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Student Voice

Issue 5 | Volume 3

August 2012

Students set up their tents in the campground - a recent trip to a coastal camping area.

In this issue: Summer Fun

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What’s happening in August?

Student Feature

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Joyce Lam, from Hong Kong

Smoke-free Campus

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All about the policy

Mixtape Music

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New music reviews!

Camping Trip Recap

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Photos from our coastal camping trip

Upcoming events: Crater Lake Trip AE Midterms

And the almanac says... All over the world, luck and superstition play a role in daily activities. In

Aug. 4 Jul. 31 - Aug. 1

Professional Enrichment Day Aug. 9 GE/FE Session 2 Ends

Aug. 17

predicts weather, crop yields and more. The Old Farmer’s Almanac says

Paper-based TOEFL

Aug. 18

that if August is very hot, we can expect a cold, white winter. Hopefully

GE/FE Session 3 Begins

Aug. 20

TOEFL Scores Available

Aug. 31

Labor Day *OSU CLOSED*

Sept. 3

the US, we have the Old Farmer’s Almanac, an old, traditional guide that

August will be warm because INTO OSU has some great trips available! We’ll visit Crater Lake, one of the deepest lakes in the world, and go canyoneering, where you can explore canyons and caves and rappel down a waterfall! It should be an exciting month!

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Student Voice

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Summer Fun! What’s happening in August? Canyoneering Trip

Free Concerts at OSU

Woodburn Trip

Saturday, August 11th Explore caves & canyons; rappel down a waterfall!

Wednesdays, Aug 1st, 8th and 15th FREE! In the Memorial Union Quad

Saturday, August 18th Shop with super low prices and no sales tax! $20. Sign-up is open from August 6th-10th

$60 Sign-up is open until August 2nd

Student Feature:

Joyce Lam

Joyce came from Hong Kong to INTO OSU as an Undergraduate Pathway Science student in 2010. After completing her Pathway program, she progressed to OSU and is currently a Computer Science major. She just started an internship with INTO OSU!

The Student Voice sat down with Joyce for a chat. Here’s what she had to say: What do you think of the food in Corvallis? I like Western food, so hamburgers and spaghetti I always eat. Sometimes we go to downtown to eat Japanese food. I like the American-style restaurant Block 15, but it’s expensive. Chinese food here is so-so. The bento place on Monroe Street is owned by Hong Kong people, so I go there and the food is healthier. Why did you choose to come to OSU? I was thinking about going to the UK, because I like their accents. But it’s so cold there. Besides, I think the education structure there is very similar to Hong Kong and I wanted some change. I like Oregon. It’s my dream campus, with all the red brick buildings! I knew about this program and I think it’s a good way to get into the university. I knew there was the computer science program here. My friends said around here, only this university has this program. Before I came here, I saw the photos and I thought, “Wow, that’s so nice.” Usually when you see a photo and then the real thing, it’s different. But here, it’s not like that. It really is like the photos!

Student Voice

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Smoke-free Campus Starting September 1, 2012! Starting on September 1, 2012 OSU will be a smoke-free campus! This means smoking will be banned on all campus property. Starting on September 1, 2012 students, staff, faculty and visitors will not be allowed to smoke on the OSU campus. There will not be any designated smoking areas. The closest place where smoking is not prohibited will be on sidewalks that border the edge of campus. Western Boulevard, which is next to the International LivingLearning Center, is one of these border streets (see map ). These sidewalks are NOT part of the smoking ban. There will be cigarette disposal towers. Please do not leave any cigarette debris on the ground. If you want to quit smoking, OSU will provide you with FREE HELP. You can talk to a counsellor and get free nicotine gum or patches! Contact Student Health Services to get more info at 541-737-9355.


Artist: Hits Album: Hits EP Released: June 28, 2012

The opening track from this EP could not be any more fun! “Veins” starts off with a cool synth beat that feels like the beginning sequence of a movie. The song builds to an upbeat rhythm that keeps feet tapping and heads bobbing. My favorite track is called “Madness.” It’s about a guy in love, and how it makes him crazy, but in a good way! The whole album sounds like an 80s movie, but it’s definitely very modern! Click here to listen to the album on Soundcloud; you can even download the whole thing for free!

Artist: Frank Ocean Album: Channel Orange Released: July 10, 2012 Frank Ocean’s debut album, Channel Orange, is pretty unique among hip hop. The sound could be described as sparse. It’s not a loud album; some call it “chill.” It’s quiet and rhythmic and perfect music to study with. From “Super Rich Kids,” where Ocean gripes about spoiled kids, to “Forrest Gump,” where Ocean sings about his first love, the album is enthralling. Click here to listen to “Super Rich Kids.” Click here to listen to “Forrest Gump.” SIDE NOTE: If you like rap music, this awesome website describes the meaning of the lyrics for tons of rap songs. It’d be a great way to improve listening/speaking skills! Click here for!

Student Voice The short hike from the campground to the beach was spectacular, as expressed by Meshari Al Salem, from Saudi Arabia.

A campfire on the beach is a great way to spend a cool summer evening!

INTO Oregon State University Oregon State University, 1701 SW Western Blvd. Corvallis, OR 97333 USA T: +1-541-737-2464

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Binghua Yang (left), from China, the trip’s guide (center), and Shubhankar Chaudhry (right), an INTO OSU intern, get their toes wet in the cool Oregon waters!

The Oregon coast is full of cool cliffs!

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