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September 2010

Hey AIESEC... A new semester has started and some of you have chosen to grab opportunities, to develop, to grow and to care (or to do nothing at all). Now is the time to set the basis for a new generation, for a group of new leaders that will be interviewed and selected to become members. There are some questions that we would like you all to think about.. Are you ready to make others grow? Do you think you have achieved the limits of your capacities? What is your purpose in Life and how can you grow through AIESEC? And the last question.. Are you ready to set THE EXAMPLE to the new generations of AIESECers? As you see, in the end, life is not about avoiding the Storm.. Life’s about DANCING IN THE RAIN. Let’s dare to achieve, shall we?

Your Executive Board for 2010-2011: Pedro, Ricardo, André, Cristian, Margarida, Carlos, Mário AIESEC Lisboa ISCTE

WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN? our next events

RIMT... This event is made thinking about the members, being them new or not. It will happen from the 29th to the 31st of October, in Almada’s Youth Hostel, where the new members will get to know the organization, they’ll get to know about themselves and decide the way they want to interact with us. About the members that are already part of the organization, it’s important for you to go if you want to take a step further into a new leadership position or broaden your horizons into an amazing exchange experience. We will also need your help to integrate the new members into our spirit and dynamics. The OC team is chosen and we are already working on the event. It will be amazing, so don’t stay at home be part of the recruitment, spread your AIESEC vision

and experience to your friends and in the end you’ll have an outstanding weekend by the river! Have fun and see you on the 29th!!!

The Leadership Tournament is an oportunity to adquire soft skills relationed with teamwork, time managment, leadership, among others. Between 3 entire months 800 students from entire Portugal will test their leadership skills. Teams will have the chance to interact with many companys and ONG’s. The tournament has two phases. The first one happens on the 10 universitys that host the events where only the two best teams per event will pass to the next and last phase, the national one, and they will have to encounter several challenges elaborated by AIESEC and partners. Between this two phses the teams that won the first one

will face another challenge presented by “Objectivo de Desenvolvimento do Milénio” from ONU which solutions will be later presented by the teams on the national phase.

WHAT’S UP? in our areas

Corporate Relations is totally focused on getting more partners to the Leadership Tournament. We had several meetings with companies like Dan Cake, TB Store, CapEduc, Luís Simões and many others, but the company where we had more sucess was with Dan Cake, with which we made a partnership!

Since the last newsletter, SISCOG realized Juliano and Marcus and they already started working during June and July. GameInvest raised 6 internships (2 MT and 4 TT), and already realized 1, which was Marzena Jaworska and she started working in August. The company also accepted 4 more profiles and will realize on the next days the interviews with the trainees. CCL prolonged the contract of Cristian Ospina for 6 more months, and it’s considering another raise. Candidatures to manager spots will happen before RIMT, in the LC Meeting !! You don’t want to miss this oportunity!

Finance has worked hard during this summer, our LC was completely recovered with more space and an refreshed environment. Improving our desktop allow us to work more and efficiently. The IRW in Santa Cruz was one of our commitments, in a partnership with AIESEC Lisboa NOVA, and we made it good, achieving a significant profit. We also worked in September in the organization of the Functional Meetings that happened in ISCTE, in which we had to invest. The Leadership Tournament is on our way and so we preparing it in order to create a huge impact in our committee. We are preparing, with the OCP, the next RIMT. Now, AIESEC Lisboa ISCTE will make another new partnership with AIESEC Lisboa Católica and AIESEC Lisboa NOVA in order to organize the next Discovery. We have just to say: “good work” to Finance. We hope everything goes right, as always.

glossary The NCP sub-areas are: The Leadership Project, Exchange Projects and Institutional Relations. The Leadership Project is focused on the local event: Leadership Tournament, with the supoport of the UN. We are contacting companies in order to secure sponsorships, developing the main challenge and securing the Judge Panel. The Institutional Relations area is currently developing the Make it Possible project. A National Initiative, with the support of the United Nations and Fundação Gonçalo da Silveira. The aim of this initiative is to broaden the knowledge of the Millenium Goals in colleges and secondary schools. How? 4 to 6 trainees will arrive to each LC and prepare with 4 to 8 secondary shools (in each LC) a project about the Millenium Goals. This year the 3 sub-36 participant schools will have a final conference (where aiesec’ers, universities, partners, schools and trainees will be present) to show their work We are also preparing the FLUL recruitment stand in the 29th and 30th September and a presentation in ISLA in the 7th October. The exchange projects is contacting all the Summer Abroad returnees. You can expect cultural presentations soon.

@ - AIESEC @XP - AIESEC experience AI - AIESEC International AIESECer - AIESEC Member AG - Assembleia Geral AGIO - Assembleia Geral Interna Ordinária AGIE - Assembleia Geral Interna Extraordinária Alumnus - Former AIESEC Member Alumni - Former AIESEC Members BoA - Board of Advisors BoD - Board of Directors CEED - Cultural Education Exchange Development Comm - Communication Corp - Corporate CRM - Custumer Relation Management DT - Development Traineeship EB - Executive Board EP - Exchange Participant ER - External Relations FACI - Facilitator IBXP - Issue-Based eXPerience ICX - InComing eXchange LC - Local Committee LCP - Local Committee President LDS - Leadership Development Seminar LTM - Long Term Member MC - Members Committee MCP - Members Committee President MT - Management Traineeship NatCo - National Congress NC&P - Non-Corporate and Projects NST - National Support Team OC - Organizing Committee OCP - Organizing Committee President OGX - OutGoing eXchange PAI - President of AIESEC International PAG - President da Assembleia Geral (GAP) PBOX - Project Based on Exchange Returnee - Former AIESEC Trainee RIMT - Reunião de Integração, Motivação e Treino STM - Short Term Member TM - Talent Management TN - Trainee Nominee TT - Technology Trainee X - eXchange


External For the promotion of Leadership Tournament, our team done several teasers and a new local poster.

We also done recruitment posters where we show how our internshipsand leadership roles are life changing.

Internal Synergies Internal has been concentrated in this Members Newsletter. We have now several projects ahead of us, some of the most important are possible blog and also another newsletters that will put us on a new level and if everything goes well our comitte will start to feel the changes very quickly.

After three months of vacation, Intercambios is back! During the summer, we received our new Trainee from Poland, Marzena Jaworska, who’s now working as a video games programmer in one of our new partners, Game Invest, and we’re still looking for five more trainees for this company. A lot of work to do for our X team! Meanwhile we said goodbye to our dear trainee, Kennt Chan, who went back to Costa Rica and is now having a new internship in Canada! good luck to good friend! One of the greatest events of our LC took place in Septmeber: our IRW, prepared for ISCTE and NOVA in Santa Cruz, was a total success and a great experience for trainees from all around Portugal.

TM is focused on the recruitment, together with the rest of the EB. We have been organized the Recruitment Boot Camps, which are formations directed to the managers and that will help them showing to others how AIESEC is a opportunity that no one should miss. We are also preparing the apresentations to the classrooms, the shedule of the stand and basicly everything that is related to the recruitment and selection of our new members. During this week we are also going to be present on FLUL and at 7th October we are going to promote AIESEC on ISLA!

Finally, we want to say “WELCOME BACK” to our EPs from Summer Abroad!! people that have lived and unforgettable experience and is ready to face new challenges is their lives.

testemoni al

DEAR AIESEC LISBOA ISCTE, I joined AIESEC many years ago (in the days that LC Office was still in 2E9)... I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, I was studying Psychology and I was living almost in a new country (as I am originally from Madeira) and people have told me that such experience would be great in many ways. All true but above all AIESEC for me was a constant challenge. I believed that AIESEC should be very different and much better since an early stage of my AIESEC career, and looking back I realize I always strived to show different possibilities and ways of doing AIESEC. For me the possibility to challenge the organization and to do things differently is

one of the main opportunities AIESEC allows you to grab! I know I did it as Team Manager fighting to improve relationships with interns, as EB striving to implement new strategies such as mentorship, anniversary dinner with parents, then as MC in Portugal implementing AIESEC Experience, and afterwards by applying for LCP and by going back to local level! All these experiences gave me a sense of achievement, as well as, self-confidence, and above all I believe it dared AIESEC to improve. After Portugal I went to Croatia and Malasya, where I had a more personal experience. I went to Croatia as MC with the intention to find out if I could really contribute to AIESEC, adding to my previous experience a foreigner environment to it.

of the month

Have to say my first year didn’t turn out the way I expected, I wanted to contribute more, so I end up staying two more years as MCP. Those 2 years were the most difficult I had, but my second year as MCP was also very fulfilling. Being MCP of a foreign country is intense and I wouldn’t change it for nothing despite the amount of difficulties I went through (legal problems, debts, having a part-time MC, no salary, etc). Comparing to those 2 years, my internship was like a walk in the park. I went to Malaysia for 3 months to work on Marketing (MT) in the Society of Prevention to Cruelty to Animals (DT). I learned much about animal welfare and marketing in a NGO, as well as, I got to know

such a diverse and different culture as Malaysian one. It a very important experience in my life that I am glad I went for, and an important closure to my AIESEC active career. Looking back I realize that, although my experience was outside the box and very intense, anyone could do it. That’s my wish for any AIESEC Lisboa ISCTE member, challenge AIESEC, challenge yourself, challenge the way things are done, and in the end, both you and AIESEC end up winning. As we used to say, it’s really up to you.

AIESECly yours, Catarina Cunha

WHAT’S UP? in our events

IRW Santa Cruz - ISCTE & Nova

IRW Santa Cruz - ISCTE & Nova

September Functional Meeting - ISCTE

September Functional Meeting - ISCTE

Members Newsletter, September'10  

Members Newsletter, September 2010

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