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Open minds, open doors. A world of opportunity

Andy Hill - VP Resourcing Welcome to this candidate guide which is designed to give you an insight into Invensys prior to your interview with us. As global Vice-President for Resourcing at Invensys, I am delighted you have taken this step to advance your career and chosen this company as a way of getting there. One of the phrases used within this brochure is ‘Open Minds, Open Doors – A World of Opportunity’ – that is truly what I believe Invensys can offer progressive employees. I wish you much luck with your career and hope this guide helps you understand a little more about Invensys.

Q: How would you describe Invensys as an employer? A: Invensys offers new, truly global and exciting opportunities. We have innovative technology in a wide range of industries. We have a challenging environment, where high performance is rewarded, and our employees are free to think and come up with new ideas. Q: What attracted you to Invensys as an employer? A: It was the right time for me in my career, to take on a truly global leadership role, in which I could shape and influence an organisation moving forward. I felt Invensys really offered this to me. Q: Can you tell us something about your own background, and career? A: My background has predominantly been in Human Resources, organisational design, learning & development, resourcing and talent development. My career in this arena, over the last ten years, has been focused in large blue chip technology environments.


Q: How would you describe the Invensys culture? A: Our culture is fast paced, and demanding – it is not for the faint hearted. The business is continually evolving, is innovative and culturally diverse. Q: Is there such a thing as an Invensys person? A: Yes, someone who is open minded, confident, technically strong in their discipline, challenging, courageous and resilient. Q: What are your thoughts on the importance of a diverse work force? A: In Invensys, it is essential. We work across all geographies and have a footprint across social and economic boundaries. So, as a truly global organisation, the ability of our people to respect and partner with one another is key to the businesses success. Q: How does Invensys reward its employees? A: At Invensys we believe in Meritocracy. Throughout all levels of the organisation, people are set clear goals, aligned to the strategy and success of Invensys. Our rewards mirror this goal setting, and reflect the strategy of each business group, and Invensys in totality.

Q: Why should strong talent be attracted to Invensys as an employer of choice? A: In my career, I have experienced that companies which offer big rewards and diverse benefits for people, playing a part in their success, may be seen as measures of companies becoming ‘employers of choice’. Not often in my experience is it easy to see how one can contribute to that success. At Invensys, we are all aligned with our own individual goals to contribute. Therefore, if someone wants to be part of a success story, and play their part in that – Invensys is a good place to work. We have changed our organisation significantly over the past 10 years, to become the success we are today, and have not been scared to make tough decisions. We may not be the largest organisation, but we are one of the most focused. All people will make their own judgement on what an ‘employer of choice’ is. At Invensys, we strongly value integrity and therefore, we hope that people joining Invensys can clearly make their own choices around their own careers.

Growing your career with Invensys

Introducing Invensys Invensys is a global technology group, supplying solutions, software, consultancy and equipment to monitor, control and automate processes in a wide range of environments. From oil refineries to power stations, from railways to domestic appliances, we help our customers to optimise their processes and improve their performance.

Invensys Operations Management Invensys Operations Management (IOM) is a technology, software [and consulting] business that creates and applies advanced technologies that enable the safe and efficient operation of large industrial plants such as oil refineries, fossil fuel and nuclear power generation [plants], and petrochemical works. IOM is the product of the ongoing integration of three businesses (Invensys Process Systems (IPS), Wonderware and Eurotherm) into a single division.

Growing your career with Invensys

Invensys Rail Invensys Rail is a multinational leader in providing state-of-the-art software-based signalling, communication and control systems that enable the operation of trains in mainline and mass transit [systems] across the world.

Invensys Controls Invensys Controls designs, engineers and manufactures products, components, systems and services used in appliances, heating, air conditioning/cooling and refrigeration products across a wide range of industries in residential and commercial markets.



Growing your career with Invensys

Invensys in numbers

We work with

We enable

We are

23 47 19

23% 20% 36%

20,044 3 180







23 of the top 25 petroleum companies

47 of the top 50 chemical companies

19 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies

The world’s top seven appliance manufacturers

Nine of the world’s 20 busiest metropolitan rail systems

23% of the world’s chemical production

20% of the world’s electricity generation

36% of the world’s nuclear energy generation

20,044 employees worldwide

Three divisions

Our solutions are in use in around 180 countries

£2.2 billion sales

17% of the world’s oil refining

62% of the world’s liquefied natural gas production

£248 million operating profit

Year ended 31 March 20101

Sales (£m)

Operating profit2 (£m)

Employees (numbers)

Invensys Operations Management Invensys Rail Invensys Controls Corporate

1,000 700 543 –

92 141 53 (38)

8,176 3,857 7,782 229




Group 1 2

All data relates to continuing operations. Operating profit is arrived at before exceptional items.

Growing your career with Invensys


Our culture At Invensys, we want our employees to have the belief that this is the place they want to work and for them to say ‘I want to work here’. We want our employees to realise their potential, succeed in everything they do, have a ‘can-do’ attitude, work in a safe environment and strive to ensure Invensys becomes the leader in its markets.

Our Vision and Mission for Invensys are in place to enable this culture to be a reality, both underpinned by our values which we desire our employees to espouse. Our Vision is: As unquestioned leaders in our markets, our inspired global teams deliver innovative engineered solutions and maximise value for all stakeholders.


Our Mission is: Our global teams provide innovative solutions enabling our customers to achieve greater efficiency. We unlock our potential, enabling our customers to unlock their own. We have a set of Invensys Values to underpin the Vision and Mission to help us all to understand what Invensys truly stands for as a business. Our Values show our intention and commitment to becoming a high performing, sustainable and cohesive business.

Our Values Our Values ensure our people behaviours and our people-related processes align with our Company Values and embed them in our everyday working. The five Invensys Values are explained on page 9 of this brochure. If we get this right and our employees do this every day, they and Invensys will realise their ambitions.

Growing your career with Invensys

Growing your career with Invensys



Growing your career with Invensys

A values driven approach We develop, evaluate and recognise high performing ability and achievement.


Open minds, open doors It takes a certain kind of person to work at Invensys. People who are confident of their own ability and want to succeed.

Providing an exciting and challenging environment in a respected, highly successful and growing company whose success is built by the people who work here.

Developing and recognising a ‘can-do’ approach, great performance and personal achievement and rewarding it fairly.

We adapt, grow and swiftly change for a sustainable future.


Valuing people who solve problems and thrive on challenges of change.

Valuing courageous people who want to make big things happen – and providing them with the environment to do it.

Providing an environment in which people can shape their own career paths.

People with a ‘can-do’ attitude; people who want to be the best they can.

We do what we say we will do.


Being open and transparent as an organisation. Honouring our promises to our team and to our customers, and building relationships on trust.

We are clearly different

We apply inspiration, imagination and creativity for high performance.


Expecting colleagues to challenge each other and continuously seek opportunities to do things better.

Opening opportunities by supporting the training and development of our people.

We stand up for what we believe in and are willing to accept team decisions as our own.


Growing your career with Invensys

Working collaboratively with others to achieve shared success – and accepting the team’s decision even when it’s not ours.

Encouraging people to make a positive contribution and have a point of view without fear.


Corporate responsibility Invensys is committed to supporting the principles of economic success, environmental stewardship, diversity and social responsibility. We believe that by acting as a responsible global citizen, we will not only minimise business risk but also enhance our reputation as a business partner.

Diversity in the workforce As a global company with employees across the world, Invensys seeks to recruit the best individual for every position regardless of gender, ethnic or national origin, religion, sexual orientation or any personal characteristic not relevant to their work. Invensys fosters an inclusive culture where anyone with the skills and abilities to perform is treated fairly. We embrace the diversity of our employees, and the greater effectiveness a diverse workforce allows us to offer our customers.

We continue to respect and support the principles of the European Convention on Human Rights and the UNGC by ensuring we comply with the labour laws of the countries in which we operate and by creating an inclusive and respectful culture for our diverse workforce. Invensys seeks to ensure that fair consideration is given to applications for employment received from people with disabilities and we offer continued employment, training and advancement where possible to employees who are or become temporarily or permanently disabled.


Tree planting

A team of 17 bicyclists representing Invensys Rail participated in the Around the Bay in a Day charity cycling event in Melbourne, Australia raising money for The Smith Family charity which provides educational and learning support to disadvantaged Australian children.

Invensys Operations Management employees in our Houston, US location donated money to Trees for Houston, and volunteered time to plant the trees in response to several devastating hurricanes in the Houston area.



Supporting local schools

ÂŁ15,000 Invensys Operations Management in Worthing, UK received a ÂŁ15,000 donation for use of their parking lot by a local utility company. Invensys chose to allocate this money to three local schools to support the UK National Healthy Schools Programme and Eco-Schools Programme that help foster the creation of a healthier community and reduce the impact of school operations on the local community. Growing your career with Invensys

National Health

Teenage support

Rural development

More than 1,300 Invensys Controls employees in Matamoros, Mexico raised approximately $5,000 by collecting 298,000 aluminium cans for the Down Syndrome Institute, Multiple Education Institute and Multiple Rehabilitation Centre. These three institutions provide services of therapy, education and other activities to more than 120 children up to the age of 15 years old.

Invensys Controls employees in Caxias do Sul, Brazil promoted a charity lunch to raise funds for DOMUS, a house of refuge for children and teenagers with cancer.

Employees at the Invensys Operations Management facility in Thailand organised a charity event to help out the Baan Wangree School in rural Thailand. Invensys employees contributed their labour, stationery and sports equipment, and also provided five scholarships and a cash donation to the school for further improvements.


Growing your career with Invensys



Growing your career with Invensys

Rewarding our people Invensys recognises and rewards great performance. When you succeed, we succeed.

Invensys Total Reward principles • Reward success and results: embracing our fundamental value of meritocracy, we provide reward programmes that recognize the achievement of our employees. • Market-driven: reward opportunities constantly benchmarked with competitive market and industry practices allowing our employees to succeed here.

• Act with integrity and fairness: we operate our Total Reward programmes with the utmost integrity and compliance to statutory requirements and endeavours to provide fair programmes for all our employees. • Retain flexibility: allow for response to rapidly changing business conditions.

• Clear and frequent communication: we provide clear and frequent communication on all our reward principles and programmes to our employees.

Growing your career with Invensys


Learning & Development At Invensys, we know our success depends upon you. We provide career development opportunities, leadership, professional and business skills training and have a global Learning & Development team which enables us to respond to our customers’ needs. We believe in continuous learning and have created specific development tools to help you realise your full potential.

This investment is to ensure that you are well-supported in both your new role and in preparing for future opportunities, skills and ways of working. The Learning & Development Centre of Expertise (CoE) works to accomplish these objectives by leveraging the power of one Invensys to create simple and easy ways for you to access online and classroom learning and career development tools. Our employees have access to a wide range of relevant technical and core business skills training, ranging from virtual programmes, to online e-learning, self paced modules, as well as traditional classroom training.


You will bring your unique values, skills, and aspirations to the workplace, creating the diversity that contributes to Invensys’ profitability and growth. Invensys is committed to providing a learning environment which can help our people contribute to the success of Invensys through their skill and talent. We have developed two powerful tools that are part of our iGrow suite of products, available to all: iGrow - my learning and iGrow – my career. iGrow - my learning is an Invensys system for administering and managing learning activities. It is a global portal designed to create easy access to a comprehensive suite of learning and development programmes. With robust tracking and reporting capabilities, iGrow - my learning helps both you and your manager track completion of learning and development programmes as well as accreditation and certification requirements.

iGrow - my learning represents a powerful way for you to easily access learning opportunities that meet your specific needs. The iGrow - my learning portal: • provides easy and timely access to classroom and online learning and development offerings, • provides content across the spectrum, i.e. technical, non technical, functional and core business skills as well as management and leadership development learning, • serves as a repository for technical training programmes and other technical documentation, • provides relevant development according to your needs, and • provides managers with the ability to assign, monitor and evaluate their employees learning activities.

Growing your career with Invensys

Growing your career is one of the greatest journeys upon which you can embark – a journey that holds tremendous opportunity for you and encourages you to take charge of your development. iGrow – my career represents a powerful way for you to easily access development tools that can help you achieve your career aspirations.

• create effective action plans to meet your goals,

Shaped by career management best practices and Invensys employee input, iGrow – my career offers a wealth of tools to help you:

• over 25 career assessments and tools,

• establish career objectives, • assess your strengths and opportunities for development, • identify development strategies that align with your learning preferences,

Growing your career with Invensys

• become aware of career opportunities and other resources, and • enrol others to support your career plan. iGrow – my career helps you on this journey by providing: • career profiles of key Invensys leaders, and • easy to follow self assessments and worksheets. The iGrow tools are designed to help you gather and analyse information related to your interests, values and career options.



Growing your career with Invensys

Invensys Competencies The Invensys Competencies have been developed to prioritise the behaviours most critical to success. The application of these Competencies will accelerate our journey to becoming a cohesive, sustainable and high-performing organisation.

The Invensys Competencies have been identified through a comprehensive research-backed process involving a significant number of executives and leaders across Invensys. They are grouped into five clusters linked to the organisational capabilities which we have identified as important to deliver Invensys strategy • • • • •

customer focus deliver results develop for the future engage people innovate

The effective implementation of our Competencies at individual, team and organisational level is designed to

customer focus

Growing your career with Invensys

deliver results

accelerate our journey to becoming a high performing, sustainable and cohesive organisation. The competencies form part of our performance assessment and development planning processes. They evaluate the HOW of performance by describing observable behaviours in a way which facilitates discussions around performance gaps either in the current job roles or measured against career aspirations. A wide range of development solutions combining on-line training, reading, tutor-led training and experience based development actions are linked to each Competency to help all employees to maximise their potential.


Invensys Competencies Progression We recognise that competencies change as individuals progress through their careers. To maximise relevance we have therefore mapped specific competencies linked to each cluster to different profiles for Executives, Leaders and Individual Contributors. The Invensys Competencies will therefore also help improve the quality of candidate assessment for both internal promotions and external hires.

engage people

develop for the future


Frequently asked questions Please visit our career site for details of current opportunities; we list jobs by type as well as by geography. You’ll also find more detailed information about specific requirements within each job description. For further information, go to and select ‘Careers’.

Q: How do I start the application process? A: Go to job search and browse the list of job opportunities available in your chosen country. Once you’ve identified a suitable position (or positions), apply online and attach your CV/resume. We’ll send you a confirmation email and if your application meets our requirements, we’ll invite you for an interview. Visit ‘Applying to Invensys’ for more information on the process. Q: How do I submit my CV/resume online? A: To improve your chances of success, it’s best to submit your profile directly to an open job in the system. Identify your area(s) of interest, search for jobs, select ‘Apply now’, fill out your personal profile and submit your CV/resume. Q: What should I do if I cannot find an opportunity that matches my skills? A: We suggest that you enter your profile online so we can contact you as soon as suitable opportunities are available. You might also make a note to come back and check the site for open opportunities on a regular basis as things change fast at Invensys and it can only help your chances!


Q: Should I submit my CV/resume for every position I am interested in? A: Yes. Every position is filled separately, so you should submit a CV/resume for every opportunity and geography for which you’d like to be considered. Q: Can I apply for a job outside my home country? A: You are able to apply for any open positions you see in any one of our companies anywhere in the world. Your eligibility, however, depends on the hiring country’s qualification requirements, employment laws, work permit and/or visa requirements. Q: If I submit my CV/resume for a specific position, how long will it be before I find out if I’m being considered? A: When you submit your application online, we’ll send you an e-mail confirmation. If your qualifications and experience match our requirements, a recruiter will contact you to discuss your CV/resume in more detail. Please realise that due to the high volume of CVs/ resumes we receive, it’s not possible to make personal contact with everyone who applies for a position.

Your application and interview Throughout our interview and selection process we’ll ask you about your successes, your career objectives and your ambitions. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to explore the role you could play at Invensys and to meet the people with whom you might work. We run a fair and objective selection process that reflects our values. You’ll find that we’re open and transparent about our expectations and will answer your questions with the same clarity and honesty. If you complete the process successfully, we look forward to welcoming you on board. If you are considering a career change, we can offer you a workplace that thrives on change and career support that will help you achieve your potential. Please sign-in and apply online. We will get back to you and agree on the subsequent steps.

Growing your career with Invensys

Your application and interview Throughout our interview and selection process, we’ll ask you about your successes, your career objectives and your ambitions. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to explore the role you could play at Invensys and to meet the people with whom you might work.

5 We hire you

2 If selected

3 We meet with you

1 You send your application

We run a fair and objective selection process that reflects our Values. You’ll find that we’re open and transparent about our expectations and will answer your questions with the same clarity and honesty. If you complete the process successfully, we look forward to welcoming you on board.

4 We get to know you better 5 If not selected, we invite you to view our other opportunities

If you are considering a career change, we can offer you a workplace that thrives on change and career support that will help you achieve your potential. Please sign-in and apply online. We will get back to you and agree on the subsequent steps.

We look forward to meeting you

New Candidate brochure  
New Candidate brochure  

A world of opportunity is available at Invensys - read our candidate brochure to find out more