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Hey AIESEC... What will you DO? We are now facing one of the most important moments of the year. What has been your contribution to AIESEC? In delivering the best experiences ever? “Success is all about ATTITUDE” The attitude and commitment that we will show EB’09’10 os 7 ch ackras through the next weeks will define if this term will be good or extraordinary. Our own attitude will define our success. It is up to each one of us to deliver everyday the best of us in order to obtain the best of each one in the organization. We have to be role models in every aspect of our lives! It is our responsibility to assure that AIESEC Lisboa ISCTE continues growing everyday. It is our responsibility to assure that AIESEC Lisboa ISCTE is EXTRAORDINARY! The EB

WHAT’S UP? in march 06 - 07 . AGIO (EB’10’11 election) 12 - 14 . AIESEC Weekend II 12 - 16 . WENA LDS in Malta

WHAT’S UP? in our areas

In the past month of October, we raised a TN in Tecmic.

In December we raised a new TN in CGI and we are now waiting for the job description of the company to introduce in the database.

Analysing the financial situation of AIESEC Lisboa ISCTE, since the beginning of this term. In August there was a significant decrease in the account balance due to the advance of 2 salaries and payment of @ Weekend I ‘09. In September there was a receipt of an annual partnership (IBS) worth 2500€ and a receipt of another Partnership (Fundação Montepio) worth 1000€. There was also the payment of salaries in delay and the payment of FEES from Weekend @ I ‘09. In November there was a receipt of an annual partnership (ISCTE-IUL) worth 5000€. And we also invested 1680€ in NatCO.

We also raised 7 TN’s in Siscog (Sistemas Cognitivos). This company already worked with us, and we already introduced the job description in the database.

The company CapEduc will participate in a concourse because it needs new profiles, so if they accept ours, we could raise TN’s with them.

In January we received 1120€ from the enrollment of 16 teams in the “Jogo de Gestão (SDG)”, still from the 08-09 term. Also in January there were made contributions with the value of 690€ to the MC (LC FEE’s) which corresponded to 7 EP’s (3 MT’s, 1 TT and 3 TD’s) and 2 TN’s (2 TT’s). In February it was paid half of the housing of “AIESEC Weekend II” worth 1245€.


In the first semester the team of TM was intensively busy with the recruitment of new members. This turned out to be a success with 200 applications from 9 different Universities. After this difficult but rewarding task, it was time to evaluate the performance of the selected members. After analyzing the competences, it looks like that the “personal effectiveness” skill (time management and meeting deadlines) is the less developed in our members. To respond to this, TM will organize, in this second semester, a training session about “Time Management”. Mentorship is another project that TM develops that consists in giving the opportunity to our members to contact with former members in a kind of coaching relationship. In this first semester we received 15 applications for mentors and 13 for mentees. But AIESEC is not just work! And as such, a Christmas dinner with gift exchange was organized to which attended 60 people between members, trainees and alumni. For now, until the 5th of March, follows the second phase of recruitment of the 09-10 term. There are 246 applications so far: 39 LTM and 102 STM. The main goal for the future is the organization of a cycle of training for the improvement of our members’ soft skills!

@ - AIESEC @XP - AIESEC experience AI - AIESEC International AIESECer - AIESEC Member AG - Assembleia Geral AGIO - Assembleia Geral Interna Ordinária AGIE - Assembleia Geral Interna Extraordinária Alumnus - Former AIESEC Member Alumni - Former AIESEC Members BoA - Board of Advisors BoD - Board of Directors CEED - Cultural Education Exchange Development Comm - Communication Corp - Corporate CRM - Custumer Relation Management DT - Development Traineeship EB - Executive Board EP - Exchange Participant ER - External Relations FACI - Facilitator IBXP - Issue-Based eXPerience ICX - InComing eXchange LC - Local Committee LCP - Local Committee President LDS - Leadership Development Seminar LTM - Long Term Member MC - Members Committee MCP - Members Committee President MT - Management Traineeship NatCo - National Congress NC&P - Non-Corporate and Projects NST - National Support Team OC - Organizing Committee OCP - Organizing Committee President OGX - OutGoing eXchange PAI - President of AIESEC International PAG - President da Assembleia Geral (GAP) PBOX - Project Based on Exchange Returnee - Former AIESEC Trainee RIMT - Reunião de Integração, Motivação e Treino STM - Short Term Member TM - Talent Management TN - Trainee Nominee TT - Technology Trainee X - eXchange


Internal Synergies To keep members and businesses informed of everything that happens in “AIESEC Lisboa ISCTE world”, we are setting up periodically Newsletters like this that you’re now receiving. In addition to the newsletters we are building “the story” of AIESEC Lisboa ISCTE, so that we can always have available in our LC for members to consult.

Corporate Sector

In a national meeting of Communication and Projects, the campaign “Summer Abroad” took form, with the creation of one video and six teasers, a poster and a website.

The most recent area of Communication is currently planning the work that will have to be done when the new members enter the AIESEC, so that they can explore this area and be able to develop their capabilities.

Web and Video The images are certainly a major impact on events that AIESEC organizes and this area undertook once more, with originality, the preparation of the introductory video for the project AIESEC Leaders Day, the DVD of participants and companies, and the WebSite. In this website we can find the explanation and details of this project and sign up for it.

This sub-area, also created a video to be presented in our christmas dinner. As future project this department is involved in the development of a resume video of the AIESEC Weekend I and the creation of a website for START.


In order to promote our Christmas dinner, external created a poster that also worked as an invitation.

In order to promote the management game “AIESEC Leaders Day” were prepared posters, flyers and it was built an interactive website.

Linked to the idea of volunteering, a conference was organized about international volunteering. This took place in FLUL (Faculade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa). To promote this event, were made some posters.

To give a touch of originality to the promotion of the conference given at ESEL (Escola Superior de Educação de Lisboa) the sub-area of EXTERNAL built an interactive globe, where students could paint the area of the globe where they want to “make impact”. Beyond this, were also placed posters to promote the conference along the school.

At this time the area is developing the graphic communication for the AIESEC Weekend II (templates and t-shirts) and for the promotion of the Global Management Challenge.

Since this mandate started some new things happened in the X area. So, in September we received our trainee Cristian Ospina.

Meanwhile, it was developed the idea of the Gringo’s Nights, which was to be held once a week. Its goal would be to stimulate the interaction between the trainees and the other members, however in the two times that it was realized, few people showed up. The team plans on resuming this initiative on this new semester, hopping to have more success!

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And in November, there was the reception of the trainee Nikolina Topolko!

Regarding the area of OGX the results are very satisfying, with the departure of Hugo Figueira to Venezuela and of Cláudia Gonçalves to Indonesia, of Helena Venda to Poland, Maico to Mozambique, Luis Gonçalves to Holand and Rui Gomes to Slovakia. Waiting to leave is Erica Sardinha that will go to Hungry. The ICX area is now waiting for the arrival of the trainee Zafer Sahin, from Turkey, which will come to have his trainee experience in “Euro Vida”. Eleven TN’s were raised so far in this term. And finally as future projects the Exchange area has the IRW to organize, for which Bárbara Whanon was nominated OCP. And the “AIESEC Olympics” that we’ll keep waiting for more info details.

Nikolina T opolko

Last 4th of November took place at ISCTE the AIESEC Leaders Day.

This event was prepared during the last three months and counted with the participation of many companies such as NestlĂŠ, Montepio, Decathlon, FIAT, Wilson Learning and CCL.

We received 100 applications for one day with many activities, work and fun. This was one of the biggest activities of AIESEC ISCTE of students ever. The feedback received is that all the participants enjoyed the day and the companies are very happy with the impact of this management game in the students. Two conferences were organized in ESEL and in FLUL, amplifying the essence of having a volunteer experience abroad and making an impact in the World. The first conference was held on November 26 in ESELx, by way of speakers with an international volunteering experience. And the second took place on February 25 in FLUL. The second conference had speakers like Laura Vasconcelos (President of the Association of Human Rights), Pedro Ferreira (Vice President of Communication at AIESEC Lisboa ISCTE) and others with an international volunteering experience.

The IBXP project was formed in order to give people experiences of development in countries like India and Brasil. Working in NGO’s, we can make an impact in societies of sub-developed countries. With more partnerships among other countries, this project is now a national project. And in collaboration with the MC and other committees the project Summer Abroad was created. For more information you can search on the website: The applications for this project have been very satisfactory, and pleasant.

WHAT’S UP? with our members



André Félix Applications AIESEC Leaders Day

Daniel Roseiro Video AIESEC Leaders Day

Vitor Moreira Meetings




Margarida Calado Match



Vitor Moreira

Ricardo Vitorino

André Félix

Carlos Monteiro

Mário Silva

Cláudia Sequeira

Daniel Roseiro

Inês Filipe

Margarida Calado

Cristian Ospina

Raquel Costa Match

João Costa Applications Summer Abroad

Inês Filipe Video AIESEC Leaders Day



Catarina Vaz Corporate Manager

Rafael Matos AIESEC Weekend II OCP

Carlos Monteiro Web & Video Manager

André Felix Aniversary Dinner OCP

Cláudia Sequeira Internal Synergies Manager


Pedro Ferreira - Fox LCP

EB 2010|11

Margarida Calado LCVP Talent Management

Ricardo Vitorino LCVP Finance

André Felix LCVP Non-Corporate & Project

Cristian Ospina LCVP eXchange

Carlos Monteiro LCVP Corporate

Mário Silva LCVP Communication

Miguel Cristóvão START OCP

Inês Filipe Corporate Sector Manager

testemoni al of the month “Since I started my experience in AIESEC, my life has changed in many different and wonderful ways: during my first year in the organization I had the opportunity to develop my skills in an area that was totally different from my field of study, however enriching and developing personal and professional abilities that have brought benefits in many diverse ways.


spi O n a i Crist

This second year has been one of the most challenging and incredible of my life! During the first semester, I had the opportunity to manage the most important project of AIESEC in my city, leading a wonderful group of people, looking for the improvement of education in languages in private and public institutions, having an impact on society and, at the same time, making an important contact network. The second semester has been even more amazing: I came on internship to Lisbon to work in my area of studies, been also the final part of my career and thesis; here I have discovered a new wonderful world and friends, as well as a new challenge for my life. I’ve intensely live every moment of my AIESEC experience, but most important, I’ve challenged myself in many different ways; to enjoy every time of your life depends on you!”

WHAT’S UP? in our events

Weekend I - Group Dynamics

AIESEC Leaders Day

Christmas Dinner

NatCo - MCP election

II AGIO - LCP and Full Right Members election

Conference on Volunteerism Faculdade de Letras da Universade de Lisboa

III AGIO - EB election

Conference on Volunteerism Coimbra

Sasha Vitez III AGIO - Transition to Alumnus

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Members Newsletter _ March'10  

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