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Index (GBI) Certified Rating in support of a greener development to reduce the life cycle cost of the complex. Ultimately, the project is intended to serve as a stunning new landmark for the area. Its external appearance is inspired by Islamic design while at the same time features contemporary and cutting-edge architecture. TH Properties has achieved this by fusing Islamic concepts such as ‘Ihram’ which symbolises purity with captivating modern designs such as the inverted Islamic arches for the hotel blocks. Pristine white was chosen as the colour for the entire complex, maintaining the overarching theme of purity. Similarly, intricate Islamic geometry carved along walkways not only serve to filter sunlight and give privacy but is also a very Islamic element (termed ‘Mashrabiah’). Mashrabiah was selected as the main element that transforms, natural daylight into a shading pattern that provides thermal comfort to the users in the building, thus

becoming the element that creates privacy to the occupants. The use of Kufic calligraphy is another Islamic architectural element that was incorporated into the hotel’s build. This is one of the oldest calligraphic forms of the various Arabic scripts and it is used here to adorn the hotel walls as well as the Convention Centre hallways. Geometrical patterns are widely used within the building, not only as an architectural element but to create a shadow effect as well as becoming another shading device to offer protection from 60% of the heat. This in itself was a small engineering feat. Another significant Islamic architectural element of the building is the overarching AlA’amida pillars. The arched column elements were adapted from the column in Alhambra, the Great Mosque of Cordoba, Spain. However, they have been simplified to look sleek and modern and are enforced with pearl white aluminium cladding and stainless steel strips.


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 BEST NEW HOTEL CONSTRUCTION & DESIGN MALAYSIA TH Hotel & Convention Centre Sepang by TH Properties Sdn Bhd Asia Pacific Property Awards

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