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INTO Connection Oct 5th-9th, 2009

Vol. 1 Issue 6

Getting INTO our groove With the initial anxiety and general chaos of the first week behind us, routines are developing and the students (and staff) are getting more comfortable. Thank you to the instructors for putting up with all the technical difficulties in classrooms last week! We are slowly getting the issues resolved. Your patience and ability to improvise on the spot is much appreciated!

Academic Programs: Balancing the class sections will continue this week until the last day to add/drop classes on October 9th. If you are wondering why this is happening, it’s because the number of students in certain levels have forced us to open new sections. The new sections will help alleviate crowded sections, and also accommodate students who may change levels. This should slow down by the end of the week and everyone can get settled in their classes. Streamlining this process is one of the goals for future terms. Yuki Fujiwara, Ayana Yoshioka, Emi Ueno in Heckart

Other News and Events: Need Keys? Lois Knuston can issue key slips for Snell Hall. Her desk is in Heckart. Kathleen Rochester can write key slips for Heckart. Her office is in Snell. You’ll need to take the slip to the key shop and pay the deposit.

Heckart Open House All OSU students, faculty and staff are invited to our open house on Friday, October 9th from 5pm-6pm. Many people in the OSU community are eager to see what we have been working hard to create here at INTO. Let’s show it off! Please make sure to let the students know they can attend this event. It’s a great opportunity for them to practice their English skills with native speakers.

Students should be discouraged from changing classes based on time preferences, classroom preferences, classmate preferences, and teacher preferences. If students are requesting these kinds of changes, the answer is likely to be no (with special exceptions). Reducing these changes will help us get the sections balanced faster.

Student Services: New students will have the opportunity to answer a survey about their orientation experience. When they fill out the survey online, they’ll be entered in a chance to win a $30 gift certificate to the bookstore. Please encourage all new students to complete this, since it will be very helpful for future orientations. Sign-ups begin today for the Coast Trip this weekend. Students should sign up early to make sure they get a spot on the bus! (Roof seats are available for $5. Just kidding.)

INTO Oregon State University Oregon State University 117 Heckart Corvallis, OR 97331 USA T: +1-541-737-2464

INTO Connection Oct 5th-9th, 2009

Vol. 1 Issue 6

Because there are so many new staff members, the coming issues will feature people at INTO that you should get to know! This week’s Featured Staff Members:

Julianna Betjemann Student Services Advisor Department: Student Services Student trips, social activities, conversant program

Students arriving at the airport.

Admissions: The admissions department has completed scanning the Pathways student’s documents and they are now available to pick up at the front desk of Heckart. Students must show their PLACE PHOTO HERE, ID in order to pick them up. OTHERWISE DELETE BOX Reminder: the last day to add or drop classes is this Friday, October 9th! This is the official cut-off date for Pathways and Academic English students to enroll for Fall term.

Administrative: Rick Goranflo Housing & Student Services Coordinator Department: Student Services Housing arrangements/issues, emergency protocols, liaison with UHDS

Annie Kelly Finance Manager Department: Finance Budgets, finance guru

The front office staff would appreciate everyone’s help in training our students to develop the following good habits: 1. To know and check their onid e-mail addresses. We can ONLY use onid emails. They must always use it when they fill out forms, sign up for trips, etc. 2. To familiarize themselves with the LC open hours, the library, and the many computing centers on campus. Many of our students want us to print things for them, make copies, and to use our computers whenever they drop in. There are many places where they can use computers and copiers on campus other than the front office. 3. To be able to navigate through Student Online Services on the OSU website. Please remind students they can use this system to check grades, view transcripts, view their accounts and more! Thank you for encouraging and reinforcing these good habits in our students. Editor’s note: For comments, additions, or to request paper copies, please contact Lindy at (

Issue 6 Vol 1  
Issue 6 Vol 1  

Heckart Open House Academic Programs: Need Keys? Student Services: Lois Knuston can issue key slips for Snell Hall. Her desk is in Heckart....