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Camelback Animal Hospital Enrique Cruz, Veterinarian

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1T5afllt!. Rae Aaron, Sophomore at Phoenix Country Day School, Interviews esteemed Artist Philip Haas at Desert Botanical Garden. Page 6 GOOD KIDS CAN BE FAMOUS TOO!


at Prestige Music Academy”

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NO Contracts! All Instruments All Ages

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Discover the Most Innovative School in the Valley. Join prospective students and their families to learn about Grades 5 through 12. Tesseract’s Open House will showcase our technologically advanced facilities, world-class faculty and numerous academic and extracurricular activities. November 8th from 6:30-8:30pm. Tesseract Middle & Upper School Campus, 3939 Shea Blvd, Phoenix

Join Us!

Tesseract School is renowned for its:

Middle & U pper

OPEN HOUSE November 8t


✓ Student-Centered Education ✓ Internships and Public Speaking ✓ Dedication to Community Service 6:30pm h ✓ Character and Confidence Building ✓ 1-to-1 Middle School iPad Program ✓ Academic Excellence and Innovative Thinking ✓ Creativity, Critical Thinking and Collaboration ✓ Middle School Class Trips: California, Arkansas, East Coast & Costa Rica

✓ International Upper School Class Trips: Europe, Peru & China p 480.385.3673 • f 480.385.3674

At Grand Canyon University, you can pursue your degree and enjoy your college years. With over 100 nationally recognized degree programs, as well as an exciting campus lifestyle, you’re sure to discover your path! Get Started Today! 855-761-5173

Ferace Daghlan

Brightmont Academy Sophomore


ZONA: How long have you been going to Brightmont? FERACE: For two months. ZONA: What do you like best about Brightmont? FERACE: I like the one-on-one teaching the best, and the attention the teacher can give to me. If I don’t understand something we work hard on it. We get into more detail. I like that I can change my schedule and pick the hours I want to have my classes in. The independent study lab helps a lot. ZONA: What makes Brightmont so much different than attending a traditional public school? FERACE: The one-to-one aspect instead of having 20 other students. You can ask more questions, and the teacher is focused on only you, instead of you and all the other students. ZONA: How has Brighmont helped you in your academics since attending? FERACE: In the two months I’ve been here I’ve learned more than all last year in another school. Things are easier to remember, and we have good worksheets for review. I see my grades are a lot better because the teacher can make things more clear. ZONA: What is your favorite subject in school? FERACE: World History. ZONA: Do you participate in any sports or activities outside of school? FERACE: I play basketball at the gym. ZONA: Do you have a favorite instructor or do you just have one instructor all day? Tell us about him/her? FERACE: I have three instructors. My favorite instructor is my history instructor, Mr. Zuggi. He makes all the subjects clear and I learn a lot in the class. ZONA: What is your favorite tradition for Thanksgiving? FERACE: We usually go to California to my grandparents’ house and visit with family.


for more information or to register: dbacks com/academy

@Dbacks, LosDbacks

smoca’s young@art gallery


Steering the Spaceship Earth Teens Respond to the Whole Earth Catalog

It’s easy. If you’re in town somewhere having fun, take a picture, tell us where your at and we’ll put your picture In the ZONA Magazine. Grace & Ally (driving) at Amazing Jake’s in Mesa

Heather Markovic, Utopia Within, 2012. Inkjet print.

Send Picture to Or submit it through Facebook

scot tsdale museum of contemporary ar t 7380 east second street, scottsdale, az 85251 480.874.4666

Organized by the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. Sponsored by Wells Fargo. The young@art gallery gives special thanks to the SMoCA Docents.





CONTENT DIRECTOR Anna Sirianni GENERAL SALES MANAGER Aileen Kelton PHOTOGRAPHERS Heidi Pease Kyle Money (PCDS Sophomore)



It feels good to get some recognition for working so hard. I also have an awesome co-captain named Maddy Sears that I appreciate so much for her passion and dedication!



zacone Tori Mazer, 2012 Novemb

– Tori

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Fave kind of dance: My favorite kind of dance is contemporary. I love all


types and it is hard to pick, but contemporary has such an extreme range of movements. I think that contemporary fits me the best. Fave TV show: TV…I honestly don’t watch it. I haven’t had cable TV since I was eight years old, up until two weeks ago, and I’ve only turned the TV on once since then. Fave movie of all time: My favorite movie(s) ever are the Harry Potter series. Although I’ve never read the books, I literally watch one movie from the series once a week. Fave band/Fave song: I don’t have one favorite band, but I love Imagine Dragons, Beyonce, Daughter, Mumford and Sons, Ed Sheeran, Bon Iver, and Tom Sonntag. By favorite song is Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran.


480-947-9898 3310 N. Hayden Rd., #103

1112 Village_In the Zona_v1 10/1/12 3:03 PM Page 1 ZONA: What’s your favorite subject in school? Fave food? Best place you ever danced? What drives you crazy!? Have you ever actually LOLed? Would you dance with a Llama in front of the President and all his dignitaries for $1,000? TORI: My favorite subject in school would definitely have to be dance. I can’t get enough of it outside of school, so I also take dance class at school. But, if I had to choose an academic subject, my favorite would be English. It comes to me easily and I love to write. My favorite subject (type) of dance is contemporary. I love all types and it is hard to pick, but contemporary has such an extreme range of movements. I think that contemporary fits me the best. My all-time fave food would have to be Italian (I like to live up to my last name). The greatest place I’ve ever danced was The Edge in LA. It is a dance studio that gave me great challenge, and had great vibes! Something that drives me insane is lack of sleep. But hey, who would prefer no sleep? Of course I’ve LOLed, at almost everything

© 2012 DMB SPORTS CLUBS A DMB Property



Carr Tor i is Paulaemy’s d Dance Aca hip & top scholars ner award win s at variou s competitionut. o in state and the o ls a Tor i is of her R P ESIDENTl dance high schoo ny. compa

I see or hear! Not only would I dance with a Llama in front of the president and all his dignitaries for $1,000, I’d do it for FREE! ZONA: Why is Paula Carr so cool? What makes her dance academy so great? TORI: Paula Carr is so cool because she isn’t just a dance instructor, or studio owner. She makes her dance studio feel like home. I have never once heard a mean or negative word come out of her mouth. Paula is nutty and goofy, and one of the funniest people I know. At the same time, Paula whips us dancers into shape and helps all of us improve. She’s a beautiful lady inside and out, and I don’t know what I’d do without her or her academy of dance. ZONA: Does Saguaro High pay enough attention to the dance program? TORI: Saguaro’s student body surely pays attention to us at assembly performances. More than anything, we love to put on a great show that people enjoy. ZONA: What awards have you won as a dancer at PCDA? Did you receive a scholarship to dance there and what did it take to gain that accomplishment? TORI: Since I’ve been dancing at PCDA, I have made accomplishments that wouldn’t have been possible without the confidence that I’ve gained through Paula’s help. Two years ago, I got my first dance convention/ competition scholarship at Hollywood Vibe dance convention. The next year, I received two more (one from Hollywood Vibe and one from Co. dance). At Hollywood Vibe, performing my first ever solo, I won overall high score, and first place in my division. For this, I was chosen to compete at nationals for dancer of the year. I also received a “Clear Talent Group” award from Co. Dance, giving me the opportunity to audition for a talent agency. I was so overwhelmed with joy to receive this award! Soon after these accomplishments, I also won $100 dollars for the Young Artists’ Competition through the Herberger Theater. For PCDA, I also have a scholarship which I appreciate immensely because it allows me do what I love. I am there for Paula whenever she needs help to return the favor! She’s awesome. ZONA: Where can dance take you? What do you see yourself doing in 10 years? TORI: Dance can go in many different directions, and I’m not sure of where I’ll go with it. I never want to give up though! I think that in ten years, I will have hopefully graduated college already majoring in either dance or physical therapy. It would make my life to be able to be on a professional company in New York or California, be on a show like So You Think You Can Dance, or be a commercial dancer. In ten years, dancing will still be in my life, but I would also love to be happily married!

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PHILIP HAAS: THE FOUR SEASONS Now through April 28, 2013 Four monumental, earthy and exuberant sculptures inspired by Italian Renaissance artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo.



Now through May 27, 2013 Inspired by nature, Escobar works with steel and resined fabric to create organic sculptures.

Both exhibits are on display during regular Garden hours and included with paid Garden admission. For additional information visit: & 1201 N. Galvin Parkway, Phoenix, AZ 85008 | 480 941.1225 |



he desert willow trees, Mexican sage bushes, and wildflowers are the most exciting specimens I’ve seen grow out of the desert ground, until now!

It’s time again to visit our city’s distinctive Desert Botanical Garden, because currently towering over the palo verde trees and saguaro cacti are four of the most magnificent sculptures you will ever see. The new installation is called The Four Seasons, a set of four fifteen-foot fiberglass sculptures by American artist and film-maker Philip Haas. The “giant heads” will be on display in the Garden’s Stardust Foundation Plaza from October 26, 2012 – April 28, 2013. Thanks to In the ZONA Magazine, I got the chance to spend a beautiful October afternoon visiting with Haas and discussing his life and his latest work. He even took me on a personal tour of each sculpture to explain their origins and how they were created.

The presence of the four pieces, which are giant botanical creatures, is stunning at first sight, and each individual sculpture holds a unique aura and grace about it.

Philip Haas

The Four Seasons

Amazing, giant sculptures now on exhibit at the Desert Botanical Garden. You gotta see ‘em! Story and interview by Phoenix Country Day School Sophomore Rae Aaron

In a spectacular transformation that is typical of his work, Philip Haas has created a group of large-scale sculptures, inspired by Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s renaissance paintings of the four seasons, comprising Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The colossal size of Haas’s sculpture accentuates the visual puzzle of natural forms –- flowers, ivy, moss, fungi, vegetables, fruit, trees, bark, branches, twigs -– as they are recycled to form four human portraits, each representing an individual season. The result is at once grotesque, earthy, and exuberant.

“It feels almost as if it erupted from the ground here,” Haas told me, squinting his eyes in the dusk sun. He was surely not noting the cacti, but instead referring to his four mighty fifteen-foot personified fiber glass sculptures: Summer, Spring, Autumn, and Winter. The presence of the four pieces, which are giant botanical creatures, is stunning at first sight, and each individual sculpture holds a unique aura and grace about it. Haas appreciates the interplay between the environment of his collection and the way the pieces look, “ I’m just wondrously pleased with how the pieces look here in the desert.” He also points out that the sparse texture of our desert creates an opportunity for the sculptures to really pop out. The details and texture of Haas’ fiberglass sculptures at the Desert Botanical Garden are, whimsical, intriguing and unexpected, yet the exhibit is the result of years of experience, planning, and creativity. Haas, a brilliant scholar in film and the visual arts, has stood on the shoulders of giants, learning from the works of master and contemporary artists in order to create his own world-renowned sculptures. One inspiration for his Four Seasons exhibit is the 16th century Italian artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo, whose renaissance ideas served as a starting point for Haas. Haas connects to Arcimboldo through his art, creating a dialogue with the history of art; however, Haas’ art is unique, having its own affects, “If people can see different things in it, that’s great,” hoping that the original artist would be pleased to see the outcome of his work.


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• In the ZONA

Haas views himself as a conceptual artist, sharing his ideas with a team of about twenty sculptors, steel-armature builders, painters, and other craftsmen. Hass works with this team to interpret his models and analyze a design. As the process continues, Haas and his team develop a model and blow it up into a larger scale. With the right people for the different skill-sets, the sculptures materialize around a deadline and budget. Haas clarified that there’s never enough time or money, so there’s a certain point in which they must be finished. He enjoys brainstorming for new projects—the hardest part of the process being coming up with good ideas—really committing to a project. Being from California and living in Italy, England, and New York, Haas was exposed to art at a young age. Haas has always enjoyed art, but it is his work ethic and attitude, which continue to drive him forward and generate his work. Haas explains, “I don’t wait for someone to ask me to do something.” However, from theater, to documentaries, to feature films, to whatever may come next, with the accomplishment of his Four Seasons, he admits, “One of the things I’ve enjoyed doing is moving on.” Haas works with the attitude that anyone can make art. He has left his desired impact on the world of art and creativity, and his work will continue to inspire aspiring artists.

Story/Interview by Rae Aaron • Sophomore at PCDS

Desert Botanical Garden

Over the Desert

Philip Haas: The Four Seasons A Monumental Contemporary Sculpture Installation

When: October 26 2012 – April 28, 2013 Where: Stardust Foundation Plaza

Cost: The exhibit is included with admission to the Garden. Admission rates are $18.00 for adults, $15 for seniors, $10 for students with ID, $8 for children 3-12 yearsof-age; Garden members and children 2 years and younger are admitted free.

If you would like to be a junior reporter for ZONA Magazine like Rae, please send us an e-mail at


In the ZONA

• 7

STCS Fall Festival

2012 Oct. 21st

Photos by Mandy Balart

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Good Luck to all the student-athletes in Arcadia-schools this year!

Questions for Annika Erickson


Priority Mail from the States!


Each November, the National Junior Honor Society students at Christ Lutheran School, organize a drive for items to include in military care packages for members of the armed forces stationed away from home, at bases in the United States, as well as foreign countries. It is their goal to package and ship at least 100 boxes this year.

Annika Erickson, an 8th grader at CLS and a member of NJHS, has a unique understanding of how meaningful this project can be to it’s recipients, as her dad, Rick, was a past recipient of CLS care packages while deployed in Iraq. ZONA: In what branch of military service do you serve and what is your job within? RICK: U.S. Marines. My 21-year career began on active duty as an infantry officer and my current job is military lawyer (aka JAG) in the Marine Reserves. ZONA: When and where were you deployed? RICK: 1994 (Western Pacific, Singapore, Somalia, Australia); 2006-07 (Anbar Province, Iraq). ZONA: What did you miss most being away from America and your family? RICK: I missed my favorite foods because no matter how hard they try to bring American food overseas, it doesn’t taste like home. I most missed time with my family doing the simplest things, like watching sports on TV, worshiping at church together, talking about our days at dinner and just being in their presence. ZONA: How did you feel when you received the care package from CLS? RICK: Overwhelmed and blessed. One package had a large, soft blanket that I used for months during the colder desert season, and the Marines enjoyed every single thing that was carefully thought of and packed. Nothing was wasted or discarded because the packages had the things we really needed and the things that reminded us of home. ZONA: What items were in the care package? RICK: There were simple amenities and toiletries that helped when we were out on the road and were not close to home base. This included deodorant, baby wipes, Kleenex, hand cleaner, breath mints and gum. There were also treats we missed like candy bars (better in the colder months), licorice, hard candies of all kinds and bags of chips and pretzels. ZONA: Why did you send your children to CLS? RICK: First, for the Christ-based education and, second, for the challenging academic curriculum.


• In the ZONA

ZONA: What is Operation: Care Package and what student group is sponsoring it? ANNIKA: Operation Care Package is an opportunity for CLS to collect food and toiletry items to fill up boxes to send to men and women serving overseas. The National Junior Honors Society sponsors this event. ZONA: What items can families donate? ANNIKA: Families can donate anything from toiletry items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, and lotion or simple food items and toys for the troops to give to the children where they are serving. ZONA: How many service personnel will benefit from this program? ANNIKA: About 5-10 service personnel benefit from just one or two packages and our goal is to ship 100 packages. ZONA: How old were you when your father was deployed and how did you feel while he was gone? ANNIKA: I was eight years old when my dad was deployed. The time that he was gone was incredibly hard and there was not a moment when I wasn’t missing him. ZONA: What advice can you give to other children of military personnel? ANNIKA: My advice to other military children is that no matter how hard things get, just pray. The main thing that got my family through those ten months was having the ability to go to Christ Lutheran and pray every day. It is so important that you stay strong in your faith and know that God will protect your mother or father no matter what.. ZONA: What other events or activities does NJHS participate in? ANNIKA: NJHS does many service projects both during and outside of school. We help set up for chapel every week, sell ice cream, help out at the Grandparent’s Breakfast, and usually run the dunk tank at Family Fun Night. We also help around school whenever we are needed. ZONA: You’re in 8th grade - what will you miss about CLS? ANNIKA: I will miss so many things about CLS, but most of all I will miss the teachers and staff. They always displayed a Christian attitude and were there to help me succeed both as a student and a person. I will miss the fact that I could go to them with anything and trust that they would give me amazing advice. ZONA: What other activities/sports do you enjoy? ANNIKA: I love to play the piano, sing in a band outside of school, and play volleyball. ZONA: Do you know your high school plans yet? ANNIKA: I am not quite sure which high school I will choose, but I know that I want to get more involved in music and theater.

I was eight years old when my dad was deployed. The time that he was gone was incredibly hard and there was not a moment when I wasn’t missing him.”

Rick Erickson with his daughter Annika on return to the States.

Paula Carr Dancer In the ZONA, Tori Mazzacone continued from page 5

ZONA: Are you friends with a lot of your fellow dancers at PCDA? Do you guys hang out when you are not dancing? TORI: Over the past five years at PCDA, I have formed some of the most wonderful friendships. We are together almost every day of the week, and we grow closer each day. We also see each other outside of dance! We are so crazy and kooky together and we always manage to have fun. Additionally, I think we push each other to work harder in dance. The girls I dance with are like sisters, and it has been sad to see previous senior dancers leave. I know it will be difficult when I have to leave this year. ZONA: Do you consider dance a sport? Do you work as hard as a football player? TORI: Of course, I consider dance a sport! A sport with coordination, that is. I don’t see football players doing leaps, extensions, or pirouettes. I think every good dancer pushes themselves to be the best they can be. That requires hard work, determination, passion, and strength! ZONA: What else do you enjoy doing besides dance? TORI: Besides dance, I enjoy food, movies, shopping, sleep, and being around the people that make me happiest! ZONA: How many hours a week do you put in for dance? TORI: On average, I take around ten hours of dance at PCDA each week. On top of that, I have dance at school for about one hour each day! ZONA: Would you like to give your friends a “ZONA shout-out”? Go ahead and say anything you would like for almost 20,000 people to read? TORI: To my dearest friends and family: Saguaro High School teachers, staff, peers, and Dance Company, thank you for giving me a four year-home that I have grown so comfortably in! All of my girls: Heather Wilson, Maryanna Baumer, Taylor Brauer, Ali Fields, Jazz Garcia, ALL PCDA GIRLS, and ALL Dance Co girls… you girls are the bees knees. HOLLA to my wonderful boyfriend Thomas Sonntag, who I’m so lucky to have. The woman who gave me life (my mom), my dad, and my loving sister (Michael) ; I thank all of you for always believing in me and giving me reasons to appreciate the life I’ve been given. Thank you to all of the dance teachers I’ve ever had. And one more goes out to the one and only Paula Carr.


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FUNDRAISER Have you ever wanted to play a prank on your school principal? Well, students at Saint Theresa Catholic School got to do just that. They duct taped their principal to the gym wall as part of a fundraiser. During the school’s pep assembly, each third grade student got strips of duct tape to place on the school’s principal. They won this opportunity by out-selling all the other grades during the school’s annual Fall Fundraiser. Their grade alone raised over $2,000 that will benefit the students at Saint Theresa Catholic School. Once all the multi-colored layers of duct tape were strategically placed, and to the loud chants of the student body, the stool that the principal was standing on was removed. She was stuck to the wall! A great morning was had by all, including STCS’s principal!

Take the Girl Scout Journey – troops forming now! Troops are formed based on the availability of volunteer leadership. 602.452.7000

Photo by Kaci Demarest

Héctor Zamora, Reductio Ad Absurdum, 2012. 1976 ALJO travel trailer, 25 tons of fragmented rock and sand native to Arizona. Courtesy of the artist; Labor, Mexico City; and Luciana Brito, São Paolo. © the artist


by Kaci Demarest

Junior/Sunnyslope High School

The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art Fall Opening Celebration


he Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA) held their Fall Opening Celebration on October 26th. The event was filled with magnificent art exhibits and captivating presentations. Overall, it was a memorable evening. “All of the exhibits were eye opening. It was a great experience,” Sunnyslope Junior Sarina Medina said.

Ant Farm environment photo (inflatable): Installation view of West of Center: Art and the Counterculture Experiment in America, Nomadic Experiments: Ant Farm Inflatables, Whole Room, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA), 2012.


• In the ZONA

The West of Center: Art and the Counterculture Experiment in America exhibit featured photos, videos, and re-creations from the period of counterculture in America. At the time, there was a movement of moving away from technology and getting back to basics. This exhibit featured items from this era such as Ant Farm and The Cockettes. Ant Farm was founded in the 1968 by Chip Lord and Doug Michels as a way to question how buildings were constructed. They believed architecture and media could be created at anytime anywhere with anything. They traveled the country creating inflatable environments at festivals, schools, conferences, and even the Rolling Stones’ free concert in Altamont. One of these inflatable constructions is on display at the exhibit, and viewers are able to go inside and experience the environment. This exhibit explored the counterculture of the era and displays how buildings can be constructed from any architecture. The Cockettes exhibit was another component in the counterculture movement that broke the

October 26, 2012

barriers between art and lifestyle. Taking place in San Francisco The Cockettes were part commune and part theater troupe who performed at the San Francisco Palace in the 60s and 70s. The group is interesting not only for their lavish performances and eccentric costumes but also for their concepts of the world around them. On the night of the opening, Fayetteville Hauser, a member of The Cockettes, presented rare footage of The Cockettes that exhibited the core of the troupe’s style. “I enjoyed this exhibit because I felt The Cockettes demonstrated they didn’t care what others thought about them and only sought happiness they felt when they performed,” Sunnyslope Junior Daniel Hammer said.


In conjunction with the West of Center exhibit, the young@art gallery hosted the exhibit Steering the Spaceship Earth: Teens Respond to the Whole Earth Catalog.

Cheridan Hallett

8th Grade International Charter School of AZ

The Whole Earth Catalog is an important documentation of the mindset of the 60s-70s counterculture; a time when there was a movement away from the dehumanizing influence of technology and a focus on the identification and creation of tools to empower creativity. This exhibition presents the views that teens express through art that encapsulate their vision for creating harmony in their own lives: present and future.

Necktie Dress by Sarah Cebrynski: Sarah Cebrynski (b. 1995) Desert Mountain High School Tied Together, 2012 repurposed neck ties.

Soda can dress by Amara Spizzirri: Amara Spizzirri (b. 1995) Desert Mountain High School Dress for a Better World, 2012 aluminum cans and brads

ZONA: What grade are you in? How long have you been attending ICSAZ? CHERIDAN: I am in eighth grade, and this is my first year attending ICSAZ. My favorite thing about this school is that it is small and each student gets more one-on-one teacher attention than most public schools. Also, I love our principal, Mrs. Johnson. She is the best principal I have ever had or heard of! She is really nice and has a great sense of humor. She takes the time to get to know me, as well as others. In the mornings before school, I love arriving early just to go in and talk to her and she will joke with me back and forth. I like how the principal’s office is up front and accessible to all, anytime. ZONA: What is your favorite book? Do you like the Hunger Games trilogies? CHERIDAN: Funny you should ask! My favorite “book” right now is the whole Hunger Games series. I was saddened upon reading the very last page of the third book - as I am when finishing any series. I want it to go on and on. They had action, suspense, violence, romance everything you could want. I am so glad my mom made all of us siblings read the books before watching the movie. The movie wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t as good as my imagination had conjured up, and of course many details were missing. Reading is one of my most enjoyable pastimes, and how I end most every day, far into the night. Some of the books I have enjoyed are: The Hardy Boys series, The Chronicles of Narnia, and a series of 36 abridged classics, as well as any magazines articles of real life adventures (like Boy’s Life). ZONA: You are an avid skateboarder, how long have you been doing this? What is the hardest trick that you can do? How long did you it take you to learn this? CHERIDAN: My love of skate boarding began three years ago when a friend came to live and homeschool with us. He taught me all he knew and in the process I developed a love for the sport. The hardest trick I can do is stall grinding. With skateboarding there is always a next level to try for, always something new to learn and progress towards. Amazingly, almost every time our family or friends have gone to any of the skateparks we have found others willing to share their knowledge and skill. ZONA: What are some of your favorite hobbies outside of school? CHERIDAN: In my free time, I like being with friends (who doesn’t). Art is also important to me. My favorite is drawing still life in pencil and pen (I often have a sketch book handy), though I have dabbled in scratch board, watercolor, oil, and charcoal. ZONA: What is your favorite Thanksgiving Day tradition? What is the best thing that you have on the dinner table? CHERIDAN: We always have a lot of family and friends over - that’s my favorite part. All the boys will play football out on the grass in front of our house, then come in for inside games later. Thru the month before Thanksgiving each of my family members write out “100 things we are thankful for”. We write each on a leaf and then display them on the wall around our dining room table, or sometimes just on a specific page, so we have them all in one place. Mom always serves a traditional turkey dinner with stuffing and mom’s special mashed potatoes and gravy...and at each place setting is five kernels of corn to remind us of the worst time in the pilgrim’s lives when each person was rationed for a day. We go around the table and every person gathered says the 5 top things they are thankful for that year. Then Dad or Mom reads a version of the First Thanksgiving story. ZONA: What is your favorite subject in school? CHERIDAN: Science, because Ms. Koutsky makes the class interactive, we’re not just studying a dry text book. I have always been interested in chemicals and their reactions. And math, it hasn’t always been my favorite, but the teacher makes all the difference! Ms. Hohl makes everything easy to understand, plus we can proceed at our own pace, which I really like.

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“Freschtives” Perspeat STA Through St. Vincent de Paul, two eighth graders at St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School will soon be leading their classmates in a project to give a family in need a home makeover. ZONA got the chance to sit down with these kind-hearted girls to get their “Fresh Perspective” on this inspirational project. Elizabeth Conn - 8th Grader - Saint Thomas the Apostle ZONA: With so much other stuff going on in your life, like schoolwork, sports, hanging out with your friends, watching movies, etc., why would you choose to participate in the Fresh Perspectives program? ELIZABETH: It’s a lot of work having to handle this huge service project, school, sports, and friends, but it’s all worth it because I get a chance to change someone’s life. ZONA: Do you know, or have you met, the family that is getting the home makeover? What are their names and what are they like? ELIZABETH: Yes, I have met the family, they are all so nice and I am very excited to work with them! ZONA: What is your favorite aspect of this project so far? What do you look forward to the most? ELIZABETH: My favorite aspect of this project so far would definitely be visiting the family and their house and seeing how excited they are for the makeover. I am really looking forward to the actual work day and seeing the house all put together in the end and the smiles on the family’s faces when they see their “new” house for the first time. ZONA: What exactly are you guys doing for the makeover? Is there construction involved, or is it mostly interior improvements? ELIZABETH: For the makeover it is mostly interior renovations however, there is some construction involved. Gloria Aguilar and her family One of the rooms has recently been split into two rooms and some of the doors have been fixed. We aren’t doing any huge construction, only anything that we find absolutely necessary. Basically, the main focus is making the house very nice for the family to live in comfortably. ZONA: Who are some important people you have met so far on this project? Have you met Gabriella Bova? What is she like? ELIZABETH: I have only known Gabi for a short time now and I have known her to be a very dedicated and charitable person. She does so much for these people whose houses are being made over it’s hard to believe it. When I first met her, I remember her saying she was exhausted because she has just finished four houses all at the same time! That was amazing to hear because these are such

huge projects and for her to handle four of them at the same time was incredible. What she does for others inspires me to do as much as I can to make a difference.

Colleen Kelly - 8th Grader - Saint Thomas the Apostle ZONA: What’s your favorite subject in school? What are the three most important things in your life right now? Do you have a pet? Who is your hero? If you could have any super-power what would it be? What’s your favorite food? Least favorite food? In one word, how would you describe your mom? COLLEEN: My favorite subject in school is Language Arts. The three most important things in my life are my family and friends, community service, and school. I have a yellow lab named Daisy May. My hero is my grandmother. If I could have any superpower, it would be to be able to read minds. My favorite food is any kind of seafood. My least favorite food is pickles . If I could describe my mom in one word, it would be “giving”. ZONA: With so much other stuff going on in your life, like schoolwork, sports, hanging out with your friends, watching movies, etc., why would you choose to participate in the Fresh Perspectives program? COLLEEN: Even with everything else going on in my life, I chose to participate in Fresh Perspectives, because I have worked closely with St. Vincent de Paul on many things, from serving food to helping coordinate an art show, but I had never seen anything like Fresh Perspectives before. Being able to do something this important with so many parts seemed like a great way to spend my time. ZONA: How does it make you feel when you devote yourself to others in need? COLLEEN: Participating in something as rewarding as Fresh Perspectives makes me feel very lucky. Every time I work on this project, I feel blessed and happy that I will be able to help change a family’s life in just one day. ZONA: Do you know, or have you met the family that is getting the home makeover? What are their names and what are they like? COLLEEN: Yes, I have met the family whose home we will be working on several times. There are four generations living together on this property, which is extremely amazing to witness. The family members include the parents, Gloria and Manuel, Gloria’s mother, three children, ages 23, 16 and 14, as well as grandchildren! Gloria and Manuel’s three children who live on the property are Victor, who works full time at a fast food restaurant, Fanny, who is a junior in high school and wants to be a lawyer or a designer, and Mario, who has downs syndrome and is very sweet. They are truly a beautiful, loving, and inspiring family. ZONA: Who are some important people you have met so far on this project? Have you met Gabriella Bova? What is she like? COLLEEN: Some of the most important people on the project are Gabriella Bova of St. Vincent de Paul, Sleep America, G. Hunter Inc., U-Haul, All-State Self Storage, and of course, our moms and classmates. Gabriella Bova is in charge of the Fresh Perspectives Program and is truly one the most inspiring people I have ever met. She has been an angel through the whole process. Our moms have done a great job organizing this project, and nothing would be possible without them. Sleep America is donating all the mattresses for the home, which was incredible. G. Hunter Inc., a local contractor, generously donated his time and talents working two full days in the house and even donating some of the materials. U-Haul was kind enough to lend us a truck to transport large donations, and All-State Self Storage donated a storage unit to store donations in. ZONA: If you guys were stranded on an island together what would you do to kill time? If you could only have one bedroom on that island, but you could have anything you wanted in that one bedroom, what would it look like? COLLEEN: If we were stranded on a desert island together, we would just talk. A LOT! We both love to talk, and when we talk, it seems like we never run out of things to say! If I could have one bedroom with anything I wanted, it would be black and white, with little pops of color everywhere. I would also want a flatscreen TV and a computer in there. I would want one of the walls to be a chalkboard that I could write and draw on. Above all, I would want pictures of me and my friends everywhere!

Gabriella Bova - Society of St. Vincent de Paul Leader Fresh Perspectives Program ZONA: Why did you choose to take on this project? GABRIELLA: It actually started from the volunteers. St. Vincent de Paul had many groups of volunteers, especially from schools and corporations, who wanted to work together on a project that involved team building and directly helping someone in need, with the desire to get to know the people they were helping and make a real difference in their lives. I knew that with the SVdP network of volunteers all around the valley who visit disadvantaged families in their homes to deliver food boxes, it would be easy to find families who could really benefit from a “Fresh Perspective” or a new look for their home. So I just put the two sides together. ZONA: Why is it important for young people to experience good will towards others? GABRIELLA: Kids who come from more affluent backgrounds don’t always understand what life is like for a working, poor family who is living paycheck to paycheck, making tough choices and doing without the things some of us take for granted, just to try to keep food on the table. It’s eye-opening for kids to see this first hand. It’s also important to teach your kids a tradition of service to others. Whether it’s based in your faith, in civic duty, or in issues of justice, giving back to your community and to those less fortunate is critical part of one’s character that needs to be nurtured when young for it to really blossom all through one’s life. ZONA: What makes Elizabeth and Colleen special kids and are you glad to have them as part of your team? GABRIELLA: Elizabeth and Colleen are two girls that have already done a lot for those in need enjoying every minute of the gift of time that they give to St. Vincent de Paul programs. They are young leaders ready to make a huge impact by bringing their school together and their families together to make the difference. Both of them have great ideas and they put them into practice.

LOOK for the amazing before and after home makeover pictures in ZONA’s upcoming December issue out December 1st.

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Llama Alert! Ben McCullough - 8th grader - smooches a llama

Elijah Colon - 8th grader - Cool Wig!


Britney Waxman - 7th grader - Bull’s-eye!

New Way Academy Whispering Hope Ranch ZONA: What grade are you in? Who is your teacher? What are your two favorite things about your teacher? ELIJAH: I am in 8th grade and my teacher is Mr. Clark. He is funny and makes learning fun. BEN: I am currently in 8th grade and my teacher is Ms. Calvert. One of my favorite things about my teacher is she’s the technology teacher, so if there is something wrong with my school laptop I can ask her if she can fix it during recess. Another one of my favorite things about my teacher is she makes technology class more fun by showing us videos on what we are learning. EMILY: I am a 7th grader at New Way Academy in Scottsdale. My homeroom teacher’s name is Miss Calvert. She is funny and always challenges me to do my best. BRITNEY: I am in 7th grade. Mr. Clark is my teacher. He is kind and understanding. A.J.: I am in the 8th grade. My teacher is Mrs. Gregory, but we call her “Mrs G.” My top two favorite things I like about Mrs. G is that she is always going out of her way for us to make sure learning is fun and exciting. She is a great teacher because she is fun to be around and can joke with us. ZONA: You recently went to Whispering Hope Ranch. What was it like? ELIJAH: Whispering Hope Ranch was cold and it had a lot of fun activities. BEN: Whispering Hope Ranch is fun, because you can do all the different activities there with your classmates Emily Glazov - 7th grader


• In the ZONA

and friends. EMILY: Whispering Hope Ranch was the best trip! I got to spend two nights and three days with my friends, classmates, and teachers. BRITNEY: It was fun, interesting, adventurous and amazing. A.J.: Whispering Hope Ranch was so much fun. It was great just chilling with friends and doing awesome activities all day long. ZONA: What types of animals did they have at the ranch? BEN: Some of the animals that they have are llamas, geese, ducks, pigs, and all other kinds of animals. They even had a chicken that could play a miniature piano. EMILY: Some of the animals they have at Whispering Hope are: chickens, birds, pigs, goats, horses, donkeys, dogs, cats, turkeys, a peacock, a kissing llama, and my favorite... a blind duck. Each of the animals at the ranch has a disability and they are all so loving and cute. A.J.: The ranch had a lot of animals like pigs that make sounds like Chewbacca. There were a lot of horses. ZONA: What were some of the activities that you did at the ranch? ELIJAH: I went horseback riding and I built a box out of wood. BEN: Some of the activities that they have there are archery, recreation, wood work, horseback riding, and animal interaction. EMILY: Some of the activities we did during our stay at Whispering Hope Ranch were sports, crafts, woodworking, archery, horseback riding, camp fires, movie

Robin Hood or Ben McCullough?

night, hiking, and best of all... spending time with the sweet animals. BRITNEY: Archery, horseback riding, visiting the cool but crazy animals, arts and crafts, playing on the grass. A.J.: The ranch had a lot of activities. I got the opportunity to do archery, horseback riding, wood working, hanging out by the camp fire, taking nature walks, hiking, and more. ZONA: What were your top three favorite things about the ranch? ELIJAH: The animals, activities, and making a gilly suit out of grass. BEN: The top three things that I like about the camp is the different activities, free time, and getting away from school. EMILY: My three favorite things about Whispering Hope were the camp fire, archery, and horseback riding. BRITNEY: Sharing a cabin with my friends, seeing the funny and cool animals, hanging out and having fun with friends. A.J.: My top three favorite things about the ranch were the archery, horseback riding, and the best was the food. The food was really good! ZONA: If you had a ranch, what would you name it? ELIJAH: The name of my ranch would be Elijah Hope Ranch. BEN: If I had ranch I would name it Ben’s Ranch. EMILY: If I had a ranch I would call it Emily’s Ranch House. BRITNEY: The Ranch of FUN! A.J.: If I had a ranch, I would call it Chills and Thrills Ranch.

Emily Glazov - 7th grade - Crafting STAR

A.J. Stanley (L) and Alec McCulloch (R)

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th e Ar izo na Je ts NY S Fo ot ba ll Te am ROSTER Samaury Alexander Gateway Israel Benjamin All Saints Jaden Byrnes Madison Jordan Campbell All Saints Isaac Enriquez Ingleside Christopher Grillo Cocopah Andy Robaina St. Thomas Van Scott All Saints Jayden Smith Ingleside Ethan Thornton Christ Lutheran Michael Uribe Madison Park


• In the ZONA

in your magazine. This team is I would like to nominate the Arizona Jets NYS Football Team to appear They have played 5 seasons of area. Arcadia the in comprised of 11 players that live and attend school to play 8-man Midget NYS Spring and Winter last football together, but came together most recently 19 games in those two seaall in ted undefea went They Tackle football under head coach Stephen Scott. of play. In June they months six the during points 3 up sons, averaged 30 points a game, and only gave l Championships, Nationa NYS 2012 the in d compete they traveled together as a team to California where went undefeated They Mexico. New and Texas, Nevada, which included teams from Arizona, California, nship 42-0. champio the winning games, three over in the tournament outscoring their opponents 109-0 anship. sportsm t excellen exhibit and ically academ excel Not only are these kids great athletes, but they

– Letter to ZONA from a proud, proud mom.

ZONA: Name, school, grade, jersey #, position? Nickname? JAYDEN: Jayden Smith, Ingleside Middle School, 7th grade, #1, tailback & cornerback, “Jay”. MICHAEL: Michael Uribe, Madison Park, 6th grade, #2, offensive guard & linebacker. ANDY: Andy Robaina, St. Thomas the Apostle, 5th grade, #4, noseguard. JADEN: Jaden Burns, Madison #1, 6th grade, #5, wide receiver, running back & cornerback, “Burns-Z”. ETHAN: Ethan Thornton, Christ Lutheran School, 6th grade, #6, tight end & defensive end. “ET”. ISAAC: Isaac Enriquez, Ingleside Middle School, 7th grade, #7, quarterback. CHRISTOPHER: Christopher Grillo, 6th grade, #8, fullback & linebacker. VAN: Van Scott, All Saints Episcopal Day School, 6th grade, #9, right guard & linebacker. JORDAN: Jordan Campbell, All Saints Episcopal Day school, 6th grade, #10, center & noseguard & linebacker. ISRAEL: Israel Benjamin, All Saints Episcopal Day school, 6th grade, #11, running back & wide receiver & safety. SAMUARY: Samaury Alexander, Gateway Elementary School, 5th grade, #13, tight end & defensive end. “Smurfy”. ZONA: Does it feel good to tell people you play for the Arizona Jets NYS football team? ETHAN: It feels good to be part of a great team and where I can play with my friends and be appreciated by my coaches. Also, we won all our regular season games and did not give up one first down and shutout all the teams we played during the tournament. ISAAC, JADEN, JORDAN & JAYDEN: Yes, because we won a National Championship. VAN: Yes, it was fun to play with my friends while crushing people in the process. ZONA: What do you attribute to all your teams success? ISSAC: We had a team where everyone did their job and knew their positions, plus all the players were able to play a different position if asked to. We were well put together and well coached. ANDY: We ran complex plays. JORDAN: We are big, strong, and quick into the back field. We played together as one unit. ZONA: What was your best play so far in your tackle football career? Explain it as if it was a highlight on ESPN. JAYDEN: (Chris Berman voice) … toss is to Smith.. sweeps to the right.. cuts back.. and up the field! Up across the 30.. to the the 40.. now at the 30..20..10..5..TOUCHDOWN!!!! ..Jets Jayden Smith.. 65 YARDS. ETHAN: I was playing linebacker and dropped back with the receiver to cover him, but I read the play and jumped up and grabbed the ball out of the air and turned it into a pick six. ISAAC: We were down early by a touchdown, when coach called a passing play. I was flushed out of the pocket and had to scramble looking down field. I saw my Tight End #6 running a seam between 2 defenders and I threw it 25 yards to him, it was a perfect pass that dropped right in his hands for a TOUCHDOWN. SAMUARY: The best play in my football career is with the Jets. The ball was passed to me and there were 3 guys trying to cover me, but I caught the ball around them and the crowd started cheering loud! ZONA: What’s it like playing for coach Stephen Scott? What kind of coach is he? ETHAN: Coach Scott is a great coach, because he can encourages us. If you mess up, then he runs a play for you again so you can make it up. He lets us know he believes in us to do it right the next time. SAMUARY: I think it’s cool playing on coach Scott’s team because he helps you fix the mistakes you make and he knows how to bring the right players together to make a great team. JADEN: He has been very motivational for me. He is also fair and dedicated. ZONA: What NFL player plays most like you? Why? ETHAN: Rob Gronkowski, because he is a tight end who catches the ball well. JADEN: Desean Jackson, because he is fast, explosive, and not very big…just like me.

MICHAEL: Michael Oher because he is a lineman just like me. ANDY: JJ Watts. He’s a defensive lineman who plays for the Texans. He likes to sack the quarterback and jump up and swat the ball. VAN: Ray Lewis. ZONA: What now for your team? Where do the AZ Jets go from here? ETHAN: Get all the players together again for winter season, spring season, and hopefully a repeat National Championship Title. ISAAC: Come back together again for another season, move up a division, and try to win another championship. JADEN: I will probably be moving to CA, but I would love to see them take it all the way again like I know they can. The Jets will always be a part of me and I will never forget the experience.

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ZONA: How did your team dominate so? ETHAN: Because of TEAMWORK, recognizing the contributions of everyone and because of players being put in positions where they can excel.

Israel Benjamin (E-Bop) #11 • All Saints Episcopal Day School

ZONA: Who’s your Favorite NFL player and why?

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ISRAEL: Cam Newton, because of his versatility.

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Jaden Byrnes #5 • Madison School

ZONA: What now for you and the AZ Jets? JADEN: I will probably be moving to CA, but I would love to see them take it all the way again like I know they can. The Jets will always be a part of me and I will never forget the experience.

Andy Robaina #4 • Saint Thomas

ZONA: Did it feel good to win it all? ANDY: Yes, because we were a very tight team with great sportsmanship. We deserved it.

Isaac Enriquez #7 • Ingleside ZONA: Fave Player?

ISAAC: Jay Cutler. He knows how to evade the rush and get away from pressure.

• • • • •

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Arcadia November 2012  

Full text of In the Zona Arcadia edition from November of 2012.

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