now be subject to various tests as well as a performance monitoring to compare actual consumption with initial simulations.

3D Film Mart, Eurotransmedia, TWIST The worldwide audiovisual sector goes through two major revolutions : • Stereoscopic 3D image (S-3D): a revolution in style; • Transmedia content: a revolution in content. TWIST set up two European projects to set the pace as a leader. 3D Film Mart (3D FM), supported by MEDIA, aims to further the development of the European S-3D production, in cinemas as well as on television: • 3D FM became the reference network for European producers of S-3D content; • 3D FM is a recurring, yearly event and therefore it continues to mark the history of European S-3D production. Eurotransmedia aims to support the European production of transmedia through the development of new technologies, with the goal to: • Further the production of high quality transmedia content; • Reinforce the convergence between media in order to make the transmedia content flow more efficient.

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Wallonia Business and Competitiveness Clusters  

The Walloon clustering policy is organised in two structures: the Business Clusters and the Competitiveness Clusters, which are complementa...

Wallonia Business and Competitiveness Clusters  

The Walloon clustering policy is organised in two structures: the Business Clusters and the Competitiveness Clusters, which are complementa...