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EDITORIAL For all of you that thought I left I am sorry to disappoint you. This is a business and I needed to take a step back and secure the name. Trademark your name is one of the first things that you learn in business especially if your business/product travels across state lines. There is only one INTRO MAGAZINE designed to focus on urban entertainment and that name is owned by me! Always know the difference between a trademark and a copyright. Now down to the real business. This is our official 4th issue. This one is special because it is only being released online. This allows us to reach a bigger audience. So check out new artist Chop Dezol, Hustle Bunnie Ashle Danger, and Prodigy sits down and talks with INTRO one more time before he begins his time in jail. Check out our special guest writer how sent a special delivery all the way from Okinawa, Japan.

EDITOR-IN -CHIEF: AVIANA “MISS E” EASTER CINCINATTI DIRECTOR: NOC CHICAGO DIRECTOR: DJ QUEST95 Hustle Bunny: Miss Ashle Danger ger Category 6 Image Image Design: Tianna Mella KateBaby Productions Special Guest Writer: Lance Cpl Travis Easter Special Thanks: B. Gilmore Istandard Publicity Janiro Hawkins II Adam Favors Street Team Promotions: Ric- Columbus Cliff Gulley-Talk of The Town Promotions Get Right Entertainment- Cincinatti INTRO™(ISSN,1939-5477, issue#4, Jan/Feb 2008 is published bi-monthly by Aviana Easter, PO Box 202252, Shaker Heights, Ohio 44120, Single

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LANCE CPL EASTER Everyone thinks they believe in the absolute truth. They believe that “truth” holds the genuine reason human beings inhabit the Earth. They believe it reveals what God is and isn’t. It tells them what God’s true name is, despite the numerous ones that are claimed. But how, as a people, do they determine what that “truth” is. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, religion is the service and worship of God or the supernatural. The definition continues by stating it is a commitment or devotion to religious faith or observance, a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs and practices. Scrupulous conformity, a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith. For ages religion has been used as the way for people to worship a supreme

being. In a way, religion helps us try to find that “truth” we have an innermost desire to understand. Throughout the course of history though, the “truth” has been altered and argued. People have claimed that certain things proposed as the absolute truth are utterly wrong. As a result, they claimed to have found “the” absolute truth through an experience with God. Many religions were formed under the philosophy that they held the “truth,” which the other religions were lacking. In 2007, People are starting to break away from organized religions. They are more open-minded to the beliefs of others. Society is more accepting of what used to be religious taboos. Many who are religious would say that the world is coming to an end. Despite numerous opinions though, people have come to accept what many religions have to say about life instead of merely tolerating them. Proof of this can be seen through what is presented in mainstream media. Nowadays it is extremely common to see straight men and women portraying homosexuals. Television consists of shows that focus on trading spouses between families, British nannies and sexual talk shows. These examples are merely a

reflection of the current state of society. You just can’t skim ‘em different To be in a society that glamorizes things branches of belief.” that used to be universally taboo shows In those lyrics, Common states that acceptance, not tolerance. he believes every religion has Music is another form of media and something to offer. Those lyrics are a entertainment that reaches every person clear example of pluralism in a song on the planet. Hip-hop is one of the most that is now a decade old. Since then, popular forms of music in today’s culture. those feelings have only grown within What originally started out as a way for our society. African-Americans to voice their feelings Talib Kweli has a song off of his about society, has become a cultural 2007 album, Eardrum, entitled Give phenomenon. It has lasted longer than ‘Em Hell. Throughout the song, he anyone ever expected it to. describes his experiences with trying “Music by itself cannot present us with to grow within religion. factual information,” according Through many of his pas to David Fontana, author of “People are interviews and songs, he has Psychology, Religion, and turning away expressed his frustrations Spirituality. “The purpose of the with organized religion and from musician is rather to express his the dissention it creates or her own feelings through organized within society. musical composition, and in In the song he states, religions doing so to convey these “Religion create the vision / feelings to others because they Make the Muslim hate the and arouse in them similar are so open- Christian / Make the sentiments.” minded now” Christian hate the Jew.” Common and Talib Kweli are Although he is making the critically acclaimed hip-hop statement that religion cre- ates hate, artists who always maintain a sense of he provides an example of plural- ism religious consciousness in their music. I within another part of the song. believe their music is a reflection of the “Studied with Rastafarians and direction our society is beginning to take. learned from the dreads that Hell is That direction is open-minded to many called Babylon / And that’s where religions and a belief in things that are them crazy boarheads dwell / They morally good. Their music is made in an got us thinking that Muslims like to attempt to educate others about aspects of make bombs / But real Muslims American culture that doesn’t receive the believe in paradise and resist the spotlight, mainly religion. Shaitan.” In Common’s song G.O.D (Gaining Lyrics such as those in a hip-hop One’s Definition) from his 1997 album, Common and Talib Kweli’s music are One Day It’ll All Make Sense, he states, examples of these sentiments. They “My mind dealt with the books of Zen, have songs that give comfort and Tao the lessons / Koran and the Bible, to guidance to those in search or spiritual me they all vital / And got truth within enlightenment. ‘em, gotta read them boys /

song are usually taboo because they do not appeal to a mainstream audience. Artists like Common and Talib Kweli try to connect with everyday people. The boom of New Age beliefs has begun to take world the by storm in recent years, and it is evidenced through their music. For the artists, “the inspiration to do so must be driven in part at least by the composer’s own religious feelings and convictions,” Fontana states. Another aspect of their music is each artists’ level of spirituality. Within both songs, G.O.D and Give ‘Em Hell, they tell people not to be bound to just one reli- gion. A key message in those songs is that it doesn’t matter who you’re praying to as long as it keeps you doing the right thing. Common continues in G.O.D by stating, “But one root that stem ‘em, but people of the venom try to trim ‘em / And use religion as an emblem / When it should that’s be a natural way of life / Who am I or they to say to whom you pray ain’t right / That’s what got you doin’ right and got you this far / Whether you say ‘in Jesus name’ or Hum do Allah / Long as you know it’s a being supreme to you.” Again, those lyrics are an expression of pluralism and also contain an aspect of spirituality Fontana states, “The term spirituality is also sometimes taken to indicate an openness to the spiritual teachings in all religions and schools of thought, rather than a dog- matic rejection of everything that does not come from one’s own favored tradition.” People are turning away from organized religions because they are so openminded now. In the past,

questioning one’s religion was a sin among his family and friends. But now it is a common question because people have a desire to truly understand what is the purpose of their existence. In their quest for the truth they turn to church and are some- times turned away from religion because of the attitude within the church. In Give ‘Em Hell, Kweli confesses a past experience with church. He states, “Every Sunday dressing up and catching gossip at its worst / Couldn’t see the difference in the Baptist and the Catholic Church / Caught up in the rapture of the first chapter and the second verse / If we all God’s children then what’s the word of the reverend worth.” I believe that the rigidness of religion and its practices are too strict for society today. Religion has rules and instructions for people to follow with little room to bend. Everything is important when it comes to adhereing to certain philosophies of organized religion. With the state of open-mindedness in society today, people feel that they can turn to something else if they don’t like what they’re hearing. According to Fontana, “Some see worship and ritual as important, others see them as of little relevance. Some depend for spiritual development upon other or transcendent spiritual power (the power of God or of the gods which can be called upon through prayer and supplication), while others depend more upon self-power or immanent spiritual power (the power of one’s own potentionally enlightened mind, which reveals itself through spiritual practices). 7

South Carolina has been overlooked INTRO: How did you manage to when it comes to emerging hip hop talent. hook up with YoungBloodz's Sean With much of the focus being only on Paul for the "Pump It"? Florida, Texas, New Orleans, and Atlanta in southern rap one begins to wonder are We both had mutual friends that there any real emcees in South Carolina? thought we could make a hit. My One artist that has been making his mark folk Rue lined it up, and history was is Chop Dezol. Chop Dezol has been made. making people stand up and take notice especially with his hit song "Pump It" INTRO: How did you manage to featuring Sean Paul of the YoungBloodz. get a chance to perform at the Chop Dezol like many is influenced by Kwaku Festival in Amsterdam? all the greats such as Eric B. I had started & Rakim, LL Cool J, and “Its always a gettingcall from Public Enemy. After a my dog Stone dramatical effect in his life party when I about my music he began writing more for his new career than just a perform …so starting to have an impact in the area. hobby. I’m gone get it We worked out some INTRO: What was the deals for me and my popping no dramatical effect that team to come over Gangsta Rap have on you matter where and check it out, and I instantly fell in that propelled your caI’m at” love with Holland. I reer in the music indusdid some dates, try? gained more notoriety, and was I think the biggest effect came from hav- booked to headline the festival. It was like 40,000 strong outside ing me look around my environment. representing Surinam to Africa… it Coming from a small hard southern was the shit for real! town you really don’t know much outside where you live. It helped me be INTRO: How is it different for able to cope with the fact shit ain’t you performing overseas versus pretty nowhere… the states? INTRO: In your own words what separates you from other artists in the game coming from South Carolina? I think it’s my versatility and me sticking to my own sound… that can’t be faked

Its always a party when I perform …so I’m gone get it popping no matter where I’m at. The biggest difference is probably playing hood clubs over here in the states, and

Hi-Tek is back again with his new album

company that is run by former

"Hi- Teknology 3 (Underground)". His last

president of G-Unit Sha Money XL.

album "Hi-Teknology 2 (The Chip)"

The company

received rave reviews and was noted as one

is also home to the winner (Soul Nana)

of the year's best releases. He also received

and runner up (Jiggolo) of the One

the 2007 Ohio Hip Hop Award for best

Stop Shop

produce of the year for his work. Hi-Tek's

Conference Beat Battle Contest

new release proves to be one of his best

last year. Hi-Tek will again be

works yet. The new album shines a light on

featured as a panelist for the 2008

new up and coming talent in the industry.

Conference as well.

“I wanted to go back to the original

In 2007 it has been revealed that

blueprint of working with up and coming

the name

artists” stated Hi-Tek in his PR release.

Hi-Tek is a copyright trademarked

Such new acts that are featured on the

by a Los

album include rapper Chip-Da- Ripper,

Gatos resident Dylan Harden. The

Cross, Riz, Push Montana, and Showtime.

name is currently being debated.

He also features some new R& B artists

There may be a possibility that Hi-

such as Jonell, Estelle, and his artist Dion.

Tek may loose his name. However,

Dion is an R&B artist Hi-Tek discovered

being the man that he is this will

while working as a talent scout for Dr.

only be a minor set back

Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment. As with any career one needs to make

changes in order to achieve the success

that they are

looking for. Hi-Tek was not happy with his management so he switched gears and hooked up with the Money Management Group and D Prosper Music. The Money Management Group is a management

Prodigy and producer The Alchemist With Voxonic my voice has been were arrested in October 2006 in converted with 99% accuracy into Manhattan after police stopped Prodigy's those other languages. Now my fans bulletproof Chevy Suburban for making can really feel me. an illegal u-turn and driving the wrong way on a one-way street. Police found a INTRO:When you were approaunlicensed .22 caliber handgun in the ched with the idea of working with vehicle. Both men were charged with gun Voxonic what did you think of the possession however, charges against The idea? Alchemist were dropped. Prodigy pleaded guilty to a third count of gun Prodigy: I thought it was interesting. possession and was sentenced The technology that they are using to three and half years in prison. Just one is very unique and I am glad that week before Prodigy was to serve his they wanted me to be a part of that. three year bid I get the email that Prodigy will be doing his last set “ Right INTRO: Is this new album of interviews before he turns the soundtrack to the new himself in on January 8th. now there movie H.N.I.C? If so when However is no will the movie be released? Prodigy was granted a 30 day movie� reprieve to take care of some Prodigy: Right now there is personal matters. no movie. This is not the INTRO: Your album H.N.I.C. 2 is being released while you will be serving your bid. How do you expect to promote this new album? I made sure that I made a real strong album so that it. This album will speak for itself. I shot a video for every song so fans can look out for them. INTRO: You are the first rap artist to be releasing an album using the Voxonic technology. Do you expect for your fan base to grow with the conversion? Prodigy: Definitely, A lot of my fans know me but may not have understood what I was talking about.

soundtrack. This is being released as my second album.

INTRO: What other producers have you worked with on this album besides Havoc and The Alchemist? Prodigy: I have worked with a lot of up and coming producers such as Apex. I have a lot of good production on this album. This is a really strong album and will speak for itself. INTRO: Will there be any other projects that will be released while you are away form the game?

INTRO: Will there be any other projects that will be released while you are away form the game? Prodigy: I will be working in some scripts. I will also be writing some lyrics and working on my autobiography. INTRO: Rumor has it that you are no longer with Purfekt Storm Management. Is that true? Prodigy: Yeah that is true we parted ways awhile back. INTRO: You are writing an autobiography, will the biography cover the start of your music career up to now or will it cover certain periods of your life? Prodigy: The book will cover my entire life. I am going back as far as my grandparents on this one. INTRO: You have released “Return of The Mac� last year and now you have H.N.I.C 2 releasing this year. Will you and Havoc release an album again? Prodigy: Right now the focus is on H.N.I.C. 2. We will definitely be doing another album in the future. INTRO: Right now do you feel that rap artists are being persecuted for there lifestyles and the music that they make? Prodigy: I definitely feel that we are being persecuted. They are scared of the music that we produce.

I think a lot of that comes from jealousy and envy of the lifestyle that we now live. We are young and black with a lot of money. TO GET MORE INFO AND UPDATES ON PRODIGY CHECK OUT: WWW.HNIC2.COM OR WWW.MYSPACE.COM/PRODIGY

CHOP DEZOL CONTINUED FROM PAGE 11... and knowing some hood shit could pop off at any moment. INTRO: Tenmil is your crew and you all are in the process of releasing a mixtape soon. Can you give our readers more info on Tenmil and the mixtape? Tenmil is the click… “Eat or Git Ate” is the mixtape series, and we are currently planning to release Vol 3 sometime after the new year… and for those who don’t know Tenmil the group consists of three members Chop Dezol, Big Ran, and South C. Tenmil the crew consists of more people than I coud ever name… INTRO: Do you currently have you own Cd coming out soon and if so when will it be released? You already know another classic on the way…”Clubs, Cars, and Corners” coming spring 2008…MCS/10 ent. INTRO: Do you have any other projects that you are currently working on at the moment? Actually I’m talking with some people about getting on a couple soundtracks, maybe even doing a little acting.

INTRO: What upcoming shows and collaborations to you have coming up? Right now I’m doing spot dates, and working on making my single “Pump it” with my dude Sean Paul of The Youngbloodz the number one song in the country.

Spirituality Cont... Their music does not drive people away, it brings them together with a heightened consciousness of the world they are living in. In closing, I believe that Common and Talib Kweli’s music represents a new direction our society is taking due to their record sales this year. Common’s Finding Forever debuted at number one on the Billboard chart and Kweli’s Eardrum debuted at number two. For those artists to have such high debuts represents a shift in American culture. They beat out the gangsterisms of commercialized rap, bubblegum pop music, and loud rock ‘n’ roll. Their messages were chosen over everyone else. In a society where music speaks to millions of people, especially hiphop, their rise in prominence is an example of society’s openmindedness. People are more open to different religions, and they are ready to hear music that expresses how they feel.

I feel as if I must apologize for sleeping on an artist such as Raheem. “Love Behind The Melody” will definitely make this Grammy Nominee a household name. With 12 mixtapes under his belt Raheem is ready to let the world know that there is still good music being made. Smooth R&B ballads with a dash of hip hop can be found on such songs as “Friday” and “Energy” which features Outkast’s Big Boi. His creativity is uniquely displayed in such songs as “Customer “ and “Love Drug”. Plantlife and The Love Life Orchestra contribute to the sultry seven minute ballad “Mo Better“. This album is definitely a timeless classic. There is also special appearances by Floetry and Malik Yusef. This CD is a must have.

After being away from the game for two years, Lil Kim has come back with her first official mixtape paying homage to the first ladies off hip-hop. The album tentactively titled "Ms. G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time)" features Kim rapping over old school songs by some of hip-hops greatest female rappers. The title track is a playful rendition of MC Lyte's "Cha Cha Cha". Kim goes on to adaptations of "Afro Puffs" ("Rock On Wit Yo Bad Self") by Lady Of Rage. Boss' "Deeper" ("Kim Gets Deeper"), and Queen Latifah's "Wrath of Queen's Madness" ("Wrath of Kim's Madness"). There are a lot of remakes on his album however Kim

does take the time to address the beef between herself and Remy Ma on the "I Get It" track. There are also collaborations with Nate Dogg on the song "Tasteless" and 50 appears in the "Wanna Lick (Magic Stick Pt. 2). Ms. G.O.A.T is the prequal to Kim's forthecoming album slated to be released independently in April or May 2008.

It is Rumored that Lil Kim has left her lable Atlantic to release her forthecoming album independently. Kim has released three platinum selling albums with Atlantic. Could her dismal sells of her last album be the reason for her departure from Atlantic? Kim’s last album “The Naked Truth has only sold 394,00 US CONTINUES ON PAGE 19



Cleveland rapper and producer HJS has released his 2008 ep titled “Ghetto Gold”. This ep has a definite west coast appeal as the track “CEO” (which features a Ludacris sample) demonstrates. HJS is a very versatile artist. His 2007 album simply known as H he describes in the song “From Nothing” how he has finally achieved his dream of making it “I wanted to make it G/and guess what I finally made/with a record that is bringing in the bank/ so now I’m faded”. Be sure to check this artist out. ompany

Solange Knowles is looking to make people know that she is not just Beyonce’s little sister. Solange’s new song “Champagne Chronic Nightcap” speaks on a night filled with that good “Ooh wee, champagne, and lovemaking”. Young Buck rumored to have left G-Unit. Could the so-called April fools jjoke announcing that Buck was dismissed from GUnit actually true? Could it have actually been the announcement for the end? Young Buck is rumored to be resigning to Cash Money Records. His new album is set to be released this year under his own lable Cashville. Jay-Z & Mary J. are rumored to be working on an album together. It is said to be similar to the “Best of Both Worlds”. Unlike the last collabo we can all count on Mary to make her appearances on time. Karrine Steffans is rumored to be working on

her third tell all book. This book however will focus on her encounters with white actors. Karrine is notoriously known for her amazing mouth skills and for dropping her bedroom videos of herself and those that are going through public divorces. Will this new tell also feature anyone associated with the presidential campaign as well?




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