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Food Mother’s Day Eat Out Spoil Your Mom this Mother’s Day


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The History of

Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms. It doesn’t matter how you say it the sentiment is the same: Happy Mother’s Day, Feliz Dia de las Madres or Furaha Ya Mama Siku. In the 19th Century, Mother’s Day was practiced by a women’s peace group in the United States, which was started to promote peace by means of honouring mothers who had lost their sons to war. Ann Jarvis, mother of Anna Jarvis, created the committee to establish a Mother’s Friendship Day to reunite families that had been divided during the Civil War. Mother’s Day only became an official U.S. holiday in 1914 when Anna Jarvis carried on in her mother’s footsteps, although as the day became more and more commercialized Jarvis spent the latter part of her life trying to remove it from the calendar.

C elebration o f m o t he r s o ve r h is t or y

146 BC


Celebrations of mothers and motherhood can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, who held festivals in honor of the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele.

During medieval times, poor families often sent their children off to work as domestic servants or apprentices to rich families. Their rare day off was granted during the Lenten season, so they could worship the Virgin Mary and visit their home.

PRESENT DAY In Thailand, Mother’s Day is always celebrated in August on the birthday of the current queen, Sirikit.




When Anna Jarvis died in 1905, her daughter (also named Anna) wished to create a memorial to her mother’s work and began a campaign to institute an official holiday to honour mothers.


KNOW In the vast majority of the world’s languages, the word for ‘mother’ begins with the letter ‘M’.

The first Mother’s Day observance was a church service honouring Anna’s mother. She supplied the decorations for the service white carnations, her mother’s favourite flowers, chosen because they represent sweetness, purity, and endurance. Today the white flowers signify that one’s mother has died and red carnations in time became the symbol of a living mother.

In honour of all the mothers, here is a list of Mother’s Day Traditions around the World.


commemorates this special day on the second Sunday in May with special children’s performances and church gatherings, which often culminate in large, multi generational barbecues.

GERMANY Muttertag in Germany celebrates with the giving of Mother’s Day cards. During WWII, Mother’s Day took on political significance as the day to acknowledge women for producing children for the Vaterland, or Fatherland.

Medals were awarded in gold, silver or bronze, based upon how many children were in the household. After the war, it assumed a softer feel, with the giving of gifts, cards and flowers, as well as festive meals earmarking the day.


Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May and is symbolized by beautiful carnations. The beautiful flower represents the gentle strength of mothers who are revered in Japanese culture.

Chrysanthemums are also a very popular floral choice, because mothers there are called Mum. Aunts and grandmothers are also acknowledged with gifts.


Fete des Meres takes place in late May or early June, based upon Pentecost. It didn’t become an official day of celebration until 1950, but was originally declared a holiday by Napoleon.


Another country which relies heavily on the giving of carnations and other flowers is Australia, where Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May.




Office hours: Monday to Friday 08:00 until 16:30 012 809 0142

Security Access Office hours: First Saturday of every month, 08:00 until 11:00

SECURITY Security Control Room 24 hours 012 809 0424/5 G4S Security Shift Manager From 18h00 to 06h00, weekdays. 24 hours Sat, Sun and public holidays 072 615 5862

CLUBHOUSE Clubhouse 012 809 0281

GOLF Pro Shop 012 809 0430

EMERGENCY NUMBERS 012 809 0424/5 Boschkop Police 012 802 1087/4 Netcare 911 082 911 Willows Hospital 012 807 8100 Life Medical Centre (near Hans Strijdom Entrance) 012 809 1004 Intercare Medical and Dental Centre (Hazeldean Centre) 012 809 6000 Fire Brigade 10111 Power Failure 012 339 9111 City of Tshwane Call Centre 012 358 9999 Smart Meter Call Centre 012 943 9950


It’s hard to believe that the first four months of the year passed by so quickly and that winter is almost here. With the clubhouse renovations commencing this month, a vastly improved facility is in the making and if the time passes as quickly as the first few months of this year, the inconvenience, dust and noise of the construction activities will hopefully soon be forgotten. The golf course will remain largely unaffected by the building work and there will still be a full restaurant, bar and catering service provided from the upper floor of the Clubhouse. Please bear with us; it will be worth the wait! On the estate side, the building of a new covered Lynnwood Road entrance gate will also commence shortly. Some refurbishment will also be done around the Solomon Mahlangu gate that will enhance the sense of arrival for both visitors and residents to our beautiful estate.

Some of our residents may be aware of recent developments around a potential land claim that covers most of the eastern suburbs of Pretoria, including Silver Lakes. The Gauteng Regional Land Claims Commissioner has now been compelled through a recent Land Claims Court judgement to investigate the merits of a claim lodged almost 20 years ago, which was a claim the Commissioner had previously rejected. The HOA is fully aware of this, and is monitoring the developments and status of the claim and will inform residents should there be any significant developments in this regard. Lastly, a Happy Mothers’ day to all mom’s out there – I hope that you are spoilt on the day and don’t have too much of a mess to clean up if your kids make you breakfast in bed! Regards Jan



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Beautiful Tuscan villa. Modern kitchen, large open-plan living areas. Landscaped garden. 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, 4 Garages Web Access PT1205101

Quant 4-bedroom property. Undercover patio with braai and swimming pool. 4 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms Web Access PT1165696




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Classic build, beautiful street façade. Spacious garden with big lawn. 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, 2 Garages Web Access PT1184335

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R3.1 Million

Great buy, mint condition with fine finishes, big garden and covered patio. 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, 2 Garages Web Access PT1191187

R3.999 Million

Spacious 5 bedroom property. Open-plan living areas that flows unto patio with braai. 5 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 4 Garages Web Access PT1211922

R3.999 Million

Loads of living rooms and bedrooms. Open-plan Frenchstyle kitchen, patio and Jacuzzi. 6 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms, 2 Garages Web Access PT1188018

Should you wish to sell or rent please do not hesitate to contact me for a free market-related valuation of your property. Inge de Klerk 083 700 3911 Office 012 365 9000,


Rainfall 2015

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BUILDING PROJECTS – UPGRADE OF FACILITIES Over the last few months our Working Group continued in conjunction with the necessary professionals to develop the required designs, documentation, specifications and bill of quantities for the intended projects. During April, our appointed Quantity Surveyor officially invited ten identified (selected) contractors to submit tenders, which also included a compulsory official site visit that was attended by six contractors. The tender period was extended by a week due to public holidays. Following due process, tenders submitted were officially opened and assessed by the Quantity Surveyor together with senior HOA representation. A summary and recommendation letter, prepared by the Quantity Survey, was submitted to the HOA for final consideration – details were tabled at a meeting with the Working Group and members of the Board of Directors, who considered proposals and a recommendation was made for ratification approval by the Board of Directors. The intended date of commencement (handover of site to building contractor) for the building projects at the clubhouse to commence during the first week of May 2015 and is estimated to continue until November 2015. During this period the intended alterations and additions to the Silver Lakes Drive entrance gate will also be performed. Shuttles As many homeowners would have noticed, our shuttle service is once again fully operational and boasting our two new Toyota Quantum 16-seaters. Please remind your staff that no eating and drinking are allowed in these vehicles. Sandpit We are planning, within the next two weeks, to have cleaned out the kiddie’s sandpit by sifting out all stones and adding new sand. Litterbugs Just a friendly request for residents please not to litter. We have ordered bins that will be strategically placed throughout the estate.


Month Quantity in mm Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 January 110 132 131 February 27 39 19 March 57 70 53 Total for 2015 194 241 203

STAND STATISTICS 2015 Phase 1 A E U/C N U/C A C Jan 1 9 3 6 945 Feb 1 9 3 6 945 Mar 1 8 4 8 943 2015 Phase 1 A E U/C N U/C A C Jan 1 25 9 1 480 Feb 1 25 9 1 480 Mar 1 24 9 3 479 2015 Phase 1 A Jan 0 Feb 0 Mar 0

E U/C N U/C A 21 15 2 21 15 2 19 17 0

C 125 125 127

2015 Summary A E U/C N U/C A C Total Jan 2 55 27 9 1550 1643 Feb 2 55 27 9 1550 1643 Mar 2 51 30 11 1549 1643 Legend A Abandoned E Empty Stand U/C N Under Construction New U/C A Under Construction Additions C Completed

Both cat owners and dog owners have to be unselfish gardeners in exchange for the unconditional love received from their pets. Garden Tip: Use dried Khakiweed (Tagetes minuta) leaves in dog kennels under their bedding to deter fleas.

THE GARDEN GROUP Elize Malan - Horticulturist

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to call The Garden Group on 012 804 1807

CATS AND DOGS IN THE GARDEN Is it possible to have a well-groomed garden when there are pets around? You might have to drop your standards on some issues, but it can be achieved. Puppies can be a challenge, as digging and chewing are second nature. Damage done by dogs to irrigation systems can be extensive (and expensive) and you will find it impossible to keep a watch on your pup all day. Restricting their movements during part of the day to an enclosed courtyard or play area is the only way to prevent major damage. The destructive behaviour usually persists up to the age of eighteen months. Spending time and money on basic dog obedience classes will prevent unsuccessful punishment and the dog owner will reap the benefit for many years.

Foxglove plant

Products used in the garden can be dangerous to dogs and cats. Ingesting fertiliser will cause moderate gastrointestinal irritation, but if the fertiliser contains pesticide as well, it can result in seizures and pancreatitis. Rodent poison is extremely dangerous as these are designed to attract animals. It will cause uncontrolled bleeding if ingested by your pet. Snail and slug bait come in a variety of forms and ingestion can be fatal. There are organic fertiliser products on the market that are not dangerous to pets, and my dogs find the fertiliser a real treat!


A variety of plants is toxic to pets, should they nibble on the leaves or flowers. Poinsettia, Ivy, Lantana, Foxglove, Hemerocallis and Rhubarb can cause health problems. What should a pet owner add to his garden? Catnip for cats would be number one. Plant it in a secluded corner, where they can squash and flatten the plants to their heart’s content. Place your birdbath in an open area, where your little predator cannot easily catch the wild birds. Add a suitable scratch pole and keep open soft soil areas for your cat to dig. Most dogs eat some green grass as part of their daily diet. A small lawn area will be a firm favourite. Seed dropped around a birdfeeder can germinate and provide a variety of grasses to chew on. A cooling pit is very important for dogs in our hot climate. The dog will return to a certain spot (usually a cool area with loose soil). Keep the hole moist and accept that this spot belongs to your four-legged friend. Not all dogs are good swimmers, but your pool will be enjoyed by breeds like Spaniels and Golden Retrievers. Dog excrement can be a problem. Clean-up daily and dispose of it in a responsible way. Do not add to a compost heap or dig into your flower beds. The result will be most unpleasant and will not improve the soil. INTRA MUROS MAY 2015 (9) DESIGNED BY



TORTOISE Below is a picture of a tortoise rescued by Fred van Rensburg from a building site and that will be relocated to the game reserve. Thanks Fred.





Social media has become so much part of our lives or at least I can see how the phenomenon of social media has crept into my own life. Instead of listening to the radio or to the television, first opportunity in the morning and last thing at night I am checking Twitter and Facebook for news updates and reports. Of course, there is the added benefit with Facebook of connecting with long last friends, acquaintances and family. Then there is Instagram, with its amazing pictures, similar to those found in an art gallery.

We now have two trained snake handlers at the HOA who can capture and remove snakes. This service is offered free of charge during office hours. After hours, contact the Control Room (012 809 0424/5) that can provide the details of someone from nature conservation at a call out fee of R600. Where possible try to give the snake handler a description of the snake and its location.

We have various accounts on Twitter and Facebook to appeal to residents and golfers alike: • - Estate • - Golf • - Estate (open page) • - for residents (closed page) • - Golf Club • - Golf Academy Help us to keep you informed. Please ‘like’ and ‘follow’ our various social media pages. We still however send out bulk emails and SMSs and print important information in the Intra Muros and via fliers distributed at the gates. MOMS AND BABES COFFEE MORNING EVERY WEDNESDAY Two of our residents have taken the bull by the horns so to speak and are helping to organise a get together every Wednesday in the park at the Clubhouse for moms to meet and socialise with one another from 09:00 until 12:00. Waiters will be on hand to take coffee orders (or perhaps if something stronger may be needed). For more information, you are welcome to contact either Lauren Robinson on 076 4866 897 or Jayne Heath on 082 888 3272.

And on that scary note, have a wonderful May.


By Corlia Mathews

NEW MONTHLY EVENTS We are planning new events for all our residents, keep a look out for fliers and emails with more information in this regard. Every first Tuesday of the month: Over 60s’ Breakfast Family evenings: Wednesdays family nights: family buffets Fridays: downstairs, with music The 2015 Silver Lakes Events will be approximately on the dates below : Since we are negotiating with a new service provider and as you will see in the Environmental article there are big changes and building activities planned for about 5-6 months, starting in April 2015. We will have to work around what is happening at the Club around our normal yearly dates – so PLEASE keep reading notices to know exactly what is happening around those dates, where and when. YEARLY 2015 MAY Mother’s Day - Sunday 10 May JUNE Race of Faith Father’s Day – Sunday 21 June – Special Sunday Lunch

INSTALLATION OF TRAFFIC CALMING DEVICE A mobile traffic calming device was installed in Gleneagles Drive on 7 April 2015. This device should help prevent speeding. What are your comments? As a woman, I would like to appeal to all the other woman drivers on the Estate to chill, relax and not to speed. Let’s show the men how it is done and also be role models to the kids.

JULY Winter school holidays July - September - Charity Month AUGUST Women’s day - Sunday 9 August - revisit this day and make it more exciting, maybe include in a golf day? SEPTEMBER Spring Day - Saturday 12 September Heritage Day - possibly make this day Silver Lakes International day in the future? OCTOBER Rose Garden Competition Halloween Trick-or-Treat - Saturday 31 October NOVEMBER Christmas lights drive and dinner - Saturday 31 November





ENVIRONMENTAL REPORT In the past few months we have told you more about the developments we are planning on the Estate: • Rebuilding the Entrance at Silver Lakes Drive Entrance to also have a roof • Revamping the Entrance at the Solomon Mahlangu Drive Entrance • Revamping the Entrance to our Game Reserve • Building the new signature corners • Revamping the gardens of the two boulevards • Building at the club to extend the restaurant and golfing experience, including better children’s play facilities • Neatening the sidewalks of the Estate by removing hard objects

Daleen and her catering staff will always do the best they can to make any function or meal at the Club special for residents and visitors. Delicious food will just get better with the new facilities we will build for them in the next few months. To all our residents, please be patient with them, they will be under a lot of pressure to provide great food fast in only one kitchen and with construction all around. Thanks you guys, we in Silver Lakes appreciate all the effort you put into our Estate! We cannot have this magnificent Estate of ours with-out all your hard work. I have taken some photographs of some more great stuff happening on the Estate. Enjoy and I hope to see you at one of our events or on the pathways and roads of Silver Lakes!!!


This may sound like a mouth full, but for the next few months we will have some disruptions not only at our flagship facility, the Club House, but also at the entrances. So please be patient and if you see construction start at any of the sites, please make sure you add some time to your schedule to accommodate for the disruptions in our daily estate living. We are starting with construction during the winter months where there is less rain to try and minimize the time construction will take and the effect it will have on us all. The new developments aside, I have been walking through the Estate the past month and it just confirmed what a great Estate we live on. As you would have seen in recent articles, our Estate is rated well in the top 10. To make this possible it must be the vibe one picks up when one enters the gates of our Estate as well. When one enters the gates, our security guards are as friendly and efficient as they come, the staff at the HOA offices and our Club House are always helpful and makes one feel welcome. Hennie and his security staff not only make our Estate one of the safest and secure estates in South Africa, they are always courteous and helpful and ready with a friendly greeting when a resident they recognise enters. At the HOA offices one will always be greeted with a big smile from Maxine and quickly helped with whatever problem one has. The efficient system of logging all problems with her and then distributing it to the appropriate staff has been in place for a few months now and seems to provide excellent results, with the turn-around time of solving problems as quickly as humanly possible. To Ollie and his team, The Garden Group and Servest all looking after the maintenance of our wonderful Estate,. thanks a million to you all. At the Club one will always be met with the friendly banter of our young golfing staff, ready to help. Andrew, our Pro working hard to get the golfing experience of each and every golfer out there to be amazing.








BEAUTIFUL HOUSES AND GARDENS and some details from our residents Don’t you feel like visiting this beautiful, magical secret little house?



This include 2 squash courts, tennis courts and a swimming pool for the exclusive use of residents. The parks are spread around the Estate and will be upgraded in the near future as part of the program of creating an environment for communal participation in recreational events and in the use of our facilities.



The reason being we are going to set a feeding regime for the animals to stay out of the over grown areas – especially the middle bit under the thorn trees. The veldt there is very sparse. If you look carefully you will see there are very little grass and a lot of weeds. Here we plan to do some seeding with specialized methods such as mulching. We will prepare grass mixes that will suit the area and settle in fast enough for reclaiming the veldt. There will also be controlled burning of the veldt. This will be to attract the animals to the new growth in the summer season and to stay away from the newly seeded areas in the middle zone. Just so the grass can start to settle there. This will protect this very sensitive middle area for a while. We will also put the salt licks and feeding areas for the animals in the triangular furthest corner close to the storm-water dams, and in the opposite side of the game reserve close to the large dam just to keep the animals happy and away from the central area So PLEASE to all the residents DO NOT FEED the animals or even provide water for them. We would like to take control of their feeding areas for the foreseeable future.

OUR GAME RESERVE After a thorough ‘walk through’ by our game warden, Dr Douw Grobler, we now can report that we have the following game in the reserve. 22 Impala, 7 Koedoe, 16 Springbok, 1 Rooiribbok, 7 Duiker, 6 Steenbok, 3 Rietbok, 5 Bosbok, 17 Blesbok, 16 Njala and our 2 Zebra. Obviously we cannot be sure since especially buck like the Duiker and Steenbokkies are quite shy and one cannot always be sure of their numbers. But go and have a walk through the Silver Lakes Game Reserve and try and find our marked hiking route and see how many of the game you can find. Enjoy and please do not drive in the inner part of the game reserve with any vehicles. Only pedestrians and cyclists are allowed on the path ways. Vehicles, including golf carts are allowed on the ring road around the area, all along the fence. This is to protect any nests, small animals and other flora and fauna in the game reserve. We had a specialist give us some advice about reclaiming and restoring our veld to a space fit for our animals. He was of the opinion we might take up to 10 years to restore it, but we are planning on going it all out and try to restore it in as little as a season or two! THEREFORE PLEASE we would like residents not to feed and provide water for the animals.



BIRDS ON THE ESTATE As you all will see on the birding list, we have a myriad of birds on the Estate. Go out and see how many and which ones you can find. Please take photos and tell us where you spotted them. We will start our birding club right here in the Intra Muros. Here are some interesting photos I took while walking on the Estate.

And then there is the interaction, a restful family outing, some visitors’ disagreements, a show-off and a fight, then calm again after everybody decided there was space for all. Enjoy Silver Lakes and all it will offer you during this month. We are working towards an even better Silver Lakes with upgraded and new facilities. Corlia Mathews – Board member for the Environment

BIRD LIST 06 Kuifkopdobbertjie

Great Crested Grebe

08 Klein dobbertjie

Dabchick or Little Grebe

55 Witborsduiker

White-breasted Cormorant or Great Cormorant

58 Rietduiker

Reed Cormorant

60 Slanghalsvoël


62 Bloureier

Grey Heron

63 Swartkopreier

Black-headed Heron

64 Reusereier

Goliath Hero (Ardea goliath)

65 Rooireier

Purple Heron

350 Geelbekbosduif

Rameron Pigeon or African Olive Pigeon

352 Grootringduif

Red-eyed Dove

354 Gewone Tortelduif Cape Turtle Dove or Ring-necked Dove 355 Rooiborsduifie

Laughing Dove

368 Njassaparkiet

Lilians Lovebird

656 Bruinkeelbossanger Burnt-necked Eremomela 661 Grasvoël


664 Landeryklopkloppie Fantailed Cisticola 681 Neddikkie


683 Bruinsylangstertjie Tawney-flanked Prinia

369 Swartwangparkiet Black-cheeked Lovebird 373 Kwêvoël

651 Bosveldstompstert Long-billed Crombec

Grey Lourie or Go-away Bird

375 Afrikaanse Koekoek African Cuckoo 377 Piet-my-vrou

Red-chested Cuckoo

386 Diederikkie

Diederik Cuckoo

391 Gewone Vleiloerie

Burchell’s Coucal

392 Nonnetjiesuil

Barn Owl

66 Grootwitreier

Great White Heron

67 Kleinwitreier

Little Egret

68 Geelbekwitreier

Yellow-billed Egret or Intermediate Egret

69 Swartreier

Black Egret or Black Heron

395 Vlei-uil

Marsh Owl

71 Bosluisvoël

Cattle Egret

401 Gevlekte Ooruil

Spotted Eagle Owl

74 Groenrugreier

Green-backed Heron

411Europese Windswael European Swift

78 Woudapie

Little Bitten

416 Horuswindswael

Horus Swift

81 Hamerkop


417 Kleinwindswael

Little Swift

R87 Oopbekooievaar

African Openbill

421 Palmwindswael

Palm Swift

91 Skoorsteenveër

Sacred Ibis

424 Gevlekte Muisvoël Speckled Mousebird

93 Glansibis

Glossy Ibis

426 Rooiwangmuisvoël Red-faced Mousebird

94 Hadeda

Hadeda Ibis

428 Bondvisvanger

95 Lepelaar

African Spoonbill

431 Kuifkopvisvanger

99 Nonnetjie-eend

White-faced Duck

433 Bosveldvisvanger

Woodland Kingfisher

100 Fluiteend

Fulvous Duck

435 Bruinkopvisvanger Brown-hooded Kingfisher

101 Witrugeend

White-backed Duck

102 Kolgans

Egyptian Goose

437 Gestreepte Visvanger Striped Kingfisher (Halcyon chelicuti)

104 Geelbekeend

Yellow-billed Duck

113 Bruineend

Southern Pochard

116 Wildemakou

Spur-winged Goose

127 Blouvalk

Black-shouldered Kite

148 Visarend

African Fish Eagle

149 Bruinjakkalsvoël

Steppe Buzzard

464 Rooikophoutkappper Black-collared Barbet (Geel kop/Yellow morph)

157 Kleinspewer

Little Sparrow hawk

169 Kaalwangvalk


188 Swempie

685 Swartbandlangstertjie Black-chested Prinia 689 Europese Vlieëvanger Spotted Flycatcher 694 Swartvlieëvanger

Black Flycatcher

698 Fiskaalvlieëvanger Fiscal Flycatcher 701 Witliesbosbontrokkie Chinspot Batis 706 Feevliegvanger

Fairy Flycatcher

710 Paradysvlieëvanger Paradise Flycatcher 713 Gewone Kwikkie

Cape Wagtail

716 Gewone Koester

Grassveld Pipit

727 Oranjekeelkalkoenthie Orange-throated Longclaw or Cape Longclaw 732 Fiskaallaksman

Fiscal Shrike

736 Suidelike Waterfiskaal Southern Boubou 739 Rooiborslaksman

Crimson-breasted Shrike

740 Sneeubal

Puffback or Black-backed Puffback

Pied Kingfisher

741 Nontroklaksman


Malachite Kingfisher

743 Rooivlerkjagra

Three-streaked Tchagra or Brow-crowned Tchagra

451 Hoephoep


452 Gewone Kakelaar

Red-billed Wood hoopoe or Green Wood hoopoe

454 Swartbekkakelaar

Scimitar-billed Wood hoopoe

457 Grysneushoringvoël Grey Hornbill

746 Bokmakierie


758 Indiese Spreeu

Indian Myna or Common Myna

764 Kleinglansspreeu

Glossy Starling

769 Rooivlerkspreeu

Red-winged Starling

787 Witpenssuikerbekkie White-bellied Sunbird 792 Swartsuikerbekkie Black Sunbird or Amethyst Sunbird 796 Kaapse Glasogie

Cape White-eye

801 Huismosse

House Sparrow

473 Kuifkophoutkapper Crested Barbet

803 Gewone Mossie

Cape Sparrow

483 Goudstertspeg

Golden-tailed Woodpecker

804 Gryskopmossie

Grey-headed Sparrow

Coqui Francolin

486 Kardinaalspeg

Cardinal Woodpecker

807 Dikbekwewer

Thick-billed Weaver

199 Bosveldfisant

Swainson’s Francolin or Spur fowl

489 Draaihals

Red-throated Wryneck

811 Bontrugwewer

203 Gewone Tarentaal

Helmeted Guinea fowl

518 Europese Swael

European Swallow

Spotted-backed Weaver or Village Weaver Red-billed Quelea

Black Crake

White-throated Swallow

812 Rooibekkwelea

213 Swartriethaan

520 Witkeelswael 526 Grootstreepswael

Greater Striped Swallow

813 Kaapse Wewer

Cape Weaver

527 Kleinstreepswael

Lesser Striped Swallow

223 Grootkoningriethaan Purple Gallinule or African Purple Swamphen 226 Grootwaterhoender Moorhen 228 Bleshoender

Red-knobbed Koot

240 Grootlangtoon

African Jacana

249 Driebandstrandkiewiet Three-banded Plover 255 Kroonkiwiet

Crowned Plover or Crowned Lapwing

533 Afrikaanse Oewerswael Brown-throated Martin or Plain Martin 534 Genbande Oewerswael Banded Martin 541 Mikstertbyvanger

Fork-tailed Drongo

545 Swartkopwielewaal Black-headed Oriole 548 Witborskraai

Pie Crow

560 Pylvlekkatlagter

Arrow-marked Babbler

568 Swartoogtiptol

Blac-keyed Bulbul or Dark-capped Bulbul

258 Bontkiewiet

Blacksmith Plover or Blacksmith Lapwing


Wattled Plover or Wattled Lapwing

576 Rooibeklyster

Kurrichane Thrush

264 Gewone Ruiter

Common Sandpiper

577 Olyflyster

Olive Thrush

266 Bosruiter

Wood Sandpiper

580 Gevlekte Lyster

Groundscraper Thrush

270 Groenpoortruiter


586 Bergwagter

Mountain Chat or Wheatear

272 Krombekstrandloper Curlew Sandpaper

593 Dassievoël

Mocking Chat or Cliff Chat

284 Kemphaan


595 Swartpiek

Ant-eating Chat

286 Afrikaanse Snip

Ethopian Snipe (Gallinago nigripennis)

596 Gewone Bontrokkie Stonechat (Saxicola torquata)

294 Bontelsie

Avocet (Recurvirostra avosetta)

295 Rooipootelsie

Black-winged Stilt (Himantopus himantopus)

297 Dikkop

Spotted Dikkop or Spotted Thick-knee


Greyheaded Gull

349 Kransduif

Rock Pigeon or Speckled Pigeon

601Gewone Janfrederik Cape Robin-chat

814 Swartkeelgeelvink Masked Weaver 815 Kleingeelvink

Lesser Masked Weaver

824 Rooivink

Red Bishop

826 Goudgeelvink

Golden Bishop or Yellow-crowned Weaver

829 Witvlerkflap

White-winged Widow

832 Langstertflap

Long-tailed Widow

834 Gewone Melba

Melba Finch or Green-winged Pytilia

841 Jamesonsevuurvinkie Jamesons Fire Finch 844 Gewone Blousysie Blue Waxbill 846 Rooibeksysie

Common Waxbill (Estrilda astriild)

855 Bondkeelvink

Cut-throat Finch

856 Rooikopvink

Red-headed Finch

857 Gewone Fret

Bronze Mannikin

860 Koningrooibekkie

Pin-tailed Whydah

862 Gewone Paradysvink Paradise Whydah 865 Witpootblouvinkie Purple Windowfinch or Indigobird

602 Witkeeljanfrederik Cape Robin or Cape Robin-chat

867 Staalblouvinkie

Steel-blue Widowfinch or Village Indigobird

869 Geeloogkanarie

Yellow-eyed Canary or Yellow-fronted Canary

635 Kaapse Rietsanger Cape Reed Warbler or Lesser Swamp Warbler

870 Bergkanarie

Blackthroated Canary

645 Bandkeelkleinjantie Barthroated Apalis

886 Geelpensbossanger Yellow-bellied Eremomelatba Bruinlyster Sombre Thrush

613 Gestreepte Witstert White-browed Scrub Robin 621 Bosveldjeriktik

Titbabbler or Chestnut Vented Titbabbler



885 Rooivlerkstreepkoppie Cape Bunting

May, the Last of the Summer Wine Koos Marais The cool crispiness of an early morning is the first reminder of the winter on the other side of our horizon. It is May in Silver Lakes. Gone are the intensity of the midday sun and the long evenings. The village weavers have deserted their neat baskets and the red bishops have started to shed their gaudy, almost garish, oriental, red cloaks for more sedate, brown, winter cardigans. The swallows are forming flocks, not yet quite sure of the exact date of the departure date of their northwards journey. They have added some extra body weight by gorging on the midges and insects emerging from our silvery lakes and green lawns and fairways, and are now waiting for the primitive bugle in their corporate spirit, heralding the start of their epic flight for warmer climes. May sees not only the departure of some birds, but also the arrival of others. The receding waters of the lakes attract the waders, such as the Ethiopian snipes, with their long, mud digging bills, hiding in the reeds and grasses hugging the edges of our dams. Soon they will start breeding, reminding us that life goes on all around us, even in mid-winter. May is also the month when the flocks of guinea fowl emerge from their secret nesting places, proudly but cautiously showing

off their brood consisting of fluffy little grey balls of energy. The young chicks run alongside their parents, scurrying into the undergrowth at the first sign of danger. Modern city living has benefited guinea fowl, and a host of other species, by providing food, shelter and relative safety from predators. Inevitably, the predators will follow. The abundance of prey will attract mongoose, genets and even jackals. Such is the force of nature. We do already have at least two families of yellow mongoose. They are shy and secretive, staying in the weirdest of places such as the bunkers’ drainage pipes. The yellow mongoose belongs to the family Viverridae, together with several other species of mongoose, the suricate, tree civet, civet and small-spotted and large-spotted genets. The taxonomy of the Viverridae is a minefield, but this description from Smithers should suffice for our purposes. Most are carnivorous with some being insectivorous. Our yellow mongoose is supposed to be a diurnal creature, but the pressures of civilisation have probably forced it to adapt a nocturnal lifestyle. I only see it very early in the mornings, eagerly digging for burrowing insects, and then desperately running for cover as soon as it becomes aware of my presence. Perhaps our green-keepers might frown upon the little mongoose’s damage to the fairway, but it is prudent to remember that they consume

time, their vigilance is low, and one can approach them closely, which is to the hunter’s advantage. These fights can carry on for extended periods and usually end with the loser running off, tail between the legs, and with the victor giving the chase, only to be confronted a day or two later by a new challenger.

thousands of bugs and caterpillars that do far more damage to our golf course. The dams of Silver Lakes hold many surprises, for the early rising residents, that is. In the early hours of a mid-May morning the surface of the dams are burbling with catfish, carp, bass and other fish rising to the hatch. It is a wondrous sight to behold, and even more so when they all, in one moment, violently dive below to escape some perceived threat, only to emerge again, a few seconds later, to carry on the feast. All too soon, the water will become cold, causing the fish to hibernate in the deeper layers. The careful observer may also be fortunate to observe crabs on the water’s edge. These crustaceans are very shy and duck beneath the surface as soon as those keen eyes, mounted on their antenna-like stalks, see you approaching. They perform an important function in nature, being scavengers who clean up rotting carcasses, as well as being part of the diet of some fish and other predators. May sees the start of the rutting season for our impala. The rams focus their attention on establishing male dominance by displaying, fighting and calling their weird snorting-like sounds. At this

To the uninformed, the impala ram’s mating calls can be alarming because it can sound quite intimidating, but it is evocative in its primitive splendour. It evokes visions and memories of Africa’s true wilderness areas and of an era of older generations. It reminds us of how precious our brief spell on this beautiful planet really is. The dominant ram will watch over his harem, rarely having the luxury of stopping to graze, and eventually succumbing to a competitor, reluctantly affording him the opportunity to breed. In this very real “survival of the fittest” way, nature ensures the variety of the gene pool. In our limited and closed environment, it is important that we manage the situation carefully. We have to bring in new blood every few years to prevent inbreeding. South Africa is really the continent’s conservation success story. Our wildlife industry has succeeded in establishing wildlife numbers far in excess of what existed a century ago. In many African countries, the opposite is true. Silver Lakes can be proud to play a small role in all of this. As the leaves turn golden brown and the bird calls become fewer and less intense, it is time to sit back and reflect - perhaps with a glass of the Cape’s best - on nature’s wonders and how privileged we are to live in such close harmony with so many of God’s creatures, yet be in comfortable contact with all the benefits of civilisation.

MATURE GOLFERS 05 MARCH 2015 - WINGATE Tienie Wessels (39) 1st Rolf Hauter (36 c/o) 2nd Hugo Prertorius (36 c/o) 3rd Pieter Botha NTP Eddie Orsmond NTP Nobody NTP Frikkie Wessels NTP

# # # #

5 8 14 16

2-CLUB Tienie Wessels Eddie Orsmond 12 MARCH 2015 Fernando Vieira (36) 1st Denzil Loesch (35) 2nd Jannie Duvenhage (33) 3rd Fernando Vieira NTP # 9 Johan Cilliers NTP # 13 Braam Venter NTP # 16 Doep du Plessis NTP # 18 Jannie Duvenhage NTP # 3 2-CLUB Jannie Duvenhage Fernando Vieira (x2) 19 MARCH 2015 John Jessup (43) 1st Rolf Hauter (39) 2nd Johan Els (35) 3rd John Jessup NTP André Meij NTP Johan Cilliers NTP John Jessup NTP Paul Laesecke NTP

# # # # #

9 13 16 18 3

2-CLUB John Jessup (x2) Bugs Dryburgh Danie Smit Paul Laesecke (x2) Johan Cilliers Jan Potgieter 26 MARCH 2015 Lodewyk de Wet (38) 1st Niek Hollander (36) 2nd Eddie Orsmond (35) 3rd Hans Schoeman NTP # 9 Colin Gibson NTP # 13 Klaas Heystek NTP # 16 John Jessup NTP # 18 Tienie Wessels NTP # 3 André Basson (34) 3rd Tienie Wessels NTP # 9 Jannie v d Watt NTP # 13 John Jessup NTP # 16 2-CLUB Niek Hollander

COMPETITION results 11 MARCH WEDNESDAY BB STABLEFORD POINTS Christo Bekker 46 Ettiene Ehlers 46 Johnny Lubbe 46 Tinus Laas 46 Henry Roodt 45 Eddie Serton 45

18 MARCH WEDNESDAY BB MEDAL POINTS Willie Brits 62 Tommie Brits 62 Sakkie Kirsten 62 Lindile Mteza 62 Dean Armitage 63 Gary Pettit 63 21 MARCH SATURDAY 4 BALL ALLIANCE POINTS Jan Minnaar 89 Jaco Roestoff 89 Nico Hollander 89 Andre Spies 89 Andre Botha 89 Hein Bekker 89 Christo Bekker 89 Jan van Dyk 89 Pierre Spies 88 Maude Spies 88 Henry Roodt 88 Brandon Walls 88 22 MARCH SUNDAY I.P.S POINTS Martin Pieterse 40 Arno Vermaak 39 25 MARCH WEDNESDAY BB STABLEFORD POINTS Chris Van Wyk 48 Johan Reyneke 48 Derek Bekker 47 Chris Crossman 47 Fernando Ferreira 47 Saek Da Silva 47 Jaap Coetzee 46 Leon Snyman 46 Wimpie Nel 44 Stefanie Cronje 44 Slade Dixon 43 Steve Senekel 43 28 MARCH SATURDAY BB STABLEFORD POINTS Gustav Oosthuizen 80 Wian Wenhold 80 Andre Spies 77 Pierre Spies 77 Eugene Lewis 77 Hugo Kleynhans 77 Shane Mclachlan 74 Christoff Els 74 29 MARCH SUNDAY I.P.S POINTS Shane Mclachlan 37 Paul Ascroft 35 01 APRIL WEDNESDAY BB MEDAL POINTS Leonard Kloppers 62 Kyle Norris 62 Gustav Oosthuizen 62 Wian Wenhold 62 Martyn Wissing 63 Mike De Jongh 63 03 APRIL FRIDAY BB STABLEFORD POINTS Dries De La Rey 47 Johan Engelbrecht 47 Henry Roodt 46 Marlise Le Roux 46 F.J Peters 45 C. Peters 45 04 APRIL SATURDAY BB STABLEFORD POINTS Danie V/D Westuizen 50 Mike Payne 50 Jerry Olivier 50 P Van Wyk 50 Jessica Pride 49 Nathan Pride 49 05 APRIL SUNDAY BB POINTS Lourens Jansen Van Rensburg 49 Ruben Jansen Van Rensburg 49 Casper Engelen 49 Kris Engelen 49



Mac Mc Callaghan 47 Michael De Jongh 47 06 APRIL MONDAY IPS POINTS Nicky Heuer 43 James Heuer 41 Danie Viljoen jr 41 08 APRIL WEDNESDAY IPS POINTS Barry VD Vyfer Snr 36 Barry VD Vyfer Jnr 36 Henry Roodt 34 Dawie Lubbe 34 Wayne Walker 33 Isaac Zowa 33 11 APRIL SATURDAY Assupol Masters IPS POINTS Ys Kim 81 Erasmus Meyer 79 Mac McCallaghan 77 Werner Riedinger 76 Jaco Roestoff 76 Willem Coetzee 75 Johan Marais 75 Derek Le Roux 74 Jerry Olivier 74 Christian Lewis 73 Visitor- Nick Breytenbach 39 12 APRIL SUNDAY IPS POINTS Matt Lombaard 43 Eugene Lewis 41 I.J Lee 40 Jennifer Healey 38 14 APRIL TUESDAY IPS POINTS MEDAL Diane Boote 73 Shirley Handford 74 IPS Lorna Dryburg 35 Naomi Wasserman 26 15 APRIL WEDNESDAY COMBINED IPS POINTS Kyle Norris 75 J.P Kerneck 75 Craig Fourie 73 Keith Morne 73 Eric Rautenbach 72 Sarel Pretorius 72 18 APRIL SATURDAY MEDAL POINTS Overall Gross Winner Christoff Els 69 Mens A - Div Nett Henry Roodt 70 Mens B - Div Nett Christo van Niekerk 69 Mens C - Div I.P.S Pikkie Cronje 31 pts Ladies A - Div Nett Nicky Heuer 75 Ladies B - Div Nett Stephanie Cronje 76 Ladies C - Div IPS Susan Venter 31 Visitor I.P.S K. Webber 38pts 19 APRIL SUNDAY I.P.S POINTS Paul Ascroft 41 Hugo Kleynhans 37

2 CLUBS 11 MARCH WEDNESDAY RANDS Pierre Spies 892 Tim Toman 446 18 MARCH WEDNESDAY RANDS Wille Brits 260 Gary Pettit 130 NJ Arnoldi 260 Anton Lombard 130 Colin Taylor 130 Mac McCallaghan 130 21 MARCH SATURDAY RANDS James Heuer (hole in one) 2360 22 MARCH SUNDAY RANDS Martin Pieterse 65 Andre Spies 65 Lance van Rensburg x2 130 Bradley Brown x2 130 Jon Clark 65 25 MARCH WEDNESDAY RANDS Leonard Kloppers 67 Nick Breytenbach 67 Kyle Beattie 67 Anton Lombard 67 Isaac Zowa 67 Gerry Phillipson 67 Coen V. Heerden 67 Heinrich Venter 67 JP Kerneck 67 Jakes Jacobs 67 Fred Louw 67 Michiel De Villiers 67 Eric Rautenbach 67 28 MARCH SATURDAY RANDS Gustav Oosthuizen x2 350 Pierre Spies 175 Gary Pettit 175 Deon Hueunis 175 Murray Louw 175 Pieter Swanepoel 175 Willie V.D Merwe 175 Chris Wagener x2 350 Geoff Heath 175 Ray Gibbison 175 Zander Lombard 175 29 MARCH SUNDAY RANDS Tim Toman 85 Shane Mclachlan 85 Chase Manna 85 Elizabeth Booysen 85 01 APRIL WEDNESDAY RANDS Leonard Kloppers 83 Franco Kinnear 83 Gustav Oosthuizen 83 Martyn Wissing 83 Janne Botha 83 Henry Roodt 83 Andre spies 83 Danie Lubbe 83 Isaac zowa 83 Nicol Kromhout 83 Gideon Pienaar 83 Albert Venter 83 Christoff Els 83 03 APRIL FRIDAY RANDS Neil De Wet x2 190 F.J Peters 95 Marie Louise Grobler 95 Stephen Pienaar 95 Hein Bekker 95 Gary Pettit 95 Andre Vermeulen 95 Jacques Wilken 95 Wessel Richter 95 J.Holiday 95 W. Meyer 95 Wehann Olivier 95 Shane Mclachlan 95 Kyle Beattie 95 Michael De Jongh 95



Michael Drummond 95 Herman Lemmer 95 Colin Gibson 95 Duncan Gibbison 95 04 APRIL SATURDAY RANDS Jerry Olivier 83 F.J Peters 83 Chase Manna 83 Christoff Els 83 H Davis 83 Maude Wessels 83 Dewald Ludick 83 Joe Cabeleira 83 Wessel Richter x2 166 Wynand Booysens 83 Gustav Oosthuizen 83 Keegan Mclachlan 83 Shane Mclachlan 83 Adrian Coetzee 83 Derick V Greunen 83 Gary Pettit 83 Duane Naude 83 Bets Swart 83 Michael De Jongh X2 166 Dean Armitage 83 Richard Pieterse 83 Danie Visser 83 05 APRIL SUNDAY RANDS Henry Roodt 110 Gary Pettit 110 Theo O Neil 110 Duncan Gibbison 110 Andre Spies 110 Giddeon Pienaar 110 J Fourie 110 Walde Boshoff 110 06 APRIL MONDAY RANDS James Heuer 80 Duncan Gibbison 80 William Smit 80 Chase Manna 80 Joe Cableleira 80 Mike de Jong x2 160 Henry Roodt 80 Tony Godyicki 80 Greg Heuer 80 Christiaan Lewis 80 Jaques Wilken 80 Marius Nadel 80 Warren Schultz 80 Gideon van Wyk 80 Niel de Wet 80 Gideon Pienaar 80 Vanessa Brown 80 Dave Evatt 80 Henk Joubert 80 Lumar Wiechers 80 Pikkie Cronje 80 Pieter Lombaard 80 Matt Lombaard 80 Wehann Olivier 80 Arno Vermaak 80 Ruben jv.Rensburg 80 Barry van der Vyver 80 08 APRIL WEDNESDAY RANDS B VD Vyver 102 Ian Meyer 102 Fred Louw 102 L Kloppers 102 Christoff Els x2 204 Kyle Norris 102 J Gonsalves 102 W Riedinger 102 11 APRIL SATURDAY RANDS C V. Niekerk 212 Jan Meyer 212 Werner Riedinger 212 Erasmus Meyer 212 Christian Lewis 212 Jacques Wilken 212 Louis V Heerden 212 Jutta Korfer 212 Duncan Gibbison 212 Brandon Du Ponter 212 Kyle Beattie 212 12 APRIL SUNDAY RANDS Eugene Lewis x2 144

Pieter Lombaard 72 Lew Wood x2 144 15 APRIL WEDNESDAY RANDS Eric Rautenbach 116 H.F Ferreira 116 Werner Riedinger 116 Alain Norris 116 W Pyle 116 Eugene Lewis 116 Marlie Le Roux 116 Christoff Els X2 232 Eddie Serton 116 BJ Kriel 116 18 APRIL SATURDAY RANDS Bets Swart x2 296 Eric Rautenbach 148 Isaac Zowa 148 Jerry Olivier 148 Chris Wagener 148 Keith Tremble 148 Jose Gonsalvez 148 Warren Schultz 148 A vd Linde 148 Gustav Oosthuizen 148 Niel de Wet 148 Pikkie Cronje 148 W. Webber 148 19 APRIL SUNDAY RANDS Dietmar Kacknik 180 Keegan Mclachlan 180


And you thought you were a tough weather golfer. This is a notice posted in war-torn Britain in 1940 for golfers with stiff upper lips. You have to admit — these guys really had guts! German aircraft from Norway would fly on missions to northern England; because of the icy weather conditions, the barrels of their guns had a small dab of wax to protect them. As they crossed the coast, they would clear their guns by firing a few rounds at the golf courses. Golfers were urged to take cover.


1. Players are asked to collect Bomb and Shrapnel splinters to save these causing damage to the Mowing Machines. 2. In Competitions during gunfire or while bombs are falling, players may take cover without penalty for ceasing play. 3. The positions of known delayed action bombs are marked by red flags at a reasonably, but not guaranteed, safe distance therefrom. 4. Shrapnel and/ or bomb splinters on the Fairways, or in Bunkers within a club’s length of a ball, may be moved without penalty, and no penalty shall be incurred if a ball is thereby caused to move accidentally. 5. A ball moved by enemy action may be replaced, or if lost or destroyed, a ball may be dropped not nearer the hole without penalty. 6. A ball lying in a crater may be lifted and dropped not nearer the hole, preserving the line to the hole, without penalty. 7. A player whose strokes are affected by the simultaneous explosion of a bomb may play another ball from the same place. Penalty - one stroke.



THE COOK ON THE CORNER From Seline van der Wat A MOTHER’S LOVE Now that Easter is past and taken with it our last holiday opportunity for a while, I guess it’s time to bunker in and brace ourselves for the chills of winter. While in general I’m definitely a fan of summer in lieu of winter, I must say that it does have its own allure. The start of winter brings with it the celebration of Mother’s Day here in South Africa and I must say that I find quite a beautiful coincidence with the timing of the two. I feel that a mother’s love can be very well represented in the same activities that we use to comfort ourselves in the chilly months. Think of a warm cup of hot chocolate, while cuddled up on the couch under a fleece blanket or a warm bowl of hearty, healthy soup with steaming crusty bread. These are all things that I associated with my mother and the comfort that she always provided me. My mother was the champion of comfort food – especially soups and malva puddings. She grew up in the Cape, meaning that her culinary repertoire was very well based in the Cape cooking style. Mom made the most amazing waterblommetjie bredie and chunky soups filled with lentils, vegetables and meat so soft it would melt in your mouth. These warm dishes form the basis of my home cooking in winter – there is nothing as irresistible as a tummy-warming hearty meal at night. Luckily, I have a fiancé who enjoys these simple dishes as much as I do One of the dishes my mom made for us most often was her famous malva pudding. There are so many different techniques, ingredient combinations and opinions all over the country (I mean county fairs host competitions in which the tannies submit their version of this classic dish), but to me, my mom’s was my favourite. I think that’s the beauty and power of moms. I swear my mom could probably have served me burnt malva pudding and I’d think that it was the best in the West. Moms can do no wrong in the eyes of their children – and I think that that innocent love and beauty is something that we should strive to never lose. May you rekindle your absolute appreciation for your mom and her love for you this Mother’s Day. And may you show her, before it’s too late. I know that I’d give anything for another cup of tea or bowl of warm malva with my mom. If you’re lucky to still have her around, spoil her and love her. Do it for those of us who can’t… Join us at the Clubhouse for a Mother’s Day lunch on 10 May! I’ll be present, making little treats for the moms. For more information contact Corlia Mathews ( or 083 448 9441) or your nearest representative at the Home Owners Association.



MINI MALVA PUDDINGS WITH CARDAMOM CUSTARD Makes 6 INGREDIENTS: For the malva puddings 20 ml butter 250 ml castor sugar 2 eggs 12.5 ml apricot jam 5 ml bicarbonate of soda 125 ml milk 5 ml brown vinegar 250 ml cake flour sifted Pinch of salt 250 ml evaporated milk 180 ml sugar 125 g butter 125 ml boiling water 5 ml vanilla essence For the cardamom custard Makes 500 ml Ingredients: 250 ml cream 250 ml milk 6 egg yolks 120 g castor sugar 1 vanilla pod, split with seeds scraped out 6 cardamom pods, bashed WHAT TO DO: For the malva puddings 1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Grease six ramekins or mini baking dishes with butter or Spray n Cook. 2. Cream together 20 g butter, castor sugar and add the eggs one by one beating well after each addition. Add the apricot jam. Blend the Bicarbonate of Soda with the milk and add the vinegar. Add the sifted flour to the butter mixture alternating with the milk. 3. Spoon the batter into little baking dishes and bake in the preheated oven for about 25-30 minutes or until done and a testing skewer comes out clean when stuck into the centre of the pudding. This will depend on the size of your baking dish! 4. Mix the evaporated milk, sugar, 125 g butter and vanilla essence together in a saucepan and bring to the boil. Allow to simmer for 5 minutes. Pour the hot sauce over the pudding as soon as it comes out of the oven. Return to the oven for 10 minutes and then serve alongside the cardamom custard. For the cardamom custard 1. Whisk the sugar, vanilla seeds and egg yolks together. 2. Heat the milk, cardamom and cream in a saucepan and remove from the heat just before it reaches boiling point. 3. Strain the milk mixture to remove the cardamom pods 4. Whisk the hot dairy into the egg mixture slowly to avoid scrambling the eggs. Once all the dairy has been mixed in, return the custard to the pot and heat on a low heat, stirring constantly until the custard has thickened. This can take up to 20 minutes but be patient – it is totally worth it! TO KEEP IN TOUCH: Keep in contact with me on Twitter and Instagram (@SelineVW) or by visiting my website at www.EsBySeline. or my MasterChef South Africa page on Facebook.



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Mother’s Day Eat Out

Mother’s Day

May has come around very quickly this year and it is time to Celebrate Mothers Day. Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to honour your mother. Although we should be doing this daily, it’s a nice chance for us to make up for lost time and show our mothers how much they really mean to us. Being a mother is not an easy job, so make sure that you show your appreciation and make her feel special. Give your mom a hassle free day, spoil and pamper her. Think about what she likes to do, then do something accordingly. Most mothers are quite happy to spend time with their children. Tea in bed is always a good start; especially in cold weather but if you would like to go somewhere to spend quality time, how about a delicious breakfast or light lunch? Be sure to have a look these gorgeous spots. Most quant breakfast spots are not open on Sundays so be sure to plan Mother’s Day accordingly. A little Saturday surprise is always an option.

23 on Hazelwood

Delicious country cuisine is served in a relaxed atmosphere at the Tin Roof Cafe. Enjoy long, lazy afternoons on the veranda or a cosy dinner next to the fireplace. Tin Roof Cafe is simply superb! Beautiful surroundings, tranquil ambience, excellent waiters, exquisite food served with passion and pride. What more could you want?

This local bakery and café located in Hazelwood specialises in artisan breads, gourmet food, snacks, cakes and coffee. There is a huge variety to choose from, spreading through from breakfast to lunch options. Be sure to take something sweet home after your delicious fresh meal.

Papa’s Real Food


Papa’s Real Food in Duncan Yard, Hatfield has always been different and special. The eclectic architecture and design outside by the Piazza area will make you feel as if you are in a different world. Relax under the trees whilst enjoying a delicious meal and drinks, or experience the ambience at the more formal Songbird indoor restaurant. Enjoy laid-back Blues music on Thursday evenings and Sunday lunchtime.

012 346 3249 23 Hazelwood, Pretoria M onday to Saturday 07:00 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sunday 7:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.

012 346 3203 103 Club Avenue, Waterkloof Heights, Pretoria Biccs specialise in, (the name stands for) bread, ice cream, cake, croissant, coffee and sandwiches. It is a comfortable spot to relax and chat providing fresh breads and divine coffee. Their bread recipe is a family secret so be sure to grab a sandwich together with their homemade ice cream. Regular locals have given this place a fun vibe. You can happily sit watching people meeting and greeting while enjoying a tasteful bite.

Rosemary Hill 083 235 6857 257 Mooiplaats, Boschkop, Pretoria Breakfast: Saturday and Sunday. Lunch: Saturday and Sunday Rosemary Hill is situated on a beautiful farmland just east of Pretoria. This farm is truly unique in what it has to offer. They serve freshly baked scones, cakes, light meals and their famous omelettes accompanied by delicious bottomless coffee. On Sundays, an ever-changing buffet lunch is prepared – perfect for those lazy Sunday afternoons. Me-time-Tea-time for your Mom’s time out is a perfect for spending the afternoon sitting under a tree, reading, eating and drinking tea.

Tin Roof Café 072 367 5698 Boschkop Road, Pretoria East Lunch: Friday to Sunday as from 12 noon. Dinner: Wednesday to Saturday as from 6 p.m.

012 362 2224 C/o Jan Shoba (Duncan) and Prospect Streets, Hatfield, Pretoria

Spiced Coffee Restaurant 012 544 0144 Ludwig’s Roses GPS co-ordinates: S25°34.601 E028°17.283. Spiced Coffee Restaurant, which is nestled amidst the rose splendour, is the ideal site for family outings and high teas. Their menu offers selections of hearty breakfasts, freshly baked cakes, divine quiches, salads, homemade pies and more.

Deli on Duncan C orner of Jan Shoba (Duncan) & Prospect str, Hatfield, Pretoria. Mon-Fri 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. Sunday 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Deli on Duncan, located in the heart of the tranquil Duncan Yard, is that alternative brunch spot, the perfect lunchtime escape from the office, and exactly where you want to go for a weekend treat. Deli on Duncan is one of the fun places in Pretoria where you know exactly what you get. Choose from our delicious variety of pastries, tartlets, quiches, pies, salads and sweet delights like cakes, cupcakes and crunchies. Because we are serious about quality, we use only the best meat cuts and freshest ingredients. Also look out for the Meal of the Day, warm soups during wintertime as well as our monthly theme. Our menu changes daily so you’ll never run out of options.



Boston Bistro 012 460 2425 Number 2, 11 Hazelwood Road, Hazelwood, Pretoria Monday to Friday 7 a.m. - 9 p.m. Saturday 8 a.m. - 9 p.m. Sunday 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. Boston Bistro may give the impression of a roadside farm stall somewhere in the countryside, but this inner city eatery has an eclectic menu filled with delicious surprises. Breakfast options include liver on toasted pita with feta, sautéed mushrooms and mixed greens, or some ‘green’ eggs and ham – poached eggs on English muffin with fried ham and green Hollandaise. If you’re in a decadent mood, the Detroit French toast, that’s prepared by sandwiching cheddar between two slices of French toast, served with cinnamon bananas, bacon and golden syrup, is sure to satisfy.

Milkplum Café Milkplum Café is situated inside the Pretoria National Botanical G arden, Cussonia Ave, Brummeria. Please enter at the Main Gate. We are open 7 days a week from: 08h00 - 17h00. Milkplum Café is situated inside the Pretoria National Botanical Garden under beautiful, big shade trees. The green lawn and tranquil waterfall provides a perfect setting for visitors to relax and enjoy a meal. Coffee, traditional home bakes and light lunches are served at the restaurant.

Hazel Food Market Thomas Edison Street, Menlo Park Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Hazel Food Market provides you with a variety of fresh/homemade food products. Their aim is to offer exciting new tastes to make your Saturday mornings special. You’ll find anything from fresh fruit, veggies and meat to yummy tarts and sweets, fresh as can be breads, all types of ready-to-eat meals, frothy cappuccino, mouth-watering milkshakes, beautiful flowers, homegrown herbs, deli-style products and much more. This children friendly venue is relaxing and authentic.

Carlton Café Delicious 012 460 7996 71 Thirteenth Street, Menlo Park, Pretoria Monday 7.30 a.m. - 2 p.m., Tuesday to Friday 7.30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Saturday 7.30 a.m. - 2 p.m. Carlton Café delicious is a bakery bistro supplying a variety of meals including Burgers, Deli fare and modern South African flavours together with a variety of coffees. It has a reputation for innovative flair and an exciting cuisine.

Salt Eatery 079 540 3483, 082 388 5703 11 Hazelwood Road, Hazelwood, Pretoria Monday to Saturday 7 a.m. – 9 p.m. Salt Eatery is a refreshing food experience. This modern inspired and innovative menu offers charcuterie, cheese, bread and condiments, allowing you to create your own board of delicious artisanal snacks. This unique bistro is the perfect place to sit and eat all day. It is informal and relaxed providing beautiful flavourful bites.

Pure Café 012 342 1443 137 Thomson Street, Pretoria Monday to Friday 7:15 a.m. – 4 p.m. Saturday 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. Closed on Sundays. Pure Café, as the name indicates, it is all about the best and freshest ingredients and produce. It’s bright and breezy with a friendly buzz, inside and out. Their signature colour is apple

green, which adds to the cheerful air. Say good-bye to a serious hunger with their Big Boy breakfast of two eggs, streaky bacon rashers, lamb sausages, grilled balsamic cherry tomatoes topped with fresh basil and a slice of toast. For a healthier option, the Omega Kick-Start, with a slice of rye toast and two fluffy scrambled eggs stacked with smoked salmon trout, lemon zest cream cheese and capers.

Alice in Waterkloof

Good Stuff Café

Alice In Waterkloof offers breakfast all day. Be sure to try this restaurant located in a small nursery giving it a tranquil, indoor/ outdoor feeling with a superb cup of coffee.

012 346 7727 59 Garsfontein Road, Maroelana, Pretoria Monday to Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Saturday 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. Good Stuff Café is situated near Menlyn in Pretoria. This little establishment lives up to its name. It is the perfect place to enjoy organic breakfast, fresh smoothies and tasty light meals. Simply all the “Good Stuff”. It has a friendly atmosphere with great service.

Jam & Daisies 012 346 6692 200 Lange Street (Cnr. Tram & Lange), Nieuw Muckleneuk Monday - Friday: 07h30 - 16h00 Saturday: 08h30 - 14h00, Closed Sundays & Public Holidays

0827269523 372 Milner Street, Waterkloof, Pretoria Saturday and Monday 8:30 a.m. - 2 p.m. Tuesday to Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Silver Lakes Club House Take a stroll with your mother to the Silver Lakes Club house for breakfast or book for Mother’s Day lunch. The view of the golf course is beautiful and the buzz of residents creates an inviting atmosphere. It is children friendly and perfect for families of mixed ages. Mother’s Day will take place on 10 May. Seline will add her magic and entertain the moms and kids. Delicious buffet lunch. To book contact the Clubhouse on 012 809 0142

Inspired by the beauty & wonder of nature & a passion for wholesome food, fabulous cappuccinos & delectable treats. Jam & Daisies is about cherishing the simple joys in life, about the coming- together of nature & sharing good & honest food with loved ones. It is an inviting place to relax & enjoy a peaceful garden dining experience. Savour. Celebrate. Pause. Chat. Laugh. Watch the birds.

Afro-Boer 012 807 3099 Off Lynnwood road, Meerlust Ave .No. 1 Pretoria Open Monday - Saturday 07h00 - 17h00 Breakfast served from 07h00 - 11h30. We are closed on Sundays Life begins and ends with the sharing and celebration of food. Afro-Boer is uniquely non-traditional but could very well include a bit of Zulu. They bake daily and serve a variety of organic and free range products. If you would like to try something different then try this uniquely festive spot.

Ginger & Fig 012 362 5926 Shop no 5, Brooklyn Centre, 751 Jan Shoba street (corner Lynnwood and old Duncan), Brooklyn, Pretoria Tuesday to Friday 6 a.m. - 5:30 p.m Saturday 7 a.m. - 3 p.m. Sunday Closed Ginger and Fig is an artisanal eatery serving homemade, preservative free, freshly baked, free range and organic foods (where possible) and of course great coffee. Their menu is simple but tasty offering breakfasts, salads, sandwiches and a variety of burgers. This contemporary hub is warm and inviting.

Café Bree 012 346 1904 Shop 2, Groenkloof Forum, 57 George Storrar Drive, Groenkloof, Pretoria Breakfast: Monday-Saturday 7:30 a.m.- 5:30 p.m. Lunch: Monday-Saturday 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Dinner: Monday-Saturday 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. This Italian deli fare serves modern Mediterranean light meals. The food is hearty and generous and so are the people. It has an eclectic feel packed with antiques and art. Their gourmet omelettes such as salmon, cream cheese, rocket and capers; or crispy bacon, cream cheese, rocket and rosa tomatoes are delicious. It is laidback and full of goodness – both the food and the ambience.



If you want stay at home to for

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Breakfast

S P O I L Y O U R M O M T H I S M O T H E R ’ S D AY B Y S U R P R I S I N G H E R W I T H B R E A K FA S T I N B E D !


Time: 100 minutes Serves: 8


½ cup butter 1 cup flour ¾ cup oats (do not use quick or instant oats) ½ cup sugar ¼ cup light brown sugar 1. Preheat the oven to 180º C 2. Line a small square backing pan with foil or

4. Bake for 50-60 minutes until the crust is golden brown. 5. Take out of the oven and leave to cool for 30 minutes before serving.

Avocado stuffed


Time: 20 minutes Serves: 2 1 Avocado 2 Egg 2 Pieces bacon, diced 2 tbsps. cheese, grated Salt to taste

backing sheet 3. Melt the butter

1. Cut avocado in half and

4. Add the flour, oats and

remove pit

both sugars and mix well

2. Scoop out a bit of avocado

until combined. Keep a

in the centre of both halves

handful of the mixture

to make room for the filling

3. Place the halves in a muffin pan for stability and crack open an egg in the hole of each. 4. Salt the egg en sprinkle the cheese and bacon over 5. Bake them for 15 minutes until the eggs are cooked and serve warm.


4 eggs ½ cup cream (or ¼ cup cream and ¼ cup milk) 2 ½ tsp. cinnamon t tbsp. castor sugar 1 tbsp. vanilla extract Butter for cooking Maple syrup and berries Cream cheese sauce Cinnamon sugar 1. Whisk the eggs, cream, cinnamon, sugar and vanilla together. 2. Let the bread soak in the mixture until it is well soaked.

Time: 30 minutes Serves: 4

3. Shake off the excess batter


pan over medium heat, until

“Mossboletjies” bread cut into fingers (alternatively thick cut bread or croissants)

before frying the bread in a golden on all sides. 4. Serve with maple syrup and berries or cover with the

separate to use later.

cinnamon sugar and drizzle

5. Place the mixture into your

with cream cheese sauce.

pan and press down hard to


make an even, smooth base.

Mix the following ingredients together ¼ cup sugar 2 tbsp. brown sugar 1 tsp. cinnamon

BLUEBERRY FILLING 2 cups berries (frozen or fresh) ½ cup sugar 2 tbsp. lemon juice 2 tbsp. maizena


Mix the ingredients together until smooth 2 tbsp. cream cheese, room temperature ¼ cup icing sugar 2 tbsp. milk ¼ tsp. vanilla extract

1. Mix all the ingredients together. 2. Spread over your crust evenly. 3. Sprinkle the rest over the crust mixture.



BLT Frittata Time: 35 minutes Serves: 6 6 eggs Salt and pepper, to taste 1 tbsp. olive oil 1 large sweet or regular potato, cooked, peeled and diced. ½ pack bacon, cooked and cut into blocks 1 cup fresh spinach ¾ cup cherry tomatoes, halved 1. Preheat oven to 200º C 2. Whisk eggs and salt & pepper together 3. Heat the oil over medium heat in a pan (pan must be able to go into an oven) 4. Toss the potato, bacon, spinach and tomato together in the pan. 5. Pour in the eggs, do not stir. 6. Cook for 10 minutes until the bottom is cooked 7. Cook the frittata for a further 10-15 minutes in the oven until the eggs on the top is cooked through.




2 cups flour 2 tsp. baking powder ½ tsp. salt 1 cup milk ¼ cup canola oil 1 egg ½ sugar 1 tsp. vanilla extract 2 cups strawberries, finely sliced 1. Preheat the oven to 200ºC 2. Grease a cupcake pan and line the tray with cupcake holders 3. Sift the flour, baking powder and salt together. 4. In a separate bowl beat the milk, oil, egg, sugar and vanilla until combined. 5. Gently stir the dry ingredients into the milk mixture.


120 gm cream cheese 2 tbsp. beaten egg 1/3 cup sugar 1 tsp. vanilla extract Mix the ingredients together until smooth and creamy.


¼ cup flower ¼ cup brown sugar 1 tsp. cinnamon 3 tbsp. butter

Mix the ingredients together using a fork until dry and crumbly

LAYERING & BAKING THE MUFFIN 1. Scoop 1 tbsp. muffin batter into the cupcake holder 2. Layer a few strawberries over 3. Add ½ tbsp. cheesecake filling 4. Sprinkle a tsp. streusel over 5. Add another layer batter 6. Add a few more strawberries 7. Top it off with a little bit more streusel 8. Bake the muffins for 20 minutes, until a sharp, non-serrated, knife comes out clean. 9. Let them cool for 10 minutes and enjoy!



Time: 30 minutes Serves: 4 4 big round buns 4 large slices of ham (back / shoulder bacon can also be used) 4 eggs ½ cup grated cheese, mozzarella preferable 1 tbsp. fresh parsley, chopped finely Optional extras - mushrooms - tomato

1. Preheat oven to 180º C 2. Cut the top of the buns off and scoop out the centre 3. Line the bowl with ham or bacon, make sure to have no holes to prevent the eggs seeping through and making the bread soggy) 4. Crack the egg open in the ham-lined hole 5. Top with cheese and parsley (and mushrooms / tomato), and put the top back on. 6. Bake for 10 – 15 minutes until the egg is cooked (about 10 minutes for a runny egg) 8. Remove from oven and serve.

Repurposing Repurposing means that the original object is not changed or altered dramatically, it can be repainted or something small added, but the original item is easily recognized. H E R E A R E A F E W Q U I C K WAY S YO U C A N R E - U S E I T E M S T H AT YO U H AV E AT H O M E

Garden Teacups as flower pots Wheelbarrow herb garden Bathtub vegetable patch or couch Old colander is perfect for a stylish hanging planter Old gum boots as flower holders Old chair – tie rope to it, remove legs for a cool swing in a tree Your toddler’s old crib can revamped as well, remove the one side panel and make it a chair!



Grand Designs

In your home

LIVE 2015

Re-purposed living

THE SUITCASE TREND Looking for home advice, tips or inspiration, this is the show for you! The Grand Designs Live home exhibition is one of the largest garden and house exhibitions that will be held at the Coca Cola Dome in Johannesburg this May. With 300 exhibitors this year, visitors will have plenty to look at and explore.

Repurposing a vintage suitcase is very popular and we can see why, it looks stunning and adds a lot of personality to your space. Use the lid as a tea tray Put a large fitted pillow in the bottom half of the

This year the show is focussing on re-purposed living and how using old items in your new home and re-using them is trendy and stylish. The show offers a large variety of home advice and ideas for interior design and decorating, gardening, kitchens, bathrooms and guidance for building and DIY. They assist you on combining different elements to create a unique look for your home in the style that you love.

suitcase as use it as an ottoman Saw your suitcase in half, mount them on the wall and use as shelving

PA L L E T S Pallets are easy to come by, inexpensive and there are endless decoration possibilities.

DON’T MISS There will be celebrities and experts sharing their tips and tricks to transforming your home into a masterpiece.

Stack them on top of each other to make a rustic coffee table Mount them on the wall as a shelf


Use them as a headboard


in your bedroom

DATE: 29 May – 31 May 2015

OLD DOORS Add a few hooks to your

TIME: 10 a.m. – 6p.m. (Sunday until 5 p.m.)

door and you have a unique coat hanger at your entrance

VENUE: Coca-Cola Dome (Corner of Northumberland Road and Olievenhout Avenue, North Riding, Johannesburg)

Give your door legs and use it as a table Using hinges connect a few doors to make a divider for a large room

CONTACT NUMBER: 011 794 5800 Tickets: General R60

An old door




FITNESS AT HOME Winter is around the corner and your motivation to leave the warmth of your home to workout is almost non-existent. There is a solution for those who need the workout to relieve stress, to unwind from a long day or if you have made a resolution to work out. You can stay home and get your much-needed workout without setting a toe outside. Try these exercises that target different areas to get a full body workout.


Phantom chair Stand a step away from a wall, and slide your back down the wall until your thighs are parallel to the ground (like sitting on an imaginary chair). Your knees and feet should be in a straight line. “Sit� in this

Step forward with your right foot then bend your knees forward until your right knee is bent 90% but your left should not touch the floor. Return to your original position (keep your hands on your hips) then start with your left leg, alternating each time.

position for 60 seconds.

THE GOOD OLD LUNGE Stand with your hands on your hips and your feet apart (about your hip width).



Shoulders, arms & chest

THE SQUAT Stand with your feet straight and about foot


apart. Slowly bend your

Channel your inner cheer-

body down without moving

leader with this one. Lie

or raising your feet. Try

on your stomach with your

to move as far down as

arms stretched out, palms

possible until your thighs

facing each other. Move

are parallel to the ground.

your arms to form the fol-

Return to standing position

lowing letters: I, T, Y, W and

by pressing from your heels.

O. Repeat this is few times.


Horizontal climbing

Lie on left your side, and

Lie down on your stomach,

place your arm under your

and lift your body up onto

head for support. Keeping

your forearms and toes.

your right leg straight, lift

Pull your right leg in

it up about 30cm and keep

towards your chest and

it in the air for 10 seconds

then back again. Alternate

before letting it down

this move between your

slowly. Repeat a few times

right and left leg doing

then switch over to your

each 5 times.

other side.



Everyone is familiar with this exercise, but usually forget about it when working out. Lie on your back with your knees bent. Place your hands behind your head; make sure to pull your shoulders back to ensure you keep your head aligned with your spine throughout the exercise. Lift your head, back and shoulders upward using your abdominal muscles, bending forward as far as possible. Move back down and repeat.

GLUTE BRIDGE Lie on your back with your knees bent and your


arms flat down next to

Lie on your back with

you. Lift your hips off the

your legs lifted straight up

floor making a straight line

towards the ceiling. Cross

between your upper body

your right foot over your

and your thighs then move

left, then your left over the

back down. Try keeping

right, then split as wide

your abdominal muscles

as you can. Repeat this 10

tight throughout the




Swimming on the floor

Lie down and place your

Lie facedown on the

hands on the floor, direct-

ground with your arms

ly under your shoulders.

stretched out before you,

Stand on your toes (your

palms facing each other.

feet must be in the same

Lift your right arm straight

line as your hips) and keep

up (don’t rotate your shoul-

your whole body tight.

ders) and simultaneously

Bend your elbows (keeping

lift your left leg up (also try

them close to your body)

not to rotate your hip). Hold

and lower your body just to

this position for about 30

before your chest touches

seconds then move to the

the ground. Push back up

opposite leg and arm.

and repeat.



While all this planning was done, Just Nuisance grew tired and laid down on the floor with a big yawn, despite the important officers present at the meeting. No pulling or coaxing by Seaman Brown could get the big head off his enormous paws.


- Just Nuisance -

So after the pep talk and promises of great food, the disrespectful Great Dane was led off by his new minder, Seaman Brown, to be fed, cleaned and kept on the ready for his new public role. Story compiled for the children’s section of Intra Muros by Corlia Mathews from the Book, ‘Just Nuisance AB, His full story’ by Terence Sisson.

Maybe it was Just Nuisance’s previous late-night visit, but without warning a week later, the seamen of Hut 1 got the early morning news that Just Nuisance was being transferred back to Afrikander 1. They were upset since the Commander of Afrikander promised never to take Just Nuisance back. When their Chief was asked why, he said the Commanding Officer of Afrikander 1 was traveling around Cape Town to give talks on the Navy’s war efforts and he thought having Just Nuisance with him at these talks might be good publicity. Obviously most civilians were just as obsessed with Just Nuisance as the seamen were. Just Nuisance will therefore be very well taken care of, eating and drinking (lager?) at these events with the other guests and possibly be back soon after the talks were over. The transfer will be that morning. After the horrible news so early in the morning, Leading Seaman Clark, threw the note against the wall and cursing the Commanding Officer of Afrikander 1, said, “It is cruelty; the dog’s got to know everybody at this camp!” The rating who’s bed was next to Just Nuisance’s bed took the dog’s collar and cap and put it on - and true as bob - there were not only tears in his eyes, all the eyes were wet. Even the dog realised something was amiss as the seaman rolled up and tied his mattress as well. Leading Seaman Clark then took the dog and he ‘shook paw’ with everyone in Hut 1. All of them stood to attention in a guard of honour all along the hut. When the truck was about to leave and the Commanding Officer of Froggy Pond came to say good-bye, Just Nuisance did the unthinkable. He offered his paw in a paw-shake to the CO, even though he was an officer not wearing the square collar of the ratings. The CO lifted the flap of the truck for Just Nuisance and the dog was transported to Afrikander 1, ready for his next adventure. Through the gates of Froggy Pond, even the guards had a shine in their eyes as they saluted the truck when it left their gates with the most famous seaman on board. On arrival, Just Nuisance was shown to his new hut, larger and with more beds than at Froggy Pond and shown where his bed was by the sweeper of the hut. Just Nuisance lied down on his bunk, stretched his ample bulk from top to bottom on his bunk and immediately fell asleep. The sweeper, a rating whose job it was to keep the hut clean, floors and windows as well, was later joined by a short stocky rating, called Seaman Brown. Seaman Brown with his cockney accent commented on Just Nuisances large size and his ability to make himself at home in any navy barracks since he has been part of the navy for so long. He then went on to clean Just Nuisance up thoroughly for his 11h00 visit to the Commanding Officer’s office. He brushed and scrubbed Just Nuisance, put his cap and collar back on and on arrival at the office was shown in. The CO sat behind his desk, with other officers joining him. Seaman Brown was told that he would be in charge of Just Nuisance to keep him fed and clean for his public appearances. Since, as explained to the seamen of Hut 1 at Froggy Point, Just Nuisance will be joining either him, the Commanding Officer, or one of the other officers at talks around the Peninsula since this is what the public requested.





MAKE YOUR OWN WHAT YOU NEED: Card stock paper Or fabric pieces Glue Needle & thread Scissors Yarn / String Wooden ice kebab sticks Wooden pegs

STEPS: There are many fantastic ways to finish off a cake beautifully; cake bunting is a really easy way to add a lovely festive feel. For the purpose of this DIY, I used paper, but you can use any scrap fabric or paper you have lying around. Firstly, work out how many ‘bunts’ you want on the strand, the cake in the image is a mini cake, so if you are making bunting for a larger cake, more ‘bunts’ will be needed to fill the space nicely. Then cut out a triangular shape 2 cm wide and about 4 cm high, but make sure to cut the triangle mirrored, with the top of the triangle folded so that you can stick each side together with the bunting string between the fold. If you are using fabric, it would be advised to rather cut the single sided triangle shape, and thread the yarn or string through the triangles, using a needle and thread. This will go a lot faster, and look like the original bunting. Now take each shape and glue (or thread) the bunting string between each triangle. Once you have finished the bunting, tie each end to the kebab stick that will be placed into the cake. You can leave long strands of the ribbon or yarn hanging onto the cake, or peg each side’s string to the kebab stick with a small wooden peg. Be as creative as you like with this!

Cake Bunting

Bunting was originally a type of lightweight wool fabric known as tammy, which was manufactured during the 17th century. This was used for the manufacturing of ribbons and flags for the Royal Navy. The term bunting is also used to refer to a collection of flags, and particularly those of a ship. The communications officer responsible for raising signals on the ship would use flags known as “bunts.” Today, “bunting” is referred to any festive decorations made of fabric, plastic, paper or even cardboard in the imitation of the ‘tammy‘ fabric. So in celebration of Mother’s Day, why don’t you make your own cake bunting out of scrap fabric or pretty paper you may have lying around. This simple DIY will add a dash of creative spirit to any celebratory cake, and you can make as many layers to the bunting as you wish!

2 1








- PROPERTY CONSULTANT 082 453 2444 / 011 234 6111



Like MINIMenlynAuto

MINI Price R303 500

Deposit 11.80%

Service fee R57 p/m

Follow @Menlyn Auto_

Interest rate 8.32% linked

GFV R155 500

Total cost R237 414

Term 57 months







Step one: Complete the home business application form and register your home business (Cost R900).

Guesthouses first need local municipality approval before completing the “request to register a guesthouse” form.

If your home business is already registered, complete the business renewal form (Cost R360). The annual renewal of all registered businesses conducting operations in Silver Lakes (including home enterprises, guesthouses and estate agents) is compulsory. A Certificate of Registration for the year will be issued by the Silver Lakes HOA which must be displayed on the premises at all times. A business must be in possession of an original valid Certificate of Registration.

Guesthouses will also need to annually complete the business registration renewal form and will receive a Certificate of Registration for the applicable year.

Step two: Once the business is registered, apply to list the business. This step is not compulsory.

Forms available on the Silver Lakes Communication Portal If you have any queries please contact Kathy O’Connor on 012 809 0142 or

Forms available on the Silver Lakes Communication Portal

BUSINESS LISTING The cost per annum is R7500 (excluding VAT). Additional benefits include display of limited business details and logo or name on the Silver Lakes Golf Estate website, receive one free quarter page advert in the Intra Muros magazine per annum, opportunity to advertise at own cost at preferential rates in the Intra Muros, link on the Silver Lakes Golf Estate website to your business’ website, opportunity to participate in visible financial sponsorships on the Estate and opportunity for unsolicited client references to be posted on the Silver Lakes website about the business.




San-Karin Jacobs 082 254 2504

R4 750 000

Web 302532839


A north-facing, modern masterpiece, offering only the finest of fittings throughout. Three immaculate bedrooms boasting a crisp and clean-cut atmosphere, complemented with warm toned, designer light fittings that will make you feel right at home. Two full bathrooms as well as an additional guest toilet all fitted with imported bathroom and sanitary ware of the highest quality. Gourmet kitchen, fully equipped with Caesar stone counter tops, breakfast nook, scullery

and pantry. A beautifully designed, easily maintained garden, complemented by the salt-water lap pool is overlooked by a sheltered patio and spacious wooden deck area, perfect for the entertainer! Neat staff accommodation as well as four garages. There is so much more to this one of a kind, work of art. Book your “private tour” today and discover all it has to offer.

R3 825 000


Web 302497209

An absolutely inviting, wheelchair-friendly home, offering four comfortable bedrooms with television wall ports and air-conditioning. Four quality bathrooms, recently renovated, of which three are en suite. Wonderful, sun-drenched kitchen, fully equipped with a pantry, scullery and breakfast nook. Spacious open plan living areas allows for elegant entertaining. High quality fittings throughout, including chandeliers and imported window frames. The


sheltered patio features both a built-in braai and surround sound and overlooks the beautiful, lush garden with automatic irrigation. The sparkling pool also features a separate jacuzzi. Extras include an air-conditioned study, storeroom, staff accommodation as well as two garages. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make this haven your home. Make your appointment to view it today. EXCLUSIVE MANDATE





R 3 890 000

R 3 800 000

Barbara Hefferman 082 325 7595

Barbara Hefferman 082 325 7595

There is a 5 bedroom house with a separate 3 bedroom flatlet. Entrance hall leads into the house with stairs leading up into a pyjama lounge with a balcony, with amazing views of the surrounds. Three living areas, a small lounge with a gas fireplace, a TV room & the dining room is next to the kitchen overlooking the garden. DG with enough space for guests to park, domestic toilet & basin. The flatlet is 122m², which can be used as a home office or for guests (or for the extended family members).

This beautiful modern home with quality finishes offers wonderful spacious living areas. Sliding doors opening onto large covered patio, perfect for entertaining. Big swimming pool & established garden. Well-designed O/P kitchen with breakfast nook, ample cupboard space, pantry & scullery. Study or 4th bedroom with sliding doors leading onto the garden. 2 Good size bedrooms, en-suite master bedroom with sliding doors onto own balcony & air conditioning. Double automated garages and carport. SQ

LOOKING FOR A RENTAL PARTNER? Newest management software Preferred rental agency for several international companies Dedicated team, regular inspections

Charles Leicester 079 745 2012 Tel: 012 361 5280


Fax: 086 232 7820





Fax: 012 809 2119


Size of house: ±450m² Size of stand: ±920m² An exquisite property on a prime position on the fairways of Silver Lakes. This home offers top quality finishing with 4 bedrooms, 4 high quality bathrooms, study, 3 open plan living areas, enclosed patio leading into a landscaped garden and a gourmet kitchen, scullery and pantry. Additional one bedroom flat with bathroom, lounge and kitchen. 3 Garages. ASKING PRICE: R6.15 million RENTAL: R 39 000 pm UF R 48 000 pm FF Web ref: 3259223


Sales Rentals Valuations Investments Property Advice

CONTACT US ANTON • 083 227 1112 AMANDIE • 082 412 9421



SMALLS DOMESTIC WORKERS Betty Mahlangu is opsoek na ‘n voltydse (inbly) werk. Maandag tot Vrydag. Sy het 20 jaar vir my gewerk, is uiters betroubaar, vriendelik en kan kook. Sy is ook baie goed met kinders. Skakel my gerus vir verwysing. Dawn 082 789 9260 of haar direk 08 239 65774. Emely is looking for domestic work for 3 days a week. She was part of the family for a long time. She is always on time, friendly and trustworthy. Her Afrikaans is as good as her mother tongue and she can speak English as well. Please call Emely on 071 439 2151 Violet is looking for work on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. She works hard and has a pleasant personality. She has been working for us for 14 years. For more information, call Janette at 083 658 0785 Dinah Mtsweni (071-622 9427) seeks work for Mondays and Thursdays. Chairmaine (082-922 5576) can be called for a reference. Vinolia Sereso (071-419 04140) seeks work for Wednesdays. Veronica (071 409 3183) can be called for a reference. Mariam Maheso (076-937 3012) seeks work for Mondays and Fridays. Ezonda Dreyer (078-342 7776) can be called for a reference. Elsie Memane (076-128 6722) seeks full-time work. Chris Booysens (082-809 9192) and Michelle (084-506 9042) can be called for a reference. Christyinah Masombuka (083-685 5331) seeks fulltime work. Kobus Bezuidenhout (072-233 4177) can be contacted for a reference. Precious Buda (072-997 0538) seeks full-time work. Liana Spence (083-26 75881) can be contacted for a reference. Jerminah Shabalala (079-656 1898) seeks work for Mondays and Fridays. Rika Geyser (012-940 9000) can be contacted for a reference. Priscilla Melakane (072 1267301) looks for work on Mondays and Fridays. Violet (072-798 6501) can be contacted for a reference. Renny Siroka (072-299 5536) wants to work on Mondays and Fridays. Sarah Mashabane (082-810 6978) can be contacted for a reference. Dipuo Mathilla (072-964 1554) looks for work on Mondays and Fridays. Bongi Thubane (076-169 4927) can be contacted for a reference. BRIGHT YOUNG MINDS!

Eunice (083-711 7324) seeks work for Mondays and Fridays. Veronica (071-409 3183) can be contacted for a reference. Martha Jiyani (082-5427983) looks for full-time sleep-in work. She is friendly, neat and trustworthy. Phone Sam (082-220 1261) for a reference. Brenda van Wyk looks for full-time job – sleep in or out. She is neat and friendly and good with children. Phone Ms Kriel (079-821 2985) for a reference. Jane Shika (072-257 4331) looks for work on Mondays and Fridays. Mr Naude (082-296 4155) can be contacted for a reference.



Dedicated baby facility ( Babies to five years Spacious farm atmosphere ( Excellent security Internet monitored by the school Afrikaans and English classes ( Christian basis Professional qualified teachers ( Evaluation reports during the year Meals and snacks included Open school holidays

Elizabeth Malahubele (082-421 3420) looks for a full-time job. She can sleep in or out. Naledi (082-329 9998) can be contacted for a reference. Kuki Mohlamonyane (076-746 6188) seeks a full-time job. Juliet (079-049 9877) can be contacted for a reference. Meisie Maphanga (079-903 8299) seeks a full-time sleep-in job. Anna (079-617 3802) can be contacted for a reference. CREATIVE PLAY!

Queenie has been with our family for almost 5 years. She is soft-spoken, trustworthy, friendly and a very diligent worker. We are re-locating at the end of April 2015. She comes highly recommended for a full time position (sleep in/out). Call Teresa Botha at 083 406 3308 Magaret (Afrikaans sprekend) is onmiddelik beskikbaar vir inslaap in Silver Lakes of omgewing en was amper 7 jaar in my diens. Sy is vriendelik, hardwerkend, lief vir diere, pligsgetrou, kan kook, ongelooflik betroubaar en altyd bereid om na die kinders/huis/diere om te sien as INTRA MUROS MAY 2015 (45) DESIGNED BY


SMALLS jul dalk uitgaan of ‘n naweek weggaan. Sy gaan slegs ongeveer elke 4-5 weke huistoe. Sy rook of drink nie, is pynlik netjies en is ‘n stil alleen mens. Neem self inisiatief nadat sy gewys is wat om te doen. Het slegs haar paar selektiewe vriende en woon graag Sondae kerk by. Kontak my gerus vir verwysing of enige verdere inligting by 082 55 53251 GARDENERS Samual is seeking work on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and/or Fridays. He is also willing to assist one day a week. He is hardworking, helpful, reliable and excellent with pets. He is efficient, not only in the garden, but also with handyman responsibilities such as fixing windows/doors, painting, tiling, building, treating your swimming pool, rescuing your grass and caring for your car. He is honest and trustworthy. He likes to work independently and he needs very little supervision. Please contact Melanie at 084 440 4069 for further information or Samual directly at 074 694 4492. Simon has been with our family for almost 5 years tending our garden on Mondays. He is trustworthy, friendly and a hard worker. We are relocating at the end of April 2015. Call Teresa Botha 083 406 3308. SERVICES Cooking classes to teach your domestic worker to cook a variety of dishes with classes in small groups and a hand-on approach. Location Silver Lakes. Contact Jeanne at 083 236 8312 or jeanne6409@ for further information. Or follow the link www.ukutya. or cooking I have a BComm degree and 30 years’ experience in book keeping and all administrative and HR functions. Due to retrenchment, I would like to start writing up books from home. Should you require someone to assist you in your business, I CAN BE THE ONE. Kindly email me for further info or should you like to see my CV. or 083 442 5949 AFGERONDE DOGTERS bereik baie meer in hul toekoms as afgeronde dametjies met ‘n mooi styl en houding. Kontak my gerus en ek kom bied hierdie kursus aan in die gerief van u eie tuiste en woning teen ‘n billike bedrag. Privaat afrondingsklasse of klein groepies in Silverlakes aangebied. Kontak Hester 082 701 8143 Handyman – Are you too busy or need a small job done in Silver Lakes, please call me. Anything from changing a light bulb or lock to painting, waterproofing, tiling, paving, ceilings, cornice, small brick work and plaster, almost anything. Call Protus 061 0291 850 or Johan 082 4110 451

Merry Christmas to all our patients

Painting and Waterproofing - Aubrey Phago is a handy and honest worker with over 20 years’ experience in the industry, own tools and bakkie. Call 082 256 9886. For reference you may call Pieter van Zyl, a resident 0825500561 LOST & FOUND I lost a golf head cover on February 24th at the clubhouse or around. The head cover represents a black Labrador dog with red collar. My husband gave it to me for Valentine’s day so I am very anxious in recovering it. Please if you found it, call or text me: Virginie Stewart 072-775-8365. FOR SALE/WANTED Double door white fridge. No freezer section. 082 425 2895. Heleen Biddulph 082 425 2895 1) Italian Marble green coloured top, coffee table, with gold colour trimmings, and legs. 2). Singer sewing machine. American 110volt elec. Table model. 3) Single and 3/4 bed linen, duvet sets perfect for boys room. 4) 2x Suzuki guitars prefessional. 5) Evening dress with accessories 34 -36. Variety electronic equipment. Phone Heleen. 082 425 2895/012 809 3864. Bernadine 082 295 0081. Looking for Golf Cart, 4-seater, good condition. Carlien Haasbroek, 082 573 1091



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Sheer Driving Pleasure

Intra Muros May 2015  
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