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Warm Up Your Brain To Improve Creative Thinking For those of us who exercise regularly, doing a big workout without a warm-up seems silly. Our risk of injury increases dramatically and it also makes it hard for us to perform at our best. Similarly, it is critical to warm up your brain before engaging it in a creative-thinking workout. This is to combat the fact that in general, most ideageneration and problem-solving meetings are scheduled immediately after a strategy or finance meeting, in which your brain was most likely in analytical or linear gear. Most of us can appreciate how difficult it is to come from a meeting that requires analytical, rational thinking into a meeting that requires us to think laterally (that is, thinking outside of our usual frame of reference). When your brain has been in linear thinking mode, coming up with creative solutions is very difficult. The brain naturally wants to jump to logical solutions, given the mode it is in, and finding lateral and creative solutions becomes unnecessarily difficult.

Scientific research suggests that warming up the creative-thinking parts of your brain will help you perform more effectively and efficiently at creative tasks. These exercises will make it easier to jump from a finance meeting to an idea-generation meeting. Warming up this part of your brain only takes a few minutes to shift your brain into an open-minded and lateral-thinking mode. There are many ways to warm up you brain to this type of thinking. One is an Inventium tool called Fat Chance. Fat Chance was designed with the specific purpose of warming up the creative-thinking parts of people’s brains. The tool can be used before 30-minute idea-generation and problemsolving workshops or one-day blue-sky thinking workshops in which brains need to think laterally for an entire day. Fat Chance requires no materials or stimuli other than one thing: an impossible challenge. For example, cure cancer by tomorrow lunchtime. There are two key elements to creating an impossible challenge. The first is to pick a goal or an objective that is almost impossible to achieve with technology as we know it

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HBack in 2006, Inventium’s founder, Dr Amantha Imber was working as a consumer psychologist in a big advertising agency. The agency had put...

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