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Melissa Petersen

Historical Influences: The 1920s Introduction to Fashion Studies

Table of Contents Page 2: Fringe Page 3: Art Deco Page 4: Today’s Take

Fringe and Art Deco The 1920s, known for the era of the flapper. Dresses became shorter, landing above the ankle but below the knee, somewhere on the shin. This was to allow for more movement when dancing, since the Charleston was the popular dance of the time. Many dresses were embellished with fringe along the hem and bodice, such as the dress in the picture to the left.

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Fringe and Art Deco Another look that greatly influenced fashion (as well as architecture and interior design) of the 1920s was the “art deco� look. It is commonly a complex geometric motif that repeats itself over and over. The pattern can be seen in the dress, pictured left.

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Today’s Take Fringe has been a popular element for Spring 2014. In his Spring/Summer 2014 collection, Emilio Pucci created a 1920s influenced outfit. The fringe and art deco-like pattern reflect the flapper era, yet still remain modern with the length of the shorts, (which would have been socially unacceptable in the 20s) the exposed midriff of the blouse, as well as the royal blue booties. Photo from

Historical Influences  

The fashion of the late 1920s is compared to the fashion of Spring 2014.

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