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Inspector Gadget

An international version featured teams that all originated from the same country and competed against other countries.


Recently ended on Discovery Channel after a 14-year run, “MythBusters” featured Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage. They would review myths from the internet and television shows (including MacGyver) to determine if there’s any truth. One task included putting a rocket on a car, driving it at high speeds, and jumping off a ramp to see how far it could fly. Another revisited myth involved having several people hold up mirrors to reflect the sun’s rays. The goal was to determine if they could start a fire.

Junkyard Wars

This show (1998-2009) consisted of teams building functional items from scrap parts. Team members consist of people from different walks of life, such as engineers and mechanics. Every episode began with teams learning what they’re supposed to build. Team members then went out to the junkyard and stole parts from existing items. For example, if a task included building a boat, they might have used an actual boat hull or patched one together from metal pieces. The boat engine could originate from a motorcycle or lawnmower. The propeller attached to the engine might be the radiator fan from a car. At the end of an episode, the teams competed on an obstacle course. In the case of a boat, they navigated a course either against the clock or the other team’s boat.

Every episode involved having to invent a new gadget or technique to test their theories. The rocket-powered car was too dangerous to drive by even the best stunt driver, so they created a remote-controlled vehicle system that allowed control of steering, acceleration and brakes from a safe distance. In the end, they determined whether a myth is “busted,” “plausible” or “confirmed.”

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Richie’s mansion and serves as a bodyguard. She can convert her body into various modes, including changing her body into a jet plane when Richie calls on her. In the 1994 movie, Professor Keenbean invents the Smellmaster 9000, which translates smell into sound for a spin in an effort to find some chocolate hidden among the presents. Other inventions by the professor include an acidic mixture called Hydrochloricdioxynucleocarbonium that eats through almost anything; a molecular reorganizer that turns garbage into anything that’s typed in on a computer control panel; and a spray that makes any fabric bulletproof. In the Netflix series, Richie earns a trillion dollars by turning vegetables into green energy. In the ABC cartoon series, the good professor tops everyone—including himself—in the episode that originally aired on Dec. 20, 1980: He invents a machine to invent inventions.

Another popular cartoon featuring inventions (1983-86, in syndication into the late 1990s), Inspector Gadget is a thin character in a hat and trench coat. Voiced by Don Adams—who played Maxwell Smart in another gadgetrelated series, “Get Smart”—he conjures up whatever he wants by saying “Go Go Gadget.” For example, if he wants a helicopter, he says, “Go Go Gadget helicopter.” The contraption then springs out of the top of his hat with handlebars. His talking car, the Gadget-Mobile, also has some unique capabilities. Most of the time his sidekick is his daughter, Penny, who tends to be the brains of the two. Inspector Gadget has a tendency to overcomplicate situations. His abstract reasoning usually leads to an incorrect gadget appearing. For example, he could say “Go Go Gadget water” with intentions of putting out a fire, but gasoline sprays out instead. Many variants of Inspector Gadget have aired on television and in movies.

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