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The History of


As October rolls along bringing more warm weather and longer summer days, so the celebration of Oktoberfest roll with it. Sticking to true South African roots, any occasion is celebrated with a glass of something and our hot summer days go down especially well with an ice-cold beer. This iconic festival, known today as the Beerfest allows everyone to celebrate with beer, beer and more beer. But not many people know what Oktoberfest is really about. Most people know that it is German and that there is beer and therefore it calls for a celebration yet this famous fest is held every year internationally and all started with a royal wedding, and as history goes the festivals started growing more and more.

Br ief timeli n e o f t h e e vo l u t io n o f O k t o be r f e s t 1810

The first annual Oktoberfest was held

1811 An agricultural show was added to

the event, which is still

As History goes, the Crown Prince Ludwig, later to become King Ludwig I, was married to Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen on October 12, 1810. The citizens of Munich were invited to attend the festivities held on the fields in front of the city gates to celebrate the happy royal event. The fields were named Theresienwiese (“Theresa’s meadow”) in honour of the Crown Princess, and have kept that name ever since, although the locals have since abbreviated the name simply to the “Wiesn”.

held after 200 years but only held every 4 years


Food booths

were introduced and the introduction of beer and entertainment

1835 The first annual parade held to

honour King Ludwig and his wife


Beer was first

served in mugs and therefore started the tradition

1910 Oktoberfest

celebrated its 100th anniversary. Some 120,000 litres of beer were poured and consumed.

2008 Regulations tried and failed at

banning smoking

Oktoberfest Facts:

Beer Facts:

The Oktoberfest is known as the Largest Volksfest (People’s Fair) in the World. In 1999, there were six and a half million visitors to the 42-hectare Theresienwiese. In recent years, the Oktoberfest runs for 16 days with the last day being the first Sunday in October. 1980 Oktoberfest bomb blast. A pipe bomb was set off in a dustbin at the restrooms at the main entrance on September 26, 1980. The bomb consisted of an empty fire extinguisher filled with 1.39 kg of explosives. Thirteen people were killed, over 201 were injured, 68 seriously injured.

2011 The record

was set at 7.5 million

Munich beer or no beer at all: Only six breweries are allowed to participate in Oktoberfest. We only drink March in October: While the festival starts in October, the beer was traditionally brewed all the in March, when the summer’s heat and bacteria wouldn’t interfere with the brewing process. Only the strong survive: Oktoberfest beer is around 6% ABV, far stronger and sweeter than typical German lager. It’s easy to get dehydrated on a warm early fall afternoon, and many people pass out from exhaustion. Let’s call the whole thing off There wasn’t always a reason for celebration when Oktoberfest came around. In fact, the fest has been officially cancelled 24 times due to disease and war.

litters of beer being served during this festival




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The clubhouse improvement project is nearing its completion date at the end of this month and the inconvenience and disruption experienced during the building phase will soon be behind us. There is just nothing as relaxing or soothing about a background medley of jackhammers, drills and scaffolding being put up or broken down! The work done by our clubhouse and golf staff during this period has been phenomenal, given the difficult conditions they had to work under and still accommodate various functions and golf days. We must also thank our golfing members for their patience and perseverance, you can now look forward to golf course and clubhouse free of construction over the summer months. The new restaurant and food and beverage operator, Café 41 is also set to take over the clubhouse operations over the next month and we look forward to a long and prosperous partnership with this long established brand. Minas and Helen Ioannou, the founders of the Café 41 will be running the Silver Lakes operation and I would like to extend a warm welcome to them and their team, which will include many familiar faces as well.

As mentioned last month, we have now signed a fibre to the home agreement with Telkom, who after a long evaluation process, which included several other operators has come up with the most compelling service offering for the estate. Work on this project will commence shortly, with a completion date within the first quarter of 2016. There will be some trenching required to lay fibre in areas in the estate not yet serviced by existing infrastructure, but timelines and work areas will be communicated in due course. With the end of the year fast approaching, our Annual General Meeting is once again almost upon us and scheduled for Monday, 17 November 2015. A Constitutional General Meeting to approve our recently circulated Memorandum of Incorporation and some changes to the estate’s rules will also be scheduled the same day. As always, I continue to encourage residents to communicate with me should there be any issues you would like to bring to our attention. Please feel free to make an appointment via my assistant Michele on (012) 809-0142 or secretary@silverlakes.

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R6.9 Million

Great view, location and finishes. A well-planned 1 level home, low maintenance, Family home that offers everything, space, location and style. Big windows Italian tiles, north facing, indigenous water wise garden. Award winning. with double-volume living areas with a golf course view. 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 2 Garages REF# PT1234229 5 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 3 Garages REF# PT1216845


R4.55 Million

Beautiful Tuscan villa. Modern kitchen, large open plan living areas. Landscaped garden and swimming pool. 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, 4 Garages REF# PT1234201


R5.3 Million

Beautiful Natal Victorian influence. Immaculate home in this upmarket estate. Impressive double-volume entrance with top-notch finishes 4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 4 Garages REF# PT1227183

Should you want to rent or sell please contact me for a free market related evaluation of your property. Inge de Klerk 083 700 3911 PRETORIA OFFICE 012 365 9000

DRUG TALK Saturday 17 October



Dear All, Can you believe that we are now in the tenth month of 2015? This year has brought so many blessings and positive developments, can’t wait for 2016.

By Corlia Mathews

UPCOMING EVENTS TAKING PLACE IN OCTOBER & NOVEMBER Saturday 17 October: Drug Talk from 10:00 until 12:00 at Club This is a must for all parents and teenagers. Please don’t miss this opportunity. The talk is extremely educational, it is delivered in a down-to-earth manner, on a level we can all relate to and understand. This is the second drug talk we are hosting this year and the last one, see you there. Please RSVP to

TRICK OR TREAT Saturday 31 October

Saturday 31 October: Trick or Treat fun Trick or treat begins at 17:00 from the Club. Please decorate your home if you wish to participate in the event. Spooky themed dinner at the Club from 18:00. To book contact Patty at the Club on Wednesday 25 November: Photographic Talk from 18:30 until 21:00 at Club Join professional wildlife photographer Timothy Griessel, as he shares stories behind his extraordinary images. 18:30 - Arrive for light snacks and drinks 19:00 - Talk begins 21:00 - Talk ends Fee - R160 per person. Booking is essential on Payment must be made before the event. Important: A CGM and AGM will be held on 16 November 2015. Please diarise. If you are unable to attend the meeting in person, please remember to submit a proxy vote by 12 November. Communication: Do you receive the communication sent out by the Association ie bulk emails and SMSes? Should you not receive this form of communication, please contact the HOA office so that we can ensure we have your updated information. We are also on Facebook (Silver Lakes Homeowners Association NPC) and Twitter (SilverLakesEstate).


I hope you have a wonderful October. Enjoy and let’s work together to create magic. Regards Kathy



Wednesday 25 November

and visual progress is initially slow & less pleasant to the eye. However, once excavations, foundations and floor slabs are laid, the end result becomes visible. The professional team and contractors are working hard to comply within constraints such as site conditions, time, costs and production. We again thank you all for your patience, understanding and cooperation regarding this major construction programme – this project is huge and executed with much effort. Again, please do not enter construction areas, as a building site


is dangerous at all times. Observe safety notices. Keep children away! Good news - the view from the new open patio area (above the restaurant extension) is magnificent with a panoramic view! In


years to come many will enjoy this specific panoramic asset of our Clubhouse facilities.

Alterations and additions to any building facility are always an inconvenience and done with great effort. It does not happen without its constraints especially due to the unknown (“surprise”) factors and/or risks as experienced on site once building work commences. Most often, these were not noticed during initial visual inspections, due to the lack of detailed drawings, or construction variations/deviations from drawings, incidents, etc. The preparation work on this type of building site is not to be underestimated. It necessitates site establishment, screening & site preparation, excavations, demolition work, safe guarding work and clearing before actual building work can commence. It is time consuming

The preliminary architectural impressions of the new restaurant (Café 41) provided to management is impressive and is certainly “…making a statement”.



During August/September 2015, the following was achieved on the project: • Starter hut superstructure erected on raft foundation (with amendments to windows). • Construction of the new walkway ramps at starter hut (foundations, brickwork & retaining walls) in progress. • Sewer installation completed. Compliance tests (municipal inspection) of open drains & pressure tests completed and complied with requirements. Closing up of drain trenches and opened concrete floor slabs work is in process. • Electrical installation and plumbing installation are in progress. • Concrete slab over new restaurant erected. Propping, formwork & shuttering of this slab’s extension erected, reinforcing placed, inspected by engineer and concrete cast. At the time of writing is in its curing period. • Reinforcing of concrete slab over deli/convenient store area completed and new court yard wall erected.

• New reinforced concrete staircase shuttered, cast and completed. • Formwork in certain areas of the works (e.g. new covered walkway) removed and plastering preparation work in process. • Internal plastering of walls and patching are in progress.



• Preparation of existing uneven concrete floor slabs for floor screeds completed. Placing of new floor screeds in restaurant area and kitchen are in progress (levelling of floor areas for placing of new floor tiles). • Internal waterproofing of external wall at men’s change facilities commenced and in process. • External waterproofing to clubhouse building abutting men’s change facilities commenced and in process. • Extraction ducting for new restaurant and kitchen area installed – commissioning and testing to be done. • New entrance to the restaurant facility (via old pro-shop) is in process (e.g. demolition work and new steel beam installation). • Selection and finalisation of interior designs - finishes of wall & floor tiles, electrical fittings as well as amendments to the design of lockers of restaurant and change facilities in progress. • The roof construction at main entrance gate (Silver Lakes Drive) was paused; we have a delay in this part of the construction



work. Closed exit lane was re-opened. This gate is no longer recognised as a secondary access gate. An additional separate emergency access gate for the fire brigade was required by the Council with further Fire Department requirements. Necessary design & application have been submitted for approval. Work will continue during September. Our project manager and main contractor reassured the HOA at the official bi-weekly site meetings that the intended completion dates for facilities and project would be met. The project is behind schedule in certain areas (e.g. erection of new reinforced concrete slab, installation & connection of an external sub-soil drain with applicable external waterproofing of our existing building abutting men’s change facilities). They are however ahead of schedule with other parts. The Board of Directors, Management and HOA staff are working hard in co-operation with the professional team and main contractor to make the project a success.

We can confidently say that there is light visible in the dark end of the tunnel.


Rainfall 2014


The Board of Directors,

250 200

Phase 1 Phase 2


Phase 3

100 50

Management and HOA staff are working hard in co-operation with the

0 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul


Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Quantity in mm Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3

January 110 132 131 February 27 39 19 Total for 2015



professional team and main contractor to make the project a success.






These grasses screen and define areas in a very natural and specific way, creating ‘pockets’ of spaces with-in other spaces.

The past few winter months have mostly been used on the estate for maintenance work as we all do with the dry, brown days of winter. Our maintenance team has been working hard to finish the two weirs we are repairing - before the rain starts. And from what we hear and the early arrival of the swallows it might just be true. But then as my dad says that the rain must not come too early: “then we have a bad rain season”. I suppose, through ‘evolution’ and experience both the ‘people’, swallows and my dad know what to expect for the season by the signs given by nature. I hope you all have a wonderful session of rejuvenation planned for your gardens this spring and summer. On the estate, as you will see from the photos, we are not only repairing weirs, but are also replacing, replanting and rejuvenating our own gardens. The Muirfield gardens and the gardens at the Solomon Mahlangu gate and the HOA offices will be up graded. The whole of Pebble Beach Drive will be replanted in the same style as the original. We will have a few new shapes to unify and simplify the plants used through out the estate. As you will remember from previous articles, we have been for past two years, and still are in the process of simplifying and unifying the estate gardens. This not only means the gardens in the streets, it means we are planning on unifying the gardens of the whole estate. We are using the golf course and our colonial style buildings as a centre point of design measure for what we design now. The lawns of the golf course and the lawns of the corner gardens are used to unify the look-and-feel of the estate. For focal areas we will, as on the golf course, use decorative grasses to give a bit of drama to certain areas.

The usual Ophiopogon grasses, wild garlic, hedges and some cycads will be used again in the Pebble Beach garden. Here we needed to remove some of the excess soil so that we can bring the ground level back to under the rim of the curbing. Drainage of water and erosion of the soil above this level onto the road surface, is not only was a waste, but we had to constantly keep the road surface clean from our own ‘mess’. The excess soil will go to the mounding we are doing on the golf course and excess plants will be used to refresh the entrance from Silver Lakes Drive. The gardens at the Club will be neatened up and replanted after the construction has been finalised. We will however start repairing gardens as and when the construction finishes and allows us into certain areas of the gardens. All these issues are discussed each month on the meetings of the Architectural and Environmental Committees. If you would like to find out more, have suggestions or would like to join any of these committees, please do not hesitate to contact me. Corlia Mathews: mathews@iafrica. com or 0834489441. The committees usually sit on the second Tuesday of every month at 8 am and 10.30 am. If you have the time and interest, please join us. Remember: if you have any requests or suggestions please email me. Otherwise it seems as if I am doing ‘what I want’ on the estate. As you all know this is not the case. It is important to follow up your telephonic request with an email. I need your requests in writing. It is like when I was away for a long time taking part in the Namaqua Quest and taking overseas visitors around the country. I get a call from a home owner who requested that we do something about the entrance to the game reserve. This was prompted by when he saw the redesign and replanting of the gardens to the game reserve and thought that a new gate will look nice too. I explained that I need it in writing in order to get it onto our budget. If an item is not in the budget, it must stand over for another year. I am still waiting for the email. It is the right of homeowners to make suggestions. These suggestions will be discussed in the committees and then sent to the Board of Directors for discussion to be made part of the overall plan for Silver Lakes. Obviously all plans and suggestions do not always make the cut, but if you do not try nothing can happen. We do not know what we do not know. Tell us and we can work on it. I always try to explain how being part of a committee works: - first year you get the ‘brilliant’ idea - or so you think; - it goes to one of the committees; - they discuss and ‘tweak’ it;



- if it gets some sort of approval, after a few months, since there is only one meeting per month; - it goes to the Board; - the whole process starts again; - if your suggestion makes the ‘cut’ - remember the general rule is that only (generously) 1 in 10 such ideas makes it; - it goes to the AGM so that it can become part of the next year’s planning; - if it was a success, and it has been planned into the new budget, it can be implemented in the next year; If not, and some more ‘tweaking’ needs to be done, it has to wait another year. So, generally speaking your great ideas needs to start flowing early so that we can implement them in two to three years. One must always remember that we are working with the money of more than 1640 home owners and have to be careful on what and where we spend it. We cannot waste money on unnecessary items. Obviously we sometimes make mistakes and cost you money, but these we try to keep to a minimum through the thorough checking and management by our wonderful team at the HOA offices. For this we must thank them from the bottom of our hearts. They are doing a great job, sometimes under difficult situations since we can be difficult in our expectations of what the estate must do for us. Other than the usual maintenance and the planning for the next season, obviously working on the budget is a big part of our jobs for the next few weeks. The tennis courts, cart paths and new bridges on the golf course are just a few of the existing and new items that will be in the budget for next year. In the next few months we will seed the open areas of the game reserve with a veldt grass mixture and will start with serious maintenance on the erosion of the embankments of the dam in the game reserve. In some areas we will need some assistance from engineers and it might take some time and budget to get these areas done. As our waterways are one of the most important features of the estate they will be protected and monitored regularly. We have received our first water report in many years and the water on the estate does not seem to be in too bad a state. We will do what we can to get our water as pristine as humanly possible, however we sometimes receive polluted water from upstream. We will keep on trying to create the environment we know Silver Lakes should be, please keep on enjoying it. Go for walks in the game reserve and on our pathways around the golf course. Enjoy the estate. One of these days even the construction will be done and we will be able to enjoy great Cafè41 cuisine at the new restaurant! Enjoy the summer weather and enjoy our wonderful estate. Corlia Mathews



Thank You for joining us at the Silver Lakes Club House for our Pet fun day.

Photographs taken by Corlia Mathews

The Rights and Rituals of Spring! by Koos Marais At first I thought I was dreaming, but then I saw him clearly- the village weaver in his bright yellow and black summer plumage. Can it be? A few days later, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw not only one or two, but four freshly woven, green nests in the sweet thorn tree next to my favourite little dam. The male was already proudly displaying his newly constructed homes to a couple of prospective female mates, twittering and shivering with excitement. I smiled when the thought had settled. The long, cold nights of winter were a thing of the past. It was time to rejoice in the birth of a new season, a new circle of life. The village weaver was the first visible confirmation that the unstoppable wheel of nature had once again grinded on. Spring had come to Silver Lakes. Then I noticed that the African jacana and the spoonbill had also returned, as had the three-banded plover. I marvelled at the jacana’s coppery splendour and the spoonbill’s funny expression. Early one morning, the bashful Cape robin once again sang its melodious chant from the thick verbenia hedge, confirming that spring was indeed on its way. Later, when the sun had spread its magic warmth, no less than three male crested

barbets were vociferously challenging each other in the stinkwood tree in front of my house. They were vying for the title of “Ace of the Base” which would afford him occupancy of the fresh sisal nest I had installed in the tree. I visited my old haunts, the little dams where the splendid moorhen are stationed, again. I saw that they were neatly turned out in fresh plumage, each feather appearing sharply “cropped”, and the white edges of their flicking tails contrasting with the central black parts. There seemed to be more of them around than at the same time last year, but I can’t be sure. Not so with the white-faced ducks. I know for a fact that we have hundreds more of them than we did last year. They found themselves a safe haven, by daytime at least, in the big dam in the game reserve. From there they leave every night, whistling blithely as they do so, for unknown pastures until the next day. We can be proud of our flock of white-faced whistlers. At the waterside, I saw the more familiar faces of the white-fronted swallow. They are also back from their annual winter trip to the north; the final confirmation of the onset of spring, if any was needed.



As I sat writing this, I suddenly froze. Was it someone’s cell phone custom ringtone again? Then I heard it again, Africa’s call, the cry of the fish eagle. I ran out of my study and searched the sky above. Yes, it was indeed a pair fish eagles, circling high above Silver Lakes. I smiled because my joy was complete. They were back. Many years ago, we were home to a breeding pair of fish eagles, but then they left. Every few years they would put in a cameo appearance, lasting a few seconds or minutes only. Will they come and stay again this time? It would be as if nature had given its stamp of approval for our conservation efforts if the fish eagles would permanently honour us with their presence. Walking around the big dams, I noticed many fish surfacing. Soon they will be spawning, tempting the fishermen. Dare I dream that our stock of fish will one day be feeding the fish eagles again? The fish swirled at the surface, gurgling and feeding on the insects and larvae. Within days, they will move to the shallows to compete for the best gravel beds where they will lay the seeds of future generations, satisfying their most primitive urge. At this time, the monitor lizards will arise from their hibernating comas, ravenous and eager to feed on the easy prey. They will lie in wait and strike with precision, slowly building up their fat stores, so that they too can mate and procreate. With every passing year winter seems to take on a more menacing countenance, striking fear and depression into the hearts and minds of some of us, but suddenly I feel like a victorious athlete. I have survived. Now I can look forward to another bright spring and glorious summer. In Africa, spring does not necessarily equate to joy and smiles all around. In the northern parts of our country, spring comes at the end of our dry season. The air is thick with palpable tension. While all our feathered, furred and scaled friends are busily involving themselves with the acts of procreation, nature waits for the rains to come. We know that we live in an arid region, where severe droughts, lasting for years and even decades, can ravage the fields and the woods, wreaking havoc on our wildlife. We survive in the certain knowledge that every drop of rain is a gift from above. Will the rains come in good time for the impala and the blesbuck to drop their foals? Will the rains come before the dams dry up, decimating all our fish and aquatic wildlife? Spring is a time of waiting for the clouds to build and to release their fury on our fields, lawns and gardens, bringing relief and washing away the dust. Until it happens, we have to be content with the warm glow of the sun in our faces and on our backs, and grateful to have seen the last of winter. We know that the temperature will climb, weekly until the air becomes so unstable that big cumulus clouds start rising in late afternoon. But we also know that as evening sets in, most often the clouds will dissolve into nothing again. Then, one fine day, the clouds will start to inhale and exhale their deep breaths in swirling gusts. The tension will break, the first rains will fall and our wildlife and we will breathe a deep sigh of relief.


Photographs taken by Koos Marais



MATURE GOLFERS News from the Mature Golfers

Fernando Vieira (36 c/o) Arthur Ketcher (36 c/o) Arthur Ketcher Jan Potgieter Jan Potgieter Jas Wasserman Frank Hlalethoa

2nd 3rd NTP #9 NTP #13 NTP #16 NTP #18 NTP #3

Amidst all the construction disruption, the Mature Golfers have continued to support the golf and clubhouse operations with over 40 players competing for the weekly prizes and honour. With the end of the year fast approaching, the competitions for the eclectic honours and the singles knockout champion are heading for a tight finish. The present eclectic leader on stableford points is Eddie Orsmond on 62 points and five other golfers (Rolf Hauter, Bugs Dryburgh, Johan Grobbelaar, Vincent Mascini and Tienie Wessels) are on 61 points. The best gross leaders are Fernando Vieira on 60 and Rolf Hauter on 64. The other old boys are close on their heels and it will be a fight to the finish at the end of October. The singles knockout championships are really building up to a climax with

MATURE GOLFERS - 20 AUGUST 2015 NAME PLACE 2-CLUB Jas Wasserman 1st Theo O’Neil Frank Hlalethoa 1st Bugs Dryburgh Hugo Pretorius 1st Jannie Duvenhage Theo O’Neil (87) 1st Fernando Vieira John Jessup 2nd Braam Venter 2nd Amie v Wyk (84) 2nd Jannie Duvenhage NTP # 9 Ludewyk de Wet NTP # 13 Cor Scheepers NTP # 16 Kobus Gouws NTP # 18 Fernando Vieira NTP # 3

the last 4 golfers in both the trophy and plate knockout competitions. The semi- finals of both competitions were played in September with the finals in October. Above all this is the forthcoming annual golf day hosted by the Mature Golfers. The Mature Golfer Champion for the day will be a huge challenge on 19 November 2015 at Silver Lakes. All aspiring men golfers over 50 years of age, all ladies young and older and our sponsors are welcome to join us for the day. It is a shotgun start at 12 noon followed by a dinner and prize giving at 5pm. Last year we handed out over 35 prizes ranging between the values

MATURE GOLFERS - 13 AUGUST 2015 NAME PLACE 2-CLUB Jan Potgieter (40) 1st Nick Hollander Johann Myburgh (38 c/o) 2nd Johann Myburgh Eugene Visagie (38 c/o) 3rd Jan Potgieter NTP # 9 Tienie Wessels NTP # 13 Nick Hollander NTP # 16 Colin le Grange NTP # 18 Fernando Vieira NTP # 3 Johann Myburgh 6 Mystery Holes

of R1500 and R100. The entrance fee is a mere R220 and the Pro Shop at Silver Lakes has opened the tee sheet for reservations. The format for the day will be IPS. Please hurry to put your names down. The scores for August are shown in the accompanying table and we salute all the winners. Our sincere thanks and appreciation must go to all our generous sponsors who have kept the Mature Golfers group in a strong and healthy financial position with the annual membership growing. Should any males out there who are older than 50 wish to participate on Thursday mornings at the 6:45am draw you are most welcome to join the other old boys. Enjoy your golfing experience Theo O’Neil (Captain of the Mature Golfers) MATURE GOLFERS - 6 AUGUST 2015 NAME PLACE 2-CLUB Herman Prost 1st No 2-Clubs Theo O’Neil (45) 1st No 2-Clubs Eddie Orsmond 2nd Jannie v d Watt (44 c/o) 2nd Jan Potgieter NTP #9 André Basson NTP #13 Thoe O’Neil NTP #16 Fernando Vieira NTP #18 Eddie Orsmond NTP #3

MATURE GOLFERS - 13 AUGUST 2015 NAME PLACE 2-CLUB Frank Hlalethoa (41) 1st No 2-Clubs


15 AUGUST SATURDAY ASSUPOL CLASSIC IPS POINTS Nicholas Lewis 82 Francois Cronje 82 Morne Bodenstein 80 Hugo Kleynhans 79 Zander Lombard 78 Anton Lombard 77 Willie Booysen 77 Mai Eligh 76 Deon Heunis 76 Andre Spies 76 Visitor - Elri Usendorff NTP# 9 Erendine Olivier NTP# 16 Pieter Swanepoel 16 AUGUST WEDNESDAY IPS POINTS Andre Spies 43 Keith Tremble 40 19 AUGUST WEDNESDAY BBM POINTS Derek Le Roux 64 Johan Faul 64 Jassie Voster 64



Ruan Potgieter 64 Pierre Spies 63 Mike de Jongh 63 NTP # 3 Grant Supra NTP # 13 Marli le Roux 22 AUGUST SATURDAY BOERE VS SOUTIES POINTS Echard Olivier 49 Erasmus Meyer 49 Ryan v/d Watt 48 Kyle Norris 48 Victor Engelen 47 Kris Engelen 47 Yolandi Ehlers 46 Wehann Olivier 46 Marli Le Roux 46 Colin Taylor 46 Chase Manna 46 Christoff Els 46 Danie v/d Westuizen 46 Marius Nadel 46 John Joubert 45 Jan Minnaar 45 Jarrad Botha 45 Bradley Brown 45 Gerhard Olivier 45 Snorre v/d Merwe 45 NTP #9 Chase Manna NTP #13 Niel de Wet LD#2 Venessa Brown Longest Day Lourens Jansen van rensburg Theunis Pretorius Best Dress Gary Pettit Dave Evatt BOERE VS SOUTIES BOERE 23 AUGUST SUNDAY IPS POINTS FJ Peters 38 Chappie knoetze 38 26 AUGUST WEDNESDAY BBS POINTS Delene Normann 48 Hanna Kim 48 Francois Cronje 48 Stephanie Cronje 48 Ettiene Ehlers 48 Yolandie Ehlers 48 John Joubert 48 Jan Minnaar 48 NJ Arnoldi 46 Mac Mccallaghan 46 Ruan Korb 45 Louis Coetzee 45 NTP# 3 Tom Roodt NTP # 9 Jan Minnaar NTP #13 Ruan Potgieter NTP # 16 Donovan Simpson 29 AUGUST SATURDAY BBS POINTS Wessels Luus 47 9/11/15 47 Snorre van der Merwe 46 Gerhard Olivier 46 Arno Vermaak 46 Echard Olivier 46 Mike Payne 46 Jacques Wilken 46 NTP #3 Joe Cabeleira NTP #13 Joan Norris

2 CLUBS 15 AUGUST SATURDAY RANDS Willie Booysen 145 Dean Wilken 145 Riaan Grobler 145 Luka Medak 145 Kyle Norris 145 Jose Gonsalves 145 Wynand Booysens 145 Jerry Olivier 145 Mathys v/d Merwe 145 Pieter Swanepoel 145 Phillip Liebenberg 145 Salome Pepler 145 Emgee v/d Merwe 145 Chris van Wyk 145 Nicky Rahn 145 Marie Botha 145 16 AUGUST SUNDAY RANDS Andre Spies 340 19 AUGUST WEDNESDAY RANDS Pierre Spies 150 Mike de Jongh 150 Louis Jonker 150 Marli Le Roux 150 Jarrad Botha 150 Bradley Brown 150 Jassie Voster 150 Ruan Potgieter 150 22 AUGUST SATURDAY RANDS Echard Olivier 79 Kyle Norris x2 158 Wiehann Olivier x2 158 Theunis Pretorius 79 Chase Manna x2 158 Danie v/d Westuizen x2 158 Gary Pettit 79 Joe Cabeleira x2 158 Fernando Ferreira 79 Eddie Serton x2 158 Jaco Roestoff 79 Lizette Leeuwner 79 Mike De Jongh x3 237 Chris van Wyk 79 Niel de Wet 79 Madeleine De Wet 79 23 AUGUST SUNDAY RANDS Kevin Knoetze 250 Derick van Greunen 250 26 AUGUST WEDNESDAY RANDS Jan Minnaar 222 Will Ferreira 222 Tom Roodt x2 444 Dean Armitage 222 Mike De Jongh 222 Pieter Becker 222 29 AUGUST SATURDAY RANDS Zietsman 241 Gerhard olivier 241 Arno Vermaak 241 Barend Kruger 241 Mac McCallaghan 241 Christian Lewis 241 Jaco Roestoff 241 Pikkie Cronje 241 Wille Coetzee SNR 241 Teagan Moore 241 ML De Kock 241



The Anatomy of a golf club With every new sport, that you take on there will be new rules, new equipment and completely new game terminology. Like Golf, we all have to start somewhere and be rookies to the sport but hopefully after this quick anatomy lesson your skills will be a bit more pro. In that case knowing exactly what your equipment can do and what each component means can be to your advantage. Starting with the golf club, there are many features and smaller detail on your golf club that you typically might not see and might not think about. These small details for example; the lie angle or leading edge sound more like engineering terms than golfing terms but after this article all will be explained so that you can optimise your golfing experience and expand on your golfing terminology.

A closer look at the Club Face

Three Main components to a golf club 1. Shaft: Long tubular piece of steel that connects to the grip and the club head. 2. Club head: The part of the club that strikes the ball. 3. Grip: The top part of the shaft where you hold the club.

3. The Toe of the club head is the furthest end of the club head. 4. The Heel of the club is on the side of the face closest to the shaft, where it meets the hosel. 5. The Hosel is the part where the shaft is fixed onto the clubhead to extend the ferrule.

A Closer look at the club head: 1. The Club face is the side of the club that you hit the golf ball with. 2. The Sweet spot is a part on the clubface, approximately in the middle, that will have the most accuracy and distance when hitting the ball, because that’s where the centre of gravity is. If the ball is hit anywhere else, it will cause the club head to turn which loses distance and changes the intended

6. The Ferrule is the little black ring around the bottom of the shaft or around the Hosel. This is normally a cosmetic feature. 7. The Top edge is the edge of the club head you see when looking down at it. 8. The Leading edge is the bottom of the club head which when hitting the ball will first hit the turf. 9. Grooves or the horizontal lines on the clubface grabs the balls impact when hit and causes it to spin.




Lie and loft:

Woods and Hybrids:

Lie angle refers to the angle of the shaft in relation to the sole of the club head. You will usually find the lie angle of longer clubs are flatter or wider that short clubs. This can be adjusted to obtain maximum fit in your clubs. A taller player might prefer a more upright lie and shorter players a more flat lie.

Woods and hybrids share the same anatomy of a club head but differ in the materials used. • Woods or metals really, are usually hollow and can be made from steel, titanium or other alloys • Hybrids are exactly that, part metal wood, part iron

This is something a club fitter can assist you with when buying your clubs. Loft on the other hand, describes the angle of the clubface with respect to the vertical. For instance if the wedge has a 54 degree loft it means that the face it tilted 54 degrees back from the vertical. A driver then has very little loft, usually ranging from 8-11 degrees.

Cavity back verse Muscleback or blade: The difference can be seen in the blades, the back of the club head is mostly solid, meaning the mass is evenly distributed. In the cavity, back the back of the iron is not solid. The purpose of the cavity back is to get most of the mass around the edges of the club head, which increases the moment of inertia. Meaning that if you hit the ball off centre is has a less if a chance of twisting giving you more distance than if you hit it poorly with a muscleback. The advantage of a blade iron is a higher degree of control it gives to the player, therefore having a lower tolerance for error. This blade iron is then better suited for a player that wants accuracy and can hit the well enough not to hit off centre.

Forged verses Cast: When looking at this we are talking about the manufacturing process used to make the club head. • When irons are cast, the steel is melted and poured into a mould • Forged irons and normally constructed by pounding or pressing the steel into shape In the past, a cavity club would most likely be cast and a blade iron more typically forged. Today designers are knocking down barriers and using technologies to make clubs that are longer, straighter more forgiving with a better feel.



The Garden Group Article by Elize Malan

Container Gardening The benefits of plants grown in containers are impressive: • A small plant in a tall container can be used to make a statement, no need for the big expensive specimen. • Potted plants can be moved around and containers swopped to change the appearance of a front entrance or patio completely. • The variety of containers available make potted plants suitable for every garden style, be it a Victorian country garden or minimalistic modern design. • Built-up flower boxes will provide height and different levels to a garden • In the case of vegetable plant boxes, planting and harvesting becomes a lot easier. • Annuals, herbs, shrubs and trees can successfully be planted and without containers roof gardens would not be possible.

Problems with potted plants: • Limited root space. • Regular fertilising is needed - at least once per month during the growing season. • Drainage is essential and the bottom drainage holes often get blocked by roots or compacted soil, resulting in poor growth. • Correct watering poses a problem: Asbestos and clay pots are porous and the soil mixture tends to dry out quickly. • Glazed finished pots are better for retaining moisture. Products like AQUASOIL© and STOCKOSORB© can be mixed into the potting soil before planting to improve the water retaining capacity. • Soil temperature in pots is important. The majority of plants will tolerate lack of water and fertiliser if the roots are cool. In north or west facing positions in full sun, the pot mixture gets extremely hot. Matters can be improved by planting in extra large containers or placing a smaller pot in a big container. • Plant boxes built from bricks and mortar should have a sealant material on the inside to prevent leaching of unwanted ingredients into the potting mixture.

Soil mixtures for containers: • You will need soil that holds some moisture but drains well and offer a supply of nutrients to the roots. • The weight of the potting mix is important not only for roof gardens and big containers but hanging baskets cannot be heavy when filled with wet soil mixture. Vermiculite and Perlite is often added when mixing lightweight potting soil. • The home gardener should purchase a reliable high quality potting soil suitable for the specific plant. • Special mixes are available for e.g. Clivia plants or acid loving plants like Azalea.

How to plant up a container: • Old containers have to be cleaned before replanting new plants. • Place small stones, or brick pieces to cover the drainage holes. This will prevent soil from blocking the holes. • Fill the pot with potting soil and make sure your specimen is planted at the same level it was before and firmed down properly. • Add more potting soil up to the brim of the pot, as the soil level will drop substantially when watered. • Do not overwater and remember to check the drainage.

Gardening tip: Buy a moisture sensor meter (probe) to check the humidity of every pot and prevent over or under watering of your container plants.






Make boredom a thing of the past in the MINI Cooper 3 Door Hatch. TwinPower Turbo technology ensures quick pull-offs while MINI Select gives you the perfect repayment plan. This offer includes a major benefit: a Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) that gives you the end-of-term value in advance. This leaves you with plenty of room to manoeuvre once your contract expires, allowing you to return the MINI, settle, refinance or trade in. Model Price R303 500

Deposit 10%

Interest rate 8.27% linked

GFV R158 500

Total cost R231 754

Period 54 months

Find MINI South Africa on:

Menlyn Auto

Cnr January Masilela Drive & Garstfontein Rd, Tel. 012 426 2700 Offer available through MINI Financial Services, a division of BMW Financial Services (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd., an Authorised Financial Services & Registered Credit Provider NCRCP2341. This offer is calculated on the MINI Cooper 3 Door Hatch (manual) including CO2 emissions tax, linked to current Prime Rate, based on 80 000 km contract limit. Total cost to customer includes 10% deposit, initiation fee, monthly service fees (R57 p/m), 54 monthly instalments and excludes GFV of R158 500, license and registration. Residual may apply subject to deal structure. Offer valid until 30 September 2015 and subject to stock availability. Rate may vary if price differs from the example displayed in this advert. Model shown with optional extras not included in pricing. Terms & conditions apply.

THE COOK ON THE CORNER Oh but to kick back with a book… Growing up as a little girl, I was fascinated by recipe books. My mother was dear enough to buy my sisters and I a Kid’s Cookbook before we could even read. The book was filled with hand drawn pictures, showing you every step to take in creating a dish. I learnt some dishes from that book that I still use the basis of today. So, as a 28 year old, it’s a childhood dream come true for me to announce the arrival of my very OWN cookbook, called Two, co-authored by my sister Leandri. Leandri and I were on MasterChef South Africa together, making it all the way to the end right next to each other, keeping each other on our toes but still encouraging and supporting one another. Leandri eventually finished second, picking up a cheque for R100 000, while I finished right next to her in 3rd place. Following the success of the series, as well as the success of our personal ventures into the food world, we signed a book deal with the greatest publishing house in the country – Penguin Random House. Soon thereafter, we got to work on all the recipes and stories that now fill the pages. The cookbook concept is fascinating and new, providing opportunities for all levels of cooks to learn something new. In Two, we take the same main ingredients or classic dish and turn it into two separate dishes entirely – one in a simple, easy and more rustic way and the second in a fine dining, dinner party style which shows more techniques or fussy plating. For example, one of the chapters is on peas, with the simple recipe being a fresh pea and fennel soup with goat’s cheese and lemon oil, while the more complicated meal is a pea brûlée with smoked salmon velouté and asparagus ribbons. The book truly is beautiful and full of fun, exciting and new recipes and is available throughout the country for R300. Kick back with a book, after making these scones. Serve warm, with your favourite cup of tea!

Rensche Mari Photography



SCONES WITH A CHANTILY CREAM & A BLUEBERRY COMPOTE Ingredients: Makes enough for 16 scones For the scones: 750ml flour 125ml castor sugar 25ml baking powder 190g butter 1 large egg 250ml milk For the Chantilly cream: 250ml cream 1 vanilla pod’s seeds (or 8ml vanilla essence) 60ml icing sugar For the blueberry compote: 300g blueberries (frozen or fresh) 1 Lemon, Juice and Zest 65g white sugar 1 cinnamon stick Method: 1. To make the blueberry compote, combine all the ingredients in a small saucepan. Allow to simmer away gently for 15 minutes, or until the mixture turns slightly syrupy. Remove from the heat and allow to cool. 2. To make the scones, combine the flour, baking powder and sugar in a food processor and whizz a few times to ensure the mixture is well combined. Add the butter, cut into cubes and whizz to form a mixture that looks like breadcrumbs. 3. Add the milk and egg (while whizzing) and mix for only a few seconds. Turn the mixture out of your food processor and bring together with your hands. Place on a floured surface and cut out with an 8cm round cutter (or in whatever size you desire). Brush the top of the scones with a little extra milk. Bake on a greased oven tray at 200 degrees for 15-20 minutes. 4. To make the Chantilly cream, whisk the ingredients together until the cream forms light peaks. 5. Spread the cream onto halved scones and top with the blueberry compote.

**Note for elsewhere on the page: (Please see attached photo for use!) Our recipe book is available online and in stores for R300. Look for ‘TWO by Seline and Leandri’ in your favourite bookstore or search for it by its ISBN number – 978-1-43230-439-3. Keep in contact with me on Twitter and Instagram (@SelineVW) or by visiting my website or my MasterChef South Africa page on Facebook.



• Welding Work, Centurion and Gemini gate motors • Residential Paintwork • Cutting and trimming of trees • Irrigation design & installations of Hunter, Nelson and Rainbird product. • Borehole-, Booster-, Poolpumps • Solar Photocell offgrid power replacement systems. • All maintenance, Building, Tiling. • All waterleaks • Trenching for electrical cables and waterpipes.

Since 1983

• Geyser Repair/Replacement • LED light replacement

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For all your repairs, installations & supplies

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Anyone can paint but not everybody is a Painter !

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T r adi ti on is in t he a ir! W I T H O K T O B E R F E S T I N T H E A I R A N D S U M M E R W E L L O N I T S WAY, W H AT B E T T E R WAY T O C E L E B R AT E T H A N W I T H T R A D I T I O N A L G E R M A N R E C I P E S ? T R Y S O M E T H I N G N E W T H I S M O N T H A N D M AY B E TA K E A T R I P D O W N FA M I LY L A N E A N D G E T I N T O U C H W I T H Y O U R H E R I TA G E W I T H T H E S E D E L I C I O U S R E C I P E S .

P o tato & S au e r k r au t K a r to f f e l p u f f e r

German-St yle F r i e d P o tato e s B r at k a r to f f e l n

Makes about 30

Serves 4

Ingredients: 1kg of potatoes, peeled and shredded 1-1/2 cups shredded peeled apples 1-1/2 cups sauerkraut, rinsed and well drained 6 eggs, lightly beaten 6 tbsp all-purpose flour 2 tsp salt 1-1/2 tsp pepper 3/4 cup canola or peanut oil Sour cream, cured salmon & chopped green onions, for garnish

Ingredients: 650g small potatoes boiled in their skins, peel, and then place the potatoes in the fridge overnight) 1 medium onion, finely chopped 4 thin slices of bacon or speck, cut into small cubes 2-3 tbsps of olive oil & butter (50/50) Salt and black pepper to season

Method: 1. In a large bowl, combine the potatoes, apples, sauerkraut and eggs and mix well. 2. Add the flour, salt and pepper, and stir into potato mixture. 3. Meanwhile heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium heat. 4. Drop the batter by 1/4 cup into the oil, pressing lightly to flatten. 5. Fry in batches until they are golden brown on both sides, using remaining oil as needed. 6. Drain briefly on paper towels. Serve on a warm platter as an appetizer garnished with sour cream, cured salmon and green onions.

Method: 1.Slice the cold potatoes into thin slices, then set aside. 2. Add about 1 tbsp of the oil to a large frying pan and heat gently. 3. Fry the onions till soft then add the bacon pieces. 4. Continue frying till the bacon and onions are lightly browned then remove from the pan with a slotted spoon.

5. Set aside for now. 6. Add the remaining oil and butter to the pan and fry the potato slices over a low/medium heat, turning them occasionally. 7. Allow them to brown lightly on one side before turning, repeating the process till most of the potatoes are golden brown. 8. Once the potatoes are almost done, return the onion and bacon mix to the pan, season with salt and plenty of black pepper, then continue frying over a medium heat till everything is nicely browned.

G e r m a n C h o co l at e Brownies Serves 10-12 Ingredients 115ml unsweetened chocolate, coarsely chopped 3/4 cup unsalted butter, cut into cubes 1 cup granulated sugar 3 large eggs 1 tsp vanilla extract



1/4 tsp salt 1 cup all-purpose flour Topping 1/2 cup evaporated milk 1/2 cup granulated sugar 1 egg yolk, beaten 4 tbsp unsalted butter 1 tsp vanilla extract 1/2 cup chopped pecans, toasted and cooled 1/2 cup flaked coconut, toasted Method Preheat oven to190 degrees. 1. In a medium saucepan, cook the chocolate and butter over low heat until the chocolate has melted, about 6-8 minutes. 2. Let cool for about 10 minutes, then whisk in the sugar, eggs, vanilla and salt. 3. Gradually add in flour, and stir until just combined. 4. Line an 8 or 9-inch square baking pan with parchment paper, or line with foil and spray with nonstick spray. 5. Pour in the batter into the prepared pan, smoothing as needed with a spatula. 6. Bake for 30-35 minutes. Once done, set on a wire cooling rack. For the Topping: 7. In a large saucepan combine evaporated milk, sugar, egg yolk and butter and cook over low heat, stirring constantly, until thickened, about 5-7 minutes. 8. Remove from heat and stir in vanilla, pecans, and coconut. Spread the topping over the brownies while still warm. 9. To serve, gently remove the brownies from the pan and cut as desired.

Creamy German P e ac h C a k e Ingredients: 200g soft unsalted butter (or margarine) 150g sugar 1 egg Peel of 1 (organic, all natural) lemon 1 tbsp rum (or rum flavor) 300g flour 50 g starch flour 50g ground almonds 1/2 tsp cinnamon Pinch of salt Butter to grease the cake tins Filling: 1 bigger can or 2 small cans peaches 50g sugar 1 tbsp cinnamon 50g ground almonds Topping: 2 egg whites 2 tbsp cold water 100g sugar Half vanilla BEAN 2 egg yolk 2 tbsp hot water 40 g flour and 40 g potato starch 1/2 tsp baking powder Powdered sugar to sprinkle over the cake Method: Preheated oven by 200 degrees 1.Mix butter, sugar, egg, lemon peel and rum in a bowl and whisk it until foamy. 2. Add flour and starch, almonds, cinnamon and a bit of salt. 3. Knead the dough until it is smooth. 4. Keep it covered in the fridge for 1 hour. 5. Now grease with butter a 24cm diameter spring form and fill in the dough. Make a 1 inch high edge all around. 6. Bake it in the oven for about 20 minutes

Filling: 7. Remove the cake from the oven after 20minutes 8. Put peach halves into a sieve and allow the juice to drip off. 9. Place them on the cake, one after the other 10. Mix sugar with cinnamon and together with almonds sprinkle it over the peaches. Topping: 1. Whisk egg white with water firmly; add slowly vanilla and sugar 2. In another bowl whisk egg yolk with hot water until creamy. 3. Then mix it with the egg white. 4. Mix flour, starch and baking powder and fold in the egg mix. 5. Paste it onto the peaches. 6. Bake cake for another 15 minutes on same temperature. 7. When done get the cake out of the form and sprinkle it with powdered sugar. Enjoy it with whipped cream and a cup of coffee

arrange in a swirl on pan bottom. Batter 3. In a small deep bowl, beat batter ingredients for 1 minute. 4. Pour 1/2 the batter into each pan of apples. Topping 5. Sprinkle the topping ingredients on top of each pan of batter. 6. Bake uncovered until puffed and golden brown for

G e r m a n App l e Pa n c a k e s Pa n a k u c h e n Ingredients 1 apple 2 Tablespoons butter Batter 4 eggs 3/4 cup flour 3/4 cup milk 1/2 teaspoon salt Topping 2 Tablespoons sugar 1/8 teaspoon cinnamon Method: Preheat oven to 200째 degrees. 1. In each of 2 (9 inch) round pans. Melt 2 tablespoons butter and coat bottom and sides of pan too. 2. Thinly slice one apple and



Bees and their Role in your Garden

Many of us admire the little workaholics from afar and try not getting too close to them because no one likes to be stung. These little creatures are quite misunderstood because many bees in your garden make it a happy garden. Bees come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, not all are the same but their job is all-important. With their pro pollinating skills, a garden is happy to have them so that they can spread their pollinating love all round. Many of us believe that a bee can bring good luck if it is found wondering around in your house so why not spread that luck in your garden.

If you have a veggie patch then it’s a good idea to plant many flowers around them to ensure that the bees do their job in pollinating.

Here are some easy to grow bee-attracting fLowers: Forget me nots are spring annuals that produce ample amounts of seeds. Make sure they reappear annually

Lavender in all its glory is a perfect Bee attractant because of its long flowering period and range of varieties. The dwarf Lavender can be grown from a seed.

Nasturtiums grow quickly form the seed and both the flower and leaves are edible

Catmint with its grey foliage and mauve blooms makes a pretty edging

Yates Phacelia is renowned for its appeal to good insects including Hoverflies and honeybees

Salvia especially the blue flowering variety attracts bees.



Some herbs are also bee-friendly. They have a natural affinity with vegetables

Here are some herbs to also attract the pollinators: Basil is an annual that grows right through the warm weather, producing pink, white and mauve flowers. Allowing a few flowers to develop will attract bees.

Thyme is a perennial mini shrub that likes basil flowers in late summer.

#5. They’re changing medicine: To reinforce their hives, bees use a resin from poplar and evergreen trees called porpoise- beehive glue. Although bees use it as caulk, humans use it to fight off bacteria, viruses and fungi.

#6. They can recognize faces: Honeybees recognise faces the same way we do. They take in parts like eyebrows, lips and ears and cobble them together to make out the whole face.

Sage, which can be described as the culinary form of the ornamental salvia attracts bees too.

Rocket can be a vegetable for salad or a herb. Allowing it to flower and go to seed will allow it to attract some friendly visitors in your garden.

Also try; Borage, garlic, chives and coriander

#7. They have personalities Even in beehives, there are workers and shirkers. Researchers found that not all bees are interchangeable drones. Some bees are thrill-seekers. Others are a bit more timid. A study even found that agitated honeybees could be pessimistic, showing that bees might have feelings.

#8. They have Viking like supervision Bees use the sun as a compass. But when it’s cloudy, there’s a backup—they navigate by polarized light, using special photoreceptors to find the sun’s place in the sky.

8 Facts of bEES #1. Their sting has some benefits A toxin in bee venom called melittin may prevent HIV.

#2. They work harder than you In the summer, they rarely last longer than six weeks but in winter they literally work themselves to death because of the colder weather.

#3. When they change their jobs they change their brain chemistry: Most amazingly, regular honeybees will change their brain chemistry before taking up a new gig.

#4. Their brains defy time: When aging bees do jobs usually reserved for younger members, their brain stops aging. In fact, their brain ages in reverse.






iving in Zwavelpoort Meadows allows you to benefit from the comfort and functionality of modern-day living while rediscovering the old-fashioned value of a sense of communit y. Z w a v e l p o o r t M e a d o w s o f f e r s a s a f e a n d secure environment in which children can play outside, people engage with each other while strolling through the neighbourhood and where the view from your windows is not blocked by walls but can offer you a vista of the Bronberg mountains and the surrounding areas. The development will comprise t wo residential areas, office space and retail opportunities - enabling you to live, work, and shop in the same area without wasting your precious time travelling between the various aspects of your life.

The Homestead h a s

been launched as the f irst phase of the development. It is a secure residential area providing practical, comfortable living, in both freestanding homes and townhouses.



C / O S A A L A N D A T T E R B U R Y, D I R E C T LY A C R O S S F R O M M O O I K L O O F E S T A T E

W e r n e r Eksteen

w w w. z w a v e l p o o r t m e a d o w s . c o . z a

082 411 3089 | 082 577 4531



Fitness weights

It’s October – one of the most popular months for a wedding, the one event in a woman’s life where she wants to look and feel like a star. October is also generally a time when most people realise with a shock that the December holiday is around the corner and it’s now or never to tackle that exercise programme.

to look toned you need to have low levels of body fat combined with having enough muscular development that you can see the shape of the muscle under the skin. Muscle doesn’t make you look bulky, fat does, regardless of the amount of muscle you have. Bulky is just another word for fat.

Although there is nothing like a quick fix, high intensity, compound exercises where full-body, functional movements are used, have been proven to be some of the most potent exercise regimes to drop body fat and tone in the shortest amount of time. This type of exercise has gained world-wide popularity in recent years through the CrossFit movement.

To lose the fat you can eat very little and do tons of cardio and end up looking more like an unhealthy runway model, or you can follow a healthy, clean diet and develop muscle to burn away the excess fat. This will result in much better body composition – not to mention gains in strength, health and energy as mitochondrial density is increased. Mitochondria break down carbohydrates and fats for energy and with an increase in mitochondrial density, the body is able to produce more power and energy for longer periods.

CrossFit is a “minimalist programme” – a couple of functional exercises using your own bodyweight and modest-looking equipment to challenge every individual to the full. The workouts are designed to maximise strength and power in the shortest time – exactly the reason why it is the principal strength and conditioning programme for many police academies, military special operations units and elite athletes worldwide.

Most CrossFitters are women and one of the reasons is probably the rapid results these women see in terms of fat loss and toning. You can do hours of cardio and not get the results you want. Weight lifting, however, burns much more calories, even long after you have finished your workout.

‘Bulky’ means fat “Most women want to lose fat and tone, yet most women tend to shy away from the one exercise programme that will give them the desired results: strength training,” says owner of The Personal Trainer Company, Henry Green. “Lifting weights or doing pull-ups and pushups will not ‘bulk’ a woman – as most women fear. Physiologically it is just impossible for women to develop muscles like men who have 20-30 times more testosterone than women. A woman who develops muscles like a man is probably taking a lot of substances.” Ann Bishop, Owner and Head Coach at CrossFit Equality in the US, also highlights the fact that what most women think is ‘bulk’ because of lifting weights, is in fact excess fat. Being lean is having little to no surplus fat. Being toned is seeing muscle definition on the body. So



SIMPLICITY & EFFECIENCY The beauty of functional training is that you don’t need to go to the gym to do it. With the right instruction you can do it in the comfort of your own home. “You can do some of the most potent exercises right in your living room or in your garden,” says Henry. “Depending on your goals, you can get the same results at home as at the gym. All you need for a good home gym are some kettlebells, a barbell with weights, a skipping rope, a medicine ball and some place where you can do pull-ups.” This type of exercise is a form of metabolic training which harnesses the power of high-intensity intervals and total-body resistance drills which burn calories both during and after the workout.

The Personal Trainer Company Henry Green Tel: 084 424 5725 Email: Web:

CrossFit workouts can help release and increase the amount of the human growth hormone which helps increase lean muscle mass and speed up fat burning. Metabolic training fuses whole body strength, cardio, power, endurance and mobility work all into one. Studies also show that this type of exercise can be more effective and time-saving compared to traditional forms of cardio. You can burn fat, build muscle and boost metabolism in a workout of 30 minutes or less. So for anyone strapped for time, CrossFit’s quick, intense workouts are the answer. CrossFit also differs from conventional bodybuilding in that bodybuilding isolates muscle groups, often to achieve a particular look. CrossFit is compound training that uses all the muscle groups and all moves are designed to work the whole body. Exercises are more varied and a full range of motion is required in an exercise move. This results in greater mobility, joint strength and optimal muscle strengthening. Think deep squats and full sit-ups – not 90° squats and crunches. Each session activates the “training effect” where the body is challenged more and more and responds by becoming stronger and fitter. While it challenges the world’s fittest, the CrossFit programme is scalable to meet each individual at his or her current level of fitness and experience. The needs of an Olympic athlete, a child, or an 80-year old woman are the same – they just differ by degree of intensity. The professional athlete and the stay-at-home mom both achieve their best fitness from the same regimen. Although the degree of intensity differs, all bodies have the same needs and can benefit from the strength and agility CrossFit provides. However, it is a recognised sport and needs to be treated as such: with respect and a humble attitude in willingness to start slow, learn and grow.

As they say: Train like an athlete – look like an athlete.

Text and Photos by Paula Oelofsen from The Personal Trainer Company







coming in. After the transaction was done he would walk with the sailor to the door as if he had a big part in his choice. And then take up guard outside the door.


- Just Nuisance Just Nuisance and the ladies in his life You will remember in a previous chapter of our Just Nuisance story I mentioned that Just Nuisance was not very fond of women, not even the naval women in the WREN Corps. Even if they wore the correct uniform Just Nuisance cared only for sailors or slacks. Obviously one exception was Girlie Baker with whom he waltzed, the topic of our previous story.

After numerous objections and letters from the owners of the shop to the Commanding Officer of Afrikander 1, the CO tried all sorts of scenarios of what he should do but there was no rule Just Nuisance wasn’t transgressing, thus could not be reprimanded or punishment for ‘just laying on the side walk’. After scratching his head he decided to call in leading Seaman Brown, Just Nuisance’s caretaker. Leading Seaman Brown replied, “It is easy if you have known Just Nuisance for as long as I have. The ratings form the Afrikander 1 base should try and keep Just Nuisance away from the shop. Do other interesting things with him.” In time Just Nuisance lost interest in the shop by finding much more interesting things to do in Cape Town on his weekend passes. Next month I will tell you how Just Nuisance causes chaos in the theatre when a troop of girls danced on stage. An extract by Corlia Mathews from the book Just Nuisance, His Full Story by Terence Sisson

Another example of some surprising acknowledgement towards a lady was when Just Nuisance arrived at the Recreation Hall in Simons Town, reeking of lager and after inspection of his dull eyes was declared a dog with an enormous hangover!! One of the waitresses tried to feed him coffee and tea but it kept trickling out of his slack mouth. When she put some ice cubes in a tea towel and put it on his head it seemed to have some positive effect. Just Nuisance slowly opened one eye and after being offered four meat pies which he gobbled down, he felt much better. He shakily stood up straight and offered his paw to the waitress in thanks. She lighted took the outstretched paw and the large canine, totally cured, walked out of the establishment with his head and tail held high, only once looking back at his Good Samaritan, perhaps to wink at her. It seems from records that Just Nuisance was also a bigamisthaving two wives. According to Naval records he was married to Judy of the Prince Albert Hotel in Simons Town on 25 August 1939. She was his next of kin and no divorce papers are anywhere to be found, therefor the marriage to Adinda of Hout Bay on 1 June 1941 made him a bigamist. The photos of his marriage to Adinda were used for publicity photos for the naval war effort for the Naval Wartime Welfare Fund. From the above little tit bit, stories and records we know that Just Nuisance was ‘the man’ between the ladies, like a real sailor with a lady in every port. However, he was not very fond of ‘human’ ladies. There are ample stories of how he ignored or were quite rude to ladies such as when he ‘guarded’ a ladies clothing store door in Adderley Street. He would go to Cape Town and lie in front of the store preventing all the ladies from going inside. If one of the sailors came he would join them inside as if to help them choose something special for their lady. If he sees a woman wanting to enter he would rush up to the door and stand with his nose against the door preventing them



woodenways luxury furniture

Now open in Parkview Parkview Shopping Centre, Garsfontein road, Pretoria

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4:28 PM

Earn steady, low risk, investment returns from your property without having the administrative burden

Professional Property Management C


We offer a comprehensive, professional and cost effec ve residen al and commercial property management solu on for property owners in Silver Lakes, including: Pre contractual:

√ Lease nego a on and contrac ng



√ Advising on op mal tax structuring and tax planning in respect of the lease agreement


√ Administra on in respect of ini al tenant hand over



√ Consul ng and advising on corporate tenant placing requirements for your property √ Tenant screening and placing



√ Account administra on of property u

ty accounts (levies, prepaid electricity, assessment rates)

√ Invoicing and collec ons of u i es and rental respec vely


√ Compila on of accoun ng statement of property income and expenditure and investment return analysis √ A ending to SARS income tax requirements as well as IT3(b) statement


√ A ending to contractual property maintenance √ Liason with tenant and / or corporate lessee throughout the lease period

Email: Info@ Website: Telephone: 0794935001





PROPERTY SALES & RENTALS List your own property directly on the Silver Lakes Communication Portal & Website

**Launch Special: R285 per Month per Listing** Benefits Residents now have an easy and direct channel to market property to a focused, relevant target audience; namely other people living in Silver Lakes and in estates throughout South Africa.

New property module available on the Silver Lakes Communication Portal & Website We are extremely excited to announce that we have launched a new direct property module. The new module is called “Estate Properties” and is South Africa’s premier estate property directory.

Costs: Our Portal Provider is providing this service at no additional cost to the Estate. The only cost is a listing and admin fee of R285 (VAT incl.) per 30 days, which is paid as part of the listing process.

Residents now have the chance to list their property for sale or to rent directly in the Estate Communication Portal. The listed property can then be viewed by not only residents of our Estate, but also by members of other estates (60,000+ members across 280+ communities throughout South Africa and now Mauritius). The properties will also be listed directly on our Silver Lakes website. This makes it easy for prospective buyers to find properties for rent and for sale in our Estate.

Listing your Property: Listing your property has never been easier. Just follow the simple steps below:

Fountains unit to Rent in Lombardy Estate

1. Log into our Silver Lakes Communication Portal through the Member Login area on the Silver Lakes website. 2. Select the “Estate Properties” option under the “My Lifestyle” menu item. 3. Select “List my Property” and follow the simple steps.

Price: R12 500 2 BED | 2 BATH

Estate Properties is another innovative solution aimed to enhance your living experience available through GLO-Portal the leading Community Management System. GLO-Portal is proudly developed and supported by GLOVent Solutions (Pty) Ltd. (

For assistance with the Estate Properties module, please contact GLOVent Support on 086 101 7424 INTRA MUROS OCT 2015 (46) DESIGNED BY


Expect Great Things

Juanita du Plessis 082 322 3407 â–Ş Silver Lakes Property



SMALLS DOMESTICS Sindepi is looking for domestic work in Silverlakes - 4 or 5 days per week, sleep out. She has more than 20 years’ experience. Loves kids. Speaks English, Afrikaans and Sotho. Please phone 082 552 5086 / 012 8091353. Alinah Bosiu is looking for domestic work, 2 days a week. She has loads of experience, is completely trustworthy, honest, great with kids and pets. Always willing and always has a smile ready. Alinah speaks Sotho and Afrikaans. Please phone 082 552 5086 - 012 809 1353 Rose Nhlapo requires full-time live-in position. Current employers relocating to Cape Town in Jan 2016. Rose has been with them for the past 9 years. She is very honest, reliable and hard working. She is looking for a live-in position Monday-Fridays. For a reference and further enquiry please contact Kevin de Kock 083 302 8949 or contact Rose on 073 355 8090 Elsie is looking for work Tuesdays and Thursdays. She is a reliable, friendly and hard worker . She is a highly recommended domestic worker. Her contact details are 0724473607. You can call Hanlie Linde for a reference @0837600373. Liesbet has worked for us for over 20 years, but sadly we have to relocate and she cannot go with us. She is looking for a job and will sleep in , if necessary. She has been with us through good and bad times and was always loyal and supportive. She is extremely honest and did the cooking , and all the chores with a happy face. Contact number 0835833928 Angel is looking for work in the Silver Lakes area on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as a house keeper. She has worked in our home, in Silver Lakes, for the past four years. She has a warm personality, is honest, reliable and hardworking. She has run our home efficiently and has shown initiative. She is punctual and trustworthy and has an excellent command of the English language. Angel is excellent with pets. We would gladly and confidently recommend her. Should you require any further information regarding Angel, do not hesitate to contact us. Sincerely , Michael 083 300 8045

GARDENERS Mevin Modipa is looking for gardening work on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Hard worker with previous gardening experience. Please contact him 079 077 0205 or 063 093 4013 Alex Dnou is looking for work on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. He is very loyal, honest and a hard worker. He has been working for us since 2006. Alex 082 262 2947

SERVICES OFFERED Passionate music student offering piano lessons and music theory for all ages in and around Silver Lakes. Contact Alexis Efstratiou on 083 413 2032 or email at Housesitting, babysitting and dog walking service. We are 2 Tuks students residing in Silver Lakes. We have our own transport and are



SMALLS looking for job opportunities in this area. Contact: Elizabeth 084 497 9057 or Grant 076 476 0766 gwshorten@gmail. com Administrator available for temporary assignments, working from home. Available for any short term work i.e. presentations, filing, typing, general admin, recruitment etc. Will be able to discuss assignments with the client in the Silver Lakes area. Contact Igna on 079 514 4549 igna@ibookdirect. com Excellent painter looking for work. Simon has painted numerous houses in Silver Lakes, and is friendly, humble, hardworking and honest. Superior workmanship. Call Simon directly at 084 318 4005. References: Delaine 082 787 6955, Annalene 082 551 7330 and Corinne 072 280 3999. Handyman – Are you too busy or need a small job done in Silver Lakes, please call me. Anything from changing a light bulb or lock to painting, waterproofing, tiling, paving, ceilings, cornice, small brick work and plaster, almost anything. Call Protus 061 0291 850 or Johan 082 4110 451.� Cooking classes to teach your domestic worker to cook a variety of dishes with classes in small groups and a hand-on approach. Location - Silver Lakes.

Contact Jeanne at 0832368312


further information. Or follow the link orwww.facebook. com/ukutya cooking





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