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A “Wild” Volunteer Pet Survival Tales Our Writers’ Pets

Pet Lover’s Issue


I N S P I R AT I O N , E N T E R TA I N M E N T & E M P O W E R M E N T F O R C E N T R A L I O WA W O M E N

Don’t let an injury put brakes on your life. Dr. Neff can get you back on the right track and the activities you love.

I shattered 2 bones in my left hand in 1995 in a sprint car accident at Knoxville Raceway. A very close friend of ours is a nurse. I asked her who’s the best orthopedic surgeon in Des Moines and she told me Dr. Scott Neff. I went to see Dr. Neff and immediately knew he was the doctor for me as he was very easy to talk to and took the time to explain what was going to happen and why. The break was so severe they nearly had to take my pinky finger off on my left hand. He did such a good job repairing my left hand that I have full use and full strength back. Unfortunately since then, I have broken both of my legs, my tibia in 2006 and tibia and fibula in 2010. Each time I have used Dr. Neff, and I am glad I did as my legs have healed up very well and I am back to racing full strength.

l r a C c M y r r Te

Scott B. Neff, D.O. Specialty: General Orthopaedic Care/Surgery Years in Practice: 30 Years Undergraduate: Beloit College, Beloit, Wisconsin, 1963-1965 Graduate: Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa, BA in Biology, 1965-1968


Medical: Des Moines University, DO, 1969-1973 Residency: Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center University of Texas at San Antonio, Orthopaedic Surgery, 1976-1980 Fellowships: American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 1986 American Academy of Disability Evaluating Physicians 1994 Board Certifications: American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 1981 Professional Affiliations: Iowa Orthopaedic Society; American Medical Association; American Sports Medical Association;

Arthroscopy Association of North America; Society of Military Orthopaedic Surgeons Awards: President, Central Iowa Orthopaedic Society, 1982-1983; Chief, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Iowa Lutheran Hospital, 1985-1987; 1995-1996; Chairman, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Iowa Lutheran Hospital, 1987-1990; Vice-Chairman, Department of Surgery, Iowa Lutheran Hospital, 1988-1989; Medical Director, Department of Physical Therapy, Iowa Lutheran Hospital 1986-1989

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Note From the Publisher

h, I am going to love writing about my sweetheart of a dog, Dexter. I never grew up with an inside dog so when my son turned 10 and wanted a dog, I was game. I knew I wanted a dog that would be easy to take care of and could travel with us. Little did I know I would actually be able to take him everywhere with me (he’s a teacup Yorkie). He’s now 8 years old and only 4 lbs. (and still easily fits in my handbag). The one thing I wasn’t aware of was how many people he would introduce to me with his perky little personality. In fact, when I look at some of my friends I have met in the last 8 years, I would never have met them if they wouldn’t have asked to pet my puppy. It just seems like animals always bring happiness, especially when he dances on his back legs and puts on a show.


Then I made a mistake of teaching him how to play catch and release, which he enjoys playing for hours. If I don’t throw what he has brought to me and ignore him, I end up with socks, toys and gloves at my feet. He figures, “Hey, you didn’t like that sock, how about this ball or this toy.” He’s a corker and we love him. Enjoy this issue full of stories about animals.

Kari Elbert Director of Publications

At left, a senior picture by Jill.

Special thanks to our friends (furry and human) at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa who let us visit and take their pictures. Cover photos by Jill Fleming of Jill Fleming Photography.


If you are interested in advertising in our July/August Issue, contact Kari Elbert at 515-771-2032, or




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Table of Contents Giggling & Growing ~ Kate Garner..............................................5 Grace Notes ~ Debra Landwehr Engle ......................................6 Allison’s House ~ Allison George ................................................7 Your Sanctuary ~ Kate Garner ......................................................8 Everyday Gourmet ~ Delores Clouse, Perkup Café....................11 Broad Appeal ~ Pam Dixon ..........................................................12 Maxwell’s Theater @ Large ~ Maxwell Schaeffer..................12 She’s Still Got It! ~ Becky Kolosik ..............................................13 Unconditional Love ~ Stephanie Filer ......................................14 Surviving & Thriving ~ Shelley Scott-Hoffman & Kate Garner......16 In Action ~ Amanda Schreiber ....................................................18 Your Calling ~ Amy Heinz ............................................................20 Nead Inspiration ~ Liz Nead ........................................................21 Musings ~ Mary Day........................................................................22 Adventure ~ Cynthia Fodor ........................................................23 Man Cave ~ Andy Hall....................................................................24 The Shopping Ninja ~ Karess Carter ........................................24 Life’s Journey ~ Kate Garner ......................................................26 CREDITS: On our cover: Animal Rescue League adoptables. Magazine Editor – Kate Garner

Life is livelier when

Giggling &

a little person is involved



Karess in West Des Moines: For some reason my 4-year old daughter, Rhiannon, thinks that our dog Gizmo is just another little human friend. She tries to include her whenever she plays. For example, Rhi will get behind our living room curtains and then say, “Come on Gizmo, the show is about to start.” Then she waits for Gizmo to join her. She never does. But, the show does go on.

Leslie in Des Moines: When our daughter Samantha was 3 years old, we got a Shih Tzu puppy. Sammy was very excited and followed Yeoh everywhere, regularly exhausting even the puppy. Yeoh was still potty training and I came into the living room to find Sammy staring at something on the floor. She looked up at me and said, “Look Mommy, Yeoh makes Milk Duds,” and she started to reach for the ‘candy’.

Chris in Clive: Our girls, Macy, 4 and Stacy, 6, had long wanted a kitten. So, this last Christmas we adopted one and hid her at my mother’s. On “Family Cat” Christmas Eve, Mom brought her by Little C over and we shut her in our room for the night. We got up before the girls and carefully put the sleeping kitten in a box with lots of holes in it. We woke the girls and fixed pancakes. Then it was time for presents. My husband said, “Girls, you should open the one with the blue bow first.” Stacy ran over but then quickly moved away. “I don’t think I want this one, it smells like poop,” she grimaced. Then it hit us; we never took the kitten to the litter box. ❥ Has a child in your life said something unforgettable? They could be quoted in our next issue of !ntuition magazine. Share your Giggling & Growing moment with !ntuition –

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Grace Notes Writing Your Life BY DEBRA LANDWEHR ENGLE


First, they often start out by saying, “I can’t write. I’ve never been good at it. I hate to write.” Or even, “What would I write about? I don’t have anything important to say.” BIG NEWS: We’re publishing four books of women’s stories, poems and essays this year, and we want you to submit material for publication. For all the details, visit http:// call-for-entries-womens-stories/

Second, when they’re given permission to write about their experiences and memories—something that’s personally important to them— they write clearly and convincingly, creating the kind of writing that makes the reader feel like she’s made a new friend.

Why is writing important? Because it honors who you are. It gives you a voice. It shares a part of you that your family and friends might not otherwise know. And, it helps others learn something about themselves, too, as they see themselves in your experiences.

• Just write something. As

an early mentor told me, there’s nothing scarier than a blank sheet of paper (or a blank computer screen). Start filling it up with something—anything. You can go back and revise later. • Write to one person. If you sit down and write for an invisible audience, you may never start. Instead, picture a friend, child, relative—someone you know who is the right audience for your writing. Then write to that person in the most personal, intimate and honest way you can. • Be specific. Instead of saying “I love holding my newborn

son,” describe what that experience is like for you. What is he dressed in? How soft is the blanket? What do his ears feel like? What sounds does he make? How does he smell? What does it feel like to have him snuggled up close to you? Appeal to all the senses, including details that will help your reader share the experience with you. • Use writing as a pathway to life. When you’re writing

consistently, you pay attention to life’s little details. You start to notice the meaning in everyday tasks. You become more present in your conversations and relationships. Record life in your own words, and you’ll savor each day in a whole new way. ❥ Submit your essays, stories and poetry for publication in one of the Tending Your Inner Garden® seasonal books. Visit to see the first of the four books, and for details on submitting to the other three.

There are lots of forms to do this, of course, whether it’s writing a poem, scrapbooking, keeping a journal or writing letters to your kids.

1225 Copper Creek Dr., Suite M Pleasant Hill 515-278-5333 2891 106th Street Urbandale 515-278-1994





However you write, keep in mind a few thoughts that will help you push through any resistance.

Deb Engle mentors clients in life issues and writing/book publishing, and through the Tending Your Inner Garden program of personal and spiritual and personal growth for women. Find her online at and

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Allison’s House By Allison George


y two oldest children are boys. They get each other. When they were younger, they wrestled, they jumped, they turned their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches into guns and shot each other over lunch. As long as I could tolerate their silly antics, they got along well. Then, we added a third child. A bouncing baby GIRL. When she was born seven years ago, the boys enjoyed having a baby sister to protect. Unfortunately for the boys, she learned to talk and that seemed to change the fun of having a baby sister. She has opinions. Most importantly, she likes pink. Throwing a girl into the mix has brought me boundless opportunities for pure entertainment. I watch the boys try to include her with their games and they do their best to reciprocate. They will play with her dollhouse, as long as it can get robbed. The Littlest Pet Shop is okay, but the game is more fun if something happens that involves pretend fire. I have

watched my sweet girl play along just for the sake of spending time with her built-in playmates. On a beautiful day this week, the kids headed outside to play. While the boys were busily gathering their supplies to play Nerf gun war, I heard her strong confident voice, “I don’t want a gun today. How about we pretend I’m the queen and you can be my bodyguards?” The boys agreed. It seemed like a good compromise. She grabbed her cape and crown and headed outside to play with her brothers who will, undoubtedly, always be her bodyguards. ❥ Family photos courtesy of Allison Marie Photography.

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We’re here to help, so give us a call any time of the day or night. Kent Bily, Owner/GM 515-986-1333 or 888-846-6505 MAY/JUNE 2012



Your A


Pet-Friendly Yard



The grass is so soft that you never want to wear shoes. The flowers so colorful it’s like touching a rainbow. And after the rain, everything glows.


t’s your dream yard, but it can also make your pet ill or even cause death. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) Animal Poison Control Center fields tens of thousands of calls each year involving pets and our attempts to have a fabulous yard. Animals can be made sick due to pet-toxic plants, insecticides, weed killers, fertilizer, mulch and even compost. As with children, if pets go outside, we have to be careful to keep an eye on them so they don’t injure themselves on garden tools, run into the street, sneak into a neighbor’s yard or find trouble in our own yard. In fact, our yards could be the most dangerous place of all unless we are well informed when designing and maintaining our yard.

Design You might be surprised to know that there are about 400 plants and flowers that can make cats




and dogs sick. Yet, the good news is there are over 500 that are pet-safe. The ASPCA has a thorough list of both, with pictures, at this web address - Plants and other design items that can make animals quite ill include gardener favorites like hydrangeas, apples, day lilies, cherries, mushrooms, daffodils, morning glory, cocoa mulch and rhubarb. To give you an idea of just how illness inducing plants can be, here are a couple of examples of the symptoms they can cause:

Lily of the valley: vomiting, irregular heartbeat, low blood

pressure, disorientation, seizures and even put your pet in a coma. cont. on pg. 10…

Tired of roof leaks?

“We are in the relationship business first and the roofing business second.” This idea has served The Duerson Corporation well over the years and has allowed Duerson Corporation to become a leader for both volume and quality in the commercial and industrial flat and low slope roofing industry.

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…cont. from pg. 8

Tomatoes: hypersalivation, severe gastro-

intestinal upset, diarrhea, drowsiness, confusion, weakness, dilated pupils and a slow heart rate. Azaleas: vomiting,

diarrhea, coma, hypotension, cardiovascular collapse and even death. When in doubt about whether a plant or flower should be in your yard, talk to your local landscape or garden center. They are the real experts in plant safety for people and pets. Oh, and don’t forget entertainment for your furry friends. Birdhouses, bird baths, butterfly bushes or outside enclosures can make pets very happy.

Maintenance Naturally, if you want the greenest lawn, perkiest plants or biggest blooms, you will need to feed your greenery. Take care though, some fertilizers smell appetizing to pets and can seem like a snack waiting to happen. Some fertilizers can take a toll on your pet’s gastrointestinal track though, even causing a bowel obstruction. The best bet is to let




the fertilizer thoroughly absorb into your yard or plants before letting your pet outside; read the label for guidance and if the time is not on there, check the company’s website. Bugs can be a real pest in the garden as well, but insecticides can be killer, and not just to the insects they are meant to end. Herbicides, insecticide baits, sprays and granules may keep your plants from getting eaten or withering from insect poison, but whether in storage or after treating the plants, the chemicals can be deadly. There are a number of safer ‘green’ options for dealing with pests, which are great, but even ingesting these can make a pet ill. So, be cautious about where you spray or store the critter control.

Composting It’s great for the environment, but the waste we toss in can make pets ill. Some foods, plant trimmings and even coffee grounds can cause illness. The easiest answer it to put the compost bin in a part of the yard where your furry kids aren’t allowed to go. The bottom line: You CAN have the oasis you want, but if you want to share it with your pet, a little planning can make it safe for the both of you. ❥ Poison Emergency (pet or human)? Iowa Hotline 1-800-222-1222; available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.


Gourmet s

aco T n w o r B h s a H

, Perkup Café e s u lo C s re By Delo Ingredients: wns 8 oz. hash bro r (to taste) salt & peppe sour cream eddar cheese shredded ch ) bits (cooked fresh bacon (chopped) green onion

n. After the ll to perfectio ri g ; er p ep p til half or salt & other side un browns with e h th as k h o n co so d ea S dded r an oked, flip ove ur cream, shre co so is h it e d w si p m to o e bott er th onion. pped green ne, then slath o o d ch rs & te s, ar it u b q threeoked bacon ese, fresh co cheddar che u want ow crispy yo h n o g in d n depe rown taco! utes or more e the hash b av h Cook 5 min u yo re ver and the them, fold o ake sure you rkup Café, m e P at oking co ta h brown process to co as e h it n a fi g e n d ri e a When ord it as there is hen things inutes to wa e rushed. W m b 0 ’t n -3 0 ca 2 is e th hav sh ns and r a set of ha f hash brow ait longer fo w to a great set o d e n a av h d oo usy, you may are soooo g rs u o t u B get really b . ri taco st b ng hash brown coffee, so ju at re g d n a I browns or a e WIF . ait! We hav and settle in worth the w p of coffee cu a b ra g , p in your lapto Kaye Here’s Jen, De & ree of us here You’ll find the th . most any weekend

Celebrating 100

Years in Business!

6000 Aurora Avenue • Des Moines • 515.282.0033 • With locations in Des Moines, Omaha, Lincoln, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Denver and Kansas City MAY/JUNE 2012



Broad Appeal

Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made Of…

BY PAM DIXON “Maxwell & Pam In The Morning” 93.3 KIOA

BY MAXWELL SCHAEFFER “Maxwell & Pam In The Morning” 93.3 KIOA


Since my weekday starts at 3:30 a.m., and I’m a klutz anyway, she had me hooked! Arianna made it sound so simple and it is—GET MORE SLEEP LADIES! She suggests a minimum of 7 1/2 hours. I get maybe 6 hours of sleep a night. So, it’s true, a lot of days I feel dull and unmotivated in the hours following my early radio job. I’m one of the zombies my new BFF Arianna talks about, in a nation of sleep-deprived women!

I am thankful that I can get to sleep on my own but Arianna had a couple of tips that may help you: Never have electronic devices charging near you. Write a “To Do” List so all those thoughts in your mind can escape before bed. And don’t ever work in bed. Arianna says “sleep your way to the top…literally!” ❥





Sleep Your Way to the Top

ecently, I hosted a Smart Talk Women’s lecture featuring Arianna Huffington. Her talk was about being fearless, which I expected from a powerful woman who co-founded the news website The Huffington Post and sold it for millions last year, while staying on as president. What I wasn’t expecting, was how much of her talk was about women not getting enough sleep. She took a different approach to productivity at work after fainting from exhaustion and breaking a cheekbone on the corner of her desk.

Me with Arianna Huffington

Theater @

s my headline indicates, Prospero’s metaphor to dramatic illusion in The Tempest is a fitting intro to the nightmares of actors! Actors, in general, are an enigma. It takes a certain mix of blind courage and sheer confidence to play out a role in front of an audience, yet, most actors are highly insecure and self-conscious. It seems, among us thespians, these common anxieties play out in similar, recurring, nightmarish theatrical dreams. Recently, my actor-friends weighed in on the topic: Patty says she often dreams of “being on stage in a production I haven’t rehearsed and I massively stumble through choreography and monologues.” Steve recalls, “I dream I’m standing backstage in my underwear, holding a script, with no idea who my character is, or any of the lines, and someone tells me I’m ON!” Pam’s dream? “I’m backstage and hear my cue, but I can’t find the entrance to the stage.” Katie’s horrible vision? “I once dreamt my director spontaneously burst into flames out in the audience!” I have a recurring dream just about every time I’m in a show. I’m playing “Snoopy” in You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown. I’m on top of the doghouse in my scarf and flight helmet, shooting down the Red Baron, when my doghouse rolls off the stage and tumbles into the orchestra pit. Of course, I wake up before I crash into the trombone player. GOOD GRIEF! Drake psychology professor, Bryan Hall, tells me these dreams may be due to “performance anxiety,” however “they may point to some concern about how others perceive you in real life.” Perhaps it’s the knowledge that our moment in the spotlight always fades. “Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve!” ❥


She’s Still

Got It!

Carol Akers Wild About Volunteering BY BECKY KOLOSIK


rom Night Eyes to Zoo Brew, Carol Akers has been greeting visitors of all ages at Blank Park Zoo with a warm and friendly smile for over 15 years. And even though life may be a “zoo” most days…this on-the-go 73-year-old wouldn’t want it any other way! You see, for Carol, volunteering has been a way to stay active, give back and make a difference. It’s something she’s been doing since she was a little girl. “In grade school, I remember helping my friend’s handicapped uncle with raking and other chores,” she recalls. “I’ve always enjoyed being able to do for others… it means a lot.”

Carol Akers

No Stranger to Hard Work Carol raised her kids as a single, working mom. In her “full-time” job as Laundry Manager at the Veteran’s Home in Marshalltown, she washed clothes and linens for 780 residents as well as for the boy’s home in Eldora. Seventeen years (not to mention thousands of loads later) she retired and moved to Des Moines to take care of her granddaughter. Even then, she continued to work several part-time jobs.

grandparent at Hillside Elementary, and runs errands for a friend. While she had to slow down a bit in the last few months because of knee replacement surgery (and a 2nd follow-up surgery), she kept busy stamping Easter bags for the zoo, knitting 200 Easter chicks for her school kids, crocheting stocking caps and fleece quillows (a quilt that folds into a pillow) for West Des Moines Human Services, as well as crocheting purple baby hats for the Women’s League of Kansas. “The more I can do, the better,” Carol says. “When you take the focus off yourself and put it on others, that’s when you really start to enjoy life.”

Her secret is keeping busy. Carol also helps with her community SHARE Iowa Food Program, is a foster

And now that Carol’s back on her feet, life will once again be a zoo…and that is just the way she likes it! ❥

On Average, a one-year stay in a nursing home costs about $30,000. T or F? Answer: False - The national average, one-year stay in a nursing home costs about $86,000. Medicaid covers long-term care services received at home. T or F? Answer: False - Medicaid primarily covers long-term services in a nursing home.

A Failure to a Plan for Failure RHONDA VRY-BILLS, CLTC (Ph & Fax) 515-957-9333 • MAY/JUNE 2012



Unconditional Love The ARL Helps People



Stephanie Filer

n our society, animals play such an important role in families that often people choose to sacrifice their own well-being in order to ensure the well-being of their pet. The following are just a handful of the many programs the ARL offers to help people, by helping pets.

Crisis Foster: Domestic violence shelters in the Metro accept women and their children, but due to lack of resources, they are unable to accept pets. This becomes a serious human welfare issue since according to the ASPCA, up to 48% of battered women delay leaving their abuser for fear that their pet will be injured or killed in retaliation – and they usually are. No one should feel that in order to save the pet they love so deeply that they need to remain in an abusive situation so the ARL partners with local shelters to help. Women are encouraged to escape their abuser with their pets. Upon arriving to the shelter, the ARL is called – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – to pick up the animal(s). The ARL then places these pets into foster homes where they remain, safely, until the women can get back on their feet and reclaim them. Sometimes it’s a matter of days until they can find a relative or friend to stay with and sometimes it’s many, many months until the women can re-establish a life on their own. Regardless of the time, the pets are safe until they can be reunited with their family to help in the healing process. Humane Education: The ARL offers a variety of programs for kids of all ages. Through in-school programs, shelter tours, kids camps, and workshops, the ARL teaches kids compassion, responsible pet ownership, how to avoid animal bites, and the importance of spay/neuter. Studies have shown that children who abuse animals will later go onto abuse humans, so the ARL’s Humane Education programs assist in teaching kids empathy towards all living




creatures in an effort to stop violence of any kind. Paws for Patriots:

Medical studies have shown that people who live with pets have lower blood pressure, decreased stress, and higher levels of oxytocin (the “feel good” hormone in the brain). The benefits are so positive that now many doctors are prescribing pets to soldiers who suffer from PTSD. To assist this effort, the ARL offers any retired or active U.S. Veteran 50% off of pet adoptions to make it even more affordable to adopt a pet and 50% off dog training classes to strengthen the human-animal bond. Whinny: In a partnership with the Rockwell City men’s

correctional facility, many abused and neglected horses find their way to the medium-security prison for rehabilitation and a lot of TLC through the ARL’s Whinny program. The inmates care for the horses and once they are ready for adoption, they return back to the ARL’s Kruidenier Rescue Ranch where they are soon placed into permanent homes. This is a win for the inmates because it teaches them empathy and they learn a skill that they can use once their return to their community; it is a win for the prison because this program is considered a privilege for the inmates so they must stay on their best behavior in order to participate; and it is a win for the horses because they receive constant care during their rehabilitation and for many, begin trusting a human for the first time. At the ARL, we have a passion for protecting animals because of the love they share and the protection they give, but most of all, because they deserve it. ❥

Stephanie Filer is the Manager of Special Gifts and Partnerships for the ARL. If you have would like more information on the ARL’s programs or adoptable animals, please contact Stephanie at or (515) 473-9116. You can also visit the ARL’s website for more information at

Character isn’t what you do — it’s what you are… Service Legends is a proud partner of Character Counts

The pillars of good character in your life:

Our families:

Our workplaces:

Our schools:

Our communities:

Parents want their children to be of strong character, and good character does not just happen. It is an outcome of the efforts of parents who lay a strong foundation of good character.

Many Iowa companies are including ethics in their corporate values and educating their staffs and boards on making ethical decisions.

We work hand-in-hand with thousands of Iowa educators to incorporate character education into their school, athletic and youth programs.

Cities and towns throughout Iowa have passionately incorporated ethics and values into their entire community. Efforts range from helping Little League coaches teach good sportsmanship to posting banners throughout the community, and much more!

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Surviving & Thriving A Tale of Two Babys A Dog’s Tale… ay back in 2004, a co-worker at the Des Moines Radio Group tried to call me over the weekend to ask what she should do with a dog that she and her husband found. The dog was found running on the highway near Carlisle on an unbearably hot day, and as Kara and her husband tried frantically to lure him into their vehicle, he nearly got hit by two semi-trailer trucks. They finally succeeded in getting him to the side of their car, and they snatched him up into the cool safety of the vehicle. I missed her call, and when I called her back, she had taken the dog to Animal Lifeline of Iowa (ALI).


She had sent me a picture of him, wondering if he was a puppy and what breed he was, and I fell head-over-heels in love with him at first sight from the picture. I called the ALI and they informed me that the procedure was to wait 7 days until the owner came looking and they also needed to post an ad regarding the found dog. They also explained that the dog was an expensive Pomeranian, and that someone probably paid around $400 for him and they would most surely come any day to claim him. I called the nice ladies at ALI asking if the owners had come yet, and they told me kindly, “No, not yet, but keep calling back.” On the sixth day, I nervously placed another call, and again they said, “No owner has come yet.” On Day Seven, I received a call from them saying “Come get him! We can’t believe it, but no one has come to get him!” I packed my kids, Kayla and Drew into the car, who were then 13 and 11 respectively. We had been through a rough divorce and I had recently lost a dear grandmother, and we were all looking forward to meeting the little guy. I had never




BY SHELLEY SCOTT-HOFFMAN been allowed to see him, as he was being held in a foster home during the waiting period. When we got there, the lady from ALI brought him out, and he was the cutest, fluffiest, most hyper little dog I had ever seen. She said the shelter had named him “Little Mister,” but the only name his foster mom could get him to respond to was “Baby.” After signing the paperwork and paying the fee, we loaded him into my SUV. The kids were hungry, so we drove through a Subway to get a sandwich, with Kayla in the front seat and Drew in the back. The dog promptly growled at Drew and stole his entire sandwich. The kids were VERY unsure about this new little dog with the feisty attitude. We grew to love the little guy, who had to be named Baby, of course. In 2004, a few days before Christmas, Baby suffered a severe back injury, cause unknown, except small dogs are prone to it.

It was one of the worst nights of my life. He screamed, I picked him up, and he was completely paralyzed from the neck down and in severe pain and shock. This happened around 10 p.m. and I loaded him into my car, put him on my lap, and drove him to the Animal ER in Des Moines. When I arrived, the staff had awful looks on their faces, and I was put into a waiting room. Finally, a vet tech came into the room and talked about euthanasia being an option. It was December 23rd. How could I tell my kids that their dog had been put down two days before Christmas? As I was crying, I asked what were my other options? They said I could drive him to Ames that night, and ISU could possibly try surgery on him, but it was very costly and there was a good chance he would never walk again. I wrestled with the moral weight of doing the right thing for Baby. Was it more

ethical to put him down or put him through this surgery? How would I pay for it? I drove to Ames that night, arriving around midnight. They agreed to perform the surgery, but there certainly was no guarantee and I had to face the possibility that not only would he quite possibly never walk again, but I may need to learn to express his bladder several times a day. To make a long recovery short, he spent a month at ISU, where the staff gave him water therapy and lots of love and attention. The landmarks came one at a time…the first time he went potty by himself, the first time he wagged his tail a bit, and the first time he dragged his little body over to see me. Now, eight years later, the little stray dog that didn’t have much of a chance is a healthy, happy, feisty little guy with BIG attitude. Not only does he walk, he runs! Sure, it’s a little crooked run, and one foot sometimes quivers, but every time I come home to him, I know I did the right thing. His beautiful fluffy coat never grew back after surgery, so he has a funny shaved body with a fluffy head. My dog Baby (who I thought I was saving) has, of course, saved me. ❥

A Cat’s Tale…



inda R. Blakely of Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary and Rescue believes that animals deserve our time, 100% of the time. And time is exactly what she had to offer Baby; time and patience. Four years ago, a young feral female cat appeared outside Linda’s home with her four kittens; the little girl was barely four months herself. Linda kept the mom fed, but she and her kittens would not trust her. A few weeks later she went out to check on them and all but one kitten was gone. They returned in the evening and Linda knew she needed to capture the little family for their own good. They set-up a trap and were able to grab the kittens; mom was not so easy to grab.

When Linda did snatch the cat up, she went wild. But Linda swept her away into a special cat room in her house. For months Linda slowly worked to prove her love and trustworthiness to the little girl now called Baby. It took time, but Linda did it, she won Baby over. She notes however most animal shelters do not have the room or time to spend on a hard case like Baby, “In any other environment she would likely have been euthanized.” Instead, now, Baby is a loving family pet who Linda just couldn’t part with. Baby is a living example of Linda’s belief that with the time that they deserve, all animals have a future. ❥






Des Moines Menace:


Maggie Cucuk


he Des Moines Menace women’s soccer team has never met each other before. It is their first season, and the team has just been formed. In addition, their first game is against the League’s defending champions, Indiana. But offensive/mid player Maggie Cucuk is not

Maggie in action (in black).

worried. In fact, she’s “extremely excited”. Soccer has always been a great passion for Maggie, playing on teams for almost all of her life. She and her fiancé also coach the soccer teams at her alma mater high school and college (they are getting married this summer). Maggie took a couple of years off from playing after graduating

Are you spending MORE for FEWER people? Reach more consumers with KIOA and KRNT for less money. While KIOA and KRNT deliver an audience of nearly 100,000 adults age 18+, WHO delivers an audience of only 70,000 adults age 18+.

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from college in Sioux City, and began teaching Exploding with action, Maggie controls the ball. kindergarten. But the break gave her a fresh perspective. She says that missing the sport helped her realize how special it is, “Even at 6 a.m. practices, [though] you’re miserable when they’re happening.” “To reach your potential, you need to keep fit,” Maggie says. She swears by jumping rope as her cardio workout, saying it’s easier on the body than running. Joining the Menace provides Maggie with what she loves best about the sport: playing on a team that shares the same passion and works together for the same goal, while each member is committed to doing their best. “The team drives each other,” she explains, and yet “the bigger battle is against yourself.” ❥ Watch Maggie and the new Des Moines Menace Women’s team in action, find their schedule here

Get back to the basics, and make sure your most valuable asset is protected A Harvard University report reveals that 62 percent of all personal bankruptcies filed in the U.S. in 2007 were due to an inability to pay for medical expenses.1 If you become too sick or hurt to work, Individual Disability Income (DI) insurance from Principal Life Insurance Company provides a monthly “paycheck” to help pay everyday living expenses, such as: • Out-of-pocket medical expenses, including co-payments and deductibles • Mortgage/rent payments • Credit card payments • Groceries What if you become too sick or hurt to work? Could your family survive without your income? Could you still cover expenses and save for the future? Contact me today for a no-obligation income protection review and a quote:

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Dr. Calvert-Downey

Are you one of the 11 million couples in the U.S. suffering from infertility? Let us help!

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founded AHeinz57 in August 2008.

I have always been drawn to dogs. I have been rescuing dogs since I was old enough to walk to school. I walked through the alleys to school visiting all the dogs, feeding my bag lunches to the hungry ones. I have been helping homeless dogs ever since. In 2008, I saw a dog being dumped on I-80. After 12 days, Amazing Grace, was caught and I had a new dog. Enter the choice: continue complaining about the plight of homeless dogs or do something about it. That’s when AHeinz57 was born. Since then, we have gained 200+ volunteers, leased a building, acquired transport vehicles, built strong




relationships within our community and with Amy Heinz rescues all over the country and Canada. We have adopted out 1,000+ dogs, and transported 3,500+ death row dogs. Over 4,000 dogs are off the streets and alive today because of our awesome volunteers and their dedication to these dogs! I have learned that miracles DO happen: lost dogs can be found; abused dogs can learn to trust; and puppies can survive being thrown into rivers and out moving car windows. I have seen the worst in people, but I have also seen the best in people through the daily selfless acts of our volunteers. Friends worry that I don’t have a life but I’m just doing what I know I was put on this Earth to do and I love it!

Please visit us at or email us at



I Can’t Deal With

FIVE DARES for Strong Women and Their Communication Issues

Her Crying!

am a loud mouth. I LOVE getting up in front of an audience and speaking the truth! One thing, though- I hate confronting people who have hurt me. Women’s apprehension over negotiation is 2.5 times more than men, according to Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever of Carnegie Mellon. I put together a list of my least favorite “communication issues” and asked a few “strong” women to identify those they struggled with the most and why.


1. The Super Silent Strength Sapper. The silent treatment

is a power move, a gauntlet thrown down to you: figure out what is wrong with me or I will allow our chasm of silence to grow into a relational canyon. 2. The Emotional Gladiator. Some people FEEL DEEPLY

and when you try to confront the truth, they become an Emotional Gladiator- building a wall of tears and anxiety and preventing resolution. Kari, a successful entrepreneur, strives to create productive dialogues but it seems sort of unfair to remove her own emotional responses to get through the process.

creating boundaries with certain people who treat her poorly. If they don’t get it, Caron feels it’s a waste of time. Even though the five situations are very different, they share some common assumptions. • “They should know.” It seems so obvious to them it should be obvious to you and they don’t want to have to explain. • “They won’t accept my truth.” It’s scary to agree to disagree and it’s almost easier to avoid pulling the trigger than be rejected. • “They won’t be able to handle negotiation.” If they expressed themselves, it wouldn’t be a fair fight. Better not to say anything.

Effective communication isn’t about getting acceptance or proving truth. It is about building bridges of understanding with various perspectives. Trusting your own instincts and the goodness in others. Now, it’s time for some DARES! • Break the silence in love. Tell the person who is giving you the

Silent Treatment there is an open door when they are ready to talk. • Civilly express your feelings to that person who is hurting you. Take a deep breath, set up a time to talk and just say it,

clearly and kindly.

3. Emotional Pirate. A cousin of the silent treatment, the

Emotional Pirate holds certain topics hostage. As long as you don’t address the “hot spots,” you feel connected. Bonita is a triple threat, handling a corporate position, a small business and a music career yet she struggles to handle the emotional pirate. She maintains the relationship will eventually wither if she is not able to effectively address the issues.

• Ask for time from someone who isn’t making time for you.

4. Confrontation Constipation. You don’t want to seem crazy,

Bring a kit (tissues, chocolates, music) and let them get it out.

you don’t want to blow it out of proportion, but you are feeling bad and it’s someone else’s fault! Joann is a charming newlywed and student. When she needs to confront someone’s behavior as hurtful, she finds herself very anxious.

My guess is you will be surprised not only at the other person’s reaction but the light feeling you have in your soul. Good luck!

5. Need nothing syndrome. Usually, you are the one with the

answers. People come to YOU for help. When it’s time to ask for what you need, the words stick in your throat. Caron, a thoughtful and savvy employment specialist and recruiter, struggles with Live an Inspired Life! CD audio series available at, or 515-664-6881.

I know they should know you need it, but imagine you are not the center of their universe and trust they love you. • Ask your friends for help in an area of personal struggle.

Don’t take it too seriously- it could be dating, clothing or decorating- just ask for help! • Set up a time to dialogue with an Emotional Gladiator.

Book Liz as a speaker or coach! Want to take a 30 Day Challenge with Liz? Go to to start. The 2011 LLS Celebrity of the Year (c) 515-664-6881 Twitter (liz nead) • Facebook (Liz Nead) Linked In (Elizabeth Parayil-Nead) LifeDare TV is featured in Ladies Home Journal,

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We’ll do our part… By recycling and refurbishing your unwanted equipment. With your support we will help keep computers out of the landfill, while improving the quality of life for people with disabilities or other barriers to employment!

Thank you!

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Musings by Mary Day


eus, my beautiful blue-eyed boy, was always there to greet me when I came home from work. The routine that I miss so much. He waited patiently for me to finally sit down so he could curl up on my lap, his loud purring letting me know how contented and happy he was to see me and hoping that I would stay for awhile. He always knew when it was time to turn in for the night and would curl up beside me, but first I would have to rub behind





his ears and under his chin before we would both go to sleep. There was really no need for an alarm clock; he knew when it was time for me to get up and get ready for work. He would follow me to the door as if to say, “have a good day.” We spent many years together and were so in-tune to each other. Then Sunday, April 8th it was time. He had a large tumor on his spleen. It is all the funny little things that he did, taking care of his needs, the comforting feeling with him by my side if the work day had been stressful. Yes, I talked to him about everything and he would look at me as if he understood. Now coming home is not the same. I am sure that there are many of you who are reading this that have had this same experience, but it never gets any easier, does it? I say now that I will never have another cat but then one never knows. Zeus just happened into my life when I least expected it and am so glad that he did. There is definitely that void now and it will take time. ❥

~ Mary

Adventure Not Your Normal

Girls’ Getaway


t was not your normal girl’s getaway! You might call it a “rescue mission.” Instead of packing my bathing suit and Fodor’s Travel Guide, I packed my comfy sweatsuit and a copy of How To Be A Caregiver For A Cancer Patient. The news came suddenly two weeks earlier. My best friend and college roommate texted me, “Just heard back from the Dr. I have lung cancer.” How could that be possible? Greta never smoked, went to church every Sunday and lived a healthy life. She went in for a routine physical and came out with a diagnosis that would change everything. You feel so helpless when someone you love faces a life-threatening illness. Since our divorces, Greta and I always joked we would take care of each other in old age. But we’re still young! I took a week’s vacation and flew to Washington D.C. where she had surgery to remove half of one lung. I am not a nurse, but I knew I could at least make her laugh, make her meals, make her take her meds, hold her hand when she couldn’t

Cynthia hold up her head. Another college best Fodor friend, Lisa, joined us. We hugged. We cried. We talked. And talked. About the future, our fears, our dreams, our BY CYNTHIA FODOR children. We howled as we tried to wash Travel Writer & Co-Anchor Greta’s hair in the kitchen sink. KCCI TV News Suddenly, every breath was precious. Losing my mom just before Christmas made me realize how important it is to shower the people you love with love. You think they will always be there. They won’t. When I go home now, my mother’s chair is empty. I would give anything to have her back again just one more day. This Mother’s Day, I am reminded to make my family and friends my first priority. As much as I love to travel and explore new places, I learned there is nothing better than spending a week’s vacation with an old friend. If there’s someone in your life you want to see, go the distance. Instead of being swept away by the beauty of a sunset on a beach, you can BE the sunshine in someone’s life and rediscover the beauty of a deep friendship. Don’t wait for a crisis to take the time for someone you love. Although it was painful to watch a friend in pain, this girl’s getaway was more meaningful than any day at the beach. ❥




Man Cave

by Andy Hall


remember a time when my wife and I honestly believed that if we could successfully raise a puppy, that a baby would be no sweat. Good thing we came to find out that apples and oranges are fruits of a much different color. The year was 2004. We had just moved

back to Des Moines from Fargo, North Dakota, and decided to get a dog. Aside from being the cutest little beagle pup you ever did see, Ruby Soho became one of our first real tests as a Andy Hall is the co-habitating couple. Conventional wisdom, Music Director when we didn’t know any better, tricked us into and Afternoon buying the fact that since we survived those Host at Lazer crucial first couple years of our dog’s life, we 103.3 FM should seriously consider the next steps in our relationship: Marriage and having a baby of our own. Fast forward to June of 2010, and the birth of Alexander.

One thing neither of us had prepared for was the fact that Ruby Soho would continue to need the same amount of love and attention she always had, while we became lifetime students in the never-ending education of parenthood with our son. It’s now May of 2012. We just celebrated Ruby Soho’s 8th birthday, and are about to officially welcome Alexander to the “Terrible Twos,” even though he’s already sort of been there for several months.

Alexander & Ruby Soho

With each passing day, new achievements are praised and new challenges met with the knowledge Mellissa and I have acquired over the years. For canine and homo-sapien alike. ❥


Shopping Ninja by Karess Carter ur dog Gizmo is a member of our family and at times we spoil her like our own child. But being a good pet parent can be expensive, so I wanted to help you save a few dollars. Just like with regular shopping, little deals and customer loyalty programs can add up. Karess & Two of the big chains, PetSmart daughter Rhiannon and Petco, offer reward clubs. PetSmart has ‘PetPerks’ which keeps members in the loop on new specials Karess Carter is Midday through the email club, and offers Host at STAR 102.5 FM private sales for members as well. Petco offers the ‘PALS’ program where you receive 5% back on everything you buy. In addition this program offers exclusive discount coupons sent to you by mail or email. Locally owned shops can offer great deals, as well. Three Dog Bakery in the West Glen Town Center has their ‘Tummy Rub’ program. You can sign up and receive exclusive emails with pet news, new product releases, contests and Rhi & Gizmo (2008) Friends from specials. Jett and Monkey’s the beginning. in the East Village offers their ‘Club Doghouse’ which offers an email once a month letting members know about current sales. Iowa Pet Foods and Seascapes and Bone-A-Patreat offer frequent buyer cards for some of the best brands of food. Smitten Kitten offers free delivery with a qualifying purchase. These are just a few of the stores around town that offer pet specific supplies, but there are a number of others, plus grooming, boarding, day care and poop scooping. The bottom line is, when looking for pet-friendly deals, don’t be afraid to ask, you may like what you find. ❥


Have tips to share with Karess?




What our clients are saying… SATISFIED CUSTOMERS We have received so many new patients through the testimonials from patients on the radio and magazine ads. We have been tracking through patient surveys. With so many changes in insurances and changes in medicine, we have scaled our advertising to only radio and Intuition magazine ads. Patients are frequently asking if they can be the next testimonials for our ads. Glad to have satisfied customers, and great advertising. Thanks!


GREAT EXPERIENCE Since 2006 we have been advertising with the DMRG, and it has been a great experience from top to bottom...we’ve increased our brand awareness within our market within a reasonable advertising budget...Laurie Brown has provided top- notch customer service, and she will work for us until we are satisfied…I was very skeptical of radio advertising; ask me now and I wish we would have started earlier.

Joe Nguyen


Call 515-280-1350 and be added to this list of happy advertisers. FULLY UNDERSTAND We started advertising on KLTI and KRNT last fall and have noticed an increase in sales over the last several months. Annie Meacham and Shelley Scott-Hoffman have been a lot of fun to work with creating ads. They ask all the right questions to fully understand your business, and are willing to make any necessary changes to make you feel totally comfortable with the ads.


POSITIVE ATTITUDE Matt Wosmansky has been a pleasure to work with for our advertising needs. His positive attitude and great personality really shine through. He is the reason we have chosen to advertise with the Des Moines Radio Group!

Rich Andraschko







The Tiniest Hero


n October of the year 2000, I was at my end. I was in a miserable job that had me on the road all the time. I was driving the streets of Chicago for work, contemplating the unthinkable – perhaps I should leave this world. As the light grew dim on that cool night I came to a 4-way stop that was snarled. There were two people in the street chasing a kitten. I saw a black streak as a lady begged for my help.

Dr. Navin Gupta, D.P.M. • The latest treatment for toenail fungus • Complete pediatric foot care • Musculo-skeletal diagnostic ultrasound • Biomechanical exams: evaluations of proper alignment & balance of bones & joints of the feet • In-office x-rays • Custom molded functional foot orthotics • State-of-the-art surgical suite & much more!

ANP Foot & Ankle Clinic Dr. Navin Gupta, D.P.M. 2 locations to serve you!

As luck would have it, I was the one to snag him. I was about to put him in the yard but the lady yelled,

“No! You have to take it with you!” I was perplexed. I was staying at a hotel and had no idea where to find an animal shelter. I begrudgingly put the kitten in the car and drove away, wondering what I was thinking. I culled together the needed supplies and headed to the hotel. I gave him a The hero, bath and then we stared at Obi-Wan Kenobi, each other for a while. now 12 years old. He was tiny, not more than 5 weeks old. I put him in bed with me that night and planned to take him to a shelter. But when I woke up, there he was, asleep across my neck. I petted him and he purred. Everywhere I went as I readied for work, he was right there.

He made me smile again.

208 South C. Street - Indianola

515-961-7114 6053 SE 14th Street - Des Moines 515-285-0242 • 26



And then I realized, I did have purpose – to care for my foundling. I have never had a dark thought about ending my life again. That’s because of the little black kitten I rescued, who really rescued me. ❥

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