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Astrology Horoscope - Exactly How everything Began Whenever I get the morning paper, I simply make a glance to the headlines and start to look for the page where the astrology horoscope is discovered. A friend of mine as well, when she sees me reviewing the paper she will certainly request for her horoscope. Horoscopes normally discuss your luck, your love life or lot of money for the day. It includes your state of minds too, and occasionally your fortunate number, or what not to do for the day to prevent difficulty or rotten luck. That is why many people examine their personal horoscopes on a daily basis to discover what is their future for the day or for the whole week. The horoscopes are usually published in newspapers, magazines, and also books. Yet what truly are horoscopes and when did it begin? Who began it? Well, let us attempt to know about the background of horoscopes.