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Issue 04 | Volume 03

October 19, 2011

In this issue: Reminders and Announcements

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Announcing INTO OSU’s new Winter School Page 2 Kitties and sharks Page 2 Welcome new student workers Page 3 Conversant Program has over 200 students enrolled Page 3 Life goes on in the ILLC Page 4

It’s all in the family We’re one big happy family here at INTO OSU—all 872 students and 144 staff. Those official numbers make INTO OSU the largest INTO center in the world! Our 320 ILLC residents seem to be getting along great too! Check out this trio of students (right); the two students from China help their American friend with a broken foot get around campus. Now that’s teamwork!

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Info Depot

Upcoming events: Halloween

Don’t forget to dress up!

Monday, October 31st Homecoming Football Game Saturday, November 5th Professional Enrichment day Friday, November 11th

Explore the INTO OSU Info Depot, a site just for INTO OSU students.


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Announcing the INTO OSU Winter School INTO OSU is proud to announce the launch of our new Winter School starting December 2011. This is an intensive exam preparation program for students between fall and winter terms. There are 96 places available in the program for students who have not yet met the exam requirements. Additionally, the program is funded with sholarship dollars, so it is being offered at no additional cost to the students.

CSSA students Marcella Flores and Tomomi Kurosaki ascend the stairs in the mixing chamber during the grand opening ceremony.

Reminders and Announcements Special thanks to Fred Joe photography •

Many of the beautiful pictures featured in this issue of the INTO OSU Connection are the fine work of Fred Joe, our funloving and outgoing photographer you may have met during the opening ceremony activities. Check out more of Fred’s work online HERE.

Welcome new staff members •

A big welcome to new staff members! INTO OSU continues to grow dramatically. Expect at least six new administrative staff coming on board and two new instructors starting on Monday, with a current search for ten more starting in winter. Look for formal announcements in the next newsletter after all the new folks have started. Welcome, everyone!

The Winter School fits around the trip to San Faranciso, and will not be held on the holidays. Classes will focus on skills-based language development, test-taking and testpreparation including the use of practice tests.

Coffee Kitty Join the coffee club! Please put coffee donations in the cat-shaped savings box in the kitchen. This way we’ll never run out of coffee (and the friendly coffee-addicts stay friendly!).

Beware of Sharks! Pool sharks, that is! The pool tournament has been ongoing in the ILLC 5th floor. Stay tuned for the annoucement of the winner!

Fall term professional enrichment day •

Fall term Professional Enrichment Day will take place on Friday, November 11th. There will be no ESL classes that day. All ESL classes will be replaced by self-study alternatives. Sessions at this term’s enrichment day include Hitachi Starboard training and feedback from the Tri-TESOL conference.



Students Hao Zheng and Max Goffredo square off in the first round!


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Welcome new student workers! Here are a few friendly new faces that you’ll likely see at the Welcome Desk and the Info Desk. Karen, an American student, has been (and continues to be) actively involved in our Conversant Program. Minnie is an international student from China studying her Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering. Mohamed, a direct-entry international student from Egypt, volunteered with us as an ISO Leader. Last but not least, Han Zhang is our stellar former Pathway student, former student amabssador, and former INTO China intern. Han

Howdy, Partner!

Students Edward Piper and Jun Kono meet for the first time

Robert Hinderliter was busy with conversant partner match-ups over the past few weeks. Now that we have so much space, don’t be surprised if you see many conversation groups all over the ILLC. The pairs (and trios) meet once per week for an hour throughout the term. We have over 200 INTO students enrolled in the Conversant Program, and we’re proud to have over 130 volunteer conversants!

With so many students, partner matching is a complex process

Students Sulaiman Alarifi, Daniel Jansen and Weijun Li meet for the first time g



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O-bla-di! O-bla-da! Life goes on in the ILLC... The colors on the leaves are changing to warmer hues, the morning temperatures are crispy and cool, and life goes on in ILLC. As our grass grows into our new space, so do our students, getting used to their new routines and thier new lives here at OSU.

It’s easy to find a peaceful place to relax near a window in the ILLC Staff members descend the stairs while a student lounges below

The reading room is a well-lit place for quiet time

An ILLC resident prepares a meal for himself

INTO Oregon State University Oregon State University, 1701 SW Western Blvd, Corvallis, OR 97331 USA T: +1-541-737-2464



Grace Qian weighs produce in Cascadia Market

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