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Issue 08 | Volume 03

January 19, 2012

In this issue: TESOL 2012 

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INTO OSU’s participation


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What’s new?

Students of Concern 

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Who to talk to about it

A Helping Hand 

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INTO OSU classroom volunteers

Instructor Q&A 

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What inspires you?

Who’s Who?  Students on the recent winter break hiking trip pose in front of an OSU College sign. OSU has a broad footprint of influence in the expansive forests surrounding Corvallis.

One month down, eleven to go! It’s hard to believe we’re almost through one month of 2012, but here we are! 2012 is a Leap Year, which means February has 29 days instead of 28. This is because the solar year is approximately 1/4 day longer than our calendar year. Specifically, the solar year is 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 46 seconds longer than the calendar year. In this issue, we take a look at the upcoming TESOL conference in Philadelphia, interview two INTO OSU instructors, and get to know a couple of our helpful staff members. Enjoy!

Upcoming events: Welcome Party! Friday, Jan. 20th • 5:30pm • FREE!

Snow Play Trip Saturday, January 21st

Technology Interest Group Tuesday, January 24th at 12pm • ILLC 248

NBA Game Trip (Feb. 18): Sign-up Mon., Jan. 23rd - Fri., Jan. 27th • $50

Eugene Trip (Feb. 4): Sign-up Mon., Jan. 30th - Thurs., Feb. 2nd • $30

Last day to sign up for pBT TOEFL Tuesday, January 31st

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Featuring Nikki & Jason


TESOL 2012 INTO OSU has chosen four faculty members as representatives for the 2012 TESOL Convention in Philadelphia. The March 28th through 31st event hosts more than 6,500 people from across the globe. Educators come to absorb news and techniques for teaching English as a second language, and to share their methods and experience. Katie Mitchell, INTO OSU instructor, is excited to learn more about writing instruction and computer-assisted language learning (CALL). She’ll also be presenting her talk, “Structuring Success: How to Facilitate Group Writing Assignments.” Helping to overcome the hurdles of identifying appropriate tasks and facilitating the collaborative writing process at intermediate or advanced ESL levels, Katie will share her tips on structuring the process from prewriting to revising.

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STUDENTS OF CONCERN Nikki is looking forward to working with you again this term regarding any students of concern. If a student is experiencing difficulties in or outside of the classroom, she can connect them with appropriate resources and support. The following list includes some examples of when you might contact her regarding a student: • Exhibiting mental health concerns (anxiety, depression, etc) • Inappropriate/disruptive behavior in the classroom

Kakhramon Gafurov is attending the conference for the first time in the US, and is looking forward to it. “I believe it is a great opportunity for us instructors to network, acquaint ourselves with new trends in the field, share our expertise and exchange ideas,” Kakhramon says. He’s also looking forward to seeing friends and professors from his alma mater, some of whom will be presenting at the conference.

• A student approaches you about a personal crisis/injury/illness • Spent time in the hospital • Has a broken leg • Death in immediate family

Susan Beddes is looking forward to learning about the latest research in English language teaching and to interacting with other instructors from around the world. She’ll be presenting with Kakhramon Gafurov. Focusing on INTO OSU’s use of technology in the classroom, the presentation, “Using iPads and Online Polling to Enhance Paraphrasing,” will focus on INTO OSU’s extensive testing of iPads in the classroom. Good luck to our representatives! Watch for the April issues of the INTO OSU Connection for a recap of the conference!

Reminders and Announcements Upcoming trip sign-ups at the ILLC Welcome Desk •

NBA Game Trip: Mon., Jan. 23rd - Fri., Jan. 27th • $50

Eugene Trip: Mon., Jan. 30th - Thurs., Feb. 2nd • $30

Technology Interest Group •

Tuesday, January 24th from 12pm-1pm

The first Technology Interest Group meeting this term will focus on using corpus data to create language learning activities. This will not be a theoretical discussion, but an opportunity to explore new ways of creating activities and assessments for your classes.

Last day for students to sign up for institutional TOEFL! •

Tuesday, January 31st



• Sudden change in class attendance/ pattern • Shares they are having difficulty with roommate • Questions about FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act) If you have a concern about a student please feel free to complete the attached form and submit a paper or digital copy, or just email Nikki. Please include the student’s name and ID number to ensure follow-up with the right student. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Nikki at any time. Email: Phone: 541-737-2409 Office: ILLC 175


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Orientation! We had a great new group of students arrive during the beginning of January, which means lots of academic advising! Sophia Jin, an INTO OSU instructor, helped advise students.

a helping hand The OSU community boasts a large number of generous, helpful individuals. INTO OSU is proud to have a great group of volunteers - mostly domestic OSU students participating in classroom activities. These volunteers can help lead conversation practice groups and help with vocabulary and class activities, and are a great way to engage students with a native English speaker. Volunteers began working in classrooms last week, so the Connection sat down with Carly Gerig to talk about their progress so far. Her classroom volunteers, Max Melonuk, Kristen Anderson and Avery Dumbeck, have all volunteered with the INTO OSU Conversant Program and have offered their services in the classroom in addition to their other duties.

Q&A: What inspires you to be an ESL teacher? “When I was a child, we lived in Hawaii for 2.5 years. In Hawaii, many cultures come together in a unique way. I didn’t know it at the time, but that experience had something to do with it. Also, my parents are very open to different cultures and encouraged their children to be as well.” Byrne Brewerton, INTO OSU instructor. “I went back to graduate school in my 40’s because I wanted to do something challenging with my life before I got too old, and was

“Having an extra native speaker in the class is very useful. They’re friendly, they have a wealth of knowledge that they can share. When they’re sitting with a group of students, they tend to ask a lot of questions. It’s nice for students to see someone their age - their peer - and see what their thoughts are. It’s been a positive experience.”

coming here to the U.S. from all over the

Carly’s volunteers engage in conversation groups in class, help with vocabulary and core class content, and work with students on class projects.

really interesting with my life at the same



fascinated by the people world. I wanted to get to know people from other countries and ESL seemed to be a good way to both earn a living and do something time.” Jim Jamieson, INTO OSU instructor.


Who’s Who? Our staff & teachers Nikki Hinshaw | INTO OSU Student Care & Conduct Coordinator Nikki works to ensure the well-being of INTO OSU students. She can help with many things, from trouble in class to personal problems to legal issues. Here are some facts about Nikki: Education: Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Master of Arts in Higher Education Past experience: “I have had the pleasure of working at several different universities, including George Mason University as a Resident Director, University of the Pacific as an Area Coordinator and later as an Assistant Director for the Center for Community Involvement.” Favorite part of your job: “I love working with and getting to know students! No two days are ever the same. I come to work and know that I can make a positive impact on the lives of other people!” Most challenging part: “I think the most difficult part is knowing that each person has a ‘suitcase’ they bring with them wherever they go, including to college. Sometimes the suitcase is so overwhelming that it prevents a student from doing their best.”

Jason Hall | International Marketing & Recruitment Manager Jason works with the INTO OSU marketing team and our regional offices to lead and support marketing and recruitment for INTO OSU and OSU around the world. Here’s some background about Jason: Education: Bachelor of Science in Marketing and a Master of Business Administration Past experience: “I did online marketing and Marcom for a $64M tech company in San Francisco, and before that I did international marketing for a $60M tech company in Portland, Oregon. I also created Columbia Sportswear’s market-entry strategy for India.” Favorite part of your job: “Making our good programs better. I love improving and implementing programs that will help students better understand OSU and also help us reach more potential students.” Most challenging part: “I miss student interaction. Every now and then I pull myself away from projects and just go chat with a student to get his/her take on everything. The interaction and feedback are genuine and give me insight into how we could improve.”

INTO Oregon State University Oregon State University, 1701 SW Western Blvd, Corvallis, OR 97333 USA T: +1-541-737-2464



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