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Student Voice

Issue 02 | Volume 03

May 7, 2012

In this issue:

Students flooded the ILLC Welcome Desk for a spontaneous photo during the spring 2012 Welcome Party!

Student Feature

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Meet Satya!

International Student Circle

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See what it’s all about

Bike Parade Recap

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See where the parade took students!

Summer Fun Ideas? 

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Tell us what you’d like to do!

Roller Derby

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Experience the excitement!

What’s Comin’ Up?

There’s an app for that!

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See the fun that’s happening in May

INTO OSU has officially joined the future - there’s now an INTO OSU iPhone and Android app! It’s a great tool for students! You’ll find a campus map, social media links, information about Corvallis and more! The app is free and is available on iTunes and Google Play. Click here for more info and to download the app!

INTO OSU Mixtape

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Upcoming events: Gay Pride Week Monday, May 6 through 11

Alsea Falls Hike Sign-up open until May 9

Summer Volleyball, Anyone?

Saturday, May 12 • $20

One of INTO OSU’s awesome instructors, Beth Russell, will be coaching volleyball teams this summer to compete with other groups in Corvallis! If you like volleyball, this is your chance to play in a fun but still competitive way!

Thursdays w/ BK

The coed (meaning teams will consist of both men and women) teams will practice in the sand courts next to Dixon Rec Center. Each team member will pay $10-$15 to cover the cost of team entry. Click here to contact Beth Russel for questions and to sign up!

Sunday, May 13 • Read more on page 4

Info Depot




Thursday, May 10 & 24

Cambodian Night Taiwanese Night Sunday, May 20 • Read more on page 4

Student Voice

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Africa Madagascar

Satyajitsingh Ramlugun Mauritius INTO OSU Undergraduate Engineering Pathway

The Student Voice sat down to talk to Satyajitsingh about his country, culture and time at INTO OSU. Here’s what he had to say:

Tell us about Mauritius. Everyone asks me where I’m from and I say Mauritius, and no one knows where that is! It’s an island near Madagascar. Mauritius is a multicultural island. There are people from all over the world—India, Europe, China. It’s a beautiful island with beautiful beaches; it’s heaven on Earth! It’s a volcanic island. Our native language is Creole, an African language. And we also speak French. English is the official language. Some people speak Hindi. Some people speak Chinese. But the main language is Creole. Only in Mauritius we speak the Mauritian Creole. Why did you choose to come to OSU? I came here because of engineering. I was looking for a good school for engineering, which can be recognized worldwide. One of my agents proposed OSU, and I did some research on the school about the engineering faculty, and I decided it was a good school for me. Imagine yourself in your first week here. How have you changed since then? In my first week, I was completely lost. Everything started to be okay for me when school started. Then I started meeting friends and I was busy with classes. Basically, living here is my first winter ever! It was a little bit difficult for me to adapt to the weather because it’s quite cold. It was my first experience with snow! It was really beautiful. But that’s why people told me my color had changed! I had to get back into the sun, by the sea, and get my color back. I feel a difference here...the exposure I got here during these past months, it’s very different from my country.

International Student Circle Living outside of your familiar culture can be stressful. Peer support can help this unique adjustment process. This group/workshop series is for students transitioning and adjusting to life and culture on campus and in the US.

Thursdays @ 12pm in ILLC Room 455 g


Student Voice

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Corvallis Bike Parade! Saturday, April 7 The recent Corvallis Bike Parade took students all around Corvallis on their bicycles! Guided by Benjamin Kibler, the beloved INTO OSU Trips & Activities Assistant, and Christian Eberhardt, they learned where grocery stores, frozen yogurt shops, parks and more were located and how to get there by bike. It was useful information and a lot of fun! Want to attend the next bike parade? Don’t worry! We’ll have another one during summer term! Bike paths in the Corvallis riverfront park provided great scenery!

The grocery store had some great fresh fruit!

Students visited Rice ‘n Spice, a specialty Asian market.

Japanese student Asami Miura shows off her creation!

Summer is almost here! Do you have ideas for fun trips and activities? Come share your summer trip ideas with Benjamin, the guy who plans all INTO OSU trips and activities!

Yuya Tanaka, from Japan, pretends to hold up some art at Xtreme Yogurt!

Roller Derby! Roller derby is a contact sport where two teams race around a track on roller skates. It’s fast-paced and a lot of fun to watch! If you’re looking for something unusual to do on a Saturday evening, go to a roller derby “bout,” or match! For more info, visit the local team’s webite at!

He’ll be at the ILLC Info Desk next Monday through Friday, May 7-11 from 3:30-4:45pm waiting to hear your ideas! g


Student Voice

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Learn more about ISOSU ISOSU is a student-run group (that means YOU could run it one day!) that helps international students at OSU meet their peers and generally improve their college experience. There are many cultural groups and social events that you can join. This is a great group to be a part of! Click here to learn more.

MAY What’s Comin’ Up? 2012 Let’s have some fun! OSU Gay Pride Week 2012 May 6-11

Learn about the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgenered (LGBT) community on campus! Click here for more info!

Alsea Falls Hike Saturday, May 12 Sign-up is open until May 9

Hike to gorgeous waterfalls and explore beautiful Oregon!

Thursday w/BK! Thursday, May 10 & 24

More info at the ILLC Welcome Desk

Come hang with Benjamin for some crazy adventures!

Cambodian Night Sunday, May 13

Explore Cambodian culture! Click here for more info!

Taiwanese Night Sunday, May 20

Learn about Taiwan! Click here for more info!



M I XTA P E Artist: Earth, Wind & Fire Album: Greatest Hits Active since: 1969

This is some very classic, iconic American music! Earth, Wind and Fire (or EWF as they’re sometimes known) helped define American funk music in the 1970s and 1980s, and they’ve definitely become a legendary group. You’ve probably heard some of their songs on Gap commercials, so some of their music might be familiar to you. From their big hits, like “Shining Star” and “That’s the Way of the World,” to their electronic dance songs like “Let’s Groove,” EWF ranges from ballads to disco funk. Click here to view the album on Amazon, and click here to listen to “September,” with lyrics!

INTO Oregon State University Oregon State University, 1701 SW Western Blvd. Corvallis, OR 97333 USA T: +1-541-737-2464



OLD SCHOOL EDITION from the desk of Warren Lawless Artist: Kool & the Gang Album: The Very Best of... Active since: 1964

Kool & the Gang is a bit more consistently upbeat than EWF, which makes for a great dance party! Robert Bell (known as Kool) started Kool & the Gang in the 1960s and quickly became a standard for disco funk. This genre is highly influential today, with a new wave of disco music making the rounds and borrowing a lot from the Kool & the Gang era. Two big hits you may have heard before are “Celebration” and “Ladies Night,” both of which are very famous songs. Less famous, and my three favorites, are “Get Down on It,” “Stone Love” and “Let’s Go Dancing.” Click each song to listen to it on Youtube, and click here to view the whole album on Amazon.

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