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Featuring: Smiley the Ghetto Child, Trina, Savage, And Hustle Bunny Cici



Ceo/Editor-In-Chief Aviana “Miss E” Easter

I remember it like it was yesterday I was in Miami during Spring Fest sitting having lunch with Cathy Hughes. At the time I didn’t know that she was Radio One and Giant Magazine. How many people get to say that they had sushi and discussed politics and history with James Ingram, and Cathy Hughes. I hadn’t even dropped my first issue yet! James Ingram even commented to my host that he was impressed with my knowledge of the conversations that went on during the lunch. Now you may ask what was so special about that? Well, I showed up to the lunch in full “Hello Kitty” gear. The outfit didn’t exactly scream intelligence. Anyway enough of my ramblings lets get to business. This has been a very eventful time in the lives of many. We now have a new President (Barack Obama). This country has been long over due for change. The New Music Seminar came to Cleveland and dropped a lot of knowledge on music business. Shout out to Tone Capone, Stephanie Carnegie, Andrew, and Steve Gilbert. I even gained an internet bully (so high school). So, without further delay I present to you the new issue! Sincerely, Aviana “Miss E” Easter

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Radio One’s Fading Signal Radio One has had a very interesting year. The company has had more downs than ups. Stagnant sales of radio advertisements is what the company is blaming for its losses. Recently the company wrote down its broadcasting license to 337.9 million. Since the beginning of the year the company has been showing continuing losses in its past three quarters. Those losses have event caused the Radio One to make the decision to terminating its popular morning show on 92Q in Baltimore known as the “Big Phat Morning Show”. It came as a shock to many when radio personalities Marc Clarke (disc jockey) and Sonjay (producer). The pair was let go on November 6th. There show has been replaced with the “Tavis Smiley Show”. The company is trying to save money and decided that is was cheaper to run a syndicated show than to pay the radio personalities. This recent layoffs were not the beginning of the many changes that have taken place within the company. The beginning of the year Radio One reported a net loss in the first quarter of 18.3 million. In April Radio One purchased Community Connect Inc., for $38 million. Community Connect Inc., also was the parent company for such social networking sites as BlackPlanet. In the second period the company reported a net loss of $11.7 million. The purchase of Community Connect Inc., proved to be a good move because the company had a $3.7 million increase in revenue from the purchase and from its

other internal sites. In October the company received notification from the NASDAQ Stock Market that the bid price for their Class D Stock had been closing below the minimum $1.00 requirement. Because NASDAQ filed for a rule change with the securities and exchange commission to suspend the bid price and the MVPHS requirements for all of the class D stock companies . The company has 180 days from January 20, 2009 to July 20, 2009 to regain compliance or they will be de-listed from their Class Common D Stock. With many concerned with the future of the company the head of Radio One Alfred Liggins offered this statement: “ Our focus remains on increasing our radio market share, cutting costs and diversifying into TV and online revenues”. Radio One has not only purchased Community Connect but they also announced in May the multi-million dollar deal that it inked with “"Our internet investment and build-out continues on plan, augmented by the recent acquisition of Community Connect Inc. and the launch of, which will accelerate our path to profitability in the on-line space." Where am I going with this? The declining sales and the layoffs that many of Radio One’s stations have faced one can’t help but to wonder whether or not Radio One is position6

-ing itself to be strictly an online company. The company has focused more on expanding its Internet real estate. The creation of BlackPlanet Universe allowed all of the companies websites to connect in this social network. Those sites include: NewsOne , The Urban Daily, and HelloBeautiful, AllHipHop, and the recently developed site Elev8. Radio One one stock has been on a steady declining since the beginning of the year. The signal is fading but there may be a glimpse of hope. The company looks as if it may be positioning itself to become the largest holder of AfricanAmerican “Internet� real estate. The company looks as if they are trying to slowly get away from broadcasting and establish more of a firm presence on the Internet. Could Pod casting be next?

Alfred Liggins

Stock Price History Beta: 2.86 52-Week Change3: -94.80% S&P500 52-Week Change3: -40.13% 52-Week High (12-Dec-07)3: 2.69 52-Week Low (29-Oct-08)3: 0.06 50-Day Moving Average3: 0.317 200-Day Moving Average3: 0.859

Cathy Hughes


With a lyrical aptitude, frequently compared to that of Nas, Smiley was heavily influenced by his musically inclined father, who both rapped and sang. At the tender age of 12, Smiley was discovered by Red Alert at a neighborhood block party. Impressed by the young MC’s skills, as he free-styled to the beat of Doug E. Fresh’s “No half steppin”, this marked Smiley’s first claim to fame and the beginning of a lasting career. His love for hip hop and its movement gave Smiley a solid foundation as a background player in the industry. As a ghost writer for Chi Ali and co-writer of the Group Home’s 1997 LP Livin’ Proof, produced by the legendary DJ Premier, Smiley picked up the mic to be featured on the standout track The Realness, which would take his name to the next height, as he toured with Chi Ali, Black Sheep, Group Home, and Gang Starr from 1992 to 1997.

SMILEY:It will be hip hop in its purest form, no bullshit gimmicks just real rap. The difference is that I've totally upgraded and kept moving with the times all the time. INTRO: You have worked very many notable artists in the music business. How did you come to work with Papoose? SMILEY: We met through a artist on my label Squala Orphan. He connected us and we started building an d came up with the idea of doing a joint together that would rep NY. INTRO: What other projects are you currently working on? SMILEY: Primarily building AMOB Entertainment along with Squala Orphan and Carbonado,next to drop. INTRO: Where do you see yourself in the next 2 years?

INTRO: You have been in the game SMILEY: Headed for the ultimate for a very longtime to see the many goal which is my success that was changes that have taken place with hip meant for me. hop. What drives you to continue in this game? SMILEY: The game must change everything must change. What drives me is being able to upgrade and stay relevant, it's just a challenge to me. INTRO: The new album is set to drop very soon. What can you fans and newcomers expect from this album and how is it different from you previous albums?



I have been waiting patiently so long to finally get a chance to interview one of my favorite female rappers “Trina”. The reason being is that Trina was the inspiration for the “Hustle Bunny”. I got the idea from Ace Mack on the “Make It Rain remix”. Trina was in the video during his verse. I got the chance to hear Trina talk about her new group and get an update on her new album.

TRINA: “Stay Hungry”! You have to stay hungry in order to maintain. You have to come with something different. Thats what I like about “Pretty Money”. You can’t just ride the wave. I am constantly elevating and performing.

INTRO: I understand that you have a group that you are now managing call “Pretty Money”. What attracted you to “Pretty Money”? TRINA: They are hungry “Go Getters”. They remind me of myself when I did “Nan Nigga” with Trick Daddy. I love the drive that these ladies have. INTRO: Your last album has been a big hit with Djs especially the song “Look Back At Me”. What can fans expect from the new album that you are working on? TRINA: Well as you stated I am currently working on the next album. This album is all over the place. I have some “Club Bangers”. On this album I am really coming out of my shell. I want women to listen to this album and understand that they don’t need to have a “Bread Winner” but to be one themselves. INTRO: You are one of the very few females that have been able to maintain a steady presence in this business. What advice can you give to other females that are trying establish themselves in this business?


From the perspective of D.J.Quest95

the battles between Grandwizard Johnny-O and the Sorcerer Crew vs. Dayum – I remember it like it was yester- The Black Frost Crew vs. PAC-MAN day – it was the early 80’s and radio in vs. Bud Mcfarland. This was an event Cleveland was HOTT!! We actually had on radio, refer to your grandparents on air battles of local D.J.’s from 93wzak about the period when they huddled and 108wdmt, yeah on air battles. I was around the radio to listen to radio young then not knowing then I would get drama shows in the 30’s 40’s – well bitten by Hip-Hop and eventually become this was the same – it was a a D.J. myself, all I knew is I on air – your bedroom “Then the party needed four 90min cassette became the club – you imagtapes for the weekend LIVE D.J.’s broke re- ined you were there with the ON AIR RADIO MIX cords live on the D.J. as he mixed-cut-air SHOWS (emphasis on planed-bounced the NEW LIVE). So I hit the local elec- air and it was a record that you heard first on tronic store or the one down- BIG DEAL and air. town on Euclid ave. – (that I was going to Then as all of us who folwas like a electronic store lowed in the footsteps of our landmark for decades though record every predecessors were eager to it was the size of shoe box or minute of the rock clubs, break records, Singer electronics on Pros- show on my big gain respect and get on the pect). radio. The D.J. scene nationAnyway I purchased my ass LASONIC wide became quickly and TEAC – TDK – MAXXEL – BOOM BOX. “ profoundly divided. You or if I had good money I had your party-rockers; copped those three packs of who’s aim, mission and purCHROME BASF or SONY tapes, why so pose was to break your ankles by dropmuch preparation or drama; It’s just a ping the new- the hot – and live radio show you might say – THEN YOUR remixes impromptu all night long NOT IN THE LOOP. Then the D.J.’s (THE FOUR HORSEMEN circa: 1996 broke records live on the air and it was a – 2001- Humidor Spy- Diamond Back BIG DEAL and I was going to record –& Wish::D.J.’s – Bone, Revolution, every minute of the show on my big ass Q-stick & Quest95) among many local LASONIC BOOM BOX. (shout out to and across the country. Our hope was Radio Raheem) to be invited – profiled or showcased Whether you had voice overs of Cochise on the radio, I mean we had to prove –“” WORLD PREMIER”” – mixing by ourselves first right? THE PREACHER MAN – and of course Continued next page 14

Wrong Radio One Hit Cleveland and many other urban markets in the late 90’s with a shaky format first housed in the Hanna Building Downtown everyone was on the air from Mekka Sunshine to D.Lorand. We as a culture thought we finally had a chance, but it was a little while before they embraced the D.J. As I remember – Radio One used some D.J.’s to flip the crowd at the club to gain listeners. At that time a lot of us played from the gut – people would feel us emotionally. The crowds were still mixed- many of you don’t remember when the Spy Bar was a high end social club that served everyone equally and lavishly. Bottom line this is how the transformation happened – Radio One used D.J.’s they employed to flip the crowd to listen to Radio “more”. The D.J.’s they employed were paid and told to play to a certain list or style at the clubs when an on air personality was hired as a host or for a simulcast. This was legalized payola – the D.J. would be threaten with losing his /her job or on air slot as a mixer, and it made the once friendly competition among D.J.’s terribly unfriendly and hostile at some point. I am not ashamed to say that back then – it was me and Mick Boogie of the League crew often at odds and we were really good friends at one point and we have grown beyond that to a mutual respect all the way up to the 2003 -2004 on air WAR between D.J. Chicago and Scratchmaster L. The pressure to succeed is enough the friendly competition is tolerable but RADIO ONE turn brother against brother of every color. Many D.J.’s fight to play what you hear during their mix shows- many succumb to doing an old-school set just to add

variety for they know that playing the same music during the mix show that was being played all day- is just not effective and does not lend to their personal style and creativeness. My focus here is the D.J. we are prophets of the music business, once we break a record or get behind it we make it and control its destiny- for those who have remix skills they give a record seemingly 9 lives (example– the Grey Album – the Double Black Album etc…) to eventually attain the diamond status that is the new standard. So after the fall or restructuring or embarrassment of Radio One it will be the same D.J.’s that were manipulated, lied to , mistreated, or lost their club gig to a Radio One D.J. that will revive – maintain and continue to break records like we do, remix like we do, support local artist like we do and get heard like we do… D.J.’s our job never changed with the fall of Radio One more of us will be heard. p.s. – trust me I know the capitalizing D.J. without a surname is grammatically incorrect – I personally do this to show my respect for the D.J. and what we DOBREAK RECORDs. Shouts to – Lord Gang, Shadow D.J.’s, CORE, Shadyville, D.J.’s4Obama, N.E.R.V.E., Spin Dynasty, Renegades, Full Moon, Entourage, Violator, Mixxbosses and many many many more…………..keep spinning! D.J.Quest95 15


From Left to Right: Moonie, Gun Smith, Bigg Rugg, and Count

Ever heard the saying, ‘There is two sides to every story’? For the Chicago Hip Hop scene, that couldn’t be any more evident then now. Up until just recently. Chicago Hip Hop has been represented in a more eccentric, conscious and soulful tone. Well, there is another side to this story. L.E.P. (Low End Professionals) reps the ‘Other Side’ where things aren’t so pretty. “L.E.P reps that true gangbang music, not promoting violence, but just making the listeners aware of what we've been through in the projects of Chicago” says Infared Music’s Eric Jones, “Just know that it’s Chicago's turn and the world has a force to deal with” No newcomer to radio recognition, Chicago's bogus boy's L.E.P. received instant support for their current single 'We Ain't Playin' F/ Def Jam Recording artist Fabolous. In 2007, L.E.P. bangers 'Gettin Money' F/ Jim Jones peaked out at 600 BDS spins and 'If Rap Dont Work' F/ Bump J and Young Riz peaked out at 800 Spins. The new single is already building up momentum in Chicago (WGCI, WFXA and WPWX) as well as Florida, Oklahoma, Georgia, South Carolina, Nevada, Arkansas and many other radio market and has charted on more than 28 record pool charts including TJ's DJ's and Illinois Record Pool where the single was at #6 for 2nd weeks straight. L.E.P. had recently gained a label deal with Sony BMG through there own production company, Infared Music. Unfortunately several weeks after signing their long awaited recording contract , one member of the group , Lil Larro was murdered as a result of gang violence on the streets of Chicago and a few months later due to industry crunch and label

issues , L.E.P. decided to leave Sony and go the Indie Route for their up and coming first release. The other members of the Bogus boys click, Count, Big Rugg and Mooney continue to hold the torch for L.E.P. and have already recorded collabs with Young Dro, Killa Mike, Bun B, Rick Ross, Twista and have been featured in The Source ‘Off THa Radar’ and XXL and Remy Martin hip hop initiative along with Jadakiss, Saigon, Slum Village and many others. Count, lead rapper of L.E.P. is also featured on Hi Tek's new album Hi Teknology 3 on 'Handle my Bizness' on Koch/ Baby Grande records in stores now. Armed with a new single, radio support, and a major movement, L.E.P is poised to continue building on the success of previous records. L.E.P. got their initial deal because of the originality they possessed as individual artists as well as a group. The sound they have is very unique to their region and musically tasteful” says Infra Red Music’s Eric Jones. Anton Marchand, LEP’s former A&R at Sony BMG states, “ They voiced the life and struggle of Chicago’s darker side, and when I saw their grind and dedication to their music I had to sign them” L.E.P. has been steady on their road performance grind opening for the likes of Lil Wayne, Jim Jones and Bun B to name a few. Be on the lookout for L.E.P. in a town near you shortly!! For More info on Artist 17

A recap for the un-initiated: Savage is a founding member of one New Zealand’s most respected Hip Hop crews, the Deceptikonz. The act stormed to #2 on the New Zealand Top 10 with their debut album Elimination. Fame and acclaim followed; with this strong foundation in place it wasn't long before Savage's powerful voice found itself at the front of a solo project entitled Moonshine.

smash the audience and my fans with my big sound" laughs Savage. "I have a big voice and an even bigger presence when I get on the MIC so if you weren't listening before I get on, you'll definitely be listening - and probably waving your hands - by the time the MIC goes off.

Impressed with his charisma and booming vocals, a number of high profile US artists began soliciting remix requests from Savage for their releases, including AKON™s hit "Locked Up" and the David Banner feat Lil Boosie remix for "Ain't Got Nothin.

Savage realized he had to find a special opportunity to bring his eclectic brand of hip hop to the States and he found his answer with last summer’s box office smash film, Knocked Up. The placement of "Swing" in “Knocked Up” was a pivotal point in the breakthrough comedy and the director loved it so much he requested the song be used in the opening menu of the DVD. Spending time in LA and moving forward with what is sure to be the beginning of a long music career, Savage is recording new material with top US producers as well as working on a new US remix to “Swing”. His Universal Republic Records' debut album, SAVAGE ISLAND, drops on December 23rd and will feature Swing, as the first single.

The complete package (re-mixer /artist /songwriter), Savage took any and all opportunities and relentlessly toured across NZ & Australia to solidify his brand of Samoan Down South Hip Hop (just try and find another!). International tour dates with Xzibit, Snoop Dogg, Bone Thugs N Harmony and Ice Cube followed.

With over 350,000 units sold internationally in combined records and singles, two # 1 hit records in the Asia Pacific region representing over 13 weeks in the top position and 3 X Platinum & 2 X Gold plaques, Savage is poised to get the whole world to Swing!

"Live performance is where I'm at my best, I can really show my personality and smash the audience and my fans with my INFO FROM: OGPR

Moonshine, produced by Platinum Atlanta based producer Sol Messiah (Young Jeezy, Chamillionaire, Nappy Rootz, Dead Prez), multi Platinum producer AKON and ATP from Beat Kamp Muzik, was released to critical and commercial acclaim in 2005. An instant success in New Zealand and Australia (it was on this album that the single Swing debuted), Moonshine racked up a #1 chart position and Platinum certification. The second single, Moonshine feat AKON, did the same.