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Nov/Dec 2021


“Allow myself to introduce … myself.” “I can’t believe I missed it.” “My Precious.” “He’s brought the book!” “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” “I made a funny!” “Show me the money!” “I’ll have what she’s having!” “Quoth the raven, nevermore.” “Kill the chatter, game time.” NEW “I am the Author. You are the audience. I outrank you!” NEW “Everything gets revised 4,000 times. There’s no writing. There’s only rewriting.”

INTRODUCTION WELCOME BACK. As we will not see you before Christmas, this is our only chance to say Merry Christmas. So, sorry this is early, but have a good one! Please remember this magazine is run entirely by volunteers, and we ask for no money for any of the advertising, or from the readers of this magazine. All we ask is that you please follow us on Facebook if you can, or on Twitter. Spread the word that we exist. We love to hear from readers, and find out what they are enjoying. Please also tell us about any great movies or books that you would like us to feature or if you would like to be interviewed

This is a fun, crazy zombie adventure. It does get a little samey in parts, but it is funnier than the many, many low budget zombie flicks that are available to watch. The special effects are not high end but there are a few interesting dispatches of various undead. The characters are quite amusing, although the acting leaves something to be desired, and the ending is over the top, but we quite enjoyed this romp through the snow with blood thirsty zombies and a mad old lady. Worth a watch.

This has Tony Curtis in it! I mean, that alone blows my mind. Some say it is a blatant cash in on movies like The Exorcist but the novel it is based on took it’s influences from The Exorcist, so it would be hard not to compare. Still although silly and very trippy, this movie also has a few good points all of its own. Curtis brings a lighthearted touch to a movie that takes itself too seriously and the performance by Strasberg is not to be sniffed at. The basic idea is that a woman has a weird tumor that turn out to be an ancient medicine man growing on her back! Yes, we know, weird. This movie would not be made today for many reasons (one being the premise) but it has it’s place in cult insanity forever. Although this film leaves behind reality to run into bad visual effects, it also leaves behind a legacy. The director Girdler died before it’s release and we never found out what crazy thing he might do next.

What a throw back of a film. When this was produced the He – Man craze had taken over and film makers wanted a piece of the pie. It is quite a star studded cast, and the acting is sometimes acceptable, with a dollop of hamming it up. Still, that is what makes it great. He-man and his friends are accidentally sent to Earth and must, of course, fight and defeat Skeletor (again). Cox is in her pre-friends teen girl stage and works the material for all it is worth. Everyone seems to let the not-so-great lines flow and I think the script writer may have been smoking something, but this is one to watch for some 80’s nostalgia and to feel, once again, the power of Greystone!

Books You May Like, But Never heard Of


A flawed character but an interesting one. That is the main thing we liked about this book. The twisty way that Lucas (a watch maker in over his head) gets intwined and lost in an increasing more dangerous criminal underworld is fascinating and slightly heart wrenching. This novel is well researched and the world that Lucas lives in comes alive as you progress through the narrative. It is well paced and has the feel of a crime noir. A quick but enjoyable read.

Ryan goes next door to ask his new neighbors to stop the blaring music. It does not go as planned and the police are called. Once the misunderstandings are cleared up, Ryan finds himself getting involved in drama between the mother next door (who was a one-night stand for Ryan, long ago) and her daughter. The seeking out of secrets, the giant family that is in everyone’s business and a mother’s desperate choices to try to protect her daughter are all well written and beautifully narrated. A great read and a clever start to a series.

Today we are interviewing a fantastic new Author. Into The Unknown welcomes David Clegg to the hot seat … What do you like to read and why? I read a lot of science fiction, fantasy and historical fiction, with bits of military thriller fiction thrown in. I've always loved sci-fi and fantasy, for the new worlds they create and new ideas they explore. Sci-fi, especially, allows us to look at ourselves and ask questions about our societies, our laws and customs, how we treat each other and how we manage our world. We can use alien or robot characters to explore our humanity. We can use dystopian settings to highlight current issues, rights abuses, legal inequalities and so on. What movies do you like to watch and why? I watch mainly sci-fi, fantasy, historical and war films, although my wife won't watch these with me so I also watch a fair bit of rom-coms and dramas. Favourite TV and films include Doctor Who, Babylon 5, Star Trek, that kind of thing. I watch them for the same reasons I read these genres. They're thought-provoking, they deal with the big questions and themes, and they present new ideas and worlds to learn about and explore. What are your hobbies? Besides writing, I'm a wargamer and modeller. You'll notice a theme, here, but I play sci-fi, fantasy and historical games. I enjoy the problem-solving and tactical aspects of the games, as well as learning and understanding the game rules and how the games work. I enjoy the social side as well, making friends through the hobby and always having something to talk about with other gamers. I'm generally a creative person and I've dabbled in painting, drawing and photography as well as writing. I've recently taken up home brewing as well, partly because I like a drink and it's hard to get a good mead or fruit wine without paying a lot of money, and partly to learn about fermentation and the chemistry of brewing. What are you working on at the moment? I'm working on the plot for my next book, the follow-up to The Aule Stratagem. I've written a rough outline of the story, to give me the basics, then I'll plan it out, chapter by chapter and scene by scene. Once that's done, I'll start writing it. Which actor would you like to play the lead in a movie adaptation of your book? (if you have quite a few books out there, then please pick one and mention which book and character you are answering for.) That's a tough question. Michael Patterson is a tall, good-looking man, but he's not a handsome heartthrob like a lot of actors, so I'm not really sure. Harry Eden might be a good choice. James McAvoy if I'm dreaming. Tom Hardy would be a great choice, but he's not someone I'd call "goodlooking in an unassuming way," as I described Patterson. If you could have a chat with a character from a book or a film, who would you choose, what would you say, and why? Richard Sharpe would be someone I'd want to meet. I'd want to hear all his war stories from his lifetime in the army. He was at virtually every major battle of the Napoleonic Wars, including Trafalgar by the most unlikely of chances. He'd have a lot to tell. If I couldn't get Sharpe, I'd like to meet Honor Harrington, and talk space combat with her. She's among the best starship captains and fleet commanders the Royal Manticoran Navy has ever seen, she's won impossible victories and done amazing things. Much like Sharpe, I'd like to hear all her stories.

Continued ….

What would you eat for your last meal? My wife's steak and ale pie. She made that for me when we were first dating, and it's true what they say - the way to a man's heart really is through his stomach. What was the last thing you saw at the cinema? I don't go to the cinema very much, and certainly not since the pandemic and lockdown. The last film I saw at the cinema was Bad Boys for Life. My wife insisted we go when it came out, since she'd been waiting for it since Bad Boys II in 2003. If you had a dinner party, who would you invite from the world of authors, actors, and those involved with books and films? Please choose a maximum of five people. I'd invite Bernard Cornwell and David Weber, two of my favourite authors and the biggest influences on my own writing. I'd grill them mercilessly for tips. I'd also like to meet George R. R. Martin, but I'd be tempted to demand to know when his next book is coming out, and I'm not sure how that would go. Sean Bean would be invited, as well, since he played Sharpe, Boromir and Ned Stark. He seems like a really nice guy, from the interviews I've read, so I think it'd be a pleasant evening.

David Clegg has a brilliant Sci-Fi novel available now on many sites, including Amazon. Get The Aule Stratagem (Part One – Slave Ship) today!

My favourite movie without a doubt is Robin William’s Mrs Fire.

The Wizard Exploratorium This is a bewitching afternoon tea experience where you use working magic wands to brew interactive teas and taste fantastical treats. It’s a feast for all the senses!

Book A Wizard Afternoon Tea in Soho

Chorlton Bookshop Located right in the middle of Chorlton, they have been serving the local community since 1983. A family-owned business and a small shop, but it is perfectly set out and easy to navigate. They pride themselves on having a friendly, family atmosphere. They offer 20% discount on orders for reading groups. They even deliver! This little shop is fighting their corner and doing it well.

This section reviews three movies. All the same genre (loosely) and in what order we rate them by the age-old game - snog, marry, avoid. We will try to pick movies that are lesser known (because that’s what we do) but we will also acknowledge, at the end, the greater movies in that field and bow to them as examples of what the genre should be, when at its best.

Oh, my goodness what a film, and what a crazy idea. This is funny and off the wall. It could be called a musical, I guess, but the performances are not exactly amazing. Still, Toni Basil can sing and hams it up beautifully as the mother of a frustrated young vamp. Dean Cameron plays the blood hating vampire that needs to save his one true love from death by hambone (you read that correctly). He starts a rock band to do it, of course. Simple. Bring on a few silly but not too shabby songs and Dean being a goofy oddball for most of the movie. Still, it has its moments and it might just make you smile, or even, god forbid, sing along. Worth a snog or two!

Welcome to the wedding of Into the Unknown and Cry Baby. Are you for the Bride or Groom? This movie is flat out awesome. Drapes v Squares with fun and craziness thrown in! Depp is brilliant as Wade and the amount of star cameos squeezed in are pretty impressive. This is a parody of Depp’s character in 21 Jump St, a naughty nod at movies like Grease, with a wink towards the king himself, and generally a romping, silly film that will get under your skin and have your toes tapping. It is a love story, a Romeo and Juliet inspired tale that works the satire in good and hard. If you don’t fall in love and want to sing along, then maybe you need to get out your leather jacket and rev up the Harley, as you are in danger of becoming a square!

We can only say that this is not the worst movie of all time. But, it is pretty bad, still, it will not make your eyeballs melt. Basically, the end of the world is heralded by zombies and Anna and her school chums must, fight, slash, dance and sing their way to survival. It is not well acted, and the songs feel forced. None of them are catchy or fun. The movie seems to be unsure of what it is or what it is trying to achieve. As an audience member that can get confusing and lead to boredom. “Let the zombies eat them!” Should not be your mantra after the first ten minutes but it will.

Let us take a moment and bow our heads to the genre leaders – Rocky Horror Picture Show, Grease, Mama Mia, Bugsy Malone and many more that will be missed here but held in our hearts. You are what many movies aspire towards. We adore you all and thank every actor, director, grip boy, camera man, set designer, makeup artist, writer, and everyone else that contributed to these masterpieces.

Thank you to all who sent us their guesses for last issue’s quotes – Here are the answers and some fresh ones to work on.

Last issue’s quotes with answers –

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

“There’s no crying in Baseball!” A league of their own “Is it safe?” Marathon Man “They’re coming to get you Barbara.” Night of the living dead “Well, no body’s perfect.” Some like it hot “Alrighty then!” Ace Ventura – Pet detective

1. “Oh, this is another one of those onion things.” 2. “It’s just one big old foot after the other.” 3. “Yeah. Big Al also says dogs can’t look up.” 4. “Cats rule and dogs drool.” 5. “That’s all I have to say about that.”


In this free fighting game, you play as one of many recognisable legendary characters battling for their chance to go to Valhalla. It is pretty simple; you defeat your opponents by knocking them out of the arena or off the screen with a basic set of moves. But the fun is that there are a lot of characters to choose from, and each comes with their own unique moves to master. You can play the game locally or online. It features a few different modes, so if you get tired of the traditional method of combat you can try something a little off the wall. Non laggy action, easy to get started but fun to master, this is PS4's best free fighting game.

The Haunting of Hill House This is a well-known Book, Series and Movies. Having read the book and watched both versions of the movie – both titled The Haunting and the reimagined series. I can say that all of them have merit but in different ways. The book has not aged well, it may make you cringe a little and the conversations are odd, but not in a good way. The ending seems to lack luster and I would have liked a little more oomff from it. The 1963 movie is pretty decent in places and leaves much to the viewers imagination, it still follows Nell, it has the same characters and many scenes from the book are included. The 1999 version is all CGI but still has a strange sort of charm, it changes the idea behind the characters coming together and adds more death and danger. The TV series is very loosely based on the book and although a very good piece of television, I am unsure why they bothered to use Hill house at all, any spooky house would have done the trick and nothing else (accept a few names) is the same. So, I think watch and read if you like but be ready for a few different takes and some moments that may annoy those that love the original text.