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Light where it is needed when it is needed and as much as is needed Life is too short to abandon comfort. Places, where everything feels right, have their reason behind it. Every single day we search for new and better lighting solutions, to empower the designers with the best lighting instruments, to orchestrate well-deserved lighting comfort on the planet. Come with us. Make your ideas visible.



Passion for local, worldwide What really inspires is the culture of a place. A touch of diversity while bringing out the best. We work closely with architects, lighting designers, engineers and interior designers around the globe to co-create engaging lighting solutions and foremost vibrant spaces. The Intra lighting's global family is getting bigger and bigger‌





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Years of Experience

mio EUR turnover




Select your fellow players Creating a space is like telling a story. Each detail contributes to the whole picture. Even unnoticed, our luminaires play a significant role. Changing the perception, ruling the atmosphere. Pure design and simplicity make them discreet, yet effective. Smart fellow players you can always rely on.



Biba Tiny sophistication

Individual or in a matching composition, whatever you

home dining room. Let it simply suit your taste.

are going for, sophistication it’s the look you are getting.

Combine shapes and colours in an endless fusion

Think about Biba if you’re planning an elegant

of possibilities that will lead you from simple and

restaurant, minimalistic hotel lobby, Scandinavian

sophisticated, to a luminaire that lets your ideas fly.

inspired bar, urban retail or even your


Atos Sparkling lights

Atos represent a low light level range that has many

It is small and powerfull and that is precisely the biggest

application possibilities, like a special atmosphere in


wellness centers, accent on shelves, night illumination and many more.


Pipes R Totally responsive

A range of recessed LED spots brings efficiency and

The concept of ÂťLess is moreÂŤ went beyond the design

customization together. With a wide choice of colour

itself or the way a space is used. Each and every product

combinations, power options and sizes, Pipes R is a spot

component has been optimized to make the Pipes R

that can blend in discretely or become an eye catching

highly efficient and affordable.

element in the space.


Flott Not a typical downlight

Flott fits best when you need a downlight with character.

Depending on the time of the day or activity taking

Since it is multifunctional and changeable, it enhances

place, you can switch lighting scenarios between the

the space and makes it look a little different every time.

floating effect with backlight, RGB colour change or spot illumination.



Pipes Simple outside, clever inside

The simple shape is neutral and widely generic to fit

The front of the fixture is what makes it unique and

easily anywhere. Thanks to a variety of applications, an

different. To achieve high visual comfort the reflector is

uncompromising performance and high efficiency, it has

inwardly recessed, while the funnel acts as a transition

the power to point the attention and to create a special

zone to minimize the contrast.

atmosphere in a space.


Hunter Call to action

Modern retail shops cannot afford to be uniform. To

Hunter spot is designed to make your products stand out

provoke the desired response of buyers, sections with

or help you create a desirable overall brand experience.

high sales potential have to be enhanced in the right way.


Zoe Light up your creativity


Mix and match your favourite combination of five

decorative element a chance to create an ambient of

different shapes and trendy colour range to create

your dreams. Whether you are planning a home, a

something that fits your wishes like a glove. Finest

restaurant, a hotel or a store, Zoe finds its place in

materials, green technologies and sophisticated

minimalistic, Scandinavian and urban interiors and

production reflect in top-notch design and give this

turns it in something truly beautiful.

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Cove Feel the light

noitubirtsid thgiL resuffiD iop gnitnuom elbissoP Give your space a feelingstnof a light coming in or put it

0002 ,0051 ,0001 ,006 ,005 :)htgnel eludom dradnats( L

Place.tseuitqerin a hotel lobby or a room and make your guests no elbaliava shtgnel rehtO

under cascades or shelves to light up the things that

feel welcome, use it in a closet or blend it with corridor

need to be seen. Cove is a light that can be decorative,

interiors and give your visitors that extra feeling. Cove

functional or both at the same time as it always create

offers a numerous possibilities for personalized experience

an uniform lighting with an elegant touch.

and a first impression that will never be forgotten.


Skyler Great design is transparent

Forget about boring office lights that reveals everything within one look! Here's Skyler and it's here to surprise! The first thing to wow is its see-through diffuser; being invisible when the light is OFF or creating high visual comfort when the light is ON. And that's not even the only thing that's beautiful. With its black and white frame colour combination and thinness, it's a true designer's piece, ages away from common office lighting solutions.


Because it's the insight that counts, Skyler boasts with a perfect combination of indirect and direct lighting, not only creating a feeling of spaciousness but also providing a high-quality office illumination without any glare. It's additional options are also an RGB or tunable white indirect illumination, that are meant to spice up the space.


Kalis Absolutely universal

Kalis family range is so universal and flexible, that even

The basic shape, which allows the creation of infinite

with repetition of the same product, individuality and

patterns, the ability to match and its carefully designed

originality can be achieved on projects.

details give Kalis the potential to become one of your favourites.


Night & Day Changes by turning

Night & Day is designed for spaces where one line just

Once installed it’s never the same as it offers you the

isn’t enough. It’s a luminaire that introduced a new way

possibilitie to create a distinctive look you were seeking.

of joining two functionalities (direct and indirect) in a

It can be used as a single luminaire or in composition,

compostion that changes by turning. And that’s what

allowing new possibilities of application.

we call flexible.


Gyon More is more

The possibility of endless lines allows you to go as far as

Outstanding performance plus bespoke lengths is the

you want. Thanks to the modularity, the luminaire can be

perfect recipe for your modular solution, to find the best

designed, as you want it and to go in different directions.

possible fit and excellent end result. The way you

This is only the beginning of what you can create with

combine the light lines is up to you, as it should be.



Atrix Make a profit. Save on lighting.

Atrix is designed squarely for supermarket needs. Its

By being extremely efficient in the main shelving area,

purpose is to help sell more products and additional

it creates a win-win situation: a fast return on investment,

advertising space. It is all about functionality and

uniformity of lighting and a desirable brand experience.

allowing an easy and fast installation.


Wave Bored of being straight.

From classical form to an artistic drawing with irregular lines and round objects, Wave gives you the privilege of doing it as big and as bold as you want. Wave is a perfect pick for big fluid spaces as it can easily chase the architecture and gives your visitors a reason to look up.

Use a quarter or an eight of a circle and combine it with straight lines of Gyon, creating something that’s completely unique and fits your needs.



Wave Round Life is a full circle

Challenge your creativity by designing figures of repetition or an original combination of different shapes and sizes. It’s an object that seeks attention without taking control over your space.

‘Wave Round’ may look all glitz and glam, but it also boast with increased efficiency and reduced glare, which makes it appropriate for your reception, building entrance or a shopping centre.



Acusto Keep the noise down!

In an open workspace, there is nothing more annoying than noises you don’t want to hear. But here comes Acusto and it’s here to make a change. Acusto is a luminaire that features acoustic panels that provide excellent absorption of sounds, making your area not only quieter but also more private.

Think about Acusto when creating large or open spaces with a majority of hard surfaces and an echo, or when you’re simply seeking for a different and green solution. And by saying that, we think about MOSSwall® panels that don’t only help to absorb the noise but also bring the nature inside and are maintenance free. How cool is that?


Lona Originally simple

Lona is a simple product, yet it can shape originality by

Its ability to blend in and stand out makes it easy to

creative use in a space. As it comes in different sizes

match with any interior. Especially in unlimited spaces,

and mounting possibilities, there are so many ways to

Lona will add a focal point, without losing the feeling of

combine the Lonas together.



Canvas Out of the box

This is a solution for those who want colour, form and

By placing the aesthetical accent on the frame, the

function combined in a distinctive and elegant luminaire

contrast between lit and non-lit surfaces is softened and

with a high visual comfort.

the perception of depth is changed. For fixture personalization, colour is introduced, while different sizes allow you to play with a variety of combinations.


Demi Office reviver

Demi represents a high quality lighting solution for office

It’s perfect for areas, where you need maximum

buildings. It provides maximum efficiency and a uniform

flexibility of space arrangement or when the final layout

illumination everywhere.

is not yet known. The universal luminaire body can be installed in plasterboard or modular ceilings, ensuring the best match with the interior space design.


Medis Care 24/7

Medis can adapt easily to a multitude of needs, considering what the patients, nursing staff and visitors need. This flexible illumination enhances the well-being while providing for a better living comfort in an unfamiliar environment.

Different lighting settings are possible: for examination rounds, visiting times, reading, night or daytime illumination. Besides optimal illumination, Medis offers an integration system with power inlets, communication outlets and medical gases.




A feeling for your needs Ideas are born from love. Still, it takes a lot more to create a game changer. A form has to match function. Every detail has to be thought out. We co-operate with many brilliant designers from all over the world to create excellent luminaires and unique lighting experiences. Exceeding the known. Passionate about light.

ALPP Studio

Mark Elliot


Bojan KlanÄ?ar

Lars Bylund & Mats ThorĂŠn

Made to perform and inspire.

4-10 New products / year


Serge & Robert Cornelissen

Our product families, consistent in their style, are developed to fulfil various lighting needs. Moreover, they stimulate a creative use in a space. Try them and dare to fall in love.

Janez Mesaric, Mashoni

Studio Miklavc

Lorenzo Truant

Wilsonic design



New concept of presentations Inspire to innovate. With our newest product presentations, we’ve made products top-notch characteristics stand out and reveal all the details that might be missed. They will guide you from the visual to detailed specifications, with the ability to explore, skip and arrive in the fastest way directly where you need to be.


With a good product you are only half way there‌

The presentation adds the other half. We wanted to create a web site, that does not only show you the lighting, but create a feeling, a story, set a mood and give you all the important information to make a decision.



Work smarter. Be faster. Personalize light to your needs. There has never been an easier way to design your next lighting system. Intra Constructor enables quick, simple and precise selection of lighting modules that can be personalized to fit best in your interior design. Every design is unique and no piece is forgotten.


Breaking speed records

100 % 0 Accurate

Forgotten parts

Intra Configurator is an easy, fast and accurate tool, with simple feature selection allowing you to personalize your luminaire based on your needs. Its role is to prevent all the mistakes that could be done while planning, taking care of all the necessary product parts. Every product also gets its own technical card and all the necessary documentation downloads. All this in less than 10 seconds.



Browse our BIM library A game changer for the construction industry. Our portfolio is available in 3D BIM at BIM object library. And not just that! Our products were among the most downloaded BIM objects in 2017.

BIM offers an intelligent 3D process to efficiently plan, design and construct throughout the building lifecycle, to support and manage your projects easily.

Download files from

We support


Experince the light in 3D

Change perception with different illumination. Lighting plays an important role when planning a space. With 3D BIM objects you will know exactly what you will get at the end of the project realization. The client can easily understand the effect and the space impression that different illumination brings, so the choice becomes really simple.

Tranquil lighting scheme

Balanced lighting scheme

Luminaires: Nitor PRO

Luminaires: Pipes RI, Canvas S

Dramatic lighting scheme 1

Dramatic lighting scheme 2

Luminaires: Pipes RIO, Cove

Luminaires: Hunter in a slot, Cove




it's ages away from the usual radiance. It's a place of ultimate balance of representatives, warmth,

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

and artistry, and the same goes for lighting. The

Architect: Casper Schwarz Architects

light had to fulfill the modern aspect and to create

Lighting designer: Studio Rublek

a space where people feel good. And what better

Photography: Peter Baas, Gerke van de Hoef


Nauta Dutilh is a Netherland based law firm that

way to do it, than with Intra’s Pipes?


IPG Mediabrands

In a modern working environment, that stimulates creation, innovation and collaboration there’s no other way than “a different way”. A special feature of this project is a green wall, perfectly illuminated by our spotlights, and an open office space that’s now - as far

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

as lighting is considered - under control with

Design: Tétris Design & Build B.V.

Gyon and his outstanding performance.

Lighting design: Studio Rublek Photography: Tétris Design & Build B.V.



Hohmuth & Partner Leipzig, Germany Architecture: Hohmuth & Partner Lighting design: K & R Lichtkonzept GmbH


Architectural biro Homhuth+Partner created their offices in Germany in a design that is determined by a perfect fusion of contrasts. A combination of warm and cold in the common area was a perfect fit for Intra’s Kalis, meanwhile 'Night & Day’ brought that extra touch to the look of their offices.


International House Sydney

International House Sydney is a seven-store commercial building, and is as such the first commercial timber building of its size and type in Australia. The lighting follows the nature of the building, as it creates a uniform illumination but also a recognizable

Barangaroo, Sydney

lighting pattern that seeks attention when

Architecture: Tzannes

passing by.

Photography: The Guthrie Project




shopping destination in Amsterdam, framing the beauty of shops,

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

impressive art and inviting catering.

Client: Kroonenberg Groep

And what invites visitors in? Its striking

Architect: de Architekten Cie. Lighting Design: Etienne Bindels Licht & Techniek Photography: Ilja Huner, De Architecten Cie


The Kalverpassage is an attractive

detail, the innovative facade, created with Intra's new lumianire Haron.



i29 interior architects were challenged to create a showroom that unites the diversity of the Samsonite Group and its sub-brands.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A beautiful project was created, in which our

Architecture: I29 Interior Architects

product Pipes proved to be the ideal spot to be

Lighting Design: Lichtwerkt

applied within the design.



Texhair Hair Design Millennio Belluno, Italy Architecture: Luca De Bona Photography: Massimiliano Zucchi


Texhair, a leading hairdresser chain in Northern Italy, filled their salons with magic to make their customers feel special and unique. Like in every other hair salon, lighting played a significant aesthetic and functional role, which made Kalis just a perfect fit for designers and investors needs.


Supermarket Because shopping is an activity experienced with 5 senses, light is an important when planning new shops. Different areas call for different illumination, but they all have that special common denominator; a feel good atmosphere. Think about accent illumination with special vivid COB in the areas such as of fruits, vegetables, bakery, cheese or fish stations, to enhance colors and freshness of your products. In between shelves you should provide a high quality uniform illumination with spots that attract the attention to the exposed products or products in action



King’s House

‘King’s house’ in Bled was recently renovated and again became the most prestigious golf clubhouse in the region. The inside is furnished with a mix of

Bled, Slovenia

classic, contemporary and traditional styles,

Architecture: Sadar+Vuga

creating a warm and pleasant feeling. Lighting

Photography: Miran Kambič

supports the idea of this venue, creating contrasts and excitement with Intra’s Pipes, but at the same time delicately complimenting the interiors.



Hotel Zhero

The interior of this Austrian hotel is inspired by the hotel’s natural surroundings, mixing wooden, glass and stone materials. What

Ischgl, Austria

enhances the feeling inside the hotel and the

Architecture: Jäger Architectur

restaurant is the lighting, creating focus and contracts just where they need to be.



Macquarie University Sydney, Australia Architecture: Architectus

in Australia are designed as little spaces of creativity, that is not supported only with the interior, but also with lighting. And Intra's Ergetic found himself perfectly suited to the given environment, contributed its part to bringing ideas to life.

Lighting design: Arup Sydney

Photography: Guy Wilkinson photography


Common areas at this school of engeneering


Kindergarten Polj훾ane

Kindergarten Polj훾ane is a unique interpretation of a space that was meant to offer a creative learning experience in a playful environment. With the illumination concept, the architects wanted to enhance the space dimensions. Because their focus was on the heights, we

Polj훾ane, Slovenia

accomplished their expectations with

Architecture: MODULAR arhitekti

suspended Lonas.

Photography: Miran Kambi훾



Faculty of Medicine Maribor Maribor, Slovenia Architecture: Boris Podrecca Photography: Miran KambiÄ?


Faculty of Medicine in Maribor stands on the banks of the Drava river, creating a unique architectural impression. Light played an important role in designing the building, giving light lines of Gyon and Hunter Flex a great opportunity to support the

Project: Plan B

architectural solution of this project.


Park Mains

Park Mains is an innovative educational building, accommodating 1400 students and 136 staff. Because the space is full

Erskine, United Kingdom

of natural light, the illumination solution

Architecture: Holmes Miller

was homogenous, meant to guide people

Photography: Andrew Lee

around the building and creating a pleasant

Consultant Engineer: TUV SUD Wallace Whittle

environment that encourages creativity.



Museum of Vučedol culture

important project for the preservation of Croatian national heritage. Taking this into forefront, lighting was designed to focus attention on exhibited products, creating a darker

Vukovar, Croatia

space with highlights and an easy

Architecture: Radionica arhitekture + Vanja Ilić

visible path to guide you around...

Photography: Miljenko Bernfest


The Museum of Vučedol culture is an


Slovenia at Expo

The idea of the pavilion was based on the slogan "I FEEL SLOVENIA, and it manifests itself through a series of interactive elements and architectural design. Bringing attention to details that need to be seen, Pipes luminaires were used to accentuate different objects and to create a variety of atmospheres.

Milan, Italy Architecture: SoNo Architects Photography: Žiga Lovťin



Japan at Expo Milan, Italy Architecture: Atsushi Kitagawara Installation design: Nendo


Japanese pavilion was one of the biggest on EXPO Milano, and we were very proud to participate. The illumination supported the story behind the concept of harmonious diversity with our luminaire Pipes, that was also awarded the Good Design Award in Japan. Pipes did just what they are supposed to do - focusing attention right where it needs to be and creating an ambient you can't easely forget.


Estonia at Expo

Estonian pavilion displayed the best that Estonia has to offer the world, represented by 52 wooden boxes that were stacked on top of each other. In this project Gyon luminaires were used to create a pattern with a strong visual impact, meanwhile Pipes spots directed the attention to the exposed products.

Milan, Italy Architecture: Kadarik Tßßr Arhitektid



IKEA Distribution Centre Dubai, United Arab Emirates Photography: Rebecca Hobday

With a dream of expanding their business to the Middle East, IKEA moved to a new 100.000 square meter distribution centre. Arago was a convenient choice here, as it is suitable for general illumination, but also for illuminating shelves with its narrow beam angle.




Slovenian light aircraft manufacturer Pipistrel has built a production hall in Italy which has a perfect combination of natural and artificial light. Sequal

Gorizia, Italy

luminaire with its functionality and extreme

Architecture: Studio DeGressi Gorizia

efficiency was not only the perfect choice in the sense of uniformity of lighting but met the desired low energy consumption as well.



Made in Europe

We live our values. Everything matters.

Intra lighting's highly integrated internal culture of quality reflects our strong commitment to the highest standards. Three production plants in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia ensures a reliable, 100% controlled production.

7 Year warranty


100 % ISO 26 Tested products

Certified productions

Thousand m2

Quality in every detail Perfection may be boring, quality never is. Our products are carefully planned, manufactured and tested in order to ensure reliable operation throughout their life span, to limit the environmental impact as little as possible and to co-create pleasant living conditions. Quality is our highest priority and way of life.

High standards and reliable quality of our products were certified by numerous organisations.


We only have one Earth.


Focusing green

93% 60 % Recyclable products


Renewable energy

The best path to the future is through sustainability. We design environmentally friendly products while giving special attention to human aspects. We use both natural and human resources responsibly to allow long-term abundance.


Office lighting can be adjusted in a way to energize and stimulate workers or help keep them focused

Adjust to energize

when there is need for concentrated work. But light can also ease stressful situations enabling employees to perform better. People's well-being can be additionally enhanced by matching the colour temperature and quantity of artificial light with natural daylight, using accurate timing and any type of weather.

Energizing and motivating / cloudy day

Calming lighting scenario / sunset

Color temperature: 6000K

Color temperature: 2700K



By your side We understand and support your ideas. Our highly qualified and experienced team and associated partners can follow different project typologies, support you through every phase of the project realization and help you with all the information you may need. We speak 13 languages and the universal one: passion.

3 2 1

DELIVERY We stand for timely delivery.


Our operations team will ensure that your order is accurately


We offer advice regarding luminaire selection and

Our team will help you define your project’s specific requirements and provide the best solution for your needs.


technical specifications.

processed for production and delivered on time.

The team behind the brand



Let's work together Welcome to Intra lighting. Our company, established in 1989, is a global provider of smart lighting solutions. As one of the most important players in the lighting market, we strive to contribute to the world's well-being. The future can be visible. All visible.

Headquarters Intra lighting d.o.o. Miren 137 b 5291 Miren Slovenia

T: +386 5 398 44 00


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Intra lighting Company Profile 2018  

We are super proud to present our new corporate brochure! Browse through our amazing new products and project you simply cannot miss, get in...

Intra lighting Company Profile 2018  

We are super proud to present our new corporate brochure! Browse through our amazing new products and project you simply cannot miss, get in...