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Apostrophys Group Co., Ltd.

290/214 Ladprao 84, (Sungkomsongkraotai 1) Wangtonglang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand

 G  a multidisciplinary architecture and interior design studio based in Bangkok. Its award-winning renovation project ‘Modern Sampran, Wangprom Office’ is in Nakorn Pathom Province, Thailand. The client, Thai traditional herbal products manufacturer Wangprom, required its 350m² office to be redesigned to give it more space and meaning. The aim was to build the brand’s new image which has been built on its origin in the 80s. By using a twist of local elements with a contemporary design process and context, the main concept became ‘Modern Sampran’. An open plan design provides maximum flexibility of the office space, enabling it to be extended in the future while radiating a relaxed atmosphere

which is more like a home or café. Innovatively, a mirror has been used as the support for the reception counter, creating a stunning first impression that the table top is floating on air. As Wang means palace and Prom means Brahma goddess in Thai, the existing columns and beams have been finished in a dark wood veneer, inspired by the local palace from the 80s. The brand’s corporate colour of dark green has been used for the walls and fabrics, while hand-painted herbal illustrations and certificates adorn the walls. Customised wallpaper featuring many different types of herbs has also been placed in every part of the office including the pantry and restroom, reflecting the ingredients used in Wangprom’s products.

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