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In this third issue of IN>TRAVELLER are we searching for world’s most beautifull harbours. What is this week’s number 1?


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This week we are going to find the most beautiful harbors in the world. Cruise ships, endless boulevards, great seafood restaurants and the best way to see major world cities from the water; a harbour lives. Also in this edition you will find the top 5 from the editors and the choice of an experienced traveler. This week is the event new. Where in the world is there a party on location? Read it in this brand new magazine.




Sydney Harbour is known for its great landmarks. Who doesn’t know the magnificent Sydney Opera House? This iconic building is right by the water of Sydney Harbour, and is the most beautiful view from the water. There are even several islands in the harbor, including Fort Denison, Shark Island & Cockatoo Island. How to get there? The Sydney airport is the busiest in Australia, it is very special because the airport is only 8 km from the city center. Trains are not recommended because the outback of Australia is simply the best to reach by car.



Cork Harbour is one of the most unique in the world. It consists of five major islands, some of which are inhabited. Already in the eighteenth century the Irish navy island used it as a base for its ships, and today the port of Cork is one of the major industrial areas of Ireland. How to get there? Very simply, by boat! Daily are a whole number of boats departing to the mainland of Europe, and therefore it is by far one of the most relaxed way of travelling to Cork. For travelers who wants to go faster there are also flights from all over the world to Cork Airport.





Mumbai is one of the most crowded and chaotic cities in the world. And on the water goes the chaos on. Water taxis criss over the water, tour boats move at full speed over, and everyone wants as quickly as possible from A to B over the water. How to get there? Daily flights depart from lots of cities including New York, London, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur to Mumbai. Renting a car is not done in Mumbai, because the traffic in the city center is killing.


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Goteborg Harbour

Floris visited the port of Gothenburg Sweden. “This picture was taken on a navy ship in the harbor near the center of the town. There are in the port of Gotenborg a number of ships which you can visit for a small amount of money.� Sweden and water go hand in hand. The many islands off the coast are easily accessible from the port of Gothenburg, and all Scandinavian countries can be reached by ferries.



IN>TRAVELLER GOES harbours Falmouth is the place where many world voyages begin. This town belongs to Britain is one of the largest natural harbors in the world, and is the deepest natural port in the world. Many historical figure to start their exploration in this town, and the harbour is a part of daily life. How to get there? From all over England are there trains departing to Falmouth, and within a few hours you can travel from many major cities to the small town of Falmouth. Would you rather not depend on train schedules? Renting a car is an adventure in England, and is highly recommended.

events IN>TRAVELLER GOES harbours

Sail Amsterdam

Sail is a huge event which is organized every five years in the port of Amsterdam. Ships from around the world are visiting the port of Amsterdam, and over one million Dutch people and foreigners visit the gigantic and free event.




Victoria Harbour consists of a number of large and small natural harbors in the estuary near the city of Hong Kong. Because there are no bridges covering the gigantic waters of Victoria Harbour is it always busy on the water. Hong Kong processes a large number of containers per day, and the water is 24 hours a day full of big containerships, but in the small inlets of the harbor are small and bustling ports available. How to get there? At any airport in the world you can go to Hong Kong. So you can better ask, how do I not get there? Across the world there are planes to this metropole. Also on the water there are of course ways to reach the city.

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IN>Traveller goes Harbours  

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