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2012 New Year Special Edition




Volume 2  No.  1     PUBLISHER  &  EDITOR     Michelle  Ke,erman   LAYOUT,  DESIGN,  &  PRODUCTION   Virtual  Margie,  Right  Brain  Produc0ons   ADVERTISING  SALES   Michelle  Ke,erman  927-­‐834-­‐8592   _____________________   THE  INVENTORY  INSTITUTE   Founder:    Michelle  Ke,erman,  The   Inventory  Experts  &  The  Home  Inventory   Mastery  Program   Advisory  Board  Member:    K.  Andre  Ankton,   Innovarus  Mobile  Media   Advisory  Board  Member:    Susan  Day,   Inventory  It   Advisory  Board  Member:    Chris  Gerstner,   Win  With  Chris   Advisory  Board  Member:    John  Grimm,   Global  Home  Inventory   Advisory  Board  Member:    Patrick  MarDn,   Steadfast  Home  Inventory   _____________________   This is an original piece of work and all writers and authors retain full rights to their original work. The editors and publishers are not responsible for unsolicited materials. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the expressed written permission of The Inventory Institute. All rights reserved. All materials listed in this magazine are subject to manufacturers change and the publisher assumes no responsibility for such changes. Compiled and designed in the United States. Inventory News 2012 New Year Edition

Thanks to everyone for their tremendous support and encouragement in 2011. We climbed many mountains and slayed many dragons in 2011. We learned that a great majority of HIPs in North America were fed up with the trickery and deception that had become common-place in our industry. The Inventory Institute’s 2012 Advisory Board and I remain 100% committed to advancing the third-party home and business inventory profession with the utmost respect and dedication to our five pillars: Truth, Trust, Training, Tradition, and Transparency. In 2012, The Inventory Institute will work hard to remain the trusted source of non-biased and reliable third-party Home Inventory advice, information, products, and news…and we will continue to be honest and upfront about everything. We continue to be fiercely committed to the industry and ethical HIPs. --- Michelle Ketterman

We are proud to spearhead yet another first for North American Home Inventory Professionals, this first of its kind and unique magazine and happily share our knowledge, information, and network with current and would-be Home Inventory Professionals. We work hard to make this a valued source of professional information and encouragement. This project compiles much information not available in one place anywhere else. We welcome competition and truly believe there is enough work for everyone, but you are expected to prepare your own work and not use our material or work and put your name to it – copying and pasting should never be a standard method of practice. We are fiercely honest and transparent in our business practices and continue to demand that others hold themselves to these same high standards – our success is in large part due to our insistence of transparency and honesty. If you are tempted to copy our work and effort, we recommend you reconsider this approach as we spend a good deal of time and energy reminding Home Inventory Professionals as well as home and business owners of the importance of original work.


Table of Contents Good Bye 2011…Here Comes 2012 page 4 Home Inventory Products & Services page 5 Meet your 2012 Advisory Board Members on page 6 ☑  K. Andre of Innovarus Ankton on page 7 ☑  Susan Day of Inventory It on page 9 ☑  Chris Gerstner of Win With Chris on page 11 ☑  John Grimm of Global Home Inventory on page 13 ☑  Patrick Martin of Steadfast Home Inventory on page 15 The Inventory Institute’s Insurance Company and Commissioner Task Force page 17 The Inventory Institute’s Code of Conduct & Code of Ethics Task Force on page 18 The Inventory Institute’s Product Review Committee on page 19 The Inventory Institute’s Security Task Force on page 20 Home Inventory Professional Resources on page 21 HIP Client Bill of Rights on page 20 The HIP’s Code of Honor on page 22

Inventory News 2012 New Year Edition


2011 was an amazing year for the industry. In 2011, The Inventory Institute was the first:   third-party Home Inventory organization focused on the industry not software purchased or training received. The Institute respects every HIPs right to choose the best software, training, and standard practices based on their unique market and target audience.   to offer a certification program for HIPs. Launched in 2009, The Inventory Institute’s certification remains the recognized standard.   North American HIP Conference held October 8-10, 2011 in Dallas, Texas and scheduled for the second weekend in October each year.   to adopt a 100% transparency policy – we will not accept or tolerate trolling, sock puppeting, fake ads, deceptive ownership, and fabricated awards. Instead, The Institute and our members rely on our reputations, ethics, and truth to show that we remain trustworthy, ethical, and above reproach.   national industry-wide magazine Inventory News at   national industry-wide podcast Home Inventory Panel at   national industry-wide free monthly mastermind group. Facebook wall open to members and nonmembers, but kept private to allow for real communication instead of fostering an atmosphere of false testimonials and mud slinging.   to name May as National Home Inventory Awareness Month.   to provide third-party expert unbiased rating, review, and critique for potential endorsement of Home Inventory Software with no financial gain (beyond application fee) or ownership or reward. Endorsed products include:   PaperTrail Inventory Management System @   Collectorz! @   DigiProve @   My Personal DataSafe @

Inventory News 2012 New Year Edition



The Inventory Institute is pleased to offer these exciting professional enrichment and collaborative programs in 2012 for the Home Inventory Professional (HIP). MEMBERSHIP Become a member of The Inventory Institute and enjoy the many benefits. Complete and email. Membership Application with payment. $250 or $70/ quarter

COACHING Inventory Coaching Club includes a biweekly call covering HIP specific topics and issues. $29/monthIndividual Coaching - 2 45-minute one-on-one sessions per month. $60/month

CERTIFICATION This program is for experienced HIPs - it is not an introductory training or a formality. Our process is similar to other non-biased, respected professional certification programs in similar professions. You must be an Inventory Institute member in good standing to apply. $595 or 2 payments of $325

MASTERMIND GROUP Only 8 slots available. Mastermind participants in emerging professions like ours are considered leaders. This is a perfect opportunity to create a name for yourself as a reputable thought leader. $360 or $45/ month

WEBINARS Monthly 45 minute sessions cover relevant topics directly related to today’s HIP success! Member Price $10 each NonMembers $25 each

SUMMITS & CONFERENCES 2011 HIP Conference was such a smashing success, we could not wait another year to get together again! We are pleased to sponsor several HIP TeleSummits in 2012: including “Goal Setting for the HIP” in January and “The HIP BrigadeTM” in May.

MONTHLY MARKETING MIX We are very excited to offer 10 seats for this new program. Participants receive new HIP marketing workbook inserts each month with exercises and assignments. Participants meet virtually to engage, discuss, and plan. Member Price $250 or $25/month. NonMember Price $350

SOCIAL MEDIA SCRAMBLE We are very excited to offer 10 seats for this new monthly program. Participants are given personalized hands-on, real world social media coaching from Patrick Martin specifically geared toward HIP Success. Member Price $250 or $25/month. NonMember Price $350 Members only: Combine both Monthly clubs for $400 or $40/month Unless specifically noted, programs are for The Inventory Institute members only. Visit The Inventory Institute’s website for more details.

See you October 11th thru 13th for the 2012 HIP Conference! Inventory News 2012 New Year Edition


PresenLng The  Inventory  InsLtute’s   2012-­‐2013  Advisory  Board  Members   By Michelle Ketterman

Every year at this time, I look back on the previous year’s challenges, obstacles, and successes. I can sincerely say that 2011 was a year of tremendous industry, personal, and professional growth. We learned some amazing and often painful lessons. We discovered that most who said HIPs didn’t need a certification after we launched the first one in 2009, created their own in 2011 – some obvious…and sadly others blatantly hid their ownership in programs. We learned (and often times relearned) that the gap between Home Inventory Professionals and home inventory providers or specialists seems to grow weekly. As an industry organization, we saw first hand that there truly is strength in numbers, and with approximately 10% of the industry attending the FIRST EVER Home Inventory Professional conference, we finalized a HIP Code of Honor and a Client Bill of Rights. Most important, we learned that there are some truly amazing HIPs in North America! These are true professionals that are eager to work hard and grow this industry along with consumer awareness and ethics. Professionals that do not claim to be ‘licensed’ or compile data on a spreadsheet…. Inventory News 2012 New Year Edition

In 2011, we learned that as members of a relatively new industry, it is easy to lose touch with the non-HIP world, and we need to remain connected to ‘the big picture’ as much as possible. Keeping that in mind, and modeling The Inventory Institute’s Advisory Board as closely to larger and proven successful Advisory Boards, we have chosen to change The Inventory Institute’s Advisory Board structure in 2012. Instead of three to five HIPs, The Institute’s Advisory Board will now consist of three HIPs and two HIP-related professionals. This will help keep the organization grounded, wellrounded, and in touch with non-HIP issues and viewpoints. The 2011 Advisory Board was a tremendous growth experience for me and the organization; a couple Advisory Board members left for personal reasons, but there is no way 2011 would have been nearly as amazing if not for Patrick Martin of Steadfast Home Inventory; he is an amazing Advisor and a brilliant advocate and HIP. Patrick helped The Institute end 2011 on a high note, and I am confident that the additional Advisory Board Members will do the same in 2012. I am absolutely thrilled to present the 2012-2013 Advisory Board. This is the official Advisory Board Member logo.



Name: K. Andre Ankton Company:  Innovarus Media Website: Facebook:   Twi,er:  @K_Andre

K. Andre Ankton is a Mobile Marketing Consultant located in Dallas, Texas where he provides innovative mobile marketing solutions for doing business in the “Digital Age.” Andre has over 20 years of IT and telecom consulting experience. His experience in the telecommunications and entertainment industry has garnished him an Emmy award nomination. Andre is a forward thinker and is passionate about following and anticipating technology trends. He enjoys helping small business owners harness technology to help level the playing field with the big corporations. Mobile marketing technology will flourish in 2012 and Andre will use his strong background to help his clients capitalize on the trend. Andre is also a Certified Information Security Advisor, and in a related business venture, he helped many small business owners get and stay compliant with federal and state laws aimed at protecting customer information. Federal and state fines can be imposed on businesses not compliant with these laws. Andre is proud to have helped many business owners avoid costly fines while helping protect their client sensitive and confidential information.

K. Andre Ankton, Innovarus Media (Continued) Compliance can be overwhelming to business owners and managers. As a Certified Information Security Advisor, Andre helped businesses and organizations make sense of required safeguards for compliance with laws such as Red Flags Rule, HIPAA, GLBA, related state consumer protection laws, as well as the credit card industry’s PCI security standard. After partnering with the Federal Trade Commission to help educate consumers and businesses on identity theft and data security, Andre because a well-known and respected expert in the field. He has received the CISSA certification and currently working on additional industry designations. After a successful career in Compliance and Security, Andre is very excited to bring state of the art strategic mobile media solutions to his clients. Andre has been a friend of The Inventory Institute for several years. His guidance, counsel, and selfless sharing of knowledge has helped The Inventory Institute work through several roadblocks and obstacles. His insight and knowledge will prove to be an asset to not only The Inventory Institute, but to ALL North American HIPs. He is very excited to get started. Andre shares The Inventory Institute’s vision and main objective of providing trusted, non-biased, and 100% truthful and transparent resources for Home Inventory Professionals that understand the importance of advancing the industry as a whole. An avid traveler, and Andre has ‘never met a stranger.’ Andre won a special Olympic lottery and is fortunate to be attending the 2012 Summer Olympics in London later this year.

Inventory News 2012 New Year Edition



Name: Susan Day Company:  Inventory It Website: Email: Phone:      904.607.2846

Susan was one of three North American HIPs to participate in the country’s first HIP exclusive Mastermind Group. She quickly became a standout leader and the go-to person for Home Inventory Professional customer reporting. As an early adopter, she’s been around this industry for almost 10 years and will add valuable insight into helping direct the future of the home inventory profession. Susan started her home inventory business on a part-time basis in 2002 and went full-time in 2006 after re-targeting her market toward the high net worth client. In 2010, she relocated to a rural South Georgia town to be of assistance to an aging parent but where she found the market for home inventories, especially high end ones, were pretty non-existent. She had decided to put Inventory It! on hold until she was able to get back to a more marketable area when she got a call from Michelle Ketterman asking her if she would be interested in participating in a Mastermind Group of HIPs. Susan agreed primarily so that she could stay involved in the industry and to share her experiences and knowledge with up and coming HIPs. Little did she know that her next “business” would come out of this group! After brainstorming with another Mastermind Group member, the idea to offer back office support to other HIPs, now known as reporting from Inventory It! came to be.

Susan Day, Inventory It (Continued) Pulling from her HIP knowledge and experience and her IT background (project management, database and technical reporting experience), adding some ingenuity and out of the box thinking, Susan has created a unique service for HIPs. The HIP performs an inventory in their state, sends everything to Susan who compiles the data and creates the reports. Upon approval from the HIP, she prints, assembles the report into a binder and sends it back to the HIP ready for delivery.

Susan’s current sidekick: Savannah was 12 years old when Susan rescued her.

All this is done using state of the art security, total confidentiality and the highest standards for a professional look and feel! That’s right – Susan Day of Inventory It! takes the most time-consuming and labor intensive part of being a Home Inventory Professional off of your hands! When Inventory It! reached the point where it needed to expand, Susan didn’t hire a salesperson, she hired someone to take over the back office activities. This gave her more time to network, develop referral sources and to market her business. Hiring anyone is challenging and comes with a lot of responsibility. She adjusted how she did her inventories so that her back office employee didn’t have to “be there” in order for her to do her job. Susan has incorporated what she learned through trial and error into making the best back office operation, the first of its kind and is calling it reporting from Inventory It!. As a new HIP or as a successful veteran HIP, time is the most elusive resource and the most valuable one. Susan asks the question “Is your time better spent on completing your inventory or on developing more business, spending hours creating your final product before the deadline, or being available to go to a networking event or a soccer game. You choose.” Susan is quoted to say “The key to outsourcing is to not spend your most valuable resource, time, doing something that someone else can do better and faster, especially something that doesn’t add value just because you did it.” Traditionally, HIP businesses will outsource their accounting, legal work, and technology needs. Reporting from Inventory It! allows you to outsource the most arduous and timeconsuming part of performing a home inventory to the reporting professionals, saving you valuable time and ultimately increasing your bottom line! Inventory News 2012 New Year Edition


2012-­‐2013 ADVISORY  BOARD  MEMBER   OF  THE  INVENTORY  INSTITUTE   Name:  Christopher J. Gerstner Company:  Win With Chris Website:   Email: Phone:  469-583-2445  

Chris found his first passion at the age of 9 in martial arts. He later won his first state championship at age 14 and placed in the nationals at age 16. He earned his black belt and began teaching others at age 17. His martial arts career continues to grow and evolve as he stays active and engaged. In high school, Chris excelled at leadership and business. He earned multiple awards through young adult leadership training academies and seminars. These experiences guided him in earning two national statesman awards, while at a highly ranked national seminar held in Washington D.C. At age 19, Chris launched his first business, a partnership with a high school friend set on “learning the ropes.” While attending college and working full time, they still made time to organize, build, and successfully operate the business. The intent and ultimate goal of the venture was to experience what college textbooks couldn’t teach about entrepreneurship. Chris realized the difference between textbook knowledge and “street smarts” early on. After accomplishing the goals of the partnership, the business was closed. His previous business partner and he still view this ‘experiment’ as a success for the many lessons learned that aren’t included in any textbook. Chris then accepted a commission-only position selling direct mail advertising door-to-door. At age 21, he found himself in front of business owners who had the same problems he had faced and overcome only a short time ago. He quickly found another passion and strength, a strong desire and natural ability to help business owners define and reach goals and create their vision of success.

Christopher J. Gerstner, Win With Chris (Continued) While gaining experience and a thick skin selling advertising door-to-door, he noticed a common thread with business owners. Chris found that most entrepreneurs lacked a third party perspective; they knew which supplier could deliver what product faster or easily remember the names of the best customers, but few business owners realized exactly what they were really selling. It wasn’t dry cleaning, coffee, or vacuums as their advertising clearly stated. They were selling professionalism, convenience, craftsmanship, and dependability.

Chris and Teri Gerstner. They were married September 2011.

Chris soon gave in to the irresistible pull to start another business. After writing seven separate business plans, he chose to open a residential remodeling business specializing in energy efficiency upgrades. After starting the company with less than $17,000, the third year in business realized gross revenue of over $1MIL. Since then, Chris has helped many different business owners gain unique perspectives. From walking new business owners through common dangers to helping seasoned veterans engineer new solutions to old problems, Chris has a knack for successfully helping entrepreneurs. Far from simply avoiding costly mistakes or distancing a business from danger, Chris helps entrepreneurs pursue the far more admirable purpose of reaching for the sky! Chris says, “If you’re going to reach for and actually touch the sky, you’ll need a way to get there.” Through his unique experiences and amazing ability to not only teach but also inspire, business owners find the airplane that has been buried in the garage all along. Chris has been an Outside Business Advisor to Michelle Ketterman for several years and has been instrumental in several successful national programs introduced by The Inventory Institute. Chris was the emcee of the 2012 Home Inventory Professional Conference and the Mastermind Facilitator at the end of the conference. Many conference attendees named Chris as their favorite presenter at the conference. Several members of The Inventory Institute were very pleased after receiving private coaching and from Chris. When The Inventory Institute’s Advisory Board structure was revised to add two non-HIP members, Chris was an obvious choice. Inventory News 2012 New Year Edition


2012-­‐2013 ADVISORY  BOARD  MEMBER   OF  THE  INVENTORY  INSTITUTE   Name:  John Grimm Company:  Global Home Inventory Inc Website: Email: Phone:    319-294-6651

 Note: this is not an exact replica of John

Born and raised in the Midwest, John Grimm learned at a young age the importance and value of hard work, honesty, and integrity. Being very involved in sports in high school he realized his love of competition and the thrill of winning; he also learned the “agony of defeat.” While still in high school, and armed with this knowledge, he approached his first work experience with great enthusiasm. Working in retail at a clothing store, he broke all sales records in his first six months. After attending college, John joined the insurance industry as an outside sales representative for long-term health care. He came in second place as rookie of the year for top sales. Within a year, an opportunity to take on a new challenge led John to the mortgage industry. He spent the next 6 years helping create the American dream for homeowners. During this time, John noticed a lot of inaccurate items on credit reports and began helping his clients dispute these inaccuracies to the three major credit reporting agencies. Soon it became apparent the next forward move for him would be starting a credit restoration company. For the next two years John worked with mortgage companies all across Iowa and the Midwest to help their clients with inaccurate credit reports. Then the mortgage meltdown occurred. Over the next few months he witnessed over 85% of the mortgage companies he worked with close down or reduce their staff.

John Grimm, Global Home Inventory Inc. (Continued)

Luckily for John he saw the slow down coming. A couple of months before the meltdown. he was introduced to the Home Inventory Profession. This is where having contacts in the Insurance industry really helped.

John is an avid Iowa Hawkeyes fan. “Go Haws!” 

John spent the next couple of months speaking with one of the top insurance agencies in the state of Iowa. They saw the importance of having a home inventory and in the first year over sixty of their clients had home inventories performed. During the first year of performing inventories, John soon discovered the software he was using was inadequate. He realized there is a great need for modified software. Over the next year and half John spent a lot of time in research and development of what will be the most user friendly and efficient software on the market; a big tool for the Inventory Professional and home owner.

Inventory News 2012 New Year Edition



Name: Patrick Martin Company:  Steadfast Home Inventory Website: Email:   Phone:  978-319-4963 Twi,er:  @sHomeInventory

Growing up in a small town in southern New Hampshire, Patrick Martin has been instilled with strong family values. He recognizes that a home is not just four walls and a roof, but a collection of years of memories. It wasn't until the Summer of 2006 that Patrick realized that insurance wasn't all that a family could do to protect itself when it came to natural disasters and burglaries. Flipping through the channels on night, Patrick stumbled upon a local news report broadcasting only a few blocks from his home. They were interviewing a local man who had just been the 4th victim in a string of local burglaries. “I feel like my family has been violated.” he said “what's worse, is that we can't even account for everything that has been taken!” It was there in an almost moment of clarity, Patrick realized that almost everybody had home insurance, but virtually none of those people had any documentation or proof of what's insured. Steadfast Home Inventory was born. Starting with a home inventory of his own house and moving on to family and friends' homes, Patrick has been slowly, but surely educating the people of New England of the importance of a properly documented home inventory. Patrick is constantly honing his Home Inventory craft and constantly looking for better ways to make sure that every home be protected. He is perpetually searching for the best and safest possible way to keep information secure.

Patrick Martin, Steadfast Home Inventory (Continued) A self-proclaimed nerd in the field of technology and security, Patrick is always examining the latest security methods to be implemented into the Home Inventory Industry. Patrick says, “Technology is evolving at such a rapid pace that it's important to keep up with new trends however, it's also imperative to make sure to not jump at the latest and greatest methods simply because they're new and flashy. Security over all else!”

Patrick and his fiancé Jessica enjoying a fun Halloween celebration.

Having a bachelors degree in psychology has also brought unique insight into his home inventory business. “Not only is it important that a family be safe, but the comforting feeling of safety is equally important.” Patrick says. “Families trust me to come into their home and document their valuables, I owe it to them and to myself to do it right the first time and keep that information secure.” In 2011, Patrick was named Vice President of Home Inventory for Markham Group. This position represents another first for the industry as Patrick continues to lead HIPs into uncharted territory. As 2011 Advisory Board Member, Product Review Committee Member, and Chair of The Inventory Institute’s Security Task Force, Patrick has been an instrumental player in the third-party Home Inventory Profession in North America. In his ‘spare time,’ Patrick is also:   a co-host of ‘The Home Inventory Panel,’ a weekly radio show/Podcast,   a contributing writer of ‘Inventory News,’ the first and only magazine for, by, and about Home Inventory Professionals,   a co-author on several first of their kind industry books, references, and resources,   known as the HIP Social Media expert North American HIPs are lucky to have Patrick Martin as an industry leader and advocate. The Inventory Institute would not have been able to launch the many successful programs, resources, and classes without Patrick’s amazing and seemingly never-ending creative ideas and help. The Inventory Institute owes Patrick a great debt for his professionalism, vision, and dedication to the industry.

Inventory News 2012 New Year Edition


2012-­‐2013 INSURANCE  COMPANY  &  COMMISSIONER     TASK  FORCE  OF  THE  INVENTORY  INSTITUTE   The Insurance Company and Insurance Commissioner Task Force of The Inventory Institute will work with Insurance companies and Insurance Commissioners in various states to help spread consumer awareness and education on the importance of third-party Home Inventory. The Task Force has two openings for additional members. If you are interested in applying for this ground breaking Task Force, send your intentions and request an application to  

CHAIR: MELTON BENNETT OF WHAT’S UNDER YOUR ROOF SERVING METRO ATLANTA GEORGIA is dedicated and passionate about promoting and advancing ethical third-party Home Inventory Professionals in North America.  

MEMBERS: Your   o   Phot   Here

Your o   Phot   Here

2012-­‐2013 CODE  OF  CONDUCT  AND  CODE  OF  ETHICS     TASK  FORCE  OF  THE  INVENTORY  INSTITUTE   The Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics Task Force of The Inventory Institute will work with closely within a tight group to review and revise The Inventory Institute’s 2009 original Code of Ethics taking into consideration new topics such as on-line presence and promotion. The Task Force will also begin the process of compiling a formal and enforceable code of conduct for The Inventory Institute members.  



JOHANNA CURTISS OF ASSET DATA COLLECTION SERVICES leaves her customers prepared in the unlikely event of an unforeseen catastrophic situation caused by fire, flood, theft or storm damage. Johanna also provides “reactive” Disaster Related Inventories which helps families and businesses document their assets after a disaster occurs. Johanna will use her professional background in project management, IT, and consulting along with Task Force Members to update and improve The Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics. to is the perfect candidate for this Task Force Asset Data Collection Services is located in South Carolina. JO SOARD OF AMERICAN HOME INVENTORY PROFESSIONALS joined the Home Inventory Profession in early 2011. Since then she has diligently worked to learn everything about the profession and has become a strong member of the Home Inventory profession in the Midwest. Jo is committed to providing 100% ethical, honest, and trustworthy services and products. Jo performs home inventories in Indiana, Virginia, and New Orleans. SARAH MILLER OF THREE RIVERS HOME INVENTORY joined the Home Inventory Profession in late 2011. Working along side her business partner and husband, David, she is in the process of using her strong organizational skills to set up her Home Inventory business. Sarah is looking forward to applying her straightforward, ethical, and professional experience and new perspective to this task force. Three Rivers Home Inventory is located in Pittsburgh and serves the Greater Pennsylvania area.

Inventory News 2012 New Year Edition



CHAIR: MICHELLE KETTERMAN OF THE INVENTORY INSTITUTE AND THE INVENTORY EXPERTS SERVING TEXAS, is the Founder of The Inventory Institute. Along with other members of The Product Review Committee, she is dedicated and passionate about promoting and advancing ethical third-party Home Inventory Professionals.  

MEMBERS: PATRICK MARTIN OF STEADFAST HOME INVENTORY AND SERVING THE NEW ENGLAND AREA, is also a 2012-2013 Advisory Board member. Patrick was chosen because of his obvious dedication to the profession as evidenced by the time he spends creating the “Steadfast Radio Podcast,” co-hosting “The Home Inventory Panel’ radio show and podcast, and by the advice and guidance he selflessly volunteers to members of the profession and The Inventory Institute. Growing up in a small town in New Hampshire, Patrick is proud of his strong family values and recognizes that a home is not just four walls and a roof, but a collection of years of memories. Having a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology is one of the many unique things that make Patrick an ideal member of the Product Review Committee. Patrick also serves on the 2012-2013 Advisory Board and is the Chair of the 2012 Security Task Force. CARRIE AUSTIN OF ACCURATE HOME INVENTORY AND SERVING VENTURA, LOS ANGELES AND SANTA BARBARA COUNTIES. Carrie has been a Certified Real Estate Appraiser in California for the past 19 years and understands the importance of trustworthy and reliable professional products. Carrie’s professional experience, competence, and thorough attention to detail brings a unique perspective to the Home Inventory Profession. Carrie serves as Secretary for the California Coalition of Appraisers (CCAP).

Home Inventory  Professional’s  Client  Bill  of  Rights   North American Home Inventory Professionals (HIPs) have a moral and ethical obligation to clients and the American consumer. This obligation includes integrity, competency, honesty, confidentiality, objectivity and a genuine respect for the importance of client data safety. Fulfilling this obligation will promote and protect public recognition and confidence in the third-party Home Inventory Profession. In recognition of this serious obligation, we hereby promise and proclaim that as Home Inventory Professionals, we will always:  operate within professional and ethical guidelines.  work diligently to ensure our client expectations are met.  strive to be the experts in our field.  completely outline the scope of the project.  Protect and hold safe client data. Furthermore, we hereby promise and proclaim that as Home Inventory Professionals, we will never:  disclose ANY client information without prior client written approval or subpoena.  assume, imply, or otherwise guarantee insurance reimbursement amounts or time frames.  have financial interest in this inventory other than the agreed upon fee for third-party inventory services rendered.

About this  Client  Bill  of  Rights Providing a Client Bill of Rights is another way we have chosen to set Home Inventory Professionals apart from the casual provider. Members of The Inventory Institute have made the conscious and serious decision to operate their Home Inventory service ethically and hold themselves to the highest standards and are encouraged to share this Bill of Rights. Adopted on the 9th day of October 2011 by The Inventory Institute. Approved by attendees of the 2011 Home Inventory Professional Conference and Michelle Ketterman (Founder of The Inventory Institute and The Inventory Experts) and Patrick Martin (owner of Steadfast Home Inventory and member of The Inventory Institute Advisory Board and Chair of Product Review Committee).

This product is currently in the Review process of Inventory News 2012 New Year Edition


Keep an  on-­‐going  list  of  every  quesLon  you  are  asked  as  a  HIP.   You  will  be  amazed  at  the  amount  of  quesLons  and  obscure   things   you   will   be   asked   at   events   and   meeLngs.   Use   these   quesLons  as  part  of  your  markeLng  campaign  and  consumer   awareness  and  educaLonal  efforts.    

Inventory News 2012 New Year Edition


Trolling, slander, dubious products, suspicious organizations, false accusations, fake testimonials, fabricated awards, and general bad manners have prompted The Inventory Institute to speak out against professional divisions. Such open unprofessional expression, comments, copying, false crediting, and accusations if left unchecked can irreparably damage the third-party Home Inventory Profession and its members in the eyes of property owners, strategic alliances, and referral partners. As Home Inventory Professionals (HIPs) who work diligently and passionately to see the profession gain public acknowledgement, respect, and mainstream acceptance, we sincerely believe that the importance of moving forward ethically and universally supersedes personal gain for any particular business or individual. In recognition of our duty to promote the profession and the legitimacy of qualified and ethical HIPs, we remain eager to offer assistance and collaborate with those who share the same wishes to see our profession progress in a positive light that will long outlast us. In our view, we must begin by preventing destructive and damaging press to the industry from spilling over in to the public view of our profession. As a first step toward this goal, we agree to respect each other in accordance with a ‘Home Inventory Professional Code of Honor.’ We remain committed to this HIP Code of Honor and believe that this will assist third-party HIPs during times of agreement and ease, and more importantly, in times of mutual disagreement and when faced with contentious issues.

The Ethical  Home  Inventory  Professional’s  Code  of  Honor   We agree and are committed that ethical HIPs will :!   respect one another at all times. We may disagree and have differences of opinion, will still treat each other with courtesy, common decency, and consideration. !   protect consumers and other HIPs from purchasing unqualified products and services. We will commit to outlining specific guidelines, tips, and techniques for choosing credible and trustworthy professionals and products.!   not publicly slander, bad mouth, disrespect, or disparage other HIPs or members of professional organizations.!   never share client information; either verbally, electronically, or printed. We will always protect client data down to the last detail. !   be forthright and truthful about their credentials, training, and qualifications. We will never pretend to be something or someone we are not; we will especially never mislead anyone by claiming to be ‘licensed’ unless we hold a current professional license in good standing by a recognized and accredited entity. In such case, we will clearly state our license in a manner that does not interpreted that we are a licensed Home Inventory Professional.!   be honest in all advertising and promotional materials. We will not create illusionary accolades to impress, embellish accomplishments, or fabricate awards to misrepresent ourselves or imply we are more qualified than we actually are.!   advocate open communication, recognized standards, and universal procedures in all professional matters.!   welcome peer collaboration and embrace working together for the advancement of the profession above our own personal gain.!   let go of the ‘mine, mine, mine’ attitude of the past and realize that every rooftop in the country; whether residential or commercial, needs a third-party Home Inventory...and there is enough work for every ethical, qualified HIP in the country.! Adopted on the 9th day of October 2011 by The Inventory Institute.! Approved by attendees of the 2011 Home Inventory Professional Conference and Michelle Ketterman (Founder of The Inventory Institute and The Inventory Experts) and Patrick Martin (owner of Steadfast Home Inventory and member of The Inventory Institute Advisory Board and Chair of The Inventory Institute’s Product Review Committee). ! We endorse the contents of this Code of Honor and commit ourselves to upholding it. We encourage, moreover, all Home Inventory Professionals in North America to honor the terms set forth herein to the best of their ability. We will hold ourselves and each other accountable to conduct ourselves in a manner that holds ourselves and our chosen profession to the highest standards.!

Inventory News 2012 New Year Edition


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Inventory News 2012 New Year Edition


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Inventory News 2012 New Year Edition


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Inventory News 2012 New Year Edition


Inventory News 2012 New Year Edition


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