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Mastercard Worldwide: Digital campaign to provide financial education for Latin America

MasterCard bets on a digital campaign to help Latin Americans get the most for their money.

Through the latest technologic and social media trends, including Web 2.0, podcasts, online multimedia presentations and interactive tools, MasterCard sets out to help Latin American consumers handle their money efficiently and responsibly.

Brief: development an Internet platform to present dynamic content that users can access quicky by means of interactive tools

A Web 2.0 was created with a variety of elements that can be adapted to each visitor’s language and local interests

2. Interactive Tools 5. Panel Financial Experts

4. Mister/Miss Finance

1. Financial University

3. Animated Educational Videos

1. Financial University

Content presented in the style of a How To guide, so users can easily practice what they are learning

Six thematic units are: • • • • • •

Budgeting Family finances Avoiding debts Saving Understanding credit Debit cards

2. Interactive Tools Tools design to help consumers efficiently improve their knowledge and manage their decisions about personal finances.

Some tools: • Prepare a budget • Test your credit knowledge • Income and expenses spreadsheet • How well do you know your credit card? • Debts warning signals

3. Animated Educational Videos The Smart Consumer family gives practical advice for managing finances in real- life situations.

4. Mister/Miss Finance Independent bloggers with experience in the personal finance environments of their own countries. Share podcasts, interviews, useful advices, articles, etc.

5. Financial expert panel Experts from different Latin American countries... For those countries without a Miss/Mister Finance‌ Offer their perspectives and advice to consumers throughout the region and provide a valuable interactive educational experience.

Launch strategy

1. Web Presentation: The campaign was launched with a video presentation using Flash technology.

2. Social Media Outreach: Social profiles were created on Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare, Orkut, Flickr, LinkedIn and YouTube with the aim of reaching the largest number of users and journalists to promote the convenience and accessibility of these sites.

3. Media Kit

4. Social Media News Release


Online results • Number of visitors: more than 200,000 • Average visits per month: more than 32,000 • Number of visits: more than 650,000 • Average duration of visits: 9 minutes.

Growth • Increase in the webpage visits between 2007 (66,124) and 2008 (265,915): 302%. • Increase in unique visitors between 2007 (13,594) and 2008 (79,552): 485%.

Growth: • Consistent growth in the social networks and new media

Youtube Actions The strategy within this online platform was to create a channel for the campaign where 6 digital animated videos were published. Audiovisual material was presented in Portuguese, Spanish and English. Explanatory videos taught consumers how to manage their personal finances from different angles: safely online shopping, manage Christmas expenses and useful advices to manage family budget.

Youtube Actions Online shopping safety tips: 202 views. Online shopping safety tips: 290 views. How to plan a Holiday Budget?: 173 views, 2 Like it How to prepare a Christmas budget?: 1633 views, 4 Like it Dicas para comprar comseguranรงa online: 4138 views

Online shopping safety tips: 7.705 views.


“Smart Consumer”: Mastercard’s campaign channel is still active within YouTube. 33 subscribers, 2,280 views and a total of 14,200 total views of uploaded videos.

• Aumento consistente en la penetración en redes sociales y nuevos medios

Thank you!!

Mastercard Smart Consumption  

Digital campaign promoting an interactive financial education program for Latin America and the Caribbean.