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Junior English Student Workbook Skulduggery Pleasant By Derek Landy Close Study of Text

Anthony Bosco

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Chapter 1: Stephanie 1. What is the last thing Gordon Edgley did before he died suddenly? 2. Why was Gordon Edgley's funeral only attended by 'family and acquaintances'? 3. What does Stephanie Edgley find odd about the man in the 'tan overcoat'? 4. How is Stephanie related to Gordon Edgley? 5. Why is Stephanie 'saddened' to see a 'steady stream of people' walking through her 'secret passageway'? 6. Do you think it is funny that uncle Fergus is 'pocketing the silverware'? Explain your thinking. 7. Using either coloured pencils or a computer drawing programme, draw a picture of Stephanie and her two cousins, Carol and Crystal, all standing next to each other. Make it clear how dissimilar they are in their physical appearance. Try also to capture their different personalities in their facial expressions. 8. Was Stephanie close to her uncle Gordon? Give evidence from the novel to prove your claim. 9. Add a drawing of the mysterious man that Stephanie meets in her uncle Gordon's study to the illustrations you completed for Question 7. Be sure to include all of the details provided in the novel. 10. List all the words that Gordon used to describe his niece Stephanie's personality. Use each of these words in a creative and descriptive sentence. If you are uncertain about the meaning of any of these words, be sure to look them up in a printed or on-line dictionary.

Extended Response: Diary Entry Compose a 300-350 word DIARY ENTRY from the perspective of Stephanie Edgley exploring her experiences on the day of her Uncle Gordon's funeral. Diary entries are written in the FIRST-PERSON narrative voice. They are SUBJECTIVE and DESCRIPTIVE in style. Be sure to focus on her thoughts and feelings in response to what happened that day, avoiding recount or summary. ŠInto English


Chapter 2: The Will

1. In your own words, describe Stephanie's life. Be sure to address her family, her school life and her feeling of unease about the monotony of her existence. 2. Gladys, Stephanie's father's secretary, has recently quit her job working in the construction business to undertake 'a modern dance interpretation of Faust'. Using the internet, research the following topics and create a series of 4-5 bullet-points for each that summarises the most significant information: o Christopher Marlowe o The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus (play) o Goethe's Faustus (focus on how it is different from Marlowe's version) o What is a 'Deus Ex Machina' ending? 3. What does Stephanie's father's 'disregard for punctuality' reveal about his personality? 4. Why do you think Fergus and Beryl are so impatient to hear Gordon's will? 5. What does it mean to receive 'royalties' from a book, play, film etc.? 6. Why do you think that Gordon chose to leave his car and his boat to his brother Fergus and sister-in-law Beryl? 7. Gordon’s posthumous advice to Skulduggery Pleasant is rather cryptic. What do you think it means? 8. What does Gordon bequeath to his niece Stephanie? (Note: If you are uncertain as to what the word 'bequeath' means - look it up!) 9. In your own words, describe everyone's reaction to the reading of Gordon's last will and testament: o Fergus (Stephanie's uncle) o Beryl (Stephanie's aunty) o Desmond (Stephanie's father) o Melissa (Stephanie's mother) o Stephanie o Skulduggery Pleasant

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Skulduggery Pleasant Student Workbook  

A student workbook for Derek Landy's novel 'Skulduggery Pleasant', suitable for students in Years 7-9.

Skulduggery Pleasant Student Workbook  

A student workbook for Derek Landy's novel 'Skulduggery Pleasant', suitable for students in Years 7-9.