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Welcome to our 3rd Edition of ISMM Social Media Magazine We understand the social media world... Our company is based on the belief that our customers’ needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. ISMM can create the right strategies for your mission and business goals. ISMM will leverage new social technologies to increase the effectiveness of your existing communication efforts out in the World Wide Web. Social media marketing can help you increase the activity around these top goals: Website traffic and user behavior (external and internal tracking) • Conversion and sales tracking • Page views, ad exposure • Growing brand awareness (a softer value, takes longer to build) • Creating a positive brand association and keeping it there • Business development and a broader customer reach Why bother exploring social media as a marketing channel for your website or business? Here are some reasons why you should consider using social media: Its low-cost/high returns. If done by yourself, costs are limited to only time and perhaps the expenses involved in hiring ISMM to point you in the right direction or maintaining your social media account. The benefits will often exceed the cost. It would take you thousands of dollars to buy many links; social media has the ability to give you that for free. I will like to thank all my angels and supporters that have made ISMM Social Media Magazine possible. This has been an awesome experience serving my community. I’m so blessed to publish my third edition. I want humbly thank all my supporters. Never think anything is impossible in your life. Finally, know that you can achieve anything you believe in. Look out for the next issue of ISMM Social Media Magazine September 2012 Dedication to Men Business Owners of all Ethnicity.

God Bless you all!!

Antonia “Tonie” McClammy


Why doesn’t Social Media work for me?..............................7

PUBLISHER/CEO Antonia McClammy

Cwanza Pickney talks about her life as E.R. Doctor..........10 Let’s learn more about A.L.A.Y.A and E.S.S.......................26


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How can Pinterest help my business?...............................25 Anisha Rajesh thoughts on Classical Dancing...................21 What is Google +?..............................................................24 Mo Mong the Hidden Gem in Montrose: Lisa Hoang is the Lady in charge.......................................23 “I am not my hair” is a documentary of the beautiful women on the cover....................................8 What to expect from a Social Media Consultant or Coordinator....................................................9 How Dancing has changed my life from the women’s of Urban Souls point of view . ............................................12 “Carry Him” is a God Given Vision.....................................16 Dr. Khatira Aboulfatova discusses the healing process that soothes the soul................................18



Why doesn’t Social Media




Does your web analytics notify you/your sales team when a lead is visiting the website?

If you can’t answer all the questions maybe it’s time to relinquish your social media to a professional social media consultant.

Does your website analytics track which pages your individual leads view?


Many businesses want the cheap way out but want the million dollar results. You remember that ole saying you get out of something what you put into it…

3 4

Are you disappointed with your social media efforts? Maybe you are. You are not alone. Many business owners jump into the social media bandwagon and start growing their follower and fan base, post status updates, and are frustrated with the results.

How often do you send email marketing messages?

Do you track the traffic source/marketing campaign for each visitor, lead and sale? a. SEO - down to keyword b. PPC - down to campaign/keyword c. Email - by campaign d. Social Media - by site e. Do you track your social media follower counts/reach on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube? f. Do you track comments, inbound links and page views for each individual blog post you publish?

5 6 7

Do you have an SEO Strategy?


Do you have referral program for your existing clients?

1. “The goal is to engage the audience and as much as possible create a genuine community through social media.” 2. Brand awareness 3. Community involvement 4. Sales!! Sales!!

5. New Customers 6. Social Media is ongoing process . Do you have active people following your content ? 7. Clean up your social media outlets. It’s better to have potential and active followers than dead ones...

How often do you perform keyword research?

What are your expectations to expand your social media campaign?




everal years back I begin growing locks at the time it was not very popular and there were many that didn’t understand why or simply felt it was to ethnic. I was modeling and doing a little acting in TV commercials etc., my agency frowned on the new look and mentioned that I would not get much work; basically the south had not yet embraced that look from a mainstream perspective. I opted to keep them and grew them for over 12 years. Last year I decided it was time for change. I spoke friend of mine who doe’s amazing work in documentaries by the name of Felix Williams of Make Him First Productions about creating this documentary entitled “I am not my Hair” we teamed up to learn more about our people and their attachment to hair . We were amazed at how hair played such a huge part in so many areas of life. We began the process of interviewing numerous people from various walks of life that shared their thoughts about hair. We were blown away to learn of how opinions about hair varied tremendously from one person to the next. There were some that absolutely refused to go natural and others that absolutely refused to not get perms etc... We were surprised by one model particularly Barbara Durham that actually lost all of her hair and her journey to embrace it with boldness and confidence and boy did she rock that bald look like no other, she’s a must see in the documentary. Our hope with the “I am not my hair” is that we take a look at ourselves and recognize our value as human beings and look inside ourselves to find true value in who we are as a culture and learn to value ourselves from who we are within. Is kinky hair bad? Is permed hair better; is naturally wavy softer hair good hair? The list goes on take a look our documentary “I am not my hair” and the thoughts of over a dozen individual both male and female is any one person and or opinion right? The cover shot is of several models all from different walks styles and thoughts on their hair. We look forward to you seeing the documentary by photographer Ferrell E Phelps and Felix Williams owner of Make Him First Productions! 8


“If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.” Jeff Bezos, CEO at

“The most successful marketer becomes part of the lives of their followers. They follow back. They wish happy birthday. They handle problems their customers have with products or service. They grow their businesses and brands by involving themselves in their own communities.” Marsha Collier, speaker and business author

“Social Media is about the people! Not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide for you.”

What to expect from a Social Media Consultant or Coordinator

Stay up to date on new social media tools, best practices and how other organizations and companies are using them. Build, protect, grow, and share the company brand. Generates buzz through viral marketing initiatives as well as drive external link development. Manage presence in social networking sites including Face book, Twitter, and other simi-

lar community sites, posting on relevant blogs, and seeding content into social applications as needed. Writing and organizing posts on clients Facebook pages & Twitter pages & LinkedIn accounts.

Posting client’s blog on blog sites (light HTML)

Become an advocate of the Company in social media spaces, engaging in dialogues and answering questions where appropriate.

Utilize industry standard tools such as mail-chimp/constantcontact, Seomoz, and Google Analytics to track growth and campaign performance.

Editing client press releases.

SEO and SEM, specifically AdWords

JPG, PDF, Wav, MP3 file conversions. Develop a vast strategy to receive lots of +1’s, likes, re-tweets, and recommendations.

Matt Goulart

“Every year the Web offers up hundreds of new experimental services and ideas, and while you don’t have time to try them all, if you’re able to pinpoint the applications with the most traction, your early adopter status will come with long-term rewards.” Jennifer Van Grove, editor & social media strategist

“Social Media is my canvas to create content to share my thoughts, my actions and my world !!!” Antonia McClammy, social media strategist and author ISMM Social Media Magazine




Hello Everyone !! I would like to introduce Dr. Cwanza Pinckney. She’s a wonderful person with a great sense of humor.



one brother and two beautiful nephews Clifton and Bryson. ANTONIA: Tell us more about your experiences as an ER Doctor? Why ER instead of being cardiologist? CWANZA: To be honest, Emergency Medicine supports my ADD nature. I have found myself easily bored by working in a clinic type setting and the lifestyle of surgery was just not attractive for me because of the significant amount of overnight call and personal sacrifice that that specialty demands. I think that the broad spectrum of disease processes and unique situations I encounter in the emergency department is interesting, challenging, and fun. Although, I would be lying if I said there are not just as many frustrations that I experience as well but they come with the job. I am constantly reminded that life is stranger than fiction and I really feel a sense of pride and fulfillment when I help someone in a meaningful way. ANTONIA: What is your greatest achievement? CWANZA: My greatest achievement is developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, my lord and savior. ANTONIA: Amen!!!

ANTONIA: Why don’t you begin by telling me about yourself? CWANZA: I am 34 years old. I grew up in Dallas Texas. I have been working as an Emergency Room Physician in Houston, Texas since 2007. I am a proud Alumni of Xavier University of Louisiana. I am the daughter of Christopher and Eloise Pinckney. I have

ANTONIA: Cwanza what do you like to do in your spare time? CWANZA: I love trying new restaurants and discovering new foods that I never thought I would like. I love “shooting the breeze” with my friends and loved ones. I have a passion for traveling, music, art, and dance performance (Urban Souls is my favorite...of course). ANTONIA: Tell me about your observational experiences dealing with patients every day? CWANZA: Wow. I could go on for days on this one. I am super honest so here you go. Being in the Emergency Room is just like being in any public place

except that it is filled with sick people. For example, all the same people you see at McDonalds, the shopping mall, and the grocery store are all the same people I see in the ER except they are sick. So you have the patients you treasure because they just reinforce every reason why you went into medicine because you really see and feel that you are making a difference. On the flipside, there are patients that make me cringe when their name comes on the tracker system because I can recite their medical history and complaint verbatim because I have seen them twenty times for the same thing and they still believe I am going to come up with a different answer for their problem the twenty-first time. I know that sounds mean but it is the truth. The ER is weird because in one room I can be coding a patient and using every ounce of intellect, procedural and pharmacological knowledge that I have. Then I can go to the next room and fix the entire problem, literally, with a hug, sandwich, coke and a smile. That is just the ER and despite whatever frustrations there are, l love it. ANTONIA: Tell me about your family. CWANZA: I am so blessed to have two wonderful parents (Chris and Eloise Pinckney) who have loved and supported me throughout my life. I have an older brother who always encouraged me to pursue an education and introduced me to many of the greatest African American literary geniuses of our time through the books he made me read over the summer (I didn’t get it then but I get it now). I have been blessed with 2 beautiful nephews who I look forward to spending some time with this summer. In addition to my family I am so blessed to have friends who treat me like family that have been with me through thick and thin. I am also thankful for all the love, support, and kindness I receive from the beautiful spirit who puts up with me at

home. My family also includes two little angels that are in my heart and spirit no matter near or far. I love you. And I could never forget my Rico who helped me to see the best dogs come from the shelter. ANTONIA: Where is your family from? CWANZA: My mom is from New York and my Dad is from Philadelphia. ANTONIA: What was the best day in your life? CWANZA: Being a part of the birth of the most beautiful, lovely, sweet and special girls on the planet. Jaida and Jasmine I love you. ANTONIA: What would you like to change about yourself? CWANZA: I would love to not have Insomnia. ANTONIA: What are your leadership/ community service activities? CWANZA: I have been looking, for some time for an organization that grabbed my attention and compelled me to serve. I am so happy to have found all of what I am looking for by serving on the board of Urban Souls Dance Company. This non-profit organization is a community leader in arts education and reshaping the way the community, as a whole, views the importance of dance and the arts. Their shows are phenomenal and there are so many awesome programs that we are going to be bringing to the public this year. I can’t wait. ANTONIA: Who do you look up to as a hero? CWANZA: I really admire Nelson Mandela. In the American culture we tend to praise the loudest and boldest people. But I am so impressed by Nelson Mandela’s ability to endure the pain and oppression of being unjustly incarcerated and still return to the world

with a loving spirit without bitterness or anger and then lead an entire nation. ANTONIA: Who has influenced you the most? CWANZA: I definitely believe it takes a village to raise a child. I look at my parents, family and all of my extended “mommies” and “daddies” that encouraged and expected me to stay in school and be a productive member of society. I feel so blessed and grateful to have had that loving support. I think about Dr. Gee who let me grow up and learn about real life medicine in her office every summer. There are so many people who have contributed to where I am in this world and I am eternally grateful. ANTONIA: Do you belong to any groups or support certain causes? CWANZA: Bread of Life, Montrose Counseling Center. AIDS Walk Houston. ANTONIA: How would you react to or deal with an AIDS patient? CWANZA: I don’t really differentiate AIDS patients from any others. I just make sure that I am careful to watch out for disease processes that I know adversely affect this patient population. I would say I definitely try to be very sensitive to their needs as these patients do experience a lot of discrimination and I wouldn’t want anyone to feel that way in my care. ANTONIA: How would you respond to someone who said that doctors make too much money? CWANZA: I personally feel that physicians are paid with respect to an intellectual and procedural skill set that takes years of education and specialized training to master. ANTONIA: Thank you so much Cwanza for sharing your time with ISMM. SOCIAL MEDIA | AUGUST 2012


In this special Women’s Issue were are introducing

My Soul is U.R.B.A.N the Ladies of Urban Souls Dance Company

Ultimately Responsible for Broadening Arts Now


rban Souls Dance Company (USDC), a Houstonbased non-profit performance and social arts organization, actively bridges the gap between urban life and dance-theater by embodying a global perspective through the creation of a broad spectrum of works that inspire an all-inclusive society. Our vision of social art is most aptly described in the ongoing campaign, My Soul is U.R.B.A.N: ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE FOR BROADENING ARTS NOW. USDC sees social art as work that acts responsibly socially, in its execution, with vision and talents and most importantly, in the handling of stories and lives of other people. Founding

Artistic Director Harrison Guy, along with General Manager Walter Hull, carry out their commitment to social arts into the Houston community, where Harrison has taught extensively and Walter, as a youth development analyst and nonprofit manager, functions as the Regional Program Director of the U.S. Dream Academy. USDC illustrates its investment in the mission of social art through a partnership with the Ishyo Arts Center in Kigali, Rwanda, with the goal of establishing increased arts access in Rwanda. USDC is dedicated to the preservation and creation of historical and contemporary dances to celebrate cultural themes that educate and entertain.

To learn more about this great nonprofit organization

Felicia Woodard


rom an Urban Souls dancer point of view, dancing has changed my life by giving me an avenue to talk about social issues that we do not dialogue about on the daily basis, and also by allowing me a space to simply dance and to just be. On the daily basis we often go through life not able to, or sometimes completely unaware of social issues that affect other communities. Sometimes we are unaware of things affecting our own communities. Artists are allowed to “get away” with things because we can express certain things on stage, canvas, through music, etc., that others may not be able to do on the day to day basis. Therefore, I am privileged. I am privileged to be able to dance about genocide in Rwanda, or spirituality, or dance about racial issues and relationships because those things are important, 12


and if we dance about it, someone in the audience can learn something that day or even begin emotional healing that day. It’s humbling and I’m grateful to be able to create a space where those spectating can learn and go home and talk about these things happening in our world leading them to possibly even change it. Lastly, it’s allowed me to simply be and relish in the moment because I have had to learn about pioneers that came before me. I am proud to be a black female dancer and to be strong and soft simultaneously. Purposeful, vulnerable, and beautiful. I’m grateful and happy to be a part of history because I know the things black dancers have had to go through, stereotypes we have had to overcome, and back doors those before me have had to go through. I am standing on the shoulders of those before me so I am grateful that I am able to simply dance and just be. Because of that I can never take this gift of dance for granted.

Meoka McBride

How Dancing has Changed my My Life from an Urban Souls Dancer POV: rban Souls has always been an accepting community of artist. As a mother of two wonderful boys, I was faced with the challenge of finding a dance company that would be open with my family and schedule. After graduating college with a BFA in dance, I knew that I wanted to settle down in Houston and find a dance company to call home. I found Urban Souls and was instantly excited. My first thought was, “There is a dance company like this in Houston! That is where I belong!” Dance has been a beautiful, artistic factor in my life but dancing with Urban Souls has completely changed the way I view dance overall. I take much pride when telling a story through dance about the genocide in Rwanda, the Ishyo Arts Center in Rwanda or the story of Sojourner Truth. When audiences view Urban Souls performances, they are touched, they learn something new or different, they establish views on different subjects effecting our community and beyond and are sometimes inclined to research our topics. Words can not express how empowering this feeling is as a dancer. When I walk on stage, I feel a heaviness and accountability to tell the story to the best of my ability. Urban Souls has taught me to be a true artist. To give, give and give more. Harrison Guy has created a realm in dance that in my opinion, is untouchable. There are moments when me or my fellow company members exit the stage in tears. It is nearly impossible to be disconnected from the issues we present through dance. This is vulnerable, this is genuine, this in Urban Souls. My SOUL is URBAN.




ancing wit h urban s ouls Dance Co m pany has changed my life by allo to expres s myself th wing me rough my form. Befo art re dancer bu Urban souls I was a t it transfo rmed me an artist, into giving me freedom a the ability nd to dance without an hibitions. y inI thank th e Lord for ing urban p la souls Dan cce in my life. It’s such a Company ble be around amazing d ssing to ancers th love danc at ing as mu ch as I do .

man TamaraceCHoales Changed My Life frieowm

How Dan r Point of V y and ul’s Dance to stay bus o e S m n r a fo rb y U a an e bence was a w older, danc w re g I s s a child, da A . g since rsonal skills een dancin b e v a h gain interpe I . trainngth urce of stre rofessional o p s y y n a m e in a m g ca idn’t & M Univerrs old but d irie View A ra P I was 9 yea t a e g lle as in co ing until I w nt when I very mome t a th t A y. it s e class, I ry first danc e v y m k o to ungry to for more. H ry g n u h s a w w more! be more, gro ght , re o m rn a le tau at to me. It Dance did th g hard looked like. rkin me what wo in that rs that were e c n a d y n a M technique een taking b d a h s s la c and for me years prior classes for ad lots of , I knew I h just starting e, I started Post colleg work to do. an Souls es with Urb taking class nger all t instant hu and felt tha ers are These danc over again. ucets and so many fa amazing in mazing be just as a I wanted to e stage, nce for n sharing th neously. Da a lt u im s e so that whe in sh d cannot istry would breath is an I . e m to all of the art e th life and day, is brea my view on d e g n a h me as of to c s nowledge it. Dance ha king more k e e s y tl n live without te is e from to me cons wth in danc ro g d n a contributed e g d er to be a ore knowle nd the hung a t in o p d at my job, m n ta technique s artistry and y. a d ry e v ne better perso




Mayra Bullock

Kandys McKinley

Urban Souls Company Manager Being a dancer for Urban Souls is a feeling like no other. I get to share the stage with some of most talented dancers. Urban Souls allows me to escape the fast pace of everyday life and do what I love, DANCE. Also provides the opportunity to merge my passion and souls and create some of the most amazing works. Urban Souls is more than a dance company their my family.

Jonnesha Hawkins-Minter

Being a USDC Dancer means to be passionate about your artistry and give back to your community.

Dancing with Urban Souls Dance Company (USDC) has changed my life because every day I develop more into an Artist. USDC is not only committed to molding technically proficient dancers, but developing the souls of humans into the best Artist they can be. Dancing allows me to be transparent. Whether I’m on stage, in the studio, or dancing in the living room, dancing allows me to transcend to a higher place that’s indescribable! To be able to communicate through movement and have someone say “you gave me chills,” or “thank you for sharing your gift,” is amazing! I feel blessed to posess a gift that allows me to change the lives of others as well as my own. I’m extremely fortunate to dance with a company that embodies a mission of changing lives through dance. Art is all about pressing the envelope and making the audience think about your work long after it’s been presented and that’s exactly what dancing with USDC is all about!

roth Rachel Eckes sence.” At its

“It’s soul… it’s ignant social core, USDC is po is heartbreakcommentary that king. The ing and breathta plores both the choreography ex ate realities of pungent and delic ers are phenomlife and the danc urishes me. enal people. It no

Candiss Drexler

A USDC Dancer dances beyond the steps. We bring the words and music to life through movement. We go beyond the story and make it compelling. A USDC Dancer is a storyteller, a perfect blend of technique and passion, which makes a fierce performer! 14


Stephanie Dunlop

USDC allows me to be myself and express myself in a non-judgmental and comforting atmosphere. USDC has a passion for dance that drives me to do better every time I walk into the studio. Although this is my first year with the company, I can already feel the love and support from my fellow dancers, and I look forward to dancing with USDC in the future.

Social Media Crossword Puzzle! During and after the presentation take the time to solve this puzzle, as it will serve you for further review of the topic. 1














Across What type of social network is YouTube? 4 Who was the founder of Hi5? 6 Orkut was created in_______. 7 A social network focused in Asian culture. 9 You can digg or______a news. 12 What type of social network is Facebook? 13 Which social network passes around a petition asking congress to "censure President Clinton and move on�? 14 Newest major social network to date. 3

Down Which was the first social media communication method mentioned? 2 Who are the users of Educational social networks? 5 Conducts scientific or academic collaboration and research: 8 Which social network is used to find a place to stay when traveling? Usually in some one’s couch or any spare space. 10 As time pases web pages give the user more ________. 11 Biggest photo sharing page in the world. 1



When The Holy Spirit speaks




wo months after Lindsay Barnett graduated with her Bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, she was at home reading the Holy Bible when the Lord gave her vivid image. She did not understand what was going on however she had a Name, Logo, and Concept for a Christian based clothing line – Carry Him. The name Carry Him is so appropriate because God desires us to carry Him literally in our lives; whether we’re at home, school, church, and even at our place of work, we can and should carry Him consciously everywhere we go. Lindsay was very surprised and taken aback, and she told the Lord she knew nothing about sketching, designs or the clothing industry. She suddenly began sketching outfit that she thought was absolutely hideous. With each sketch she saw a magnificent transformation however still not think they were “good enough”. She prayed and asked the Lord to give her what is needed for her to walk in HIS will. Later that very night while she slept she recalls six distinguished outfits. When she woke from her sleep she sketched each one as it appeared in her dream. The next night she said she had a similar dream with five more outfits. These dreams were reoccurring night after night and dream after dreams she saw her sketches transformed. Much favor has opened up for Carry Him quickly. The line has been worn by Mrs. CoCo-Brother-Joann Rosario-Condrey for the Stand Campaign, at The Georgia Dome (2010) this event held an audience of nearly 25,000 people. Mrs. Joann also wore a Carry Him gown from the Cathedral line for the 2011 Gospel Stellar Awards. Gospel Artist such as Tye Tribbett, Canton Jones, Travis Greene and his 12 piece band and others have requested garments from Carry Him. Carry Him and Cathedral continue to grow quickly with meek gratitude. Carry Him and Cathedral is a casual and contemporary fashion forward Ready-to-Wear line that consists of everyday wear. Carry Him is easily recognized by its “Footprints” logo that represents Footprints in the Sand when God carries us. Carry Him gives 10% of its proceeds to non-profit organizations. Carry Him has a subsidiary line for Specialty Garments named Cathedral-by Carry Him. Lindsay Barnett is the Creative Director & Owner of Carry Him and has obtained a Master’s degree in Operations Management. She is a high achieving and carried a 4.0 GPA throughout her studies. Lindsay said she feels confident in succeeding based on her beliefs, her team, the established customer relationships, and her strong work ethic. Carry Him Head Designer is Dehra Yvette. Dehra has worked in the fashion industry over 30 years. Dehra designed 16


and hand sowed Mrs. Denzel Washington’s dress for the Oscars when she received “Best Dressed at the Oscar” (1991). Dehra was offered a position to join Calvin Klein’s design team; Debra’s designs were used in Calvin Klein’s Fall Collection line for his Fall Run Way. Dehra’s clothing has been featured in Upscale and Jezebel magazines. John Lim, Chief Operational Officer (Apparel Consultant) has worked with retail manufacturing for over 20 years. He owned La Corona USA; La Corona which was one of the largest wet processing facilities on the West Coast. Some of Johns clientele were Armani, Calvin Klein, Guess, Seven for all Mankind, Citizens of Humanity, Rock and Republic, Frankie B, BCBG/Max Azria, Paige Denim, etc. John builds the infrastructural sector, and brings assets through legalities, vendors, supply chain networks, along with future contacts for manufacturing in China. John will lead and expand the Carry Him line into international sales. His focus is national and international distribution. Sharon TL Jackson holds a Master’s Degree in Management/Human Resources. She is the Business Consultant/PR Consultant for Carry Him. She has over 20 years of solid direct response for marketing and pitching, and is a lead creator of high profile marketing campaigns. Sharon is the owner of S3LAM Consulting, Inc. and brings a wealth of business experience to the team. Carry Him is literally Heaven sent! It has an awe-inspiring team that helps build and edify Godly principles with high work standards. We are presently seeking and deciphering between Godly-Investors that believe in the message, style, and image of Carry Him. When the Holy Spirits Speaks take heed!

For more information contact: Lindsay C Barnett CARRY HIM, LLC Phone: (678) 458-5450 & (336) 340-5405 &




Khatira Aboulfatova

M.D., LMT Reiki Practitioner Nu Skin independent Consultant ANTONIA: Welcome Khatira Aboulfatova, M.D. KHATIRA: Hello Antonia ANTONIA: Why don’t you begin by telling me about yourself? KHATIRA: It’s always is a challenge to talk about myself I’m originally from Azerbaijan formerly known as one of the 15 Soviet Union Republics. I’ve been living in the United States, specifically in Houston for past 18 years. I’m a single mom of 2 amazing teenagers. About 8 years ago, the lives that I thought I was already settle down. Consequently my life took a real different direction and I had a choice to make; going back to the medical field or doing something I love and influence others in a positive uplifting way. So, I went to school got a massage license, then I got certified in energy healing – Reiki, and so on. Amazingly, when you tell the universe where you want to go, it will unfold its red carpet under your feet. The right people and opportunities keep showing up. Be careful what you wish for because it is coming with the speed of light, nothing you can do but go forward. ANTONIA: Reiki is a form of energy healing in which the practitioner uses light touch to channel energy. Why medicine? What intrigues you about the Reiki world? KHATIRA: First thing – Why not medicine? – Even though I am an M.D. and all, I have always strongly believed in natural healing. I always say – there is no “cure’ but only Prevention. Why is healing? – Because our body have the natural ability to heal within, when you know how to do it. Reiki – is one of my favorite forms of energy healing. It is very gentle, yet very powerful. Everyone have the ability to do Reiki when they know how to channel the universal source energy. What intrigues me about Reiki is that you fall into deep relaxation we call – Reiki Sleep – where you’re body and mind completely “shuts down” and yet you are conscientious. Finally, after Reiki you will feel like a brand new person ANTONIA: Please tell us more about your Practice? What services do you offer? KHATIRA: I do offer variety of services that promotes living a balanced healthy life. The services consist of massage therapy, Reiki, Access Bars, Cellular Memory Healing, Lifestyle coaching, Anti-Aging, Weight Management , Skin care, and products of Galvanic face and body spa that lifts, firms, tones your skin non invasively and naturally. ANTONIA: What makes your practice different from others?



KHATIRA: There are many wonderful healing practices out there right now, which is I am so excited about it. More the merrier, right everyone has there own uniqueness in what they do. I am blessed and gifted with giving people the results exactly what they need at the given time and space. And, I am always looking out for what would benefit my clients. I strive for the best and deliver the best. ANTONIA: What is your greatest achievement? KHATIRA: It is standing up for myself and not giving in I am a fighter or Warrior, seeker and a healer. My greatest achievement is learning to be True to myself. I am so proud of that. Along the way I lost that and forgot about it, until the Universe woke me up with kind ‘kick” I believe in ongoing growth, living a purposeful life and transforming life of people around you, one person at a time. When I am true to myself, and be that What God has created me to be – everyone around me have no other choice but being impacted, one way or another. ANTONIA: Khatira what do you like to do in your spare time? KHATIRA: I have to stop and think of this one. (Smile) When I get a spare time – I like to do something that makes me feel good. I love meditating in the nature after a good walk, or sitting by the water, and indulging the gentle breeze in the morning. I love reading – that’s it! Reading a wonderful suspense novel. ANTONIA: Tell me about your observational experiences dealing with patients every day? KHATIRA: I haven’t been dealing with patients any longer, since my view of healthcare has been changed. I love working with my clients who is dedicated and committed to their families health, and are looking for better way to take care of them and their loved ones.Unfortuanely some of them get wrapped up in the busyness of their lives, yet they aware of the consequences of not doing what is the best for them. ANTONIA: Tell me about your family. KHATIRA: I brought up in a family where my education, good manners, honesty, love and kindness were the primary values. No matter how tough life hit us, we always knew we have each other. I am the eldest of the 4 children in my family. My mom was the disciplinarian and my dad was the fun dad, who will tell us magical stories, and he will take us out. We did laugh a lot. Sometimes I do miss him very much.

ANTONIA: Where is your family from? KHATIRA: My family is from Azerbaijan, former Soviet Union republic. ANTONIA: What was the best day in your life? KHATIRA: I don’t know how to answer that question exactly. There are many best days in my life, #1 - The day my daughter was born and #2 day my son was born. I always wanted to have a girl and a boy in the order I described being a mom, I think the best thing in my life. ANTONIA: What would you like to change about yourself? KHATIRA: Change myself? – no I don’t believe in a change, I believe in transforming my beliefs and getting better and better by every minute, even by second. I am a believer that I will grow, expand, and keep bettering myself till the day I die. And, there is so much I want to know and learn ….. ANTONIA: What are your leadership/community service activities? KHATIRA: I love contributing at any possible opportunity I get. In the past I was member of BNI, HNN, ABWA, and LandmarkEducationForum. I don’t belong to any specific groups at this time. ANTONIA: Who do you look up to as a hero? KHATIRA: Oh wow!!! Countless heroes. I look up to Gandhi, Oprah, Dr.OZ, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Louis Hay, Anthony Robbins, Jerry and Esther Hicks, Ellen Degenerous and more – these are my mentors, my heroes for the difference they make in the world by opening the eyes and minds of

people who think they are ordinary. ANTONIA: Who has influenced you the most? KHATIRA: My journey started with teachings of Wayne Dyer, Deepak and Louis Hay. Truthfully it is the combination of these amazing people influenced me and shifted my beliefs. ANTONIA: Do you belong to any groups or support certain causes? KHATIRA: I don’t usually like to talk about this part of my contributions. Yes, I do support many causes, such as Hope, Change Happens, Nourish the Children, World Vision, extra. in educating and feeding children in the 3rd world countries, helping them become leaders in their communities and teach them how to build an agriculture and make a better life. ANTONIA: How would you react to or deal with an AIDS patient? KHATIRA: Well, they are no difference than any other one of us. In fact I had a very dear friend who was an AIDS patient and he was the most generous, loving, kind hearted, extraordinary person I knew. ANTONIA: How would you respond to someone who said that doctors make too much money? KHATIRA: I think everything is compressing. Since I am not practicing, this is irrelevant to me. I am sure some doctors make good money, and some don’t. It depends on their specialty, I would say. ANTONIA: Thank you so much for this wonderful interview. Khatira you are magnificent lady... Thank you so much.



Upasana Kalakendra

4619 Wellington Grove Ln Katy, Texas 77494 281-392-4703


like to introduce a great and intriguing lady Anisha Rajesh... She’s a gentle giant and, very funny. I really loved talking to her and learning about her culture and dance studio.


Anisha started her dance pursuit at the age of 6 years. She has been trained in Bharathanatyam, Kuchupudi, Mohiniyattam, Kathakali and Carnatic music. She was initiated into the learning of Bharathanatyam by Thiruvalla Vasudeva Panicker, Mohiniyattam and Kuchipudi by Mavelikara Sreevalsan. She has been trained in Kathakali by Kalamandalam Krishnaprasad. Her association and training under Dr Neeba Prasad proved to be the most fruitful and enlightening time in her life as a dancer. Anisha finds her training in Carnatic music as a great asset as a teacher of dance. She has been trained in Carnatic music for 10 years under the tutelage of the late Mavelikara Sankara Pillai. Immensely talented and creative, Anisha has won numerous awards in dance, music and literary competitions at inter-school and inter-college art festivals. To mention a few, she was awarded the “best actress for her brilliant performance in the Kerala University drama festival and she was rewarded the title “Kalathilakam” (a distinction awarded to the highest points achieved in multiple art competitions) at the inter-university arts festival of the training colleges of Kerala. In addition to dance and music, she has a keen interest in literature. She is also an immensely talented writer and poet and has won numerous prices for her writing in various competitions. She has a Bachelors and Masters in English Literature, Bachelors in Education, PG Diploma in Journalism and Master of Philosophy in English Literature (PreDoctoral Degree). She was the Gold Medalist in Mphil(Kerala University – 2000. She is also qualified for Lectureship by University Grants Commission (UGC) in India. She worked as a lecturer in English in colleges affiliated to Kerala University and Pune University before moving to the USA in year 2005. Marriage and raising two children had kept her fully occupied for the last 8 years. Now she is back, concentrating on her real passion “Dance”. Through Upasana Kalakendra, she plans to impart her knowledge, instill the necessary discipline and train the

students to achieve their full potential in their dance performances. It’s in dance with all purity that she finds her soul soaring high into the unknown and the sublime realms of creativity and happiness. Indian Classical dance, be it Bharatanatyam, Mohiniyattam or Kuchupudi is a blend of Nritta (rhythmical elements), Nritya(Technical elements) &Natya (dramatic elements). Lot of discipline, hard work, and dedication is required for a dancer to master these art forms and create a magic blend in their performance. At UpasanaKalakendra, we will be presently conducting classes in Bharatanatyam and Mohiniyattam for a limited number of serious students interested in learning these art form. Our aim is to impart the knowledge, discipline and training necessary for the students to achieve their full potential. In the process, the students will understand the nuances of the art form and will appreciate the depth of the Indian culture. At Upasana, our goal is that our students move beyond the narrow-minded objective of participating in each and every stage program/ competition and develop a passion for learning and performing these subtle and classic art forms in all their purity. SOCIAL MEDIA | AUGUST 2012


SPOTLIGHT ON: Local businesses and Organizations My First Classroom


y First Classroom was published in 2011 by Marie Elena Cortes, a Houston

teacher, public speaker, and educational consultant...and the founder of Kids Write to

Sister of Serenity


isters of Serenity is dedicated to offering direct services for people in need while creating

social change within the community through education. Sisters of Serenity is a Houston based non-profit organization dedicated to providing a safe transitional home to those living with HIV/AIDS. S.O.S. will maximize the health and quality of life those who are living with HIV/AIDS, socially and economically. Although all segments of society are involved, it disproportion-

Ferrell Phelps Photography


hether it’s at a club, a restaurant, the church, or your hair salon, somebody is always talking about the works of photographer, Ferrell E. Phelps. With his 18 years of experience, when he steps behind the camera the finished product is nothing less than flawless. This self taught artist obviously has an eye for capturing more than just an image; he has the innate ability to artistically capture his subject’s most intimate and cherished moments. Born and raised in Houston’s north side, Ferrell started out in front of the camera before he became the man behind it. After a somewhat disappointing stint working for some national photo exchange companies, he knew that it was time for a change. Ferrell recounts being told by his former manager, “you’ll never be successful on your own.” Imagine! “So often we allow people to kill our dreams and things we believe in, but when you know who you are and the gift that God has given you, no one can take that away.” Spoken like a true champion. With the dynamic force of his faith in God and his determination to become successful, he started his career by taking pictures of family and friends. At that time he gave the pictures away for free. But his gift began to transform, and what was once a hobby blossomed into his profession. “I absolutely love what I do.

ately affects economically challenged people with HIV/AIDS. Our mission is to become a viable presence in the community to provide a secure home environment for those infected with HIV/AIDS. We envision Sisters of Serenity being able to help those who are to help themselves.

Ferrell’s celebrity clientele include LeToya Luckett, Delta Burke, Robert Horry, Shaquille O’Neal, Nancy Wilson, Dionne Warwick, Aaron Glenn, Queen Latifah, and Elvin Bethea. He’s even been fortunate to photograph “the greatest”, MuhammadAli. He credits his success to his father because he believed in him and to his best friends because they have been his most loyal fans. Being committed to giving back to the community, Ferrell has donated artwork to Texas Southern University to assist in raising funds for scholarships, not to mention the Sandra Organ Dance Company, and the Children’s Miracle Network Telethon. You can also peep Ferrell’s work at the Black Heritage Art Gallery and the St. Agnes Church. Just make sure you don’t miss his signature collection: a series entitled In the Spirit, a collection of works that “stands as a declaration of the human spirit’s passion and purpose.” Also a must-see is his most powerful and most controversial piece, Step Out on Faith and Stand on the Word. Once you see it, you too will be speechless.



About Makeover 101 Ministry


akeover 101 believes that youth development encompasses the process of grow-

ing up and developing one’s capacities physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually and professionally. Makeover 101’s main purpose is to teach young ladies to see themselves as God sees them. Consistently reaffirming proven life principles while reminding each individual that they are created in God’s image. We seek to help adolescent girls between the age range of 11-18 live a balanced holistic lifestyle while realizing their full potential. We are an organization committed to changing the lives of teenage girls and young women by empowering them through various avenues. We teach both the physical and spiritual aspects of a makeover. We emphasize the

Mo Mong

Vietnamese Restaurant 1201 Westheimer Rd # B Houston, TX 77006 713-524-5664

Lisa Hoang is the mastermind behind this Montrose’s favorite gem for over ten years. Mo Mong Vietnamese Restaurant is a unique, urban hideaway in the Montrose area of Houston, Texas, that features Pan-Asian cuisine based on traditional family recipes. Located in the heart of Montrose and convenient to Houston’s downtown, Midtown and River Oaks areas, Mo Mong’s contemporary surroundings have been providing discerning diners with tasty food and delicious drinks for over ten years. The inviting downstairs entry features a full-service bar and lounge area, with a bamboo garden outdoor patio that is perfect for al fresco dining. The dramatic upstairs dining area is perfect for both intimate dinners and larger gatherings. Mo Mong is famous for its fresh, tasty spring rolls, and other standouts include nha trang oysters and curry chicken.

importance of knowing who you are in Christ which gives you the strength to face many of today’s challenges. We are inspired by perfection and the attempt to teach Godly standards, morals, and principles desirable to live by in today’s society.

Alsace of New York- Houston


lsace Events is ready to assist you with the planning, design and coordination of your spe-

cial gathering or celebration. We are intentional to be “original” Our primary focus is you. As our guest we will listen to your ideas and desires and go beyond your expectations.

Mo Mong is available for private parties, and offers complete catering services for both large and small gatherings. A Houston tradition, Mo Mong’s famous Martini Wednesdays is the place to be every week. Join us for $3 martinis and priceless people-watching every Wednesday night from 5pm until 10pm. DJ Joe Ross spins the hottest dance and top 40’s every week. SOCIAL MEDIA | AUGUST 2012


What is Google+? G

oogle+ allows businesses to create pages and develop relationships with prospects and customers on multiple levels. Individuals can add a brand to a specific Google+ Circle, share a Google+ page with their network, and interact with the content posted by that company. For instance, users can +1 (or in other words, endorse) the updates a company publishes, leave comments, upload photos, and tag the brand in them. An interesting aspect of this platform is that its Hangouts feature enables companies to engage with fans, prospects, and customers through video conference calls. Google+ is a social network that allows users and brands to share status updates, links, images and videos. Users can comment, share and support (+1) Advantages of Google+ for marketing Circles, a key Google + feature, allows for better targeting to various people in your groups. The select groups of followers can consist of friends, marketing professionals, acquaintances and other people you consider in your circle. STREAM: Like the Facebook News Feed, this is a steady stream of updates from the people you follow, or in Google+ speak, the people in your Circles. Expect to see written updates, photos, links, videos and anything else the people in your Circles want to share.

1 2




HANGOUTS: This is a fancy name for group video chats. Think of Hangouts as Skype video chats on steroids - you can hang out via video with up to nine other people at a time. You can even watch a YouTube video together. We’re not sure why you’d want to, but you can. HUDDLE: This is essentially text-based group chat. If you had AOL, you might remember private chat rooms. And now, what’s old is new again. This is a mobile feature that works only on Android handsets. GOOGLE+ HAS GAMES. And of course, you can share your results and scores with your Circles. SPARKS: This feature tells you “what’s hot” and sends you trending information based on your chosen interests. If you’ve heard of Twitter’s “Trending Topics” - the most popular topics at any given moment on Twitter - this might look familiar. +1 BUTTON: Similar to the Facebook “Like” button, the “+1” button allows you to give your online stamp of approval to a search item or Web page. And if you’re a Google+ user, when you “+1” something, you can also share it with your Circles via your Stream.


5 6 7

How do I set a Google +Business Page 1 Choose an Accessible Gmail Account 2 Create a Page With the Desired Account 3 Customize Your Public Profile 4 Promote Your Page 5 Optimize Further

What is Pinterest? P

interest is an image bookmarking site. The mission of the Pinterest team is to connect people through their common interests.

Here’s how it works: 1) When someone likes an image on a website they can pin it back to a board they’ve created on the Pinterest site. These boards can be named anything but fall under categories designated by the Pinterest team, like weddings/events, home décor, travel, etc. 2) Individuals can see pins by people whose boards they are following, or by searching through the most popular pins (most repined), by category, by search term, or by price. If a user has typed in the price of the object in the comment area it will also appear on the top left corner of the image (this only happens when the dollar sign is typed into the comment area. 3) Every image has a comment area, link, and options to like or repin. Viewers can visit the site that housed the original image by clicking on the image or on the URL in the top right corner of the image. Clearly, Pinterest’s ability to become a leader in referral traffic is already established. SEO professionals have also realized the potential this social site can provide for products or services. When creating your Pinterest profile also make sure to: • Make your profile open to search engines • Fill your about section with relevant keywords • Add your website URL in the about section • Set your location to better attain geo-targeted traffic

To correct the challenges listed above you can make a request change to the user who pinned the image. Every user has a message area under the social media icons on their homepage. Simply ask the user if she can change the link of her image. If you do not receive a response try using a social media platform to contact them instead. How can Pinterest help my business? ■ Use Hash tags ■ Just like Twitter and Google+, Pinterest supports the usage of hash tags. Users can usehash tags to tag their pins and make their content more search-friendly. ■ Promoting a new campaign of some sort? Create a pin board around it, and tag it with a hash tag you’re also using on Twitter and Google+ to leverage an integrated, cross-channel campaign. ■ Feature Offline Events: Create a pin board that features the best photos and video footage of the annual event you host to help you generate buzz and promote the next one. Showcase Your Business’ Personality ■ As we’ve mentioned, Pinterest has a heavy lifestyle focus, so what better opportunity is there to give people a peek into the personality of your brand? ■ Create a pin board that showcases your employees and life around the office show them working together, show them making your products/services, and show some of the fun activities your business participates in, such as companyoutings, parties, award ceremonies, volunteer days, etc. ■ Showcase Info graphics of your business

Using keywords throughout your Pinterest profile is a great way to increase SERP visibility. Product Search & Link Reclamation: Instead of pinning your own images you can make sure your own products are being pinned and redirected correctly. Let’s use the previous example of a furniture website. I know the products promoted on my furniture website and I want to make sure any image of those products is referring back to my site. Create lists of tags that correspond to your image based on the product name, brand, or function. Search those terms. Most likely a lot of random products will appear because people tag images without really thinking about it. However, you may actually discover your own products in the mix. Note which images do not mention your company in the tag/comment area and not linking to your site.




eiki Colquitt is the founder of A.L.A.Y.A and the reasoning behind A.L.A.Y.A is based on Neiki’s past that she was allowing others to define who she was because she did not believe in herself and that she too was a leader. There were a lot of people that were close to her telling her that she would not amount to nothing or she will never be anything in life. Therefore, Neiki used those negative words and turned them into something positive and that is how A.L.A.Y.A was born. Neikiis inspired to spread the awareness of (E.S.S) Empty Sella Syndrome after being diagnosed with the debilitating disorder. Many women go untreated for this disorder causing obesity and high blood pressure in women. Due to destruction of the pituitary gland many woman have symptoms such as the ceasing of menstrual periods, infertility, fatigue,

Empty SellaSyndrome is a condition in which the pituitary gland that shrinks or becomes flattened. The pituitary makes several hormones that control the other glands in the body, including the : • Adrenal glands • Ovaries • Testicles • Thyroid Primary Empty Sella Syndrome occurs when a hole in the membrane covering the pituitary gland allows fluid in, which presses on the pituitary. Some known Empty Sella Syndrome symptoms are or a combination of: • Erectile dysfunction (impotence) • Headaches • Migraines • Irregular or absent menstrual cycle • Low sexual desire (low libido) • Nipple discharge • Weight gain • Fatigue • High blood pressure • Pancreas does not produce enough insulin on its own • PCOS ( poly cystic ovarian syndrome • Fertility and intolerance to stress and infection. She is committed to educating people to become aware of Empty Sella Syndrome and treatment options available to them. It is Neiki’s passion to open the first Empty Sella Research Center in the world where women can come can get the assistance they need in becoming pregnant. Our nonprofit offers many other services that outreach to the public our passion here at A.L.A.Y.A is improving human need and self, restoring broken relationships, offering assistance and providing a wide range of services to everyone. To help us to continue to bring awareness to E.S.S and to help A.L.A.Y.A build the first in history Research Center for Empty Sella Syndrome. Neiki Colquitt CEO/Founder



THINK GLOBAL. 356 Media Productions is a creative design agency launched by Harvey Rusher, Jr. to service both the small business owner and small non-profit organizations. With a total of 14 years of experience in graphic design & photography, the agency launched adding a web design component to its arsenal in 2006. The mission of 356 Media Productions is to offer a strategic, streamlined approach to design that infuses form and function.

web design, graphic design,& photography IT'S A DESIGN, MARKETING, MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING FIRM ALL PUT INTO ONE.

Harvey Rusher, Jr

E: P: 281.846.4025


adies Nite Out was started in 1996 out of New Orleans, La. In Its 15 years Ladies Nite Out has helped women of all walks of life become Business Women once they had joined as Independent Consultant.

We do In-Home Parties for ladies. We host Bridal Showers, Bachelorette Parties, or Just a Girls Night Out. We create Love Baskets and offer Concierge Service. With this service we create your Romantic Get A Ways.

CEO/Founder Shawanda Berry opened this business because she wants to promote Healthy Relationships and help “Keep the Spice in the Relationship”. Mrs. Berry is known as a “Love Coach” and sells the perfect items that help rekindle the fire that maybe once forgotten. We are here to help you create and bring the joy, happiness and memories in your life. Sincerely, Shawanda Berry | Ladies Nite Out/CEO | | 832.453.4402




Leorlin Boyd

AGENCY The Leorlin Boyd Agency

We provide several lines of insurance, such as Auto, Home, Flood, Commercial, Life, etc.

is licensed in the states of

Our agency can provide customers with insurance quotes through a variety of companies. This kind of versatility allows us to offer the customer the best coverage for the best price!

have received recognition

Texas, and Louisiana. We have been in business since 1998 and since then, we from local community associations.


We also have been named as top sales producers in the property and casualty industry.

Efficient and quick insurance quotes Returned calls the same business day Detailed explanations of coverage’s and policies State licensed agents with great experience and knowledge

We are located at

11041 Shadow Creek Parkway, Suite 115 Pearland, TX 77584 off HWY 288 and 1 block off Beltway 8 (Sam Houston Parkway) in the Houston area to better

serve your needs


CALL US TODAY! 832-300-3130

or |

Quick, Fast & Affordable Service!!!

Southeast Texas Civil Process Currently Offers Mobile Notary Services And All Process Server Services In Harris, Brazoria, Fort Bend, Galvestion & Montgomery Counties.

Southeast Texas Civil Process Bobby Rouse - Owner Houston, TX P: 713.575.7569 F: 281.412.6498

ISMM Social Media Magazine 3rd edition  

This is edition is dedicated to women "Im every woman""

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