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Drawn by Ricardo Vitorino

april 2010


We would like to make two simple questions to you:

Who are you? What are you going to do?

Most probably you are one of those people who just joined AIESEC; probably you’re one of the people who are starting a leadership experience; you may also be a person that just finished one intensive experience or you are a candidate to go on exchange! No matter which of those you are I’m sure that all of you are now starting to experience something different in AIESEC. But what does this mean? What does “starting to experience something different in AIESEC” really mean? One can say that it is to take the most out of your experience. Well it is but when we say that we are assuming two things:

A- You grabbed the opportunities (the experiences); B - You took the most of it.

Grabbing opportunities… what is it? Is it grabbing the opportunities you are ready for? Is it grabbing the opportunities that no one else is going to grab? It might be…. But in my opinion grabbing opportunities is when you challenge yourself by trying something new even if you don’t feel ready for it; it is to try even if you think there is someone better to do that; it is to think about how much you want to develop yourself and help AIESEC Lisboa ISCTE to grow and decide to take the step based on that! Take the most out of the experience… Is it to do what you committed to or is it to do more than that? Is it to accept things the way they are or is it asking “why” and how can you change things to become better? Is it only achieving the final result or is it achieving the final result as well as reflecting about the experience? It’s up to you to grab the opportunities or to grab the opportunities; it’s up to you to take the most out of the experience or don’t take it at all!

Ask why! Ask for more! Do not feel satisfied! Do more!

AIESEC does not grow without people and you do not learn without experiences! What are you going to do? Your EB Rui, Marisa, Márcio, Patrícia, Gonçalo, Pedro, Artur

WHAT’S UP? in our areas

Tecmic is receiving various profiles, to select the one that suits better!

CGI said that due to internal problems, it isn’t the best time for receiving the intern, but that the matter was not forgotten, just outstanding.

SISCOG already matched 3 trainees (Jelena, Tracy and Marcos), or in other words: already accepted these three interns. And is doing interviews to the other 4.

CapEduc already sent us two JobQuestionnairs (2 TN’s), and we are now searching for profiles.

The new members for this area are: Susana Canelas, Filipa Filipe, Henrique Coelho, Umangui, Diogo Vicente e André Mendes.

Finance has worked a lot, in the organization of the AIESEC Weekend II, helping the OC and OCP. In this internal conference we invested around 4 288€. Now this team is preparing the Global Management Challenge, because AIESEC is a sponsor of this Management Game. And for each person that subscribes from AIESEC Lisboa ISCTE, we win 50€. We are going to have a stand, near to the LC, where we are going to talk with students and convince them subscribe. Finance is also preparing 2 national conferences, which are Discovery and START. And this is a big challenge, because this implies a lot of money to leave, and to enter.


Following the work of last month, the TM team finished the process of recruiting, having been selected 16 new members, who are already allocated to the areas where they will work. On March the 1st, the team organized a training for managers on “Management of Teams”, given by Sandra Pintor our former VP of Non-Corporate & Projects. On March the 17th, started the new trainings for this second semester, with the theme “Selling Skils” which was given by Patricia Gonçalves, our VP Corporate. This team organized the LC meeting, on April the 8th, that was followed by “Time Management” training given by Bruno Ferreira, Alumnus from AIESEC Lisboa ISCTE. In the LC meeting was also mentioned the “Tutor Program, which consists in a tutor (member with more experience) monitoring the new member, with development plans and helping him in the various problems he encounter both at his personal life or his AIESEC experience. The day ended with a convivial dinner with all participants.

@ - AIESEC @XP - AIESEC experience AI - AIESEC International AIESECer - AIESEC Member AG - Assembleia Geral AGIO - Assembleia Geral Interna Ordinária AGIE - Assembleia Geral Interna Extraordinária Alumnus - Former AIESEC Member Alumni - Former AIESEC Members BoA - Board of Advisors BoD - Board of Directors CEED - Cultural Education Exchange Development Comm - Communication Corp - Corporate CRM - Custumer Relation Management DT - Development Traineeship EB - Executive Board EP - Exchange Participant ER - External Relations FACI - Facilitator IBXP - Issue-Based eXPerience ICX - InComing eXchange LC - Local Committee LCP - Local Committee President LDS - Leadership Development Seminar LTM - Long Term Member MC - Members Committee MCP - Members Committee President MT - Management Traineeship NatCo - National Congress NC&P - Non-Corporate and Projects NST - National Support Team OC - Organizing Committee OCP - Organizing Committee President OGX - OutGoing eXchange PAI - President of AIESEC International PAG - President da Assembleia Geral (GAP) PBOX - Project Based on Exchange Returnee - Former AIESEC Trainee RIMT - Reunião de Integração, Motivação e Treino STM - Short Term Member TM - Talent Management TN - Trainee Nominee TT - Technology Trainee X - eXchange


External For the promotion of AIESEC leaders weekend, the team of External engaged in the preparation of the poster presented below:

Internal Synergies Internal have been improoving the LC Structure (as you may see on the next pags.); working on this newsletter and on the interview to Pedro Ferreira.

Corporate Sector “This new area of communication appears in order to reformulate all materials that are presented to companies and nongovernmental organizations. For now we aim to rewrite all the text and then the image of their documents. In the long run there will come some surprises, but for now is all I can say! “ Inês Filipe Corporate Sector Manager 09/10

Web and Video The team of Web & Video created the enthusiastic video of introduction to the AIESEC Weekend II. This team is also responsible to do the website of START - the conference for all the new EB’s in Portugal. And the next Project is to create a video for the 27th anniversary of our LC.

• Incoming: The incoming team was pleased to organize the reception of the Turkish trainee Zafer Sahin and also to bring the Gringo’s Night back, organizing a reception activity in Bairro Alto, in order to socialize with the new trainees Zafer and Melina (from AIESEC Lisboa Nova). Unfortunately the IRW is no longer going to happen. For several reasons we were forced to cancel this event, that was going to happen in Lisbon. Now the team is looking forward for the reception of the trainee Jelena Popovic, that comes from Serbia.

The AIESEC Leaders Weekend happened on the 9th and 10th of April in Unidade Centro de Tropas Comando The goal was to do some team activities to test our skills of finding solutions, motivate others, leadership and much more… in a military point of view. For the Summer Abroad Project we have selected 30 EPs that now are going to the final interview the Review Board. For the future we are organizing the external day of START – 5th of April. This conference is where all the directors from all LC’s from AIESEC Portugal meet to prepare the next year.

• Outgoing: Erica Sardinha went on the 1st of April to Budapeste to do a Development Internship. Let’s hope everything goes well with her! The recruitment process for the Siscog company ended. This company will receive 6 more trainees.

WHAT’S UP? with our members



Cláudia Sequeira Task Force Recrutamento

André Félix Task Force Recrutamento





Inês Filipe Task Force Recrutamento


Bárbara Whanon OCP IRW Manager ICX

Ricardo Vitorino OCP Discovery II

Hugo Mendes Match Realization

WHAT’S UP? in april 08 . LC Meeting 08 . Time Management Training 09 - 10 . AIESEC Leaders Weekend 14 . Lecture about “Responsabilidade social e desenvolvimento sustentável – visão práticas empresariais” with Dra. Paula Guimarães from Montepio 15 . Training about “ & Google tasks” 23 - 25 . Discovery II

testemoni al


will never forget the day I received the email from AIESEC ISCTE Lisbon. Having read the email there were two words in the email that catch my attention: International Internships. That same day, I applied to AIESEC, even without knowing what AIESEC was. My first goal was to have an international live and work experience outside Portugal that, by the way, I wanted since I finished my graduation. Today I noticed how fast was all the process and how fast I came here: Enschede, The Netherlands. To be honest... I was a little bit apprehensive because I was never been in The Netherlands, I was not sure about the kind of

work I need to do, if my English will be enough and those kind of things. I’m here since 19th February 2010, so 1 month and 9 days ago. The day I arrived there were 5 members of AIESEC Twenty waiting for me. They took me for my new home and we had a great dinner. All the people was very friendly and they made me feel very comfortable since the beginning. Nowadays I have all what I need to live here, and these people help me a lot getting all those things and is, for sure, a big difference if you have to deal all the bureaucracy by yourself. I’m living in a international house with Pablo, from Colombia, Raul, from Spain, and

of the month

Peter from Ghana all of them interns from AIESEC. With guys like them it’s easy to start living in a new country, because they are all fantastic. We did a trip to Berlin together and was one of the best weekends of my life. It’s so funny when we are all together sharing our cultures, our experiences, our ways of living that, as you can imagine, are very different. Also the guys from AIESEC help with that, because they are always organizing events or parties so we, interns, and AIESEC Twenty members can be together and that allow a better integration. Talking about work, I think I had very lucky with this internship. I’m in a small, cool and young company working with new

programming languages, new platforms, experiencing new ways of work and learning from experienced people. All this things together makes me very motivated and willing to give my best. It’s true that I’m here since just one month ago but, till now, I’m loving my new life here. I’m discovering a new world full o new things and new challenges and I’m sure this experience will have a positive impact in my future life.

WHAT’S UP? in our events

AIESEC Weekend II - Manuel Matos

AIESEC Weekend II - Dey

WENA LDS - Malta Participação de Ana Cabral, Inês Borracho e Miguel Cristóvão

EUROXPRO - Instanbul Com a participação do Pedro Ferreira - Fox

Zafer Reception - Lisbon Airport

Members Newsletter _ April'10  
Members Newsletter _ April'10  

This is the Members Newsletter of AIESEC Lisboa ISCTE. For April of 2010.