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The History of

Women’s Day National Women’s day thisday month a time toiscelebrate thecelebrate good deeds the women that to thethat Union Buildingsto in the Pretoria on 9Buildings Septemberin1956 National Women’s thisismonth a time to theofgood deeds ofmarched the women marched Union Pretoria on September 9, 1956 in order toregarding petition against in the thetime country pass law. “Black” citizens to petition against the laws passed in the country the pass the law. laws Black passed citizens at wereregarding required tothe carry a passbook on them at all at times, theintime required to carry a passbook oncontrolled them at all as putsegregation in place by Registration Act. This controlled as put placewere by The Population Registration Act. This thetimes, population asThe wellPopulation as migrant labour during Apartheid.

the population segregation as well as migrant labour during Apartheid.

The women’s march was led by Lilian Ngoyi, Helen Joseph, Rahima Moosa and Sophia Williams as well as Frances Baard. The women had collected more than The women’s march was led by Lilian Ngoyi, Helen Joseph, Rahima Moosa and Sophia Williams as well as Frances Baard. The 100 000 signatures that they brought to Prime Minister J.G. Stijdom. After remaining silent for 30 minutes, the women sang a protest song, Wathint’Abafazi women had collected more than 100 000 signatures that they brought to Prime Minister J.G. Stijdom. Whilst remaining silent for 30 Within’imbokodo! (Now you have touched the women, you have a struck a rock!) Today this song represents women’s courage and strength in South Africa.

minutes, the women sang a protest song, Wathint’Abafazi Within’imbokodo! (Now you have touched the women, you have a struck a rock!) Today this song represents women’s courage and strength in South Africa.

Brief t imelin e of t h e e ven t s le ad i n g up t o W ome n ’s Da y IN 1913

IN 1960

Women protests led by Charlotte Maxeke to resist government’s laws to impose passes on women. These passes are burnt in front of the

Women become more economically active in South Africa and rises to 15,5%.

IN 1914

The United Women’s Organisation is formed and led to the formation of the United Democratic Front.

IN 1981

On 27 January Black and Coloured women submit a petition against the carrying of passes women are required to carry passes.

IN 1918

The Bantu Women’s League is formed, led by Charlotte Maxeke because of the introduction of the Pass laws. A delegation is further sent to the Prime Minister, Louis Botha at the time to discuss the issues Black women had with the pass laws.

IN 1995 Africa. This became a public holiday and is celebrated on 9 August each year.

IN 2006

Women around South Africa celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1956 anti-pass campaign. The event is held in Pretoria at the Union Buildings.

IN 1930 introduced. The government states that this law is introduced in order to decrease prostitution. White women at the time also win the vote and this means that the Black women’s vote decreases from 3,1% to 1,4%.

IN 1935

The National Council for African Women is founded at the All African Convention. This organisation is led by Charlotte Maxeke and is concerned with the rights of women concerning mostly teachers and nurses. This would also matriculate in South Africa.

IN 1948 led by Ida Mtwana.

IN 1954

Did you know day was celebrated on 9 August 1995.

International Women’s Day Women’s day is celebrated all around the world whereby women are praised for their bravery and kind acts. From 1908, the colour purple was adopted to symbolise justice and dignity associated with women equality.

On April 17, the Federation of South African Women (FEDSAW) is formed. This formation brings women together from the ANC, South African Indian Congress and various Trade Unions.

IN 1956

More than 200 000 women march to the Union Buildings on 9 August to protest against passes for woman. Today this day is known as Women’s Day in South Africa.



Women’s march 2006 In 2006, the march was re-enacted as a staged version in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary. Many of the veterans of the actual march in 1956 attended and were part of the celebrations.

First Womens Day Day was celebrated in 1911.


Office hours: Monday to Friday 08:00 until 16:30 012 809 0142

Security access office: Hours as above Including first Saturday of every month from 08:00 until 11:00


SECURITY Security Control Room 24 hours 012 809 0424/5 G4S Security Shift Manager From 18h00 to 06h00, weekdays. 24 hours Sat, Sun and public holidays 072 615 5862

CLUBHOUSE Clubhouse 012 809 0281

GOLF Pro Shop 012 809 0430

EMERGENCY NUMBERS 012 809 0424/5 Boschkop Police 012 802 1087/4 Netcare 911 082 911 Willows Hospital 012 807 8100 Life Medical Centre (near Hans Strijdom Entrance) 012 809 1004 Intercare Medical and Dental Centre (Hazeldean Centre) 012 809 6000 Fire Brigade 10111 Power Failure 012 339 9111 City of Tshwane Call Centre 012 358 9999 Smart Meter Call Centre 012 943 9950

In June, I attended the Association of Residential Communities’ (ARC) annual conference in Kwa-Zulu Natal, which was hosted at the superb Simbithi Eco Estate near Ballito. ARC, of which Silver Lakes is one of the founding members, also represents the South African Chapter of the Community Associations Institute of the United States and several international speakers and delegates attended this event. Community living is becoming more commonplace, and the issues faced by home owners associations, bodies corporate and managing agents are so similar the world over, it was heartening in many ways to know that we are not unique with the issues we face on a regular basis. Ageing municipal infrastructure, a lack of municipal service delivery coupled with high rates and taxes are not just issues we face in South Africa. We naturally have more of a focus on security but the recurring theme was that the responsibility for developing our communities and managing them effectively is up to us, the residents and management, and not our local and national government, no matter

where you are in the world. In South Africa alone, there are over 3 000 homeowners associations and approximately 56 000 sectional title schemes with around 5 million people and 1.9 million homes in these organised communities. Silver Lakes, through its long association with ARC is therefore well represented in this industry and part of a powerful lobby group dealing with legislation and local government issues facing residential communities. Our various capital improvement projects are now well underway and there certainly is some inconvenience and disruption being experienced whilst work is being carried out, so our apologies for this. We trust that the results will speak for themselves and the nuisance will soon be forgotten. We will continue communicating with residents through various platforms but please feel free to ask should there be any queries, we are more than happy to assist. I would lastly continue to encourage residents to communicate with me should there be any issues you would like to bring to our attention. Please feel free to make an appointment via my assistant Michele on (012) 809-0142 or


I have your property needs in my hands, taking the best care of selling/renting to the best of my ability. Should you want to sell or rent please contact me for a free market related valuation of your property.

Inge de Klerk 083 700 3911, Pretoria Office 012 365 9000


By Corlia Mathews

NEW MONTHLY EVENTS We are planning new events for all our residents, keep a look out for fliers and emails with more information in this regard. Every Tuesday of the month: Over 60s’ Breakfast at R30 per person including coffee Sunday buffet lunch in Executive Bar Silver Lakes Events will be approximately on the dates below : Since we are negotiating with a new service provider and as you will see in the Environmental article there are big changes and building activities planned for about 5-6 months, starting in May 2015. We will have to work around what is happening at the Club around our normal yearly dates – so PLEASE keep reading notices to know exactly what is happening around those dates, where and when.


Dear Members DELIVERY METHOD FOR GENERAL MEETING NOTICES In order to reduce printing costs and paper wastage, the HOA would like to print fewer hard copies of General Meeting notices and associated documentation. In the past, the HOA has delivered the general meeting packs to every property in the Estate, in addition to uploading the information onto the Silver Lakes website. It is understandable that Members may want a printed copy of the pack but other Members may prefer to only receive the document via a link to their designated email address. In terms of Clause 10.1 of the Memorandum of Incorporation: “Any notice or other communication in writing shall be Delivered by the Association to the Member at the address of the Unit unless the Member has, as provided in clause 3.1.11, notified the Association in writing of any other postal or other address for delivery”. We therefore request that you complete the form provided below should the preferred method of communication be via email:


AUGUST Women’s day - Sunday 9 August

SEPTEMBER Spring Day - Saturday 12 September Heritage Day - possibly make this day Silver Lakes International day in the future?

OCTOBER Rose Garden Competition Halloween Trick-or-Treat - Saturday 31 October

NOVEMBER Christmas lights drive and dinner - Saturday 31 November

Stand Number: Name/s of Registered owner: Email address: Signature: Date: By signing this form, the signatory hereby acknowledges that he/ she is authorised to do so and hereby requests that any notice or communication shall be delivered via email to the above mentioned email address. Please notify the HOA in writing should this email address change. The completed form should be returned via email to liaison@ or fax to 012 809 1119 or by hand to the HOA office (care of Kathy O’Connor). Please return the completed form before 21 August 2015. Kind Regards KATHY O’CONNOR LIAISON MANAGER On behalf of the Silver Lakes Homeowners Association NPC





Excavations, new starter hut & ramps


BUILDING PROJECTS – CLUBHOUSE & FACILITIES UPGRADE - PROGRESS At the time of writing this article, the progress regarding the changes and upgrading at the Clubhouse facilities are the following: •

Building plans were Municipal-approved

Stripping of men’s & ladies’ facilities for re-fitment

Internal brickwork at men’s & ladies’ facilities in progress

Stripping of restaurant/kitchen for re-fitment

Excavations at new ramps and starter hut

Excavations at restaurant extension

Excavation at clubhouse for covered walkway and staircase

Fixing of steel reinforcing for reinforced concrete:

Raft foundation

Columns and column bases

Foundations of yard walls (caddies and service areas)

Casting of concrete of restaurant extension

Setting out, excavations and casting of revised concrete path

ways and golf cart parking at driving range

Commencement of erection of new roof at main gate at Silver

Lakes Drive

We received a very interesting and relevant mail from a respected homeowner regarding the use of generators on the Estate and decided to publish it as awareness and to motivate homeowners to co-operate, reduce noise pollution and be considerate to others. The content of the email as follows: “It is now common practice for residents to pull their generators out into their gardens / driveways and run them without any noise suppression. I have not read up on the rules lately but I am sure that generators need to be housed inside soundproof cases to prevent unnecessary noise and also placed away from neighbours’ living areas preventing unnecessary frustration. I have a resident nearby that on two occasions has fallen asleep and left his machine running all night. We need to enlighten the residents about the alternate energy solutions that do the same job at the same cost but with no noise pollution. The power shedding problems are not going to go away soon and the longer we wait the more residents will be buying generators purely out of ignorance about the alternative solutions, which in fact are a lot more user friendly and can be automatically controlled. We should be doing everything we can to motivate residents to not use generators in the Estate. To give you an example, I have four batteries and a 2000-watt inverter that comfortably supplies power to all my lights (but I make sure we use energy saver globes and switch off lights that are not used) two TVs, DSTV, a laptop and charge phones for the duration of the load shedding period. The cost of this was R25 000. I don’t have to worry about petrol, moving the generator outside, upsetting the neighbours or going outside to turn it off. It’s a simple switch that is switched to change over or a more elaborate installation can be fully automatic.” Further to the above, we would like to encourage homeowners to look at alternatives, but should you opt for the generator route, ensure that the correct procedure is followed according to the Rules of the Estate. For ease of reference an extract from the Estate Rules:

Brickwork in progress – change rooms & restaurant



Swimming pool pumps, swimming pool heating apparatus, cold storage rooms, power generators, water features and any motorised equipment shall be placed and installed in


RAINFALL 2015 140

Rainfall 2015

120 100 80

Phase 1


Phase 2 Phase 3

40 20 0 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

New concrete walkways & cart path at driving range

Month Quantity in mm Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 January 110 132 131 February 27 39 19 March 57 70 53 April 40 12 42 May 0 0 0 Jun 0 4 1 Total for 2015 234 257 246 STAND STATISTICS 2015

Casted concrete slab - restaurant extension

such a way that it will not cause any noise or nuisance to neighbouring and/or other Members/residents. Where such noise or nuisance is caused, the Association shall have the right to do whatever it deems fit to rectify the situation. 5.1.25

No power generators and air conditioning units will be allowed on Units without the prior approval of the Association and in compliance with the procedures and specifications as laid down by the Association.

Use of (smaller) portable generators remains a difficulty and homeowners are requested to co-operate in terms of the above.

PHASE 1 January February March April May June PHASE 2 January February March April May June PHASE 3 January February March April May June




1 9 3 6 945 1 9 3 6 945 1 8 4 8 943 2 8 4 11 939 2 8 3 7 944 2 8 2 11 941



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480 480 479 481 481 480


0 21 15 2 125 0 21 15 2 125 0 19 17 0 127 0 19 17 0 127 0 19 15 0 129 0 18 13 0 132

2015 SUMMARY A E 2 55 Jan Feb 2 55 Mar 2 51 Apr 3 51 May 3 51 June 3 49



27 27 30 29 26 24 Legend

9 9 11 13 9 14

A Abandoned E Empty Stand U/C N Under Construction New U/C A Under Construction Additions C Completed

C 1550 1550 1549 1547 1554 1553

TOTAL 1643 1643 1643 1643 1643 1643


ENVIRONMENT, SOCIAL & ETHICS DIRECTOR Environmental Yes, the half way mark of winter has arrived and we are on our way to summer. I suppose not all people like summer as much as others do. But this year, winter has been cold with ice on the course and some very cold animals. We are busy with major rehabilitation of our gardens getting ready for spring and the new season. As you will see, the team was working hard to get the front gardens of the Club ready before we move on to the other gardens on the Estate. The construction at the Club is in full swing, but in-between all of this we have had a few wonderful events in the past month at the Club.

Race of Faith The Race of Faith was once again run through the Estate with great success. All our volunteers braved the cold to guide the runners through the estate and we must say a big thanks to all of them. We had breakfast at the Club afterwards and one could feel the warm Silver Lakes ‘belonging’ that was part of the event as all chatted in the warmth of the temporary restaurant in the upstairs bar of the Club. Also big thanks must go to Kia, Linda and her team of Leap Frog, SanKarin and her helpers at the ReMaxJakaranda and Nico and his team from The Garden Group who helped man the water tables. Kia, Leapfrog and Remax-Jakaranda also sponsored the R15 000 that was donated to charity by Silver Lakes. Thanks a million to you all



Race of Faith photography by Corlia Mathews



Race of Faith photography by Corlia Mathews



Silver Lakes Fishing Club On 9 June, the Fishing Club hosted an information evening at the Clubhouse. The topics covered were “winter fishing for carp” and “catch and release do’s and don’ts“. The evening was attended by about 30 people, including Mr Johan Wessels from The Fishing Pro shop. The Club received copies of the Complete Fly Fisherman magazine, which the attendees could take home, as well as a sponsorship of 2 annual subscriptions for this prestigious magazine, which were awarded by way of a lucky draw to two folks who attended the proceedings. The presentations made were the following: Winter fishing for carp Henk vd Westhuizen Carp fishing: A Silver Lakes perspective Mr Daan Prinsloo, resident Catch and release Henk vd Westhuizen All these presentations can be found on the Silver Lakes website. The next information evening will be on 11 August at the Clubhouse, and the topic is Early Season Bass Angling. We will have two experienced bass anglers that will share their views on this with whoever is interested. Photo 1: presentations during the information evening

Youth Day After the Race of Faith, our annual fun event - Youth Day - followed. As one mom told me, even though the exams are in full swing, none of her children misses this one event. From the photographs one a can see just how much fun they had.

Photo2: Lucky draw winners (from L to R ) Daan Prinsloo, who gave a presentation on fishing for carp in Silver Lakes, Henk vd Westhuizen , chairman of the Fishing Club, Johan Wessels, co-owner of The Fishing Pro Shop, and the winners of the lucky draw, Eugene Kruger and Michiel Botha

Seline and her cook-offs were once again a ‘sold-out’ success. She and Johnny B was the toast of all the children. Both had so much fun cooking and ‘doing their thing’, that it was contagious and one cannot help enjoying whatever one does with them. Thanks a million Seline and Johnny B. Thanks a million also to Daleen, Mike, Maggie and all the other wonderful staff at the Club. We really appreciate all the effort you put into our events. Also to Ollie, Kathy and our awesome HOA staff who made it all possible. Thanks for a flawless and once again successful Youth Day.

FATHER’S DAY Then came Father’s Day. What a wonderful, well-planned and fun day with great food and relaxation. Thanks once again to all our Club House Staff and my daughter, Charlotte, who helps with the flower arrangements at every event. Have a wonderful winter holiday and we will all chat again in the next Intra Muros issue. Corlia Mathews Environmental Director.



Design in Silver Lakes

To all the homeowners of Silver Lakes The past year and a half has seen many changes and developments and there is still a lot to be done. To help us achieve a tidy and neat Estate, we removed some of the favourites of the past - the rose beds - which started to look untidy. They were replaced with lawn on the corners so that we can unify the look-and-feel of a golf and wildlife estate. We, being different from other estates where only one type of architecture is allowed, have each individual homeowner choosing his/her own style. For that reason, we have simplified the gardens to have the focal gardens at the Club House, in the boulevards and at the entrances. We will be finalising all the planting and replanting in the next month or two. When summer comes, we will have all our gardens neat and tidy. I am in the process of having designs presented and proposed for the new corner designs we suggested as part of carrying the colonial lookand-feel through the Estate. For now, we will implement only a few corners, but more will follow in the next financial year. As you know, we have major building projects being executed at the Club and our Silver Lakes Drive Gate (Lynwood gate for many) in this financial year. The opening of our new look Club and gate is planned for 1 November 2015. Silver Lakes Environmental Projects for the next 6 months - May to October 2015 If one takes this map used in a previous environmental report to demarcate the different environmental zones one can clearly see the main important parts of the visual environment on the Estate: The 3 gates – 2 main gates and 1 internal gate • The circular route around the Estate – Glen Eagles • The open spaces – the golf course, a few parks and the game reserve • The waterways around which the Estate was developed The important development projects to be finalised in the next 6 months are : • Building of the corner structures along Glen Eagles drive • The renovation and additions to the Silver Lakes Drive (Pebble Beach) Entrance gate • Renovation to the gardens and entrance walls to the above gate (set out in a previous report – March 2015) • Renovation and replanting of Pebble Beach drive – including the sidewalks and corners at La Quinta and Glen Eagles • The renovation of the Solomon Mahlangu (Muirfield) Gate with new signage • The HOA office Garden • Fixing the irrigation of the side walk of Silver Lakes Drive • Planting Tickey Creeper (Ficus Pimula) along the outside of the wall of Silver Lakes Drive • Children’s Play area at the restaurant • Moving of the generator • Restoring the existing children’s play area at the Club – build new road to the back of the Club, remove the paving of the road in front of the squash courts up to the small parking area.

Pruning of dead leaves from palm trees – especially Muirfield Boulevard • Removing of the last street corners and planting with grass (5x) • Using plants from these corners to plant at the gate to the game reserve Replacing plants in Muirfield Boulevard • Planting extra ground cover under the roses at the Clubhouse • Remove, repaint and remake signage so that all have similar design and the colour is fresh and the same green – golf course and estate – the game reserve included –a different style? • Corporate guidelines must include above changes and added design guidelines – e.g. different designs for the game reserve signage. Levelling the grass of the Children’s play area at the Club Game reserve : • Planting veldt grasses • Marking the walking trail more thoroughly, both ways • Blocking through-ways for vehicles where unnecessary roads criss-cross the grazing area of the game Signage for : • game crossings • fishing areas – with fishing rules • no fires and camping 2015 – 2016 projects : • New Bridge ‘railings’ to go with the new corner signage – to carry the theme through • Extension of signage project on the estate : declutter and renovate signs • New…or a better base for lights on the golf course • Renovations of all the children’s play parks around the Estate • Including the large play area at the Club – adding a beach volley ball court and new play equipment • Adding new tennis court(s) • Building a bowling green and new parking • Adding a play park at the Tee box of the 7th • Serious look into fixing the roads Security project Road around the perimeter of the game reserve The above is only a summary of the March Environmental Report. Therefore should be studied together with the suggestions and more descriptive explanations of the March report. It also does not include the normal day-to-day maintenance issues. Environmental Director Corlia Mathews

Maintenance projects : • Immediate : remove cycads form construction area • Removal of hard elements of the sidewalks (Concrete balls, rocks etc.) make part of rules even though a municipal bylaw • Taking charge of communal areas : such as the transgressions in the game reserve, on the golf course and maintenance and ‘taking charge’ of the sidewalks and street corners in Silver Lakes – look and feel on street corners was decided lawn only – if homeowners want to change – needs to apply – but possibly part of Silver Lakes rules – should stay lawn? • Irrigation upgrades necessary – before new planting and growing season • Pruning of trees



A Clawless Cape Otter rescued

at Silver Lakes

As you would have read on the Silver Lakes Facebook page, we rescued a Cape Clawless Otter from one of our irrigation dams on the 10/18th during the past month. Dean and James of the golf course staff and trainee green keepers at our academy saw the otter stuck under a rock and freed it. They stayed with the otter until help arrived since it was clearly injured. When I arrived, it just lay on the side of the dam, but went clumsily back into the water every time we tried to go near. In the end, it was so tired that Dean and James decided to capture it (with their sweaters because of the enormous teeth, but with only a feeble struggle they could catch it and deposit it into the back of my Land Rover. We quickly made a stop at the local vet, Vetland, and the doctors there helped us quickly get in touch with vets at Onderstepoort. They also assured us even though the otter looked and acted feeble it was still in good condition (pink flesh in its mouth), but that it was very sick since it was not the kind of animal that would tolerate any human touch or interference.

A carnivore can survive with one eye although that is obviously not the ideal. An otter hunts using both sight (for fish and birds) and touch (crustaceans and insects). If otherwise completely healthy, I believe that an adult otter would probably manage with one eye. Unfortunately, the combination of the eye and spinal injuries leave this otter with minimal chance of long-term survival in the wild. We are going to treat the otter with a course of cortisone in the hope that there may be a change in the spinal condition over the next couple of weeks. Realistically, the overall prognosis is not very positive but I will keep you updated. We’re all keeping fingers crossed and really do hope that Rory improves. Meanwhile, he is comfortable in a secluded enclosure with a cosy sleeping area and lots of food to satisfy his appetite.” So all in Silver Lakes will hold thumbs for our Rory to make it through winter and that we can find a suitable home for him. Corlia Mathews Environmental Director

James (sitting in the back of the Land Rover with the otter) and I drove from Vetland straight to Onderstepoort where wonderful staff and the vet, Dr Elliot, helped us assisted by the pharmacist from the Pretoria Zoo, who was at Onderstepoort on a visit. How lucky can one Silver Lakes otter get? After sedating, rehydrating and feeding it some meds with a drip, it was established that the core body temperature of the otter was so low that it could not even be measured on a thermometer. Some warm water bottles were brought out and a glass incubator was prepared in a warm room. Our otter, now named Rory after a great golfer by James when Dr Elliot mentioned they believe it could survive, was placed in his temporary home at Onderstepoort. Rory could not use its legs but x-rays showed that nothing was broken or out of place. Rory stayed with Onderstepoort for about 2 weeks after which he was put in the care of an NGO, FreeMe, who cares for wild animals in need of care and rehabilitation. Rory was put on cortisone to care for his injuries and would be sent back to Onderstepoort for a CAT scan to establish the problem with his legs. Our little otter was cold and freezing, hurt and with bloodied hind claws as you will see on the photos. We do not know how long he was stuck under the rock in the cold water. However, we hope that with patience and the wonderful care from Onderstepoort and FreeMe, he will survive. This is a report we received from Nicci Wright from FreeMe “Dr Karin Lourens and I tranquilised the otter to conduct an examination. I noticed that his right eye was exuding matter and needed investigation. We had noticed that he was underweight, when we first received him and this was confirmed when I could feel his spinal column, hips and ribcage. There are also ‘scuff’ marks on the upper side of his hind feet indicating that he’s been dragging them for a while. Upon examination, we could see that his right eye had old damage to the iris and cornea and that it was probably blind. An appointment was made at the ophthalmic specialist veterinary clinic and I took him, tranquilised again, yesterday afternoon. Dr Lo-An Odayar examined his eyes and found that he is irreversibly blind in the right eye, due to old trauma sustained. I have attached the veterinary report for you. I suspect that both the eye injury and spinal trauma sustained by the otter probably occurred some months ago. I think this because the otter is underweight and the amount of weight loss is roughly in line with his compromised state that happened a few months ago. He would have been able to find adequate food items for a while during the last summer weeks. However, he become more compromised as food got scarce with the onset of winter.



Colourful Comfort for the Cold Koos Marais Waking up to a freezing morning, with the fairways frosted over, shining white and bright in the low sun peeking at us from its northerly position, not very far below its zenith, one is forced to acknowledge the truth. It is winter, and so it will be for the next six or seven weeks.

It is indeed an exhortation to stay indoors, but the adventurous who dares to venture outside may and will be rewarded with some extraordinary sights. The winter months bring with them their own kind of special blessings.

It is easy to fall into the late autumn trap of believing that winter is not so bad. The ethereal splendour of May and early June in Silver Lakes is so pronounced that one is not prepared for the shock and the bite of that first, vicious morning, the first day of winter, when it eventually comes. It is then quite possible to retreat into our warm and cosy homes with their fireplaces and insulated walls, vowing not to emerge from hibernation before spring is well under way.

It is ironic that just when our gardens and fields don their most dreary, grey and ash coloured winter frocks, the aloes and the red-hot pokers erupt in the brightest red, fiery spectacle. It is as if they want to rejoice in the midst of the misery of winter. All over Silver Lakes the hardy succulents, the aloes, are blossoming, as are the red-hot pokers or torch lily, Kniphofia ovaria. They dazzle us with their fire engine red as if wanting to remind us of our own lifeblood.

That first morning comes with an icy wind, emanating from the snow covered Drakensberg and the Cape mountains, the Matroosberg usually being the first casualty of the white inferno. The wind howls around our streets, scattering the leaves of the river Bushwillow, and not sparing the recycle bags either. The cold air bites into your face, leaving you almost breathless and half-scared.

Obviously, these bright red flowers attract bees, butterflies, those very special birds, the sunbirds and other birds. It is a sweet joy to sit quietly, early in the morning or late afternoon, at a garden festooned with these bright red flowers and to wait for the little long-beaked nectar drinkers to pay a visit to their favourite coffee shop. They will not make you wait long. Sometimes they will appear out of the blue, hovering for a while before

Photographs taken by Koos Marais INTRA MUROS AUG 2015 (18) DESIGNED BY


It is not only the sunbirds that frequent the aloes and the red-hot pokers. You will be amazed at the sightings of grey louries with their “go away” calls, the bulbuls and even the diminutive Cape white-eye, who all love these flowers.

deciding where to take a seat. At other times, the timid little bird will take a perch on an overhanging branch up high, twittering and checking out the strange visitor before flitting down to the flowers for a sip. We are fortunate to have two species of sunbirds in Silver Lakes, the whitebellied sunbird, Cynnyris talatala and the amethyst sunbird, Chalcomitra amethystina. The males of both species are unabashed swaggerers in their metallic plumes while the dull females dress more plainly. The male amethyst sunbirds maintain their striking dress code yearlong but the white-bellied males add a few brown feathers in winter. The amethyst is almost pitch-black with a striking, gleaming, green crown and ruby-red throat and shoulder patches. The white-bellied has a green back and head with a blue collar. The female amethyst has a striped front while the female white-bellied is plain on the front. Both our species of sunbirds are suckers for punishment, as they both are unwilling hosts for the cheeky Klaas’ cuckoo who lay their eggs in the sunbird’s nest and then abscond leaving these hard working little birds to raise the little cuckoos. The sight of one of these dazzling sunbirds, with their metallic, shining and shimmering feathers on the flowers of the blood red aloes or red-hot pokers in the rising or fading sun, is enough to warm the coldest of winter minds and bodies. When the winter blues clamber all over you, head outdoors to the nearest body of red and stake out the sunbirds.

We have one very special house in our game reserve where the owners, Bugs and Lorna Dryburgh, have specialised in these flowers and planted a great multitude. Their garden is overflowing with them and it is a veritable treasure house of bird life, most notably of course, the sunbirds. The profusion of red flowers combines with the spectacular little birds to produce a show that will make Montecasino jealous. It is possible to set up special feeders for the sunbirds to supply them with a year round supply of sugars, but it needs to be done with caution. Only use sugar and water. Do not use any honey, colouring agents or artificial sweeteners. Solutions should be replaced every third day and observed for fungal growth. Never use detergents or soaps to clean a dirty feeder. Use a hard scrubbing motion to get rid of dirt and fungi. If you put up a sunbird feeder, why not consider doing the real thing and plant some aloes and red-hot pokers? Our winters are brief and bold, but they add something special to our beautiful estate. The trick is to see it for what it is, a respite in the circle of life, a time of rest and reflection and an opportunity to find meaning in the simplicity of the small things. Soon it will all be over and we will be madly dashing along in our mad existence. Take a lesson from the little sunbirds. Marvel at the wonder of food and drink, and take comfort from the colours around us. Embrace life, because we only pass this way once.




MATURE GOLFERS 4 JUNE 2015 Eddie Orsmond/Johan Grobbelaar (44) Steve Greyling/Hennie Coetzee (38) Frank Hlalethoa NTP # Hennie Coetzee NTP # Steve Greyling NTP # Johan Grobbelaar NTP # Nobody NTP #

1st 2nd 9 16 18 3 13

2-CLUB Johan Grobbelaar 11 JUNE 2015 Kobus Gouws (42) 1st Fernando Vieira (38) 2nd Eddie Orsmond (37 c/o) 3rd Klaas Heystek NTP # 9 Eddie Orsmond NTP # 16 Tim Toman NTP # 18 Lodewyk de Wet NTP # 3 Lodewyk de Wet NTP # 13 2-CLUB Hennie Coetzee Rolf Hauter Eddie Orsmond AndrĂŠ Basson 18JUNE 2015 Vincent Mascini (36 c/o) 1st Jannie v d Watt (36 c/o) 2nd Fernando Vieira (31) 3rd Nobody NTP # 9 Tim Toman NTP # 16 Jannie v d Watt NTP # 18 Nobody NTP # 3 Nobody NTP # 13 2-CLUB Barry Paul 25 JUNE 2015 Johan Grobbelaar Rolf Hauter Dale Dempers Louis Biccard Johan Grobbelaar Louis Biccard Martin Botes Eddie Orsmond

(39) 1st (33 c/o) 2nd (33 c/o) 3rd NTP # 9 NTP # 16 NTP # 18 NTP # 3 NTP # 13

No 2-Clubs

COMPETITION results 3 JUNE WEDNESDAY BETTERBALL STABLEFORD POINTS Barry vd Linde 45 Mike de Jongh 45 J.P kerneck 45 Alain Norris 45 Frans Weideman 45 James vd Wal 45 6 JUNE SATURDAY MEDAL POINTS OVERALL GROSS Pierre Spies 71

A DIVISION NETT Wehann Olivier 70 B DIVISION NETT Marius Nadel 71 C DIVISION IPS Kris Engelen 36 LADIES A DIVISION NETT Nicky Heuer 77 LADIES B DIVISION NETT Frances Jacobs 64 LADIES C DIVISION IPS Loraine Laesecke 30 VISITOR IPS Fabio Cabula 39 NTP # 9 Elri usendorff 7 JUNE SUNDAY IPS POINTS Joshua Koekemoer 39 Gideon Pienaar 37 10 JUNE WEDNESDAY BETTERBALL STABLEFORD POINTS Shaun von Berg 48 Christopher Morris 48 Barry van der Vyver JNR 48 Rudolph janse van Rensburg 48 Derek le Roux 47 Yolandi Ehlers 47 13 JUNE SATURDAY BETTERBALL STABLEFORD POINTS Gideon Pienaar 48 Franci Coetzee 48 Pierre Spies 45 Martin Pieterse 45 Jakes Jacobs 44 Frances Jacobs 44 Mike De Jongh 44 Dean Armitage 44 14 JUNE SUNDAY IPS POINTS Christian Lewis 41 Derick Le Roux 40 16 JUNE TUESDAY 4 BALL ALLIANCE POINTS Gideon Pienaar 91 Franci Coetzee 91 Niel De Wet 91 Gerrie Botha 91 Eugene Lewis 88 Nicholas Lewis 88 John Burger 88 Christian Lewis 88 NTP # 9 Sandra Weber NTP # 13 Rikus de Villiers LD # 18 Andre Spies 17 JUNE WEDNESDAY BETTERBALL MEDAL POINTS Leonard Kloppers 66 JP Kerneck 66 Snorre van der Merwe 66 Stuart Matthysen 66 Marlie le Roux 67 Ettiene Ehlers 67



20 JUNE SATURDAY IPS-ASSUPOL POINTS Derek Le Roux 78 Dean Armitage 76 Charl vd Walt 76 Barbara Green 75 Snorre vd Merwe 75 Werner Riedinger 74 Willem Coetzee 73 Vanessa Brown 73 Marie Louise Grobler 73 Mac McMallaghan 73 Visitor IPS Colin Taylor 39 NTP # 3 Wayne Murray NTP # 16 Christo Bekker 21 JUNE SUNDAY IPS POINTS Andre Spies 36 Barbara Green 33 24 JUNE WEDNESDAY BETTERBALL STABLEFORD POINTS Ettiene Ehlers 45 Yolande Ehlers 45 J. Gonsalves 44 J Cabeleira 44 Christo Bekker 44 Dean Armitage 44 Colin Heath 44 Mike De Jongh 44 Hercules Huyser 43 Hannelie Huyser 43 Michiel Bothma 42 Francois Baard 42 NTP#3 : Simon Johnson NTP#9 : Dean Armitage NTP #16 Kevin Weber 27 JUNE SATURDAY IPS SANLAM CANCER POINTS Mens A Division Gary Pettit 40 Mens B Division Frikkie Geyser 38 Mens C Division Ruben Janse van Rensburg 38 Ladies A Division Vanessa Brown 33 Ladies B Division Hannelie Huyser 32 Ladies C Division Elizabeth Erasmus 27 NTP #9 Derik Van Greunen NTP #13 Mari-Louise Grobler

2 CLUBS 3 JUNE WEDNESDAY RANDS Barry vd Linde 102 Mike De Jongh 102 Alain Norris 102 JB McCallaghan 102 Kyle Norris 102 J Cabeleira 102 Derek Le Roux 102 Henza Haupt 102 John Palm 102 Will Ferreira 102 6 JUNE SATURDAY RANDS Jannie Ackerman x2 252 Nicol Kromhout 126 Arno Vermaak 126 Mike De Jongh 126 Giel Bekker 126

Wayne Walker 126 Johan Snyman 126 Jose Gonsalves 126 Joe Cabeleira 126 Leon Snyman 126 Andries Graaff 126 Willie van der Merwe 126 Jaco van Vuuren 126 Marlie le Roux 126 Diane Boote x2 252 Juan Opperman 126 Dirk van der Heever 126 7 JUNE SUNDAY RANDS Gideon Pienaar 85 Ginette De Villiers 85 Chase Manna 170 10 JUNE WEDNESDAY RANDS Willie van der Merwe 120 Johan Opperman 120 Deon Botha 120 Jannie Ackerman 120 Isaac Zowa 120 Jonty Walls x2 240 Thinus De Bruyn 120 13 JUNE SATURDAY RANDS Gideon Pienaar 140 Andre Spies 140 Dean Armitage 140 Deon Heunis 140 Gustav Oosthuizen 140 Derik Van Greunen 140 Chase Manna 140 Christo Bekker 140 Jannie Botha 140 Barry vd Vyver SNR 140 Eugene Lewis 140 Nicholas Rahn 140 Johan Du Preez 140 Arno Vermaak 140 14 JUNE SUNDAY RANDS Willie Booysen 105 Eugene Lewis 105 Hugo Kleynhans 105 Jon Clark 105 16 JUNE TUESDAY RANDS Andre Spies 252 Mike De Jongh 252 Tim Toman 252 Arno Vermaak 252 Nicky Heuer 252 17 JUNE WEDNESDAY RANDS Jose Gonsalves 580 20 JUNE SATURDAY RANDS Dean Armitage 131 Wessel Richter x2 262 Willie vd Merwe 131 Barry vd Vyver (Snr) 131 Barry vd Vyver (jnr) 131 Jannie Ackerman x2 262 Danie vd Westhuizen 131 Murray Louw x2 262 Jacques Wilken 131 Andre Spies 131 Nicol Kromhout 131 Jaco van Vuuren 131 Neil Thompson 131 Jason Ackerman 131 Jan Meyer 131 Christo Bekker 131 21 JUNE SUNDAY RANDS Andre Spies 220 24 JUNE WEDNESDAY RANDS Dean Armitage x2 200 Bertram Lear 100 Kevin Weber 100 Alastair Ponton 100 Greg Maurer 100 Gart Pettit x2 200 27 JUNE SATURDAY RANDS Dean Armitage 325 Martyn Wissing 325 Viljoen du Plessis 325 Michael Westman 325 Mac McCallaghan 325 Murray Louw 325 Chase Manna 325 Francois Cronje 325








slight damage that you may have caused. It’s all about respect for the course, the game and other players. TAKE LESSONS

CHOOSING YOUR CLUBS Although this seems like a simple aspect of the game, it plays a very important role as the right equipment can make or break your game. Try to find equipment that will help you develop and improve - equipment that works with you. Before doing anything, set a budget for your clubs. Golf clubs can be expensive and a waste if you buy the wrong ones. Have a set amount in mind, this will help stay on track. Once you know what price range you are interested in, you can do some research, read some reviews and maybe lend a friend’s to test their brand. It’s always good to know what you like. Also remember there are many golf clubs available for all the different levels of players, from beginner to pro. When buying your own club consider the grip thickness, thin grips will encourage hand action in your swing and thicker grips will restrict your hands too much, this can throw your game. Your body will make a difference; keep your height, build and strength in mind when choosing a club as this will help determine the shaft you should use. Also take into consideration the loft, club head size and the iron when buying clubs. Most pro shops will be able to help you select the perfect clubs that will in fact help better your game, because you have the right equipment. CHOOSING THE RIGHT GOLF BALLS The most important choice is not the brand, but what type of golf ball you want, and what you want it to do for you. Types of golf balls include: One Piece: For beginners, this ball is very durable Two Piece: For mid to high level players, this ball has low spin. Three Piece: High level players, increases distance and spin. Four Piece: pro and single figure players, has great spin control and driving distance. and driving distance. Firstly choose a price point that you are comfortable with, afterwards you need to decide whether you want durability, distance or spin. Do some research, read reviews and buy a few that you can try out and test. Once you are happy and you have made a choice you can commit to a ball. Colored golf balls and personalized golf balls are also available, the colored golf balls are great for an over cast day as they are easy to watch and find. CHOOSE THE RIGHT COURSES Each course has its own difficulty, challenges and lessons. Start or go back to the easier courses. They can add a point or two in the skills department, and they can make or bring back some great memories. To truly love this game it’s important to remember where you started, respect the courses for what each one has taught you or what it will still teach you. Remember to take care of the course you are playing, the maintenance takes a lot of work and money. Make sure to get all the rules before you play a new course. Where or where not may the golf carts go, neatly rake the bunkers, fix divot’s (grass tuffs) that you accidently remove, or any other

Whether you have been playing for years or for only a few months, it is never too late for a class or two. An instructor will be able to point out where you go wrong, help with your posture or with your swing. The first step is making that call however. Most golf clubs have classes available to help people improve. Fixing that one thing that seems to throw your game could re-spark your love for the game. Another aspect that may help you improve and love your game, is playing with people that are slightly more in practice of the game as they may also have useful tips and they could be an encouraging hand to play better.

Etiquette Golfing is a gentlemen’s game so be on time, actually be there sooner, this will allow you to warm up without having everyone wait for you. Before you start to play, check the scorecard for any local course rules and place an identifying mark on your ball, make sure the others know what your mark is. Avoid slow play and try to keep at pace with the group before you, it is unnecessary to hold up those playing in the group behind you. When someone is about to hit the ball make sure you’re not standing in the view of that player, you might distract them and this may harm their game, also be silent, respect the other players concentration like he/she will respect yours. For safety reasons you should never hit the ball if there is a possibility of it reaching the group in front of you, give them a moment to pass through or yell “fore” to give the indication that you will now be hitting. If you stop at the half way house for a drink, offer to buy a round, and also offer to pay for a drink for your caddie. If someone else pays for the round, offer again at the end of the game. Once the game is over, the scores have been tallied and everything has been finished, shake hands with your group, congratulate the winner, console the loser and thank everyone for their company. One of possibly the most important etiquette of golf is to know the rules, or have a general understanding of them.



THE COOK ON THE CORNER Cooking with the Kids Many parents, especially moms, cook FOR the kids, but very rarely do parents take the time to cook WITH the kids. This is something that I’ll always be grateful to my mother for – she encouraged us to cook, sometimes even making it part of our chores and family duties. We started out being truly awful in the kitchen and my poor mother used to help us right, encouraging us to try again. I’m sure it was cumbersome to teach little hands how to use a potato peeler, but if I hadn’t learnt it there where would I have learnt it? You might think I’m overreacting, but you wouldn’t believe how many people in my generation are useless in a kitchen. The parents always have the best intentions, slaving over pots and pans to put dinner on the table; but by not letting kids help and learn in the kitchen you’re actually doing yourself and them a disservice in life. Don’t get me wrong, this method of childinclusion-in-the-kitchen takes a lot of time, effort and in some cases, wasted ingredients in the beginning. But once your children learn the basics and realize that they have freedom in the kitchen, your kitchen, you’ll be reaping the rewards all the way into the future, as will their future spouse! My mother was smart like that; I have no idea if she actually did it on purpose, but not long afterwards, she and my father were being treated to breakfast in bed over the weekends or with special meals on days of significance like anniversaries or birthdays. My sisters and I went through a lot of effort to make sure our parents felt spoiled – and this is something you should never undervalue as a parent. Cooking, rubbing your feet or drawing you a bath are some of the few ways in which your kids feel that they can show you love and appreciation. When you’re younger you have no income, and even your pocket money comes from your family. Imagine how differently you would spoil your significant people if you didn’t have the capital to buy presents. We should allow children into the kitchen to give them an opportunity to do just that… We started from the bottom, making my mom a microwave cake with 6 eggs and 4 table spoons of baking powder (even though it was the size of a fist), which rather resembled a hockey ball than a fluffy, yummy cake. My parents, our families and our spouses have been enjoying the benefits of surrounding themselves with grown-ups who were raised in the kitchen for a long, long time.

Rensche Mari Photography

Do not forget that we have a great Family Cook Off planned for September. Come bring your whole family along for some fun on Spring Day where we’ll be doing a series of Mystery Box Challenge cook offs – family against family! There will be great prizes up for grabs as well as bragging rights for the next year. More information will be in the September edition of Intra Muros. Enter early to avoid disappointment. To get more information contact Corlia Mathews ( or 083 448 9441) or your nearest representative at the Home Owners Association. Keep in contact with me on Twitter and Instagram (@SelineVW) or by visiting my website or my MasterChef South Africa page on Facebook.



Vanilla Cake Pops This recipe is perfect to get the kids in on. They’ll be able to bake a cake (which will still work in the recipe, even if the cake flops), use their hands to mix and then form and decorate their cake pops. It’s fun and is a great way to let your kids be creative in the kitchen. If you’re worried about the heat of the oven, simply bake the cake for the kids and let them work through the recipe further alone. INGREDIENTS:

For the Vanilla cake

120g softened butter 150g castor sugar 5ml vanilla extract 2 eggs, at room temperature 180g self-raising flour 60ml milk

For the Vanilla cream cheese frosting 80g softened butter 40g cream cheese 200g icing sugar, sifted 5ml vanilla essence

You will also need

400 g white chocolate or pettinice for coating Sprinkles, ribbons or other décor items, optional Lollipop stick METHOD:

To make the vanilla cake

1. Preheat your oven to 180°C 2. Grease a 25cm cake tin and set aside. 3. Cream the butter and sugar until it becomes lighter in colour and super fluffy 4. Add the vanilla and then the eggs, one at a time, mixing between each addition. Toss in half of the flour and then half of the milk and mix until fully combined. Repeat with the remaining flour and milk. 5. Pour the mixture into the prepared tin and bake for 30 minutes. Once baked, leave the cake to cool on a wire rack. To make the vanilla cream cheese frosting 1. Cream the butter and the cream cheese together. 2. Add the icing sugar and vanilla and then continue to cream until light and fluffy. 3. Refrigerate for 30 minutes before using, so make while your cake is cooling down and simply leave it in the fridge!

To assemble the cake pops:

1. Remove the cake from the tin and crumble into a large mixing bowl. Run your fingers through it to make fine crumbs. 2. Add the prepared icing, a quarter at a time and mix in thoroughly. You may not require all the frosting, depending on how moist your cake is; so don’t add it all at the same time. 3. To evaluate if you’ve added enough icing squeeze a ball of the mixture in your hand – it shouldn’t be so dry that it crumbles and falls apart. Wrap the mixture in cling film and chill for at least one hour. 4. Break off a small piece of the mixture about the size of a table tennis ball and roll into a neat ball with your hands. Refrigerate again for 15-20 minutes, or until they are firm. This helps the dipping or covering process 5. To cover the cake pops you can either roll out thin layers of fondant or pettinice and wrap around the cake pop, or you can dip the cake pop into melted chocolate! Insert the cake pop stick before using either method. 6. Lastly, go simple or crazy with the decorations! The world is your oyster



Ilse Ruane Psychology

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• All maintenance, Building, Tiling.


• All waterleaks


• Trenching for electrical cables and waterpipes.


• Geyser Repair/Replacement • LED light replacement

Since 1983

• Irrigation design & installations of Hunter, Nelson and Rainbird product.

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Counselling for Adolescents & Adults “Teen” problems

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Behavioural & Adjustment Problems Subject & Career Counselling Psychometric Testing

Stress-Related Problems

Adjustment to Depression & Anxiety Trauma & Bereavement Counselling Creating goals and keeping them!

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Ilse Ruane

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at Placecol Skin Care Clinic Silver Oaks and The Grove

HAIR REMOVAL HAIR REMOVAL WITH AFT PULSED LIGHT Eliminate unwanted hair faster, more comfortably and with fewer visits than ever before. Using the patented IN-Motion™ technology of Pain Free, Hair Free™ even sensitive areas can now be treated without the discomfort. HOW DOES AFT PULSED LIGHT HAIR REMOVAL WORK? Using carefully controlled pulses of light, the Diode Laser System’s proprietary IN-Motion™ technology selectively and gradually heats the hair follicles within the dermal layer of the skin.The heat is limited to just the area of the follicle and eventually damages the cells that would otherwise reproduce new hair. The surrounding tissue remains healthy and unharmed. SPECIAL


RECEIVE 50% DISCOUNT ON ALL AFT HAIR REMOVAL TREATMENTS No copies will be accepted. Valid at Placecol Skin Care Clinic Silver Oaks till 30 September 2015.

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W ome n o n t he go meals Celebrating women this month cannot stand-alone without think ing about a famous meal that a women in your life has made. Women have become an equally impor tant par t of the economy, which means more wor k ing mothers, wives and independent women. With life becoming busier, food becomes rushed but with these easy and delicious M ason jar meals any wor k ing women can prepare these before hand create delicious and fast meals for herself or her family

Zucchini Pasta salad

And an avocado spinach dressing Ingredients 1 1/2 cups spiraled zucchini 1/2 cup shelled edamame 1/2 cup sliced celery 1/2 cup chopped red bell pepper 1/2 cup cherry tomatoes 1/4 cup feta cheese 2 tbsp. kalalmata olives Avocado Spinach Dressing 1/2 cup fresh packed spinach 1/2 ripe avocado Juice of 1 lemon 2 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil 2 tbsp. Greek yogurt, plain, 2% Pinch of salt and pepper 1. Spiral or shred or thinly slice zucchini. Set aside. 2. In a high powdered blender mix dressing ingredients until smooth. 3. Pour 1/2 the dressing into the bottom of 2 mason jars. 4. Add celery on top of dressing. 5. Add peppers on top of celery then top with edamame or chicken. 6. Sprinkle feta cheese then add tomatoes and olives. 7. Last place 1/2 the spiraled zucchini into each mason jar. 8. Cover and refrigerate. Last up to 5 days. 9. Once ready to eat, shake the jar vigorously then pour onto a plate. Toss with fork if needed to mix dressing.

Apple Pie Overnight oats

Ingredients ½ small apple, diced small ¼ cup of unsweetened applesauce ½ milk or non-dairy milk 1tbps brown sugar ½ tsp cinnamon Dash of nutmeg Dash of salt ½ cup of rolled oats 1. In a mason jar or any other sealed container with a lid, add all ingredients except the oats. 2. Shake vigorously until well combined. 3. Add the oats and shake again 4. Place in fridge and chill overnight.

Pasta in a Jar


125ml of cooked penne pasta 3 tbsp. Low fat cottage cheese 2 tbsp. Low fat ricotta cheese 1 tbsp. Low fat mozzarella cheese ½ tsp olive oil ½ medium onion chopped chopped 1 can crushed tomatoes 1 tsp sugar ½ tsp dried oregano 1 tsp fresh rosemary Salt and pepper to taste 1 tbsp. grated Parmesan cheese 1/3 packet of fresh spinach 3 Mason jars



1. Cook pasta according to instruction. Drain. 2.Combine the cottage cheese, ricotta cheese and mozzarella cheese in a separate bowl and set aside. 3. Heat oil in a large saucepan over medium heat. 4. Add the garlic and cook for 30 seconds. 5. Add the tomatoes, sugar, oregano, rosemary, chilli and salt and pepper. 6. Bring to the boil then reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes until sauce thickens slightly. 8. Return to cheese mix and add to pasta and mix gently. 9. Place spinach into Mason jar and 1/3 of pasta mix on top.

Shepards Pie Ingredients 500g lean beef mince 2 cans of corn 4-5 potatoes mashed Salt and pepper to taste 1-2 tbsp. of tomato sauce 1-2 tbsp. of Bisto 1 cup beef stock 2-3 tsp of melted butter Optional things you could add: Lamb instead of beef Garlic Mushrooms Carrots Onions Shallots Spices Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees 1. Brown the meat in a large skillet 2. Add any spices you want Add any optional ingredients like onions or shallots 3. Add the ketchup and cook over medium heat for 5 minutes 4. Now add the beef stock and bistro and cook till absorbed (its always best to start with a bit of bistro adding more otherwise it can become a gooey mess) 5. If you don’t have leftover mashed potatoes then its best to make some. 6. Now add a layer of meat to the bottom of the jar 7. Now add a layer of corn 8. Now a layer of mashed potatoes 9. Drizzle some melted butter on top and place in preheated oven of 180 degrees (if placed in a cake pan it is easier to move in and out of the oven) 10. Cook for about 20 minutes. They are done when the top is golden brown. 11. Sit back and Enjoy!

Bread Pudding in a Jar

3 tbsp butter 1 cup cherry topping

graham cracker mixture in

1. Beat cream cheese, lemon

press down to form a crust.

Ingredients 6 cups of bread torn into pieces 1 cup of chocolate chips ¼ cup of melted butter 2 cups of milk (can be low fat) 2 eggs ½ cup of sugar 2 tsp of vanilla

juice, vanilla and sugar until

7. Fill cheese cake mixture


into each jar.

2. In a large bowl whip the

8. Gently tap jar to get

heavy cream until peaks

mixture to settle and level.

form with a mixer.

9. Wipe down any streaks

3. Fold whipped cream into

above the level of the

cream cheese mixture.

mixture with damp paper

4. Transfer to the corner a


Preheat oven to 190 – 200 degrees depending on your oven. 1. Add the bread and chocolate chips into a large mixing bowl 2. In another bowl melt butter and let cool before adding to other ingredients 3. Pour wet ingredients over the bread and toss. Cover bowl and refrigerate for at least an hour to let the bread soak up the liquids. 4. Prep the jars by buttering or spraying with non-stick cooking spray. 5. Spoon the bread into individual jars and place on a cookie tray 6. Cover all with aluminium foil and refrigerate overnight 7. Pour boiling water into the bottom of the cookie tray 8. Bake at 190 – 200 degrees for 20 – 30 minutes (If they brown too quickly put the foil back on)

large zippered bag and cut

10. Add a layer of cherries to

the bottom of each jar and

each jar. 5. Melt butter and add to

11. Decorate jar with ribbon

crushed graham crackers. 6. Place a layer of crushed

Cherry Cheesecake Ingredients Mason Jars 250ml Cream Cheese 250ml Heavy Whipping Cream ½ tsp Vanilla extract ½ tsp Lemon juice ½ cup Sugar 2 cups crushed Graham Crackers



12. Perfect for a girls lunch.





Fitness Motivation

South African female athletic stars – their fitness tips and motivations It is women’s month and we ought to give the female athletic stars of South Africa their glory. Here are fitness tips and motivations from these women in the hope of inspiring you.

Amanda Coetzer Amanda Coetzer is a former professional tennis player from South Africa. Coetzer turned professional in 1988 and retired in 2004. Coetzer entered the top-20 on the women’s world rankings in 1992 and remained there for most of the following 10 years. When she was young, her dad spent a lot of time teaching her and her sibling’s tennis. They had a court at home, so it was very easy to go out onto the court and practice. She is the younger sibling and it was always a struggle for her to be accepted by the others, as she was “never good enough or big enough” to play with them. It ended with her dad building a separate little box alongside the court with a backboard, and she would hit against it while her dad was busy teaching her siblings. She said that is what drove her to improve.



She said in an interview once, “The goal for me is pretty much to concentrate on every shot I make, to really execute that shot, and then go on to the next. It’s so easy when I’m practicing to have that mentality of making each stroke, but the minute you get into a match situation, or even a point situation in a practice, you get excited when you see the open court.”

Kate Roberts Kate Roberts is a top South African triathlete and Olympian and is the perfect example of an athlete who gives more than 100% every time she competes. Roberts’s Olympic dream was inspired when she was nine years old, watching legendary Elana Meyer win silver in the 10 000m final. “I have learnt that it is very important to have a dream. The power of having a dream and setting out to achieve it is about hanging on to hope when your heart has had enough, and giving even more when your mind and body want to give up. Yes, each step may get harder, but once the dream is achieved, it is priceless and well worth enduring the journey to get there. By being independent and in control, I feel fulfilled and have a sense of satisfaction when I have fulfilled my dreams and accomplished my goals.” She is an inspiring role model and says, “I have done something that I have chosen to do, I took ownership and seized the opportunities that have come my way.”

Natalie du Toit

A year later, having learnt to compensate for her lost limb with a greater use of her left arm, she stole the show at the Commonwealth Games in Manchester. She encourages other athletes to keep chasing their dreams, no matter what happens, “If I can achieve a dream, then anyone can.”

Penelope Heyns Penelope stood on the podium at the Atlanta Olympic Games with the gold medal around her neck, having no idea that she had won South Africa’s first Olympic gold medal in 44 years. She shares the following motivational words, “No matter the stage, think of it as just another challenge. Stick with what you know works. Do the absolute best you can on the day and remember to enjoy the moments.” Growing up a devout Christian Heyns never considered swimming a career but felt that her God-given gift needed to be explored fully. Her deeply held beliefs also influenced which sporting heroes she wanted to emulate. “I respected, and tried to emulate, athletes who displayed good sportsmanship, both in victory and defeat. Athletes should be admired for their character and sportsmanship – not only their achievements.” Always chase your dream, no matter how big it may seem at that moment. Never listen to people who want to bring you down and see you fail, but rather use that as a motivation to help keep your head up and focus on what is important to you.

Natalie du Toit is a swimming champion and Vital Brand Ambassador. She lost her leg in a road accident, but went on to swim against able-bodied athletes in the Olympics. Five months after her leg was amputated, Du Toit was back in the pool, finding that she could only swim in circles.




makeup products for your skin type, season and desired finish By Michelle van Zyl from Make-up by Michelle

Facial Powders Facial powders are used to set your foundation and improve the durability thereof. The two powder options are loose or pressed powder. LOOSE POWDER The texture of the product is a very important factor to consider when choosing skincare products and is equally important when choosing your makeup products. If any of these are too rich/oily or light/dry for your skin, your make-up will look unnatural, have a shorter durability and it might cause breakouts. All products have either a matte or sheer finish - a matte finish will absorb light whereas a sheer finish will reflect light. Following are some guidelines on how to choose the right makeup products.

Foundations Your foundation is used to cover all imperfections and gives you a blank canvas to work on. The two basic foundation-options are cream-based or powderbased. These can come in a liquid or solid consistency. CREAM-BASED FOUNDATIONS • Skin type – combination to dry skins • Season – autumn and winter months • Finish – sheer POWDER FOUNDATIONS • Skin type – combination to oily skins • Season – spring and summer months • Finish – matte

• Skin type – combination to dry skins. Be careful not to apply too much powder in very dry areas, as this will accentuate fine lines and wrinkles. • Season – autumn and winter months • Finish – sheer PRESSED POWDER • Skin type – combination to oily skins. Before applying your powder, especially in very oily areas, ensure your foundation is dry and blot off any excess oil with a tissue If not, your make-up will start to look very caky. • Season – spring and summer months • Finish – matte

Blusher Blusher is used to restore your healthy glow to your skin and accentuate your cheeks and it can be either matte or shimmery. Take care to use light strokes and build your blusher colour slowly - you want a natural, flushed-look, not a sunburnt look.

Eye Shadows The skin on the eyelids is actually very oily and not many people are aware of this. This is why you, halfway through the day, can end up with make-up in your crease lines.



Mascara It is important to add foundation and powder on your eyelids before you apply your eyeshadow as this will ensure durability. We don’t have to take skin type or season into consideration with eye shadow but all depends on the desired finish. Eyeshadows come in many different colours, with either in a matte or a shimmery finish. If you have a lot of fine lines around your eye area, take caution when applying eye shadows with shimmer. This can accentuate the lines and make you look older than you really are. Surely not the effect you are after, except if you are going to a dress-up party.

Unfortunately, mascara is one of the most difficult make-up products to decide on, as just the options of brushes are endless. Start by deciding whether you want waterproof or long-lasting mascara. From there it is all about personal preference. And voila – the basics of choosing the right makeup products for you.

Lipstick and lip-gloss As with eye shadows, the finish you want will determine the type of lipstick you choose - a lipstick with or without shimmer. Long lasting lipsticks, mainly matte, can dry out your lips. Creamy lipsticks are more moisturising but have a shorter durability. Lip-gloss is mainly used to add shine to the lips and can be very shimmery or just be a coloured gloss.

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- Just Nuisance -

The seaman, who thought at this stage that it would be good to show the large canine to his shipmates, beckoned to Just Nuisance to follow him. They obviously got the fright of their life when the enormous dog filled the small ship cabin in which they were playing cards. After telling his story, one of the seamen read the disc around the Great Danes neck and discovered that he was actually an able seaman enrolled into the Royal Navy. Story adapted for the Intra Muros Children section by Corlia Mathews from the book: Just Nuisance AB, His full history by Terence Sisson

Last month we mentioned Just Nuisance’s weekly trips by train from Simons Town to Cape Town where he would go to his favourite hotel have his meal and go watch the pedestrians on the sidewalk from the first floor balcony. He would bark occasionally when other dogs walk past on leashes, obviously in some canine superior way since he was not on a leash. From there he would go to the dockyards, passing by the guards easily since everybody knew him! He would wander from ship to ship. At first when I read the book I thought he would look for food, but no, he was looking for other dogs to intimidate. Most of these ships were merchant ships. Navy ships docked at Simons Town. He would plain ignore ship cats, as they were way below him. Sniffing the air, Just Nuisance would smell where his ‘victims’ were and board the ship via the gangplank. Sometimes when there was a new seaman guarding the gangplank the harbour police, who knew Just Nuisance well, would quietly tell them to look at the tag around his neck; he is a certified seaman. Not many did look but all allowed the enormous Great Dane onto their ships. Here Just Nuisance would chase his next ‘victim’ around the ship. There were stories that he killed some, but none was ever recorded. What usually happened was that the much smaller ship’s dog would know every inch of the ship and after a bit of a run, duck into an alcove or other hiding place and Just Nuisance would disdainfully walk off the ship with his nose in the air, looking for the next dog to chase. One such an encounter was actually recorded because the merchant ship seaman heard Leading Seaman Brown and some of his friends talk in a bar about a big dog. The merchant seaman asked the kellicks around the table if the dog was an enormous Great Dane. Leading Seaman Brown explained that it was and that he was actually in charge of the Great Dane. The merchant seaman explained that around 4 pm he was feeding the ship’s little mongrel dog after he just washed the ship’s deck, he saw a head appear from the gangplank. At first thinking that it was a lion’s head and only later seeing it was a dog an enormous dog. The ship’s dog gave a yelp and as fast as he could went for the nearest hatch. Unfortunately, he slipped on a wet patch, and the seaman thought he has just caused their ships dog’s last minute watched as their dog rolled on its side. In 2 bounds, Just Nuisance was standing astride the petrified mongrel. The seaman thinking they have lost a well-loved pet, which was also useful as he could reach rats in small confined spaces. He actually once killed 16 of these rodents in a single day. To his amazement, the Great Dane did not even make a sound and rolled the little dog on his back, with his stumpy little legs sticking skywards. Just Nuisance then started licking the little dogs ears and belly with the mongrel whimpering in delight. After about two or three minutes, Just Nuisance stopped and let the little dog roll back onto his feet. The little dog licked Just Nuisance’s front paw, which was nearly as high as he was.



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**Launch Special: R285 per Month per Listing** Benefits Residents now have an easy and direct channel to market property to a focused, relevant target audience; namely other people living in Silver Lakes and in estates throughout South Africa.

New property module available on the Silver Lakes Communication Portal & Website We are extremely excited to announce that we have launched a new direct property module. The new module is called “Estate Properties” and is South Africa’s premier estate property directory.

Costs: Our Portal Provider is providing this service at no additional cost to the Estate. The only cost is a listing and admin fee of R285 (VAT incl.) per 30 days, which is paid as part of the listing process.

Residents now have the chance to list their property for sale or to rent directly in the Estate Communication Portal. The listed property can then be viewed by not only residents of our Estate, but also by members of other estates (60,000+ members across 280+ communities throughout South Africa and now Mauritius). The properties will also be listed directly on our Silver Lakes website. This makes it easy for prospective buyers to find properties for rent and for sale in our Estate.

Listing your Property: Listing your property has never been easier. Just follow the simple steps below:

Fountains unit to Rent in Lombardy Estate

1. Log into our Silver Lakes Communication Portal through the Member Login area on the Silver Lakes website. 2. Select the “Estate Properties” option under the “My Lifestyle” menu item. 3. Select “List my Property” and follow the simple steps.

Price: R12 500 2 BED | 2 BATH

Estate Properties is another innovative solution aimed to enhance your living experience available through GLO-Portal the leading Community Management System. GLO-Portal is proudly developed and supported by GLOVent Solutions (Pty) Ltd. (

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SMALLS DOMESTICS A new job for Miriam (live-in, Monday-Friday): We will relocate in September and she managed our household (cleaning, laundry, childcare) from the first day - for almost five years. She is a wonderful, honest and friendly person, her heart is at the right place and - as an experienced mum - she is great with our kids (newborn-6yrs). We really appreciated her efficiency and autonomy and her extremely clean work. We always could count on her and it was a pleasure to have her with our family. She has access to Silver Lakes. Please call Miriam: 079 4841184 and for reference: 072 4368536 Catherine took over in the past few years, when Miriam was on home leave in Zimbabwe. She is very friendly, honest, trustworthy and hard working. We loved the way she made the beds and put love into details. She was working for Silver Lakes Families for many years. She lives in Mamelodi and needs work for Mondays and Fridays. Please call Catherine: 079 0497686 and for reference: 072 4368536 Jankie worked for us since 2012 on Mondays and as we will relocate in September, he needs a new garden to care for. But beside caring for our lawn and plants, he always was keen on fixing, maintaining or painting things in and around the house. Please call Jankie: 079 6110587 and for Reference: 072 4368536 Flo is seeking available work on a Monday, Wednesday & Friday. She is both English/Afrikaans speaking, intelligent, very trustworthy, honest, friendly and very reliable & hard working. She is a Christian woman with high values, works equally well with children or the elderly. Flo has worked in around our family for the past 7 years and I would refer her with pleasure. Please contact Flo directly on 078 624 2917. For reference, call Daphne 082 859 6395. Excellent cleaning lady looking for work. 1 - 4 days a week. She is working in my house and worked for others in Silver Lakes before. She is friendly and honest. Call Priscilla directly at 079 614 8068 Reference: Manuela 079 872 4288. Gladys (079 962 8930) a domestic worker, currently working for me is looking for work on Wednesdays & Fridays. She speaks and reads Afrikaans & English. She is very friendly, reliable and a hard worker. Good with children and animals. For reference, call Marianne 082-5654234. GARDENERS Sherperd (29) is looking for a job as a gardener on Tue, Wed, Fri. He resides in Nellmapius. References available. Contact Sherperd at 074 994 6555. Arthur is looking for gardening work for Fridays. He is a very hard worker. Please call Arthur on 073 953 4595. For a reference, call Clive Long on 082 460 3722. Samual is seeking work on Mondays. He is hardworking, helpful, reliable and excellent with pets. He is efficient, not only in the garden, but also with handyman responsibilities such as fixing windows/doors, painting, tiling, building, treating your swimming pool, rescuing your grass and caring for your car. He is honest and trustworthy. He likes to work independently and he needs very little supervision. Please contact Melanie at 084 440 4069 for further information or Samual directly at 074 694 4492. SERVICES OFFERED House/dog sitter. I am a 21 year old TUKS student speaking English, German, Afrikaans. Experienced as dog/house sitter. Call Andrea 072 627 6686. Painter. For all your painting needs, no matter how big or small, contact Brian. He is reliable, honest, friendly and gets the job done quickly. His prices are also very reasonable. He has done a number of painting jobs in Silver lakes. Please contact Brian on 084 461 8128 or for a reference, contact Lani 082 554 4378.



SMALLS House sitters offered. Margie and Roger Dryburgh of Zimbabawe have been staying with their brother/in law Bugs and Lorna Dryburgh in Silver Lakes, Phase 3, for some weeks pending their emigration to Australia mid-October to join their qualified children. They are awaiting veterinary clearance for their dog, Rocky, a loveable house-friendly little Schnauzer, who will emigrate with them. Margie and Roger (and Rocky) a house-proud team, are looking for a house to sit in Silver Lakes from earliest August until their departure. Contact Bugs and Lorna to arrange to meet Margie and Rog. 082 7889092, 012 809 0458 or Driver. Reliable driver looking for work. Full- or part time. Very honest and reliable. Understands English and Afrikaans. South African Citizen. 14 year’s driving experience - Code 10 (C1). Age 35- Contact Kagiso Petrus Masinga 073 980 5493 / 079 443 4993 - For a reference contact Lea Barrett 083 229 6956. Handyman. Are you too busy or need a small job done in Silver Lakes, please call me. Anything from changing a light bulb or lock to painting, waterproofing, tiling, paving, ceilings, cornice, small brick work and plaster, almost anything. Call Protus 061 0291 850 or Johan 082 4110 451. Painting and Waterproofing. Aubrey Phago is a handy and honest worker with 21 years’ experience in the industry, own equipment and bakkie. Call 082 256 9886. For reference, you may call Pieter van Zyl, a resident - 082 550 0561. COOKING SCHOOL for Domestics Cooking classes to teach your domestic worker to cook a variety of dishes with classes in small groups and a hands-on approach. Location - Silver Lakes. Contact Jeanne at 0832368312 or for further information. Or follow the link or www.facebook. com/ukutya cooking SERVICES REQUIRED Looking for a student / resident living in Silver Lakes to feed (once or twice a day) and walk (once a day if possible) my two small dogs when I go away. Can discuss fees. Please contact Leanne 084 308 9702. FOR RENT Ballito. 3 x bedrooms and 1.5 bedroom. On main beach. 100% sea view. Reasonable rates. Phone Martie for bookings 083 788 8885. (Dec holiday fully booked) House to rent near to O.R.Tambo airport Lovely family 5 bedroom home for rent partly furnished, or fully furished 5 bathrooms 3 on Suite. Servants room. Study 3 living areas double lock up garage.big swimming pool lovely .maintained garden. Security gated In Cul du sac. Phone Janene 0843544399. Available 1August 2015. FOR SALE Piano. Fritz Hauff, German upright, dark mahogany, excellent condition, in Silver Lakes, R8 000. Tel 084 387 4202.

If you would like to place a smalls advert in the Intra Muros Magazine please email your wording to i n fo @p i st ac h i o d e si gn s. co. za







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