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ABB Beijing Headquarter Office


DPWT Design Ltd Beijing Office

Building F, 51, Ganmian Hutong, Dong Cheng District, Beijing 100010 t: +8610 6426 5562

Siemens Shenyang Office

The client’s brief to DPWT Design was highly complex as each laboratory has its own individual requirement in terms of space and specific elements. Besides the normal requirement of workstations, reception, meeting rooms, conference room, storage, IT rooms and copy room, all laboratories also have to stack together within the building. Therefore, the whole building has been divided into three different zones. The public zone 1F is where the reception is located and is freely accessed by all external visitors. The conference room and training rooms are in a semi-private area at 2F where visitors can be escorted for meetings. Zones 3-8F are private areas for ABB’s internal offices. This hierarchic arrangement places the most private area at the top while the basement houses the laboratories where no daylight is required. The circulation in the breakout area of each office floor is inspired by the traditional

Beijing ‘hutong’ (narrow alley) spatial quality. In the past, these connected courtyard houses in the old Beijing city and became a social place for people to gather and chat. Similarly, staff can wander through these corridors and meet with their colleagues for both formal and informal discussions, enjoy spontaneous conversations and share creative ideas. Additionally, as the office is open plan without any rooms in between, the space can easily be converted into different configurations according to current business needs. As there are seven floors of working areas, each has been designed with a house colour. Resembling a rainbow of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, each colour applies to the wall of the quiet room, sofa fabric and notice board. This not only gives identity to each floor but also provides a highly energetic visual impact to each office.

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