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Issue 14 | Volume 03

May 7, 2012

Students flooded the ILLC Welcome Desk for a spontaneous photo during the spring 2012 Welcome Party!

In this issue: Roller Derby

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With INTO OSU’s Denise Egri!


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What’s new?

Student Feature

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All about Mauritius!

SED Recap 

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What was the outcome?

Upcoming events:

There’s an app for that!

Gay Pride Week

INTO OSU has officially joined the future - there’s now an INTO OSU iPhone and Android app! It’s a great tool for students! From a campus map and social media links, to staff profiles and information about Corvallis, there’s a lot for students to explore! The app is free and is available on for iPod/iPhone and Android devices. Click here for more info and to download the app!

Monday, May 6 through 11

Alsea Falls Hike Sign-up open until May 9 Saturday, May 12 • $20

Thursdays w/ BK Thursday, May 10 & 24

Cambodian Night Sunday, May 13 • Read more on page 2

Taiwanese Night

Summer Volleyball, Anyone?

Sunday, May 20 • Read more on page 2

One of INTO OSU’s awesome instructors, Beth Russell, will be coaching volleyball teams this summer to compete with other groups in Corvallis! If you like volleyball, this is your chance to play! Students and staff are all welcome! The coed teams will practice in the sand courts next to Dixon Rec Center. Each team member will pay $10-$15 to cover the cost of team entry. Click here to contact Beth Russel for questions and to sign up!

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Derby Dame: Denise Egri INTO OSU Instructor and roller derby trainee!

Reminders and Announcements Tell your students this: •

OSU Gay Pride Week is this week, May 6-11! View the full schedule at

Alsea Falls Hike sign-up is open until May 9! Students can explore the Alsea Falls and see beautiful Oregon forest. $20.

Thursdays w/ BK • May 10 and 24 Students can have some crazy adventures with Benjamin! More info is available at the ILLC Welcome Desk.

Cambodia Night is Sunday, May 13 Click here for more info!

Taiwanese Night is Sunday, May 20 Click here for more info!

International Student Circle on Thursdays at 12pm in ILLC 455 Students have the chance to meet their peers in a fun, supportive environment.

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A fast-paced contact sport where skaters race around a rink, roller derby is exhilarating fun! After attending a “bout,” or match, INTO OSU instructor Denise Egri decided to join the Corvallis/Albany league, called the Sick Town Derby Dames. Denise’s background as a figure skater helped her decide to join in. Denise has two skating tests and a written test to pass before she’s ready to join the bout pool, and she’s hoping to accomplish that by June. The Connection definitely hopes to be able to see Denise skate soon! If you’re looking for a familyfriendly, unique activity on a Saturday evening, attend a bout! For more information and upcoming dates, visit the local league website at!

Know this: •

INTO OSU Technology Advisor/Instructor Katie Mitchell has written a blog post about some really great upcoming training opportunities on campus. From how to use the library to how to reduce cheating, there’s something for everyone! Click here to visit the Technology Interest Group blog! And be sure to follow @INTO_OSUtech on Twitter!




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Africa Madagascar

Satyajitsingh Ramlugun Mauritius INTO OSU Undergraduate Engineering Pathway

The Student Voice sat down to talk to Satyajitsingh about his country, culture and time at INTO OSU. Here’s what he had to say:

Tell us about Mauritius. Everyone asks me where I’m from and I say Mauritius, and no one knows where that is! It’s an island near Madagascar. Mauritius is a multi- cultural island. There are people from all over the world—India, Europe, China. It’s a beautiful island with beautiful beaches. It’s heaven on Earth! It’s a volcanic island. Our native language is Creole, an African language. And we also speak French. English is the official language. Some people speak Hindi. Some people speak Chinese. But the main language is the Creole. Only in Mauritius we speak the Mauritian Creole. Why did you choose to come to OSU? I came here because of Engineering. I was looking for a good school for engineering, which can be recognized worldwide. One of my agents proposed OSU, and I did some research on the school about the engineering faculty, and I decided it was a good school for me. When I talked to my parents, they said okay. I’ve lived in the UK before, but I don’t like the life there, or maybe I am too used to it there. I wanted a big change, you know? To come to USA, see how life is here, get experience, exposure, everything. That’s why I prefer the US over Europe. Imagine yourself in your first week here. How have you changed since then? In my first week, I was completely lost. I wanted to explore, get to know people, learn what the culture is about. So everything started to be okay for me when school started. Then I started meeting friends and I was busy with classes. When I went back to my country for winter break, people told me I had changed, my way of thinking, my color. Basically, living here is my first winter ever! It was a little bit difficult for me to adapt to the weather because it’s quite cold. It was my first experience with snow! It was really beautiful. But that’s why people told me my color had changed! I had to get back into the sun, by the sea and get my color back. I feel a difference here...the exposure I got here during these past months, it’s very different from my country. The way people think, they things they do, it’s totally different. It was confusing at’s different here. I live in the International Living-Learning Center on the 5th floor. Next year I will live off campus. The building is new— it’s one of the most beautiful buildings on this campus. My Resident Assistants are really kind to me, the room is okay, I have no complaints. We have Arnold Dining Center and Cascadia Market for food. Both are really near, so it’s good! How does the Pathway program help prepare you for the university? I’m getting much better in English, and the math and chemistry is hard, but I’m improving everyday. When I have problems, I go to the teachers. They are really kind and helpful. g



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Friday, April 13

SED: Student Enrichment Day Do you know about the Student Enrichment Day (SED)? This is a class assignment designed in partnership with Student Services. It gives students an educational activity as alternative course work during Professional Enrichment Days (PED), when regular classes are not held. There is a warm-up activity to introduce the topic, an activity and assignment during the SED, and a follow-up activity in class. Spring term’s Student Enrichment Day aimed to show INTO OSU students the wide array of resources and activities available on campus. Students visited the Healthy Habits fair to chat with Student Health Services and Counselling and Psychological Services, checked out Cultural Centers and got a short tour of Dixon Recreation facilities and activities. Special thanks go to the Academic Coordinators, Allison McMurtrey, Zach Kostka, and Michele Rutherford for helping make this day meaningful every term. Judging by the students’ articles, spring’s Student Enrichment Day was a smash hit!

Mazoon Al-Hali visited the OSU Pride Center The Pride Center is a safe place for all OSU students. It is in 1553 SW A Avenue, Corvallis, OR. It’s available from Monday to Thursday (10am-7pm) but on Friday they close a little earlier (10am5pm). Rylan Wall is one of the leaders there. He is there every work day. He said that this center has a library, computers, a kitchen and chairs with a table. Twenty students go there every day to study, meet their friends, use the computers and read books from the library. There is a program that can teach students how to understand each other and help them to learn easy ways to communicate with other people. If anyone wants to learn about this community he will be happy to answer his/her questions. All the students are more than welcome to go there and visit this building. Their email address is Their phone number is (541)737-9161.

INTO Oregon State University Oregon State University, 1701 SW Western Blvd, Corvallis, OR 97333 USA T: +1-541-737-2464



Mahnad Al-Zahjali visited the Native American Longhouse The Native American Longhouse is a cultural establishment. It’s located on the south side of the Memorial Union building. It was created in 1971. Its mission is to promote events and activities about the Native American community. It also provides computers and printers for members of the club, and also it’s available for any OSU member. In addition, the Longhouse provides the opportunity to learn about the history of the natives. The Native American Longhouse has 10 staff, 6 of them are Native American. It has around 200 Native American members in the university. The Native American Longhouse has activities and events all year, which international students and INTO OSU students can attend to learn more about the Natives and to gain more knowledge about them. The Native American Longhouse is important for INTO OSU students because as an international student, the Longhouse provides us a lot of cultural and historical experience.

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