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International Partnerships Guild Outlines Part 1.0 Guild Formations: Supporters – A supporter of the Guild is any one individual or group of individuals who actively or passively support the foundations of the Guild in the following forms of which include but are not limited to: human resources, monetary resources, advertising resources, economic resources (mineral, land or labor), business enterprise resources (capital, equipment, personnel). Volunteers – A volunteer of the Guild is any one individual or group of individuals who freely offers him or herself for a service or undertaking in any number of foundations, initiatives and/or events sponsored by the Guild either for special or temporary service rather than as a member of the regular or permanent Guild, willingly and without remuneration for their services. Staff – A staff member of the Guild is any one individual, or group of individuals, as employees, charged with carrying out the work of the Guild serving only in an auxiliary or advisory capacity in an effort to support and sustain the initiatives and projects of the Guild. Guild Functions: Communication – The interchange of opinions, thoughts, ideas, feelings, behavior and/or information via speech, gesture, telecommunication systems, publishing and broadcast media. To share, impart, divide out, inform, join, unite, or participate in through a common means. Activity by one organism that changes or has the potential to change the behavior of other organisms. Cooperation – The combination of active assistance from a person or persons working or acting together for the purposes of production, purchase, distribution, trade or activity shared for mutual benefit. Community Development – The involvement and empowerment of any one individual or group to change relationships between ordinary people and people in positions of power to improve justice, equality and mutual respect in the local, regional and global community. Main Principle: There is a wealth of knowledge and experience that can be channeled into collective action to achieve a communities’ desired goals. © 2011 International Partnerships Guild | Contact:

Guild Foundations: Overall Theme/Purpose: Wellness People – Youth, Women, Poverty, Public Health, Food/Nutrition Technology – Travel, Publishing, Media, Global Concerns EarthWorks – Urban Development, Land Management, Conservation, Agriculture Entrepreneurial – Small Business Development, Product Design and Distribution © 2011 International Partnerships Guild | Contact:

International Partnerships Guild Outlines Part 1.0  

Listing- Guild Formations: Guild Functions: & Guild Foundations:

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