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Issue 27 | Volume 01

July 19, 2010

In this issue: Reminders and Announcements 

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Access program is well underway

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Summertime Fun: A photo montage

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Yones Almadani: meet the new ringleader of social activities

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All aboard the bus to the coast! A re-cap by Carolyn Bonoff

Next Stop: The Oregon Coast!

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Students from Saudi Arabia, Columbia, South Korea, China and Japan all loaded the bus the coast trip last weekend, making it one of our most diverse trips in INTO OSU history. Lucky for them, the weather in Oregon lately has been nothing short of spectacular!

Upcoming events: Access Group 2 arrives Wednesday, July 21st

Needless to say, the front desk staff is thrilled that we are finally making good on our promise to winter term students--“It’s ALWAYS

Students go to Crater Lake

nice here in the summer! Really!”. Although the sunshine may have

Saturday, July 24th

been late in arriving, it seems as though its here to stay...for now. As Oregonians, we know better than to take these days for granted! So, put on your sunblock, find a nice patch of lawn to lay down on and give thanks to the sweet, sweet sunshine!

Ice Cream Social/Sports Party Friday, July 30th


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Access Program in full swing! First group of teachers departs for DC on Wednesday The Access program is well underway and, sadly, we will say goodbye to our first group of teachers this week. After a fun-filled, busy two weeks of classes, conversation meetings, community activities and volunteering, they will soon embark on their journey to the nation’s capital to see the sights.

International Admissions!

If you missed out on last week’s Culture Face to Face event at the public library, there will be another one held on August 3rd for the second access group. Last week’s event was a smashing success! The participants were eager and excited to share their cultures with the Corvallis community. The turnout was great and the response from the community was overwhelmingly positive!

• Julie Walkin, Becky Jensen and Debra Ricciotti joined forces with INTO’s admissions team as of July 1st. Reed Lodge is now the central hub for processing all Undergraduate International Admissions for both direct admits to OSU and INTO admits. Their position descriptions and extensions are as follows: Julie Walkin, Recruitment Manager 7-2697 Becky Jensen, Admissions evaluator 7-0590 Debra Ricciotti, Admissions evaluator 7-1463

If you’ve met some of the access teachers and/or volunteered your time with the program, please consider attending the Farewell reception tomorrow, July 20th at 7:00pm at the Corvallis Country Club. RSVP to Kathleen Rochester as soon as possible if you’d like to attend.

Visitor this week: New INTO USA Sales Champion

Group 2 of the access program arrives on Wednesday, July 21st for another round of excitement. Group 1 will be a tough act to follow with their fun personalities, interesting stories and enthusiasm to try new things. What will our second group of teachers bring to INTO OSU? We’ll see on Wednesday!

Candy Pierson-Charlton (far right) poses for a picture with her husband David, daughter Caroline, and her Access coversation partner, Khitam Abu Karaki of Jordan.

Reminders and Announcements A warm welcome to the new members of our Office of

Yasmin Sefer • Yasmin will be visiting OSU this Thursday, the 22nd. Please welcome her if you see her!

Last chance to see the cactus bloom! • Yes, you’ve heard the rumors and it’s TRUE. The prickly pear cactus across the street from Heckart is blooming for the very fist time in its lifetime. If we’re lucky, there might still be some flowers left to view today!



(The Welcome Reception for Group 2 teachers will be on Thursday, July 22nd.)


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For more photos, follow the link: FLICKR

Waiting for the game to start, mini-vuvuzeals at the ready...

Muna (Bahrain), volunteer dinner host Roxann Weger, Berenice (Mexico) and Hassana (Nigeria)

Who screams for ice cream? Sara (from Columbia) does! g

With so many exciting activities going on at INTO OSU right now, it was impossible not to include a photo montage in this issue!

Berenice in stunning traditional dress


Zainab from Pakistan talks about her culture

Mamdouh, Barea, Abdullah, Abdulrahman and Eid jump for joy at seeing the Pacific Ocean!


Ahmed of Gaza (middle) teaches Andre (Russia) and program assistant Sean a cultural dance

One of the many faces of Kento...


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All aboard the bus to the coast! A recap by Carolyn Bonoff

Yones Almadani: the ringleader emerges When he first arrived at INTO OSU winter term 2010, little did we know that Yones Almadani’s soft-spoken and quiet nature was only a clever disguise. It wasn’t until recently that his true identity surfaced: the gregarious social ringleader of INTO OSU. Yones is currently recruiting students, teachers, volunteers and anyone else to join a volleyball group on Friday evenings at Dixon rec center. The group welcomes both men and women to participate in some good-natured competition.

Last Saturday’s Newport Beach visit was a rousing success! Students loaded the bus at OSU to embark on a day long journey featuring: lunch at the Newport harbor side, a visit to the Yaquina Head lighthouse, and a much anticipated shopping trip to the Tanger Outlet Malls. We were lucky enough to have clear skies and the cool temperature was a nice break from the recent heat wave in Corvallis. Students stayed entertained at every moment throughout the day, playing “telephone” at Mo’s Restaurant while waiting for their food, or singing songs from their country on the bus

Are you interested in joining Yones’ group? If so, he’s not hard to find around the center. Oftentimes he’s sitting in the lounge on his laptop in between classes, or running around betewen groups of students telling jokes, exchanging stories, or trying to organize something fun to do. More on Yones Almadani to come--it’s not the last we’ll hear of this stellar AE student from Saudi Arabia! INTO Oregon State University Oregon State University, 2900 SW Jefferson Way, Corvallis, OR 97331 USA T: +1-541-737-2464



ride. They were eager to get their pictures taken in front of the historical lighthouse (for many students the first one they had seen), in front of the sea lions, or outside the shopping center with bags in both hands and smiles spread wide. When asked what their favorite part of the day was, one student answered “buying shoes for my mom that would cost twice as much back home.” Another student answered, “climbing to the top of the lighthouse and looking out over the sea.” The sunshine and interaction among students of various nationalities made for a pleasant day filled with laughter, curiosity, and a new found appreciation for more of Oregon’s natural beauty.

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Upcoming events: All aboard the bus to the coast! A re-cap by Carolyn Bonoff Page 4 Yones Almadani: meet the new ringleader of social activi...