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cape verd e – a jewel i n a perfect pla ce


The Investment Opportunity This truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to invest in the promising market that is Cape Verde without having to risk any of your money on large deposits.

Investment Opportunity & Highlights Introducing Cape Verde Islands What’s On In Cape Verde Experience The Island’s Cultures The Island Of Sal Why Invest & Site Plan Floor Plans Specifications Management & Rental Programme Finance & Purchase Processes Summary Financial Summary

We have negotiated with the Developer of a luxury 5* resort on Cape Verde’s Sal Island to create what is, without doubt a ground breaking investment package for investors looking to take advantage of this potentially lucrative ‘Emerging Market’. Like the majority of other markets, Cape Verde has recently suffered a drop in real estate values due to the Global Recession however, as the IMF (International Monetary Fund) pointed out, the "prudent management and strong economic foundations" undertaken by the Cape Verdean government, have allowed the country to "resist the impact of the global crisis well” A unique set of circumstances have allowed us to take advantage of the situation by securing what can only be described as a “one-off” investment opportunity.

Investment Highlights 5* luxury Award-winning resort with unrivalled location, build quality, amenities and facilities Unlike most other developments within Cape Verde this Development the units are 100% completed and the Resort and all of its facilities are fully operational We have exclusive, Pre-Approved lending in place creating a unique low money down investment opportunity. Purchasers have historically been required to pay a large percentage for deposits, in some cases they have had to pay the entire purchase price We have secured a discount of 20% from the units current market valuations We have removed the risks for initial rental voids by arranging an optional Cash back/leaseback agreement

Cape Verde Map Palmeira


Santo Ant~ao Sal International Airport Santa Luzia

S~ao Vicente

S~ao Nicolau

SAL Beirona Murdeira Boa Vista


S~ao Tiago Fogo Brava


Santa Maria


Pedra Lume

We have persuaded the Developer to not only fully furnish the Apartments with a “rent ready” furniture pack but to also install Air Conditioning throughout. Therefore ensuring acquisition costs are kept to the absolute minimum Purchasers in Cape Verde would usually need to pay around 6% of the property’s purchase price in completion costs. This is not the case with Vila Verde as we have also persuaded the Developer to pay these on our purchaser’s behalf Full Hotel Management and Rental programme in place ensuring ongoing Security and Profitability of your Investment Property/Holiday Home This brochure will now go on to outline WHY property in Cape Verde is seen not only as a fantastic holiday home but also an investment property with truly outstanding prospects for the future. It will also explain in detail WHY the fully completed and fully operational Vila Verde Resort is an opportunity simply not to be missed!

cape verde – a jewel i n a perfec t p lac e

cape verde – a jewel in a perfect pla c e

Cape Verde – The Facts


Capital Praia Population 516,100 Conventional Name Republic of Cape Verde Local Name Republica de Cabo Verde

With their African roots, the people of Cape Verde have a vibrant cultural mix, speaking a language that is uniquely theirs, and enjoying a passion for music that excites the senses. Poetry and song are especially important in everyday island life.

Currency The Cape Verdean Escudo is the currency for Cape Verde although Euros are readily accepted Time Cape Verde is one hour behind GMT and does not operate daylight saving.

The Cape Verde Islands If you are not sure where Cape Verde is, you’re not alone. To give you an idea, they are two hours south of the Canaries, nestled 450km off the west coast of Africa. You will find an exotic mix of African, Brazilian and Portuguese cultures on each of the islands. Cape Verde are Europe’s only Tropical Islands. Crammed full of character and blessed with endless snow-white sands, it is easy to see why these unspoilt isles are the hottest buzzwords in travel and investment property. Cape Verde shares the same latitude as Barbados, making it a sun-soaked utopia at all times of the year. With temperatures approaching 30 celsius during the day, low 20’s at night, and seas that are always comfortably swimmable, Cape Verde boasts a continual and temperate holiday climate. This means there is no low season, leading to high occupancy rates and exceptionally strong yields scarcely available anywhere else in the world. A blend of sweeping scenery, unspoilt shores and translucent turquoise seas, the islands offer a truly unique getaway. This string of ten exotic islands are home to a unique tapestry of African and Portuguese cultures that make their home on these forested volcanic islands. Though tiny in area, the islands contain a remarkable profusion of landscapes.

The Cape Verdeans value and celebrate their history and cultural identity. By instituting a seminary and secondary school, the Portuguese made Cape Verde the educational centre of its colonial outposts and from its mixed race population, an educated elite emerged to act as middlemen and administrators.

Language Although Portuguese is the official language of Cape Verde, and the medium used for teaching in schools, Creole (a fascinating mix of African and Portuguese) is the everyday language of the people. This language has evolved down the centuries and differs from island to island. Portuguese is the language of business, education and the media. English is taught as a second or third language, but outside the cities and resorts, it helps to be able to speak a smattering of Portuguese or French.

Climate Cape Verde’s climate is pleasantly tropical with year round average temperatures between 26° and 30° C, uninterrupted sunshine from November to May and a rainy season between the months of June and October though with an average rainfall of just 8cm a year it is unlikely to impact on anyone’s holiday! Cape Verde lies in the Trade Winds, so conditions are perfect for sailing, kite surfing or windsurfing.

Reflecting The Nation Unveiled in 1992, Cape Verde’s flag reflects the people and their nation. It has two horizontal bands of dark blue symbolising the infinite space of the sea strip denoting the determination of the people in the face of adversity. A circle of ten yellow stars represent the islands that make up the archipelago.

Cape Verde Air and Sea Temperature AIR SEA













24 23

24 22

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25 23

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cape v erde – a jewel in a p erfect pla ce

Surf’s up on Sal One of the top 5 surfing locations in the world

What’s On In Cape Verde Cape Verdeans love to celebrate and party until dawn. Most of the festivals are linked to Catholic saints’ days and incorporate the islanders’ long tradition of music and dance. Each island has its Municipality Day when their patron saint is commemorated with processions and traditional food. Several music festivals have gained world renown, and Mindelo’s Carnival is an event to remember.

Key Dates in the Cape Verde Calendar January 1st New Year's Day January 13th Democracy Day January 20th Heroes Day February 21st Carnival (the most famous is the one in Mindelo on Sao Vicente) March 8th International Woman's Day April 8th Easter May 1st Labour Day May 19th Praia Day June 1st Children's Day July 5th National Independence Day August Baia das Gatas festival of music on Sao Vicente (for 3 days and 3 nights on the beach) August 15th Assumption September Festival of Theatre (Mindelact) in Mindelo (Sao Vicente) September 12th Nationality Day September 15th Music Festival on the Santa Maria beach in Sal November 1st All Saints Day December 8th Day of the Immaculate Conception December 25th Christmas

Annual Calendar Highlights February World Kite Surfing Championships: The surf’s up on Sal, and Ponta Preta beach hosts some thrilling events May Santa Cruz Feast: Maio’s big day is 3rd May. It starts with a religious procession and ends with some serious partying. May Gamboa Music Festival: Santiago’s festival is on Praia’s Gamboa beach from 19th May. It runs for three nights, attracting local and international bands. June Sao Joao Baptista, Santo Antao: All the islands celebrate the feast of Sao Joao (St John the Baptist) on 24th June, but on Santo Antao it’s a major event. There a statue of the saint s carried on a 21km (13-mile) long procession. It is accompanied by drummers, dancers and people carrying palm branches. After Mass the partying begins. September Sal’s Music Festival: This takes place on the beach at Santa Maria over a mid-month weekend and approximately 20,000 people come to revel in the all-night sounds of popular local and international world music stars.

c ape verd e – a jewel i n a perfect plac e

Getting Away From It All From long walks on deserted, white-sand beaches to hiking in high mountains and along lush valleys, even discovering birds found nowhere else in the world, the islands of Cape Verde offer endless opportunities for leaving the busy world behind.

Sport And Leisure It’s the great beaches and year-round sunshine that draw many visitors to the archipelago. Sal is the centre for water sports, especially windsurfing, kite-surfing and scuba diving, big game fishing, as well as fishing for tuna, wahoo and blue marlin. Cape Verde is also a superb hiking destination, too, with the mountains and lush valleys if Santo Antao, Santiago and Sao Nicolau affording spectacular views, while climbing Fogo’s volcano is a unique experience

Food And Drink Fish, fresh from the sea, appears in all Cape Verde’s restaurants, which are usually simple places, almost invariably spotlessly clean, serving up very generous helping. The country’s colonial history has resulted in a cuisine that’s a mix of Portuguese, European and African influences. Fish lovers will be in their element in Cape Verde. Tuna is landed daily, along with swordfish, wahoo, grouper, sea bream, octopus, bica and a host of other local varieties caught from small boats by traditional methods. The lobster and prawns in particular, are exceptional. Mostly the fish is served grilled, when it is arguably at its best, and is accompanied by mixed salad, rice, vegetables. Even the smallest of restaurants here present you with an array of dishes and generously sized meals. Juicy steaks came from Brazil and South Africa, the source of most of the meat, fruit, salads and vegetables served in hotels. The many fruits and vegetables grown on Santo Antao, Fogo and Santiago find their way mainly into local markets. Grilled chicken is also a popular choice. If you order it in a village or small town restaurant, you can be pretty sure it has lived locally and is free range, There is also an array of Italian restaurants to try. They offer some of the best pizzas and pasta you’ll eat anywhere, possibly because many of the chef/owners have moved to Cape Verde from Italy. The local speciality is Cachupa. Cooked in every Cape Verdean home, this is a hearty stew that takes a long time to prepare and is eaten for lunch, dinner and fried up for breakfast when it’s topped by an egg and known as Cachupa Guisada. It has maize, beans, cassava, onions, sweet potato, cabbage and any other vegetable that is available.

c ape verd e – a jewel i n a perfect plac e

The Island Of Sal The island of Sal – the most cosmopolitan in Cape Verde – is dotted with little towns like Santa Maria. The cobbled streets are lined with surf shops, market stalls and rainbow-painted restaurants. Plus, there’s a square packed with al fresco cafés. The white-sand beach is the big star, though. It stretches for eight kilometers with beach bars and dunes all part of the deal. Sal is the most developed of all the Cape Verde Islands in terms of tourism yet still has a very barren landscape. In the north of the island you will find a salt lake in an extinct volcano crater, an impressive sight. Marine life around the coast of Sal and the rest of the archipelago is high with countless species including flamboyant tropical fish, dolphins and turtles.

Sal Island a piece of paradise

A large percentage of visitors come to Sal for the water sports and it's hardly surprising. Sal's long sandy beaches and turquoise water make a wonderful playground for water sports enthusiasts. It is also the perfect place for relaxing in the sun and enjoying long walks along the coastline. Sal is considered to be amongst the world's top five windsurfing locations so it is not uncommon to see bright coloured sails dotted about the ocean. Kite surfing, diving and deep-sea fishing are also very big on Sal. There are plenty of places to hire equipment, have lessons and organise trips. Another attraction, the site of Buracano, on the western coast, is famous for its natural swimming pool fashioned by the undertow in the coastal black rock. Enthusiasts can swim in clear water, and diving fans can choose to explore a flooded gallery just beside it, which opens out into fresh air through a gaping hole. If you can, do not miss the opportunity to take a trip on a quad leaving from Santa Maria; an ideal means of transport for discovering the spectacular landscapes and deserted beaches on the island

cape verde – a jewel i n a p erfect plac e

Why Invest In Cape Verde? Cape Verde property offers a superb opportunity to invest at very low prices in a promising emerging market. Although credit crunched like many other markets, we have negotiated substantial concessions from the developer and believe that the high build quality of Vila Verde will stand it in good stead for the future.

In summary, Cape Verde clearly has massive potential for Tourism and Capital Growth providing purchasers with high rental yields and ticks all the boxes for every investor’s wish-list! R Early stages of development in Cape Verde make it an ideal time to invest R Huge growth potential in tourist industry, 1,000,000 tourists expected per annum by 2015 R Specialist tourism appeal - wind-based watersports, wildlife tourism, eco-tours, scuba diving and big-game fishing - and beaches rated amongst the best in the world

c ape verd e – a jewel i n a perfect plac e

Rising Tourism Could Boost Demand For Homes In Cape Verde A recent report commissioned by Island Resorts points to a rise in air traffic to Cape Verde over the next two years, further boosting the number of visitors to the island. Over 47% of the carriers consulted said they were ready to start, increase or actively consider flights to Cape Verde and Boa Vista by 2013. “The response to our research was immensely positive with almost half of those consulted looking to develop their business in the region,” said a spokesperson for Island Resorts. Island Resorts consulted a wide range of airlines regarding their future plans for air services to the country. The carriers were mainly from Europe and also included Russia, Africa and Canada. Cape Verde has enjoyed a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 15.8% from 1999 to 2010. In the first six months of 2011 visitor numbers had increased by a further 27%.

R Three International Airports two with direct flights to/from the UK.

Stuart Law, CEO of Island Resorts, “Visitor numbers to Cape Verde have soared over the last fifteen years, averaging 7.2% growth a year and more recently over 20% pa, yet accommodation levels have not kept pace

R Very strong public and private investment.

Source Property Overseas Today – on line – Wednesday 4th January 2012

R Demand for quality tourist accommodation is by far outstripping supply

R Annual investment in travel and tourism is expected to grow from US$80m in 2010 to US$144m by 2020 R The IMF praised the "prudent management and strong economic foundations" undertaken by the Cape Verdean government, which have allowed the country to "resist the impact of the global crisis well”

“Most recent official statistics indicate a 22% annual increase in the number of tourists visiting the islands and the Government predicts that the country will attract one million visitors per annum by 2015”.

R Currently being re-classified as a "middle-income" country due to foreign investment in infrastructure and tourism.

Source 16.01.2012

R Strong possibility of inclusion in the European Union. R A multi-party, stable democracy, supportive of foreign direct investment.

R Appeals to broad demographic (young, old, families, singles, couples, etc)

“Cape Verdeans might have known about the wider world forever, but it seems that the wider world is only just opening its eyes to Cape Verde. On the surface this is hardly a surprise; the country appears to be nothing but a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it dot of dust floating off the coast of Africa, but the islands have recently started catching sideways glances from European wintersun tourists. This growing international interest is bringing enormous changes to an archipelago that looks and feels as if it were born from a Caribbean mother and an African father

R Socially very stable with no religious/political conflict or civil unrest

Source 31-Oct-2010 Lonely Planet’s top 10 countries for 2011

R Year-round warm, sunny weather, no close season for tourism ensuring high rental yield potential. R Closest Tropical islands to Europe. R Beautiful beaches, exotic tropical plantations and breathtaking mountains

R Low cost of living and property ownership costs (relative to UK) R Emerging market for affordable holidays with many tour operators offering holidays there R Flight times of under 6 hours from UK with little jet-lag due to similar longitude. (GMT -2) R Number three in Lonely Planet’s “Top 10 Countries to Visit” 2011

“Sal- silk sand beaches, an emerald green water , excellent hotels and restaurants, amazing fish cuisine, windsurfing, kitesurfing, diving & friendly locals” Source tourstvcom 14.01.2012

But don’t just take our word for it... “Cape Verde islands have won a reputation for achieving political and economic stability” Source – Cape Verde Profile 27/12/2011

c ape verd e – a jewel in a perfect plac e

Vila Verde Site Plan

Why Invest At Vila Verde? Introducing Vila Verde Resort, Santa Maria Exclusive top quality development on the island of Sal, Cape Verde, just 15 minutes drive from the International Airport Designed by Nuno Leonidas, who has designed many major prestigious developments around the world Designed with a relaxed, spacious atmosphere in a colonial village style and using the highest quality specifications Direct access to the beautiful, white sandy beach of Ponta Preta Central pedestrian walkways, with shops and restaurants strategically placed to create an old village ambiance Resort landscaped throughout 17 swimming pools in Country Club areas, for the villas, townhouses and apartments Tennis courts, botanical garden, shops, bars and restaurants Extremely well priced apartments for a development of such quality and location Vila Verde is an award winning development of apartments, townhouses and 3 and 4 bed villas on Sal just 300 metres from the white sand of Ponta Preta Beach, 15 minutes from the International airport and ten minutes from Santa Maria, the cultural capital of Sal. The resort consists of a balanced mix of apartment, townhouse and villa communities all set in landscaped surroundings with the apartment blocks separated into thirteen individual communities surrounding a communal pool and playground. The buildings have been finished to European standard building specifications which include fire detectors in every unit and elevators in all of the apartment blocks. Complementing the community feel to the resort, surrounding a central forum, there are the following facilities: Two Supermarkets Two Restaurants CafĂŠ / Concert & Grill Offering Disco/Jazz Club Travel Agency Computer store

Italian Pizzeria Ice Cream Shop Cape Verde Theme Restaurant Indian Restaurant Nautical Centre Boutique & Souvenirs

negotiated discounted price of just


studio apartments

average size 42sqm + balcony/terrace

average size 94sqm + balcony/terrace

two bedroom apartments

negotiated discounted price of just


average size 63sqm + balcony/terrace

average size 129sqm + balcony/terrace

three bedroom apartments

cape verd e – a jewel in a p erfect pla ce

one bedroom apartments

cape verde – a j ew el i n a p erfect plac e

negotiated discounted price of just

negotiated discounted price of just



ca pe v erde – a jewel i n a perfect p lace

Apartment Specifications

c ape verd e – a jewel in a perfect plac e

Apartment Specifications (cont)

Full furniture pack included in the purchase price

Wood-finish security front door with video entry phone

Free air-conditioning fitted in the bedroom and reception rooms.

Wooden interior doors, wardrobes and cabinets, with chrome fittings

Free TV connection with the option to subscribe to international channels

High quality glazed ceramic tiles on floors, bathroom and kitchen walls

Wi-Fi subscription available

Ceramic floor tiles on balconies and terraces

Kitchen fitted with extractor fan, electric cooking range, built-in oven, refrigerator/freezer, washing machine and microwave in apartments and townhouses.

Mirrored bathroom cabinet with countertop in polished stone

Granite kitchen worktop fitted with stainless steel sinks and taps Marble sills for doors and windows

Glazed china sanitary ware Acrylic baths and shower basins Lacquered aluminium external windows, doors and louvered shutters

High specification

ca pe verde – a j ewel in a perfect p lac e

Management & Rental Programme Please note that the figures in the table are indicative prices only, and in no way guarantee 100% occupancy. Owners will have the choice to join the rental/management scheme where rents are currently split 60:40, in favour of the owner, after deduction of 15% commission. This has the benefit, for owners, having all running costs paid by the management company, except the condominium charge and buildings insurance. Alternatively owners can manage their property themselves, retaining 100% of the rent but they will also be responsible for 100% of the running costs. It is our recommendation that owners enter the resort management scheme as the most robust way of achieving good rental yields and having their apartments managed professionally. Vila Verde Resort and property units will be managed by a property management company, which will take care of all components of the resort and, within the terms agreed with each owner, will manage the rental plan. We have also negotiated for the following to be included: Complimentary departure cleaning for owners and their direct families during owner’s agreed free accommodation period per operating year Free housekeeping based on the resort standard classification during the owner’s agreed free accommodation period per operating year As a member of the Vila Verde Rental program, you are automatically enrolled in the Vila Verde Owners Club with 15% discount in all direct resort services to be provided to owners and its direct families Owners usage - 4 weeks use per year plus any awarded bonus days (Apart from Christmas, Easter and August) 7 (seven) complimentary nights per operating year for the selection/reservation program and notification of residential owner occupancy before 15 January prior to and for use in the upcoming year Allowing you to maximize your rental income, the management company will give you 20% commission over the net accommodation price for all reservations made by the owners over its units and/or alternative units to be used for third party/clients such as friends, colleagues and neighbors The Management Company will organize and pay the Contents Insurance for the rental pool units The management company have confirmed the following tour operators have signed contracts to market the Vila Verde Resort: TUI Holand, Arke Reisen, Luxair Tours, TUI Nordic, Startstour, Solferias, Entremares, Abreu 1840, Soltropico and Abreu Spain. There are also ongoing discussions with a number of high profile European tour operators.

cape verd e – a jewel in a perfect p lace

Expected Apartment Revenue WEEK






















€470.00 Per Week

€320.00 Per Week

€470.00 Per Week

€320.00 Per Week

€470.00 Per Week


€620.00 Per Week

€430.00 Per Week

€620.00 Per Week

€430.00 Per Week

€620.00 Per Week


€805.00 Per Week

€570.00 Per Week

€805.00 Per Week

€570.00 Per Week

€805.00 Per Week


€1,005.00 Per Week

€700.00 Per Week

€1,005.00 Per Week

€700.00 Per Week

€1,005.00 Per Week























€295.00 Per Week

€320.00 Per Week

€470.00 Per Week


€356.00 Per Week

€430.00 Per Week

€620.00 Per Week


€485.00 Per Week

€570.00 Per Week

€805.00 Per Week


€600.00 Per Week

€700.00 Per Week

€1,005.00 Per Week










43 MID















€320.00 Per Week

€470.00 Per Week

€352.00 Per Week


€430.00 Per Week

€620.00 Per Week

€464.00 Per Week


€570.00 Per Week

€805.00 Per Week

€610.00 Per Week


€700.00 Per Week

€1,005.00 Per Week

€755.00 Per Week

cape verde – a j ew el i n a p erfect plac e

cape verd e – a jewel in a p erfect pla ce

The Finance Explained

Legal Services

We have exclusively arranged the mortgage through a Corporate and Commercial Finance agent of Banco Espirito Santo (BES Bank).

Company Profile

Mortgage provided by Banco Espirito Santo (BES) Up to 25 years as long as buyer doesn’t exceed 75 years of age with a 2% redemption payment 96% Loan against the Purchase price (88% mortgage + 8% top up loan over 3 years) BES Mortgage arrangement/product fee charged at 1.25% Valuation fee €200.00 Life assurance required for mortgages

The Purchase Process Made Simple

Neville de Rougemont & Associados is a medium sized Anglo-Portuguese law firm. The Firm provides legal advice of the highest standard, at competitive rates, to both the domestic and international markets, thereby serving the commercial needs and meeting the cultural diversity of its clients. The firm’s expertise encompasses many fields, with particular emphasis on corporate, commercial and property work. The young professional team of both Portuguese Lawyers and English Solicitors offers a complete range of services in both jurisdictions, to all our international clients. With offices in Lisbon, United Kingdom and Faro, our firm effectively provides a wide range of legal services. All our lawyers are fully conversant in several languages, and our aim is to establish Neville de Rougemont as the undisputed leader in the Anglo-Portuguese legal world, and as a reference for quality of service and professionalism.

We recognise that no matter how exceptional the opportunity is, purchasing property overseas can still seem to be a daunting experience. This alone however, should not put you off the opportunity.

Cape Verde

We have therefore arranged every aspect of the entire purchase process from reservation to the ongoing management and rental of the property. Where possible we have even managed to reduce costs to the absolute minimum to make this process as painless and cost effective as possible.

This archipelago of 10 islands is witnessing a growth and development without precedents and this factor has increased the interest of foreign investors, namely in the areas connected to the tourism industry. We therefore felt the need to contribute in making Cape Verde a secure market for the foreign investor.

We have enlisted the services of NDR law firm who will look after the full legal conveyancing for our purchasers to ensure that they have the benefit and comfort of full legal backing. NDR will look after our purchasers best interests by ensuring that the purchase is completely legal and that they receive the full title deed for the property.

It was with this view of contributing in making Cape Verde a secure investment for our clients that our firm decided to open an office in Cape Verde, in the island of Sal, which has a team of young and dynamic lawyers with a vast international legal experience and works in collaboration with out Lisbon, UK and Faro offices.

Our dedicated team will take you through the full purchase process ensuring you are fully aware of the steps to completion. The entire purchase process will take no more that 5-6 weeks on average (from the submission of mortgage paperwork).

Property (Commercial and Residential) From the moment we receive instructions from a client to represent him/her in the purchase or sale of a property, whether it is for personal use or as an investment, we will deal with every single step required in the conveyancing process on behalf of that client.

Services Provided Conveyancing;

Advising purchasers, sellers and agents.

In Summary A truly outstanding ‘once in a lifetime’ Holiday Home or Investment Opportunity in Cape Verde!

in Cape Verde is so much more than just an investment opportunity

Invest-Abroad - Vila Verde, Sal Island, Cape Verde  

Vila Verde Brochure