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Syrena Vietnam JSC BIM Group 3rd floor, Syrena Tower,

51 Xuan Dieu, Tay Ho, Hanoi, Vietnam

 V  a subsidiary of BIM Group – one of the country’s leading business groups. Adopting the highest standards, the company continuously pushes the boundaries of innovation throughout its construction and design. Its award-winning mixed-use architecture project, Phu Quoc Waterfront, features 177 boutique hotels, each with its own façade stretching 5m-6m long. Phu Quoc Waterfront is an essential part of Phu Quoc Marina – an integrated development that features a series of luxury resorts and hotels as well as a host of leisure facilities across an area of 155 hectares. Running along the SouthWestern coast of Phu Quoc Island, the project is based on the idea of creating a colourful street with a wide variety of different kinds of boutique hotels, restaurants, shops and retail. These will include Asian restaurants, artisanal cafes, one-stop supermarkets and

souvenir shops. Covering an area of 13 hectares, the project also includes a beach square, festival road and a night market. With unique Indochina architectural style, the project reflects the harmonious fusion of western style and Asian culture which is extremely diverse from colour to design motifs. Surrounded by natural scenery, Phu Quoc Waterfront is a perfect blend of contemporary and traditional beauty. The project combines modern materials and construction methods with the essence of ancient architecture from centuries ago to generate a stunning development. Vaulting Syrena Vietnam into the stratosphere of the finest developers, the final design of Phu Quoc Waterfront is a visually dazzling technical marvel that will excite everyday guests and professional architects alike.

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 BEST MIXED-USE ARCHITECTURE VIETNAM Phu Quoc Waterfront by Syrena Vietnam JSC - BIM Group 180

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