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Joy Edition..... Joy Division Joyriders

Aug 09

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Live Review of Cabaret Voltaire gig (21 July 09) Nice review posted on Next Big Thing - thanks to Lindsay Hutton for this..... Good to see a decent turnout at Cabaret Voltaire in Edinburgh last night for The Joyriders first show in the capital in forever, ahead of their junket to Japan but enough of these j's already. The Tango Rhums opened and I only saw a song and a bit or it might have been two. The Messthetics ethic is alive and well and gestating in Glenrothes. Investigate and encourage them because they're doing it for the right reasons. The Bum Clocks are collecting a bit of an audience but what looks reasonable in theory and sounds a little like Alex Harvey reciting Burns with an appropriation of Detroit sounding software is alarmingly art-rock. The sound of young Scotland always kind of irrritated me and the sound of the middle-aged version ain't thrilling me either. These guys were all there at The Big Bang but this is theatre and not rock'n'roll. It could run for weeks at the ICA. I've scratched theitch of wanting to see them in a club and don't want the wound to become infected. Their set seemed to last for a very long time and a minority of us were impervious to this Irvine Welsh intoned underside of the mither tongue. "Lust for Life" lost all its vital signs when it was used in "Trainspotting" and there's a strange correlation between this and that in my opinion. I don't recall ever seeing the Joyriders although I must have. Their entire recording history has just been put together as an omnibus edition "Others caught on but never caught up" on the "Fixing A Hole" imprint and they're playng out there in a couple of weeks. There's not a contrived bone in the box and their Lemonheads via Bob Mould fuzzpop sounds remarkably current. It also helps that they look like they're having some kind of fun up there. The reports from their opening stint for The Dolls were all good so this added to the expectation. And let's face it when was the last time you saw a band that reminded you of The Eastern Dark?Exactly.Good solid pre-grunge, post buzzsaw pop in a dressing of nice tempo changes, these guys can segue. No faffing between songs other than to indulge in a bit of banter before they spiral off into another short sharp jolt. I hope that they keep at it this time because there are a lot of "hotly tipped" acts that are trading on way, way less. So mission accomplished with the beat ready to bring it on in the land of the rising sun come early August.

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Division y o J m o r f n o i omot A le s s o n i n p r r..... a l u p o p s a w e spac - before cyber man n e P . .a B f o s e v i from the arch

B.A. Penman speaks...what happens nothing always nothing then............. get this or get out the shout did a ring in the ears of this un complictated clown get in or get out .. nothing sounds as hard as ding aling aling caught between two unawkwardly pulse ridden de-fying moments of complicated tresspasses on my still dillluted separations of near perfection thoughts of suffering baffling yet re-ality checks on what was almost to my left and yet almost over powering to my right straight down the middle made me un-sure where anything remotley disturbing was coming from in the first palce maybe i just wasnae here to begin with and everything was just streamlining through another biosphere or i was just imagining it to begin with and justice would come oot on top .. who kens anyway the remedy wasnae that far fae ma grasp and as i toetapped dying to tap dance towards it i fely jittery what is jittery ? anyway how caomes another parrell universe comes a tapping a calling and aless new feeling turns up-side down and then boomearang a round agian **** always nothing then back to the begginning then kids B.A. Penman recommends......

d n a s w e N s w e i v e r

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The Low Miffs and Malcolm Ross New Single – The Man Who Took on Love (and Won) Released on Re-Action Recordings – 3rd August This August sees the much anticipated first fruits of the collaboration between Malcolm Ross, the elder statesman of Postcard pop and The Low Miffs, Glasgow’s young pretenders to the Post-Punk/Pure Pop throne. Bristling with the kind of effervescent guitar-play you’d expect from a Postcard veteran, flits effortlessly from its intro and explodes into the self-same virtuoso territory once occupied by both and , with an appreciative vocal nod in the direction of both and Ambitious? Yes, but in possessing an almost indecent array of collective musical dexterity, they carry it off with great aplomb! This is only one facet of The Low Miffs and Malcolm Ross, but gives some indication of what to expect from the stylistic diversity flaunted on the forthcoming, one-off, album. is available as a digital download only, and is followed by the album

on download/CD on September 7th.

s w e i v re

The Tango Rhums – Aye Candy – Let’s (Not) Go Disco This CD from the Glenrothes band has been as eagerly anticipated as the second coming of Christ (and even better than the second coming – the atheists can enjoy this as well). Anyhoo – the music. The recordings are demos......... The band are – Andrew Meikle – Guitar, Vocal, Drums, Picking fights with men bigger than him and the spoons Lee McPahil – Drums, Vocals, brewing up the tea, dog fighting. Best drummer since Animal Andrew Loughrey – Vocals, Bass, Plums (all varieties), stopping traffic, woman baiting. Lyrical genius, drunk and facebook terrorist Gavin Bonnar – Guitar hero, vocals (the girly ones), artwork, badges (you name it he will put it on a badge), sex god (but sadly a eunuch) The songs cover December 08 to June 09 – Now known as Cherry Cola after legal action by the Girls Aloud superstar – allegedly because the band turned her down as a guest vocalist cos she’s shit. The song is a bit long for my liking – doesn’t really merit 12 seconds. – Rubbish. Didn’t like the original and the only cover version I have any regard for is McFlys – Now we’re talking. If the rolling stones had any notion of being the best rock n roll band in the world they would have written this. - this one was written to celebrate the year that the band celebrated their 21st birthdays. Fantastic song. On my Nokia 5800 Music Xpress already. Good swirly, ‘pornography ‘era cure guitar sound – and the best lyric ever written – move over john lennon, mark e smith, strummer and jones – . Fantastic - another favourite of mine. It is a simple idea –a homage to your friends and spending time with them. But suddenly he realises that his life has nothing else. It takes Harold Pinter three hours in a boring stage play to say what the Tango Rhums say in 22 seconds a favourite with the live crowd (although I wouldn’t know because I keep promising to go and see them and then not going). That swirly guitar sound again (for those less technically adept as me – piss off). Seriously great song. I thought this might be a tribute to the northern irish punks who sold out to chrysalis records but no. In actual fact it is about Sir Lance Felsham, the first man in Britain to walk single handed along Leslie High Street on a Friday night and not get pished – if Pigbag had come from a newtown in Fife and been less successful they would have been proud of this. Not unlike PIL musically (metal box era rather than shit they did after that). Joy division bass – in fact they have stolen bits from some really good bands in this one. – this one sounds like a fall song and needs to be longer you bastards. – this one was recorded live at the Casino in Las Vegas. Much more poppy and upbeat than the depressing rubbish elsewhere on the cd. A favourite amongst the My Space crowd I believe.

s w e i v re The Tango Rhums – Aye Candy – Let’s (Not) Go Disco – every ten years or so you hear a song that reminds you why nothing comes close to music in enriching your life. This it for this decade. I bloody love this. It tells the tale of Andrew deciding about whether to grow facial hair and how to grow his hair. Sounds rubbish eh? But its not – its great. If you don’t hear any other song this year , you need to hear this. great bass and vocals on this. It is easy to dismiss the Tango Rhums as sad fifty year olds trying to relive their youth – it is actually but this is good. The influence of axeman Gav is beginning to be heard here. ( – this one is really funky and should appeal to the soul music lovers in the crowd. Unfortunately someone appears to have kicked Andrew in the testicles at about 40 seconds in but he managed to soldier on. Actually this is genius as well – love this song – love the bass on this. Apparently Andrew didn’t know what to call this so .. talking blues here. Lyrical genius I feel. Andrew sounds like Richard Jobson on this one (before he forgot that he came from Dunfermline). A musical homage to that little known catholic order based in glenrothes who spread the gospel through dance – the Tango Rhums although genui (plural of genius) in their own right have been rumoured to have a svnegali like figure who controls them – a bit like malcolm mclaren but with less talent and attending less gigs. This is the bands tribute to their inspiration and mentor. Stephen, incidentally, used to be a priest – a cover of the classic Beat necessity song, and dare I say better than the original? – this was originally written to offend deaf people but has grown into another talking blues. Again great lyrics – fantastic. – Also – a list song which always works for me. don’t like this one – this is interesting, particularly like the old spelling of gaol. Another talking blues – great lyrics again and the backing is wonderfully atmospheric and then works to being almost poppy at the end. Definitely a grower. The perceptive ones will have noticed that the bands excellent cover of ‘Lets Go Disco’ has not been included. I was initially outraged by this and threatened two of the band with serious violence. However I have now been told that they are planning a rock opera based around the song and there will be a remix album with 12 versions on it released tomorrow. Overall then it would not be an overstatement to say that this is the best album ever made and it is extraordinarily reasonable in price (only £12 plus p+p). This is a band in their prime (musically if not chronologically or sexually) and you deserve to be miserable and lonely if you don’t buy this, see the band and go to café press and buy the merchandise. Rasputin – The Mad Monk

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