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February 2011

Dear AIESECers... Long time no see :) I hope you survived this period of exams! Let us say that it was such an overwhelming experience to see 36 trainees from all around the world arriving in a week due to a project that was defined by all the local offices, not even 7 months ago, a project that counts with the training and presence of the United Nations regarding the Millenium Goals! That’s the beauty of AIESEC, a space for creation and impactful experiences and relevant solutions. Now back on track we need to prepare for another recruitment, a recruitment that will give us the opportunity to change the life of yet another group of individuals. An opportunity for you to reassess how much do you truly want to grow. An opportunity for you to think how far you’ve gone since you joined. An opportunity for you to challenge the status quo. You define your limits, you define the size of your shadow, the size of your true potential. Let’s all await and be inspired by the LCP candidates that will soon arise. Let’s all us this time to think about our future. P.S: We warmly invite you ALL to participate and be present at the General Assembly that will elect the next President of AIESEC in ISCTE (on the 12th of February) Your Executive Board for 2010-2011: Pedro, Ricardo, André, Cristian, Margarida, Carlos, Mário AIESEC Lisboa ISCTE

WHAT’S UP? with our opportunities WENA Leadership Development Seminar 2011 is an international congress uniting future young leaders from over 20 countries in the Western Europe and North America region, and this year is taking place in Nottingham, UK, on 9th to 13th of March! The aim of the conference is to provide AIESEC members a deep insight into how they can contribute positively towards AIESEC and society at large, as well as making these young people discover and develop their leadership potential.

The chos e

n delega tes were:

-Ana Moreira -Ana Gavancha -André Lopes -Andrea Silva -Catarina Silva -Daniel Parsotamo

-Daniela Delgado -João Almeida -Nicolae -Rita Ribeiro -Sara Lopes -Soraia Vale -Yuri Wentink

This conference gives the opportunity to: - Experience different cultures and build a strong international network - Unlock and realize your leadership potential - Meet other leaders - Attend thought inspiring sessions - HAVE FUN! WENA also helps you to increase your network, learn, listen, contribute to the AIESEC network, and become one of the leaders of tomorrow.

ln the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a pro- seph, the leader of the Zeitgeist Movement gram of local, self-organized events that bring peo- or Gmb Akash, one of the best photographers of the world. ple together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.

The lucky AIESECers that were selected to go to this Conference are: -Ricardo Lima (OCP eXchange Projects) -Nuno Pereira (Team Leader Internal Synergies) -Miguel Jerónimo (Institutional Relations Member)

TEDxO’Porto has an unique selection of national and TEDxO’Porto is taking place in Casa da Músiinternational speakers. ca, 21st March, 2011. It’s a chance to get inspired with some of the best speakers in Portugal and the World, like Peter Jo-



You have already had some experiences as an OC didn’t you? When? Why did you apply for OCP this time? Yes, I was OC for 3 times before this one. It’s a bit funny because when I was in my first RITM, I saw the work that the OC did, and I thought, I’ll never be an OC, because it is such a hard job, there are so many things to do! Why do these people do that? Why do they have so much work for nothing? It’s important to explain that in my first RIM I was a trainee and I only had some basic ideas of what AIESEC could be before going there. I got to know about what AIESEC was all about, people shared their exchange experiences and I got to know some awesome people! I wanted to make a change in my life so I applied for Au Pair. When I got in AIESEC, I went to Corporate and after that I went to X, and here I had the opportunity to be OC in IRW that we organized in Évora and afterwards I organized another one in Sintra. I’m in my first Masters Degree year, and I felt I was missing out AIESEC so I joined the RIMT team (after annoying Márcio a lot since the team had already been selected!). I felt I had so much more to give of me so I applied to OCP for this RIMT II because I want to get the most out of it! What does an OCP do? I can’t really tell you.. Every OCP has been different, everyone has its own way of doing things. But basically I have been doing a lot of plan-

Rita Ribeiro

ning, dividing tasks and motivating my OC to make this RIMT II as memorable as possible. I want them to know exactly what I expect from them, set clear goals and help them with their tasks. It’s important for me that they get the most out of it, that they develop themselves and motivate them to give the most of them because this is an unique and special moment. What do you expect for this RIMT II? As an OCP I have huge expectations because I have an awesome team and every one of them are unique and genuine. It’s the best team ever! They are so motivated I can almost feel it! The thing we are going to do differently is that we want to spend more time with the new members, be more present. To make that happened we will have to work a lot in advance, do a lot of planning so we can have our time organized and enjoy more RIMT II. As Fox said once in the interview for OCP, we are always learning from everywhere. (estamos smp aprender por todos os lados)

Who are your OC members? João Velez, Miguel Jerónimo, João Almeida, André Lopes I know you made a planning list to help you coordinate your OC team, tell me more about athat list. Well… I thought about all the previous RIMTs and the little mistakes we made. In first place, I knew I could only have four members, therefore I created some functions for each one of them and gave them tasks and responsibilities. After distributing the tasks in our first reunion, I created a chronogram of activities because I find it very important to put everything on paper what each OC has to do. I think the best way of organizing a team is by creating deadlines and be focused in what has to be done. In my previous experiences we had to deal with many contingencies and I think that is a challenge we have to be prepared for.

thing is awesome!

What was the funniest thing that happened in your previous OC experience? The funniest thing that happened was in my previous RIMT. Once we had been working so hard, we were so tired that we couldn’t even pay attention to a reunion. I remmember Márcio was beginning a reunion and two minutes later Danielle felt asleep. Everybody laugh about the situation but the same happened to the rest of us! I felt asleep, Catarina felt asleep and in the end there were only Márcio and Nicolae awake and having the reunion between themselves... What advise would you give to a future OCP? Do much much planning! And read my report very careful because I am going to be as helpful as I can. Another advice is never to forget your responsibilities, coordinating the whole team but at the same time “enjoying participation”, because when you do the things you like the most every-

WHAT’S UP? in our areas

External Relations grew a little more and is stronger than ever! As well as you all know Umangui Chaganlal was elected Team Leader of External Relations! With this election External Relations had to redefine objectives and strategies to improve the quality of our area! At the first meeting, ER focused on discussing how is the best way to raise more TN's and to develop new members to become involved in AIESEC and ER of course! ER re-raised a TN, the replacement for Zafer! Congratulations! Anyway there is a lot of work to do and many TN's to raise! Raising TN's is creating a positive impact on society. It is giving someone the opportunity to live a unique experience in life. So let's change lives and show AIESECway! Developing the potential of members of ER and make them feel how much important they are not only for our organization but also for the team of External Relations it’s our priority. We are sure that with both teams at full speed, nothing can stop us! The External Relations team has many ideas up its sleeve, which of course are surprise! You'll have to wait! ER's rock!

During the last weeks Finance had one Team Building very important before the holidays, we created our vision that is on the wall of the LC.We did the regular accountability and recovered some money from the debts map. We, also, payd the LC FEES of Q4, which is very important because is mandatory to have membership in national general assemblies. The Report of RIMT I was launched with great success and the reports of LT and Discovery I 2011 will be available before the end of the month. The mini-bar in the LC has been a success since we created it with more than 100€ of profit :)


The last weeks have been busy in Non-Corporate Relations & Projects! First we opened a new area and have a new Team Leader: Rui Vilela! This area will be responsible by our relations with NGO and raising Development Internships! We are working hard in the next Recruitment, the innovative Make it Possible Project, the Summer Abroad and finishing the Tournament. About the recruitment: We assured contacts in FLUL, ISLA and are currently working on assuring recruitment in FCUL! IR is also working hard in assuring quality to our Make it Possible Project, assuring accommodation, coordinating with the other LCs and with the schools. They are also contacting Municipalities and other governmental entities to assure support. We are pleased to announce partnerships with Carris and IBS to grant free transportation and the Project final conference! Summer Abroad has the pleasure to announce the partnerships to the next Summer Abroad: India, Egypt, Indonesia, Greece, China, Mozambique (National Partnership), Poland (National Partnership) and Romania (National Partnership) The Leadership Project team is brainstorming on new, exciting ideas to implement on our LC... in February you have fresh news =)

@ - AIESEC @XP - AIESEC experience AI - AIESEC International AIESECer - AIESEC Member AG - Assembleia Geral AGIO - Assembleia Geral Interna Ordinária AGIE - Assembleia Geral Interna Extraordinária Alumnus - Former AIESEC Member Alumni - Former AIESEC Members BoA - Board of Advisors BoD - Board of Directors CEED - Cultural Education Exchange Development Comm - Communication Corp - Corporate CRM - Custumer Relation Management DT - Development Traineeship EB - Executive Board EP - Exchange Participant ER - External Relations FACI - Facilitator IBXP - Issue-Based eXPerience ICX - InComing eXchange LC - Local Committee LCP - Local Committee President LDS - Leadership Development Seminar LTM - Long Term Member MC - Members Committee MCP - Members Committee President MT - Management Traineeship NatCo - National Congress NC&P - Non-Corporate and Projects NST - National Support Team OC - Organizing Committee OCP - Organizing Committee President OGX - OutGoing eXchange PAI - President of AIESEC International PAG - President da Assembleia Geral (GAP) PBOX - Project Based on Exchange Returnee - Former AIESEC Trainee RIMT - Reunião de Integração, Motivação e Treino STM - Short Term Member TM - Talent Management TN - Trainee Nominee TT - Technology Trainee X - eXchange


As you know, COMM is divided in three main sub-areas. Internal Communication is drawing and building three different types of newsletters: To members, corporate and Alumni, is also building a Blog and a forum to keep in touch with members more often. The information system inside the LC is also responsability of this sub-area. For this, there is now a sharing board, where all the members can post all type of messages. Our page on Facebook is always updated with our reality too. External Communication has been drawing the recruitment campaign and managing our AIESEC stand. This sub-area also had a great contribute at national level, creating the Make It Possible Booklet´s Design and making the opening Video for the first conference. External Comm is also helping building "The Story" by keep on file all the COMM materials for an easiest consult. Last but not list, Video will finish the Projects video. This sub-area will be included in External Comm until someone gets ready to assume the Team Leader´s postion. Bye bye and Keep on Touch.

The Exchange Team and AIESEC Lisboa ISCTE had the opportunity to receive and host a new trainee from AIESEC Porto FEP: Jana Zástěrová from Czech Republic! We all wish her the best during this new experience! Meanwhile we said goodbye to one of our dearest trainees. Nikolina Topolko has gone back to Croatia leaving wonderful memories. We really hope to see you again Nikollina! On the OGX side, we’ve got two more EPs in the platform: André Lopes and Claudia Sequeira and we’ll have more soon! And to improve the performance and eXchange culture in the LC, Intercambios has launched the campaign: Be an EP Manager, an unique opportunity for members from any area to get involve in the exchange life of the LC and discover their own opportunities to go on exchange.

TM is organizing the recruitment 2.0, together with the other Lc areas, which will start in the 2nd of February with the “Forum Empresas” Our objective is to raise 300 subscriptions! We are counting on you all ;) Soon soon we will launch the mentoring program, so respond to the survey that we send you, talk with us, ask more about the program, we are sure that it will be very good for those who subscribe! As you know, this Sunday, 6th of February, we will have an LC Day! So we’ll meet @ISCTE around 14h, bring comfortable clothes and have fun! It will be nice to see you all again :)

But that’s not all! Intercambios has also launched the Matching Weekend! which will be carried out on the 29th and 30th of January; these two days the eXchange team as well as EPs and EP Managers will be working hard to get match for them and for our TNs.

And now... Presenting... The Testemounial of..... : INÊS COSTA The first time I heard this words was in the beginning of my first AIESEC Weekend and it was just a bizar moment. The second time I heard them in the end of the same conference, one day later, tears of happiness where falling because in that moment all that words made sense. I felt totally identified with the concept of AIESEC: A group of young people that wants to be every day better, to create more and more opportunities for others to have the will and the capacity to change the world around them. I continue to believe this is one of the brightest ideas in the world.

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Responsibility for guaranteeing that everything is done and well done, and responsibility for guaranteeing that the rights decisions are being done. The power that you have is the power to fulfill properly that responsibilities and see things change and see AIESEC Experiences being created

I started being a corporate member, than I was Corporate Director, then LCP, MC and finally trainee. As you probably already experienced, all experiences are unique and change you, but when I look back to my experience the ones that impacted me and still impact more my life are the experience of being LCP and being trainee. Being LCP is about responsibility. You are responsible to lead an entire LC, that looks like a small or medium enterprise. It’s not about power, because you don’t make anything alone and because you rarely make decisions by your own, is truly about responsibility.

You see that in some things you are not so good as you thought and that you are better in other things. And sometimes, you will feel frustrated with your own limitations and other times you will see yourself doing magic. At the end of your term you will still not be perfect…but you see much more clearly who you are and you will see that many things have changed in you. There will be moments when you just want to run away and hide. I had some moments like that but honestly these were the moments that made me grow more, these where the moments that made me realize why I was truly there for, the moments that made me stick more for what I wanted to see happening.

Being LCP is about people: is about seeing your members developing, grabbing and creating opportunities. Is about your EB: people that you end up loving with all your heart, with who you build something bigger than yourselves and with whom you learn, you learn and you learn more. If I look back to that year I still feel amazed by how much I learned, how many people I met, how many friends I made, how many smiles I saw, how many eyes I saw sparkling speaking about AIESEC, how many times I felt realized, how much I grew, how much I enjoyed and the difference that year made in the life’s of some people. After the term of LCP, I was elected MC and then it was icing on the cake: my exchange experience. I went to Brazil in a MT TN and I was living in the house of a family for the 3 months. Honestly, I only understood perfectly why exchange was so important when I had the experience…it’s incredible how by being immersed in other culture you not only learn about it as you discover a lot about yourself and your culture back home. For me it was the discovery of a new way to approach life and I am very very thankful to the people that raised this opportunity for me.

I still feel amazed when I think of how things flow in AIESEC: you enter AIESEC and there are people creating opportunities for you, then you start assuming more responsibilities and you start creating opportunities for others, and you finish your AIESEC Experience again in an opportunity created for you by other people in other country. It’s an unstoppable virtuous cycle.

That’s my wish for all of you: that you contribute to this unstoppable virtuous cycle by creating and grabbing opportunities. Enjoy your AIESEC Experience!

change agents WHAT’S UP?with withour our change agents

AIESEC Portugal had the pleasure to receive 36 EP’s, which 4 of them came to our LC! We want to thank all members that hosted and received the EP’s at the airport! - Miguel Jerónimo - Sara Lopes - Andrea Silva - Bárbara Wahnon - Cláudia Sequeira - Cristian Ospina - Daniel Roseiro

- Gonçalo Moura - Marisa Raposo - Marco Silva - Mariana Carvalhal - André Rodrigues - Rita Sacramento - Ricardo Lima

Jorien van Veenendaal 22 years, Holland

Sophie Windish 24 years, Austria

Th a w ank arm you we for g lco i me ving ! the m

Ylenia Russo, 26 years Italy

Jack Bevan Hook 21 years, UK

WHAT’S UP? with our members




Yuri Wentink Team Leader Alumni & Mentoring (TM)

Rui Vilela Team Leader NGO Relations (NC&P)

Rita Ribeiro OCP RIMT I (F)

Umangui Changalal Team Leader External Relations (ER)

WHAT’S UP? in our events

Awesome Team Building and LC Meeting- 7th of February of 2011

Member Newsletter February'11  

A newsletter for the members of AIESEC Lisboa ISCTE

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