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Healing Hands

The Spa’s new therapeutic massage treatment is helping Members quickly return to a normal life after bouts of pain or injury. by Nick Narigon


assage therapist Wakako Ogawa is a self-proclaimed “massage geek.” Passionate about her profession and staying abreast of the latest methods, the 31-year-old is offering a new therapeutic massage treatment at The Spa. Her clients are athletes, including many Club squash players, travel-weary execs and even young mothers with muscle aches, chronic pain or even serious injuries. Ogawa, who earned a degree from the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences before working as a licensed massage therapist at New York City’s top sports clubs, fully assesses a client’s ailments before fixing the problem. “Massage therapy can help break the negative pain cycle,” says Ogawa. “It is up to me to work with my clients to find the right tools to unravel their current injury situation or assist them with their training program.” o

Hirosuke Usui Ailment: stiff neck “I spend hours at work in front of the computer and my neck is in permanent pain. Waka always gives me tips, like the way the computer display is set up can have an effect. With her diagnostic explanations, she provides a three-dimensional view of how my body works.”

Henriette Kokeny Ailment: chronic back pain “Wakako had me describe my problem in detail and recommended that we combine a deep-tissue massage and sports massage. This combination works like a magic pill. Moreover, she suggested stretching exercises at home, which became part of my daily routine.”

Steve Greenberg Ailment: hip flexor pain “Waka doesn’t just give a massage. She knows her stuff about sports injuries, muscles and how everything works. I do a lot of cycling and was in pain for two days after a long ride. Now I am back on the road, training hard and the pain has been gone for weeks.”

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Roni Ohara Ailment: torn Achilles tendon “After the tendon healed, Waka implemented a myofascialrelease massage that broke up the multiple adhesions that were bunched up around my muscles and tendons, preventing circulation. As a result, my muscles and tendons are more pliant and stronger because blood can flow through the tissue.”

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April 2014 iNTOUCH  

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April 2014 iNTOUCH  

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