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July 20 & 21Th 2018 Marriott Biscayne Bay Miami, Florida


Intercontinental Union for Quality - INUQ is a nonprofit organization, created to promote culture for Quality and Total Responsibility of the institutions, whether commercial or educational worldwide. Through the different meetings we carry out year after year in different countries of the world, we seek to develop new policies and standards for Quality Management and Total Responsibility that we plan to be adopted and adapted by our members, seeking models of excellence worthy of being imitated by other entities. Our headquarters is located in Miami Florida, United States, considered a global city for its importance in finance, international trade, media, arts and entertainment. During this 2018 we are an anniversary, we are celebrating 10 years carrying information, business opportunities and raising awareness among the different entities to commit to the continuous improvement of Quality and Total Responsibility. Among other functions throughout these years we have developed Strategic Unions with different organizations that work hand in hand with the concepts that we have been promoting, we also maintain


a close relationship with public and private organizations that handle privileged information of great importance for our members. Thanks to the faithful support of these institutions we have achieved during these 10 years to carry out the most important meetings of Quality in important cities in the World for the most outstanding companies, they have been years of hard struggle and constant work, more it has been worth it because this year 2018 we will hold the 10th annual "QUALITY AWARDS", the most important recognition of Quality and Total Responsibility worldwide. In these years we have managed to form a solid group of more than 3000 members that are part of INUQ. We seek with this important recognition to mark a milestone in the trajectory of every institution, to receive this great recognition will be the opportunity to open up to new international markets, and to be known for their leadership and competitiveness, we want to motivate them and encourage them to a healthy competition to reach the success in its management of Quality and Total Responsibility.

TOTAL QUALITY CONVENTION It is an annual meeting held in order to serve as an informative showcase to all our members and invited participants, this year estimated to have the participation of more than 300 business leaders worldwide. In this 2018 meeting we are celebrating the 10th edition of the Total Quality Convetion with an important agenda based on: "The Principles of a Quality Management and Total Successful Responsibility". Quality Management and Total Responsibility represent the satisfaction of all stakeholders and the scope of organizational excellence for that requires education and continuous training. The program of the event provides lectures on different topics, among them: Sustainable Development, Quality Management, Marketing and debates with the specialists who dictate these conferences with the purpose of creating strategies and new business opportunities, as well as having privileged information from the hand of our participants who every day assume a constant commitment to quality and corporate responsibility, based on continuous improvement to expand the efficiency and effectiveness of being an entity that goes beyond the client.


www.inuq www.inuq

TEMARY 2018 Intercontinental Union For Quality INUQ seeks to position itself internationally through the development of the TOTAL QUALITY CONVENTION where it brings together the largest number of directors, executives and leaders of the most important companies worldwide, providing and adapting our integral services such as: Business Consulting, Foreign Trade and new business opportunities motivating the Development of Organizations Internationally.

July 20th Hotel Marriott Biscayne Bay

Miami Florida

Principles Of Successful Quality Management And Total Responsibility

How to implement an efficient management Technology + Accounting NeuroBranding = Value of the Brand Coaching / Naciste para el Éxito



Special Editio

July 20th, Hotel Marriott B

The delivery of the most important recognition of quality worldwide will be on the night of July 21, extolling the business community and educational leaders from around the world in its 10th edition.



WARDS 2018”

on 10th year

Biscayne Bay, Miami Florida



Prize Winners can be "HONORED MEMBERS" with important benefits such as:

CONDECORATIONS AND TROPHY SPECIAL EDITION FOR THE 10 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE. The main and most important laurel awarded to the most outstanding entities for its excellence in Quality Management and Total Responsibility. HONORARY MEDAL. Deserved recognition institution.


the main executives


the awarded



TESTIMONY ORGANIZATIONAL EXCELLENCE. Certification awarded to the companies and institutions that have won the "Quality Awards", in recognition of their excellence as a company or leading institution. TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT. Certification awarded to the winning companies of the "Quality Awards", in recognition of their excellence in total business quality management. SUSTAINABLE AND SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE CORPORATION. Certification granted to the companies and institutions that have won the "Quality Awards", in recognition of their excellence as an entity committed to social and environmental responsibility.



D HONORICAL TITLES EDUCATION QUALITY MANAGEMENT. Certification awarded to the educational institutions that won the "Quality Awards", in recognition of their excellence in quality education management. ACTIVE MEMBER. Certificate that accredits your company or educational institution as an honorary member of Intercontinental Union For Quality, that certification is valid for one year from delivery. LEADER IN BUSINESS MANAGEMENT. Certificate granted by INUQ to the main directors or executives of the winning company of the "Quality Awards". LEADER IN QUALITY MANAGEMENT. Certificate granted by INUQ to the quality director of the winning company of the "Quality Awards". LEADER IN EDUCATION MANAGEMENT. Certificate granted by INUQ in a special way to the main directors of the educational institution that won the "Quality Awards".



TOTAL QUALITY CONVENTION Conferences to be held during the morning and afternoon of July 20. SHOW ROOM Exhibition Hall, where participating companies can present their service or product offered as well as samples of it and enhance their brand with merchandesing, banners and advertising.

On July 20, we have an appointment to strengthen our mutual cooperation ties through the different tools offered by INUQ in which they will participate in conferences, exhibitions, meetings and commercial relations in order to have the opportunity to generate opportunities for business among our members.

BREAK OF COMMERCIAL RELATIONS During the intervals after each Conference held we will have the opportunity to exchange information among members and thus be able to make friends, business intentions among others.



ADVERTISING We have different means that help our members to spread about the merit achieved and about their work done during their years of trajectory.

ELITE BUSINESS MAGAZINE It was created to spread the work that our associates are doing, who year after year are committed to the continuous improvement of their companies and the community; aligning with the parameters and standards of QUALITY AND TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY. In recent times the idea is to publicize new ventures, success stories and bring you current issues in business, quality and sustainability.


ADVERTISING AGREEMENTS WITH THE PRESS Pre and post to the event we made a press call in order to make alliances with the local and international press for the dissemination of the closest meeting we will have. * Request a Press Dossier from your advisor.

LOGO AND SEALS By becoming an honorary member of INUQ you can make use of the logos and stamps that we have available to you, the same ones that accredit your company or institution as winner of the "Quality Awards".



REPORTS AND INSCRIPTIONS This important meeting is held annually for a select group of attendees, as I mentioned earlier on this occasion, more than 300 guests are estimated to be representatives of the winning companies of the "Quality Awards" and invited to the Total Quality Convention. We have available the unique and special participation of 15 companies per country, which will benefit from all the aforementioned tools. This is a unique opportunity to participate in a meeting of this magnitude, which brings with it the opportunity to generate knowledge, be part of a select network of leaders, as well as disseminate their work, their achievements, their commitment and above all be recognized at the world. * Click to contact your International Relations Advisor.

That will gladly help you to become Honorary Member of INUQ.

SPECIAL BENEFITS 02 rights of attendance to the Total Quality Convention and the award night of the "Quality Awards 2018" are granted. You can attend accompanied by a member of your company or family who likes to accompany him totally free. We have obtained preferential rates for our members with the MARRIOTT BISCAYNE BAY where we will carry out the event during the days 20 and 21 of July 2018. * To make a reservation at the Hotel, click here.

We are negotiating a special discount on the purchase of airline tickets with the airlines LATAM and Avianca. * Ask your consultant for this option.


Contact Information Phone: 1 - 305 - 921 - 0161 E-mail: Web: Address: 522 Brickell Avenue 5th floor Miami, Florida FL 33131. United States Our Social Networks: Site






It is an annual meeting held in order to serve as an informative showcase to all our members and invited participants, this year estimated t...


It is an annual meeting held in order to serve as an informative showcase to all our members and invited participants, this year estimated t...