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Letter from the Athletic Director


SB is pleased to welcome all athletes, coaches, administrators, parents and other supporters to IASAS Soccer 2012. We are excited to host you throughout this week of sport. IASAS is a super special organization, which in sporting events brings together the top athletes from each of our schools as they compete and strive to achieve their best and reach for that coveted IASAS trophy. As the biggest sport in the world, we know the greatness of soccer. The excitement we all get as we watch, waiting for that game breaking goal, while appreciating the balance of power and grace that the sport exhibits, it is no wonder it has such a cult following worldwide. Being one of Thailand’s favorite sports, ISB is also proud to host IASAS Soccer this year representing the nations passion. We hope you enjoy the tournament from the stands at ISB, and if you miss the action, please be sure to get online to our webpage at For all the athletes as they culminate their many hours of training, to the coaches who will have restless nights planning for each game and to the parents who support your children at these events, may you enjoy the IASAS Spirit throughout the days ahead. To our own ISB Athletics crew, faculty and support team thanks for all your hard work that you put in to pull off these events and to our amazing Booster Club, we all LOVE your spirit! Andy Vaughan

the INTERNATIONAL staff Co-Editor-in-Chief Co-Editor- in Chief Advisor

Amber Barnett Nisha Stickles Keith Miller


Christine Hathaway Seo-Young Lee Sam Davin Leeann Schudel


Dan Borenstein Thanya Chat Ashmita Dutta-Ray Katy Lewis

Anjali Menon Sarah Poff Fallon Reagan Nathan Scott


Wanna Snack?

The Grind has smoothies, cookies, fruit and other delacacies for you to enjoy. Located in the cafeteria, The Grind is open until 5pm, so if you need quick power boost, you have all day to stop on by and regenerate.

Need a Bite Off-site?

Here are some restaurants that are located near Nichada. Que Pasa

This restau rant is the only Mexican restaurant around this area that also serves Thai and Western food. It is about three minutes away by car outside of Nichada. The restaurant includes many traditional Mexican food such as quesadillas, tortillas, and burritos and of course other Western foods. Delivery: 02-960-3821 Price range: 100-200 baht

New York Diner (NYD)

This restaurant locates right across 7-11, where you will be able to taste the most original American dishes. They are most known for their delicious apple pies, blueberry pancakes and club sandwiches. Price range: 150-200 baht


Although this restaurant serves dishes that are predominantly Italian, they also serve other cuisines, including some Thai style dishes. The prices are reasonable. Additionally, it is easily accessible (15 minute walk and 5 minute drive), as it is close to Nichada Thani and ISB. Delivery: 02-582-1555 Price range: 200-300 baht



Name Grade Laetitia Devarrewaere* + 12 Amanda Giles* 12 Coco Indigne 12 Arianna McKinney 12 Fiona Popp 12 Will Thanapisitkul+ 12 Carrigan Whiteley 12 JJ Erpaiboon 11 Katie Henderson 11 Benya Kraus 11 Crystal Lam 11 Cha Patra-Yanan 11 Tori Alexander 10 Makena Emery 10 Jazmyn Green 9 Julia Tarrega 9 Captain: *

4-year IASAS: +


Name Grade Nick Callahan* 12 Yannick Gagne 12 Keagan Gaillard 12 Shayne Rockey 12 Chaitan Sethisuwan 12 Lars Tengs 12 Bryan Ahn 11 Ben Blackstone 11 Yuji Nakatori 11 Andy Real 11 Bautista Vela 11 Phone Vilailuck 11 Jeff Kraprayoon 10 Gal Rachman 10 Mingyu Shin 10 Nathan Scott 9 Captain: *

4-year IASAS: +



Name Grade 12 Rene Chan Frances Welt 12 Lily Hahn* 11 Lorraine Lin* 11 Alysia Lo 11 Adrienne Shih 11 Rana Uhlman 11 Catherine Wood 11 Amy Hsu 10 Jasmine Martin 10 Irene Wu 10 Victoria Zenteno 10 Ellen Chang 9 Allison Chu 9 Shizuka Tei 9 Hannah Wood 9 Captain: *

4-year IASAS: +

Name Grade Kevin Bui+ 12 Clark Chen 12 Wei An Lee* + 12 Perry Lee 12 Rodrigo Retana 12 Sean Carter 11 Jason Jung 11 Javier Marin 11 William Meikle 11 Eugene Wang 11 Vincent Yang* 11 Adrian Zenteno 11 Sean Lo 10 Andrew Chow 9 Jason Dong 9 9 Tommy Moran Captain: *

4-year IASAS: +



Name Grade 12 Katrina Gavino* Tanya McCorkle 12 Patti Piguing 12 12 Annika Weilbach+ Andrea Ayala 11 11 Isabel Benares Andrea Narciso 11 Karina Swee 11 11 Valerie Toze Grace Wilson 11 10 Ellie Granstrom Tisha Herold 10 Cathy Kelly 10 Abbo Nathan* 10 Andrea Preysler 9 Chiara Squillantini 9 Captains: *

4-year IASAS: +

Name Grade 12 Jamshid Abdukayumov Oscar Estrada*+ 12 Luis Hodgens 12 12 Michael Rynn Jeremy Theuer 12 12 James Woldring*+ Yusuke Fukuyama 11 Harry Gaskin 11 11 Tomoya Kobayashi Kris Reid 11 11 Ammar Waddi Battii John Mc Artor 10 Dan Conboy 9 Fergus Gregori 9 Arama O’Regan-Brown 9 Enrique Posas 9 Captains: *

4-year IASAS: +

SAS GIRLS Name Grade 12 Kat Hyslop* Stephanie Slaven* 12 Wendy Sung-Clarke 12 Katia Tanner* 12 Alli Maurillo 11 Chris Schindele 11 Vritti Sethi 11 Natalya Varkey 11 Alison Barrett 10 Paola Hoffer 10 Sydney Lay 10 Holly Lesser 10 Allison Wenner 10 Caroline In de Braekt 9 Abi McGowan 9 Lilly Snell 9 Captains: *

BOYS Name Grade 12 Vincent Asselin-Lauzon Harry Lewis 12 Maayan Misra* 12 Kyle Phillips* 12 Tyler Stuart 12 Gregg Willcox 12 Zack Chaudhry 11 Tucker Erdmann 11 Hayato Hori 11 Hank Horwitz 11 Kevin Maedomari 11 Thomas Milne 11 Donald Riegger 11 Tobey Rutkowsi 11 Daniel Blankenship 10 Rigas Rigopoulos 10 Captains: *


Megan Crabtree* Katrina Davis* Lotte Habers Maria Meija Ospina Nikita Mobbs Leah Sidhu Hannah Wolff Elizabeth Koswara-Simms Tania Lekhraj Hannah Lim Robyn Shan* Isobel Ngo Taylor Larsen Laila Juul-Dam Anna McGuffee Nora Trapp Captains: *

BOYS Grade

4-year IASAS: +

12 12 12 12 12 12 12 11 11 11 11 10 10 9 9 9


Danel Alviarez Moreno* Abraham Friedman+ Gabriel Honosutomo Byung Woo Seo* Laurens Sietsma Dhiren Vaswani Jonathan Beech Henrik Berg Romain Derguini Charles Donohue Dong Yeob Lee Ryota Suzuki Jin Woo Kim Dakota Sinder Sam Van der Linden Santiago Medina Captains: *


GIRLS Name Maren Adolfsen* Pallavi Hosakere Georgie McKavanagh Erica Remington Anna Stylianides* Sophia Ankel Nahal Ataei Emilie Indreberg Janera Martinez Cassidy Fergus Isabel Belash Nikita Alcock Ali Belash Petra Blackburn Stephanie Govaerts Iona Sstylianides Captains: *


4-year IASAS: +

12 12 12 12 12 12 11 11 11 11 11 11 10 10 10 9

BOYS Grade 12 12 12 12 12 11 11 11 11 10 9 9 9 9 9 9

4-year IASAS: +

Name Jayden Alcock* Yo Fukuda Abel Hartman Zizheng Kee Izzath Izzuddin Maraicar Mehmat Yaygin Koya Yoshizumi*+ Amir Abbas Emami Zadeh Timothy Challis William Costley Mark Khurana Tavis Smith Theo Stylianides Murray Linn Elliot Seiler Daniel Park Captains: *

Grade 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 11 11 11 11 11 11 10 10 9

4-year IASAS: +

Getting to Know the Land Of Smiles English-Thai Translation: Hello/Goodbye

Sawasdee Kha - girls Khap - guys

Thank you

Kob Khun Kha - girls Khap - guys

Where is the toilet? Hong Nahm Yu Nai?

How much?

Tao Lai Kha - girls Khap - guys

Exchange Rates: 1 USD = 30.63 THB

1 Ringgit = 9.99 THB

1 Peso = 0.74 THB

1 SGD = 24.93 THB

1 TWD = 1.05 THB

1 Rupiah = 3.19 THB

1000 THB

500 THB

100 THB

50 THB

20 THB

10 THB



Fun Facts: Bangkok’s full name translates to “Great City of Angels, Repository of Divine Gems, Great Land Unconquerable, Grand and Prominent Realm, Royal and Delightful Capital City Full of Nine Noble Gems, Highest Royal Dwelling and Grand Palace, Divine Shelter and Living Place of Reincarnated Spirits” Thailand is home to what may be the world’s longest snake, the reticulated python. The largest one found stretched over 33 feet (10 m) from end to end. Thailand is home to the world’s largest gold Buddha, the largest crocodile farm, the largest restaurant, the longest single-span suspension bridge, and the world’s tallest hotel. The brothers who gave the world the term “Siamese twins” were born in 1811 in a village near Bangkok. The twins Eng and Chang were joined at the chest Traditionally in Thailand, feet are considered lowly because they symbolize an attachment to the ground. As such, a person must never sit with their feet pointing to a statue in a temple or at some other person. Feet must always be tucked underneath the body.


forgot some socks at your houser’s? this map will help you find your way around the nichada neighborhood.

ISB Sports Facilities Lost? This map will help you find your way around the grounds of the school.

The International IASAS Soccer1  

A High School Student Publication from International School Bangkok IASAS Soccer 2012 (Issue 1)

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