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Inversion is a pioneering brand, where we look at things differently. As a group of six designers, we will reflect upon our individual authenticity in order to create the most successful collaboration for 2014. As a dynamic team, we will pursue our desired market, by using clean design and unique print. Our target market is aimed for the professional female. We design for people who have a strong sense of individuality and are trend aware. We aim to create products that elude exclusivity. We aim to produce for the street wise dressers of today, people who need a product with form that follows a necessary function. We are eclectic in the way we feel and dress, therefore our product is designed to suit all natures. We are sensitive to our surroundings therefore aim to create with knowledge, power and awareness.



the beginning. Inversion started on the basis of a basic image : oil spills. This iridescent effect strongly evoked creativity within our group, whereby we wanted to explore further into how this effect took shape and how it would be used as a suitable platform to base a product upon. As a group of young designers we wanted to create a product that would suit all of our needs, we wanted to design for a similar market, which would be applicable for both female and male consumers.


We focused an accessory like a rucksack, which would be practical for day to day users. Despite the idea being something fairly concrete in the beginning stages, we decided to take upon more research to develop our product ideas further. Our strong secondary research was based upon visits to the aquarium and second hand stores around Bournemouth. We explored with how the iridescent effect was seen in different shapes and forms. As a group of modern designers we also needed to be more sensitive in the way we approached product research and how environmental factors were of great concern. We wanted to create something that was not damaging but more beneficial to daily consumers and their environment. As our research grew, with trips to London, we became even more aware of our global surroundings, and the people we saw day to day. We aim for creating a product used by all ages, something that was not considered ‘street-style’ savvy but more based on consumers who were street wise. Since our product is targeted to a large trend aware age group, we allow our consumers to customise their garment in order to pursue their own creative statement.


interviews for product developement. NAME: Vassia Chrysanthopoulou OCCUPATION: Independant Stylist 1. What bests describes the way you style?  My style is simplistic and the use of clean lines, I love it when a woman looks feminine without looking cheap. I choose clothes that flatter every body type. 2. Whats your ideal age to style for? There is not a specific age to style, my style is based on each personalities, when i understand this I can find out what suites them best. I have a diverse vision for styling, I really aim to cater for everyone. 3. Do you think that its more important to exhibit up and coming independent designers or use familiar brands? I love combining brands, there are no boundaries. I love mixing styles together, I do not care much for big brands, of course I have favourite brands I like to use but when I look at clothing I look at good quality materials, garments that are well contstructed. 4. With understanding the way women dress, what do you think are the key factors in making a women feel good?  First thing that is really important when I dress a woman, i want to make her feel comfortable, when you are comfortable you have a different attitude, I am trying to find clothes that best reflect woman’s body.


5. You are a very busy women, do you think there is a gap in the market for stylish flat-pack clothing (a-line dresses that could be packed into tote bag)? I do think that these type of garments need to revisited, create something that is more unique than just an average flat pack t-shirt. I often avoid flat pack clothing because it has this generic sizing which shows no personality. If one had to create more excitement for such a product this would be great. 6. Do you think that prints should be different for day and night wear? Prints do not make a difference, quality is very important. Styling/accessorising helps day to nights outfit. 7.Being involved in the fashion world, and dealing with a large group of high end designers, what advice would you share to any new designer wanting to create a fashion product? Have confidence within yourself and then your work, have intuition of what you’re going to sell, people expect revolution in fashion, something to excite our day to day lives.


SP APPAREL OCCUPATION: OWNER When did you start? Little over a year ago, it all started by me doing some work for a nightclub and things slowly progressed to where they are now. Are all your designs your own? as it appears more illustrative rather than graphic? Yes they are, I work alot in pencil then slowly move over to photoshop where I play around with colours. How often do you update your prints? I have loads of designs but use the most applicable and commercial for the site. Unisex? The market is more of a girls thing, market is between 15-24 for girls for me. I did not really plan it, kind of put it out there and see what the result would be. I want to move away from all white t-shirts. Where do you see your product? festivals? pop-upstore? I had a pop up store last year in the triangle. Worked really well, it gave me alot of exposure. Selling online is tough, talking to people is alot easier.


Do you do any concession work? Yes, I currently have some of my products at Urban Outfitters in Southhampton. That came from talking to a lot of people and exposing what I sold online. It came about last September. An interview was arranged, through working with the creative director, I also have work in Westflieds and possibly convent garden. It’s all about the links within the business that gets you far. Do you manage the workload? Yes, only one of me working for SP apparel. Talk me through your process? I work with printers in Boscombe that print onto the desired product and then they post the garment to the customer. I provide the packaging but they sort out the rest for me. Roughly how many products do you sell a year? I sell about 10-15 a week. It seems to tick over, but over summer I can involve myself more which should pick up the pace. Social media is a key factor for the business, Instagram works the best for me, its more visual. Facebook is not the best. What’s your main inspiration? University work is very conceptual, whereas SP APPARREL is drawing for fun, almost as if you’re a kid, you draw what you feel is right. If you wanted to expand your market how would you further your products? Change the cuts of the t-shirts, the designs are rather tough because people buy what they like/used to. The pug is definitely the biggest seller. What’s the greatest advice you could share? Its all about contacts, getting yourself out there and speaking to loads of people. Any challenges you face? The business side, a lot of spread sheets etc.


VISION We are creating a fashion product that caters to any hour of the day and to any consumer who is streetwise. We are creating a innovative product that is suited to any shaped environment with strong aesthetic features. The flat pack shift dress is designed for any shaped wearer who aims to create a statement. The dress can be styled to any need, with contrasting prints that make it a first of its time. With bold A-line features, it compliments any wearer, and stands as a timeless item of your wardrobe. Our prints use the iridescent nature of our conceptual research and can be changed through time with the release of our seasonal collections.




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