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2012 Annual Report MILESTONE YEAR  FOR  INTERNATIONAL  HOUSE Every  organiza-on  experiences  a  -me  of  cri-cal  passage  and  transi-on.  For   Interna-onal  House,  our  move  to  the  Midwood  Interna-onal  &  Cultural  Center   (MICC)  will  be  remembered  as  one  of  our  defining  moments!

Since 1981,   Interna:onal  House   has  served  the   CharloCe  community   by  ac:vely  promo:ng   global  diversity,   tearing  down  cultural   barriers,  and  helping   immigrants  integrate   successfully  into  our   community.

We never  imagined  we  would  be  crea-ng  and  managing  a  mul--­‐tenant  enterprise.     But,  when  the  opportunity  emerged,  we  rose  to  the  challenge!    Many  people  worked   hard  on  this  project,  and  I  want  to  offer  special  recogni-on  to  board  member  Monte   Ritchey  and  our  capital  campaign  co-­‐chairs,  Tony  &  Lakana  Bikhazi.    They  were   instrumental  in  turning  this  long-me  dream  into  reality.   The  demands  for  the  programs  and  services  of  Interna-onal  House  have  never  been   higher.  Our  immigra-on  law  clinic  has  increased  the  number  of  people  served  by  an   average  of  20%  for  each  of  the  last  3  years.  We  offered  7  different  ESL  classes  in   2012,  and  our  individualized  English  Tutoring  Program  saw  a  35%  increase  in   students  and  tutors  from  the  prior  year.   Our  third  annual  summer  program  for  children  with  limited  English  proficiency   impacted  the  lives  of  145  students,  almost  doubling  the  number  served  during  the   previous  summer.  Similarly,  our  Ci-zen  Diplomacy  Program  hosted  hundreds  of   interna-onal  visitors  in  2012,  including  a  huge  group  of  55  guests  who  were  thrilled   to  par-cipate  in  the  Democra-c  Na-onal  Conven-on.   Interna-onal  House  con-nues  to  stay  vibrant  and  relevant,  tangibly  changing  the   lives  of  individuals  and  directly  impac-ng  intercultural  understanding  in  our   community.  We  are  pleased  to  offer  this  annual  report  and  deeply  grateful  for  the   support  we  have  received  from  our  many  partners  and  friends.  

Denise Cumbee  Long,  Execu-ve  Director

International House Board of Directors

International House Staff Denise Cumbee  Long,  Execu-ve  Director Jackie  Berry,  Paralegal Kathy  Brennan,  Immigra-on  Aborney Johnelle  Causwell,  Program  Associate

Brad Merlie,  President,  Piedmont  Natural  Gas Vince  Altamura,  Vice-­‐President,  Wells  Fargo Cynthia  Aziz,  Secretary,  Aziz  Law  Firm,  P.A. Anne  Croby,  Senior  Immigra-on  Aborney,   Tom  Hawkins,  Treasurer,  Firm  Resolve,  LLC Clinic  Director Karim  Azar,  Globe  Express  Services Lynne  Foreman,  Development  Director Nini  RB  Bau-sta  de  García,  Carolinas  Asian  American   Chamber Jelena  Giric  Held,  Senior  Paralegal Camille  Evans,  Aborney Bruce  Holliday,  Interim  Marketing  Director Shonali  Gupte,  Bank  of  America Gail  Johnson,  Educa-on  Director Brian  Heslin,  Moore  &  Van  Allen Dana  Hicks,  Huber  Technology,  Inc. Lara  Printz,  Program  Director,  Interna-onal   Violeta  Moser,  La-n  American  Women’s  Associa-on Visitors   Peter  Pampillonio,  Pro-viRusty  Reynolds,  Business  Manager Monte  Ritchey,  Conformity  Corpora-on Tania  Serrano,  Legal  Assistant Robin  Tanner,  Piedmont  Unitarian    Universalist  Church Satoshi  Watanabe,  Wells  Fargo  Corpora-on

Financial Report

Fee for Service: $113,075 Grants - Government: $125,237 Grants - Private: $275,250 Individual Giving: $ 21,489 Special Events: $108,860 Other: $ 18,672 Total


Programs and Services: $480,493 Marketing/Fundraising: $ 99,035 Administration: $ 74,661 Total


In addi'on  to  the  opera'ng  income  and  expenses  reported  above,  the  Midwood  Capital  Campaign  raised  $99,500  in   public  sector  funding  from  Charlo@e’s  Neighborhood  and  Business  Services  Department  and  an  addi'onal  $89,430  in   private  dona'ons  for  a  total  of  $188,930.  These  capital  funds  were  earmarked  for  renova'ons  and  improvements  to   the  Midwood  Interna'onal  &  Cultural  Center.  

Ginter Immigration Law Clinic In 2012,  the  Ginter  Legal  Clinic  served  1058  low-­‐income  clients  needing  informa-on,  referrals,  or  legal   representa-on  regarding  US  ci-zenship  or  permanent  residency.    Clinic  staff  also  represented  clients  seeking   other  immigra-on  benefits,  such  as  work  permits,  travel  documents,  and  replacement  of  lost  or  stolen  green   cards.

In addi-on  to  our  permanent  resident  and   naturaliza-on  cases,  Clinic  staff  represented   “Dreamers,”  students  and  young  adults  who  came  to   the  U.S.  as  children  and  are  out  of  status.    Clients  are   now  awai-ng  approval  of  work  permits  which  will   allow  them  to  seek  employment  and  apply  for  driver’s   licenses.

A series  of  three  ci'zenship  classes  provided  93   clients  of  the  Ginter  Law  Clinic  with  a  six  week  course   in  U.S.  history,  civics,  and  government  to  help  them   have  a  beber  chance  of  passing  the  USCIS  exam  and   ul-mately  becoming  naturalized  U.S.  ci-zens.

Ginter Immigra-on  Law  Clinic  2012   *1,058  client  requests  for  service *482  cases  opened      *  98%  success  rate   *131  Permanent  Resident  Cards  Approved

Educational Programs Over 575  adults  and  145  children  from  49  different  countries  benefibed   from  one  or  more  educa-onal  programs  offered  by  Interna-onal  House  in   2012.   Educa-onal  services  were  expanded  to  include  a  new  one-­‐on-­‐one  tutor  hour   before  our  ci-zenship  classes,  a  life  skills  series  known  as  “Charlobe   University”,  a  job  resource  facility  affiliated  with  Charlobe  Works,  and  a   partnership  with  two  CMS  schools  for  a  summer  English  tutoring  program   with  children  (YETP).         The  2012  summer  YETP  program  reached  new  heights  in  its  third  year  by   expanding  to  two  elementary  schools.    145  limited  English  proficient  children   increased  their  reading,  wri-ng,  and  comprehension  scores  by  an  average  of   15%.    An  extremely  successful  partnership  with  Albemarle  Road  Elementary   and  Merry  Oaks  Interna-onal  Academy  allowed  us  to  learn  from  seasoned   CMS  teachers  in  a  new  “teacher-­‐tutor”  training  model. CharloEe  University  con-nued  as  a  successful  “teach  the  teacher”  model  in   2012  at  both  Interna-onal  House  and  various  loca-ons  around  Charlobe,   with  116  immigrant  leaders  from  all  over  the  world  hearing  presenta-ons   from  community  agencies  and  nonprofits.      Learning  sessions  offered  cri-cal   informa-on  about  transporta-on,  housing,  police,  fire,  and  medical  care,   English  classes,  legal  assistance,  the  CMS  school  system,  job  and  resume   assistance,  and  financial  and   lending  opportuni-es  in   Charlobe.     CharloEe  Works  invited   Interna-onal  House  to   become  a  SNAP  (Shared   Network  Access  Point)  site  in   August,  and  we  helped  35  job   seekers  find  job  resources  and   resume  help.    Charlobe  Works   is  a  private-­‐public  partnership   bringing  together  Charlobe   resources  to  educate,   empower  and  engage  Charlobe's  underemployed  and  unemployed  workforce   to  meet  current  business  needs.

Educational Programs 2012 *110 adult  students  

matched with  volunteer   English  tutors *98  adult  ESL  students   abended  weekly  classes *116  immigrant  leaders   par-cipated  in  “Charlobe   University” *35  job  seekers  were   helped  in  our  new   Charlobe  Works  SNAP   site   *145  children  were   served  by  YETP,  a  free   summer  English  tutoring   program *152  language  learners   joined  na-ve  speakers  in   weekly  conversa-on   hours  offered  in  8   languages

Citizen Diplomacy/International Visitors Our Ci-zen  Diplomacy  Program  brought  29  groups  of   interna-onal  visitors  to  Charlobe  during  2012,  giving  234   high  level  interna-onal  leaders  from  81  countries  a  look  at   U.S.  best  prac-ces  in  banking,  finance,  educa-on,  healthcare,   manufacturing,    human  rights  and  poli-cal  processes.  Most   notably,  one  of  our  visitors,  Pushpa  Basnet  of  Nepal  was   selected  as  CNN’s  2012  Hero  of  the  Year!  We  also  hosted  55   interna-onal  visitors  to  the  Democra-c  Na-onal  Conven-on   in  September. Our  popular  series  “Who’s  in  the  House”  con-nued  in  2012   with  stellar  abendance  from  the  local  community.    The  series   showcased  visi-ng  interna-onal  leaders  from  Botswana,   Serbia,  Ukraine,  Sudan,  South  Sudan,  Swaziland,  Republic  of   the  Congo,  Mexico,  Turkmenistan,  Kazakhstan,  Kyrgyzstan,   Afghanistan,  Uzbekistan,  Tajikistan,  Bangladesh,  Sri  Lanka,   Nepal  and  Niger.

Ci'zen Diplomacy  in  2012

234 interna'onal  visitors 81  countries  represented 29  delega'ons  hosted 85  host  families  for  our  visitors

A Hero in our Midst Pushpa Basnet of Nepal, one of our International Visitor Leadership Program participants in 2012, was selected as the CNN 2012 Hero of the Year. Pushpa was recognized by CNN for her work with the Children’s Center she opened in Nepal for children of incarcerated parents. Pushpa's amazing work is also featured in a film documentary, "Waiting for Mamu", produced by Tom Morgan of Charlotte, one of International House's wonderful home hosts. During Pushba's visit to Charlotte, she stayed with Tom and his family, and their time together inspired Tom to travel to Nepal to chronicle her efforts on behalf of children. Her organization received $250,000 as a result of this nomination.

Intercultural Programs An array  of  intercultural  events  and  ac-vi-es  were  offered  in   2012,  including  our  wildly  popular  Children’s  World  of  Play  at   Imaginon  which  introduced  area  youth  to  cultures  and   customs  around  the  world.      We  also  sponsored  interna-onal   musical  events,  hosted  a  “Storyology”  workshop  to  teach   local  immigrants  the  art  of  moviemaking.    Each  par-cipant   produced  a  digital  story  of  his  or  her  own  journey  to  the  USA   and  shared  it  at  an  event  open  to  the  public. In  addi-on,  almost  200  language  learners  and  na-ve  speakers   par-cipated  in  free,  weekly  Conversa-on  Hours  offered  in  8   different  languages.   Doorways,  a  monthly  social  group  for  interna-onal  women,   con-nued  to  offer  welcome  and  connec-on  for  women  from  around  the  world,  while  the  monthly  Interna-onal   Book  Club  gathered  to  read  and  discuss  acclaimed  works  by  interna-onal  authors. Finally,  Interna-onal  House’s  24th  Annual  Benefit  Gala  provided  a  Peruvian-­‐themed  evening  of  glitz  and   glamour  for  385  supporters  and  corporate  sponsors  who  feasted  and  danced  the  night  away  while  raising  over   $100,000  to  con-nue  the  great  programs  and  services  offered  by  Interna-onal  House.  

Thank You to our Capital Campaign Donors! Our Midwood Capital Campaign in 2012 was a great success. Special thanks to Tony and Lakana Bikhazi for their invaluable help as Chairs of the Midwood Capital Campaign and to Monte Ritchey for his tireless efforts to make this dream a reality. Because of their help, and through the generous donations of so many wonderful supporters of International House, we are the proud new tenants in Charlotte’s only multicultural campus dedicated to promoting international and cultural activities for Charlotte area residents. Thank you! Consul: $15,000 and more The Merancas Foundation Envoy: $10,000 to $14,999 Tony and Lakana Bikhazi Bruce Goldstein Champion: $5,000 to $9,999 Mazen and Samira A. Chakra Globe Express Services Charles and Mary Saleh Doorways International Women’s Group Diplomat: $2,500 to $4,999 Kal Kardous and Marie-Claire Marroum-Kardous Investor: $1,500 to $2,499 Twig and Barbara Branch Titi Cole Sustainer: $500 to $1,499 Vince and Lin Altamura Gerry and Margie Anderson Anonymous Cynthia Aziz and Timothy von der Embse Marian Beane Lee and Anthony Bucci Claudio Carpano Wilton & Catherine Connor Anne and Edward Crotty Denise Cumbee Long and Bruce Holliday Betty and Roger Dickey Pamela Fawcett - Brandon Brita and Brian Formato Mary Jo Germain Alan Gordon Donald E. and Janet M. Haack Fund Thomas Hawkins Dana and Caroline Hicks Kimm and Ray Jolly Rick and Rita Ledsinger Stephanie and Robert Lee Georgia Jacquez Lewis Costas and Nicole Melissaris Brad and Barbara Merlie Vickie Mitchner Monte and Jessica Ritchey Jennifer Watson Roberts Ted and Madeleine Solomon Greg and Sandy Vlahos Satoshi and Miyako Watanabe

Friend: $250 to $499 Wedge and Debbie Abels Thomas R. Atkinson Dr. Nini RB Bautista Suzanne and Thad Clements Sarah Belk Gambrell Sana and Issam Habbal Bruce and Carmen Hilton Andre and Stacey Laurent Isaac and Sonia Luski Mansour Edlin Consulting Michael Rodelius Charles and Priscilla Sawicki David and Nancy Townsend Michael & Jean Yount Supporters: ($25 to $249) James Alderman Duncan Alford Karim Azar and Leena Salokannel-Azar Jake and Yuliya Baldwin Hana Barakat Sylvie Bastajian Marianne Battistone Marion Beahan Natasha Beathe Natasha Bechtler Viviane Bechtler-Smith Sheila B. Bennett. Krista and David Bowen Houda Bracewell Jennifer Bradshaw Tracy Braswell Gretchen and Jeff Brown John and Josane Calvert Chaya Chetty Dany Claeys Imani Clenance Christine Conte Inge Couteller Dorothea Czerner Martha Davis Cheri Dennis Lance and Lenore Jones Deutsch Rosellen and Eric Dunn Christina Elias Camille Evans Marcia and Raul Farroch Iryna Fishchenko Mary P. Foltz Nadia Francis Frank and Sarah Gentry Vlad Gilevskiy Trish Golembe Wendelle Gray Mahnaz Hamedani Mollie Henninger

Brian Heslin HMB Katz Jim Huddle Pamela Hutson Mary-Ellen Jones Kitty Bang Law Cindy Kostma Ursula Lancaster Julie Lavoie Margaret Leccese John D. Lewis Paula Little Franziska Loftin Brenda Lohsen Marie Rink Wendell Martin Lina Mazigi C. Brunilda McStravick Denise Medeiros Doris Meeks Mala Mehrotra Danuta Meijer Karen Munden Gabrielle Narchi Karen and Andrew Nicholson Beryl Owen Peter Pampillonio Rohan and Angela Paul Debbie Phillips Dr&Mrs. Thomas E. Powell III Marion Pritchett

Mona Radiloff Noelle Sarkissian Victor and Julia Sayegh Mary Shaheen Mona Siblani Jose and Sharon Simon Teresa Singer Alfredo Solis Helen Solitario Stefanie Staton Chris Stein Johanna Steinz Virginie Stewart Eva Stokkebye Brian D. Tate Kedist Tedla Terry Thirion Joanne Torigian Mary Anna Turner Christine Vanderwee Emmy Verheecke Lois K Wharton Ann Wood Laura Wright George Yazbeck Catherine Zenie

You Make a World of Difference! 2012 Donors and Sponsors

The programs and services of International House are made possible through the generous support of individuals, private foundations, corporations, and civic organizations. In addition to those listed below, our heartfelt thanks go out to the members of our board of directors, our advisory board, our volunteers, and all who donated in-kind gifts. We are especially grateful to St. John’s Baptist Church for the use of the Staten House for over 25 years! INDIVIDUALS

Patron ($1,000 & up) Tony and Lakana Bikhazi Walter and Meredith Dolhare Kal Kardous and Marie-Claire Marroum-Kardous Richard Norman Michael and Julie Whitted Mrs. Tom van Wingerden Sustainer ($500 to $999) Brian and Brita Formato Thomas Hawkins Margaret Leydic-Boyd Brad and Barbara Merlie Investor ($250 to $499) Vince and Lin Altamura Timothy von der Embse & Cynthia Aziz Dr. Nini RB Bautista Twig and Barbara Branch Zack and Laura Budzichowski Richard and Boyd Davis Roger and Betty Dickey David Dietrich Camille Evans Dana and Caroline Hicks James and Deborah Nelson Monte and Jessica Ritchey Michael Rodelius Nicole Simmons David Stewart Bill and Pat Thomas Charlene Washburn Satoshi and Miyako Watanabe Edith Yakutis Friend ($25 to $249) Karim Azar and Leena Salokannel- Azar Jake and Yuliya Baldwin Sheila B. Bennett Howard Bentley Julie Burch Charlotte Friends Meeting Margaret Flores Diane Gilbert Trish Golembe Pamela Greene Jeff Heybruck Bruce and Carmen Hilton Elizabeth Horgan Raluca Iosif Cheryl Johnson Dara Khalatbari Faith Kuppers Fausto Lqinez Lagos Andre and Stacey Laurent Eric and Rita Law Ahmadou Ly Janet Malkemes Luz Maria Aveleyra

Charmaine Marquardt Leanne Mason Ron and Beth Mathews Violeta Moser Richard and Barbara Neidinger Teruyoshi and Fumi Ogano David Orbaugh Tanja Pauler Bonnie Rindner Tiffany Sirkle Patricia Stoy Robin Tanner Sarah Tull Sherry Walsh Ann Wood


Bank of America Duke Energy Microsoft Piedmont Natural Gas

FOUNDATIONS Arts & Science Council Belk Foundation Bi-Lo Foundation Blumenthal Foundation Crossroads Foundation de Molina Family Foundation Dollar General Foundation Duke Energy Foundation Ginter Foundation Leon Levine Foundation McMillan Foundation Mecklenburg Bar Foundation Merancas Foundation PNC Bank Foundation Sisters of Mercy Foundation TJX Foundation Wells Fargo Foundation


North Carolina DHHS Refugee Program National Council of International Visitors


Japanese Association of Charlotte


Coca-Cola Donald Haack Diamonds Euclid Innovations Fifth Third Bank Holland America Line Montblanc Boutique Charlotte North Carolina Bank and Trust Perry's at SouthPark

Peru Magnifico! The 24th Annual Benefit Gala celebrated the culture of Peru and raised over $100,000 for the programs and services of International House. Many thanks to the dedicated Gala Committee, Chaired by Josane Calvert, and to our Corporate Sponsors listed below.

Arequipa $10,000 Sponsor Wells Fargo

Callao $5,000 Sponsors

Bank of America Continental Tire Alvaro and Donna de Molina Janney Montgomery Scott LLC Piedmont Natural Gas

Trujillo $3,000 Sponsors

Blum, Inc. Coats North America Duke Energy Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP KPMG Microsoft Corporation Moore & Van Allen Protiviti SPX Web Full Circle

Chiclayo $1,500 Sponsors

Aziz Immigration Law Firm Charlotte Country Day School Compare Foods Ernst & Young LLC Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm Kuck Immigration Partners LLC Language Resource Center Murata Machinery USA Presbyterian Hospital Providence Day School SouthEnd Dentistry

Iquitos $500 Sponsors

Alan Gordon Immigration & Naturalization Law Bryan Cave LLP Chiquita Brands International LLC Christopher C. Kupec Deloitte Touche LLP Greer & Walker LLP Hellman Worldwide Logistics Huber Technology, Inc. Into Languages Global K&L Gates LLP Management inSites, Inc. Robinson, Bradshaw & Hinson, PA The Language Academy of the Carolinas Viscotec Automotive Products, LLC


1817 Central Ave Suite 215 Charlotte, NC 28205


International House 1817 Central Ave Charlotte, NC 28205 704-333-8099

Interna'onal House  now  located  at  Midwood  Interna-onal  &  Cultural  Center 1817  Central  Ave  Suite  215 Charlobe,  NC  28205 704-­‐333-­‐8099

Come see  our  new  home! This  past  year  culminated  in  one  of  the  most  exci-ng  events  in  our  history  when  Interna-onal  House  converted  the   old  Midwood  High  School  on  Central  Avenue  into  the  Midwood  Interna-onal  &  Cultural  Center.    Our  new   mul-cultural    campus  has  been  transformed  into  a  vibrant  hub  of  interna-onal  and  cultural  ac-vity  with  a  diverse   and  varied  collec-on  of  tenants  -­‐  including  the  Language  Academy,  Global  Arts  Ini-a-ve,  Universal  Ins-tute  for   Successful  Aging,  League  of  Women  Voters,  Bosnian-­‐Herzegovinian  American  Cultural  Center,  Japanese  Associa-on   of  Charlobe,  All  Ethiopian  Community  Center,  and  Grameen  America  -­‐with  many  more  to  come  in  the  years  ahead. And  we  could  not  have  done  this  without  a  tremendous  outpouring  of  support  from  the  community.    Now  more   than  ever,  Interna-onal  House  is  Where  Charlo*e  Welcomes  the  World!

International House 2012 Annual Report  

A description of the programs and activities at International House in 2012.

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